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Characters That Surprised Me 1/?: Felix Dawkins (Orphan Black)

First Impression: “Oh, great. This ‘awesome show’ that my friend wants me to watch has a major character who’s a walking Sassy Gay Friend cliche. It never ends, does it?”

Turning Point: I’m not even actually sure when exactly I started to realize that Felix was so much more than just a “sassy gay friend” trope, but it didn’t take long. By halfway through Season 1 I was a fan. Felix is easily one of my favorite non-clone characters on Orphan Black (possibly my absolute favorite after Siobhan Sadler).

The Surprise: Yes, Felix is sassy, effeminate, and proudly, unabashedly, fabulously gay. But that does not define his role within the narrative—far from being “the flaming gay comic relief” he’s an active player and extremely well-developed character in the series. He’s supportive of his foster sister, is close friends with Alison, has playful banter with Helena, is just as wildly protective of Kira as Siobhan is, and manages to be all of this without sacrificing his personal autonomy or power within the narrative. He makes choices. He gets hurt. He stands up for himself. He struggles with his own insecurities and shortcomings. He changes and grows as the story goes on. Not to mention, far from being a running gag that surfaces once every few episodes and then fades into the mist again, Felix has a significant role in the series and a lot of screentime—in fact, he’s one of only two characters (the other being his foster sister Sarah Manning) who has appeared in every single episode of Orphan Black to date. Felix surprised me in the best way—I’ve come to expect (due to the media I grew up with) characters who are “stereotypically gay” to be reduced to their sexuality or to a running gag by the narrative, unfortunately, and only gay characters who can act sufficiently “straight” being able to actually have any sort of power and autonomy within the storyline. Felix challenged that beautifully. And I love his character for it.

There are so many things I want to see and questions I have for the au shadowhunter gang.

Like did Izzy move in with Simon? Do they have any pets? Do they stay up all night watching Stars Wars marathons and geeking out over video games?

Do Jace and Clary get married? Does Valentine approve of him? Do their kids have blinding red hair like Clary’s?

Does Alec find Magnus again? Do they date? Does Magnus ever tell Alec he’s a warlock? Would Alec even believe that? Would Alec adopt Chairman and Church like his own and love them and spoil them when he’s at Magnus’ house and make Magnus tea the way he likes it?

Does Clary become a famous artist? Does she ever meet Luke or Hodge? Is Raphael lurking casually in the shadows as a vampire still or has he conformed to mundane life? Do Simon and Izzy get married? Do Alec and Magnus? What’s Izzy’s favourite show? How does Jace like his coffee? What’s Alec’s hobbies? What’s Simon’s future ambitions? Does he become famous in his band? What does Magnus do in his spare time if not peddling his services as a warlock? Is he even considered a High Warlock in this universe? Is Alec the original sassy gay friend? Is Jace still his brother or does he have his own family happy and safe? 

I need to know all these things! 

cool things about dorian pavus:
  • dorian is gay.
  • dorian is not attracted to your female inquisitor. at all. he is attracted to males, both sexuallty and romantically. he is gay.
  • dorian is not some “romance expert” here to set your inquisitor up on dates with their LI. he has literally never had a relationship and does not know how they work. it has been something that he has wanted, and something that has been denied to him his entire life because of his sexuality. this is a very large and very sad part of his story line.
  • dorian is not in the game to be your inquisitor’s sassy gay best friend. he is a person, not a 2D trope. he has feelings, opinions, and a life outside being an accessory for straight girls. he has goals and aspirations and dreams and plans that are entirely his own. he is a person.
  • dorian’s sexuality is very important to his story line, but it is not all of his story line because, like lgbtqia+ people in the real world, he is more than his sexuality. his sexuality IS very important, however, and i will stress again that his sexuality is not bi, or pan, or straight. he is not attracted to women, he is GAY. to ignore that to hc otherwise is erasure.
  • dorian does love and care for the inquisitor a lot and it is cool to acknowledge this. he is a very loyal friend and that is wonderful.
  • it is NOT cool to reduce dorian to nothing but this friendship. it is NOT cool to eliminate any other elements about him in writing/headcanons/etc just so that he fits the trope of gay best friend better. 
  • dorian had an incredibly sad, lonely life. there is SO much more to him than his friendship with the inquisitor or his part in the inquisition. he is a person, and the minute you ignore all of his development, all of his personality traits that do not fit into the “sassy gay friend” box, you are being, to put it kindly, incredibly shitty.
  • dorian is a video game character. but the way he is treated and seen by the fans can have very real consequences and effects in the real world. please keep that in mind.

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Hey can you explain destiel now? Since you explained sabriel and I loved it so much :3 ..? Please? ^_^

anon, asking me about destiel is a very bad idea because i will write a ten page essay and then cry 0/10 would not recommend

this reply was originally a lot longer but my computer deleted everything and i basically nearly started crying

as i’m sure you already know, destiel is a ship between the supernatural protagonist dean winchester and the popular regular castiel 

right off the bat, it’s brilliant for lgbt+ representation: 

  • dean is a masculine man approaching this late thirties: he’s completely defiant of the sexualised stereotype of bisexuality, ie “college girls going through a lesbian phase”. he’s accurately representative of a large portion of the bisexual community; what’s more, his character promotes the idea that a person can have a gender preference while still remaining bisexual 
  • another point about dean is that you can easily draw the conclusion that he’s only started questioning his “heterosexuality” recently by tentatively flirting with guys and checking them out—which is a brilliant example of how sexual and romantic orientation are fluid and often change over time, and it’s perfectly okay to question yours no matter your age 
  • as for cas, one could easily argue that he’s asexual, aromantic or both. i personally believe that he’s demisexual/demiromantic due to the fact that he’s only shown interest in characters like meg whom he’s formed a close bond with, but that’s beside the point as both demisexuality and demiromanticism fall under the asexual spectrum 
  • if you want, it’s also not a far stretch to say cas is bi too, or even pan due to how he doesn’t seem to base his attraction upon gender
  • you could also say cas is nonbinary! for example, he could easily be agender but simply identify with the pronouns his vessel used—so in jimmy’s case, he/him/his (following this headcanon, dean would be pan) 
  • basically, dean and cas are proof that two perfectly masculine, tough men (for this post, i’m going to refer to cas as a male simply because that’s my own headcanon) can be head-over-heels in love without losing any of that manliness. it goes against the harmful stereotype of any not-straight characters being a token Sassy Gay Friend™—and proper representation like this will hopefully stop people from trying to accessorize lgbt+ people

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