he's had a rough week

Dan and Phil’s Secret Project Conspiracy

Sometime in January Dan, Phil, and their management started following an account called @farazosman after he first followed them.

Faraz Osamn is a Director who manages a company called Lemonade Money. They help make documentaries and music videos for people.

This started the theory that dan and phil could be working on another secret project.

On May 7th, 2016 Osman had this interaction with @tunephil

Which is what made me start digging in the first place.

I followed his twitter, looked through all his replies and favorites from the past year. I followed his instagram and even his snapchat.

I came across this post on his instagram

Back in 2013 Dan and Phils address had been leaked, so I knew where they used to live and what the street they were on looked like. (at first i thought this was on dan and phils street because the windows are the same and the street looks identical to when dan was dancing in the street for truth or dare but apparently it’s not?)

Now on January 29th when this photo was posted, they were leaving for Phil’s birthday up north, so this photo could be from earlier or he met with them before they left. Who knows

Another post he has is called “digital love” which I just find cute

Dan had mentioned in February that they were ‘working on a thing’ that we 'might see later’ as well as that rough week he had in March.

In may when I was looking at all this I also came across Osman’s instastory of himself editing something called “episode 1 *rainbow emoji*” that I never saved a photo of -__-

But with all this I really feel like they are working on a documentary. Wither its just of their lives together and how they met or something else

also in dans liveshow 7/18/17 he slipped up and said he was working on a ‘film’ when he meant danisnotonfire ?? 

- Emily 

Legend of Korra: Korrasami

Transcript of DVD commentary from The Last Stand (final episode of Book 4) featuring Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Lauren Montgomery.

BK: I like to imagine that Asami lied, she lied about Varrick wanting that suit just to get Tenzin out of there. She’s got this sly little look on her face and I think she’s like, “Yeah, it’ll buy me some time.“

JDS: Right now, Tenzin is going, "What, what, what, where is he?”

BK: So, yeah, Asami has had a pretty rough week or so… I don’t know, how much longer?

MD: It was a couple weeks.

BK: Couple of weeks, yeah. So, this was, you know, Mike and I worked on this scene together and I really wanted to have… I just loved their story, their whole how-they-started, you know, kinda fought over Mako… But what was cool is they never really took it out on each other, and then this beautiful relationship kind of developed out of it. So…

MD: Yeah, and we wanted to have them start as friends and have that friendship develop into maybe something a little more.

BK: Into love.

MD: Yes.

BK: And then there was- I always remembered, ‘cause Asami is not like the benders, so sometimes she wouldn’t be in the crazy action scenes and she never got to go to the spirit world. So, I thought…

MD: Yeah. It’s nice.

BK: It’s a beautiful way for them to go together and live happily ever after…the end.

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A/N: Thank you so much for this being one of the first five asks on my blog. Kakashi slays my soul. I also wasn’t sure if SFW meant general or romantic, so I did a couple for both. Enjoy!


SFW (General)

-Having loved reading, at one point Kakashi sat down and tried his hand at writing. He has a natural talent with words, and lots of memories to work as motivation. He never did share any of his work, because it was too personal and most of it got a little dark.

-He is an actions over words person, not because he believes that actions do speak louder, but because they /have/ to, in his case. Verbal acknowledgements of attachment (whether it be love, or admiration, or even just friendship) on his behalf are very nervewrecking.

-He’s gotten over most of his irrational fears, but he still struggles with claustrophobia (especially around large groups of people)

SFW (Romantic)

-Sentimental as hell. Has a whole drawer of small knick knacks from your times together. (Ticket stubs, reciepts from dinners after special occassions, letters). Any gift you give him is also adored and immediately becomes his favorite of that one thing.

-Not good with PDA or gift giving, but you’re pleasantly surprised when you notice little sticky notes showing up everywhere (It’s going to rain, don’t forget to wear a jacket/ Kettle’s boiled. Had to leave earlier. Hope you have a good day./ You’re so beautiful./Don’t know what you were dreaming of, but you were laughing in your sleep. Sometimes I love you so much.)

-When you’re alone, Kakashi is generally very physical. He loves to hold your hand, your waist, fix your hair. He’ll find any excuse to touch you.

-Sometimes out of nowhere he’ll be struck with the understanding that his S/O is real, and with him, and loves him despite how damaged he is, and he’ll cross an entire town just to absolutely smother them with attention.

-You jokingly refer to it as his “awakening”, and often respond with a small laugh and an innocent “are you awake”, which lands you a tighter hug and a soft, “I love you”.

NSFW (Under Cut)

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do you believe in the moving a second time in august theory?

oooohh is that getting some discussion? good! haha yeah i do think it’s viable. for those who haven’t heard, this is the idea that the rough week in march dan alluded to a few times had to do with their move not going to plan, and their choosing their current place at the last minute because the objective to move to an actual house (or a “forever home” lol) fell through for whatever reason. since dan said we can ask him about the week in march in around five months, the idea is that they may have signed a half-year lease for their current place and they’ll be transitioning out to a house by around august or september. i think it’s v reasonable tbh. i actually wrote this post all the way back in april or something, prompted by dan’s rebranding vid, in which i felt pretty sure the rough week in march he mentioned had to do with their planned move being pushed back. while i don’t think every specific point in that post holds up, and i wasn’t yet ready to conclude that they would move again so soon, i do think it’s generally reasonable to believe that might happen in the coming months (if not in august specifically then at least before the year is over). i think this notion gained some credibility with the fact that dan has used so much language that alludes to their current place being ‘temporary’ rather than forever (most recently, in his last live show when he’s discussing how he set up his tinder preferences, he talked about a radius around the ‘place i’m currently living’ which was just weird phrasing.) he expressed a lot of frustration with the fact that they’re still renting, and the sort of waste of money that it entails. there’s also the fact that they still have their boxes out in the dapg room and aren’t bothering to decorate it, there seems to be very minimal decor in the upstairs lounge, etc. i don’t rly wanna talk about it too much further than this bc there’s not like heaps of evidence that i’m eager to discuss on this blog, so i’ll say that it’s mostly just a ~feeling~ with a few possible indicators to back it up. we’ll just have to wait and see though :) 

“The One” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 3,393

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: Carl’s POV of “Home” (read HERE), except in this version, the reader dies instead of Carl at the lineup.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

Thanks, @justthoseimagines , for the request!

Flashbacks are in italics.

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 It was Y/N’s hair that attracted Carl first. It was so long and so beautiful, he couldn’t stop staring at it when he saw her. None of the other girls he had met had hair that pretty.

Carl had met her a long time ago, but the memory of when they first saw each other stays stuck in his head. He had finally just recovered from the surgery that Hershel performed on him, and was able to get up and walk around. He was so happy he didn’t have to be cooped up in that room all day anymore. He was sitting at the kitchen table drinking some water when Y/N walked in, not paying any attention to him. Not that he knew of. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and Carl had thought it was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t tell her that, of course.

“Dad, who’s that?” Carl had asked Rick once he left the kitchen. They were standing in the hallway, just far enough out of earshot where Y/N couldn’t hear them talking.

“It’s Hershel’s daughter, Y/N. She’s around your age.” Rick had told him. “Why do you seem so flustered?”

“Because she’s pretty!”

Rick had to stop himself from laughing at the current state that Carl was in. As far as he knew, this was probably the first time Carl had been around another kid his age, let alone a girl, since the apocalypse broke out.

“Just relax, son. Go introduce yourself. She aint gonna bite.”

Carl walked back into the kitchen, and she jumped, like she just realized he was in there. She stared at him for a good moment, and Carl assumed this was the first time she’d heard of him as well.

“I’m Carl.” He told her, trying to remember what his dad said about her not being scary. She really was quite pretty, Carl thought she was the prettiest girl he’d seen in his life.


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Bottom Steve Stony Recs

Okay, you poor, starving-in-the-wilderness bottom!Steve people!  Here are some bottom Steve fics for your enjoyment.  I tried to largely rec some that I haven’t already rec’d in other posts, so hopefully, these will be some new ones for people!  Feel free to add your own recs, and please remember to leave kudos and comments for your dedicated authors!

Never is a Promise by manic_intent:   Steve had to admit that he had some reservations about how the New Century handled the social balance between alphas and omegas.

Come on Closer by Epiphanyx7:  [[… porn.]]  Or, the one where Steve wants to talk to Tony about something important.

Chapter 19 by @some-blue-jack:  Anyone who was anyone knew about Captain America.

Sharp Dressed Man by copperbadge:   There are a lot of things you can do with a personalized suit of armor and a naked super soldier.

Whatever You Ask by @blossomsinthemist:   Sometimes Steve just wants to let go. Tony’s perfectly willing to help with that. The two of them try something Steve’s been wanting for a while. Basically PWP with added feelings, established relationship.

Got You Under My Skin by @blossomsinthemist:  “I’d be happy to show you a good time,” Tony said, smiling a little obscurely, Steve thought, as if to himself, but still with that warm, knowing look, affectionate and oddly fond, “any time you want.”Steve Rogers goes to Tony Stark’s birthday party. Things progress from there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn’t even sure what he wants after that.

Mark Sixty-Nine by @everybodyilovedies:   Tony is irritated that Steve’s first hug-and-fly wasn’t with him. As the source of many of Steve’s other “firsts”, Tony has a brilliant idea of how he could take one more. Specifically, Steve’s first time being fucked by a machine.

Afternoon Delight by silverfoxflower:  Tony watched with narrowed eyes as Rogers nodded politely to Natasha. They exchanged quick, familiar smiles, which suggested that they knew each other better than the acquaintances they seemed to want Tony to think they were. Up close, Rogers was even more attractive than he had appeared on camera, a touch of blonde stubble along his jaw, large square hands.He also had a nice ass, not that Tony was particularly staring.“Mr. Stark,” Natasha said, as they both stood before Tony’s desk. “May I introduce Steve Rogers? Or, if you prefer, Captain America.”

Crash Love by Sarah_Hylor:  It’s just sex. Just sex between two consenting adults who don’t have feelings for each other beyond the camaraderie that comes from being on the same team.It’s just sex. Until it isn’t. It’s not love. Until it is.

Blacksmith’s Hands by @everybodyilovedies:   Based in Marvel’s 1872 Western Universe, where Tony is a blacksmith and Steve is the town Sheriff. Blacksmith Tony hears Sheriff Steve’s birth date is coming up, and decides to give him the present he deserves.

Hold On Let Go by gracerene:   The barn smells of stale hay, and some kind of warm wood, and Tony knows that most people would find the scent comforting, but it just makes his skin prickle.

How to Top a Supersoldier by @festiveferret:  Steve was causing the problem in the first place. Steve who had turned bright red and bitten his lip when he’d found out that Tony had been “cursed” with temporary super strength. Steve who had been vibrating in the seat next to Tony throughout this entire meeting.Steve who was currently 100% rock hard, Tony had no doubt, and hiding it masterfully by clutching the shield over his lap.

Mark XXX by @robintcj:  Oh, look, another filthy, filthy threesome porn. This time, it’s Steve/Tony/Iron Man Armour. No plot, mostly porn with a little bit of cracky humour. It’s dirty, and I’m sorry.No I’m not. I’m not sorry. You know what, you’re all down here in the muck with me.

Paint Job by @cptxrogers:   “You want me to what?” Steve looked incredulous.
“I want you to detail my car,” Tony said with a smirk.

Come Ride With Me by @veldeia:  Tony’s had a long and rough week, and when he touches down at Eden Landing, he just wants a hot shower, a proper meal and ten hours of sleep—but when he steps out of his battered little ship and spots Steve, he finds himself perfectly willing to rethink his priorities.Smutty bingo fill for the prompt “au: western”, though it’s actually AU: Space Western!

voglio sentirti by lackluster_lexicon:   Steve returns to Stark Tower ten months after leaving Tony in Siberia.

Unfurl Your Gown by theladyingrey42:   “I feel ridiculous.” Steve scowls at his drink and pretends he’s not shifting just to feel the skirt against his thighs.

The Sixth Time Is the Charm by nightwalker:   The fifth time Steve tried to get Tony to fuck him (and failed) is when he started taking it personally.

Down on the Farm by tellxmebby:  Tony laughs, throwing an old rag at the blond man, who bats it away in the air. “Fuck you.”“Mm,” Steve rolls back under the car with a newly fitted socket, “maybe later.” Steve grins up at the chrome above him at the lack of response. It must take Tony a minute to recover, but when he does Steve hears him huff.

My Private Dancer by lilmoongodess:  Steve Rogers enters the world of high-end exotic dancing, and catches the eye of world-famous billionaire playboy Tony Stark. Will the strange relationship he develops with Tony develop into something more? Or will the high-intensity connection between them short out and burn to the ground?

Warmth by gracerene:   After defeating Ultron, Tony and Steve “talk” things out.

This Mess We’re In by @kiyaar:   Steve is a troll, Tony is obliging. Everyone gets done. Set in that fictional interval during Secret Avengers where Steve is a Commander and he and Tony are actually on speaking terms. Unrepentant porn.

Breathe by @robintcj:  Bingo square prompt is ‘breathplay’.Right now, Tony’s most favourite thing about Steve is his ass.Specifically, the way it’s currently peeking out of the bottom of a pair of white, lacy panties.The thing most people don’t know about Steve is how … adventurous he can be.

til you scream by starsandstark:  A fic in which Steve and Tony see how many times Steve can come in one night because Steve is a shameless slut and loves to be used.

Warmth by Neverever:   When Steve gets too cold from being out in the snow, Tony thinks of ways to warm him up.

Take My Body Home by @kiyaar:  After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells Extremis to the highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia.Steve’s never been good at letting go.

En Suite by valtyr:   Written for Avengers Kink. Prompt: “Tony/Steve. Shower sex.”

Apparently Only One Meal from Barbarism by valtyr:   The Savage Land: “All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity.” - Spider-Man

I suppose it is okay to self-rec, so I’ll add my own bottom!Steve fics, so here you go:

Gift With Purchase Remix:   Gift With Purchase Remix wherein Steve actually is a hooker. But for a Really Sympathetic Reason.  (they do switch to bottom!Tony at one point, but it is mostly bottom!steve)

This Is Not a Drill:  “Can I—can I see him? I mean meet him. Uh…welcome him to the team?” Tony clarified, probably not very well, he knew.“Well…there’s a bit of an issue with that,” Fury said, and Tony figured this was where Fury got to whatever it was that had really forced his hand and made him call Tony in, knowing how much the man detested having to do so. “You see, well. He was suspended in the ice for nearly seventy years,” Fury began. Tony nodded along, because he could do math.“I’m sure he has a lot of adjusting to do—“ Tony started.“Seventy years,” Fury repeated, cutting Tony off and leaning back in his chair and making it rock slightly. “Of no suppressants.”“Oh,” Tony managed to choke out past the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. “Oh.”Chapter 2: Wherein Tony plots murder, Steve is stubborn and there’s an island, but not that one.Chapter 3: The world’s least interesting pillow fight Chapter 4: Poor suit design is an issue.Chapter 5: Pillows solve everything Chapter 6: Total porn. Improper use of biology and anatomy. Nothing remotely redeeming. At all.  Sequel is here.

Steve the Surprise Bottom:  This prompt was for Tony being surprised that Steve would want to bottom. Enjoy your smut.

Prima Nocta:  This was a Thank You Fic request for Anon, who wanted to incorporate Tony’s reference in AoU to prima nocta and bottom!Steve. Please note that, despite the premise, there is no non-con between Steve and Tony. Took me a while to think of how to do that, but here we are. There is definitely gratuitous fetishization of Steve’s virginity, however. If that bothers you. If not, pull up a chair and enjoy.Please note that this does not end with everything tied into a nice, neat bow. It is a one shot of a single night, so while I know they do find their way to each other, the story is open-ended.

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**chants** bar fight!Everlark!!

Anon…you have no idea how much heartache I went through to write this for you. I started something almost immediately after you sent me this message, back in November (cringes to the max). But I just didn’t have the will to finish what I started so I sat on it. When I finally returned to try again, the dreaded in-laws were sucking all the creativity from a one hundred mile radius. Two more scrapped versions until I finally managed this. I hope you enjoy my humble offering. My thanks to @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading to make sure I hadn’t completely lost my writing mojo. If it still sucks, blame her. I kid, it’s all on me. RATED E: Because it’s me. And I somehow found a way to turn this into porn with a little plot.

The jukebox will need to be replaced. It’s cracked in three places and stuck on “What’s New Pussycat,” a fact that took them about twenty minutes to realize before Thresh tried smacking the thing around to get it to shut up – with no luck. He had to unplug it. The tinkling of broken glass being swept up provides a fitting accompaniment to the questioning as Darius flips open his tablet and levels Katniss with a serious look.

“Can you tell me how the fight started, Miss Everdeen?” She scowls at his use of a formal name for her, like he doesn’t spend every other Saturday in here, knocking back beers with his cop buddies, flirting shamelessly with her, and avoiding whatever fight he just had with Glimmer, his girlfriend.

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Title: The Fearless Spiderman

Tom hits his head after he trips because he saw a spider and Y/N can’t help but tease him about being Spiderman.

Words: ~ 1700


I wake up with a soft groan escaping my lips and I roll over, bumping against the sleeping beauty next to me. Tom’s lips were slightly parted, a few strands covering his forehead while his arms were tiredly wrapped around me. I looked around, spotting Tessa sleeping peacefully at the end of the bed, and
I snuggled deeper into Tom after pulling the blanket back over us.

I loved waking up early. But only to cuddle with my brunet boyfriend, enjoying his embrace and staring at his handsome features.
Letting out a satisfied hum, I ran my fingers through his soft hair that I adored so much before my hand lingered on the back of his neck. My eyes wandered over his face, memorising it like I always did, never wanting to forget his face. My gaze stopped at his lips which I had kissed so many times before and still, I hadn’t kissed them enough. And I would probably never reach this particular achievement: Sucessfully kissed Tom Holland ’s lips so many times that there’s no need to do it anymore.

I leaned down to kiss his lips briefly and he hummed quietly but didn’t wake up before a smile formed on my lips.
Sighing dreamily, I ran my fingers through his curls again and again and again. After about 10 minutes of admiring my boyfriend I carefully freed myself from him, leaving our bed to make some breakfast.

After two years of dating him, I knew how much he liked me taking care of him when he had a rough week. And there was nothing more in this world that I wanted more than Tom to be perfectly happy.

My feet left a tapping sound on the cold tiles as I headed to the kitchen, thinking about what to make for breakfast.
I yawned before pressing the button of the coffee machine, impatiently waiting for my morning medicine. And while listening to that familiar buzzing sound of the machine, I filled the kettle with water for Tom’s tea.

Leaning against the counter and carefully taking a sip of my coffee, I mindlessly stared into nothing. Despite loving to wake up early next to my lovely boy I needed a lot of time to be fully awake in my head.
Placing my favourite spiderman mug on the counter, I filled Tom’s mug with the boiled water before I put in the teabag.

Out of nowhere, Tom suddenly stood behind me as if he had teleported himself. I jumped slightly as his arms sneaked around my waist before he pressed my back into his chest, his chin resting on my shoulder. “Morning, darling.”, he breathed out right next to my ear and I turned around in his arms, smiling at him. “Morning, Tommy.”

My eyes were on the height of his lips, making it almost impossible for me to look somewhere else and to think about something else than kissing those soft lips.
Without any control over my body, my head leaned forward and my lips collided with his, my hands resting on his shoulders while his were firmly placed on my waist. But before I could even dig my fingers into his messy curls he pulled back, “Ew, you taste like coffee.”
A disgusted look was on his face before I playfully hit him and shot back, “And your breath stinks.”

He chuckled softly before he let go of me completely, looking behind me with curiosity in his brown eyes. “What are you doing?”
“Breakfast.”, I replied, “Now, you go back to bed. I’m taking in care of you today.”
Playfully pushing him out of the kitchen, I tried to give him a serious look but rolled my eyes with a smile when he smirked at me. “Wow, you’re bossy today.”, he said with a flirty tone and I shook my head, laughing.
“I meant that in the most innocent way.”, I defended myself, “Now get some rest.”

When Tom finally left the kitchen, I turned around and opened the fridge to-

“BLOODY HELL!”, I heard Tom’s voice before the sound of furniture being moved and then a loud thud. “TOM?” Then Tessa barked loudly.
Panicking, I left the kitchen only to see Tom laying on the floor holding his head. I hurried next to him, my knees hitting the ground before my hands reached out to him.
“Oh my god… Tom, are you okay?”, I wanted to know, panic clear in my voice.
“Yeah, I guess.”, he mumbled, my hands grabbed his shoulders, pulling him up into a sitting position. “But my head hurts. I hit it on the dresser.” Tessa liked Tom’s face, excitedly jumping next him. “Tessa, I’m okay.”, he soothed her, petting her head.

I carefully took his head in my hands, investigating it. “There’s no blood.”, I sighed in relief before looking into his shock-filled eyes. “What the hell just happened?”, I wanted to know and Tom wordlessly pointed behind me.

Turning around, I saw a little spider on the wall. I bit my lip trying to keep myself from laughing at him. “I had a mini heart attack when I saw this monster and fell back against the couch and then I tripped. And then I hit my head.”, he told me quietly, his right hand pressing against his head.

He looked so cute and vulnerable, I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Aww you poor baby.”
“No, seriously. It’s coming to get me!”, he said with panic in his voice after the spider slowly crawled an inch further.
“Maybe you actually can summon an army of spiders, spiderling.”, I teased while helping him stand up. “It’s SpiderMAN.”, he rolled his eyes.

Swaying a bit to the side, he supported his weight with his hand on the dresser and crushed against it.
I gave him a worried look, “Are you sure that you’re okay?”
He shook his head, tensing up when he looked up the spider again. “Let’s get you into bed, Spiderman.”, I suggested but Tom shook his head quickly. “I won’t go near this thing.”
“Okay.”, I smiled before my hands cupped his face, pulling him towards me before our lips met.

My right hand wandered over his shoulder to his arm and I could feel his muscles relax from my touch before he sighed into the kiss. My hand sneaking to his side and then to his back, I slowly stepped backwards. Step after step, pulling him towards the bedroom while our lips softly moved together.
But Tom pulled back when he realised that I was only distracting him, his hands grabbing my wrists.
“Nice try, my love.”, he only chuckled before he pecked my lips and went over to the couch to sit down. Tessa followed him, laying down on the couch and closing her eyes while Tom stroked her back.

“The fearless Spiderman can’t even get near to a spider.”, I laughed and ruffled his hair, a pout forming on his lips when he crossed his arms. Making my way back to the kitchen, I heard Tom’s complain, “Where are you going, darling. Don’t leave me! It will attack me.”
“I’m getting some ice. We don’t want Spiderman to be out of order, do we?”, I chuckled while putting some Ice into a towel before I went back to my whiny boyfriend.

Straddling his lap, I put the towel on the back of his neck while staring onto his brown eyes. “You’re the best girlfriend ever.”, he whispered before his arms wrapped around me and he pecked my lips, my free hand reaching upwards to stroke his hair. “And you’re my spiderboyfriend.”
Letting out a satisfied hum, he pressed me against him to hide his face in the crook of my neck. His hot breath tickled the skin of my neck, causing shivers to run down my back.

“The actor of Spiderman being afraid of spiders, isn’t that ironic?”, I grinned and he shook his head. “It’s definitely not funny! Stop grinning or you’ll regret.”, he warned, leaning back to look at me.“But it’s so cute!”, I objected, pouting my lower lip. His gaze flickered down to my lips before he returned the smile he saw on my lips.

“And I told you to stop grinning!”, he smirked at me before leaning in, his wet lips attacking the side of my neck with sweet, little kisses. I squeled at the contact of his lips on my skin, subconsciously pressing myself against him and tilting my head to the side after Tom decided to use his tongue.
I sighed quietly when I felt the heat rushing to my face, letting the wet towel falling onto the couch before tightly grabbing his shoulders with both of my hands.

“If this is your way of making me regret teasing you”, I deeply breathed in, “then it’s totally worth it.” He chuckled softly and I could feel his smile against my skin before he started sucking on my sweet spot, making me moan quietly.
Wanting to hear one of those sexy sounds from him, I began grinding my hips against his causing him to moan as well. His hands wandered over my sides to my tighs, gently rubbing over the soft fabric of my pyjama shorts. Feeling the electricity coming from his touch, I let out another moan but suddenly Tom pulled back.

“Sorry, I-I can’t…”, he admitted quietly and I looked at him with panic in my eyes. “You’re not gonna break up with me, are you? ‘Cause you just said that I-”
“What? No! I’m not…”, he interrupted me and I let out a sigh of relief.
“Why do you even start a sentence like that?”, I mumbled, my body still recovering from this and the things he did to me with his soft lips.

“I just meant… you look super hot in that pyjamas but I can’t concentrate with this monster chilling on the wall.”, he explained simply making me chuckle.

He was by far the cutest spiderboyfriend.


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When my mum moved out of home, she got herself a Rough Collie she named Jessica Mary Winch (Winch was her maiden name). Recently I have been pining for a Rough Collie, but I don’t know if I could handle a big dog or such a full-coated dog.


Sons of Anarchy
Happy x Reader


Happy, was not as his namesake implied. He was quite the opposite.  Business had been rough the last few weeks, to say the least.  It was just shit, on top of shit.  A fumbled gun deal with the Mayans, the Niners trying to encroach on Son’s territory.

It all ended with a massive shoot out, luckily only minor wounds on the Son’s side.  Victorious and patched up by Tara, the boys celebrated.  The booze flowed, and sounds of revelry filled the clubhouse.

Tig and Kozik were embroiled in a tense pool game, with Chibs and Juice commentating, girls clinging to the Scotsman and Puerto Rican.  Ope and Jax were off with their old ladies.  And Happy was sitting in the corner, drinking a beer and just watching the festivities.

A crow eater sauntered up to the Tacoma killer, her eyes on the prize.  He brought his beer to his lips, staring down the crow eater.  She faltered, not encouraged by the blankness in his eyes.  She changed directions, heading to one of the hang arounds instead.

Happy rubbed the bridge of his nose. Chibs took the seat next to him, handing him another beer.

“You scaring the sweetbutts now?” Chibs joked, taking a swig of his beer.  Happy just grunted and shook his head.  The Tacoma Killer drained the new beer, pushing his phone around the table.

“It’s been a rough week, why don’t you head home,” the Scotsman said softly, nodding towards Happy’s phone on the table.  Happy turned his head sharply.

“You hid it well lad, I’m the only one who who knows,” he reassured him. Happy nodded, okay with the fact the Scott knew his situation.

“I’m gonna head out, if anyone asks, I got a call,” he said, finishing his beer,

“Will do killah,” he promised, clapping him on the back.


He pulled his motorcycle to a stop in front of a modest bungalow style home.  He popped the kickstand, putting his helmet on the seat.  WIth a heavy sigh, he made his way up the front walk. It wasn’t too late, there were still lights on in the house.  He unlocked the door and stepped inside, making sure to wipe his boots on the mat.

He heard voices filtering down the hallway, and he followed them, a rare smile gracing his face.


You were snuggled up with your son, reading him one of his favorite books. He was snuggled under your arm, as you spoke softly.

A creak, made you smile, as you looked up to see your Old Man standing in the doorway.  When you paused your recitation, your son sleepily looked up.  He grinned widely.

“Daddy!” he yelled, wriggling over your lap to get to his father.

Happy closed the gap as your soon took a flying leap off the bed and into his dad’s arms. (Y/S/N) giggled as Happy caught him and tossed him in the air.

You closed the book, setting it on the nightstand before getting to your feet.  You fixed a mock glare on your face.

“Excuse me sir, but I had our son already for bed. Don’t you rile him up,” you said kissing Happy on cheek.

“But mo-om,” your son pouted.

“20 minutes, then bed,” you reiterated.  You smoothed your son’s hair, kissing his cheek.

“I’ll see you in bed,” you told Happy.


Forty five minutes later, Happy came into the room, and saw you getting ready for bed.

“Sorry, he took a while to lay down,” Happy said with a rueful smile.

“It’s okay baby, he missed you,” you said, leading him to sit at the edge of the bed.

He sat with a groan, and you knelt, pulling off his boots.  Happy reached down and pulled you onto his lap.

“Hey baby girl,” he whispered into your ear.  His gravelly voice never failed to send shivers down your spine.

You smiled into his chest, curling your fingers into his kutte.

“Hey yourself,” you replied.

You trailed your fingers down his arms, tracing his body.

“No wounds?” you asked, checking him for bandages.

“I’m good.”

You nodded, and pulled off his kutte, draping it behind you on a chair.

He snagged your waist and pulled you onto the bed, not wanting you out of reach for more than a second.

“I’ve been thinking,” he started, as he pulled the straps of your tank down, exposing your shoulders and collarbone.

You fixed your eyes on him, as he ran his lips down your shoulder.

“Hm… what about?” you murmured, paying attention to his ministrations.

“Thinking about transferring to SAMCRO, leaving Nomad,” he said, punctuating his statement with a bite to your collarbone.

Your eyes flew open, nearly headbutting your old man as you sat up.

“What? Are you serious? What about your mom?”

Happy put his hands on your shoulders, pushing you back into the pillows.

“Slow down baby girl,” he chuckled.

“It gets harder every week I’m away from you guys. And mom is doing a lot better.  If you and (Y/SN) can visit her from here, so can I,” he said, lacing his fingers with yours.

You reached up and grabbed his neck, pulling him down to kiss him.

He groaned, bracing himself to keep from smothering you.

You weren’t having it though, and pulled him to lay completely on top of you. To you, nothing made you feel more secure than feeling your old man boxing you in.

Happy had always been an enigma to anyone who met him.  But you were able to peel back the cold, brusque exterior, to the man you knew today.

“So what do you say? Have room in your life for this old man, full time?” he asked pulling back, allowing you to breathe deeply.

You pursed your lips, as if deep in thought.  You looked to the side, nodding your head.

“Well, I suppose I could use the extra hands around the house.  After all, I’m about ten weeks pregnant,” you said offhandedly.

You cut your eyes back to Happy’s, smiling when you saw his face break into shock.  He placed a large hand on your stomach.  You weren’t showing yet, but he could feel your abdomen was poking out a bit further than normal.

He kissed you again, his hand splayed across your stomach.

“I love you,” he murmured against your lips, pulling up on the hem of your shirt.

You scratched the back of his neck, arching up so he could pull your shirt over your head.  

“I love you too.”

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Mark Tuan : Ravenclaw

Sixth Year | 10 ½" Vine, Thunderbird Tail Feather, Unbending | Quidditch Captain | Lynx (Patronus) | Pureblood | Non-Verbal Magic (special ability) | Potions, Arithmancy, Astrology (best subjects) | Jackson Wang (boyfriend) | Park Jinyoung and Choi Youngjae (best friends) | Leader of the Silver Spears

  • - Literally the most nontraditional Ravenclaw you will ever meet
  • - While the rest of his house is sipping tea and cozying up to a large window to read a bit fat book, Mark is chugging coffee and is in a permanent state of ‘controlled chaos’.
  • - Will fight you if you give him tea.
  • - His best subjects are potions, arithmancy, and astrology. He is a Ravenclaw, however weird he might be.
  • - Speaking of Ravenclaw, this kid was a hatstall. The Sorting Hat took almost thirty minutes to decide what house to put him in.
  • - “Oh, now this is an interesting one. Not often I come across a mind that is so well suited to all four houses. Hmm…so where to put you?”
  • - Mark is pureblood and gives literally zero shits about it. Don’t even try to come up to him and spout that nonsense because all you’ll get is a facial expression that is the embodiment of sass and he’ll shush you with his wand without ever opening his mouth.
  • - Which reminds me, Mark is scary good at non verbal magic. Upon being a first year he realized he was naturally good at this talent and decided to focus on it. Now that he’s in sixth year….yeah, don’t mess with Mark. He’ll hit you with a stupefy and you’ll have no defense because you’ll have no idea that’s what he’s casting.
  • - Likes a little mischief. He picks locks and breaks curfew for the hell of it.
  • - If he needs to be alone, you can probably find him in the astronomy tower but I urge caution because…he wants to be alone.
  • - He’s not ‘anti-social’ or ‘shy’, he’s just quiet. Though he may come off that way sometimes. He just has a habit of not really speaking unless it’s actually relevant for him to say something.
  • - This kid is a mess, though.
  • - Like a hot mess. Most of your Ravenclaws are in pristine condition (AKA JINYOUNG). They look like they live in a library and don’t have a single hair out of place. Mark looks like he is perpetually hung over and just rolled out of bed.
  • - He doesn’t bother with a vest or the robes. He literally has no time for that nonsense. As for the white shirt? It’s tucked in…sort of…kind of? It’s kind of in and kind of not. Just kind of there. Sleeves are always rolled up to the elbow because otherwise they get in the way. And yes, his tie IS a little off centered and crooked. Telling him this will earn you more sass than you were prepared for.
  • - And let’s not get started on the hair. It’s just a mess. He runs his fingers through it and by the 8AM it looks like he hasn’t brushed it in a week or he had a rough night with a certain somebody.
  • - Speaking of rough sex, Mark is dating Jackson. The entire school is confused by the quiet and slightly awkward Ravenclaw dating the loudest and rambunctious Jackson Wang. But their dynamic works, ok? Yin and Yang, people. Yin and Yang.
  • - On that note, do not TELL Mark that you think his boyfriend is obnoxious and rowdy and annoying. He’ll kick your ass. Not with magic, no. He will PHYSICALLY beat your ass. Mark is protective and possessive and he adores Jackson. Even when he’s being annoying.
  • - His best friends are Jinyoung and Youngjae. Jinyoung looking all picture perfect next to Mark who looks like he stumbled out of drunken Abercrombie magazine. It makes Youngjae laugh. They’re cute.
  • - Mark is the kid that you COULD ask for help on your homework and he would know all the answers, but actually going up to him and asking him for help is just out of the questions. Not in the stars. Can’t do it. Not today.
  • - Come exam time, it’s just best to stay out of his way. He practically lives in the library and he might as well have an IV of straight up caffeine to keep him up. His work space is…chaotic. There’s papers and quills and ink just….everywhere. Good lord, EVERYWHERE.
  • - Even Jackson knows better than to mess with him during exam time.
  • - He pops into the Great Hall for breakfast, downs a cup of coffee, kisses Jackson somewhere on the face (he’s good at getting the nostril but, hey, the nose is still ON the face so its a win for Mark), shoves a bagel in his mouth and sprints to the library with papers flying out behind him. This kid as shit to do.
  • - Mark also plays Quidditch. He’s actually the captain of their team, as well as one of their best chasers. Mark is obsessed with Quidditch and is determined as all hell to win the cup. Jackson thinks his team is gonna win, which only fuels Mark’s competitiveness.
  • - Mark is also the leader of the Silver Spears. The Silver Spears was a notorious and secretive dueling club in the 18th century that ‘allegedly’ only allowed students who had wands made of aspen to join. However, considering this club died out some time ago and Mark is now the new president, he gets to determine the entry rules and wand wood ain’t got nothing to do with it. Him and Jinyoung run the club together for funsies, though it’s turning into a much bigger thing than Mark originally thought it would, he’s happy with it.
  • - Speaking of wands, Mark’s has probably the neatest wand ever. It’s made of vine so one would think it has a decent flexibility, but Mark’s wand is a little funny. It is actually very stubborn. It does not like anybody who is not Mark. The last person who tried to use Mark’s wand, the wand became extremely temperamental and attacked them.
  • - Mark is basically the cutest Ravenclaw, ever. Yes he is insanely smart, fitting for his house. He is also courageous like a Gryffindor, loyal like a Hufflepuff, and cutthroat like a Slytherin. He’s very careful of the friends he chooses but he has had no problem making those friends in any house.
  • - Barriers? What barriers.
  • - But seriously, don’t give him tea. Istg. You’ll die.

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*pictures and gifs aren’t mine. i made the moodboard but the pictures i got off of tumblr and google. credit to their respective owners.

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hey, ive been watching dnp's videos forever but just really got into u know the ""phandom"" and what was "that week in march?" sorry to bother!!


okay so basically in one of Dan’s liveshow’s, I believe it was march, he said he had a rough week and his exact words were, “remind me to tell you about this week in about 5 months…somebody make a note okay and say, hey what about that week in march?”

so now that august 1st is upon us and it lands on Tuesday which is when dan does his livehshows, everyone is just,,,okay so are we gonna ask him what that week in march is. and it’s really weird bc he chose to tell us in 5 months which seems really specific and no one knows what it is and there have been a lot of theories that seem v plausible but ugh Daniel Howell will be the death of me bc watch it be like oh yeah lol it was just that I lost to phil in Mario kart yup haha

So my english teacher (i’m from germany so english as Second language) kinda liked to always let me answer his questions if no one else knew the answer. The funny thing was that next to me was a guy that grew up in London. There was even a time where we had a teacher trainee (sorry i don’t know the english word) and this teacher told him to talk to me if he ever had any questions.
So once, I had a rough week, i was way too stressed and sleepy for the lesson. So when he asked me to answer the questions i was like: “Mr. Meyer, i had enough bullshit this week and Just want to sleep so could you Just for today Not ask me any questions?”
I didn’t realize what i said at first i only noticed when my class started laughing. He was chill about it and let me sleep for the rest of the lesson.

I Need You

I Need You

Word count: 4.1K

Genre: angst, romantic smut

This was a request from @roleplaymeranda , hope you like it :)

You were antsy, waiting for Jungkook at home. This was the third night in a row that he’d gone out with his co workers. You were glad that he had friends at his new job. He had honestly worried so much about starting to teach at this new school. It was new and prestigious and he’d only graduated two years ago, but he had rocked his interview just like you knew he would.

You two had been married for a year and three months and even had a little dog named, Buster. It was true, the first year of marriage was hard. Despite the fact that you had dated for four years before he asked you to marry him. You’d met in college but you knew him before you’d became friends.

You had seen him in one of your classes a semester before one of your friends, Jimin, had introduced you. You thought he was gorgeous. You were in a class of over one hundred people and you sat toward the side, in the middle,  near the door. Jungkook had sat in the front row, in the middle. He was very sweet and always ready to answer questions, the teacher loved him. Luckily, you had taken a class pretty much exactly like it in high school because you definitely didn’t pay attention to anything but him.

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You (Chris Evans x Reader)

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Prompt: Chris Evans, telling him your pregnant after a rough patch in your relationship? Thanks

A/N: Chris Evans, making everyone emotional since 1981. I DON’T LIKE WRITING HIM SO SAD. But yes. Here is some angsty fluff. You have been warned. Thank you to the sweet anon who sent this! 

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All That Matters (Steve Harrington)

Steve Harrington x Reader


Could I request some Steve fluff where he cheers up the reader somehow? I’ve had a rough few weeks, and your writing cheers me up

Ahhhh thank you so much!!!! Steve fluff is my faves so I hope you enjoy!!! I tried to make the upsettness more upsetting, but it was giving me anxiety when I tried to write it so I had to dull it a tad, sorry!


Public speaking was the topper on this shitty day cake that was today. Between getting nearly 2 hours of sleep last night and forgetting your physics homework at home, this was the last thing you needed. You were sitting in lunch practically shaking. You were sitting with your normal group of friends, but you were acting anything but normal. On a regular day you would be bubbly and smiling, talking and joking, but today you were sullen and flush, quiet and serious. Today was the day you had to present your English project. Which would be no big deal to most people, but to you it was like being sentenced to a slow and painful death that never ended. When you presented seconds felt like hours and minutes felt like years. To an outsider it felt like a quick 3 minutes speech, but to you, you felt like you could already be in your 40s and you wasted 22 years reading off some page and freaking out about every word. You had been stressing about ever since the project was assigned, meticulously preparing every word, breath, facial expression, and move that would happen in those 3 minutes that you had to stand in front of the class and read that speech. It would surely be the death of you. The speech wasn’t even the worst thing that would come out of today. You bombed your math test because you didn’t have time, or a clear enough mind, to focus on studying for math. You had to practice. Even though the practice attempts were futile. You either reverted back to a shaky voice and stuttering or couldn’t even finish the presentation because you were in tears because you made one little mistake and you were beyond frustrated . It was the worst. You were acting so strange even your boyfriend, Steve, was starting to notice. He tended to be a bit oblivious, so when he did notice, he took it very seriously.

You were trapped in your thoughts when you felt a hand on yours. “Babe, what’s up?” Steve whispered quietly, careful not to draw attention to you

“I’m fine, it’s nothing?” You said, just now feeling the wet streaks on your face.

“Please, I know something is upsetting you please, I’ll try and help.” Steve continued. He was forceful, yet kind.

At this, you broke, your silent tears, shattering into horrible, gut wrenching sobs. Steve wrapped his arms around you, stood you up, and walked you out of the loud cafeteria.

Your sobs began to soften when you were curled up to Steve on the piano bench in the empty music room. His hand was moving in circles on your back, “Shhhhh it’s okay, it’s okay…” he said quietly, on repeat over and over again.

After you calmed down, you pulled your face out of Steve’s chest. “Sorry,” You said sheepishly, wiping the tear tracks off your face as you did.

“Sorry for what?” He replied, grabbing your hands and lacing his fingers between yours.

“I just get,” you paused, unable to access the proper words to truly articulate the feelings you had had,”overwhelmed sometimes, and all I can hear is the terrible thoughts,” your eyes started to water again,”and I-“

Steve cut you off,”shhhh shhh, you don’t have to talk, shhhhhh,” pulling you into a tight hug. “Let’s not worry about whatever it is your worrying about.” Steve smiled at you and stood up, walking over to the record player that sat on the small table near the door. He turned it on and placed the needle onto the record. An upbeat song blared out of the machine and Steve walked over to you, arm outstretched.”May I have this dance?”

You smirked, took his out stretched hand, and stood, a laugh forming on your lips. Then Steve began to sing, “Wake me up, before you go go”

You bounced and twirled around the music room for what felt like forever. It was the happiest you had been in a while.

After the song had ended and the next one started, Steve turned the music down, and you both sat back down giggling. Amidst the giggles Steve said the words. The three words you never thought he would ever say. The three words that had gone unspoken all this time even though you believed them to be true. “I love you.” He said, at this the giggles stop. At this Steve started turning red, looking for the words to save himself from the mess he had thought he made.

“I love you too,” You said back, the instant wave of relief crossed Steve’s face as he leaned in pressing your lips to his.

At that moment nothing mattered. The missing physics homework, the no sleep, the math test, or even the English presentation. You felt so free and happy. That was until the bell rang, and you knew your 45 minutes of bliss had needed. It was time to face the music, to return to reality. You stood, grabbing your bag. Steve ran over and gave you a huge hug, and a peck on the cheek. “You’re gonna rock it, I love you, see you after class?”

“Yes, see you after class, love you too,”

Despite the oncoming slaughter, you walked out of that music room smiling. Because no matter how bad you did, you had Steve, and at that moment that’s all that mattered.


Hey hey I hope you enjoyed and if you wanna request something like this lovely human did you can find the link to do so in my description or if you wanna read something else I’ve written you can do that from my masterlist whos link is also in my description, or you can do both, whatever floats your boat!!!

I don't love you anymore...


Anonymous asked -Hi! i was wondering if i could request a Jungkook scenario where he breaks up with you because he likes some other girl, but ends up regretting it. When he goes back the the reader to get them back she has already moved on with someone new. (Like Yugyeom or something like that) Thank you!! -

“Y/N we need to talk” “uh yeah sure, just hold on one second” “no we need to talk now” jungkook said with a serious voice “you knew something has been up all week so you gave him your full attention now. “is…everything o-” “we need to break up” jungkook said suddenly. All you could mutter was a simple “what” you felt your heart shatter into a thousand pieces when you heard those words come out of Jungkooks mouth “I’m breaking up with you Y/N” you can feel the tears build up in your eyes with every word he says “w-why now” “I’m in love with somebody else” he said loudly he didn’t mean for it to come out so harshly but the words just spilled out that way and there was no way to take them back now “I’m in love with somebody else Y/N, I’m sorry that it has to end like this. I just don’t have feelings for you anymore. You could feel your heart breaking but pounding at the same time, eyes filled with tears. You didn’t want him to see you so hurt. “leave” you said softly not being able to get over the painful bump in your throat. “Y/N” he says as he steps towards you. “leave!” you screamed at him, this time not being able to hold the tears you screamed with all you could. Jungkook walked out of door quietly, he knew he had broken you.

Once you heard the door close behind him you fell to the floor a part of you wanted nothing to do with him anymore the love you once had was now fueled with hatred ‘how could he do this to me’ ‘he said he loved me’ ‘how long was he seeing another girl’ ‘why’ all these ran through your head. But also, a part of you wanted him to come running back through the door, run up to you and say, “it was all a prank” you wanted him to come hug you and comfort you after this ‘prank’ telling you that he loved you that he only had eyes for you. But he didn’t he walked through that door and didn’t come back. He left you there crying on the floor. In your head, you went through the two years you had spent happily with jungkook, going through the first time you met to your first kiss, your first I love you’s. when he introduced you to his members, every happy memory you had with jungkook was now erased and replaced with sorrow.

You spent the rest of the day (and the rest of the week) crying your eyes out. You could barely breathe sometimes you cried so hard you wanted to scream out you wanted to scream at him but you wanted to scream at yourself even more for letting yourself get so hurt. You stayed like that for a week before you friend Y/F/N got worried, she came to your apartment to see you as a mess, dried tears on your face, your hair a mess you haven’t showered you haven’t even left your bed. She pulled you out of your hole, cleaned you up, and promised you a fun time out “you’ll forget all about that jerk, I promise you” were her exact words. She took you out and you had to admit you were actually having a pretty good time, you were laughing and that smile everybody loved was back once again.

Y/F/N took you to a café first to get you caffeinated and awake for the day. You talked for a while. You talked about everything the break up, what you’ve been doing all week (crying your eyes out in bed and eventually crying yourself to sleep is what it mostly consisted of) you admitted to Y/F/N that you thought he was the one. Those two years were the happiest years of your life. You had told him so many things that you haven’t even told your best friend which she eventually scolded you for not telling her. After talking with Y/F/N for quite a while. Y/F/N dragged you to the mall. You went shopping, laughed at the silliest clothes you could find at forever 21, trying them on and laughing so hard with Y/F/N you were having the best time in a while.

You were walking around the mall finding your next destination when you saw him. You saw jungkook, he wasn’t alone either… he was with a girl. He looked like he was having fun, that he had forgotten all about you, all about the two years he had spent with you. You froze. Not moving even though people were shoving you out of the way in the busy mall. When your friend looked at you, your eyes were swelling with tears again. Y/F/N pushed you into the nearest store, asking numerous times if you were okay, if you wanted to leave but you didn’t hear her your eyes were glued on jungkook. The girl jungkook was with suddenly reached up and kissed him softly. 

You broke your gaze, now just looking around the room trying to get the tears to not fall down your face in front of everybody. “I want to go home” you said quietly to your friend. “no, I’m sorry Y/N but I promised you a good time, that I would cheer you up and I’m still going to try Y/N” she pulled your arm and you just followed behind her. Walking straight passed jungkook. He turned when he saw you face and whispered a gentle “Y/N?” he looked back to his now girlfriend hoping to erase the imagine your pained face out of his brain. You and Y/F/N walked around for a bit before she had the idea of taking you to the bar, you weren’t really excited to go but you saw the determination your friend had to get you to your bubbly cheerful self again so you agreed only to make her happy.

when you reached the bar, your friend ordered both of you drinks. You were planning on having only one or two drinks, call a cab, go home and forget the all too familiar face of your ex. But the drinks kept coming and you kept drinking every one of them, you couldn’t help yourself you were too depressed to care you were going to have a major hangover in the morning and kept drinking whatever came in your direction. Now your only plan was to drink your sorrows away. the rest of the night was a bit of a blur but you remembered the numerous drinks you had received and the one drink that the guy next to you had ordered for you that you kindly took. You walked up to him to thank him before you pulled you gently towards the dance floor. You danced the rest of the night with mysterious man who bought you a drink.

When you woke up the next morning you were in your own bed. Your head was pounding and you groaned the second you winced from the pain. When you finally dragged yourself out of bed you found a note on your table ‘hey Y/N it’s me the guy from last night, I brought you back home after we danced for so long haha anyways my name is yugyeom here is my number 123-456-7890 call me I had fun last night! :)’ you smiled. You had fun last night you met a great guy who yes you did meet at a bar but he wasn’t like the normal guys at the bar who it on girls and try to get in your pants he was genuinely sweet caring and a great dancer you thought.

You called Y/F/N to tell her even though the first thing she did when she answered the phone was groan at you. You had forgotten all about jungkook and the pain and you were happy again. You called yugyeom at night with the advice from your friend even if you brushed off her advice in the past. You called him you thanked him for last night and told him you had fun he admitted that he was having a rough week and that you made him smile for the first time in that week. You talked the rest of the night. Just about anything and everything you talked about you, you talked about him, you talked about your favorite animals. Just everything and you never got bored once you finally fell asleep at 4 am after he had told you to get some sleep. You made a date with him to meet him at the café down the street from where he lived.

That date was the first of many dates and you had finally made it official. He had told you he was in a group called got7 and you were okay with it as it was nothing new you had experienced the same thing with jungkook. He knew about jungkook and you but it was all the past and he was well over forgotten. you were happy again. You had found someone who loved you again and you were happy. Dare I say even happier then you were with jungkook. You connected more with yugyeom and the rest of got7 were one of your best friends now. You were happy and content you two have even talked about marriage and kids in the future you were in the right place with yugyeom. You forgot all about your heart break. You still kept in contact with the rest of bts as they were still your friends but other than that dare I say you even forgot jungkook existed in your world. One day you were waiting for yugyeom outside of a pizza shop when you had seen Jungkook.

You didn’t give him that much attention but you saw that he was walking towards you and looking straight at you so you gave him a smile and a friendly wave to stay away from anything awkward even if the whole situation was awkward itself “hi Y/N” he said as he stood right in front of you “hey jungkook” you said with a smile. You looked down and back up at you. “everything ok” this was all too familiar now and you were getting uncomfortable. He looked up at you with a sad smile “Y/N I’m so sorry about what I did to you, the truth is I still love you I want you back. Please give me a second chance please” he said he sounded as if he was almost going to cry so you knew this was sincere. He took you hand in his before you quickly pulled away “I’m sorry jungkook you know I’ll always love you but I’m with Yugyeom now I’m happy with him so happy jungkook. You broke my heart when I saw you with that girl. I can’t go back to you jungkook not now and I don’t think I’ll ever I’m sorry” you said with a frown you didn’t know what to do should you get Yugyeom.

Should you hug him you had no idea. “please Y/N I was so stupid I didn’t love that girl I don’t know what I was thinking I was so happy with you Y/N” he said now literally on the verge of tears “I’m sorry jungkook but I don’t love you like that anymore you have to understand. I hope for the best for you and say hi to the rest of bangtan for me ok?” you said that with a hopeful smile before yugyeom walked out, greeted jungkook, and you walked off with yugyeom “bye jungkook” you said before leaving. You were happy with yugyeom yes you loved jungkook but not in that way anymore. You could never go back to him. He broke your heart once you don’t need it shattered once more. You and yugyeom held a very happy life together after that. so many happy memories and way more to come.

A/N: heyyy guys!!! sorry the end is a bit trash but I tried lol, it is currently 2 am and I’m tired af. Sorry it was posted late. Please feel free to send any asks or messages to me I love talking to everyone! Yugyeoms number Is fake as you can all tell lol. To the anon who requested I hope you like it!! Also to everyone else I hope you like it! Goodbye for now~ 

(oh and i wanna start a text series soon please tell me what you think and ifs you have any ideas)

anonymous asked:

could i request seungwoo roommate!au????

thanks for requesting!! 

edit: its 4 am and i finally finished,,,haven’t betad so ill fix tmr morning !!

- even though he can clearly take care of himself, you always end up looking after him bc you’re scared that he will somehow end himself when you’re gone

- you met him while you were hanging up posters for a roommate bc you couldn’t handle the fees all at once lol and it would be nice for an extra hand around

- daniel ended up moving in with jisung and even though he promised seongwoo that they would live together smh

- so seongwoo needed to find a place fast bc he preferred to not crash in a cramped apartment the whole year lol

- and found your ad for needing a roomie!! so he contacted you and it was history from there

- it was awkward at first but he always ended up cracking jokes to lighten the mood (which always works hehe)

- you two end up getting to know each other well and it seemed like you two are basically bffs lol

- becomes very affectionate to you so get used to skinship

- likes to ruffle your hair or give you big hugs or anything really

- or sometimes cuddles but not a lot!! because seongwoo would freeze up bc why is his heart beating so fast??

- seongwoo is in the dance club for the college so he always ends up coming home late and sometimes doesn’t make it to his room and just crashes in the living room sofa

- and you’re always home before him bc work ended earlier so you’re always there to take care of him

- u just kinda,,leave him there bc he was kinda heavy lol so you just cover him with a blanket and leave dinner in the microwave and a glass of water on the table for him when he wakes up

- even when its his turn to buy groceries or clean the apartment, he always seems tired or worn out half the time so you just kinda do it because you know he’s too tired to do it lol

- and sometimes u just feel like he takes you for granted?? like idk its like you end up doing all the work and you can’t help feeling this way because even if he has dance club,,,he should at least help

- but he does don’t worry

- in fact, he takes notice of all the things that you do for him and even though its his turn to buy things or do chores, you still end up doing it for him when you notice he’s exhausted

- he returns the favor actually!! whenever he notices that you’ve had a rough week or you have a huge project coming up and you can’t clean around the apartment

- he does the work and even buys you extra stuff bc all the things you do for him and he’s grateful fnbjik

- but sometimes you’ll have a rough day and you’ll be pissed and tired and it’s like seongwoo notices because the moment you walk through the door, he just encloses you in a big hug and stays there until you’re feeling better again

- and instantly, your bad mood is gone bc hugging seongwoo is like hugging a teddy bear hehe

- u always tries to shove food down his throat bc sometimes he’s so busy that he forgets to eat and smh like boy!!!! you need to eat!!

- ok moving on!!

- always greets you once you get home because he lowkey misses you and he’s glad that you’re back hehe

- always asks about your day and makes small talk and if you ask about his, will low-key be overdramatic about it because he loves making you laugh hehe

-okokkok  you’re studying music theory and you’re always trying to identify chords or if a song modulates or is planing 

- and seongwoo notices this ofc!! he notices how passionate you are while talking about music theory and he always sends you a random song because he knows that you like to practice a lot

- and you just go !!! because lowkey you didn’t think he would remember and the fact that he always asks about the songs and what you found interesting about it once he came home

- in return, you always ask about the dance club and ask him to show you his new moves hehe

- you always hype him up when you he shows you and move and he’s just !!! flustered but secretly glad

- and sometimes asks him to sing to you and its just !! an experience !! 

- his voice was so good though?? how does a human sound this good 

- like vocal king?? 

- jaehwan, somewhere far away: did someone sAy vocAl kIng?? 

- and its a cute and happy bonding experience!!

- ok but im not saying that if seongwoo were to ever cook for you, all he would make is cheap ramen or that chef boyarde stuff but thats exactly what im saying

- thus, you end up being the chef in the house because you’re the only one who can make sure that the both of you can get the proper nutrients needed hehe

- ok but living with seongwoo would include stealing his sweaters and he’s always like ?? where are my sweaters

- you: *wearing his sweater* hA hA i have no idea?? maybe you lost it hmMMM?

- he would notice and just,,,sigh LMFAO 

- ‘’ok but i need them because they complete my outfit hello’’ 

- ‘’choose a different one this one is comfy’’ 

- ‘’excUSE ME?? these are mY sweaters we shouldn’t have to argue give them back!!” 

- ‘’eXcUsE mE? nO” 

- ‘’just go wear yours wTF!!” 

- ‘’nO!! its different!!” 

- aka seongwoo just wearing another sweater as he ended up making you win because he got lazy LMFAO (even tho we both know he let u keep them bc he thought u looked cute !! hehe like those sweater paws?? he almost fainted wow legend) 

- ok story time!!

- once the two of you didn’t see each other for like three days because of midterms

-which was a wild ride like you breaking down in the library

- seongwoo passing out on the floor during a break from practice

- you almost turning in your paper late and having daehwi distract the teacher by coming up with some sob story of his s/o taking all of his money in his bank account so you can sneak in your paper

- seongwoo end up running from one side of the campus to the other because he went to the wrong classroom and only had like 3 minutes left to turn in his project

- you having a sugar crash and basically passing out for a day straight and waking up,,,,only to realize that u had class in a few minutes LMFAO

- and after that, you ended up collapsing on your bed in relief and probably sleep for like 3894375 years

- then seongwoo joins you and basically cuddles up to you bc a) he missed you and b) he missed talking to u

- and then the two of u end up sleeping and once u wake up, you two spill all the tea that has happened the past three days hehe

- all in all, a very cute relationship!! someone that you trust a lot and is vvvv glad you took the chance to accept him as a roommate!!

sidney crosby // rise and fall

warnings: none

who: sidney x reader

premise: you get in your first real fight


Sidney was the easiest person to get along with. That was one of the reasons you loved him: his mellow, agreeable personality. Sure he was passionate, the most passionate individual you had ever encountered, but he knew how to make a relationship work: compromise and understanding.

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