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Gruvia AU - Oneshot

Title: Movie Night

Rated: M

Nothing would ruin Gray’s good mood that friday. That must have been the first day of the whole week that did not turn into a complete disaster and, in addition, with the end of the college finals week, he could finally spend some time alone with his girlfriend.

At lunchtime he saw his friends in the cafeteria, already seated at one of the tables, and walked over there with a smile on his face. 

“Looks like someone’s in a good mood today.” Levy said when the dark haired boy seated next to her. 

“Yeah… What’s with that stupid face?” Natsu looked at his best friend as if he were from another planet, and Lucy laughed beside him.

“Honestly, I’m curious, too. Gray Fullbuster, happiness and morning classes do not match at all.” The blonde thought for a moment. “I’ll bet Juvia is involved in this.”

“Did you two kill classes for a quickie or what?” Cana looked at his friend with a big, malicious grin, and Gray just rolled his eyes.

“Loki is coming here, let’s just ask him.” The petite bluenette suggested.

They saw the orange-haired boy approaching their table - which took forever because he stopped several times to flirt with some girls - and as he sat down, all his friends were looking at him.

“What’s it?”

“Loki, do you know why Gray is like this?” Lucy asked as she pointed at the brunet.

“I’m normal!” He said.

“No, you’re not!”

“Oh, that’s easy.” Loki smirked. “Fridays movie night at home with Juvia.” The Fullbuster snorted, but without the usual frown on his face. “They go to her apartment to "watch” a movie and then Gray only comes back on Saturday night. Sometimes even on Sunday morning.“

"Thank you very much, Loki. You’re an idiot.” Gray glared at him, but Loki just shrugged.

“But he doesn’t get happy like this every week, does he?” Levy asked, confused. 

“Gray must have been deprived of sex during the finals season!” Cana laughed out loud.

“You guys suck, you know that?” The brunet mumbled, but as soon as thin arms circled his neck and hugged him from behind, the smile was back in his features. He looked up and saw his beautiful girlfriend with a shy smile looking at him with affection. “Hey.”

“Hi, Gray-sama.” Juvia gave him a quick kiss before looking at the rest of the group. “Hi, guys!”

“Mrs. Fullbuster has finally arrived.” Cana smiled at the blunette, making her blush deeply with her words.

“Did you come to lunch with us, Ju?” Lucy asked her with a big smile.

“Ah, Juvia can’t. She promised Meredy that we would talk at lunchtime.”

“Is everything okay?” Gray asked with a frown.

“Nothing to worry about. It’s just a girl thing.” She explained before stealing another kiss from her boyfriend. “Juvia just came to say a quick ‘hello’. She has to go now.”

“So.. Movie night?”

“Movie night! Sure.” She gave him an anxious smile before kissing him for a few seconds. The whistles from his friends almost made him roll his eyes, but kissing his bluenette was much more interesting. “See you later.”

“See ya.”

“You two are so cute!” Lucy and Levy spoke at the same time when Juvia left, and Gray just ignored them as he felt his face warm up a little. It was for this reason that he did not like being romantic in public.

“Why didn’t you ever call us to watch something with you?” Natsu suddenly asked in an offended tone, and everyone at the table stared at him blankly.

“Dear, they don’t-” Lucy tried to explain that Gray and Juvia did not do just that, but Loki, unfortunately, had been faster.

“Natsu, they do nothing but fuck all night.”

“We watched the movies.. At least the first three times.” Gray spoke with an amused smile.

“Beginning of dating?” The orange-haired boy tried to guess and gave a convinced smile when his friend nodded. “I knew it! Never rush things.”

“Never.” Gray nodded.


After school ended, Gray walked into the parking lot with Josh Wright - one of his classmates - at his side, both talking about a presentation they would have to make together soon.

“Fullbuster, you really are a lucky bastard.” The blond boy spoke suddenly, stopping in the middle of the parking lot and making Gray frown and look around in confusion.

That’s when the dark man understood what his colleague meant. Juvia was leaning casually on his motorcycle, waiting for him, and probably unaware of how tight her jeans, low-cut blouse, and jacket made her sexy.

“I know. "Gray shrugged and laughed as Josh narrowed his eyes at him. "We’ll talk later, Wright.”

“Shall I call you over the weekend?”

“I’ll probably be a little busy.” The brunete nodded in the direction of his motorcycle.

“I hope at least you’re going to be busy with the girl.” The blonde said before walking to his own car.

The Fullbuster finally walked up to his girl, and when she saw him, she grinned.

“I think they traded my girlfriend for a very hot motorbike rider.” He spoke when he was near her, making her laugh softly.

“Is Juvia looking like a bad girl?” She tried to make a threatening expression as she folded her arms.

“Yeah, you look badass.” Gray tried to hold back his laughter. Your girlfriend was so adorable. “All you need is dark sunglasses and then you’re going to be as scary as Gajeel.”

“Gajeel-kun is not scary. He’s a very sweet person inside.”

“So.. About the movie. Your house or mine?” He flashed his more flirtatious smile. Juvia blushed a little, but then hugged her boyfriend by the neck.

“Juvia’s. Gajeel-kun got tired of sleeping on the couch and decided to stay in Levy’s house while not moving to his new apartment.”

“So now you’re alone all the time?”

“All the time.” The bluenette smiled in a suggestive way. “Unless Gray-sama stays with her once in a while.” She pulled him down for a long kiss, which the dark haired boy corresponded with great enthusiasm on his part.

“GET A ROOM!” They heard Cana’s voice scream from somewhere.


Arriving at Juvia’s apartment, she immediately went to prepare the treats so they could eat during the movie.

“Do you need any help?” Gray asked leaning against the kitchen doorway to watch his girlfriend.

“Juvia has everything under control, but thank you.” She smiled at him. “Any special requests, Gray-sama?”

“Hmm.. What do we have so far?”

“Some snacks, soda, juice; and Juvia is making popcorn.”

“If I’m still hungry, can we order a pizza later?” He asked hopefully, making the bluenette look at him with amusement. “Or we can forget all this and just ask for the pizza.”

“How badly do you want this pizza, Gray-sama?”

“I could kill someone for one.” The brunet shrugged.

“Fine!” She laughed. “Gray-sama can have his precious pizza.”

“I knew I loved you for a reason.”


“Are you sure you don’t want it?” Gray asked for the tenth time, taking the second slice of pizza to his mouth.

“Yes, Gray-sama. Juvia is sure. You can eat as much as you want.” His girlfriend was focused on the TV; she was looking for a movie on Netflix. “What are we going to watch?”

“Anything but animation movies.”

“Aw, why?!” Juvia sounded so disappointed. 

“Next week we can do a Disney marathon if you want. But not today.” He spoke, irrefutable. Every time the woman chose a movie like that, she paid no attention to him. No kisses, not even a wandering hand here and there - and certainly no sex. “Deal?”

“Deal! Juvia will not forget that.” She seemed excited to sing all the songs she knew from every Disney movie.

“Believe me, I know you won’t.” He snorted.

“Juvia found one! What does Gray-sama think of 'Sharknado’?”


Gray was amazed by his girlfriend. She really seemed to be enjoying the Shark-something.

After nearly 30 minutes of movie, he put his hand on her knee and began to stroke her thigh over the jeans. His lips went to her neck and he felt her goose bumps as he nibbled the lobe of her right ear.

“Gray-sama never pays attention to the movies.” The bluenette whispered with her eyes closed, and almost gasped when the brunet took one of his hands under her shirt and began to caress her stomach with the tips of his fingers, softly.

“I’d rather focus all my attention on you.” He whispered back, cupped her chin, and turned her face toward him so he could put his lips on hers in a slow kiss.

When their tongues touched, Juvia put one knee on either side of his waist and straddled him, deepening the kiss and letting it become more and more hungry and desperate. She felt his big hands go up to her ass and squeezing it hard as they tried to pull her closer. Juvia brushed her sex into the bulk of the brunet’s pants, making him moan softly, and he thrusted his pelvis a few times in response to continue the delicious rubbing.

She stood up suddenly, and licked her swollen, red lips seductively as she took each piece of clothing very slowly.There were a few sharks flying on the television screen behind her, but still, watching her undress without any shyness and with that feline look that seemed to devour him with so much desire, it was one of the most erotic visions for him.

“Juvia needs help to take a shower.” Juvia took both of Gray’s hands and guided them to her breasts - and she moaned loudly as he squeezed them immediately. “Gray-sama needs to help Juvia here.” She took his hands to her ass. “Here.” And at last she took only one them to her sex, where he massaged her clit with his thumb and felt her wet folds with his middle finger. “Ah! And here.”

“Well..” He swallowed, feeling his pants get painfully tight as she moaned with his touch. “What are we waiting for?”

With that said, he put her over his shoulder and led her into the bathroom, locking the door next. The movie - which was still on TV - was long forgotten.

Hell yeah, fridays movie night at home were the best!



AN: Hiii guys! How u doing? Er… This oneshot turned out to be a little more naughty (?) than I expected LOL! I hope you all enjoyed. 
Kisses from bacomeloN!
Ps: Sorry about any mistake (I’m not a english expert, sorry D: )

CEO!YOONGI   ▊ ▏I Have Listened To Every Lie : Chapter 1

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Nara sleeps fitfully.

She finds it difficult to rid herself of the fury that has wormed its way deep into her heart and set up a home there. It makes her irate that on the night she chooses to end things once and for all - the night where she decides to retrieve the remnants of her dignity - it is the night Yoongi decides to come home smelling of another.

The space Yoongi usually occupies next to her is empty, but despite herself, Nara cannot say she is relieved. She’s not ashamed to admit that there is a small part of her that feels unsettled at the absence of a body to curl up against, legs for her own to intertwine with, and a heartbeat to listen to. Rather, she is embarrassed because there is the larger part of her that burns with jealousy, because despite his infidelities, it is she, Min Nara whom Min Yoongi chose to share his last name with, and she was raised to believe that everything she wanted was hers and only hers.

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BE AGGRESSIVE! B-E AGGRESSIVE! (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: She’s so cute he needs to literally lie down, also Jimin might’ve just bulldozed him into the ground while she was looking, but that’s beside the point.

Origianl Scan: ©

The first time he saw her it felt like he’d been bulldozed and run straight into the ground. Quite literally too. But Jeon Jeongguk is going to assume he deserved that. He really shouldn’t have been checking out the cheerleaders in the middle of football practice.

“Oh my god he’s dead!” He can hear Tae’s voice in the distance panicking and the soft thump that follows is probably him dropping their water all over the muddy ground.

The collective groans and screeches of horror confirm that.

I really need to pick better times for my wandering eye…

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“Here’s the thing.” Thorne crawled over her legs and lay down beside her, boots and all. “You deserve better than some thief who’s going to end up in jail again. Everyone knows it. Even I know it. But you seem determined to believe I’m actually a decent guy who’s halfway worthy of you. So, what scares me most”—he twisted a lock of her hair between his fingers—“is that someday even you will realize that you can do better.”
“Not to worry.” He kissed the lock of hair. “I am a criminal mastermind, and I have a plan.” Clearing his throat, he started to check things off in the air. “First, get a legitimate job—check. Legally buy my ship—in progress. Prove that I’m hero material by helping Cinder save the world—oh, wait, I did that already.” He winked. “Oh, and I have to stop stealing things, but that’s probably a given. So I figure, by the time you realize how much I don’t deserve you … I might kind of deserve you.” His grin turned smug. “And that’s how that speech was supposed to go.”
“That was a good speech,” she said.
“I know.” Scooting closer, he kissed her shoulder. Goose bumps erupted down her arm.”

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*fluffy bi regina coming out to robin prompt*

A/N: We’ve been talking about doing this one for a while, me and Michele. And just this week, she messaged me on Coming Out day and said how it would have been a great day to do this fic and I was so mad I hadn’t thought of it, too! It was too late in the day then to get it done, but I told her to remind me and she snuck it right into the middle of those 90 prompts. So here ya go. Let’s do it. Proud Bisexual Regina Mills time…

They’re lying in bed together, both a little breathless, naked limbs tangled in the sheets and each other when it comes up.

She hadn’t been avoiding the topic, not really, it’s just that she’s never had to tell anyone before. Pillow talk has been in short supply her whole life. And she wouldn’t say she broaches the subject, exactly, at least not on purpose. 

But they’re lying there, catching their breath with woven limbs, and she sighs blissfully and confesses that that, right there, had been some of the best sex of her life.

“Some of?” he teases, one hand coasting down to give her rear a squeeze, and she turns her smile into his chest in response, her chuckle vibrating against them both. “You’ve had better then?”

She scoffs, still grinning and wriggles closer, coasting her palm reverently along his arm, his chest. “You are, without a doubt, the best sex I’ve ever had with a man.”

His nose is at her hairline, his little huff of breath stirring her hair and tickling it and he lets out a single hmm of a laugh, and she doesn’t even realize what she’d said until that hand stops kneading her ass, and he pulls his head back to ask, “Have you been with anyone other than a man?”


She swallows, dares a glance up at him and he’s trying to look down at her, to see her from this close and he has to crane his neck a bit to do so. He’s frowning, but she can’t tell if it’s from effort or the subject at hand, so she tilts her head back down and swirls her fingertips lightly through the smattering of hairs on his chest, her palms suddenly damp but her voice thankfully even as she admits, “Yes.”

Will he judge her? Will he care? Same sex partnerships weren’t that taboo in the Enchanted Forest, but, well, there were regions where they were frowned upon severely, and she cannot for the life of her remember if Sherwood Forest was one of them.

Not that they were relationships. Well, they were. But… they weren’t. Except they were.

“Oh,” is all he says, and then his lips press to her brow again, his beard tickling against her skin in a way that makes her nose wrinkle and twitch. He settles back the way he was before, except his hand leaves her rear and starts to draw circles at the base of her spine. “Who?”

He sounds curious. Just curious, but life has been a strict teacher with her, and the lesson has been that love never stays, and everyone hurts her, and Robin has been no exception to either rule, but she’d thought they were past that and what if she was wrong? So she swallows hard, her belly a twisting mass of nerves, and asks, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because I love you,” he tells her, his shoulder shifting beneath her cheek in something that could be a shrug if he tried harder, if he wanted to disturb her. “And I want to know you.”

It’s her turn for, “Oh,” and then, “Well… there were two. I guess. One, really, but… for sex, two. There was, um…” She clears her throat, presses her palm to the center of his chest and feels his heartbeat, steady and strong. Hers. He’s hers, and she’s his, and the nightmare that was her twenties is over, so she can talk about this with him, and hopefully it won’t hurt. Much. “When I was married… Leopold wanted an heir - a son - and… Well, it took him over a decade to conceive Snow, and he’d been younger then. He wasn’t terribly… fertile. But you can’t tell a King that, so of course, the problem was always me. And he had various advisers, and healers, and people who tried to… help. One of them told him that it was important that a woman enjoy sex to conceive a child, which you’d think might have made my sex life more pleasant, except I never wanted to have sex with him, and I hated when he touched me, and…” 

She swallows heavily, hard, turning her face to press a kiss to the warm skin of his chest, comfort for her, not for him, and Robin rubs a broad palm up and down her back once. “He couldn’t be bothered, anyway. Foreplay wasn’t really his… thing, and I just wanted it over as soon as possible, so he made… other arrangements. He was a terribly jealous man, would never have allowed another man within fifty yards of my naked body if he could help it, but… a woman? That was different. It never even occurred to him that anything untoward could be happening there, so he assigned a handmaiden. To, um… prepare me. Before I came to him. So that I would… finish. With him.” 

She’d thought it wouldn’t be so embarrassing, to admit this to him, but she was wrong. Her cheeks are flushed, she can feel the warmth of it, and it’s not from sex, not anymore. Those early years with Leopold, they had been a lesson in mortification and stripped modesty, in giving of self whether one wanted to or not. Even forty years later, it eats at her. 

“Anyway, she, um… She was kind, and she wasn’t terribly fond of him, it turned out. Or at least, of the way he handled things, handled me. And she was gentle, and… coaxing… and she taught me… things. Pleasure. She’d been given strict orders never to let me reach orgasm, but after a year or so, well… Leopold couldn’t tell the difference anyway, and she’d done all the work. I was tired of being with her only to come with him. So. I told her to finish, and we did, and… after that, it was a bit more… even-handed for us.” She tips her head up to look at Robin, but it’s uncomfortable, and she can’t see him well anyway, so she shifts, moves up onto her elbow instead and props her temple on her hand. “I was grateful for her. She made marriage to the King just a little less miserable.”

“Then I find I’m grateful for her, too,” he tells her. Simple as that, no judgement. He lifts a hand to toy with the ends of her hair, and Regina smiles. “What happened to her?”

“She’s here,” Regina admits with a shrug. “Came over in the curse, like everyone else.”

His brows rise with interest then. “Anyone I might know?”

Of course he’d ask. Of course. 

That blush rises back to her cheeks as she confesses, “You’ve met several times. She, uh… she’s the guard nurse for Zelena’s floor of the hospital.”

Those brows rise even higher. “Nurse Ratched?” Regina smiles, and nods, and shrugs. “Is that why she always gives me such a look when I pass?”

That smile turns into a chuckle and Regina stretches, her foot rubbing down his calf, toes pressing into the muscle lightly. “Yes.”

“And she’s the best sex you’ve ever had, you say?”

She grins at that, shaking her head. “No, that would be the other lover. But you shouldn’t feel bad. Very few can measure up to a dragon.”

“Maleficent?” he sounds more amused than surprised, she thinks, and he’s grinning right back at her now. 

“Yes,” she confirms. “For quite some time. Years, in fact. We were… very close.”

“That explains a lot,” he mutters, and Regina tilts her head curiously. Robin takes the gesture for the question it is, and informs, “After our return to town, she cornered me one day and told me that if she ever discovered I’d treated you with such lack of appreciation again, I’d find myself roasted like a pig on a spit.”

The laugh that pops out of Regina is louder than she expects, and maybe she shouldn’t find it funny, Mal threatening Robin’s life if he hurts her, but, well, these are complicated relationships all around, aren’t they? And yet, so simple. She and Mal have each others’ backs, for the most part. She and Robin are in love, most definitely. Friends protect their friends from those who might harm them, even if they have to threaten to make them lunch to do so.

“I must say, the women in your life are quite possessive of you, did you know that?”

She chuckles again, ducks her nose to his shoulder for a moment and admits, “Yes,” and “I think it’s because they both knew me then. When I was young, and when I was… with the King. They’re wary of men who might mistreat me. They’ve seen it before.”

“I’m no arrogant king,” Robin tells her, his voice steady and serious, like he’s trying to reassure her, but she knows that, he’s worlds from Leopold, galaxies apart from the man who so used and neglected her. And they know that too, Louise and Maleficent, at least she thinks they do. Mal does, certainly, they’d talked of Robin some during her charade with the Queen of Darkness. 

“I know that,” she says. “But… they cared for me. So they have standards for how I’m to be treated, I suppose.”

“A sentiment I can relate to,” he murmurs, drawing her in closer and stealing a kiss from her lips. “I suppose you’re right, though. No mere mortal can hope to measure up to the passion of a creature that breathes fire.”

“No,” she tells him with a teasing sadness. “Probably not.”

“But a man can try, though, right?” That impish look is back in his eyes, the look he gets just before he gooses her in the kitchen when the boys aren’t looking, or follows her to the back hallway at Granny’s for a quick and heated kiss when she’d only meant to excuse herself to the restroom. The one he wears when he sends her shockingly pornographic text messages from across the table describing what he’s going to do to her just as soon as Snow and David leave with the boys. 

So when he tackles her onto her back before she can even answer him, she’s not surprised in the slightest (as much as the undignified squeak she lets out might suggest otherwise). She just laughs and winds her arms around his neck and draws his mouth down to hers. Just before their lips meet, she breathes into the space between them, “Thank you,” and he stills, tilts his head at her.

“For what?”

“For not making a big deal out of… all of this. Me having been with women. Enjoying women.”

His lips find hers, a brief peck, and then he pulls back enough that he’s not blurry above her anymore, one hand moving to cup her cheek as he tells her sincerely, “The past affairs of your heart or your body are your business, not mine. You’re with me now, and that’s all I care about. I’ve no cause to judge you or those women for the time you spent together. And if they loved you when love was so lacking in your life, then I’m glad for them.”

She thinks to tell him that it wasn’t love, not really (but wasn’t it? Hadn’t it been, in a way? Maybe not this kind of love, but a love of it’s own sort…) but it doesn’t really matter. Not just now. 

So she smiles, and she kisses him again, and she lets him try his hardest to best a dragon.

He doesn’t quite succeed, but oh, how she enjoys his efforts.

Twenty-three,” he said.
“Mm?” She opened her dazed eyes. Thorne pulled back, looking guilty and worried, which made some of her euphoria fade away.
“You once asked me how many times I’d told a girl I loved her. I’ve been trying to remember them all, and I’m pretty sure the answer is twenty-three.”
She blinked, a slow, fluttering stare. Her lips pursed in a question that took a while to form. “Including the Lunar girl who kissed you?”
His brow furrowed. “Are we counting her?”
“You said it, didn’t you?”
His gaze darted to the side. “Twenty-four.”
Cress gaped. Twenty-four girls. She didn’t even know twenty-four people.
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because I need you to know I never meant it. I said it because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to say, but it didn’t mean anything. And it’s different with you. This is the first time I’ve been scared. Scared you’ll change your mind. Scared I’ll screw it up. Aces, Cress, I’m terrified of you.”
Her stomach fluttered. He didn’t look terrified.
“Here’s the thing.” Thorne crawled over her legs and lay down beside her, boots and all. “You deserve better than some thief who’s going to end up in jail again. Everyone knows it. Even I know it. But you seem determined to believe I’m actually a decent guy who’s halfway worthy of you. So, what scares me most” - he twisted a lock of her hair between his fingers - “is that someday even you will realize that you can do better.”
“Thorne …”
“Not to worry.” He kissed the lock of hair. “I am a criminal mastermind, and I have a plan.” Clearing his throat, he started to check things off in the air. “First, get a legitimate job - check. Legally buy my ship - in progress. Prove that I’m hero material by helping Cinder save the world - oh, wait, I did that already.” He winked. “Oh, and I have to stop stealing things, but that’s probably a given. So I figure, by the time you realize how much I don’t deserve you … I might kind of deserve you.” His grin turned smug. “And that’s how that speech was supposed to go.”
“That was a good speech,” she said.
“I know.” Scooting closer, he kissed her shoulder. Goose bumps erupted down her arm.
She couldn’t not say it, although she realized he was right. It was sort of scary. Much scarier than it had been the first time she’d told him, out in the desert. It was different now. It was real. “I’m in love with you.”
He chuckled. “I should hope so, after all that.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss against her temple. “And I love you too.
—  Winter by Marissa Meyer
A Bucky Barnes Prompt: “You knocked on my door at 1 am in the morning, to cuddle?”

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   A robot jumped out of the shadows and (Y/N) easily kicked its butt to the ground. A loud knock was heard as (Y/N) looked around her. The knock was heard again and the dream started to fade away. “Welp. I should have figured it out that was a dream.” She chuckled to herself.
    (Y/N) heard the knock for a third time as she rose from her bed. She quickly put her hair to a bun and looked at her phone heading to the door “1a.m.?!? Who the hell is on my door at that hour?” she mumbled as she opened the door. A sleepy looking Bucky was in front of her. “Buck, what happened? Are you ok?” she asked, worry obvious on her voice. Bucky chuckled “I am fine, doll.” He reassured her. “Then why are you knocking my door at this goddamn hour?” she wondered. Bucky grew impatient, still standing to her doorstep, deciding it was better to go in. “I wanted to” Bucky said as he almost pressed himself on her getting in, before she stepped back a bit. “cuddle” that was almost a whisper and if the girl didn’t hold her breath, wouldn’t hear it. She blinked almost not believing what she heard “You knocked on my door at 1 am in the morning, to cuddle?” she asked a smirk ghosting in her lips. Bucky widened his blue breathtaking eyes and took a step back. “Yes. I mean if you want to. I can go if you don’t want to.” He said never taking a breath. His cheeks were now dusted by an adorable share of pink. “Yeah. I should better leave now.” He hanged his head down and went for the door. (Y/N) was barely holding herself from laughing and blocked his way. “No, you dork. You can stay.” She smiled.
   Between them there was that connection from the first time they ever locked their eyes. They understood each other. She understood him perfectly taking in all of his flaws and trying to fix the holes in his soul and mind. She was the most amazing woman on earth for him. She was smart, funny, strong in so many ways and even if she didn’t believe him when he said it to her, she was perfect. His whole world. And he longed for her touch, soft and caring.
    For her he was the most amazing man on earth. Wounded, flawed. But a good man. An adorable young man, troubled cause someone used him as their toy. As the days went by she could see more and more of the real James. She understood that he was afraid of not being who Steve remembered, but the truth was that he was an even better and more mature man. He was her safe heaven even if he was unstable. He was perfect.
    The whole team would see that except those two. They thought they were unworthy of the other. Nat and Steve, that were their best friends, wanted to smack them in their heads for being that oblivious.
    Bucky looked in her eyes that were beautifully lightened by the moonlight. She pressed her head to his chest, a usual habit of hers, and took his metal hand, the hand that he hated but learned to accept because of her, and lead him to her bedroom. “You know when we feel asleep on the couch the other week I didn’t have any nightmares for three days.” He said as if he was thanking her. She turned and smiled to him. God, he loved her smile.
   They laid down and got comfortable. He took a deep breath, taking in her scent. He felt goose bumps rising to his skin. “I don’t know what you do to me, (Y/N).” he whispered. She raised her eyes and looked into his. She swore her heart skipped a beat and her stomach was full of butterflies. “You are like a guardian angel of mine. With you I feel a better man. More pure. As if all the blood on my hands is washed away when I am with you.” His hands trailed her back. “You are a good man, James.” She assured him. He shivered to listening to her saying his name. He loved it when she did that. He smiled weakly to her and cupped her face.
   She cuddled even closer to him and he leaned to her lips almost touching them. He felt her shiver under his touchand as he drew a bit back she sighed. His breath that smelled faintly like toothpaste trailed down her neck. His lips finally connecting to her skin as he left small kisses to her neck as jaw line. (Y/N)’s breath was uneven and he laughed finally knowing that she felt the same. “Don’t tease me and just kiss me.” She said longingly. As he dived again to her lips and kissed her passionately, her lips moving and matching to his own. As they broke off the kiss for air. She jumped on him straddling his waist “If you promise we will do that every night, you can sleep here forever.” She smiled. “It’s a promise, doll.” And the girl ran her fingers on his hair and admired him on the moonlight.

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I had an idea for a fic/request: "The kids are gone for the night, I have some sexy lingerie, let's have some hot sex.

I really love married with kids smut for them because like hell they’d let a thing like children in the house stop them lmao And you always see the stereotypical married with kids kinda media representations where they never have sex or do anything together and all the stuff that as a kid never made me wanna get married haha but they wouldn’t be like that at all (they’d be the affectionate  parents that their teenagers will hate lol) and I love that about modern aus that I can play with :D So thank you, I know it took a while but I loved this one!

It was a long Friday. All Eren really wanted to do once he opened the front door of his house was go upstairs and go to bed. It was already late so he figured his kids were in bed, sound asleep. He walked up the familiar front steps and used the front light Mikasa left on to find his key. He pushed the door open to step in the quiet house. As carefully as he could he shut the door behind him, flipped the lock, and hung up his keys.

No small children ran at him meaning they both were indeed asleep upstairs. The kitchen light was on meaning Mikasa was up waiting for him. He walked through the hallway, slipping off his bag to dump it on the kitchen counter.

“Hey, babe,” he yawned, turning to face the couch where he assumed Mikasa was. The actually sight nearly made him choke.

There was Mikasa alright. But she wasn’t being bundled up on the couch in his clothing like he assumed. His beloved wife was leaning up against the back of the couch wearing this red lingerie he had never seen before, looking as gorgeous as she always did.

He stared at her. “I fell asleep in my car again didn’t I?”

“No,” she laughed. “You didn’t.”

“I’m pretty sure I did.”

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Elements || Hydrogen || Ron/Hermione || PG

So I started a series of small bits of fic that each somehow related to an element. I think I’ll post one for each day of R/Hr’s ship week.

Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element, constituting roughly 75% of the Universe’s chemical elemental mass. Naturally occurring elemental hydrogen is relatively rare on Earth.

1. Hydrogen

May 12th, 1998

They stood amidst a crowd, and he could feel the hollow place where others had been, even those he hadn’t known so well. It was a glaring, rumbling note of absence that haunted the still-crumbling walls as they lived, now free, inside a castle they’d once called home. Her hair was at his shoulder, and knew he could always look and find her there. Merely knowing she would not leave his side made the air around him lighter, easier to breathe.

They’d spent ten days in sadness, red-rimmed eyes and silence over the dead. He’d lost his brother, and yet he’d run out of tears to cry. He’d run out of things to say long before that. He could not recall the last words he’d actually spoken to her, and he felt a pang of guilt as her fingers laced with his. He could be better for her. And maybe he hadn’t been what she’d needed, all the time. But she’d always been exactly what he’d needed.

He could not have imagined a more perfect ending for the two of them, with the knowledge that she wanted to be with him after everything. Unfortunate, then, that he’d not been able to speak. Though so many people had someone there for them today, he felt oddly singular in his love just then, holding Hermione’s hand. And it must be rare, this feeling of peace, for a moment, weightless. He could have a future, now. And she could. Was there any reason to keep on stretching the days and waiting for pain to fade? There never really was.

“Come with me?” he asked, gently, tugging her hand. And she nodded, following him out of the Great Hall, into the dull echoing whispers of the crowd from behind them as they descended the front steps, into the night.

The air was cool for mid-May, tickling the overgrown hairs on the back of his neck. But her hand was warm in his, and he clutched her more tightly as he crossed the grounds, headed for a moonlit, partially hidden tree, just before the long slope downward, toward the lake. He paused under the tree’s branches, dropping her hand only long enough to turn and face her, taking her other wrist in his fingers instead.

“Are you alright?” she asked, concerned voice floating on a light breeze, stars glimmering in her darkening eyes.

“I am now.”

He bent and kissed her top lip, so soft and short, enough to be brave. And he felt her break into goose flesh as he traced his fingertips up her arm to pause at the skin of her exposed collarbone.

“It’s so obvious now,” he sighed scratchily, clearing his throat as he pulled back enough to look into her eyes, heavier than they were before, as she smiled softly back up at him. “I don’t know why I waited so long. I really don’t.”

“It’s only obvious because now you know I love you,” she whispered.

His stomach lurched with excitement, perfection in words she’d said so casually, like they’d always been there, waiting.

“I hadn’t meant- blimey! I was trying to say… obvious because- shit.“ He had to pause to swallow back his own rambling words as he tried to still his overactive heart. “But, bloody hell, I didn’t know that you actually… I just- But, you do… You really-“

“Oh,” she squeaked, eyes wide. Evidently, she had thought the whole thing too obvious for him to question… as if of course he already knew.

He grinned, unable to continue, and she blushed in the moonlight.

“Sorry,” he whispered in a low-toned, raspy voice. “I dunno what- Hermione… What-”

But she shook her head, shyly grinning back at him, and she tugged his hand, pulling him down to sit atop the soft, cold grass beneath the tree.

“You weren’t making any sense,” she explained, sensibly. “Want to try again?”

She bit her lip lightly, and he laughed, shaking his head. He scooped her neck into the palm of his hand and softly tilted into her, angling his lips against hers to fit perfectly as they closed their eyes.

He felt the gentle pressure of her fingers against the sides of his neck as he kissed her, and he relaxed every muscle in his body until he’d pulled back enough to wrap an arm around her waist and tug her down sideways, to lie on the grass, facing each other.

She laughed softly as he studied every curve of her face, lines and tiny freckles, barely visible. And he smiled because he knew, in contrast, that she could see so very many freckles against his own pale skin. How different they were, really, and how perfect. How unbelievable that at the end, he’d been rewarded. For nothing. For a life he’d never counted for too much before. Of course he’d wanted to live. But now, with no proper place to be or plans to make, he could live for her. And that was essentially, exactly, what she wanted in return.

He watched her swallow, nervous.

Realising he had yet to tell her all he had to say, his eyebrows shot up and he tensed momentarily beside her.

“What is it?” she asked, slightly alarmed.

Sod it. There was only one thing, honestly.

“I love you, too,“ he said, so sincerely. “That’s all I was trying to say before, really.”

Tears glowed in her eyes as he watched her, his own chest still tight with open wounds. He might have them there, the absence of his brother… the weight of it. He might keep them forever. But he gathered her into both of his arms, turning onto his back until she was lying half on top of him.

He marveled at her weightlessness and the ease with which they fit together. So much of what was left of him was made up of her. And he’d never had to try. She’d become such an integral, entwined part of his existence. He could almost irrationally wonder if red, yellow and blue would look a shade different if he’d never met her. Could he honestly have never known what it was like, to love her? Was there a way on earth he could have lived without her?

Was it just that he’d picked the right card, unknowingly?

She kissed his neck, and he fluttered his eyes shut, and she gathered him closely, tighter, as if somehow, someway, they could melt down into the same, unending person, forever.

“Come home with me,” he said, and though he’d meant a new home, something they hadn’t said before, he knew she’d say yes. Brilliantly, he absolutely knew.

He knew that he wasn’t done being afraid, too heavy with loss. He knew that he’d have moments he’d regret, days when he’d wake up and the world wouldn’t look quite as bright as it did tonight, even with the sun tucked away and the black veil of nearly midnight stretching thickly overhead. But, if after all they’d been through so far, she really still wanted him…

He didn’t dare to expect she’d never change her mind. But, for now, knowing that she was with him, tonight… knowing that she loved him and had loved him and wanted him to go on loving her…

It was more than enough.

Manwhore - Part 6

Thank you to all of the adorable people that liked, shared and commented on the previous parts; part-1part-2part-3part-4 & part-5.  Some of your comments really creased me up and are greatly appreciated.😆😆😘.

As usual thanks to the gorgeous Kelly @redprairielily for being my superb beta.😍😘

Here goes:-

Manwhore - Part 6

Rae and Ben locked the door to Archie and Finn’s flat and posted the spare key through the letter box before they got the bus back to Rae’s house.  

They formulated a plan on the journey.  Ben was to rush to the kitchen and make them both tea and toast whilst Rae phoned Chloe.  Then Rae would share all the details with Ben over breakfast.  

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Three word prompt: He touches things.



Kate presses her foot to the mattress to keep her balance, then leans over and works the tights up her leg.

She squawks in surprise when he gooses her, jolting upright and swinging back to slap at him even as she does. But she loses her balance and he has to catch her, chuckling as he stands there, forearms flexing.

“You always have to touch things?” she mutters, swatting at him again.

“You know I do. And leaving something that tempting just hanging out-”

“My ass was not hanging out,” she says, narrowing her eyes at him. She draws up her black tights and puts her foot on the floor, wriggling her hips to get them straight. 

Castle just watches.

“Enjoying the show?”

“Most definitely.” That look comes over his face and he steps into her, hands coming out and rucking up her skirt.

“Castle,” she warns.

His fingers tuck into the waistband of her tights, rub against the skin under he belly button.

“Cas-castle,” she hisses. “Look don’t touch.”

“That’s impossible for me.” His mouth dusts her temple and hovers near her half-closed eye. “You know it is. Why do you tease?”

Her blood is thundering through her veins. “I just got these tights on. You’re not taking them off.”

“Halfway down isn’t off,” he compromises.

Her groan is both frustration and acceptance, but she’s the one who takes her tights off.

“Not the skirt,” she says, slapping at his hands. “Skirt can stay. And hurry. I have a meeting.”

“Bossy Captain,” he grumbles, nipping at her ear as his fingers hook in her panties. “I thoroughly approve.”


The First Time (Bratva AU, smut, drabble)

Oliver is the ruthless captain of Bratva, but he falls in love with the blond, genius hacker. She was working for him for almost a year and now they finally have their first time (Just FYI, neither of them is a virgin). You can also read it on AO3.

Originally posted by thatonekimgirl

He never made love. He only fucked. It was always rough, fast, and emotionless. He didn’t even remember faces of the countless women he slept with. Although, the word “sleep” is a little bit of a stretch. He never actually slept with anyone. He didn’t even allow women to walk into his bedroom. Oliver always preferred to fuck women in his office, in the club or in the street behind the club.  Anywhere but his bedroom. He just fucked women hard and left them wet.

But when he saw her, he knew that something had changed inside him. And after their first fight he knew he was in trouble. Especially when he saw the fire in her eyes and her flushed cheeks. She was the only person that managed to make him smile. Of course, as soon as he felt his lips betraying him, he put on his stoic face.

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One Day

part 4/10? - 1.4k words - sfw/sff - all fiction/entertainment etc - part 3 here


Moments that make Grace Helbig realize she’s in love with Chester See


January (cont.)

Grace strained her eyes open to the harsh light as she felt a strong tug at the sleeve of her sweater; Goose.

As her eyes adjusted to the streaming sunlight she realised Goose wasn’t the only one tugging at her arm. Craning her neck, she smiles warmly as she notices an unconscious Chester laying fast asleep comfortably on the other side of the sofa, his hand dangling off the side, fingers still entwined with hers, just how they had fallen asleep.

All night he hadn’t let go. All six hours of restless sleep on her uncomfortable, scratchy sofa, he hadn’t let go of her hand.

She didn’t want to break away from him just yet, his hand being a warm, solid sense of security. She never realised she needed him so much until now.

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