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Am I the only one who has noticed how shocked and worried Ciel has been from the Campania arc and after when he sees the Undertaker?

To think of it, he surely has known the Undertaker longer than Sebastian and probably trusted UT more than his very own butler. He has definitely grown up with the idea of the Undertaker being that goofy old funeral parlor that just wants to have a good time and would always help. His father definitely thought UT as a friend, so Ciel followed his father’s mindset.

Hell, maybe even since Ciel was sick in his childhood, the Undertaker would always come and keep him company.

Everytime somebody is talking about him, he’s all ears. That might explain why he wants to know the reasons behind his actions. He still trusts him.

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I know you're super busy but more Stetopher in the future yes/yes?? I will love you forever!


I mean, I don’t know when, but at some point! 

I did realise last night that I have never written Chris/Stiles, and I don’t even know what the ship name for that is. I should probably write some, and then find out. 

Like, I don’t know… John’s army buddy Chris from back in the day comes to visit and holy shit, last time he saw John’s kid he was what? Four? Five? And now he’s grown up in all the right places. 

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Chris is going to hell. 

@kuroshitsuji fandom…

What if Soma gets shot and dies
But the Shinigamis spare his life seeing that he still has things to offer to the world

Remember how Agni said that he had grown a lot and he could do good things for his country

Shinigamis are allowed to let someone live if he has things to offer to the world

Even what grell said makes sense
He is going to appear and spare Soma’s life

Headcannons Sonic edition!

Between the boy hedgehogs, shadow is the smallest. (Silver is small now! but when fully grown he’s the tallest)
Silver is the only cis hedgehog in the group (Sonic Amy and shadow)
Silver is a vegetarian and Sonic will make him veggie dogs! ..Makes sense he’s a hedgehog..
Amy rollerblades to be fast, but also likes skate boarding!
Amy will be taller then shadow too when she’s an adult. (She’s 12 after all)
Mephiles is 56, he’s older then the eggman.
Mephiles believes technology is evil and the world needs to reset.
Silvers favorite person is blaze, but he also likes talking to vanilla cause shes a real parent figure to him.
Sonic and Sally are the weird uncle and aunt to silver.
Shadow hates being carried, even if he’s injured he will try to get away, unless it’s Noah doing the holding. Noah got the charm

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Mmmm for some reason i trust Rob more than Glenn? Because Glenn says stuff in interviews that are... yikes, while Rob seems to be more sensitive and more informed than Glenn? He also seems more educated on social issues than Glenn but hey i could be wrong.

that’s totally fair. i know glenn said some REALLY unfortunate shit about dennis leaving and mac coming out after the s12 finale.. i was pissed at him for a good week or so after that. and rob definitely knows how to be sensitive and handle that more efficiently seeing how he’s grown up around gay people so he knows how to not be a dick about it

that said…. rob defended the blackface in the lethal weapon movies and kaitlin’s said that even though he doesn’t like having photos hung up in the house, the one photo he has up is of him and kaitlin in blackface from lethal weapon 6. so like. that’s fucky! and idk what glenn’s standpoint on the blackface was but i feel like i remember him being much more hesitant about it

so i guess each of them have their own faults and shortcomings. that said i do like how vocal glenn is about trans issues specifically and he seems to approach a lot of the more sensitive subjects with hesitant thoughtfulness

“slow and steady comes the spring”

This is @jaycrowind ‘s fault.  ALL OF IT.

Sarada’s terrible gift is inherited by her son and not her daughter, but it’s the only inheritance he gets; his older twin receives everything else.

“Don’t be a sore loser, brother!”  Sarada catches that just as she finds her children, supposedly training at the bottom of the cliff.  Sasuke is pouting at the bottom of the cliffside, a few marks in the stone a little above his head showing his progress.  Sakura is sitting up high, legs dangling over the cliffside without a care in the world.  “Try again, but use less chakra this time!”

Sarada’s daughter will always rise.

When Sasuke is thirteen and a man grown, he follows his sister to the river.  It’s easier than it used to be: the mirror eyes make up for many deficiencies.   By the riverside, a strange boy greets her with a smile.  Sasuke doesn’t recognize him, but he doesn’t need to: he only looks at the boy’s grinning face, and looks at his sister’s scowl, and realizes that just as he has grown, so has his sister, always just a little faster.

His sister pushes the foreign boy into the water, and he only laughs as he looks up at her.

“Why are you so happy lately?”

It’s not that Karin cares, but Naruto is her cousin, and when he’s happy, things have a tendency to go horribly wrong.  Karin is always caught in the crossfire,because Karin is the only commander he’s ever deigned to follow…which means he’s always her problem.

“I met a girl,” Naruto answers.

“You’ve met lots of girls,” she scoffs.  “What makes this one special?”

“We share a dream,” he retorts. “We’re obviously destined!”

“What, she also wants to be the greatest ninja ever?”  Karin asks.

“Better: she dreams of peace.”

Karin laughs for days.

Hinata finally meets Sasuke at their wedding.  He’s wearing the red armor she sent for the engagement; she’s wearing the white armor that accompanied the initial offer. They drink the wedding sake without saying a word, and Sasuke’s sister launches into a worn speech about unity, her own lover seated by her side.  Sasuke takes the opportunity to tip his face close to hers.  Hinata has good eyes, she knows how this looks.

“Our children will never have that filthy seal,” he whispers in her ear.

“I know,” she whispers back.  “Why do you think I agreed to marry you?”

“You heard what I said,” Uzumaki says as if it’s nothing. “Your village will pay a quarterly grain tithe to Haru now.  What’s so hard to understand about that?”

Kurotsuchi snorts before turning away, and the baby in her belly kicks hard twice as if agreeing with her unspoken opinion.  “You’re just a messenger without a message.  Come back with Haru no Sakura herself, and then maybe I’ll think about it.  Or we could fight.  I’m pretty sure I could take her.”

Uzumaki doesn’t say anything else, but Kurotsuchi feels his rage until he leaves the borders of her home.

Konohamaru hates treaty meetings with a passion, mostly because he has to bring all his retainers with him.  They squabble like spoiled children on the best of days.  Ino complains and Shikamaru bitches; all the while Chouji just simmers like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

“Silence!” he snaps when Chouji begins clenching his fists.  “If any one of you embarrasses me in front of Lady Sakura and her husband, your grain tithes will double for the next year.”

They quiet, and Konohamaru can concentrate.  Haru no Sakura is a juggernaut, and the Sarutobi will not be taken unaware.

Gaara meets Naruto where the rivers go down to the sea.  It’s an ill-fated meeting from the beginning.  The other sealing master from Whirlpool has his own agenda, and it does not include learning from all of Gaara’s mistakes.

“There’s no permanent seal,” Gaara warns.  “But a true blood sacrifice will last a lifetime”

Naruto leaves without listening, but Gaara remains.  His siblings are coming with wind and blades.   Gaara will meet them with sand and blood.   Gaara lost a family, but gained a demon with his bargain.  It was a fair trade for the power to protect them all.

“Shizune and Kakashi are really cool,” Tenzo babbles.  “They said Lady Sakura is starting a school in spring, and anyone will be able to attend!  Do you think we’ll be here long enough for me to go?”

“Yes,” Sai answers in a monotone. Tenzo is not deterred by his flat tone and continues chattering about whatever his idiot friends had done earlier in the day.  

Still, the work in Haru is good, and it makes Sai happy to see Tenzo act like a child.  A school with other children sounds far better than Sai’s own brutal coming-of-age on the battlefield.

Naruto never stops falling in love with Sakura.  She will always be that girl on the riverside, beautiful and strong - and never, ever willing to pull a punch, especially against him.  His chakra coils burn, but the monster he leashed heals him, steadily replenishing his blood and making his broken body whole.

“No welcome for your husband, back from the wars?” he asks,

“A war of your own making,” she censures, the mark of power blazing on her brow.  “A monument to your ambition.”

He’s not surprised when she breaks his neck.  Sakura will always choose her village over him.

Sasuke takes care of the body.  It’s thoughtful of him, and Sakura reminds herself to be more grateful for his devotion.  He was the first to follow her dream even before it became his own, and that’s not nothing.  Shizune is waiting for her at the end of her journey, ready with tea and blankets and a hot bath.  The next house over, Hinata paces between Kakashi’s room and Mikoto’s cradle, the unborn twins traveling with her.  Beyond Sakura’s senses, the rest of the village remains untouched by Naruto’s malevolence.  They’re safe.

It’s only then Sakura allows herself to cry.

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My biggest crush and I just made out engagement official this past November! He supports me in going to college, even though I'm 1600 miles away and am studying a field he has a lot of disdain for (journalism, he's from a different country so he's grown up with mistrust of it). He says he knows that I can change the face of journalism and the world and always reads my stories. I love him so much ❤

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2015 Robert would have killed Rebecca by now or at least tried. He almost tried to kill Aaron to keep his secret and he loves him. Why is Rebecca still standing?

This Robert isn’t a murdering idiot, well he is an idiot but he’s grown up a bit from those days. If she carries on though I wouldn’t be against 👱🔫

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Can you do 5 and 12 for Spots character development :)

5. How do they dress? What styles, colors, accessories, and other possessions do they favor? Why?

He’s got his silver tipped cane (for protection and sophistication). He’s got his slingshot (the better to shoot things with). He wears old shirts with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and the top buttons frequently undone. Then there’s his red suspenders and his newsies cap. He’s ideologically opposed to suits and ties. If he’s going to clean up and make nice, it certainly won’t be to please any grown ups. He likes his clothes to be comfortable and not too fussy. 

12. How are they bodily expressive? How do they use nonverbal cues such as their posture, stance, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and hands?

He’s one of those people who always seems poised to spring at you. He can be unnervingly still, and he’s got his death glare perfected down to an art form. That’s not to say that he doesn’t smile and joke around, but this happens after he’s established that he’s the one in charge. He’s small, but he gravitates towards high places, and commands the space that he is in. He doesn’t fidget, except on rare occasions when he’s angry and trying to keep it in long enough to asses the situation.


I’m awake! (really! for like…fifteen minutes at the time lol)

A big thank you to everyone who’s been sharing the pony fundraiser post. I thought I’d take a break from that for a minute to catch you up on my grandgodson. This is Zel as of yesterday. As you can see, he’s grown a lot and he is quite the daredevil already, galloping around the pasture and jumping water features like he thinks he’s somebody. 

Zel is full of sass. Yesterday he kicked his momma, and when his human momma asked for a sideshot to send the AQHA, this was his response. He likes running, jumping, playing games with his tarp and bridge and Birch is his bff (that’s the kitty).  Not bad for eleven days old. 


Request: “I have read every teen wolf fic you have written! (Especially the Isaac ones) and I was wondering if you guys were taking requests because I was listening to piano music and there was one song, Cold by Jorge Mendez and I thought of a Isaac Lahey x Reader where the reader likes Isaac but she doesn’t say anything because their friends and Isaac returns those feelings but he’s quiet because he’s shy. And then reader gets hurt and then fluff? You can change it any way you want. No rush either. <3″

Ship: Isaac Lahey x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, awkwardness, blushing, swearing, sadness, etc. 

Your P.O.V 

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Why do I do this to myself? He’s grown more confident since his shifting. Isaac, I mean. But still, the shy Isaac I once met, continues to show whenever I’m around. The girl’s in our school have grown a liking towards him. But they are not me. They do not know what we’ve been through together. They don’t know the sacrifice I’d give for him. They don’t know how he walks and talks. But I do. Still, I ache to let him know of my true intentions- my love for him. But he is only my friend. Nothing more. All of a sudden, I feel a sharp tug at my shoulder. Glancing up, I turn my attention to see Allison. 

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“(Y/n)? You okay?” I nod, pushing past her. She continues on my tale. “You were staring again..-” Stating the obvious, as usual. “-why don’t you just tell him?” I look over at him. He puts his books away, putting on a facade for the popular girl, who continued to make attempts or excuses to touch him. He looked uncomfortable, obviously not accustomed to that much physical contact. But still, he was smiling, none the less. I glance at my converse, breathing in through my nose. “Because, I am only a friend.” Before she could muster any sort of comeback, I walk over to Isaac, coughing to grab their attention. 

“Excuse me?” Miss popular stops laughing for a minute, only to replace her cute look with a viper like glare. I continue as she eyes me up and down. “May I steal Isaac for a minute?” She scoffed, barely getting out a word before I puled him away. “Thanks!” I could feel her dagger filled glare from behind me. “Thank you. I thought she was gonna take me right there in the hallway.” Ew.. I can’t help but wince at the thought. “Yeah, no problem. You looked like you were in desperate need of a savior.” He smiled softly, a simple action that continued to drive me crazy. The halls started to clear out for classes. 

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I’m about to head to mine before I’m pulled roughly back. Our hands were intertwined like a complex cob web. Our cheeks flushed as we struggled helplessly to unravel them. It takes us a few minutes to break away from one another, both sputtering not needed apologies. We both rub the back of our necks, a little thing we picked up from one another. God, he was so adorable. “I- should uh- probably get to class-” He nodded, not moving from his place in the hallway, only inches away from me. “Yeah, uh- me too. I’ll see you later, (Y/n)..” I do not move. Apart of me me can’t.

The other, doesn’t want to. It feels like my feet were glued to the floor. I just wanted to stand there and look at him forever. But I know, I can’t. I force myself to speak. “Yeah..I’ll see you later.” And with that, I turn over my shoulder and head to class, reluctantcy following me deeply. I sigh to myself, rubbing the back of my neck. Why don’t you just tell him? Allison’s question echoed in my head. I asked myself the same thing before I realized, I was nothing but a friend to him. I wasn’t pretty and perfect like those other girls. I am not built like them. I am beyond different. In every shape and form. He deserves better. He deserves the world. I wish I could give him that and more. 

But I am only a friend. I take a deep breath in, then out. If that’s what I am. I will play the part beautifully, despite the pain from within. 

Isaac’s P.O.V

I watch her walk away. Her hair moving swiftly as she makes her way into her classroom. (Y/n) looked back over her shoulder, smiling at me. God, her smile. I wave my hand at her, like an idiot. But she giggles in response, only making my heart flutter even more. I walk backwards, not daring to take my gaze away from her. She was just so beautiful. (Y/n) opens her mouth to say something. “Isaac, watch out!” I don’t understand what she means until I run directly into a door. My classroom door, to be exact. I overhear Stiles snort, his hand flying up to cover his mouth. After glaring daggers at him, I looked back to see (Y/n), smiling bright.

I bit my lip to hide my ever growing flustered grin. A low voice questioned. “Are you going to stand there all day and gaze at your girlfriend or can we start class?” I scurry to the back of the room, slipping into my chair, directly next to Scott, who grinned at me. Stiles sat in front of us, turning over his shoulder, only to snicker. “Isaac and (Y/n), sitting in a tree-” I blushed, rolling my eyes. “Stiles, shut up!” He continued, despite my hissing. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” I wack him in the back of the head with my chemistry notebook. He yelps, cowering. “Ow! Scott, aren’t you gonna do something?!” He scoffed, shaking his head. “Nope, you deserved that.” Stiles looked at him, gasping. “Betrayed by my own brother!”

He leaned against the back of his chair, looking between the two of us. “Meet me at my locker after school. We’re going after this thing.” I nodded, clicking my pen before writing down the notes. A few seconds pass before I hear a small voice whisper. “You should ask her out. She likes you, ya know.” Scott. We glance at one another before looking back at the board. I didn’t respond. I didn’t know how to. I wanted more than anything to ask (Y/n) out. But I was scared, petrified even. She was just so, so perfect. In every way, shape and form. I loved her and everyone knew it. In fact, everyone shipped it. I was the problem. I didn’t have the guts to tell her the truth. How could I? Where would I even start? I push the thought out of my head and start writing.

Your P.O.V.

We all met at Scott’s locker, like we planned. I stood near Isaac, glancing up at him occasionally. After going over the plan, I took my position with Stiles. Cocking the gun into place, I set it on the table, strapping the knifes and swords to my hip belt. Stiles gripped onto his metal bat. I smile. Must be new. Because we were human we stayed near the back. But that didn’t make us any less weak. We stood outside the front gate, waiting for the signal. However, it never came. We heard a loud cry come from inside. Stiles and I glanced at one another, cautiously as the screams grew louder. I went inside, cocking the gun. “Stay behind me.” I said, flanking him. He nodded, not too eager to take the risk I’m doing.

We headed over to the main hallway. The monster we were hunting, toward over Scott and Isaac. My heart broke at the sight of one of my best friends bloody and beaten, not to mention, my first love, broken and covered in his own blood. In that moment, something in me broke. I couldn’t lose them. I won’t lose them. “Stiles, run.” He watches my gaze darken, slightly afraid. “What’re you gonna do?” I walk forward, shooting the beasts arms. “Being a distraction. Get them out! NOW!” He didn’t wait for me to finish, already running around the opposite hall to sneak behind the beast and slip the boys out. The beasts attention was now directed toward me, snarling.

Every other step I took, I shot with pinpoint accuracy. The beast was mad- no- pissed. Good. The moment the last shell left my gun, I threw it to the ground, preparing myself with two knives. I threw them at his face, growling. “Come and get me you son of bitch.” He looked up at me as I threw another one, screaming. “C’MON!!” That was all the ammunition I needed before he barrelled after me. I ran as fast as my legs could possibly carry me. I was short of breath, heaving as I sprinted from one hall to the next. I trusted Stiles to take care of the boys. Jumping from the stairs, I made my way to the main hall. The doors were wide open. Freedom. I push harder but it’s not enough.

All of a sudden, I’m tossed to the locker, my body cracking under its pressure. I groan in pain as I try to sit up. When I do, I’m inches from the beasts pearly whites. He growls louder than anything I’ve ever heard. He snarled, raising his massive claws. I close my eyes, ready for death. However, it never comes. Peeling open one of my eyes, I look up to see Scott and Derek standing over the beast’s now dead body. My vision is blurry from the pain. I only see three faces up close. Isaac, who lifted me up from the ground, Stiles and Scott, who held onto my hands as we made our way over to Deaton’s or the hospital. Glancing up at Isaac. He looked so worried about me. And then, everything went dark.

When I wake, it takes a few minutes to visually adjust to my surroundings. Stiles sat awkwardly in the chair. I can’t help but laugh. Scott sat in a chair, legs spread out, his snoring rather loud. I turned my gaze over to Isaac, I couldn’t help but blush at the sight. His butt was on the chair but the upper half of his body was on my bed, his hands wrapped tightly around mine. His head was on his shoulder but his lips grazed my arm, ever so slightly. Isaac’s hair was curlier than usual, he hadn’t moved since the attack, it seems. I nudge his arm, whispering. “Hey there, sleepyhead.” He stirs for a minute before lunging up and out of his chair. “(Y/N)! OH MY GOD! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU! NEVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!”

He glanced up and down my body, as if he were looking for more wounds. After finding no new ones, he laced our fingers together. I couldn’t help but notice that his hands were shaking drastically. More so than usual. “Isaac-” He looks up at me, eyes red from crying. I place one of my hands on his cheek, brushing my thumb up and down soothingly. “I’m okay. Everything’s okay..” He smiled, kissing my head before kissing my red knuckles. “I thought- I thought-” Pain ached in my heart. Before he could finish, I forced myself to sit up more, pulling him in closer to me. “You will never lose me, Isaac. I love you.” His eyes shot up to meet mine, almost looking for the lie in my statement, only to find none. Because it was, in fact, the truth.

It was as if the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulder. My deepest darkest secret was no longer holding me back. He looked at me with such hope in his eyes. But before I knew it, my face was wrapped in his hands and our lips collided. It was passionate and meaningful, almost like a need. A tug or pull for fresh air. And this was it. When he pulled back, he smiled wide. “God, I’ve been waiting a long time to do that..” I scoff, grinning. “You think you’ve been waiting a long time.” He laughed, his smiling leaving just as easy as it came. “I love you, (Y/n). So much.” Isaac muttered against my lips. I kissed him again. “I love you too, Isaac.”

(I hope you liked it!)

Tranquil’s one and only job was to care for Parsley while Fern was busy writing. He loved his son, of course, and it was great getting so much time with him. But whenever he was asleep, Tranquil found himself with a bit too much time on his own. 

He was grown-up now, but what had he really accomplished? Except for the perfect little son. He had no job, he was still living at home and getting by only from the money his parents had saved up. He was still together with his high school girlfriend. In the last 10 years or se, not much had really happened and he wasn’t sure he wanted it to stay that way.


And because Sam is so cute and everyone loves puppies, here is some video of him with his brothers and sisters just before he came to live with me. He’s the one in the red collar (his first collar I got him). This BTW is also the one and only video that made me $99 on Google AdSense many years ago. I guess people love them some GSD pups!

He stood out to me, the way he bounced and acted, which is why I picked him. And he’s been here as my friend for 10 years now. Amazing how much he’s grown. I chose wisely.

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Cisco had been on a pretty wild roller coaster. He’d known since childhood that his soulmate was a famous scientist and, against his better instincts, gone to work for that scientist. When he’d started the job he hadn’t been anywhere near ready for a relationship, but he did have moments when he believed that maybe when he had grown up a little more and Harrison had recovered from losing his wife, they would be together.

Then, he’d found out Harrison was evil and been upset but not that surprised. He was sort of relieved to find out that evil man was actually not his soulmate, but then the realization set in that his real soulmate had died before he’d been given the chance to even meet him.

Cisco usually managed to put the whole thing out of his mind, but sometimes he got caught up in a spiral thinking about how he’d never have what his parents have or what Barry has with Iris.

One day, he and Harry were working when Harry asked, “What’s that? Do you have a tattoo?”

“Oh, it’s just my soulmate mark,” Cisco murmured as he pulled his sleeve down.

“Am I supposed to know what that is?” Harry asked.

“You know, everyone’s born with a mark that tells them who their soulmate is. You don’t have that on Earth-2?” Cisco asked.

Harry stared at him and shook his head. “I always thought Barry just had Iris’ name tattooed on his wrist because he’s dramatic like that.” He tilted his head curiously and asked, “So. What’s yours say?”

Cisco sighed and showed him.

Harry raised an eyebrow. “So you and my Earth-1 doppelgänger were…”

“Nothing,” Cisco told him. “Fortunately. Because he turned out to be evil and… not even really named Harrison Wells so.”

“So, everyone’s supposed to have a soulmate but some people just get stuck with a dead person’s name on them?” Harry asked.

“Yup,” Cisco said bitterly. “Those cases are rare, but it’s just my luck, I guess.”

“Well, maybe there’s another Harrison Wells out there,” Harry said.

“I’ve checked. There isn’t,” Cisco told him.

“Well, maybe he’s not born yet and you’re gonna be the one robbing the cradle,” Harry suggested.

Cisco laughed. The possibility made him feel hopeful for the first time in a long time– even though he couldn’t really imagine being with someone almost 30 years younger than him. But, then he sighed and said, “I don’t know if anyone’s going to be naming their kid Harrison Wells any time soon after he became a notorious criminal.”

“Hm,” Harry said. “Yeah. That sucks.”

Cisco sighed. “It really does.”

“But, hey, on my Earth we don’t have any guidance at all,” Harry said. “It must be nice to at least know.”

“Yeah, it’s really nice to get outed as being into men before you’re even old enough to talk,” Cisco said. “It’s nice to watch other kids go on first dates to school dances while you feel beholden to some old, married scientist you read about. Or to have memories have someone killing you and think they’re your soulmate.”

“Wow, that is… a lot to go through,” Harry said.

“It’s fine,” Cisco murmured. “There are other things to think about in life besides romance. Let’s just not talk about it.”

“Yeah. That’s fair. I can respect that,” Harry said. They went back to working for a minute, but then Harry asked, “Can I see it again?”

Cisco glared at him.

“Sorry. Sorry,” Harry said. “I’m just a narcissist. I like seeing my own name.”

“Okay, whoa, it’s not your name. It’s my soulmate’s name,” Cisco said defensively. He tried to focus on work, but now he couldn’t stop thinking about how technically it was Harry’s name on his wrist. He set down his wrench and hesitantly said, “That is kind of… an interesting hypothetical question.”

“What is?” Harry asked, looking over at him.

“Could people on my Earth have soulmate marks that are actually indicating the name of someone from another Earth?” Cisco asked. “We’ve always assumed it doesn’t work like that, but that’s because we assumed there aren’t other Earths out there. My soulmate could be…”

Harry raised an eyebrow at him.

“Harrison Wells from Earth-19 or something,” Cisco said.

“Yeah, that is an interesting hypothetical question,” Harry agreed. “You know, on my Earth we just pick someone we think is hot and intriguing and… go for it.”

“That sounds a lot more fun,” Cisco said.

“It is fun,” Harry agreed with a little smile.

Cisco looked back up at him. After a second, he grabbed Harry’s shirt collar and pulled him down into a kiss.