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In chapter 46, there is a page where Yato is looking at some insects that look to have been hurt. Do you think he did it? Would it be a reflection of him hurting them because of the possible abuse he was suffering from at that time?

You mean these panels?

At this point in time, it was still very early in Yaboku’s life. Dragonflies are very common in Japan in the summer and in autumn, so I never really paid much attention to this scene. Kids usually show a lot of interest in everything that surrounds them, and given that Yaboku probably didn’t have much to entertain himself, it’s only normal that he’d choose to play with insects. However, this moment could also be there to show us that Yaboku was violent and had little regard for living beings. To him, killing a human was the same as killing an insect.

It’s hard to say because many children tend to play or even kill insects. They say kids who have fun doing that might have bigger chances of becoming more aggressive and lacking empathy in the future, but that’s not an absolute certainty. Kids don’t really know when they’re hurting others, or when things stop being a game. In fact, it’s very common for little siblings to fight and not know they’re causing real harm until a parent tells them it’s wrong. So I’d say it could be a bit of both: it could just be Yaboku playing with insects because he’s bored, but it could also represent that he doesn’t have any problem with killing living things.

There’s also another full page when he’s trying to catch a butterfly that lands on Sakura’s shoulder when they first meet:

This could be, once again, just a little kid playing with insects. The difference here is the context and the type of insect it is. In the first case, he’s playing alone with a dragonfly and Father (source of abuse) comes to see him. In the second case, he sees a butterfly when Sakura (source of hope) appears.

What I found interesting is that both dragonflies and butterflies symbolize change. Dragonflies mean self-realization, as well as an individual finding a deeper meaning in life (they’re also related to water!). Not sure what this means exactly for Yaboku, as he’s seen not having much regard for the insect, and either playing with it or hurting it (that single panel might indicate the insect was in pain?). This could be interpreted as Yaboku still not being able to connect with that self-realization and deeper meaning of life. A dragonfly’s agility and precision could also be a parallel for Yaboku’s natural talent for accomplishing Father’s mission and doing what he’s told (killing) effortlessly. As per butterflies, they represent life, but also resurrection. They also symbolize change and hope, a beautiful evolution, which is exactly what Sakura meant for him. She was the one who made Yaboku become Yato.

Also, a very nice detail! The chapter ends with Yato catching one last insect: a firefly (a guiding light). It happens after having spent some time with Sakura. This time, he doesnt’ kill it. Instead, he smiles down on it, and then lets it go.

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do you have more info on your apocalypse au i love it SO MUCH

here is a secret I am pulling shit out of my ass as I go BUT here are some fun facts

  • Percy owns a car shop towards the edge of town, the only thing on the block, surrounded by empty lots, and it’s one of those places that’s got a concrete wall around the premises and an extra building out back and then an apartment above the garage, and the front is cracked and peeling concrete and the back is shrubby grass and he bought it with his own money (not his inheritance, because he’s still unwilling to touch that, even though the de Rolos have been dead for years) and it’s his pride and joy
  • Vex, as she does in every modern au I write or mention, owns (or, well, used to own) a motorcycle that Percy souped up for her
  • Keyleth’s dad runs an environmentalist/legal organization called Ashari Inc that Keyleth’s set to inherit (not anymore tho lmao). she studies (studied) zoology/botany for a tiny conservation organization and works (worked) at a bakery in her spare time (this is how she met Kashaw; it’s a whole thing)
  • Grog served in the armed forces and doesn’t like to talk about it
  • Vax’s is a reformed petty thief who’s served time and lives with Vex in the shittiest apartment complex you can imagine (because they allow animals and Vex refuses to live anywhere her dog isn’t allowed). he also worked at the bakery, while he was figuring shit out. he and grog fight. a lot.
  • Pike’s a doctor who knows Kashaw because they worked together; that’s how VM met Z and Kash. grog’s her adopted brother
  • Percy’s family owns an estate outside the city with like, electric fences and fancy shit like that. when the world ends, Cassandra turns it into the scariest refugee center you can imagine
  • Scanlan’s a musician who picked up like, a zillion skills out on the road and now makes his living doing odd jobs around town. His daughter runs with his old band, mostly to his pride (he invites her to come along, when the world ends, but she doesn’t)
  • honestly the end of the world is a lot more boring than you’d imagine
  • pike makes a mean drink

Hey guys

It’s probably easy to tell but Greta ( and all affiliated blogs ) are going on indefinite hiatus.

I still like Greta a lot and would love to play him privately HOWEVER i don’t think I can anymore, not to mention he’s in a really good place now. I think this is his Good End and that’s where he stays.

I’ve had a lot of good times in UT, but also some not so great ones way more so toward the end. I hope I can heal and I hope those who I had fallings out with have good things happen to them.

I really want to thank everyone who followed for so long and supported me! I really had a lot of fun on Greta! He grew so much and went through so much and I really will cherish those memories.

Maybe Greta will reappear one day, on a much more simple scale probably! (That follower count got scarily big! Nyeh heh.)




In Too Deep (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: helloooo, i was wondering if you could write an asa imagine where the reader and him are in a movie together and they go to the premiere together and fans are freaking out bc power couple and then they talk about the kissing scene in the red carpet and asa keeps teasing her and saying how good of a kisser he is and omg its so long i love you bye thanks!!!!

Hey! This sounds like so much fun! I hope you like it! x

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Hi there! I saw your call for fanfics for your library a while back and hope you're still taking submissions. My AO3 fic, Eyes on the Surprise, is a less popular (<500 kudos), "readable" WIP English language Victuri-centric fic. I'm having a lot of fun writing it and am always open to readers' suggestions/requests! Please feel free to include it in your library if you think it meets your criteria. My AO3 name is peroxideblonde. Thanks so much for your consideration! :)

Eyes on the Surprise by peroxideblonde

Viktor Nikiforov lives for surprises. It’s why he chased the unpredictable Katsuki Yuuri all the way to Japan. But what can Viktor do to shock Yuuri into recognizing his true seductive abilities and stunning the judges with his Eros routine?

Ooh, this looks really awesome! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks, lovely!

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Hi!! It's been a while since I've requested something so... How about GoM (if you have to exclude someone leave out midorima) reacting to their s/o being executed in front of them bc they were on different sides of a war... (if it's too much let me know and I'm sorry xD) I love your blog!! ^^

Wow, so dark mate hahaha I had so much fun with this (I know, I’m terrible)


He couldn’t show it. His face was as impassive and intimidating as ever, but he felt like everything inside him was breaking. The only outward sign is the wild look in his eyes, like he was capable of anything in that moment. He couldn’t save them, no matter who he was, and that is what broke him. Later, when he was alone and no one could hear him, he would cry.He would plan for months and months, biding his time, and slowly he would end the war. He wanted nothing more than to give up everything and just walk away, but he couldn’t let go of you no matter what. So either by his power to negotiate or his prowess in fighting, he would end the war for his s/o and then disappear forever.

He would never be the same again.


The roar that erupted from him startled everyone. The edges of his vision blurred as he ripped out his weapons and attacked everyone in sight. Every person, friend or foe, that was in his way, was cut down swiftly. He made a path to your fallen body. He cradled your body against his chest, tears streaming down his face, lips pressed against your forehead, only for you to be ripped away from him. He slaughtered anyone that touched him. It took 14 men to hold him down, and as he was staring into the face of the executioner, he glanced to where your forgotten, broken body was and murmured your name. 

It was the last sound to every grace his lips.


He couldn’t stop the shaking, no matter how much he attempted to hide it. His eyes were wide, forever seeing the blood fall from your lips and the light leave your eyes. He could still hear his name on your tongue. So he ran. He left the war and everything he knew behind, your ghost always calling him, repeating your final moments again and again. He could never forget you, never move on, but Kuroko, after years upon years of grief and pain could finally let you go. He would find a quiet place, away from either sides of the war, return to the cottage you two planned to raise a family together and made you a grave. And when it was his time to go, would forever remain by your side. 


The cry tore from his throat. HIs nails dug into his skin, trying to hold in the pain and the hurt. He pulled out his beautiful hair in grief, blood filled his mouth as he bit his tongue to silence his pain. Every time he would be forced into the field to face another ‘enemy’ he would only see your face. So he changed sides, deserted his home. He found your family and fell to his knees before them. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. Every night he dreamed of you, always awakened crying your name.

The war in his heart would continue long after the two sides stopped fighting.


He ground his teeth, turning away as tears leaked down his face. He would pull away from everyone he loved, becoming dark and harsh, snarking and biting out remarks, sneering at any act of love or kindness. Eventually, he would stop speaking all together, and he would stop fighting. Instead, he would become a doctor, saving people on the battlefield, regardless of side, helping people find peace- which was all he wanted for you, and what you dreamed of when you were alive. He didn’t care about the war, so he left and became a peacekeeper for the two sides. No one else should suffer as he does.

He names the peace treaty after you.


It took a legion of the army to hold him back as he fought to be by your side, helplessly watching as you die from afar, his hand reaching out but too far away. He would go limp in their arms. Slowly, he would crawl to you, through the dirt and blood, and the sky that seemed to start pouring in grief. Without saying a word, he would pick up your body, pulling it against his chest to feel the last of your warmth leak out of your corpse, and he would walk away. He was never seen again, except by a few close friends who knew where the two of you secretly met to be together during the war.



shin hoseok and nam dawon
singing heartbeat by infinite f
april 6th  yeouido flower festival

Considering it was his first time performing on stage since the contest that he entered several months ago, Hoseok had to admit that he was a little nervous. Truthfully, he still wasn’t completely sure what he was doing by singing in front of all of these people like this again, but the opportunity to sing with Dawon was too desirable for him to pass up. He cared for the girl a lot and she was undoubtedly one of the closest friends that he had. It wasn’t often that he met someone with almost the same exact interests as him, from music, to superheroes, to video games, etc. She was perfect in a lot of ways, and he was so very grateful to have gotten to know her. Since she was involved, he had a lot of faith in this performance, even if he didn’t have much in himself. 

He’d have fun, he assumed, and people would likely enjoy the sound of their voices together, so maybe that was all that mattered. This wasn’t an audition or a contest, after all, this was all simply for fun, and that took a lot of stress away. Even if he messed up or wasn’t as good as or better than anyone else, no one would have any grounds to judge him for it. He was tired of being judged when he was constantly placed at the bottom, anyway. He would rather not know where he stood, doing this because he wanted to rather than because he felt like he had someone to impress.

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Cooper babysitting the kids my heart can't take it. He loves them and they love him. They have so much fun the kids don't want him to leave.

Cooper likes kids way better than he likes adults tbh. He relates to them more.

Kid: Nobody ever uses the white crayon so I use it all the time so it doesn’t feel left out.

Cooper: But you can’t see it on the paper?

Kid: Just cuz it’s invisible, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Cooper: Duuuuuuuuuude, that’s deep.

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His face took such a journey during that whole segment lol, that was so much fun. I could honestly watch harry reacting to things for hours on end, he's so expressive and delightful. That must have been a challenging interview to navigate with the translations but he was so smooth and charming, such a joy to watch

ASDJSKDKS HELLOOO CUPCAKE ANON, I KNOW, RIGHT??? 😂😂💕💓💗😌 He was so happy/shook/proud/all the emotions lmao And when that fan said something like “Harry is literally talking to me right now” and he just cracked up, that was the absolute best thing ever!!! It must be so nice to put out something so personal and something you’ve worked so much on and see people react so positively to it!!! I hope he gets to watch the same reactions during concerts tehehe All the love 💖💖💖💖

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I headcannon that Knuckles would talk to the master emerald when alone. When it would respond, he thought it was the actual emerald speaking. When in reality it's just Tikal. :>

Oh my god that’s great! And Tikal would have know idea that Knuckles thought that either, she would assume he knew she wasn’t the ME. Can you imagine the first time they meet? They’re both so confused it would be precious! Oh I love this thank you for sharing ^^

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What I love about the pub quiz is Tracey and David scored zero. They literally only needed to score 1 point to win. But big smug in love idiots that they are, they decided they were gonna show the whole pub just how glorious and all consuming their love is. And Robert's face during all of that exchange. Such a smug bastard, and happier than he ever was with Chrissie. Just having fun doing something so pointless. He has grown so much as a person. Even if he does call people peasants still.

hahaha i hope he never stops calling people peasants, honestly. what an iconic episode.

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Nordic 5 when they have a sibling a bit younger than Iceland referring to the group as the joys of their life every time they see them

All-Even most shy or quiet members of the group would try to be as open and sweet to her as possible. Even Berwald would be more outspoken around her. If she wanted to, Abel and Tino would always plan activities so they could all go out together and have fun, so she’d really bring the group together. Emil might actually be a little jealous when seeing how much everyone cared about her, but he would too, so eventually he’d get over it. Lukas would be the only one to act indifferent, but he cares about her just as much as everyone else, he just doesn’t tend to show it unless necessary, and he’d be teasing her more often than not.

spring with hoseok
  • oh wow the sun himself. every day would be bright and spent well bc he’d want to go on a lot of strolls with mickey and you’d have so much fun no matter what
  • you would probably have to double up on sunscreen bc he’s the sun and you’d kinda feel like the flowers are in bloom bc of him
  • you wouldn’t really have to open your curtains bc of the natural light that hoseok produces
  • the scent of fresh linen after the two of you would finish doing laundry
  • lots of days where the two of you would just relax and like wash each others’ hair bc why not and somehow you’d end up in a fit of laughter
  • hoseok surprising you with like a mixtape but it’s all about you and he compares you to the sun in one of the songs
  • and the mixtape is really light and romantic in a sense and hoseok is just soft rapping about you’d(no doubt about the smile that was on his face while at the studio)  and how much you mean to him and he sings occasionally and it’s such a beautiful sound bc hoseok singing is great
  • taking mickey for walks and very cute picnics in the park almost every weekend bc it’s just a thing that you do and it’s really cute
  • getting breakfast at the cutest cafes in the mornings and going grocery shopping after for ingredients so that he can cook for you
  • and you take turns cooking for each bc it’s more heartfelt that going to a restaurant but neither of you would be against the idea, it’s just that there would be something about being in the comfort of your home as watch hoseok dance as he stirs pots and etc.
  • there would also be those days where the two of you just lie on the couch and sip tea bc it’s raining or something and it’s so soft and warm like a polaroid image that was taken outside but the sunlight would be softened, that’s what those chill days with hoseok remind me of
  • spring with hoseok would be amazing bc there’d never be a dull moment with him and then also those really chill moments where you do nothing and he sings for you bc gREAT

what i love about welcome to the madness it’s that it’s like. yuri finally gets to have fun and skate the way he wants? for his SP he was attributed a song he didn’t feel matched his personality so he could work and improve from there, his FS music was more dynamic but it was still lilia who orchestrated everything with the whole “prima ballerina” thing, and now for his exhibition, he just went, fuck it, fuck all of you, it’s not a competition so i’m gonna skate to a song I actually like, and wear the clothes I want, and i’ll have sunglasses and make-up and otabek will be here and you cannot fuckin s t o p  m e


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know