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Lads like I’m not even kidding, all of this tour stuff with Jack legitimately makes me so so happy. He just looks like he’s having a blast and it’s so lovely hearing everybody’s stories. I love this community man 💜


Young Serval Goes On Vacation

One of our recent rescues, Zucari the serval, gets a turn in our acre Funcation enclosure, and he is having a BLAST!! Check out all of the fun he is having! BigCatTV.com


Keith really just needs his decision to be validated. I understand everyone is upset that he was about to fling himself straight into death, because it IS UPSETTING. His death would have been a DEVASTATING loss.

But he would have saved Voltron, and all those solar systems in the blast radius.

His decision was logical. He is one life. The span of ten systems… That’s millions of lives. And Voltron is important, he knows his life is not more important. Even if we might personally think it is.

Shiro would have done the same thing. Lance. Allura. Hell, I’m pretty sure any of them, if sitting in Keith’s seat, would have made the same decision.

I don’t think, if his decision is ever addressed in the show, that Keith needs to be yelled at and put under monitor. I think he needs to have his choice validated by a ‘I would have done the same’ or 'you were doing the right thing’ and then followed up with a 'but you would have been a devastating loss, we all love you and would have missed you and we’re so glad you’re alive.’

Yelling at him or overwhelming him with 'you shouldn’t have done that you idiot’ won’t do him any good. He made the decision to end his life for the good of the universe. It wasn’t a bad decision. It was a sad one. And an unfortunate one.

Validate the brave decision he made. Love him. Let him know he’s important.

But please don’t yell at him, tell him he was wrong, or put him under lock and key. It’s unhelpful. And I hope the show doesn’t have anyone screech at him, if it’s ever addressed at all.

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(1)dear ty, it seems you read bnha so I wanted to know your take on something: at the beginning it seemed deku’s journey would involve overcoming bakugou’s abuse and getting back the power he had gotten over him but that one fight bakugou not only gets once again coddled but now it’s like deku has to gloss over everything done to him and welcome him into his life, plus is kinda implicated deku has *part of the blame* for not talking things over with the guy who exploded his desk over hearing he

(2)wanted to TRY going to his same highschool??? i know bakugou getting captured or not wouldn’t have affected what happened to all might but it sucks that all it takes for him to get so absolved is guilt over the kidnapping when the author couldn’t make it clearer that that he CHOSE to be taken over getting help (srsly he was back at his propelling-blast-quirk-having form at a time when everyone had to actively get in the warp to get away yet everyone acted as if they failed as heroes after he didn’t took the jump) also, i know bakugou is a nuanced character & don’t wanna be hating on him but the way this is being handled is really sucking away my enjoyment of bnha, so i was hoping you’d tell me if you had a more positive view on things

HONESTLY I agree. Bakugou is an interesting character but I really hate his popularity and the way Deku and the writers are so forgiving of him. In the framework of the storywriting, I feel like the authors are really pushing for him to be super forgivable and asjdfsdf I’m not really into that.
That’s my emotional opinion though! There are admittedly some other ways I’ve been trying to look at it

BnHA is very much about rising above the people trying to push you down, and that sometimes includes facing them.
One of the things that made me the most uncomfortable was Todoroki apprenticing under his dad even after all the shit Endeavor has done. But in my personal life, I’ve been making amends with a lot of the family members who have hurt and angered me beyond belief. It’s not always cathartic, but it’s life. I’m not saying BnHA is free of fault, especially for a story aimed at a younger audience, but some of the decisions are strangely realistic, even if framed around dramatic moments.
The really inspiring thing about Todoroki’s situation was how he went in diplomatically, but ultimately he’s doing things his own way

In a similar way, I feel like Deku learning to work with Bakugou will be the way he overcomes his situation. It wouldn’t feel right if Midoriya were to beat Baku in a fistfight and finally declare his dominance, it’d be emotionally unfulfilling in my opinion. Bakugou’s been shown to have a super bad inferiority complex that he tries to keep hidden, so if Deku kept getting stronger while still being kind, that’d be the ultimate way to face the shit Baku did to him as a kid.

Personally I don’t think it’s wrong to hate Bakugou LOL, I kinda do myself. It’s one thing to appreciate a character, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgive him for it.
I’m not really sure I’ll be 100% happy with how the story treats him or any possible redemption arc, but I hope this alternate pov helps you enjoy the series a little again! I wouldn’t blame you for dropping it though, I actually haven’t been reading it ever since the Fatgum-gets-skinny chapter

it must have been a trip for Adam when he first met Gansey because this untouchable rich kid immediately unloads everything about his alternate life as a tomb raider trying to unearth the centuries-old mystery of Glendower and Adam is just, “sounds fake but i’m literally so starved of human interaction that i will now follow you to the ends of the earth in search of your super lost and super dead king”

  • me with a megaphone outside Todd Howard's mansion at 5;30 AM: hey todd you should have known that the ghoul in the fridge made no sense. *throwing pebbles at his bedroom window* todd ghouls still need water. he can only drink his own piss so many times. *blasting air horns* he would have severe muscular and motor issues and should have lost the ability to talk *holding the doorbell until it buzzes* the sun should be literally blinding to him if he hasnt seen light in 210 years. and why does everything have to be a nice round number with you todd?? there was no reason to set fo3 exactly 200 years after the war. *setting off fireworks* while there is lore to suggest that feral ghouls can fall dormant and wake up later, this is unheard of for sane ghouls. so was he conscious the whole time? *playing the vuvuzela* that fridge was on a little hill right next to an intact building in south boston, how did nobody inspect this fridge for 210 years *banging pots together* todd you could have put him in a small basement, with rats/roaches to eat, woulda been way more believable. *smashing porcelain plates on the driveway* stop ruining fallout todd its not a playground for whatever cinematic scifi bullshit pops into pete hines' head. *doing donuts on his lawn* you value shock value over worldbuilding and none of your plots go anywhere. *banging the door knocker* todd

(Jimin’s crush comes over to his house to help him out after he suffers an injury that leaves him with limited use of both hands.)

Warnings: 6000+ words of smut, Jimin POV, I’ll let you guess what kind of smut takes place

“I can’t believe you managed to injure both of your hands on the same day.” Hoseok’s girlfriend, Sophie, stifled a laugh while she said it. “I can’t tell if you are dumb or just unlucky.”

 Jimin sighed.  He had been stupid and drunk when he and Jungkook went out into the street to play with fireworks.  One went off too close to his hand, burning his right palm requiring a trip to the emergency room where his injury was cleaned and bandaged.  The doctor gave him a lecture about drunk people and explosives and how fortunate he was not to have blasted off his fingers.            

While exiting the hospital, Jimin immediately tripped over the curb and landed with his full weight onto his left hand resulting in a small fracture and return trip to the emergency room to get a splint to immobilize his other hand.   Now, every time Jimin saw someone, he had to suffer the embarrassment of explaining what happened. People had a hard time not laughing when they heard how he managed to get hurt twice in one day.

 “Does it hurt much?” you asked him.

“Not really. As long as I don’t bump into anything or use my fingers too much, it’s okay.” At least you seemed to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. That’s one of the reasons Jimin liked you, you always seemed caring and sincere.  The other main reason he liked you was because he thought you were incredibly hot.  There were plenty of nights Jimin stayed up fantasizing about what it would feel like to be with you.  He wanted to ask you out, but had been waiting until there was some indication that you were even the slightest bit interested in him.  He was starting to think that maybe he had a chance with you, but he felt neutered with his injuries, unable to do things like casually touch you and see how you would respond to his advances.  Jimin resolved to make a move as soon as he had full use of his hands again.

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a lil ghs sketch dump! which i actually started way earlier in the summer and just never got around to coloring, but i finally finished em up today so i can finally get em posted! even if it is way later then originally intended,,

Getting Hot During Coachella || K.A.

Word Count: 1212

Pairing: Kj x reader

Summary: Camila takes you to Coachella with the rest of the cast of Riverdale. You and Kj get separated from the group and things get intimate.

Warnings: kissing, Coachella, kj cuteness


It was hot as hell outside. You were sweating in places you didn’t even know could sweat, but it was all for the Coachella experience. You had been wanting to go to Coachella for a while, but it never happened for several reasons being either you had waited too late or you had made other plans. It wasn’t until this year that everything had worked out and you were going to Coachella with your best friend, Camila Mendes.

You knew her costars would be there but didn’t know they would be in a group together. The cast of Riverdale was partnering with H&M during the festival and would have to travel and take pictures as a group. This wasn’t a big problem for you, but you were a little anxious that it would be awkward. You barely knew the rest of the cast, you had only hung out with them a couple of times at parties and such, but never really sat down to have a real conversation. Camila assured you that the weekend would be a lot of fun, so you decided to push all the nervous thoughts out of your head; you were determined to have a good time.

You were dressed in a flowy, white button up crop top with light denim high waisted shorts. You paired the outfit with a chunky belt, gold sandals, and light pink sunglasses. Your hair was half up, half down and curled into soft beach waves. You were dressed very modest compared to some of the other girls there that seemed like they were wearing just their underwear. You weren’t judging them at all honestly you were quite jealous. It was extremely hot out and you knew they weren’t feeling the heat as bad as you were.(inspo)

Camila and the rest of the cast had to take pictures for their partnership with H&M, so you decided to go on into the festival to get a good spot for the first act of the day, Kendrick Lamar. When you finally got a good spot, Camila texted you and said that they were on their way. You responded quickly and scrolled through your phone waiting for them to get there.

It was about 10 minutes before they got to the stage and another 5 before you could find each other. Camila properly introduced you to the cast while you smiled and said a small hello to each of them. Your eyes landed on Kj as Camila introduced you and you were taken back. You had only seen Kj a couple of times in pictures or from across the room at parties. The tall boy had reddish brown hair and a beautiful smile. His outfit was very simple with just a plain blue stripped button, which you were sure would come unbuttoned at some point during the day, and jeans. His tan arms were on display with a green band wrapped around his wrist.

You stood beside Camila with your mouth slightly open before you realized you were staring and smiled back at him. When everyone started talking in their own conversations, you pulled on Camila’s elbow to talk to her privately.

“You never told me how hot Kj was,” You whispered.

She laughed in response, “You should totally go for it,” She exclaimed.

“What? No. He is your coworker, that would be weird.”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Camila pushed, “Just go talk to him and see where it leads.”

You glared at her as she gave you an encouraging push over toward Kj.

You stood on his right side and looked up at him. He was currently talking to Cole, so you took this time to take in his beauty. His smile was bright and contagious as he laughed at something Cole said. His jaw was carved and strong, and you thought about how you wanted to run your lips over it. As you were thinking about all the unholy activities you wanted to do with that boy, he turned around to you and looked down. When you made eye contact, you were speechless and frozen in your spot.

You don’t think Kj noticed as you asked you, “So are you into Kendrick Lamar?”

You suddenly snapped out of it as you answered, “Yeah! His music is what got me through last semester.”

That led you into a conversation about college and other things until Kendrick walked on stage and started to perform. You got so into it, singing along and never missing a beat. Kj looked down at you impressed at your ability to keep up with the rapper. After what felt like only 4 songs, Kendrick got off the stage. Future was the next to perform at this stage, but Grouplove was up next at stage B. You really wanted to see them perform, but Camila had wanted to stay for Future. Kj had overheard your conversation and admitted to wanting to see them perform also.

You two split from the group to go see the band perform. On the way over to the stage, a large crowd formed in your way, and out of habit you grabbed Kj’s hand. Kj didn’t react though, he just pulled you behind him through the crowd. When you had made it into an open space, he didn’t let go and neither did you.

You made it over just in time as the band was walking on stage. You started to get hyped up as you started to dance to the song, “Tongue Tied.” You were moving your body to the beat and singing along. Kj was doing the same as you and you were dancing together. You looked over at him having a blast and you smiled to yourself. He was truly breath taking, the way his smile reached his eyes and the way his body moved had you entranced.

Kj looked over at you and moved closer to where you were in front of him. He put his hand on your waist in a playful way, moving your body against his. You both started to laugh, having such a good time. You two danced for the rest of the set which lasted about 45 minutes.

The last song the band played was “Let Me In” and as it was a slower song, Kj turned you around to face him while you two danced close to each other. You looked up into his eyes as you playfully dragged your hand along his arm. Kj then ducked his down and in the heat of the moment, brought his lips to yours. The kiss was sweet but had a sense of urgency behind it. Kj broke the kiss to look down at you and you made brief eye contact before you crashed your lips against his.

Kj wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up while you deepened the kiss. The song ended too quickly for your liking as Kj put you back down on the ground and broke the kiss.

“Can I tell you something?” Kj ushered as he brought his forehead to rest on yours and you hummed in response.

“I didn’t really want to come see Grouplove, it’s just that I wanted to get you away from the group.” Kj had a look of accomplishment on his face as the words left his mouth.

“Mhm, of course, you did.” You said with a laugh as you brought your lips back to his. 

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THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL CAST APPRECIATION: ethan slater + danny skinner.

“we’re best friends on stage but we’re really best friends in real life now. i go to his house all the time and we watch football or we watch the spongebob movie and re-enact the lines together. i think there’s something to the way the characters have seeped into our lives and our relationship. he’s a blast.


So I just found this note I made on my second reread of TFC, and I believe it more every time. Especially since Andrew says a few pages later, “Oh Neil, as unpredictable as he is unreal,” so it’s not implausible that he would have been questioning Neil’s very existence after he BLASTED Riko to defend Kevin at Kathy’s interview. I cry.