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໒( = ▀ u ▀ = )⊃-[二二]   Roasted.


//Jack yellin’ back into the distance // Waht has he doooone 

Actually ,the moar u kno’:  Felix got a point. Ken never cook. And when he does, it’s only avocados on toasts. 且_(゚◇゚;)ノ゙


Heath Andrew Ledger
4 April 1979 - 22 January 2008

Heath will be remembered for his daughter Matilda, his quiet support for the arts, his loyalty and generosity to his family and friends, his offbeat sense of humour – and he could be so funny – and the energy he put into everything he did, his unassuming but incandescent character, and his incredible talent.

But Heath’s legacy has been captured on celluloid, and he will be best remembered for his brilliant acting. He said that once the film was over, he walked away:

“I kind of save the living for the time between action and cut.”

- Heath’s father Kim Ledger

I Have An Important Question!

Does anyone ever hug Obi-Wan on screen? 

Like… ever?

Do we have proof that a sentient being with at least two arms has reached out with warmth and gladness in their heart and embraced our poor beleagured Ginger Space Peanut?

And, no, a giant monster trying to squeeze him to death does not count. 

Catching fainting duchesses or padawans or whoever else does not count . Nor does running towards him and grasping his arms to make sure they are firm and muscular. 

Or that, you know, he’s still alive.



the sleep character from that one vid Thomas did
this boy isn’t even technically a side but i already love h i m rip
I imagine that the second he’s comfortable he’s instantly asleep and no one can stop him - leading him 2 fall asleep in some rlly funny/inconvenient places (hence why he constantly drinks coffee 2 try and avoid it) 
but also, he’s both pretty and pretty tired and that’s lowkey relatable tbh

It has been brought to my attention that many have been using Holland’s work as a gateway for their ships. It is in no way okay to do this. Holland is a human being who put his heart and soul into this song, as well as putting himself in the eyes of everyone for criticism. There is no need for so many of you taking this opportunity to overshadow this feat with these imaginary relationships between other groups and their members. I am in no way shaming you for shipping anyone, but please leave Holland out of it. Let his work shine for itself and not be overpowered by these ships.

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Can you please write more about middle aged Andreil in the future? Ik you have your own awesome ideas but you gave me a glimpse of their middle aged domesticity and now I cannot be sated. If you don't write more that's v cool I'll just be happy with what you already wrote. I love ur AFTG contributions! <3

ahhh thank you this is so sweet!!! somewhere i have the start of a fic where they get married (and another one that’s maybe 15 years after canon) but the only thing i’ve finished is 2.5k words that are only about 8.3% what you’re looking for

tldr: through weird and unexplained magicks andrew ends up in the future. much pining ensues.

Andrew wakes up.

The first thing he notices is the body next to him, and it’s a panicked instinct that he’s carefully nurtured over the past five years that responds.

He fights. His hands seek to simultaneously shove the other person away and hurt them so they won’t come back, which means that he’s unforgivably clumsy. There’s a sharp beat in his chest and fear in his veins and a horrible blur between what Andrew thought he had left behind and the present. It’s light outside, thin sunlight trickling through the blinds, but the edges of Andrew’s vision are tinged dark and all he can see is every one of his nightmares coming to life.

“Andrew, Andrew,” someone says, and he isn’t fighting back, isn’t doing anything to protect himself from the way Andrew twists his hands into his shirt collar and presses against his throat. “It’s me. You’re okay.”

Recognition cuts through the blinding panic. Andrew knows this face and voice, and it isn’t from his shithole of a childhood. It’s almost funny that after months of imagining Neil laid out on his bed this would happen, and Andrew would laugh except -

The next thing he notices is that his mind is clear. There’s none of the fogginess from his meds, the pull on the corners of his mouth and constant high as the chemicals in his brain try to convince him to feel something he doesn’t. There isn’t even the faint buzz he gets from pushing his yesterday-night dose earlier, and it’s startling and relieving and terrifying all at once.

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Kids are being confused about the relationship between Raizel and Franken ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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That Streaky exchange b/w Brainiac & Kara is so well-done. She talks about being a stray too and Brainiac, socially awkward, still gets what she is saying under the words & affirms - ‘you felt an emotional kinship’. Even with his odd phrasing, she not only understands but also simply translates w/o calling anything out, “Yes. Yeah we were friends.” It’s calmly supportive on both sides. It seems like Brainiac can’t stay but I kind of wish Brainiac could stay.

It’s honestly? So sweet???

“He was a stray too.”

He recognizes that she felt that the cat had a similar experience to her and formed an emotional connection. He explains it very formally, but it’s actually pretty solid social understanding on his part. 

Throughout the episode there are a couple cues that tell us Brainy is in the process of learning how to relate and understand people. He fumbles a bit, but is so genuinely concerned about the consequences of getting it wrong, which is really nice.

She is amused at his wording, but also, it seems, endeared. 

She makes to very clearly affirm that he got it right. (His little smile before he zones back in on her, I already love these two.)

And then, like you said, she subtly cues him in to how most people would phrase it.

It’s just a really sweet exchange and I hope that somehow we’ll get a lot more of these two.

okay but that dream with Muriel implies that u guys have known one another for a while and all I’m sayin- what if it was a WHILE. 

Just wanted to draw Kid!Asra and things got out of hand…

Little Exile | Thrawn | Star Wars

I had intended to draw this and post it on the day of the Thrawn comic launch/release, but… I just finished it and honestly I can’t wait that long.  xD  So here’s little exile Thrawn based off the first issue’s cover.  :D

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Brook’s backstory has so much untapped potential. He was older than anyone else in the crew when he first became a pirate, he had a whole world of experiences separate from the Rumbar Pirates. Thriller Bark hints at him being the royal guard of an unnamed kingdom, someone of great status and responsibility, turned to a life of piracy in the days before this was considered profitable. Did he give up the role of a knight willingly? was he cast out for failing his kingdom? He was kind, energetic, goofy, emotional, and arguably the most mature person on his ship. And then he failed everyone, and spent five decades surrounded by the corpses of his friends and losing his mind from isolation. Brook is a failure to everyone who counted on him and the thought that he could avoid letting one single friend down, the tiniest thread of hope, was all that kept him going, because it was genuinely all he had left. He lost his status, his friends, his life, his appearance, his shadow and reflection, he spent fifty years losing his fucking mind and all his social skills, but he kept going because he wanted just once to not be a complete pathetic failure. but yeah he's just a more perverted sanji i guess yohohohoho death puns n panties

im noooot sure if i could get into it romantically or anything buuuuut the concept of whitestorm + goldenflower becoming EXTREMELY close friends after tigerclaw’s exile definitely is a good concept imo

whitestorm was tigerclaws childhood best friend, thought he knew him VERY well, and he always joked that he’d be an uncle to tigerclaw’s kittens + would want to be there for them and he probably would maintain that promise despite everything

i’d love the idea of whitestorm just being nice to goldenflower, lending an ear to her and bringing her prey, being incredibly sweet to her and being like “i came to see my favorite niece and nephew!!!” while making sure that she’s Alright