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Mason - Morgan Rielly

Anonymous said: Morgan Reilly one where you have a son together from your teen years but you aren’t together and he didn’t know.

A/N: Thinking this might become a multi-part imagine, so I purposely left it open. Let me know if you think I should continue :)

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly

Words: 3,422

Warnings: None

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Lily + Sirius Friendship Headcanons

requested by @deerprongs (ily <3) wow this ended up being long af

  • Lily actually met Sirius in first year and they got on pretty well until she found out he was best friends with James
  • They didn’t interact much beyond pranks and arguments because Lily found it hard to be around the pair of them without getting homicidal urges 
  • That is, until the time she hexes him in front of all the other third years and Sirius isn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed as tentacles come out of his ears
  • He chooses to be impressed
  • They finally get close once James starts to clean up his act
  • Showing they care about each other through insults and name-calling to the point where people who don’t know that’s just how they are are slightly alarmed by the endless banter
  • The pair of them taking Astronomy together and going up to the tower to study the stars
  • “Hey Sirius, is that the star you’re named after?”
  • “Evans, I’m offended.  The star was named after me.”  
  • It’s during one of these night study sessions, on a cloudy night where it was nearly impossible to see anything anyway, when Sirius admits to Lily that he just as equally got kicked out of his home as he did run away from it, and although he puts on a brave face because he knows it’s what people expect from him, he’s not sure he’ll ever amount to anything but a disappointment
  • Sirius gets a Howler at breakfast the next morning and ignores it thinking it’s from his mum but then the envelope explodes and Lily’s voice shouts “SIRIUS BLACK, I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND I REALLY VALUE OUR FRIENDSHIP, YOU’RE GOING TO DO GREAT THINGS!”
  • It means more to him than she’ll ever know.
  • “You know you’ve got my support no matter what, right? I mean it, I’ve got your back.”
  • Sirius constantly talking James up to Lily with things like “he’s such a great Quidditch player” and “wow hasn’t he gotten so handsome this year?”
  • “Are you in love, Padfoot?” :P 
  • Always rating things the other does out of 10 
  • Lily tripping and spilling her books across the hall and Sirius shouts “8/10, excellent form!” from a few feet away
  • Sirius burping and Lily scoffing 
  • “3.2, that was so weak, Black.”
  • Lily admitting to him that she would say yes if James asked her out just one more time and Sirius leaps up so fast he makes her jump, then bolts to find James with a long call of “PROOOOOOONGS!” as he runs down the corridor
  • Huge groans whenever Lily mentions James after they start dating because bloody hell, he thought smitten James was bad but it never occurred to him that smitten Lily would be 10x worse
  • But let’s be real we all know Sirius is the Captain of the Jily ship
  • In fact he has just as many Lily stories to tell at the wedding as he has about James
  • Like the time Lily helped him bewitch the benches in the Great Hall to appear solid, only to have every student fall right through them onto the ground
  • Lily is the only one allowed to give Sirius a haircut 
  • She’s actually giving him a haircut in her and James’s living room when she casually drops the pregnancy and godfather bombs on him and James is in the background, just beaming.
  • Sirius leaps up causing Lily to snip wayyyyy too big a chunk of hair but he doesn’t even care, he breaks down crying because he’s just so happy and then oh god they’re all crying and laughing and sniffling as they hug
  • “Stop crying, you sap!” “I will when you do!”
  • Sirius’s blood runs cold when he hears that Voldemort found them.
  • It isn’t Snape who holds Lily’s body that night, it’s Sirius. 
  • Because as heartbroken as he is over James, his brother, the fact that anyone could actually want to kill kind-hearted, gentle, laughs-like-a-tinkling-bell Lily makes him lose all faith in humanity. 
  • So he sits there, legs bent at awkward angles because they simply collapsed from under him when he walked in that room, and he’s holding Harry in one arm and Lily’s limp hand in the other, rubbing his thumb on her skin and staring blankly ahead with tears pouring down his face for what feels like years
  • And it’s that memory that haunts him most in Azkaban.

Any requests??

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Chris Evans - Surprise

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It’s Chris’ birthday and you have a very special surprise for your husband. You’re about to give him something he’s always wanted.

Pairing: Chris x Fem!Reader

A/N: I wrote this quick one shot for Chris’ birthday. I hope he has a wonderful day ❤

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History of Our Worlds-Thor Odinson x Reader (One Shot)

(A/N: I decided to try out my first one shot. I’m so used to writing long stories though, I’m not sure how this will turn out. Remember you can request anything you would like, just message me.)

Summary: (Y/N) loves her history, she finds it fascinating that almost everything throughout time had been recorded. However she also loves what people believed in such as gods, so when she meets one in real life she can’t help but fangirl a little.

Characters: Thor Odinson x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Just fluffyness

“Watching another documentary (Y/N)? What’s it about this time?” Wanda’s voice rang through the living room.

I paused the tv show, looking up at her from the sofa.“Just about Greek Mythology. And I don’t watch that many, do I?”

“Every time I walk in here you’re watching something to do with history.” she sat down next to me.

“I can’t help it. It’s just so interesting! How has humanity been able to record so much history down but yet there’s still so many mysteries out there?”

She chuckled before looking towards the tv. I resumed the programme as we sat in silence. The narrator continued to explain the many Greek gods that were worshipped and what they symbolised. I was surprised that Wanda stayed for so long, maybe she was actually interested. As the show neared the end, a fellow Avenger entered the room. In my peripheral vision I spotted Thor walk in.

“Lady Maximoff, Lady (Y/L/N), may I join you?” his deep voice boomed throughout the room.

“Of course you can.” I smiled as he settled into the single armchair.

Thor Odinson, the myth, the legend, the demi-god. He was a lovely man, despite his touch exterior he was so sweet and clueless about our world. He was always wanting to learn about Earth though it didn’t always go so well. One time I was trying to show him how the toaster worked; he got too confident and slammed the lever down, breaking it. We didn’t have toast for a week. For some reason Thor always came to me when wanting to learn more. Perhaps it was because I too was always studying Earth’s past. But why not go to someone like Tony about technology? I was like Steve when it came to those things, it was as if I was from the 1940s too.

I had refrained myself from bombarding him with questions about Asgard. Norse mythology was another fascination of mine. And the fact that he was proof that it was real made me more excited to investigate further. But I didn’t want him to think I was a weirdo, obsessing over him. We were good friends, I didn’t want to scare him away.

The fact that he was drop dead gorgeous too was not at all intimidating.

“These people, why did they worship such gods?” Thor suddenly asked.“There are just too many.”

“It’s just what people believed in. It helped them with their lives. If you think there’s too many Greek ones, the Romans had a god for cupboards called Penates.” I briefly explained.

“Really?” Wanda raised an eyebrow.

I nodded.

“How do you retain all of this information Lady (Y/L/N)? Your knowledge must be very expanded.”

How was I blushing over that sentence?

“I-I don’t know. It j-just stays there I guess.” I stuttered like a hopeless fool.

Wanda tried to suppress her giggles. I glared at her as the credits rolled up. She smiled sweetly at me before leaving the room. I sighed, stopping the programme and almost deleting the recording when Thor cried out.

“No! Please Lady (Y/L/N), do not remove the entertainment of the gods, I would very much like to watch it myself from the beginning.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Tis alright.”

It made my heart swell that he wanted to so desperately watch the programme. He was too much for me. How was it that I could spend so much time with him yet always become flustered at random times? Thor stood from his seat and instead next to me.

“Lady (Y/L/N), if it would not be too much trouble, may I ask you to teach me how to work this magic box? Brother Steven tried to show me yesterday but he too was not all knowing.”

My eyes furrowed together as he spoke.

He pointed to the tv.“What do you midgardians call it? A….a television?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Oh, um, I’m not too good with tehnology myself but I’ll try to explain it.”

We spent the next half hour exploring the tv and how it worked. Although it was tedious for me (seeing as I clearly knew how to use one) I watched Thor intensely as he struggled to control the remote with his huge hands. He was so handsome. How had he not gotten married yet? Did they have old fashioned weddings on Asgard where it was arranged? Did he have someone special already? I bet their celebrations are beautiful.

“Thor?” his name escaped my lips before I could stop myself.

His blue eyes looked into mine.“Yes Lady (Y/L/N)?”

“Could you maybe…it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to bother you.”

“Please tell me.” He set down the remote as his full attention turned to me.

I started to ramble as my nerves grew.“Um..I was just wondering if you could tell me about Asgard? You wouldn’t have to go into much detail if you didn’t want to. I’ve read books and watched shows about it, but I’m sure it would be better coming from someone who lives there. It just sounds like a wonderful place.”

He sighed.“And it is. But alas, I cannot tell you about it.”

My face fell into a sad frown.“Oh, sorry I asked. Here I’ll show you how to record a show-”

His hand grabbed mine.“I cannot tell you about my home now, it must be over dinner.”


“Yes, that is the condition.” His cheeky grin appeared.

I giggled, not believing that he was asking me out. It was so smooth as well. As my mind tried to process it, I could see Thor waiting for an answer.

“Then how could I say no?”

(A/N: So how was it? Thought I would start with a Marvel one, it’s one of my favourite things to write about. Let me know if you want more and remember you can request something.)

Summer Stationary (Klaroline Vacay Gift exhange 2017)

Written for @cruelbabydoll for the Klaroline Vacay Giftexchange 2017)
(Thank you for letting me write this for you dear)

Prompt: AU/AH Caroline works at the police station with her mom during summer break from college and Kol Mikaelson is always getting himself into trouble. Caroline calls Klaus to pick up his rowdy sibling at the station and they start a summer flirt.  .

Warning SMUT!!!

“Come on Henrik! I expect this behaviour from Kol but you know so much better than this.” Caroline sighed handing him a glass of water.

“I’m sorry Caroline.” The boy said staring at his feet, he really did feel bad about all this trouble he had caused her.

“You’re from the richest family in town…why on earth would you steal something as trivial as a Milky Way bar?” Caroline asked again gently, feeling really sorry for the boy.

“Kol dared me.” Henrik admitted with a grumble, hating to give his brother up but not wanting Caroline to be more disappointed in him than she already was.

Caroline sighed running her hand through her hair. Never was there a trouble, and frankly, more annoying one than the one named Kol Mikaelson. “Well, I persuaded the store not to press charges,” She watched his eyes light up before his face fell at her next words, “but I called your older brother…he’s coming to pick you up…you stay here.” Feeling sorry for him she added over her shoulder, “And eat the damn Milky Way cause I paid for it now.”

“Thanks Caroline!” Henrik smiled grabbing the bar from her desk, munching on it happily.

Next stop, Kol Mikaelson.

Caroline had put him in a cell because frankly he was getting on her last nerves. He seemed to always stir up trouble no matter where he went. This summer alone he had been caught drinking 9 times, graffiti 3 times and this was at least the 5th theft charge. The only reason that boy wasn’t in Juvie was because his father paid a great deal to keep him away from there. Caroline, along with the actually police force, would have loved to see him sent there for at least a month or two.

Little Henrik was a different story though. He had just turned 12 this summer, being the youngest of the Mikaelsons, he still held his innocence. When she left for College two years ago, he had been such a sweet little boy and, in a way he still was, but he had no positive influences left in his life anymore. His parents were always somewhere on business and aside from Kol now, all his older brothers were off to college or working around the world for the Mikaelson family business. And this summer they seemed to be getting into a lot of trouble. She felt bad for the little boy because she knew he meant well. He just wanted to be like his bigger brother.

Caroline made her way through the halls, ever since she started college she would come back home to Mystic Falls for the summer and work with her mom at the station. A lot of the other officers would go on holidays with their families, so her mom could use the help. And she could use the money for a new back to school wardrobe.

“Alright Kol, I have a question for you.” Caroline said leaning against the bar of his cell, her eye glaring at him from beneath her frowning brow.

“Anything for you Caroline…all you have to do is ask, and I mean really, just ask.” Kol winked at her suggestively.

“Yeah unless you want me to keep you overnight for sexual harassment you might want to rephrase that.” Caroline warned him.

“Caroline, Caroline. We’ve been through this game before.” He waved his hand nonchalantly,  “They lock me in here for a few hours, and then Elijah or Finn comes to pick me up. Then I’ll see you again here tomorrow same time, same place.” Kol laughed making Caroline scowl, he had obviously been drinking again.

“Yes well, keep pulling your little brother into your mess and I will make sure you’re not getting out for a while. Besides, neither Elijah nor Finn were home…Klaus is picking you up today.” Caroline explained opening the door to leave the holding area, “For the love of god, stay out of trouble Kol.” She sighed deeply.

Caroline had been taken aback a little when Klaus had picked up the home line. She hadn’t expected him to be home. Ever since Klaus Mikaelson left for art college 4 years ago he hadn’t been home once for the holidays. Caroline suspected he didn’t get along well with his father and that was what kept him away. She always tried to call one of the siblings to pick up the younger ones when they got in trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson were never really home and from the one domestic violence charge in the computer history, she suspected Mr. Mikaelson had a temper problem.

When she was a freshmen in highschool Klaus Mikaelson had been a senior. He had been very different from the other Mikaelson siblings, almost polar opposites. All the ones before him had been great athletes or senior class president. Even his bitchy little sister had been co-captain of the cheer squad alongside Caroline. But Klaus seemed to be the forgotten Mikaelson. He spend most of him time in the art room and never really spoke to anybody aside from his siblings. The only person he was ever seen with was that crazy-ass, fake redhead Aurora, who was rumoured to have a thing with her brother on the side…all very creepy. Whenever he did talk to other people, Caroline found him to be rude and arrogant. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any friends. It just came off as if he just didn’t care about those things.

It had been a huge gossip when it had leaked he would not be joining in his brothers footsteps of going to Yale or Harvard or any other Ivy league school and would be attending art school instead. But he had left the small town of Mystic Falls Virginia without a care and never looked back.

Caroline had been playing a game of checkers with Henrik when he had walked in. At first she hadn’t recognized him, he had changed so much. And gotten ridiculously handsome. His skin tanned and his blond curls sunkissed by the Louisiana sun. She had heard he had gotten accepted to a prestigious art school in New Orleans and it had done him good. The way his body moved and his muscles bunched, Caroline could feel a stir in her loins as he casually pushed the glass doors open.

Klaus had been very annoyed when he had gotten the phone call from the police station. Apparently his younger brother Kol had gotten himself into trouble AGAIN and had found it amusing to drag their baby brother with him. He had been lucky father wasn’t around for any of this. Although he figured Mikael would find a way to blame him for it. As he walked into the police station he saw a beautiful blonde woman laughing with Henrik as they played a boardgame and Klaus couldn’t have been more pleased that the woman was taking such good care of him.

“Excuse me…” he coughed.

When she stood up from her chair Klaus’ breath was instantly taken away. She was an angel that had landed on this earth. Her eyes as blue as the sky in spring and a wave of blonde curls cascading down her back. She had been laughing and it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard. How could he not have seen her before in this dreary little town?

“Niklaus Mikaelson?” Caroline asked as she walked up to Klaus.

“The one and only love,” Klaus said instantly turning on his British charm. “And you are?”

Caroline felt a little stab in her ego when he didn’t recognize her. True, it had been a couple of years but she and his sister had been arch nemesis through all of high school, she had hoped he would recognize her at least a little, that she had at least made some form of impression on him.

“Caroline Forbes…We actually went to high school together.” Caroline tried to sound casual about it as she shook his hand.

“Impossible love, I think I would remember you.” Klaus chuckled looking at her from top to bottom.

“Maybe you were too busy being a lapdog to bitchy redheads from a bottle to notice anything else.” Caroline fired back a little too sassy.

Klaus had a laugh at that. She was very feisty. He liked a girl who defied him a bit.

“Are you guys flirting?” The voice of Henrik asked looking over at them.

Caroline could feel her face flushing bright red at the comment “No we are not!” she scolded him giving the little boy a death-glare.

“So what did the two knuckleheads do this time?” Klaus asked leaning over Caroline’s desk slightly.

The musky scent filled Caroline’s nostrils awakening something inside her. He smelled incredible. Her heart skipped a beat and she had to take in a shaky breath to calm her hormones.

“Kol apparently dared Henrik to steal something at the Mystic market.” Caroline said taking out a piece of paper from the printer. “I convinced the store not to press charges so both of them are free to go…but you need to sign here.”

Klaus took the pen that hung on off the desk by a metal chain and signed on the dotted line.

“Is there any fee to pay?” He asked Caroline as he almost got out his wallet.

“No, there’s no charges so no bail.” Caroline nodded.

“How much to keep Kol in here?” Klaus joked, giving her a boyish grin.

“Even your family doesn’t have that kind of money.” Caroline joked back with a flirty giggle. “I’ll go get him.”

Klaus watched her as she left to go get Kol, her body swaying hypnotically with every step she took.

“She’s pretty huh!” Henrik smirked at his older brother.

“Did you put in a good word for me at least? Or are you keeping her all to yourself.” Klaus joked back at his little brother.

“Nope sorry, you’re on your own and may the best man win!” Henrik shook Klaus’ hand dramatically.

“Niklaus! Always good to see you!” Kol smiled happily as Caroline brought him out to the front desk. “Caroline as always it’s been a pleasure.” he curtseyed and kissed Caroline’s hand before walking towards the door.

Caroline could see Klaus smacking Kol over the head and giving him a proper scolding, causing her to giggle. She couldn’t quite make out what it was he was saying but understood the word dumbass which was all she needed to know.

In the weeks that followed Klaus would be over at the police station every couple of days to pick up Kol or Rebekah for whatever mishap that had gotten into that time. And every time he would put on that British sexy charm and flirt with the beautiful blonde behind the desk. And every time the sexual tension between them would grow making Klaus realised he was almost looking forward to his siblings getting into trouble.

Every time he passed by Caroline would feel the flush in her face and the stirring in her loins. She would try to keep herself together by sassing him off or scolding him for not looking after his siblings better while trying not to let his good looks and flirting get to her.

As summer came to an end, Caroline found herself looking forward to the new fall semester. She would be sharing a dorm with her friend Bonnie this year and was really excited to go back. It was her last day at the office and she was just about to close off when the door opened and she saw Klaus walking in again. It had been the second time that day he had walked through the doors as Kol had gotten himself into trouble again earlier when he had gotten drunk and on a wager had run around the square naked.

“If you’re looking for Kol he’s not here.” Caroline said as she turned off the computer. “This time”

“I know. He believes he forgot his phone in his drunken haze.” Klaus chuckled at her annoyance.

“Oh, right. I didn’t give it back to him sorry.” Caroline remembered as she opened the vault where they put the stuff they would take from people brought in.

She bent over slightly trying to reach it and Klaus took the opportunity to stare at that perfectly shaped ass and the way those tight jeans fell over them. He could feel his erection growing. This girl was driving him insane and giving him cause to think she was doing this on purpose.

As she got back up he pretended to be looking in another direction but Caroline suspected he was staring at her ass and debated if she should call him out on it or just let it slide.

“Here you go” she said giving it to him.”You need to sign a paper that you received it though.” Caroline explained bummed that she had to turn on the computer again.

There was an awkward silence as they waited for it to start listening to the start up sound it made.

“I’m sorry for the trouble they gave you these last months.” He sighed, struggling to explain without giving too much away, “They’re good kids, father just keeps them on a tight leash.” Klaus said giving her a sympathetic smile.

Caroline nodded, surprised by the sudden sense of honesty and vulnerability he had shown all of a sudden. “It’s ok, I know what it’s like to grow up with a parent who expects perfection.” She brushed off his comment. “Besides, after today it’s not my problem anymore.” she went on.

“Are you leaving?” Klaus asked feeling strangely panicked, taking a step closer to her.

“Yeah, I’m going back to college tomorrow to get my dorm ready for the new semester.” Caroline breathed casually trying not to let his scent overwhelm her.

Klaus realised that this would probably be his last chance if he ever wanted to make a move on her. She had show interest in, him he was sure of it. The way she got uncomfortable around him, the way her face would flush and the way he could almost smell her arousal on her.

“That’s too bad, I really enjoyed our special moments together.” he chuckled taking another step closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Caroline said in a hushed whisper, her legs trembling as she held onto the edge of the desk.

“Don’t you Caroline? You’ve been teasing me all summer love…” he breathed against her skin.

Caroline let out a shaky breath as his body came all but a few inches from hers. All thoughts of sanity and what his purpose for being there leaving her with every step he took towards her. Had she really been teasing him? Had she really been wearing extra tights outfits since the first time he came. Had she really been spraying a hint of perfume on her body every time she had called him to pick his brother or sister up. Had she really spent nights touching herself to the idea of him?

She could feel his hand over her thigh, grazing softly through the fabric sending goosebumps and shivers down her body. Those dimples…that accent. If she was honest with herself she wanted him from the moment he had walked through those doors weeks ago.

“But hey, if I misread the situation…” Klaus whispered before pulling back from her and turning around to walk out the door.

Caroline moaned in agony when he pulled away from her; her body already acting before she could think. She pulled him back on by his sleeve making his body crash into hers as she smashed her lips onto his. He tasted even better than she could imagine, she thought with a moan. Those thick luscious lips moving against hers so passionately, his muscled chest pressing against hers as she opened her mouth, letting her tongue meet his in the process. His hands explored her waist, tugging at the hem of her shirt as she pulled his leather jacket off of him. The office was empty and she couldn’t be bothered to wait until the got to a more private place. She wanted him now!

Klaus’ hands ran under her shirt, massaging her breasts through the cups of her bra before pulling the shirt over her head and throwing it in some corner of the room. His lips went down her neck, kissing every inch of skin he could reach down to her chest, drawing hot puffy moans from her lips. He grinned against her skin as she jumped up the desk taking a seat upon it and opening her legs to draw him closer. She could feel his erection through his pants grinding against her eagerly, awaiting freedom. She pulled his shirt over his head breaking the contact from his lips on her skin only for a second. Her hands lingering in his soft blond curls as he pulled down her bra taking an aroused and swollen nipple in his mouth. She panted his name upon the contact feeling herself grow wetter with every second. Her hands scratching the bare skin on his back before lowering to grab his ass. She had been longing to do that.

“I am going to make you scream Caroline.” Klaus whispered hotly in her ear as he released her nipple from his mouth, letting his fingertips rub over them.

“Don’t talk about it…do it” She replied with a gasp as her hand went from his ass to his front, fidgeting with the buckle of his belt.

As soon as his pants dropped her hand slid into his boxers, caressing the rock hard erection hidden inside of them. His body shivered upon her touch as he thrusted into her hand, kissing her neck, biting into the sensitive spot just below her ear before grazing his teeth over it.

Needing to feel more of her, Klaus undid the button of her jeans lifting her up for only a second to pull them down along with her panties. His hand slithered down her stomach, reaching for her warm wet slit as a single finger teased its way over her core. Caroline arched her back trying to create a harder friction between them as he rubbed her softly. Her hand closing in a tighter grasp on his cock as if to push him to touch her just as roughly. Caroline pulled down his boxers releasing him from his confines her hand still rubbing up and down his tip.

Catching onto her game, Klaus batted her hand away as he lowered himself upon his knees a wicked gleam twinkling in his eyes as he took place before her dripping core. His hands placed firmly on her upper legs as he took in her sweet scent, his warm breath caressing her insides as he very slowly removed his fingers and came in for a taste. His tongue dwelling over her lips teasing every piece of swollen skin. Caroline grabbed his head guiding him closer in as she let out a moan.

“Don’t tease.” she begged as her fingers ravished his hair tugging at it.

Hearing her pleading cries for him, Klaus chuckled softly against her thighs before letting his tongue flick against her clit, twirling circles around it and sucking softly. Tasting her arousal on his lips. Hearing her whimper as she pushed her abdomen closer to him. He focused the attention of his tongue on her clit while a finger pressed against her opening, twirling around in slow circles before dipping inside, making a loud gasp escape her beautiful rose lips.

Caroline could feel her body tremble under his touch. This was why girls her age experimented with slightly older men. He was so much more experienced than those silly college frat boys. The way his fingers moved inside of her and his tongue twirling around her clit she could feel her insides nearly exploding with the pleasure he brought. Her body tensed as she grabbed one of her breasts squeezing it lightly. She didn’t know how much longer she could take this.

“Klaus please!” She asked him in a soft hoarse whisper.

Klaus looked up from between her legs licking his lips and enjoying the sound she made under him.

“Please what love?” He grinned his fingers still moving slowly inside of her.

“I need you inside of me…” She moaned pulling him up roughly by his shoulders.

“With pleasure.” Klaus growled breathlessly, grabbing his cock by the shaft and aiming it at her core.

He waited only for a split second, just long enough to hear the pleading cry escaping her lips again, begging for him to be inside her, before thrusting inside her hard.

Caroline cried out in pleasure as he entered her. His hardness filling her insides, stretching her walls in the most delicious way. The desk under her squeaked loudly, nearly caving under the force of their movements. She crashed her lip on his again eagerly, her lips still puffy and swollen from his kisses. Sweat trickling in tiny drops from their bodies. Finally giving in to the build up and the sexual tension between them surpassing even her wildest dreams and fantasies.

Klaus enjoyed her warmth around his cock, groaning at the feel of her surrounding him, thrusting into her slick core harder and harder with each one. His hand slowly made its way to her clit, rubbing it vicariously as he felt her body tensing more and more around him. She was close to her orgasm now and, just like he had promised, she screamed his name in pure lust. Her body was shaking as she reached her peak moaning loudly and panting hard. He released her sensitive clit from his touch giving her time to catch her breath only for a second as he removed himself almost fully from her before slamming back in, the table giving another groan from the power behind his thrust. His jaw clenched, his body beginning to tremble as he could feel his own high growing closer. A couple more long thrusts and another whimper of his name as her lips caressed the skin around his jawline made him shiver before spilling his release inside of her with a roar. The pair kissed again, clutched together in a lovers embrace as they both panted out of breath, their bodies still sensitive from the rigorous lovemaking. Klaus watched the blonde goddess succumb to the exhaustion as their lips met for the final time.

A few days later Caroline was at her dorm, trying hard to forget about her one night stand with Klaus Mikaelson. After they had gotten dressed they had said their goodbye’s, Caroline had figured it would be the last she saw of him. It had been epic, and by far the best sex she had ever had. But it was over now. And she didn’t know why she had been so bummed out about it. After all, it had just been lust right? She hadn’t developed actual feelings for the guy. Tired from her initiation day she dropped her backpack on the bed falling next to it.

“Hey Care!” The voice of Bonnie alerted her she was not alone in the room.

“Hi Bon.” Caroline smiled recognizing the presence of her best friend. “How was your first day?”

“Not bad? Yours? “The dark haired girl asked.

“It was ok.” Caroline nodded, secretly she had been thinking about her encounter with Klaus Mikaelson all day, as she had done every day since and it had left her all hot and bothered. But for some reason after him these silly college boys didn’t interest her anymore.

“By the way Care a package came for you today.” Bonnie said pointing to her desk.

Caroline got up again walking over to the desk to find a pure white silk paper envelope. She wondered if her mother had already scent her something, but she usually didn’t use this expensive paper. She carefully opened it to find a brochure of the New Orleans Academy of fine arts. Circled with a thick marker line was their drama and stage department, and inside there was a tiny note.

Perhaps one day you’ll let me show you what the world has to offer…

Fondly K

Caroline smiled as she pressed the brochure to her chest a blush coloring her cheeks. He hadn’t forgotten about her either.

“What was it?” Bonnie asked noticing the sudden change in Caroline’s behavior.

“Oh nothing” Caroline lied trying to suppress the ever growing smile on her face. “Just this brochure I ordered…I’ve been thinking about transferring lately.”

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Reasons To Date Donghyuk

Eating together

When the two of you bet on him being good with kids

And when he loses the bet

When he all ready to go out and be like “hey babe I’m all done”

When he dances for you

When he starts crying because your event for him

Him being cute

But when you do something cute

When you strip for him

When you make him laugh

When he wants you to pose like this with him

Just lots of skinship

His events for you

Talks together

The way he looks at you


When he’s like “jagi hurry get on my back you look tired”


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I'm so happy Gikwang has finally gotten his solo comeback(cube sucks). He looks too handsome and so genuinely happy. The fact that Junhyung produced it makes it even better!

cube did them so dirty. i am very glad to see how well they are doing on their own.

and i know this comeback has to mean a lot to Gikwang and its so good! i am so proud of him and all the members 


“In the truly gruesome do we trust;

I will always land on you like a sucker punch

Singin’ I am your worst, I am your worst nightmare.” (X)

Find the first chapter here: 01 

Summary: Theo Raeken is new to Beacon Hills High and takes an interest in Liam Dunbar’s best friend. Against her pack’s warnings, she decides to give him a chance and befriends him- but is he really the nice guy he pretends to be?

*I don’t own the gif; credit goes to the wonderful owner/maker*


Tuesday. 9:01 am. English II.

Liam was already seated when I entered our English classroom the next day. His arms were crossed; I could almost see a dark storm cloud brewing over his head. I guess he saw Theo walk me to class.

           My suspicions were confirmed when he leaned over and asked, “Why was he walking with you?”

           I sent him a look as I plopped down in the desk beside his. “Because he offered.” The bell rang as I pulled out my notebook. “Why does it matter?”

           “It matters because we told you yesterday that we all need to steer clear of him.” Liam gestured his pencil at my chest. Then, he added hotly, “If you wanted someone to walk with you, I would’ve. It didn’t have to be him.”

           “You were already in the classroom.” I pointed out. “How would you have been able to walk with me?” It was obvious that my comment had only pissed him off more, but at the moment I didn’t care. If Liam wanted to play the jealous douche, fine. I would let him.


Tuesday. 12:40 pm. Spanish II.

During Spanish I stole the open spot next to Theo before anyone else could. “Nice to see you too.” He grinned. I just smiled in response.  He looked really nice today: black hoodie, jeans, eyes twinkling. It was enough to make me catch my breath slightly from just looking at him.

           Today we were doing basic review over everything we had learned in Spanish I. In fact, we were just going to be reviewing for the entire first semester, I think. I had never had a hard time with Spanish because I always made time to study.

           “Here are your results from the quiz you took yesterday. Some of you did very well. Others may want to brush up on their español.” Ms. Lindsay explained as she strolled up and down the rows, passing out papers.

           As she placed my paper on my desk, she smiled. “I am very impressed, Ms. Y/L/N.” I had gotten a perfect score. Theo went to give me a high five, but Ms. Lindsay stopped him. “I wouldn’t celebrate just yet if I were you, Mr. Raeken.”

           Theo had gotten a fifty. He sighed as he stared down at the paper, running his fingers through his hair. I rubbed his back. “It’s only one grade, Theo. You’ll do better next time.”

           His head shot up, eyes wide and ecstatic. “Of course I will- because you’re going to help me.”

           “I’m going to do what now?”

           “You’re pretty good at this stuff, right?” He glanced at my 100 written in bright red.

           Slowly, I nodded. “Yeah, I mean, I guess I am.”

           He smiled. “So is there any chance that you could tutor me? I could come by after school and we could study together?” His expression was so hopeful; I didn’t want to say no. My mind drifted to Liam, who lived directly across the street from me, who wouldn’t hesitate to call Scott the moment he caught a glimpse of Theo on my property. Seeing my hesitation, Theo tried again. “Please? I really need to pass this class.”

           Theo’s blue eyes had me caving. “Sure.” I found myself saying. “But would you mind waiting for Friday? I have some things after school this week. I could give you a ride to my place, and then I could take you home afterward?”

           “That sounds perfect.” He breathed, beaming. He was so devastatingly handsome. Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?


Friday. 2:15 pm. by the lockers.

Friday came faster than I expected. Maybe that was because of how much homework the teachers had surprised us with. Or maybe it was because of Theo. Somehow he made it bearable. I actually looked forward to school, knowing that if I got through the day, I would get to see him. He was funny; he was flirty; he was a breath of fresh air. I loved how easy going he was, and how he didn’t hover over me every second of the day… two important qualities that were the exact opposite of my best friend.

           “Liam, would you chill out?” I scolded as we headed for the double doors. “You’re being ridiculous. I’m just helping him in Spanish. That’s it.”

           “I’m perfectly chill. I am ice cold. I am cool.” He prattled sarcastically. “I just think it’s kind of weird that he needs help in the first week of school.”

           Snorting, I said, “He really sucks at Spanish.”

           “Yeah, well, it would really suck if he ends up stabbing you in the neck with a pencil and killing you viciously for his evil plan.”

           “You’ve been spending too much time with Stiles.” I muttered.

           “Well I wouldn’t be if you hadn’t ditched me for the new guy.” He replied angrily.

           I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled on him. “Oh my God, I didn’t ditch you. Liam, you’re still my best friend. I’ve just been hanging out with Theo because, in case you haven’t noticed, he doesn’t have any friends.”

           Liam crossed his arms. The tips of his ears were bright red. In most situations I would tease him about it. Right now didn’t seem like a good time. “Did you ever think that maybe there’s a reason that he doesn’t have friends?”

           “Yes, I did actually. It’s because you guys refuse to give him a chance.”

           “I would be a lot more willing to give him a chance if he wasn’t making heart eyes at you all the time.” He snapped.

           Rolling my eyes, I pushed my bag further up my shoulder. “He’s not making ‘heart eyes’ at me.”

           “Yes he is. You don’t see it, but he is. Whenever he’s near I can smell his stinking aro-” My hand slapped over his mouth, stopping him from finishing the word. He stared down at me with big blue eyes. Very slowly, I said, “Theo doesn’t have feelings for me. I don’t have feelings for him. So you shouldn’t have a problem with him-”

           “I heard your heart. You’re lying to me.” Liam mumbled against my palm.

           Sighing, I removed my hand. “Look, if you want a ride, you’re going to have to put up with him being in the car with you for about ten minutes. Can you handle that?”

           Liam inhaled deeply. “Yeah,” he grunted. “But I’m not going to like it.”

           “You don’t have to. Now come on. He’s probably waiting on us.” I laced my fingers with his as we exited the school.

           “We’re not done discussing this, by the way.”

           “Um, yes we are. What more is there to discuss, really?” I shot Liam a look as we neared my car. Theo was reclined against the passenger side casually, and upon our approach, straightened and waved.

           I waved back. Liam just growled under his breath. Obviously he didn’t want to talk with Theo around, and I was oddly okay with that as I put our bags in the trunk.

           “I was starting to wonder if you were going to stand me up on that ride offer.” Theo teased as I unlocked the car. He immediately slid into the passenger seat, leaving Liam to sit in the back, grumbling all the way. “But then I figured that you’d have to show up sometime; it’s your car.”

           “You should know by now that I have a little more class. I wouldn’t stand you up. I would just tell you to get away from my car.” I joked as I started the engine.

           Theo dug around in his backpack as I pulled out of the parking lot. “Do you mind?” He asked, holding up an AUX cord.

           “No, of course not! Plug her in and crank it up.”

           We pulled up to a red light. Theo passed me his iPod. “You do the honors. I’ve got to warn you, I don’t really have ‘recent’ music.”

           “That’s alright.” I giggled when I selected my song. “Do you sing?”

           The beat came through the speakers. Theo grinned wide before jumping right in, not even bothering to answer my question. “How you doin’ young lady? That feelin’ that you givin’ really drives me crazy.”

           We ended up reciting the entire song- he rapped and I sang. At the chorus, he splayed his hand on his chest and dramatically belted out the words. “Promiscuous girl, wherever you are, I’m all alone, and it’s you that I want.”

           “Promiscuous boy, you already know that I’m all yours. What you waiting for?” I was almost yelling as I danced around in my seat like an idiot.

           Theo reached over to poke my cheek. “Promiscuous girl, you’re teasing me. You know what I want and I got what you need.”

           Giggling, I swatted at his hand. “Promiscuous boy, let’s get to the point ‘cause we’re on a roll. Are you ready?”

           Once the song ended, I was practically winded from laughing so much. “Okay, that was awesome.” I declared as I turned.

           Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Theo glance in the backseat with a huge smirk. “Yeah, that was pretty fun.” He said once he had looked back at me. There was an almost malicious glint to his eyes as he looked me over.

           “Checkin’ me out, eh, Raeken?” I stuck my tongue between my teeth as I pulled in my driveway.

           He didn’t even blush. “Pretty girl like you? Of course. Can you blame me?”

           Chewing on my lip as if I was in deep thought, I asked, “How tall are you, Theo?”

           “About five foot seven, I think. Why?”

           “No reason. I just didn’t know they stacked crap that high.” We both instantly cracked up.

           “You stole that joke.” I glanced in the mirror to see a very solemn Liam with his arms folded across his chest.

           “Yeah, I did, because it was funny. Punish me for it.”

           Theo chuckled. “Already have a plan in mind.”

           “Man, you are nothing but hormones and cheesy compliments.” I remarked as I hopped out. Liam was at my side instantly, brooding. Theo raised an eyebrow as I opened the trunk, “You alright, man? You smell pretty pissed off.”

           Liam gave him the tightest smile I have ever seen. “I’m great.” He snatched up his backpack and threw the strap over his shoulder. With a murmured “thanks for the ride,” he was gone, stomping across the street to his house and slamming the front door behind him.

           I gave Theo a sympathetic smile and pat his arm gently. “Don’t take it personally. He gets jealous easily.” After swinging my bag out, I closed the trunk and locked my car.

           Theo was right on my heels as we entered the house. “Are you two together?”

           Kicking my shoes off, I sent him a weird look over my shoulder. “What?”

           “You and Liam. Are you guys together?”

           “No, he’s just my best friend.”

           “Does he know that?” He raised both his eyebrows. I didn’t respond- mainly because sometimes I didn’t know the answer myself.


Friday. 3 pm. bedroom.

“So this is your room.” Theo smiled as he looked around. “You know, I would’ve thought you’d have some sort of color.”

           I glanced around at my dark furniture and black bedspread. Sure, it wasn’t exactly bright, but at night it felt warm and cozy with the fairy lights turned on. “This helps me sleep better.” After a moment, I added, “I like the dark.”

           “You know, most people are scared of the dark.” Theo’s eyes seemed to be a deeper blue. “They don’t like the fact that they can’t see. And the things that live in the dark…” he lowered his gaze to his fingertips as they ran over my pillow. “Well, most people aren’t too fond of them either.” His eyes flashed to me again.

           “You’re generalizing.” I told him as I dumped my bag in the corner. “That’s a stereotype. I’m sure there’s lots of people that like the dark. It’s… comforting.”

           “Covering,” The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. “Like a blanket over your eyes.”

           “I’m guessing you’re not a fan.”

           Theo shrugged and shoved his hands in his pockets. “It depends.”

           I licked over my lips. His eyes followed the movement. “On what exactly?”

           He smiled this time. “Who I’m with… what the circumstances are…” He stepped closer. “Where I am…” Closer. “What I’m doing with that person…” Even closer now. We were almost chest to chest. I could feel my heart racing, hear the persistent pounding. He could hear it too, I just knew it.

           Gulping, I tried to play off my giddy nerves with a smile. “Are you trying to channel the Joker? I’m getting those vibes right now… it’s like you know that we have Batman fruit snacks downstairs. If you wanted some, you could’ve just asked, doofus.”

           Theo beamed. “Right.”


Friday. 4:56 pm. bedroom.

“Alright, try to make a sentence using ser. Maybe… describe someone. Anyone.” I instructed, leafing through my notes as Theo struggled to grasp the concept of ‘to be.’

           “Y/N es bonita.” I stopped what I was doing and gradually lifted my head, only to see that Theo was already gazing at me with that fairy-tale day-dream in his eyes.

           The words fell from my lips before I could stop them. They were so cliché that I internally cringed. “You think I’m pretty?”

           Theo smirked. “I think you’re beautiful, actually. But I only know the word for ‘pretty’.” He twirled the pencil in between his fingers. “You got the message, though, so I’m guessing I constructed the sentence right?”

           “Yeah,” I nodded, quickly averting my eyes. “You did really good. That was good.” It was very quiet for a moment. Then my phone rang, causing me to nearly jump a foot in the air. Glancing at the screen, I rolled my eyes. “It’s Liam. Sorry, I’ve got to take this or else he’ll come busting through the window.”

           Theo chuckled softly and stretched out on his back. “Take your time.”

           “Thanks,” I mumbled, sliding my finger across the phone to accept his call. “Hello?”

           “What’s going on?” Liam questioned, suspicion evident in his voice. “I heard your heartbeat speed up. What happened? Did he do something? Should I come over?”

           “No!” I suppressed a groan. “Stay at your house. I’m fine; everything’s fine.”

           Liam didn’t seem to believe me. “Then why did your heartbeat go up?”

           I crossed my arms and fired back, “Why were you listening to my heartbeat?”

           Ha. Got him there. “I… I wasn’t listening for it.” Liam faltered. He cleared his throat. “It just got so damn loud that I could hear it all the way over here.”

           “When you were listening for it.”

           “Right- wait, no. Uh…” Theo laughed. I forgot that he could hear everything that Liam was saying, thanks to his supernatural abilities. I found myself giggling along with him as Liam fumbled for words. “What I meant was-”

           “Liam. Listen to me.” I stressed. “I’m fine. Everything is okay. I’ll talk to you later, okay? And try not to eavesdrop anymore. It’s rude.”

           He scoffed. ”I don’t think listening to your heart to make sure that you’re alright counts as eavesdropping. And even if it was-” I hung up before he could say any more.

           Theo nodded his head. “Wow. He really doesn’t like me.”

           “Just give him time.” I said as I flipped through the pages of the Spanish textbook. “He’ll come around. They all will. Then the pack will see that you’re harmless and they were being ridiculous.”

           He sat up and loosely hugged his knees to his chest. “I wouldn’t say harmless.

           I rolled my eyes playfully. “You know what I mean. We’re friends. You’re not going to hurt me.” For some reason the way he looked at me as soon as I had uttered those words made me wonder if I really was speaking the truth.


Friday. 8:47 pm. Theo’s driveway.

“This is my place.” Theo pointed to the house with the lit windows.

           “Nice,” I nodded as I took my seatbelt off.

           Theo smiled. “Are you seriously going to walk me to the door?”

           I shrugged. “Why not?” Laughing at my response, Theo stepped out of the car. As we approached the front door, it swung open to reveal a lady clad in a pink bathrobe.

           “Theo?” She asked, a tight smile playing at her lips. “Who’s your friend?”

           “Oh, Mom, this is Y/N- she’s the one that’s helping me with my Spanish.” She nodded along and held out her hand, saying, “It’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

           Raising an eyebrow, I sent a goofy look Theo’s way. “It’s nice to meet you too, ma’am.”

           She beamed. “Would you like to come inside for-”

           “Mom.” There was something condescending in Theo’s tone. It was as if he were the one in charge, despite the fact that she was his mother. “It’s getting dark out. Y/N needs to get home.”

           For a moment, I could’ve sworn a look of terror crossed her face. I blinked and she was smiling again. “Of course. Drive safe dear. It was lovely meeting you.” Theo gave her another meaningful look, and she slipped back inside the house.

           “Sorry about my Mom.” Theo gave me a sly smile as he massaged the back of his neck. “Sometimes she’s-”

           “Great.” I finished for him. “She’s great. I like her.” His grin broadened at my words. He looked like he was going to say something, but then thought better of it. We stood facing each other on the porch for the longest time before he finally said, “Thank you for helping me today.”

           It was my turn to smile. “Oh, it was no problem. I actually had fun.” I kicked at a stray rock. “You know, for it being a study date and all.”

           Theo raised his eyebrows with a grin. “That was a date?”

           My eyes widened. “No!” Way to go, Y/N. “I mean…” Ugh. I sighed. “I’m sorry. I just made this so awkward.”

           “It’s fine. Don’t stress. I look forward to many more ‘study dates’ with you.” Theo gave me a warm smile.

           I nodded, stomach flipping. “Great.” I cleared my throat. “Listen, I’m gonna… I think it would be best if I just… if I just go before I say anything else to make this worse so, um…” Quickly, I spun on my heel and briskly made my way over to my car. Theo was still standing on the porch when I opened the car door. “Buenas noches!” I called.


           “Oh, that means goodnight.” Mentally face-palming, I climbed into my car and started the engine. Theo waved, “See you later, sugar.” At the time I had no idea how soon ‘later’ would actually be.

Find the third chapter here: 03

Unstoppable Love

Hello, it’s me. I haven’t written anything in a while. Don’t forget to request. There will be a preview to a fanfiction that I might be writing coming out later this week so stay tuned for that. Hope you guys enjoy, xx

Y/N giggled as Justin hid his face in the crook of her neck, peppering soft kisses along the soft skin. She had been trying to get Justin out of bed for the past thirty minutes, but each time, he just begged and whined for her to lay down with him again. She had finally given in to his pleads and cuddled close to her boyfriend. The were both supposed to be going to her parent’s house for the day and Justin groaned the minute he heard the news. Let’s just say, Y/N’s parents had a few words to say about Justin that weren’t too nice and Justin had a few words and a finger in retaliation.

“Come on,” she whispered and pushed herself into a sitting position only to be pulled back down by Justin. “Jayy, we have to get ready to go to my parent’s.”

He whined, pouting his lips and Y/N could feel them against her neck. “Do we have to?”

“Yes, we have to.” She pushed herself off the bed and lifted the covers off of Justin, who clawed the air in attempt to bring the warm blanket over him again. 

Y/N giggled as Justin let out a huff. He stubbornly got up, an annoyed look on his face. She went up to him and pressed a kiss against his chin, earning a smile from Justin. She left the room just as Justin was taking off his boxers, readying himself for his shower.


“You look handsome, baby.” Y/N cooed and Justin narrowed his eyes at her, but didn’t stop himself from smiling at her words.

“Thanks, cutie. You look gorgeous.” Justin whispered into her ear and she felt familiar chills go down her spine.

The door opened and she saw a face that she didn’t think she’d ever see, “Oh. Y/N. It’s you.”

Horror was written clear on Y/N’s face and Justin could see the color drain from her cheeks. He looked over at the guy who wore a button up shirt and khakis and wondered what her ever did to make Y/N react this way.

“Bryan,” Y/N spoke through her teeth and made a mental note to talk to her mother about this. “Babe,” she looked over at Justin. “This is Bryan-”

“Her ex boyfriend.” Bryan said, a cocky smile on his face as he looked at Justin who rose an eyebrow.

Justin extended a hand forward to Bryan, but Y/N could see how tense Justin’s muscles were. “I’m Justin, her current boyfriend.”

Justin and Y/N had been dating for a year and a half. After her parent’s nearly tore their relationship apart, Justin and Y/N made a conscious decision to move in together after nine months. It was around the time of her birthday and it was Justin’s present to her. Before Justin, came Bryan, the only man her parents deemed suitable for their child. It didn’t work out mainly because Bryan was egocentric, but still, her parent’s were heartbroken over the ending of the relationship. When Justin came along, they shoved Bryan towards her over and over, but she could never leave Justin. Even if she loved him, it only took one look at Justin’s tattoos and his career choice to know that their only daughter deserve more.

She grabbed Justin’s hand, interlocking her fingers and brushed past Bryan without a second look. Justin’s grip was tight around hers and she looked over, moving closer to him and gently grabbing his face between his hands.

“If I knew he was going to be here, I wouldn’t have ever come,” she muttered and looked into Justin’s eyes.

He smiled a small smile, but she could see the longing to be accepted by her parents in the back of his eyes. “I know, baby girl. I know.” 

“I’m going to talk to my mom, okay?” Just in the nick of time because Leo had already bounded down the steps over to Justin.

Her fourteen year old brother simply adored Justin, much to their parent’s dismay, and Y/N only hoped that Justin could one day be adored by her parents as well. She heard the two of them conversing about Justin’s latest tattoo. It was angel wings on the back of neck and she just couldn’t wait to hear what her parents had to see about it once they made the discovery.

She spotted her mom, barking at a butler in the way only her mother could. She stomped over and her mom smiled wide, not even greeting her before she asked, “Have you see Bryan? He’s gotten so handsome and he won his first case at his law firm.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him,” scoffed Y/N, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head. “I can’t believe you’ve invited him, mom. Things ended between him and I. I’m with Justin now and I love him very much.”

The smile on her mom’s face was replaced by a sneer. “Yes, yes,” Her mother moved along and Y/N followed her. “I don’t really think you’re trying to pursue anything with Justin. He’s just a phase.”

“I can’t even listen to your right now,” Y/N broke away from her mother and shuffled quickly towards Justin who was looking at all the sketches his brother had drawn.

She pouted and plopped on the seat next to Justin. Without taking his gaze off of her brother’s notebook, he wrapped an arm around her waist and brought her closer to his side. He pressed a kiss to her temple, turning his head slightly. She sighed and let her head drop onto his shoulder.


Dinner began and she could feel the tension at the table. Bryan’s parents were here. They were always lovely people and even after her breakup with Bryan, she remembered getting a present from his mom the Christmas after. Y/N never understood his parents could raise a terrible person. She reached over for Justin’s hand mid-dinner and held tight as her mother started to ask questions.

“Are you still working as mechanic?” 

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Still working for sixteen dollars an hour?” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

“Are you thinking about getting a new job?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Please tell me you’re not getting anymore tattoos.”

Luckily, Leo saved Justin from having to answer that question as he spoke up to tell his mother about the tattoo he was thinking of getting.

“See,” her mother motioned between Justin and Leo. “He’s a terrible influence on your little brother. How can you bring him around the house when there is a fourteen year old boy? Bryan, on the other hand-” 

Bryan’s head shot up at the sound of his name and he smirked, but Leo only grimaced. He had never liked Bryan, even when we dated.

“Okay, mother! That’s enough. I love Justin and you can shove a stick up your ass, but wait, there’s already one up there.” The only person that laughed was Justin and she could see Leo snicker out of the corner of her eye. “Justin and I will be leaving.”

Y/N stood up abruptly, the chair tittering and tottering on one leg. Justin ate one last bit of his steak and stood up, “wait!”

She looked over at Justin a bit confused as he smiled a nervous smile. “Y/N always stresses to me the importance of family and how it means so much for her to have them around her so I thought that it would be nice for you to share this moment with us.”

She watched Justin fall to one knee, his fingers prodding inside his pocket for the small, velvet box. “Now, I know that I might not be able to give you what Bryan can give you. But I can promise you one thing, I can give you love for the rest of your life. I want to wake up next to you, I want to fall asleep next to you. Baby, when you die, I want to die.”

Y/N felt tears in her eyes as Justin showed her the ring and she gasped, covering her mouth as she extended one hand forward for Justin to slip the ring on. People cheered, mostly staff, and Y/N just cried as Justin stood up to give her a kiss. She wasn’t the only one crying. Her mom had dropped her head and sobbed, hiding her face away, but she wasn’t going to let that ruin her moment because their love was unstoppable