he's high as a kite

okay so i’ve been watching the get down constantly since it came out, but recently i rewatched p1, esp. in prep for the tgd watch on twitter (check it out here to help us out!!) and i have some thoughts on episode six and dizzee’s experience at the club.

- first of all, i keep forgetting that two minutes before dizzee arrives, there’s the scene where thor’s like “you should come down to soho”

- and it’s so wild to watch that exact scene because as much as we joke about it being love at first sight for the two of them, dizzee genuinely had a crush on this dude ( and i think he knew it too) but hadn’t … like, experienced his awakening yet?

- so how amazing would it have been for him to 1. have met his idol (you’re thor?  wow!), 2. have his idol save him from the police, 3. be praised and admired for his artmaking and ideas, which definitely wasn’t common in his life prior to this ( i like rumi, he’s weird though / your brother’s a fucking weirdo ), and 4. that thor likes him enough to exchange books and hang out with him? then thor invites him to a party?  like at this point dizzee’s crushing on what used to a very highly esteemed colleague, and is now close to being his best friend??  stop??

- he meets up with thor and “beautiful girl” ( i will never forgive them for not giving her a name!! ) but he sees!!  thor!! make out with her right in front of him and you can see he’s like

:/// okay

- but then dizzee goes into the club! and immediately you can see him go “!!!” this isn’t insignificant for him!  this is a HUGE DEAL for dizzee

- thor’s like “yeah this is where the free people run free!!” and dizzee can likely see!!!  wlw !! couples!! and mlm!! couples!!  kissing near him!!

- he can see drag queens and people like him wearing dresses and makeup and it’s like he’s walked into a dream because he’s had thoughts about what if i could kiss boys??  what if i could wear nail polish?? what if i could wear dresses???  and so straight off the bat he’s being validated 100% by these happy dancing people and the cool disco atmosphere i mean he must be feeling high as a kite

- AND THEN and then he gives thor!!!!!!!!!! the fuckingggggggg RECORD

- he’s like “here it reminded me of you!” and thor gives him this HUGE SMILE thats so grateful and like ADORING like can you imagine how dizzee is FEELING right now

- then THEN the beautiful girl goes “you should get carlo to play it!” and dizzee’s like “okay cool who’s that?” and yeah its the dj and then she’s like “ya thor REEALLY KNOWS HIM ya know ;))))” .  dizzee’s fucking 

😱😱😱 does that mean what i think it means?? like this boy???? might like boys too ????? the fuck //????? liking girls and boys at the same time?????

- so he hangs out with the girl while thor goes off and he talks about the performers and he takes in a WHOLE NEW GENRE of art and dance and being!!

- the girl initiates the kiss but he goes in for it anyway and gets tapped on the shoulder

- and thor’s there, and dizzee goes “oh fuck i just kissed his girlfriend now the guy i’m crushing on is gonna be pissed at me” right?


- dizzee goes “sorry” and thor goes “my turn”


- MY






-  and he’s unsure right?  like christina aguilara’s song comes on and thor’s just dancing and dizzee’s like 

…. is this real?  did you just ask to kiss me a second ago?

- and the song keeps going and thor keeps dancing and bopping his shoulder good naturedly so dizzee’s like “no nah nah i’m not gonna do this what if i misread the signals”

- he didn’t

- the beautiful girl leans over and goes “IT’S OKAY, GO ON, KISS HIM!”


- GO ON!



- and dizzee at this point is just like “ ???????????????????????????? IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT IM ALLOWED TO DO THAT”

- the beautiful girl takes this into her own hands and gives him a reassuring kiss, you know, one that’s familiar and comfortable and he closes his eyes and kisses back

- she pulls back and says TO.  THOR.  “HE’S A GOOD KISSER,  I LIKE THAT A LOT.”

- HE’S

- A



- I





- they’re both so shy and it’s so pure!!  like clearly this whole time thor has had a crush on dizzee as well and they don’t want to mess up and the beautiful girl in the corner is just like “this is the sweetest thing ever”

- thor gives him

- a

- mother

- fucking

- smile

- to reassure him because this is a hugely overwhelming experience for dizzee lbr!!

- and you can tell that dizzee is entranced by this whole situation because never in his LIFE did he expect a boy he liked to like him back!! he never anticipated that he would get to live THIS FREE !!

and they get closer and closer together and in a second we see a dozen people lock lips simultaneously, then the two of them slowly part, we’re left to imagine the magic and the wonder of dizzee’s first kiss with a boy (which i ❤❤❤❤❤).






- dizzee has straight up just kissed the boy he’s crushing on well enough for thor to look at him like dizzee is the SUN AND SKY

- they dance together a bit and then the beautiful girl joins them and it’s probably the best romance story ever written.  romeo and juliet who?  i don’t know them. 

- anyway

- i’m sick of this show blasting me with emotions i’m a weak bitch i can’t handle it

In TAB Sherlock says he doesn’t need the drugs because he has the real thing, while in TLD he is flying high as a kite.

The difference?

At the end of TAB he had John. In TLD he thought he lost him.

The real thing isn’t the game or the cases. It’s John.

“super rich kids” for omgcpoc week (a little late, but it’s early in the day yet! sorry @checkpleaseofcolor)

too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce

Nursey has a slight buzz going, and he’s laughing, and he feels warm all over. He can’t remember the last time he felt this happy– genuinely happy, without the false grin or the forced pleasantness he’s been made to perform all these years.

too many bowls of that green, no lucky charms

Sure, he’s a little crossfaded, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Besides, he isn’t going anywhere: Bitty won’t let them stick a foot outside without forty different layers on, and he’s too lazy for all that. Instead, he burrows down a little deeper into the blanket he’s sharing with Chowder and Dex, stretched out all over them; his feet shoved under Chris’ bony ass and his head in Dex’s lap, nuzzled up against his stomach. Dex huffs, but allows it with a little smile, running his fingers through his hair.

the maids come around too much / parents ain’t around enough

“Y’all! Get in here, the food’s ready!” Bitty yells, and there’s grumbling and complaints, but ultimately, they all prepare to shift into the kitchen– whatever Bitty made smells delicious. Dex and Chowder shove him off the couch in a rush to get into the kitchen, and Nursey, is, unfortunately, so wrapped in the blanket that he ends up last in the kitchen–

And there are his friends around the Haus kitchen table, lights dim with a sweet potato pie on the table, candles stuck into it.

“Haaaappy Birrrrthday to–”

too many joy rides in daddy’s jaguar

Nursey is thrown back somehow uncannily to senior year. The year he’d spent his birthday with his kind sperm donor; Yosef Bahmani had demanded his “parental rights” and had told Yamaha in no uncertain terms that he “wanted to see his boy”. Amal hadn’t liked it, but they’d agreed to at least one or two visits every few years, and he was allowed to ask for this before he graduated.

He’d shown up to the apartment with a few things– a suitcase full of clothes, his backpack, an attitude. Yosef hadn’t appreciated the last of these items, but Derek could honestly care less about what he appreciated. Chill Nursey was already in effect, and the fuck who’d accidentally knocked up his mom at a party didn’t mean shit to him.

too many white lines and, white lies

He’d spent his whole birthday coked up after a shitty, awkward brunch that had made his stomach ache for Miz Lou’s cooking, the sugar crusted blueberry scones with almond milk she made every year for his breakfast if he wasn’t out or gone for the year, a dismissal heavy in his heart when Yosef mentioned “a business meeting” or some other nonsense. Grant, Jeremy, and Mitchell had all barged into his apartment at three, a big bag of weed and a little coke on each of them, and he snorted four lines before Jeremy and Mitchell could 

super rich kids with nothing but fake friends

Nursey thought someone had spiked his drink and he knew he would be throwing up all day tomorrow, but he was high as fuck, he was higher than a goddamn kite and his heart was pounding, his blood was rushing in his head, racing like a horse and he looped his arms around some dude who got handsy fast and he hoped didn’t give a fuck about him. He saw Grant’s flash go off, snapping a picture just as the dude pulled him flush with his hands over his ass He didn’t care. He didn’t care anymore, because after this year, he’d probably never see these fucking assholes again, and good goddamn riddance– he stuck his middle finger up at Grant and let the dude grind up against him and kiss him sloppily

real love (ain’t that somethin’ rare)

Nursey woke up naked in his bed, damned by his eastern-facing window, and ran to the bathroom, retching, clutching a sheet in his hands desperately. He’d almost missed the bowl– his whole body ached with the effort of not passing out.

“I think you should go home,” Yosef’s voice said from behind him, and Nursey wiped his mouth on his “father’s” white sheet.

“My fuckin’ pleasure, Daddy Warbucks,” he muttered.

i’m searchin’ for that real love (talkin’ bout real love)

Nursey could feel Yosef’s glare as he shooed Jacob out of the house. Good, he thought visciously. Let him see. It wasn’t as if he would see him after this year. Eighteen, and he was finally fucking free.

Before he left, Nursey flung the chair someone had left out on the curb at his father’s car– when he shouted from the window, Nursey ran for the L-train, not bothering to look back.

real love, yeah

Nursey’s not sure when he started crying, but he knows Chowder’s squeezing his shoulder and Dex is whispering “blow out the candles, Nurse,” and he does, he blows them hard, hiccupping, smiling, and when he’s done, he buries his face in Dex’s shoulder with shaking shoulders.

“Group hug!” Ransom shouts, and suddenly, he’s tumbling to the ground, laid out on the kitchen floor in hysterics. Everyone in the Haus is piled on top of him, even Jack, who he can hear chuckling quietly somewhere off to his right, and he feels warm in the best of ways. He peeks his head out and flash goes off– it’s Bitty, who somehow managed to escape from being wrestled into the pile. He’s crying too. It’s streaming down his face, but he’s laughing, a hand pressed to his mouth to hide his smile.

“The pie is gettin’ cold, y’all, and i’d bring sweet tea to the devil before lettin’ my frogs eat a lukewarm meal on a birthday.”

talkin’ bout real love

Nursey eats sweet potato pie sitting on the counter, squished between Dex and Chowder, his feet swinging. His head is leaned against Dex’s shoulder, ankles linked with Chowder’s, and he thinks this is the best birthday he’s ever had.

gEt yOuR GaNdEr oN At tHeSe tWiNkLy bItChEs tAv

wHaT EvEn gOt tHeM Up tHe gUmPtIoN To bE AlL FlAsHiNg lIkE ThAt?



fUuUuUuCk tHeSe pHoSPhOrAnT MoThErFuCkErS KnOw wHaT’s uUuUp

hOnK ;o)

5. Being Attacked by Bugs

So andavs is not quite ready to post her art version yet (we already checked, the mind meld factor is not high…), but I wanted to put this up because it is a special gift for obriensnipples! Primarily as a belated birthday present, because she wanted Derek mowing the lawn shirtless but also because rough times suck and I hope this fic helps with that even if only a little bit!

So this next Not Quite Normal OTP challenge is for you, babe! I hope it brightens your day a little bit!


Stiles’ summer vacation does not start out well. In fact, it starts out pretty poorly.

Okay, really, it’s a fucking disaster.

 Because, Stiles is walking out of Beacon Hills High, officially a Junior now that the final bell has rung, and he’s talking to Scott who keeps insisting that Junior year will be the year that he will finally ask Allison out and Scott has fallen behind to stare at her and Stiles keeps walking because Scott will catch up eventually, though Stiles is keeping an eye on him, and-

Well, that’s when he gets hit by a car.

Not just any car, though. No, when Stiles regains consciousness and manages to blink away the dark spots that take up 90% of his vision, he finds himself staring at the front of a black Camaro.

And the only black Camaro in Beacon Hills belongs to…

“Oh my god.” Derek Hale.

Derek Hale, the now-senior lacrosse player and subject of almost all of Stiles’ dirtiest fantasies.

He groans. And it’s only partly from the pain.


“Stiles!” Scott sounds frantic. “I’m calling an ambulance.”

“I don’t need,” Stiles tries. And then stops. Because he looks down to see his leg covered in blood and he has never liked blood and- well, he doesn’t complain when Scott stands up with the phone pressed to his ear.

“I’m sorry!” Derek Hale is saying and he sounds… angry? This is not how Stiles wanted his first interaction with Derek Hale to go. “You just- you just walked right into the road!”

“Dude,” Stiles replies, rubbing at his eye. “Are you really blaming me for this?”

“Not blaming you, I just- you walked right in front of me!”

“You hit me with your car!” Stiles winces at the sounds of his own voice. It’s too loud. Everything is too loud.

When he opens his eyes again, Derek’s eyebrows are draw together in concern.

“I’m sorry,” Derek repeats. It’s probably just the result of Derek’s ridiculously attractive face and Stiles’ epic crush on the kid, but Stiles forgives him instantly. Even though he’s getting colder by the second and he’s pretty sure that’s not a good thing.

“Don’t worry about it,” he says, waving a hand and regretting it when the motion hurts his leg somehow. “I’m sure I’m fine.”

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You know who can’t stand it when Rosie cries at night? Sherlock.

John’s content to let her cry it out. He’s a doctor, after all. He knows it doesnt hurt for her to cry a bit. It’ll most likely help her learn to self-soothe in the long run. It’s the practical thing to do.

But Sherlock? At the first whimpers coming through the baby monitor he’s bounding upstairs to pick her up, hold her close,and rock her to sleep.

Because he remembers being sad and alone late at night with no one to comfort him…

When he was a child and Mycroft had gone away to school.
When he was high as a kite at Uni.
All the days he was kept under lock and key in rehab.
During his time “away” after the fall.
While John was married.
When John didn’t want to see him, anyone but him.

Thankfully, those days are over. Sherlock never has to wake up alone again. He and John can hold each other close when the night closes in.

So, no. Sherlock’s not going to let Rosie cry. Not for one night. Not for one minute. Not yet.

Loneliness can wait.

High As A Kite

Summary: Ian and Mickey get really high, lovey, and giggly.

Word Count: 854

Ian and Mickey were laying on the concrete ground in the hidden abandoned building that they often frequented when they either wanted to get really high, fuck, or hide. Right now they wanted to get high. Earlier that day, Mickey stole loads of weed from Iggy, so they were definitely going to get stoned. They wanted to forget the stress of their lives for a while, and this large amount marijuana would definitely do the job.

After taking a hit, Ian rolled himself on top of Mickey and wrapped his arms and legs around him. It was an uncommon action that Mickey would normally never allow, but he didn’t mind right now. His guard was fully down and he actually felt like he could enjoy the close proximity for once without becoming paranoid that someone would see them.

As the Milkovich boy took the blunt from Ian’s hand he started to shake his head and laugh. “You’re holding onto me like a fucking koala bear, Gallagher,” he talked through a puff of smoke.

Ian started to laugh. “Can’t help I like touchin’ you,” he said. “But aren’t I a little bit tall to be a koala bear? Aren’t those things small?”

“You’re a tall ass, overgrown, ginger koala bear,” Mickey kissed Ian’s head and tried to choke back another giggle. He just found Ian’s position to be hysterical.

Ian snorted into Mickey’s neck and tightened his grip around the other boy. “Maybe I’m more like an octopus– y’know because I got long ass limbs and I’m sticking myself all the way around you.”

“A fucking octopus,” Mickey bursts into laughter before taking another hit.

The redhead tilts his face up and releases his arm from under the Milkovich boy so he can grab the blunt. He takes a long drag of it and blows the smoke into Mickey’s face. When Mickey doesn’t yell at him he starts to chuckle again. Once their eyes lock, an idea pops in the Gallagher boy’s head. “Can I kiss you?” Ian suddenly asks.

A small grin makes its way across Mickey’s face, and when Ian sees it he thinks that Mickey has to be high as a fucking kite because normally he’d be scowling. “You’re so gay,” Mickey speaks in a surprisingly fond voice. “But yeah, Firecrotch, you can kiss me.”

Ian smiled widely and kissed his secret boyfriend. “I should’ve been kissing you since the first time we hooked up,” the redhead says into Mickey’s mouth.

Mickey giggled once again. He felt like he was finally experiencing the feeling of pure bliss, and he did not want to ever let it go. “I really should’ve let you,” the Milkovich boy kissed him again. Then Ian started kissing all around his face– his cheek, his nose, his forehead. The laughter fit then took over.

Ian chuckled at the sound of Mickey’s laugh, it truly was a beautiful sound that he rarely got to hear. “What the hell are you laughin’ so hard for?”

“Why wouldn’t I let you kiss me like this before? I fucking love it!” Mickey said before grabbing Ian’s face and connecting their lips together.

They make out for a while, and then Ian goes back to laying his head on Mickey’s chest. He feels the other boy’s heart beat and it makes him smile– they rarely ever got to be this close. Ian then tilts his head up to look at Mickey, but finds the other boy to already be staring at him. They each smirk at each other in an admirable way.

Suddenly a serious look flashed across Ian’s face. “Can I tell you something?” Ian asks. “Like without you pushing me off you or punching me in the face.”

Mickey shrugs and goes to take another rolled blunt from his shirt pocket– at first he missed being able to grab hold of it because he felt like the world was spinning. Once he got it, he lit it and placed it in between his lips. “Sure, why not.”

“I- I think I love you,” Ian admits. Red rushes to his cheeks as the words come out and his shoves his face back into Mickey’s shirt. He can feel the other boy’s heart rate increase.

Out of nowhere, Mickey starts laughing again. The laugh is sort of unreadable though. “What the fuck type of dumbass chooses to fall in love with a Milkovich?”

Ian frowns at the words. “Even if I got to choose who I loved I’d still–”

He gets cut off when Mickey starts full on giggling. Oddly enough, he looked happy. “I fucking love you too, Ian.”

Ian’s eyes opened in amazement, but then he started giggling too. “You do?”

“Yes, I fucking love you,” Mickey kissed Ian hard on the lips. When they separate their still laughing and they each think the other sounds happier than they’ve ever been. Neither of them ever wanted to leave this moment.

“Man, we’re fucking baked,” Ian said.

Mickey shook his head. “True– still mean what I fucking said though. I love you, Firecrotch.”

Ian nods in agreement. “I love you too, Mick.”

anonymous asked:

ya tryna be lowkey but u should totally do some more stoner keith hcs lmao

y’all asked and i’m about to deliver (i’m supposed to be doing my assignments rn but what the hecky becky) 

  • broganes once walked to the store while high and shiro pushed keith into the stacked tins of beans in the middle of the store. they were swiftly asked to leave - no surprise
  • keith’s mama stopped him when he came home one night bc he smelt “weird” and she was giving him the suspicious side eyes. keith had to stand there and tell her it was BO bc he hadn’t showered in like 4 days (avoiding getting in trouble of course) his mama has never given him a more disappointed look lmfao
  • keith has nearly set his mullet on fire trying to light up about 7 times
  • keith’s first time getting stoned was at a house party and it wasn’t even intentional. these other kids were smoking around him and he felt too uncomfortable to say anything but lol after 20 minutes he was best pals with that entire group and high as a fookin kite mdude
  • keith makes shiro go on fastfood runs as a form of payment before he allows him to get high with him  
  • keith sends lance and hunk snaps of himself when he’s high. sometimes he even skypes with either of them and he’ll end up falling asleep in the skype call (bonus: lance takes screenshots and posts them on twitter)
  • one time keith got high at his cousins birthday party and ate so much cake he puked in his own lap 

(( Sure, anon! >w< You have a great weekend too! ))

You kinda know everybody in your cohort, after a while.

Law school breaks people. You get your kids who barely cope, your kids who don’t cope, and then your star pupils who practically coast on godly winds of triumph. Most people are dangerously teetering between those three positions at all time, like a circus seal on an over-sized beach ball.

It’s really smart, though, to figure out who’s who in the beginning, and get a read on if the girl next to you is going to be crying in the bathroom after an exam or if the guy in front of you might study while high as a kite.

“Who’s he?”

“Who’s who?” Gilbert asks him, glancing back and raising a brow.

“The guy in the back.”

Gilbert turns and looks again, this time really peering where Alfred’s gesturing, and then his eyes light up. “Oh, him? I dunno. Maybe he’s new.”

Alfred frowns. “You can’t just be ‘new’, dude.”


“I doubt it.”

“Whatever,” Gilbert says, amused. “You heading out or what?”

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Sherlock’s ONE therapy session with Ella starts back in His Last Vow: It’s not Extended Mind Palace, it’s an Unreliable Narrator

Something’s up with The Six Thatchers. This was a blog post and case back in 2012 yet no one in the episode remembers that. Also the episode was trippy AF but what does that all mean? We have a lot of guesses, and I’ve just thought of one more, one I’m actually quite convinced of. It combines our “extended mind palace” idea with the Mycroft’s concept of “the unreliable narrator”. So here’s the thing: Sherlock met Ella at the end of The Six Thatchers but he recalls events from his life from before he shot Magnussen in His Last Vow, when John’s life/happiness was threatened and Sherlock had to give up everything to save him. Everything we’ve seen since Mary shot him has been a recount of events from Sherlock’s point of view, even placing himself in scenes he wasn’t actually in. This is why we see characters repeat lines other characters have said, even though they were never there to hear them. Sherlock’s recounting, throwing cases in where they don’t belong to fill in the gaps. Meaning the events immediately after Sherlock got shot by Mary are him recounting the situation to Ella and we wouldn’t know that until right now. 

So here’s the timeline:
–Mary Shoots Sherlock 
–Sherlock goes to the hospital and stays there for a long time to recover 
–Sherlock is not part of Mary’s reveal in the way we saw (Him scaling the hospital wall, moving John’s chair, setting up the I.V., the perfume, and rigging a projector was just him adding a touch of drama to embellish the story as he tells Ella ****this happens a lot, keep in mind*****)
–John doesn’t let Sherlock read the AGRA drive (so he assumes John hasn’t read it either, that would be the only reason to keep it from Sherlock)
–Sherlock calls Magnussen and makes a deal with him (Sherlock does not go to a restaurant in a hospital gown ***again, this is a touch of the dramatic for Ella’s benefit***) 
–John chooses Mary for reasons we do not know (Sherlock assumes it’s because of sentiment, but he wasn’t actually part of that scene so he’s simply guessing how it probably played out – he made sure to never have them use the words “I love you” because that would’ve hurt too much. Weird how Mary was at Sherlock’s mom’s house for Christmas? Yeah. She probably wasn’t there. But John and Mary reconciled that day, so Sherlock inserts that in his sphere. This happens more than once.)
–Sherlock kills Magnussen
–Sherlock gets high because he’s lost John Watson again (just like at the end of TSOT)
–Sherlock gives himself a Casablanca-type send off in order to tell John how he feels. Dramatic Bastard. Keep in mind he’s high as a kite, not on the tarmac, but hoping he could experience that movie moment with his leading man. This is why John doesn’t say much there or on that plane during TAB. The coke dream started after he shot Magnussen and envelopes all of TAB, but he tells Ella as if it’s real. 
–Mycroft doctors the footage, Sherlock never in danger of going to Eastern Europe because the tarmac/TAB wasn’t actually real. He’s still high at the beginning of TST, obviously. This is him coming down from the coke he took shortly after he killed Magnussen. 
–Sherlock is too absorbed in his phone (heart) to pay John and his new family any attention. He ignores John’s texts. He makes John feel like he’s equal to a balloon and a dog. He demands John take the bus.
–John, hurt, finds fleeting pleasure in a strange woman (This is what Sherlock thinks, at least. He’s seen all the signs. John losing weight, changing his hair, dressing nice, spending time away from both him and Mary – what else is Sherlock to think? What else are we to think? Keep reading and I’ll tell you). 
–The Six Thatchers case isn’t happening in real time – it happened years ago but Sherlock kept the best parts in order to better relay what’s happening with the AGRA stick. In the blog post, the murder weapon was a penknife with initials on it, shoved in a Thatcher bust. The mirror here is clear. All that we need to take from this is Mary’s past has come back to haunt her. 
–Mary leaves John to go to Morocco. John follows – Without Sherlock. John catches her and brings her back to London. Didn’t it feel weird when John and Mary were having a really intimate moment and Sherlock was just… sitting there absorbing it all? That’s because he wasn’t there, this is how he assumed things went in Morocco. Which means he wasn’t on that plane sitting awkwardly behind Mary and far from John. We see Sherlock with his eyes closed, sleeping. That’s also when he sees John thinking of the other woman. Sherlock tells Ella he has a reoccurring dream about John –  he’s dreaming about what he fears John is most-likely absorbed in: finding fleeting happiness in yet another woman. 
–Mary’s death scene is being recounted from Sherlock’s POV, meaning real events are very similar, but off. Sherlock believes Mary took a bullet for him, apologized, and John wept for the love of his life. Just because we saw it doesn’t mean it’s real. Just because Sherlock believes she’s dead doesn’t mean she actually is. Trust nothing.

This theory explains why Mary calls Sherlock the Dragon-slayer, something Mycroft said. It explains why The Six Thatchers was a case twice. It explains why Norbury quoted Moriarty from TGG. It explains why Sherlock is so hung up on premonitions: John and Mary in TST followed exactly what Sherlock dreamt about with the Carmichaels in TAB. 

So. That was long! But all of this has one question dangling in the air: What’s actually been going on with John this whole time? If he reconciled with Mary, follows her abroad, is spending time away from his family, and is in cahoots with a woman he met on the bus, it would point to John becoming a plant/agent himself working behind Sherlock’s back to destroy an invisible threat. This is why the end of The Six Thatchers mirrors the end of The Reichenbach Fall – except the characters are switched. John pushed Sherlock away, lied to him, left him a note, and distanced himself. Sherlock goes to the therapist and grows the facial hair.
The woman on the bus sits right next to a poster of Culverton Smith. Many have suggested she’s actually a part of something far larger than we can see yet. 

The last thing I’ll leave you with, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Setlock show Martin Freeman filming on a camel? Alone? Why would he be the only one on the camel if both he and Sherlock went to Morocco? 

That’s because Sherlock didn’t follow him to Morocco when he tracked down Mary. Sherlock inserted himself somewhere to better tell us the story. 

This is part of their rug pull coming up. The unsettling nature of The Six Thatchers is meant to make us ask questions about what we can and cannot trust with our own eyes. Is it a bluff? Or a double bluff? Is he alive or is he dead? How could he be alive if I saw the blood on the roof? How could he be alive if I saw him fall?

The writers are giving us the same doubt felt by the characters. 

Welcome to Hell. 

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Peter Maximoff x Reader : wisdom teeth

A/n: after months of waiting finally got a good laptop so heres one of the request i have been meaning to write (kinda changed it up a bit but its fine i guess)

Warning : none 

Pairing : Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Plot : The Reader gets her wisdom teeth removed and Peter decided to use this opportunity to tease the Reader.

Wisdom Teeth.

It has been a struggle to keep the pain a secret. Seeing as your wisdom teeth started growing it was going to be hassle. But you weren’t worried about the pain you were more worried about Peter. He was the sweetest thing even if he was sometimes an asshole. He cared so much for you seeing as you are his girlfriend and he was part of the X men and his dad is one of the most dangerous mutants alive.

So you kept it in.

Till today the pain was bearable but as you got up this morning the pain was stronger times 10. You had a fever for the first half of the day and it wasn’t helping that you had a lot of things to do around school as well.

You just kept at it, trying to ignore the pain best you could. You decided to skip breakfast and lunch because lets face it, you probably wont even be able to drink anything let alone eat something.

Peter of course noticed it and found you in a matter of seconds in one of your classes.

You felt cold air on your back and soon after felt warm hands wrap around your waist. A small smile appeared on your face as you looked back to find the chocolate brown eyes you loved so much, staring back at your (y/e/c) colored ones.

“Hey you.” You say as you peck his lips lightly. He only smiled at you, holding you closer to him. “You haven’t eaten today, you ok ?”

You stopped moving as soon as he said that. You tried to think of a good excuse but soon realized that it was probably no use, knowing that peter wont believe you till you tell him the truth. With a sigh you said “my wisdom tooth hurt and I cant really eat or drink right now.”

As soon as you said that he ran off or the rest of the day.

When you got all your work done you went back to your shared room with Peter. Your stomach hurt and so did your teeth. You wanted too eat something this entire day but alas you couldn’t .

Damn those stupid wisdom teeth.  

You got to your room only to see there was a vase of roses, a few boxes of pain medication and a note on the night stand on your side of the bed. You smiled and read the note while also glancing at the box of pills. “hey you. Knowing you , you’ll be super stubborn and wont go see a dentist so I went for you. Along with that I got you a box of strong meds from the dentist so take the pills and go get something to eat ok ? I wont be back till tomorrow, you know, X men missions and such. So ill see you tomorrow . Love you, Peter. ”

You laughed under your breath and took the meds. He was always so caring it sometimes made you feel guilty that you made him so worried sometimes. But you were still thankful that he was with you.

The pills work like a charm and 15 minutes later the pain was gone for a while. You finally got something to eat and after went to bed. It was a bit weird  to go to bed alone because you didn’t do it often and most of his missions were over with quickly but it seems that this one was either far away or had a different task at hand.

In the morning you woke u and felt the dull pain in the back of your jaws growing stronger. You took the pills again and went to get ready to go to the dentist. you soon got everything you needed and you were out the door.  

A few hours later Peter was back from his mission, that, as usual, almost ended in a disaster. He was surprised not to see you home at this time but he tried not to give it to much thought. But when he got a call from the dentist he got a bit worried. It turned out it took a bit of time to get rid of your wisdom teeth and they just finished up and needed someone to pick you up.

When he got the dentist he was surprised to say the least. You were as high as the kite and with cotton balls in your mouth. A huge grin was on your face and giggles kept coming out of you instead of words.

With a sigh peter took you straight home and placed you on the bed. You , on the other hand , didn’t let go . instead you started whining “don’t go peteeeeeeee!” or “im cooooooold warm me uuuuuuuup”.

You were like a child and Peter didn’t waste time and took as much pictures and videos as he could.

Of course after you woke up from your nap your head was a lot more cleared up but at the same time you were confused at the amount of notifications on your phone. Seeing as you didn’t update you social media much you were surprised to see notifications from Instagram and facebook. But as soon as you opened your profile you knew exactly what happened. “PETER MAXIMOFF !!!” you yelled as you dropped your phone on the bed , Instagram opened on the pic of you sleeping , mouth wide open while upside down on the bed.

“(y/u/n): this little girl just got her wisdom teeth removed and passed out on the bed, I just had to take this pic <3”

That’s What Friends Are For

@hamwriters write-a-thon: femslash day (2)

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

summary: Pippa is reader’s childhood best friend and when reader finally gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she is right there for her through all the tears. 

warnings: swearing, very brief mention of sex, i think that’s all?

words: 2894

a/n: this is going to be a little two part bit of fluff. i was just going to make it into one part, but that was a LOT of writing to finish in one night, so i decided to split it up. i hope you enjoy!!

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

“Luke, I can’t keep doing this!” You snapped as your boyfriend came stumbling through the front door of your shared apartment. It was 1 am and he reeked of alcohol and another woman’s perfume, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Falling limply into your arms, Luke let out a loud groan from the back of his throat then mumbled a few incoherent words. You grabbed onto him tightly to drag him over to the sofa just a few feet away and tossed him there with a sigh.

“You were supposed to be at a meeting for work,” you hissed at the dark haired man.

His response was much less coherent, but you were able to figure it out through the slurs. “But baby, I was!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! I have proof right in front of my eyes that you weren’t at a meeting!”

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sagestreet  asked:

Hey!:) It only just occurred to me, but John doesn't just beat up Sherlock. He beats him up IN A MORGUE. Usually it’s Sherlock who beats corpses in morgues. And Sherlock has been likened to a corpse by Molly just minutes earlier. So, basically Sherlock is almost a corpse in TLD. And the fact that John gives him his cane, means that Sherlock has taken John’s place in the story. Which explains what John thought he was before he met Sherlock: a corpse. Part 1

Part 2 Also, by beating Sherlock, John himself takes Sherlock’s place. Which shows us what Sherlock was before he met John: a man who beat corpses and who had conversations with imaginary people. (John talks to “Mary”; Sherlock talked to his skull.) It’s a role reversal that shows us what both of them were before they met each other. Anyway, I’m still not sure this scene in TLD actually happened. But at least this would explain it from a narrative-point-of-view.

Hmmm, interesting take on it, Lovely. I’m still really not believing that our John would ever hurt Sherlock to the degree we saw in TLD on purpose (I speculate that it was some form of brainwashing from Culverton which caused John to disassociate from his doctor persona). I’m also viewing the handing off of the cane as John’s regret for his actions, and already in his own pit of depression, I really do feel like John was saying goodbye for good… I do believe there was an underlying subtext that while Sherlock was high as a kite, he was missing how depressed John was, especially with all the talk of suicide and with the visual parallel of Faith to John (and once again I think Sherlock was subconsciously picking up on John being suicidal again, but he hadn’t picked up on it on the surface). He was guilt-ridden, didn’t feel like he was who anyone wanted him to be, and generally lost a lot of his identity for one reason or another. I think he had become sad and scared, and his guilt for beating Sherlock was the final nail. He gave the cane back as a way to say goodbye for good, because he thinks that Sherlock is better off without him, that he himself is unlovable and unworthy of love.

An Unexpected Playlist. John Watson.

Request:  I hope I’m not bugging you with this request. I loved your other John Watson x reader and I’ve had Colt 45 stuck in my head for a week and this idea popped into my head. John and the reader are on a road trip and the reader is put in charge of the aux cord and the playlist is something like the song above.

Triggers: Drug use (weed). Road Trip through the US. Mentions of sex. Small angst. Abuse. I don’t know what happened. But like…it happened!

Word Count: 1498

The playlist I made that helped me write this

Enjoy :3

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Mary Jane M.C

Originally posted by cliffordstralia

warning: smut

word count: 2100+

summary: Best friends Michael and y/n get high together, one thing leads to another and they end up fucking on the couch

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! I’m really loving writing Michael smut so expect heaps of it in the future ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I respond to all!

- Find my Masterlist here -


“do you have it?” I asked Michael, letting him into the empty house. He scanned my barely covered body, only in a pair of shorts and a flimsy tank and nodded, giving me a cheeky wink. 

“you know it baby” he grinned, holding up the small ziplock bag full of Mary Jane. I let out a cheer and walked to the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of whiskey my parents think I don’t know about. 

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the-smartest-oen123  asked:

Can I have some blitzstone head canons plz? Don't want any trouble.

there will be no trouble, don’t worry

- coffee

- fucking coffee

- as a rule, hearth never does decaf

- with the amount of caffeine he consumes, he should be high as a kite half the time

- he claims it’s just as energizing as proper sun

- blitz doesn’t understand it, he’d just like to keep his tea over in the corner in case the caffeine does start to take effect

- it’s a bit of a tea/coffee war, really

- “It looks like mud”

- better than a cup of lukewarm water

- “I’ve told you, there is flavor, you’re just used to that bitter stuff”

- it’s just pompous water

- i bet they played the “poor, young couple with no money” thing, for change

- probably full of romantic frustration on both of their parts

- imagine of of them pulling it out of the blue

- “what’s that sign you’ve got?”

- “i – ah – it –”

- it wouldn’t seem like it, but Hearth will come up and give huge bear hugs at the most random times

- Blitz makes the bed, messes bother him

- Hearth is the first one up. Nightmares.

- Blitz can be overprotective

- they both cry in movies, Magnus doesn’t do movie night with them anymore

- Hearth is a bit of an impulse-buyer

- Blitz doesn’t want you to know that he also went to that Renaissance fair

- Blitz would believe that his traumas are next to nothing in the face of Hearth’s

- maybe his family is dead and scorned, but at least he grew up loved

- he just lets his emotions stew, because he feels that Hearth needs all the support he can give

- he’s selfless, and Hearth realizes that

- they just both want the other to be happy, they don’t feel like their problems are as significant as the other’s

- blitz bakes, but between the two of them, most of the batter or dough is gone before anything actually makes it into the oven

anyways, i hope that was satisfying, i enjoyed it