he's having


so please don’t take my seunshine away


donghyun straight up giving us all a heart attack (feat. sewoon and little woojin) 

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Have you seen an anime called inuyashA?? I binged watched it and couldn't help but think it would be such a cute au for bakudeku!!

this is as far as my Inuyashi knowledge goes ;;; 

anyways can u guys have faith in keith leading please…………………….


Favourite Exhibitions [YUZURU: 1/?]  Requiem of Heaven and Earth, 2016 NHK Special Exhibition (x)

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How about Cross and Nightmare just sitting on the beach watching the sunset or looking into space in Outertale :3 I honestly love both ideas X3 they're both so beautiful

i don’t understand how people could think that depressed/angry/loud music is bad for kids and leads to bad things these motherfuckers got me through the absolute WORST time of my life i never would have made it without chester’s voice to soothe me and calm my soul. fuck. i’ll never forget you.