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fake it part 3 || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
Genre: angst, drama

“We need to talk.”

Mark sat right in front of you while looking at you seriously.

“Sorry, but I’m working.”, you responded, hoping that he would go away but you were kind of released that his companion wasn’t with him. This made things way easier.

“I can see that, (Y/N). But I need more proof that you aren’t guilty. Can some confirm where you were two days ago around 2pm?”, he asked, taking out a notepad while looking around.

“Yeah, sure.”, you mumbled, searching for your co-worker. In this second Yugyeom came from the staff area and looked at Mark curiously.

“What did you do again, (Y/N)?”, he welcomed me with a teasing tone. But this wasn’t a moment of joking around. You had to prove that you were guilty. Otherwise, you would lose everything you had.

Yugyeom expected a joke from your tone, but as he looked between you and the officer, he felt the tension built up. There is something more important.

“Yugyeom, I need your help, okay? Could you tell Officer Tuan where I was two days ago at 2pm?”, you asked him, while nervousness made its way through your body. You needed to get out of this situation, because one more problem was maybe a problem too much.

“Ehh… you were here, i guess. Wednesday are your shifts from 12.00 till 18.00, if I’m right.”, he responded, blushing from the sudden question and the situation itself.

Mark wrote this down and signaled Yugyeom to go away.
“I need a certificate of this. Do you have something like this?”, he asked further. Of course, it wasn’t enough that somebody just told him the facts. I don’t want to do their job, you thought as you searched in the cafe office for certificates and stuff that would help you.

A paper with every log in listed you made your way back to Mark.
“Here you go.”, you stuttered, observed his expression as he scanned the piece of paper.

“Okay, but i have to admit that this isn’t enough. You could have contacted him till now anyway. We will talk again, (Y/N).”, he responded and just exited your work place.

You didn’t recognise that you held on your breath till now. But something was suspicious as the officers didn’t let you go. It was their work, right? You knew that you were innocent, but would they believe you?

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