he's got such big hands


           The first thing Jason realizes once he gets Tim out of his clothes is just how fucking small he is. His hands are on the boy’s hips and he can almost stretch them around his entire waist. And yea, he’s got big hands, but what the fuck? How does Bruce even let Tim out of the house, much less on patrol? Jason suddenly has the strongest urge to keep Tim locked away in his safe house for an immeasurable amount of time like it’s some ivory tower where nothing can ever hurt him and Jason is the big mean dragon hell bent on protecting him.

           It’s a ridiculous thought to have, because if anyone knows first hand just how well Tim can protect himself it’s Jason. Barely a week ago he’d had his head slammed into a wall a bit too hard for even his helmet to take, and he’d been able to do nothing but watch as Tim took down six mobsters twice his size with an empty utility belt and a butt-load of determination. It had been one of the hottest things Jason had ever seen, and if he hadn’t been suffering from a severe concussion at the time he probably would have kissed Tim. (He did get to kiss him later, at least, when Tim was laying with him in his sickbed at the manor after getting Alfred to patch him up. It had even made him a little less salty about Tim having taken him back to the Wayne center of operations).

           But shit, the kid has to only weigh about a hundred pounds. To test the theory Jason picks him up and throws him onto the bed of this month’s safe house. Tim looks taken aback for a very brief moment before his eyes become hooded and focus directly on Jason. He practically purrs, reaching out for the other man, and shit, the nerd liked it. Well, with how easy he is to toss around there’s certainly more where that came from.

           Jason climbs on top of him, pressing Tim’s petit body into the mattress with his weight and keeping him trapped there. He could just keep him like this forever, completely shielded from the world, warm and pliant in his arms. Well, until the next time some little old lady needs help crossing the street and Tim feels obligated to rush out and do the world some good, but hey, a man can dream.

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About Tae’s Donger ( My opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

I saw a couple of people talking about how they think V of BTS has a small penis/ dingaling whatever you call it… Personally I don’t agree with this because because he’s got  some big ass hands and feet guys …

He just wouldn’t be proportional if he was small he is at least medium to large . I found these and it looks pretty big:

this is just my opinion and I respect anyone who thinks otherwise. Plus….

 I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

Again this is all the proof I have and if you have any opinions feel free to share… I wonder how big the other members are tbh ..

you go home with a dude and you like him a lot hes sweet and funny and really hot and so you go home with him right and you start kissing him and shit and you get into it because hes like PERFECT like hes THE GUY absolutely fucking smart and charming and hes everything youve ever wanted and its a nice apartment he obviously makes a lot of money and youre starting to get hot and heavy and hes got his big soft hands on you and youre loving it right because hes funny and he knows whats going on in the world hes just a really great guy and then he stops kissing you to go pull open his closet and hes got this

and he dunks his hand in it and comes back and says “take your pants off” what do you do



spunkiestein  asked:

I could tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Monster High. The couple I was hoping for was Frankie Stein and Neighthan Rot. I feel like the way you draw Atumu (tall, lanky, a lil scruffy, and lovably awkward) would be the same as Neighthan. Tbh I never noticed you didn't like drawing legs. Everytime I see your legs I want to be able to draw mine like that.

I just looked ‘em up! Frankie Stein is the character I’ve seen most often I think. I’ve never seen Neighthan Rot before. Is he a horse? A decaying horse? (Going by his punny name). (A UNICORN??)

And hahaha idk if he’s scruffy. He looks pretty well groomed 

And thanks ! I feel like drawing legs just usually means I have to draw full body pics, and for Atumu, that takes up like a whole 11x17 inch piece of paper. I’m fine drawing legs on female characters though and shorter characters, but god. There is too much leg on Atumu.

I call this one, “Love sick puppies in sweaters.” TvT

These pre-teen dorks are killin me.. I mean loooOOOOkK AT THEM!! !

This ship dragged me back in, im not sorry but ya’ll know how I get about biracial relationships~ <33 ;v;

Your ex boyfriend meets you in a comic book store.
He tells you that you give good hugs, he smiles,
He goes home after exchanging numbers with you.
He lives hours from you and you talk all the time to make up for the fact.
He shares your interests, your passions, your enthusiasms,
He clicks with you in no time whatsoever.
When he tells you that he loves you, your ex boyfriend
Will stumble and trip over his words
Like some form of obstacle, an accident, a mistake.
He does not realise this yet, but for now,
You are the gold in his life
You are long hair and flannel shirts
Obscure music and a passion for superheroes and comic books.

Your ex boyfriend stays with you over the summer.
You share souls, share stories
The week after he leaves, you spend time wondering
What might have been if he stayed longer. What might have happened
If he lived closer, was closer, got closer
Your ex boyfriend has big hands perfect for your own.
But you find yourself falling through his fingertips like sand
And it isn’t something that could have been stopped. Your ex boyfriend
Insists it’s his fault, that he’s the reason
You slipped out of his palms and into the open sea.

Your ex boyfriend asks if you can still be friends.
You snatch this offer in the same way he stole your heart so quickly
And you try to treat it with the same care he treated you. You sit at home at four in the morning.
You and your ex boyfriend haven’t spoken in months
And you accept his offer once again, you ask how he’s been
You hope you can be friends at least. Your ex boyfriend sees your message. He will not text you back.
—  Your Ex Boyfriend
  • Bruce: Adam's got big man hands.
  • James: Yeah but he can't use keyboards or anything, he's always fumbling around. You ever seen him try to put on a button up shirt? It takes him 25 minutes.
  • Adam: Why are you watching me put on clothes?
  • James: You ask me to.
Reasons Nate Maloley's spirit animal is a bear

-bears are fucking adorable
-bears are big but warm and cuddly with their family and bear friends
-bears love chillin and sleeping and act stoned sometimes
-if you come after a bear, even if it seems chill, it’s gonna come swinging
-he’s got a deep sexy growl lol
-when people are picking their favorite animals, sometimes bears get left out but we all know they’re one of the greatest animals
-he looks good naked
-he’s got big hands
-bears got booty just like my man

Serpine was on his knees but his lips were moving, and the wall behind Skulduggery came alive with hands that reached out and grabbed him. Skulduggery was pulled back and Serpine stood. There were a series of dull cracks and pops as Serpine’s broken bones mended and realigned.

“Where are your oh-so-clever taunts now, detective?”

Skulduggery struggled against the grip of a dozen hands. “You’ve got big ears,” he managed to say, before he was pulled even further back, into the wall, and then he was gone.

- Skulduggery Pleasant, Book 1

So I got the thought of Jon doing a class project where the class had to participate in an experiment and then write about how unusual events caused paranoia, fear, and doubt.

How did he do this?


He got a big box of furbies, took out the batteries, handed them out to his class, and asked them to record what they did for a week.

If you know the stories, you know how this turned out.

Donut body type HC

He’s got them curves
He got those muscle and feminine but kinda big hands.

So I love all kinds of Donut body types, but personally I like to think he’s pretty muscular in a lean away; they’re visible, but not bulky. His hips and thighs aren’t particularly rock hard, in fact, they’re pretty squishy and soft.

He takes such good care of his skin he practically gloooowwsss.
Long baths, nice lotions, face scrubs; he lives for that stuff. Not only does it make him feel great it also helps get his mind off things that might’ve upset him or just release tension.

He has soft hair that somehow never messes up- but if it does, no one will ever ever ever see it. Does he paint his nails? Yes. Why? His moms taught him. Painting his nails gives him a little nostalgia and just makes him happy. Does he have abs? Yee. Only a little bit, though. He doesn’t really work out for strength (lifting weights, squats, sit ups, ect), but as said in canon he does yoga, aerobics and zumba a lot. He still squish though and his awesome.

He’s a little pale, but has that hint of a farmer’s tan. I imagine he doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight through his armour-
His scars are extremely visible, however; even ones he got years ago. He hates it and tries to cover the worst of them up.

He also totally has a hearing aid.

reasons to ban george

- cheeks??? help
- hes too talented im scared
- big
- hes got thos e big ass hands ?? whats he need them for? drumming ??? producing?? breaking my eheart??
- makes awful jokes…….. goofy cakcle…,,,,, fuck you
- let matty name dog allen ginsberg….. problematic….,,,,
- hesj ust too large feel free to add more points with sources


I don’t always turn my scarves in to tops, but when I do I feel like an enchantress and get carried away taking selfies.