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Hey hey~ if requests are open, could I ask for how the rfa would react to a short mc with a big round butt XD. Mc could be insecure about it or very confident , up to you. Just thought it would be entraining to read. Thank you so much for all your writing, and please take all the time you need, there is no pressure and always have fun when writing !! Thank you Mama peño, you are amazing!!!

~Yeah no prob! hehehe all hail the booty 

◉ Yoosung 

  • Low-key living for it
  • Tries not to stare but he STARES 
  • Obsessed with you in skirts 
  • Any kind of skirt, pencil, mini like all the skirts 
  • Uses your butt as a laptop holder sometimes
  • He just loves when you lay across his lap reading or on your phone and he can lay his forearms on your butt and study or play console games 
  • Has slapped your ass 
  • Blushes like crazy every time though and stutters 
    • “S-sorry…was that alright?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • It doesn’t matter how insecure you are, he is obsessed with every part of you
  • Thinks your butt is perfection 
  • Very strict that the tailors making your clothes accentuate your…assets 
  • Will most likely ask if he can record your diet, daily activities and exercise routine to calculate how you got a body like that 
  • Making scientific research outta your fine ass 
  • He will absolutely not have you being insecure about it 
  • If he gets the slightest hint that you’re worried about how you look, it’s game over. He is cancelling his day for you 
    • “Today, I’m going to show you just how much I crave every inch of you, and I won’t be stopping until I’m completely sure you understand my love for you.” 

◉ Zen 

  • Verrrry handsy 
  • Can’t help himself around you 
  • Sometimes doesn’t even realize he’s cupped a cheek until you’ve like, stopped chopping the onions and you’re looking at him and he’s like :
    • “What is it?”
    • “Ahem…” looks down at his hand 
    • Gah! Sorry babe…habit…” 
  • Always makes you jog in front of him, so he has the best view in town 
  • Has dreams about the booty 
    • “I didn’t think it was possible but…you’re the only person in the world with a finer ass than me. I’m okay with it, though,” *squeezes*

◉ Jaehee 

  • W E A K   2 tha BOOTYYY 
  • She gets so flustered when you’re at home walking around in booty shorts(spanks) or anything accentuating your curves 
    • “MC I-I…have some work to do illbeintheotherroomokaybye” you cant even hear her flustered mumbles as she blushes and runs away
  • Very worried about how you dress in public because she can’t handle it and also doesn’t want others staring at you 
  • Low-key loves seeing you walk around the house in boxers >.>….
  • Also…if you’re in just a T-shirt and panties (even though most of the time she is a shy flustered bean and runs away and then you have to chase and tackle her)
  • Fav thing is going clothes shopping with you and seeing in the dressing room how different outfits look on you with your curves
  • Just thinks you’re beautiful 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Boy can’t be stopped 
  • And you know it too so you wear things that tease him on purpose 
  • At any time, in any place, even if you think you’re home alone…if you lay on your stomach at all, Saeyoungs head will appear, laying on your butt 
  • It’s his favorite resting place 
  • Will also use it as a prop for action figures or animal crackers when he’s playing around 
  • Thinks your ass has magical powers 
    • *rubs your butt like a crystal ball* “ohhhh great mystical booty….what shall we have for dinner tonight” *places an ear to your butt* “it says honey buddha chip and PHD Pepper! The great and powerful one has spoken!” 

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jihope or yoonseok?

jihope or yoonseok? (is that really a question though??)

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i mean?? sexual tension much??????????

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their playfulness!!

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god they have so much fun together, it’s ridiculous sometimes

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and the way they look at each other!! ahhhhh

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not to mention blanket kick was every jihope shipper’s dreams come true

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and this moment here! there’s another gif of when they’re interlacing their hands together and idk it just…it’s so soft?? and pure??? like hoseok knows immediately what jimin wants when he holds his hands up to him and their hands come together so naturally that it feels like an intimate moment to be honest

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and don’t even get me started on run era holy shit we had so much jihope content

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and hugs!!!!!

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jihope and their first born (omg the last gif never fails to make me laugh so hard)

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and let us never ever forget this moment, ever

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to end this, here’s some love from jihope, one of the purest bangtan ships and a rare pair that’s full of love, support, and such mutual affection that it’s ridiculous how overlooked they are.

here’s to hoping for more jihope content in the future!

The Boys x Bi! Reader (Headcanons)

Request: Hcs for Sincerely Three dating a bi person??

hll yeah! idk if u meant like,,,,the individual boys or the poly ship so i did the individual boys but if its not what u meant just send me an ask an be like ‘no adam ur dumb thats not what i meant’ and ill redo it lmao

Warnings: mentioned homophobia, swearing

Under the cut 

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Awkward grade school photo #9 (how the heck did this turn into so many of these?!) is Jirou. I figured the most embarrassing thing for her would be any evidence that she was a pop-loving girly girl lol. I just really wanted to draw her.

Seventeen having a curvy girlfriend // reaction

What would Seventeen think of their curvy girlfriend :0??

Requested by anon. I would’ve never thought of this, so thank you so much for sending this idea in! It turned out to be a super fun one to write. I hope you enjoy!!

Request reactions and scenarios on my page if you’d like :)


Would be totally in love with your shape omggg. You know Seungcheol’s part in Adore U when he makes a curvy body shape gesture with his hands (1:49 in the fixed camera dance practice video if you wanna check it out lol), well he would definitely be thinking of you whenever he performs that part of the song c; He’d also be begging for hugs all. the. time.

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Whenever he gets bored, this boy would just take you by the waist and pull you in for a comfy hug. He’d just love your curves and would take every opportunity to hold you. And every once in awhile he’d rest his chin on your shoulder and whisper in your ear that you’re beautiful beautiful beAUTIFUL <33

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GIVE ME A MOMENT, I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT WHENEVER I SEE THIS GIF. Okay so Josh would most definitely be one to compliment you on your curves every now and then when you guys are alone. He would also D I E every time he sees you wearing clothes that show off your body shape (the gif is an accurate representation of what he’d be like in his head jsdalfjdhaflj).

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When Jun sees you wearing outfits to show off dem curves, he’d always take a quick glance down before looking up to your face bC HE’D JUST FIND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU SO FREAKING ATTRACTIVE. He’s probably thinking of how lucky he is every time he looks at you ;u; He’d also enjoy pulling you in for random hugs.

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Boi this human hamtaro would be gassing you up over your beauty everyday. He’ll always be throwing compliments every time you walk into the room like, “someone’s looking hella good today ;)” But that’s when you guys are alone. When other people are around and you walk in, he’d just be blushing to himself and thinking, “she’s just so… beautiful.”

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It doesn’t matter if you’re alone with him or if you guys are around other people; Wonwoo would always flash the cutest smile after looking at you from head to toe. Inside his head, he’d be asking himself, “damn, how did I get myself the most beautiful girl in the universe?”

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Whenever Jihoon sees you, he’d give you a really long stare but wouldn’t smile or anything. DON’T TAKE THAT AS A BAD THING THOUGH. In fact, he’s actually melting at the sight of you, but internally. He wants to keep his cool because he doesn’t want the others to tease him for being soft whenever you’re around (because they won’t live that down for the rest of his life lmao). He’d definitely tell you how much he loves your shape with a hug when you guys are alone.

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Seokmin would make eyeing you up and down super obvious, especially when you guys are alone. Oftentimes, he’d be one to hold you by your waist when you’re walking together. Back hugs are also a must!!! You’d have to ask him why he’s hugging you so much, and he’d just reply, “I don’t know… you’re just so… pretty. And you’re mine, so…”

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When he’s hanging out with the other members and you walk in, he’d just smile and watch you walk into the room. “Mingyu, wtf you gotta greet your girlfriend. What’s wrong with you??” the members would say, having noticed him staring. “I will, I will,” he’d reply. He’s just enjoying watching you in all your beauty. He’ll proudly bring you in for a hug in front of everyone afterwards because he’s just sweet like that.

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This boy would have huuuuge heart eyes every time he sees you. He would’ve never imagined having a such a pretty girl to call his own, and would take opportunities alone with you to hold you close and tell you just how beautiful you are to him. Also an avid lover of back hugs, just like Seokmin :)

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Dude this guy is so soft, he’d probably want to cry every time you guys see each other. But seriously, he’d just love EVERYTHING about you, and your outer beauty would just make him melt all the time. He wouldn’t even have to see you to cry. He could just be thinking about you and a he’d have the brightest smile. Probably one of the proudest boyfriends tbh…

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With the members around, he’d give you a simple smile when you walk in. But when you guys are meeting up alone, you can expect Hansol to casually bite his lip behind your back. But you’d catch him doing so once in while, so you’d laugh at him like, “hey, whatchu biting your lip for?” “Oh nothing, I’m just… admiring you. That’s all.”

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Would be super shy to let you know that he loves your curves, so he’d probably just smile very widely when he sees you. Later on in the relationship, he’ll start initiating more skin ship, and while doing so, he’d also mention how beautiful you are, inside and out.

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I’m very sure that Seventeen would love any and every body shape, but they’d love your heart over everything else <3

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For the date scenario, meanie bookstore? Thank you so much!

A Date with Svt: Meanie at a Bookstore

  • do you really even have to ask who suggested the date place
  • not to say Mingyu wasn’t completely ecstatic
  • it’s literally just two nerds going on a bookstore date
  • Mingyu would drive of course
  • and Wonwoo would choose the store
  • he’d be very lowkey picky too like “can we go to the one almost an hour away”
  • but they don’t get to go on dates often so Mingyu’s like of course
  • car rides are relaxing and fun anyways
  • and Mingyu could show off them driving skills
  • they’ll have music quietly playing whole they’re talking
  • Wonwoo’s hand purposely resting near the stick shift
  • after taking many clues, Mingyu bringing his hand to intertwine finally
  • “im really happy we got to go out today” Wonwoo says
  • Mingyu smiles, his heart fluttering, like every other time Wonwoo says something similar
  • “me too”
  • omg Wonwoo would know exactly where to find his favorite books or what it’s been looking for
  • and Mingyu would kinda just trail behind like a lost puppy
  • Wonwoo would reach his hand up to get a book
  • immediately getting stopped by Mingyu who gets it before him
  • “why I could have got it,” Wonwoo chuckles taking the book held out to him
  • grinning, Mingyu giggles, “if we’re on a date we should act like it”
  • and proceeds to wink
  • Wonwoo just laughing at his dorkiness and recommending books left and right
  • “you would like this right?”
  • “hyung a book like the korean war?”
  • “it’s historical fiction!!!”
  • MIngyu would try so dang hard to find Wonwoo a book
  • and fail miserably
  • “no”
  • how about-”
  • “nope”
  • “this looks good righ-”
  • “Mingyu your cute”
  • Mingyu would be looking for Wonwoo right
  • and find something he himself actually really likes
  • just standing in the aisle tilting his head down slightly to read the book in his hands
  • not even noticing anything around him
  • so not Wonwoo walking up quietly, smiling
  • looking at Mingyu, just admiring his expression so lovingly
  • because something just warms in his heart when he can see his boyfriend enjoying his hobbies
  • “are you gonna buy that?” Wonwoo asks softly
  • closing the book and holding it at his side he nods
  • “did you find something it want”
  • the freakin cuties
  • Mingyu wanted to pay
  • Wonwoo wanted to pay
  • so what ended up happening?
  • paying for each each other
  • walking hand in hand to the car
  • “open the door for me” Wonwoo says jokingly
  • laughing, shaking his head slightly, MIngyu does
  • “after you prince Wonwoo”
  • “thank you prince Mingyu”

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Submit a Pairing for a Date with Seventeen!

MASTERLIST (where the other date scenarios can be found)

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Have you heard the theory that Clockwork is the ghost of This Kid after he was killed by Dan? I personally don't believe it to be true to canon, but it's a fun AU to think about.

Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s not one I’m a huge fan of because it leaves so many things to be explained. Why Clockwork has those powers, who the Observants are, a bunch of dialogue details, how Clockwork can exist outside of time the way he does if he was formerly human in an unaltered timeline. It’s just too much for me to consider.

I can see the appeal of wanting to give Clockwork a personal connection to the events of TUE, though. If people enjoy it, I won’t try to stop them. It’s harmless and can be a fun, interesting idea. It’s just not for me.

Quinn: Dominic, I am so sorry but it is you who I’m sending home this week. We’ve had so many good times together, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you, I just don’t feel that we’re a good match as life partners. You are an awesome guy and I have no doubt that Mrs right is out there right now waiting for you. 

@madeyesims THANK YOU SO MUCH for entering Dominic into my Bachelorette Challenge, He has been so much fun to have in my game, and I am really sad to see him go. As with all the other eliminated contestants he’s been moved into another household to hopefully find love with someone else in my game.. 

Have faith......

hellcat1989 replied to your photo:Evangeline annoyed:  “What do you want, Rafael?…

Poor Rafe. I know he’s made mistakes and I feel so bad for him right now!!

I’ve been forcing myself to not respond to the comments because I don’t want to ruin the “fun” for you guys!

However, I wanted to comment to this one since it’s not part of the current dramafest.  

I adore my Rafael and Caleb.  I always have.  I always will.  However, Rafael was so broken on the inside after his years of drug abuse that he needed something drastic to happen to really change him.

Sophie being kidnapped was a start but even that wasn’t enough.

Losing Caleb?

Yep that’ll do it!

Now that he’s seen how much he’s lost?  He just has to figure out a way to win his man back.  A good place to start would be to get Evi to forgive him…..just saying.

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I would kill to have Touka take a leadership role in GOAT. Ken, my boy, I love you and wish the best for you but if he keeps leading the ghouls the way he is now, they are all screwed, not the fun way like Touka, but the dead way. Maybe I am pinning my hopes on too much but when Touka talks about "how the other side does things", it is probably to show that she would play dirty in the future too to save her loved ones

Mod K:

God, so would we. SO. WOULD. WE.

Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

tw: mentions of depression, nakedness, cute stuff, happiness and drugs.

YAYYYYYY you guys finally get to meet Eva (faceclaim - Nina Dobrev as Katherine Pierce) she’s gonna be Jamie’s bff eep andddddd Opie’s love interest ;))

(when this gets 3 or more notes i’ll post the next chappy)

also let me know if you wanna be tagged in this so you guys can read it straight away :D

tagged: @samcrolivesforever

have fun!


10 - The L Word

Waking up next to Jax felt like everything in the world had fallen into place. Falling asleep in his arms made her feel okay. Her worries and fears disappeared when being with him. There was something about him that just made her feel safe.
Jamie smiled to herself as she listened to Jax’s soft snores. Despite having this mean and strong façade when he was with his friends, she knew how much of a gentle giant he really was.
She thought back to her teenage years and the innocent relationship they had when they were in high school together. She missed how happy and relaxed they used to be, before they had to grow up and become adults.
Jamie remembered when they called their relationship quits. That was when Jax met Wendy. He’d cheated on her with Wendy and Jamie was heartbroken. It wasn’t long after her parent’s deaths either, so Jax breaking up with her sent her into her downward spiral of depression and drugs.
The girl let out an anxious sigh. Tig suddenly appeared in her thoughts. She couldn’t imagine how Jax would react if he found out about the one night stand she had. It was obvious Jax had feelings for her so she knew it’d upset him. But if he knew she’d slept with his friend… He’d be absolutely raging.
A loud yawn ripped Jamie out of her thoughts. She looked over her shoulder at Jax who was stretching out in the bed. “G'Mornin’ to you too.” She said with a giggle.
“Mornin’ darlin’.” He told her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her body close to him. He pressed his lips against hers, smiling into the kiss. He then moved his lips to her neck where he nibbled on her skin, making her moan a little.
Jax’s hands explored her naked body as his placed kisses down her neck to her chest. Just as things began to get heated, Jax stopped kissing her and looked up at her with a cheeky grin. “What’s for breakfast?” He asked.
Jamie rolled her eyes. “Way to ruin the mood.” She groaned, pushing the man away from her.
“What? A man’s gotta eat.” Jax told her as he sat up in the bed. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and grabbed his boxers out of his bedside table.
“Could’ve eaten me but you decided to be a buzzkill.” Jamie told the man who looked over his shoulder with a baffled expression on his face. She smiled at him flirtatiously and gave him a wink.
Jamie giggled as he watched the man as he stared at her with wide eyes. It was clear Jax regretted speaking.
“Whatever, i’m gonna go get ready and go to work. Make your own damn breakfast.” Jamie said, reaching out to grab her dressing gown but Jax beat her to and picked it up before her.
Jamie’s brows furrowed. “What are you doin’, give me my robe.” She told the man who was smiling at her mischievously.
The blond male shook his head and held the robe out of her reach. “You want it. Come get it.” Jamie rolled her eyes again. Really? She thought.
“Jax, i’m naked.” She said raising her brows at him and making him chuckle.
“I know.. I can see that.” He said with a grin, looking her body up and down and licking his bottom lip. Jamie’s cheeks turned red and she scratched her head awkwardly. Then she stood up. “Fine.” She replied.
The girl sauntered over to him, flicking her long blonde hair off of her shoulder so her naked body was on full display. Biting down on her lip, Jamie stood in front of him and tried to grab the clothing but he moved it away. “Give me my robe.” She ordered.
Jax shook his head, looking down at her girl. “Ask nicely.” He told in a demanding tone of voice, slightly dominating her.
Jamie smirked. She lifted her arm and put her hand on his bare chest. “Please.. Can.. I.. Have.. My..” She spoke, trailing her hand down his torso before stopping at the waistband of his boxers. “Robe.” She whispered, looking up into his blue eyes.
Jax bit his tongue, her acting this way drove him crazy. She was such a tease. He thought of all the things he’d do to her and it turned him on.
Catching him off guard, Jamie grabbed the robe out of his hand and put it on quickly. “Ha! Don’t underestimate my powers of persuasion, Teller.” She told him with a smile before turning on her heel and walking out of the room.
Jax let out a low chuckle as he watched the girl walk away. His whole body was on fire from her touch. “Wouldn’t dream of it, darlin’.”

Later that day, Jamie was at the Clubhouse behind the bar serving drinks as per usual. The place wasn’t as busy as SAMCRO were out on club business.
Showing her face after her argument with Gemma yesterday made her a little anxious as the people who’d witnessed it were there again today. But thankfully no one brought it up.
One of the croweaters who hung around the place with other bikers was making her way over to the bar. Her long brown curly hair bouncing as she walked.
“Hey lovely, what can i get you?” Jamie greeted the lady with a smile. She was in a really good mood today and it showed.
The female took a seat and the bar and returned the smile. “I want whatever you’ve had.” She let out a giggle. “You’re glowin’.” Jamie blushed a little. Jax was what made her ‘glow’.
“I’ll have a vodka and coke,” The brunette told Jamie who got to work. “I’m Eva by the way.” She said as Jamie handed her her drink.
“Jamie.” The blonde replied making Eva smirk.
“I know who you are. Pretty sure everyone does.” Eva told the girl, bringing out a pack of cigarettes from her bag. Jamie smiled awkwardly, it felt strange having everyone know who you were. It was almost like being famous. “Want one?” She asked holding out the pack.
Jamie took a cig out and put it between her lips. Eva held up a lighter and sparked it. “Thanks.” She said leaning forward for the girl to light it for her.
Eva watched as Jamie took a drag of her smoke and she smiled a little. “So, Jamie..” She curled a strand of her hair around her finger as she spoke. “I have a question to ask.”
The blonde squinted her eyes, wondering what Eva was going to ask her. Not many people asked her things so she was intrigued and slightly nervous.
“Are you into girls?” Eva finally asked, making Jamie choke on her cig. Smoke blew out of her mouth as she coughed. It was fair to say she wasn’t expecting that. Eva laughed at her reaction. “I’m guessing that’s a no..”
Jamie let out small laugh, slightly embarrassed by Eva’s question. She hadn’t really thought about her sexuality before. And why would Eva want to know? “Uh.. I mean..” She stumbled over the words as she spoke. “Could you expand on that..?”
The brunette girl leant closer to Jamie. “Do you like girls? Or men? Or do you not have a preference?” Jamie couldn’t decide if Eva was flirting with her or just being curious.
“Umm.. I don’t know. I like men..” Jamie told her. “But i suppose.. I don’t know. I suppose i don’t really care about genders and stuff. It just depends on the person..”
Eva’s lips formed into a smile. “Good.” She replied, confirming Jamie’s thoughts. She puffed on her cigarette as she stared at Jamie with eyes full of desire.
Jamie avoided the girl’s stare, she wasn’t sure how to act. She’d never had a girl flirt with her before. It was strange.. But she secretly liked it.

The sound of footsteps followed by voices and a door shutting made the two females turn their heads towards the door. In walked the reaper crew with smiles on their faces. Whatever they’d done had obviously worked out well.
“Celebratory drinks?” Jamie called over to the men who were crowding the bar area, giving each other hugs and pats on the back.
Chibs caught sight of Jamie and his face broke into a grin. He was happy to see her back where she belonged. “Aye Lass!” He called back to her and she brought out several glasses and a bottle of bourbon.
Each of them took their seats either side of Eva who was happy to be surrounded by hot bikers.
“Good to have ya back, love.” Chibs said leaning over the bar counter and kissing her forehead. “I was worried sick about ya.”
Jamie gave him a sympathetic smile. “Sorry.. I won’t do it again. Promise.” She could imagine how worried everyone must’ve been.
“I’ll hold you to that, girly.” Chibs smirked, sitting down beside his friends.
When Jamie finished pouring the drinks, everyone took a glass. Clay stood up, a big smile on his face, and raised his glass. “To a smooth run, it’s rare we have those!” He announced. Everyone clinked their glasses and then downed their drinks.
Jamie smiled watching as her family enjoyed themselves. When they were in a good mood, everyone was in a good mood. It was nice to be surrounded by happy people, as well as being happy herself.
Things felt normal it was like it was too good to be true. Almost like everything was perfect. It wouldn’t last, Jamie knew that, so she just appreciated the great moment they were having and tried not to think about how things would go back to shit again soon enough.

Productive day 3/100 ٩꒰ ´ᆺ`꒱۶

I’m going to try to really make this semester feel fun and productive and I don’t wanna get burned out at all from class, I wanna enjoy the sensation of being a student. I’m going to miss undergrad so much!!
Here’s what I did today.

◼ Watched 1.5 lectures for my Forensic Anthropology class and took notes… There’s a ton left to watch but I have a while before I have to get it all done… The class seems really exciting and interesting so far! And I like the professor, he seems really well organized and succinct in his explanations.
◼ Played around with and tested a lot of apps and chrome extensions. Messed with different digital note apps (One Note and Squid currently seem the best for me…)
◼ Got my email, browser, computer files, and calendar slightly more organized which is good bc it was pretty messy for a while now and having memory issues.
◼ Read through the syllabus, course schedule, took the syllabus quiz, did an “introduction” post, etc. All the little things that take forever to get done but aren’t actually all that productive!
- Watched too many episodes of Some Girls because I am alone for the weekend and TV helps me feel less alone! Plus, it’s a great show. :)

I need to be sure to clean a little before Trev gets home. The apt is kind of a wreck and I am feeling very lazy about it. I think I’m going to watch some more Some Girls while laying in bed about to fall asleep. :)

Imagine 9 sick

(Y/N Point of View )

I was out having fun with my friends and my cousin had come into town and was leaving tomorrow so we were having as much fun as we could before she had to leave we went shopping we went out to lunch we got our nails and toes done and when we got home we had a movie night and we all fell sleep in the living room.

Harry said he was going to stay out with the boys since they haven’t had much time together lately and he wanted to give me girl time with my cousin before she left because she doesn’t come around often in my book he was the best fiancé ever.  

(Time skip until tomorrow morning )   

It was about 10 AM I had to get up and drive my cousin to the airport Harry said he was going to spend probably the morning with the boys and then come home 12:30 pm just so he could give me extra time in the morning with my friends before our wedding when I probably won’t be spending as much time with them.

our wedding is in two months and we’re going to be on our honeymoon for a month it was so nice to spend some time with my friends after an emotional farewell to my cousin who I won’t see in until my wedding me and my friends went out to breakfast I didn’t eat much I didn’t feel very well but didn’t pay much attention to it I didn’t think anything of it really I was probably just getting a cold.

after having breakfast I drop them all at their houses and then went back to mine it was around 12 o'clock Harry should be home soon then I can finally cuddle with my harbear I thought to myself as I walked through the door I went up to our bedroom I got a change of clothes a towel and went to the shower.

after I showered I change my clothes and laid in bed for a while waiting for Harry to come home I really missed him it was fun hanging out with my friends but I really miss my fiancé that and I didn’t feel very well I started sneezing a lot and I have a stuffy nose and a cough I don’t feel very well right now it seemed almost instantly when I lay down I fell asleep I didn’t know how tired I was I guess.

What seems like only 10 minutes I woke up to my phone buzzing it was a text from harry “sorry I’m going to be home late I got called into a meeting and then I have to go to the studio unexpectedly I’m sorry"The text read I felt kind of disappointed especially since now That I’m not feeling very well I really want to cuddle with him.

I missed him a lot even if we were apart only for a day "it’s ok just come home when you can I really miss you"I texted back I didn’t want to tell him I didn’t feel well I didn’t want to make him feel worse than he already was plus lately his job has been really hard on him especially now since since the boys have been on a hiatus and Harrys been working on his solo music and Dunkirk it’s been really hard and stressful on him I try to help but there’s not much I can do if he’s not really home but lately it seems to be slowing down he said it would a-month before the wedding so then we have time together he would just have a few meetings and studio stuff to finish up before the wedding so then he would able to take a month off.

"I miss you too kitten I’ll try my best to make go as fast as I can"he texted "OK I love you Be careful don’t stress yourself too much"I texted five minutes later I got another text from him "I love you to so so so much I will be home soon bye” after I read it I went downstairs it was around 3:30pm I was feeling a little better but not much after taking that nap I decided to make a small dinner early so I can go to bed early because I was still really tired after I ate I watched a couple movies in the living room I fell asleep watching a stupid movie on Netflix and woke up about an hour later still really tired so I went to bed Harry still wasn’t home sadly.

I Hope he is OK and that he is not stressing himself out too much it was around 11:30pm I was laying in bed I couldn’t fall sleep even though I was really tired I started to feel absolutely more horrible my stuffy nose is worse my coughing is much worse and I have a headache and my whole body is starting to hurt I really want Harry to come home and cuddle with me and make me feel better I don’t know how long I was laying there after a while I fell asleep without Harry unfortunately. 

(Time skip until tomorrow morning)

(Harry’s point of view)

I had just gotten home I had fell asleep at the studio I was up recording until 4 AM and I just got so tired that I fell sleep on one of the couches it was around 10:30am  when I got home I really want to cuddle with Y/N right now after having a rough Night and day at the studio and being away from her for almost 2 days I miss her a whole lot as I walk through the door I hear coughing and sneezing I follow the sound all the way to mine and Y/N’s bedroom to find her laying in bed surrounded by tissues with a red nose and a sad look on her face like she was about to cry.

I walked into the room and as soon as she saw me tears started to come down her cheeks “aww kitten you should’ve told me you were not feeling well I would have come home sooner"I said as I walked over to her she sniffled then replied "I didn’t want you to worry about me especially since you have enough on your plate with the  movie and your album and the wedding I didn’t want you to be worrying too much about me"I look to her for a few seconds then said "Y/N I worry about you because I love you and my album and the movie doesn’t matter if you’re sick I want to take care of you you’re my fiancée and soon you’ll be my wife so when you need me when you’re sick or for anything at all I’m here for you you shouldn’t hesitate to tell me that you’re sick or you need something because I would do anything for you because I love you so so much"she smiled at me

"I’m sorry for not telling I was sick I love you to and I missed you so much"she said I hugged her and kissed her on the four head she was quite warm "it’s ok but next time tell me OK so I can come home and take care of you"I said as I released her from my hug so I can get up and get her some medicine I was about to stand up when she grabbed my hand "don’t go please cuddle with me I missed you and your cuddles and I have a headache and all I want to do is just lay in bed with you I missed you so so much"she said and gave me a sad puppy dog eyes how could I say no to that face

"ok"I said I took my shoes off my shirt and my pants till I was down to my boxers and got in bed next to her and cuddled with her until she fell asleep then I got up and got her some medication before she got up she woke up as I was walking back into the room I saw that she was awake I brought her some soup and medication and a cup of orange juice I walked over to her and handed her the tray she took it with the soft somewhat sad smile after she took her medication and ate the soup we cuddled for the rest of the day watching stupid movies on Netflix.

I can’t wait to spend the rest my life with this woman even when she’s sick she’s the most adorable and funny person I’ve ever met I love her so much after watching stupid movies we went to bed with my arms wrapped around her and her head on my chest I love this woman and I will always love this woman. 

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IM SO STUNNED i kept thinking magnus was gonna summon julia w the bond thing but i like the way they actually did it so much better i don't have a tear left in my body

FUCK SAME !!! i was rly hoping he would tbh but i was happy w/ how they brought her in even if. i had to listen to magnus burnsides die which wasnt fun

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ive been on a hanna high, but is olaf and his weird gijinka?

pretty much exactly like DCA. here’s a photo someone took from bows: https://instagram.com/p/BX7FqLoBsLj/

I prefer the dca puppet and costume for the… puppet… operator, but the Denver puppet’s face is SUPER articulated, it’s nuts. there’s a very fun bit where greg is offstage and Olaf is in pieces, so anna picks up his head and does the puppetry while greg sings.

greg is a Cinderella alum so I love him forever. excellent singing, very josh. he doesn’t have the innocent boyish joy I’m used to from the dca guys, and actually some of his lines come off a little sarcastic/intentionally mean??? lmao. probably not the intent.

okay but when mavis and merle are talking at the end and mavis says “love you dad” and merle says “love you too” can we just Discuss how that sounds so genuinely like clint mcelroy talking to his son and i. cant handle it.

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one thing that i love is that madristas have embraced the siu celebration that cris does. At first everyone was making fun of him for doing it but now everytime he scores we all do it with him.

SAME I LOVE THE ICONIC LEVELS THE SIU HAS REACHED SO MUCH U HAVE NO IDEA. And fun fact!! that celebration was a squad thing and not just a cristiano thing from the get go!! but no one actually knew that besides the players so when Cris did that everyone was very confused lmfao I will never forget. But, just like everything in his life, Cristiano managed to make it iconic and now it’s literally yelled by everyone in the stadium after his name is announced (both during the announcement of the line up or when he scores a goal). Cristiano is always out here making embarrassing things cool, and that’s the sort of level i aspire to be at one day 😝

Steter Hogwarts AU

Still working on the Steter Network submission for the ‘Silver’ prompt, and I seriously think that I’m just making this so much harder for myself. XD; I spent at least half an hour trying to decide which House Stiles would have been in when he was still in the U.S. Nevermind the fact that it was automatically Slytherin and knowing his Ilvermorny House wouldn’t even matter anymore. (But I’m currently unstoppableeeeeee.) Then tack on another hour–at least–to decide on his wand: wood, core, length, and rigidity vs. springy-ness. Make me stooooop, please. XD Until it’s done, however, here’s another snippet:


Peter walked past Stiles during one of the Slytherin’s breaks; the boy was curled up in one of the window seats that littered the corridors of the fifth floor, backpack carelessly tossed on the ground to be propped up against the wall and oblivious to his surroundings. Stiles ran a crimson badge over and over between his fingers, amber-dark eyes unseeing as the student allowed himself to become lost in his thoughts.

The professor didn’t bother to stop—on his way to a meeting with Headmaster Longbottom—but the werewolf managed to catch sight of an image of a many-legged cat, the picture’s style vaguely reminiscent of Native American artwork.

It was a Wampus Cat.

Perhaps the medallion was one that Stiles had kept from his Ilvermorny House—a memento from his old school for when the boy was feeling homesick.

Body. Warrior.

–the Wampus House traits, if Peter recalled correctly. They didn’t quite seem to fit the teen, settling upon him like an ill-fitting cloak: Stiles reminded him of an inferno, brightly burning and unstoppable and consuming everything in his path. Unquenchable.

Yet: so, too, was the Wampus Cat oftentimes seen as a spirit of death, its cry the first strike of the funeral toll.

And that… that particular meaning suited Stiles perfectly.

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El Dorado-Harry Potter AU

….thank you….

·        Miguel and Tulio are both Muggle born, and have never met each other before they meet on the Hogwarts Express. Miguel is a talkative boy who’s gushing over all the amazing things he’s seen, and Tulio is a tall-for-his-age smartass who’s trying to break his habit of stealing. When Miguel sits down next to Tulio, the Sneak-O-Scope he bought at Diagon Alley starts whirring. They both pretend it’s not going off.

·        Chel sits down next, and the Sneak-O-Scope starts going berserk. Miguel laughs nervously and stuffs it into the bottom of his trunk in an attempt to shut it up, trying to say it must be broken. Both Chel and Tulio know it’s not, but neither say anything.

·        Miguel and Chel chat amiably for most of the ride, and Miguel learns that she’s a half-blood on her mother’s side. Her father fell in love with her mother’s culture, so she’s been raised around magic for her entire life. Miguel asks her all sorts of questions about what to expect, and Chel makes up all sorts of random stuff because honestly, she has never been to Hogwarts. She has no older siblings, and although she may have read a few books on the school and been told many stories by her mother, it in no way has prepared her.

·        They start making guesses about what Houses they’ll be in, and Chel says she think Miguel will be in Hufflepuff and she in Ravenclaw. When they invite Tulio into the conversation he says he’ll probably be in Gryffindor because it took an immense amount of courage to sit through their chattering the whole ride.

·        Chel thinks Tulio will be in Slytherin.

·        When they arrive in the Great Hall Tulio trails behind Chel and Miguel because they’re the only people he knows, but he does not acknowledge them unless spoken to.

·        Chel is the first one of the three called. The hat sits on her head for a very long time, deliberating. It sees an element of manipulation, it sees that she knows how to get what she wants, it sees that she’s smart, but knowledge isn’t necessarily her primary goal, it knows that she thinks she’s smart enough for Ravenclaw, brave enough for Gryffindor, and not nearly nice enough for Hufflepuff, and yells out SLYTHERIN.

·        Tulio is next. The hat sees someone who is really nervous to be here. It sees someone who finds comfort in familiar things and likes being in control. It sees someone clever and ambitious, someone who has an unnatural attachment to material things, and it doesn’t take nearly as long for the Hat to decide SLYTHERIN.

·        Miguel ends up surprising everyone in the Great Hall when this sweet little boy, who laughed too easily on the train and never stopped smiling, is under the Hat for .5 seconds before it yells SLYTHERIN. The Hat saw loyalty, bravery, and an eagerness to learn, but below all that the Hat knew that Miguel would do the best under the color green. He simply wants so much his heart can’t contain it, and he is filled with so much ambition and drive The Hat knew he’d be most valuable to those who could help him nurture it.

·        Chel and Miguel end up becoming really good friends pretty quickly. Chel shows Miguel all the spells her mother taught her and Miguel tells her all sorts of stories about living in a Muggle-only world and all the times he had accidentally used magic.

·        Tulio is puzzled the most as to why Miguel is in Slytherin, and keeps trying to figure out why. He was with Chel and was confident he was going to be in Hufflepuff. It doesn’t take Tulio long to realize that Miguel is actually pretty deceptive in his own way once Miguel starts using “the face” to get Tulio to let him copy his Transfiguration homework.

·        Thinking he’s clever, Tulio starts using Miguel to help him swipe the student’s things. Miguel will distract them with his natural flamboyant charm, while he’s really just smiling because Tulio is stealing their Chocolate Frogs from their bags.

·        Tulio becomes Miguel’s friend without realizing it. One day he just sort of realizes while walking down the hallway next to Miguel and Chel that dammit he was friends with them.

·        He decides it’s not that bad.

·        The three of them are so removed from the common Pureblood ideologies of many in their House, and they quickly find themselves isolated from most of their House. Which was never truly a problem in the first place.

·        Tulio is best at Potions. He has an eye for properly gauging what needs what, and will always make little concoctions for his friends or stage an accidentally on purpose explosion as a distraction.

·        Chel is best at Transfiguration. She has a natural talent for change and adaptation, and she transfers this ability to her magic.  

·        Miguel is best with Defense Against the Dark Arts. He is bold and headstrong, and has a strong passion for standing against evil. Though he thinks it would be easier to learn if he had a more stable teacher.

·        Care of Magical Creatures is Tulio’s worst class. He despises it. Every single creature HATES Tulio with a passion that he does not understand or think was ever warranted. It happens to be one of Miguel’s favorite classes however, as he has a natural proficiency for caring for living things. Tulio hates him a little because of it.

·        Tulio’s wand is Elder with a Unicorn Core, thirteen and quarter inch. Hard.

·        Miguel has a Cedar wand with a unicorn core. Ten inches. Solid.

·        Chel’s wand is Larch with a phoenix feather core. Twelve and a quarter inches, rigid

·        Miguel tries out for the Quidditch team his Fourth Year, and because he rarely enjoys doing anything without his friends he convinces both Chel and Tulio to try out. Tulio is hardly a natural, often falling off the broom and loudly proclaiming his adoration for the ground thankyouverymuch. But, much to everyone’s surprise, Tulio turns out to be a quick learner. Miguel and Tulio end up becoming the two Beaters of the team, while Chel becomes the Seeker, content to watch and advise her teammates until she can dive in at the last second and win the game.

·        In their Fifth Year, Tulio ends up dating Chel. This comes as no surprise to anyone except those who thought that he had a thing for Miguel. After four months of dating Chel, he ends up also dating Miguel which comes as a mild shock to everyone except for Chel. One day, when Miguel and Chel were seen together holding hands, the public stopped asking questions.

I’m pretty sure you were just asking about what houses I saw each of them in, and I apologize for getting carried away, dear anon.