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Thigh-High || M

►Character: BTS’s Yoongi || You

►Summary: Yoongi really loves buying new lingerie for you, guess what he got for you tonight

►Genre: Smut; Daddy kink; Dom!Yoongi

►Word Count: 1, 489

Hey guys~ Long time no see~ Lol! This is a reward for you guys who have been patiently waiting for me and for those sweet anons here and the comments on aff, you guys really

 Btw, this is not rough at all, and I hope this is the ‘daddy’ that you mean >//<

The white cotton sheet rustled underneath you, tickling your smooth naked body, only clad in a black lacy bra and thongs, a pair of sheer black stockings covered your legs up until your mid-thigh. Your breath rushed in and out of your lungs through your parted swollen lips as your dark hooded eyes followed the every of Yoongi’s movement in the dim room. His eyes gleamed underneath the dim light, his lips twisted in a coy smirk, watching you writhing on his bed, waiting for his touch. A whimper tumbled from your throat, your fingers balled the fabric underneath you, your thighs rubbed together in attempt to ease the ache between your hip. “Yoongi, please…” He tsks, his eyes stern in you making you swallow. “Rephrase that sweetheart.” You pressed your hip into the mattress with your knees bend. “Daddy…” The word came out as a mere whisper making Yoongi chuckle. His eyes dropped to the blooming dark spot on your chest making him bit his lips. “Good enough but, you’ll have to scream for me later, baby girl.” He curled his finger at you, motioning for you to go towards him. Not waiting for another command, you quickly crawled towards him who was standing by the end of the bed. Once you reached him, you stood on your knees, making you level with his chest, the top of your head stopped just below his chin. Yoongi buried his fingers into your thick hair, feeling every silky strand between his fingers.

“Undress me.” Capturing your plump lower lips between your teeth, you reached for the button of his shirt, releasing one by one to reveal a smooth fair skin of his firm chest. His arms flexed when he dropped his hands to rest on your hip before sliding lower to grope on the flesh of your ass making a soft gasp spilling from you when his fingers brush against your wet core. You look up at him through your lashes, making sure to bite the corner of your lips as you push the thin fabric off his shoulders. He shrugged it off before helping you with his belt buckle, pulling the leather out of the loops before releasing it to fall on the floor with a thud. He pushed you back on the bed before crawling on top of you, his hands captured both of your wrists to pin them above your head, pulling them high enough to make your back curve and your limb taut. “This stays here.” Swallowing, you obeyed. Yoongi skimmed his fingers down your body, caressing every curve, fiddling with the lacy hem of your thigh high before humming in content. “I chose well, didn’t I, sweetheart?” Your ragged breathing hushed in and out of your lungs through your swollen lips that were parted, tempting enough to make Yoongi twitch in the strain of his dress pants. The silky fabric of it caressed either side of your thighs as he straddled you. He cocked his eyebrow at you, obviously waiting for your answer.

“Yes, daddy.” The corner of his lips pushed up into a smirk. He slid his palms on the smooth skin of your waist before slipping behind the curve of your back to unclip your bra and taking it off, revealing your hardened nipples, jutted out towards him as your back arched slightly. Yoongi let the rough pad of his thumb graze against your sensitive bud, sending jolts of lust through your body. You whimpered your fingers fisted the silky sheet above your head, trying to anchor yourself. He gnawed his bottom lips, trying to bite back the coy grin that tried to creep on his lips. Feeling himself throb in his pants, he watched at how you wiggle your body, trying to get some friction either on your nipples or in between your thighs. He pulled himself back to pry your legs apart before settling himself between them. His fingers sneakily slid into your panties, seeing how the fabric cling to your core with a small dark spot formed, he could tell that you’re drenched, and he was right. You whimpered when Yoongi grazed his fingers against your slit, wetting his fingertips before slowly sinking one finger in easily. You can’t help the small whine that left your lips; your eyes fluttered close at the feeling of his finger scraping against your hot walls. “So wet for daddy aren’t you baby girl?” His words came in hazy but you snapped back to reality when a sharp smack landed on your thigh. You whimpered when the spot burned a bit, spitting out a shaky answer. “Yes, daddy. Only for you.” You wanted to beg for him, plead him to fuck you into oblivion but you knew better. He wouldn’t do exactly what you want. Not tonight. He just wants to savor the feeling of your flushed skin underneath his towering form, feeling how vulnerable you are underneath his touch. Pulling out of you, he didn’t miss the small sound of protest from you yet you didn’t say anything. You watched as he licks his digit clean. Hooking his fingers on the elastic of your thong, he pulled them down, peeling it off your soaked core before throwing it away somewhere in the room. Only clad the thigh high, you tremble on the bed feeling too exposed as you’re sure Yoongi could directly see your soaking slit.

Yoongi almost groans at the sight before him. Feeling his patience run thin, he pulled back, away from you to stand at the foot of the bed before taking off his pants. Letting the fabric fell on the floor with a soft thud, his brief following suit to free his rigid shaft that immediately stood proud against his lower belly. Your breath hitched, although you’ve seen him naked before but it never failed to make you awestruck. Swallowing, you parted your legs obediently to let Yoongi slip in between your thighs. His fingers caressed the ample flesh on your thigh before lodging himself in between. Managed to pull out a condom from his pants pocket earlier, he rolls the snug rubber on, giving his shaft a few pumps before aligning himself on your opening. You throw your head back, your eyes shut close, waiting for the pleasurable stretch but a stinging slap landed on your thigh instead, making you snap your eyes open. “Look at me, doll. Look at me while I fuck you.” Obeying you fixed your hazy gaze on him, watching how his dark eyes bore into yours. With a fluid motion, he slid in, groaning at how your hot channel wraps around him, swallowing him full. Your lips parted, letting out a small whine but your eyes still fixed on him, not daring to look away. After giving you a few minutes, he started to move, thrusting in and out of you in a fast but steady pace. The sound of his hip slapping against yours echoed across the room, the lewd sloshing sound made you flushed, feeling the tension in your belly building. With every thrust, Yoongi huffed a breath, his eyes never left yours, seeing how hard it is for you to maintain eye contact with him, your eyes dark with lust. Leaning down, he crashed his lips against yours, letting his tongue invade your parted lips, caressing your palate and massaging your tongue, stealing your breath away. Once he breaks the kiss, you gasped for the lost air, swallowing the pooling saliva as your fingers had disobeyed his order to wrap around his biceps, creating a deep crescent dent that sure gonna bruise the next morning.

Yoongi could feel you’re close, your core clenching around his erection making him thrust harder but sloppier as he too was chasing his own orgasm. With a few snaps of his hip, your back arched into his chest, your climax tore through your limbs, sending you to cloud nine as a loud cry of his name spilled from your swollen lips. Yoongi grunts, feeling you tighten around him makes him erupt, reaching his own orgasm as well, spilling his hot seeds into the condom. He slumped down, managing to catch himself before he could crash you down, bracing himself on his elbow. Planting a peck on your shoulder, he pulled himself out making you sigh at the sudden emptiness. Yoongi willed himself up to roll the condom off before dumping it in the trash. You rolled over so that Yoongi could pull the blanket over you before climbing back on the bed along next to you, embracing you into his warm arms. He let out a deep sigh, fanning the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest. “I should buy you more lingerie if it’s gonna turn out like this.” A grin broke on your lips you can’t help but laugh at what he just said. Luckily, he has a great taste.

i love hansol so much i miss him so much i just really adore him so so much. every now and again i go back to those videos of him at the dance workshop and each time i do, im always left so stunned because i never thought it was possible for him to get better at dancing? like, i honestly thought he was at full capacity already but then he came out there and proved me that ji hansol has absolutely no limit when it comes to dancing. this is what he loves, this is what he finds comfort in, this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. i don’t want to say his dancing got better or it improved cause idk i feel by saying that it doesnt convey that i didn’t think it was possible to go up from the level he already was at? even that sounds weird lol but i really admired the way hansol’s body moves so swiftly to each and ever beat of the music, the way his facial expressions follow along with the tune of the song, the way his lips mouth the lyrics to the song he dances to, the way his movements move with the rhythm of whatever song he’s dancing to. not to be shallow be ji hansol is so handsome, amazingly handsome. the first time i saw hansol i was smitten by his big eyes, cute lips and small nose. he really looked like a doll to me, it was surreal and even now im still smitten by his looks. hansol has amazing skin and his eyelashes are so long and beautiful. not to mention his body proportions. he’s really tall and his legs are so long and his shoulders are so broad and honestly his body is like a manga lol his voice is so beautiful when he speaks even doe he doesn’t speak much. every time he does, its like you’re finally getting something you were anticipating. i love hansol so much every time he’s spotted somewhere my heart does a lil dance because im so excited to see him omg im sorry but i love ji hansol so much it make me cry

  • BTS: *lost jimin in the crowd*
  • Jungkook: I got it
  • Jungkook: *takes his phone out and plays Ringa Linga on full volume*
  • Jimin: *body rolls across the room*
  • Jungkook: there he is
Body Paint

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Fluff and bath tub sex

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got this request from a lovely anon: “Finn Balor smut where he and Demon Finn are like two different persons. When he’s Finn he doesn’t talk to the girl he likes but Demon Finn always find his way to her and her pants… She thinks that the body paint give him confidence which is true. Maybe in the end Finn can man up and confess his feelings?? This request is a mess I’m sorry lol”

Sex with Finn Balor was like nothing you had ever experienced before. Well, sex with Demon Finn Balor was like nothing you had ever experienced. He was rough, dominant, and incredibly amazing. The first night he came to you it was the first time he showed off his demon body paint, Takeover R Evolution. You had lost against Charlotte, it was a tough loss and you were taking it hard. The moment you left the gorilla position, you sprinted to your changing room. When you opened up the door and flicked on the lights, you stopped in your tracks.

Sitting in an arm chair that had been pulled to face the door, his body paint destroyed, beads of sweat rolling off him, was Finn Balor. You had always had a crush on him and found him insanely attractive, so seeing him look at you with that hungry look in his eyes made warmth pool between your legs and a light sweat break out across your skin. He looked you up and down and the tip of his tongue darted across his lips.

Suddenly he stood up and walked up to you, his hand pushing the door closed behind you. He pressed himself against you and you moaned at the feeling of his rock hard bulge against your thigh. The look in his eyes told you that this wasn’t the cute man that always poses like a penguin for every picture, this was the Demon. No words were exchanged when he fucked you. Nothing but moans and yells from you, he was completely silent. He didn’t even make a noise when he came into your mouth. You had barely finished swallowing it all when he left.

Every inch of you was sensitive, your whole upper body covered in the remnants of his body paint. When you dragged your shaking legs to the bathroom, you jumped back. Your face was a smeared mess of black, white, and red. Your breasts had two large black hand prints on them and your back and ass was covered too. There were even streaks of his paint in your hair from where he grabbed it. Even when you washed away all of it you had two massive hickies on either side of your neck and one on your right breast.

The next day when you saw him you tried to talk to him. The moment he saw you, though, he turned and walked away. At first you were hurt, he shouldn’t have slept with you if he didn’t even want to talk to you. No one knew what happened between you and it was hard to try and explain away the marks on your body. After several more failed attempts to talk to Finn, you were resigned to write off what happened as a one night stand, no matter how much that hurt. The next PPV rolled around, and Demon Finn was back in your dressing room. Then the next PPV and the same thing. You began to notice a pattern, body paint. The body paint was something that gave him confidence to do this.

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alright so i hope u guys like this. not sure if i do, but there will be more than just two parts of the ‘dating antoine […] …’ series. i really enjoy writing those little ‘excerpts’ tbh lol 👻😁💘


Dating Antoine would include 

… Sleeping together. As much as you love having sex with Antoine, just sleeping next to him is just as nice sometimes. He’s got his arms wrapped around your body from behind as he is spooning you, his warm breath tickling your neck and the feeling of his chest against your back, heaving and sinking with every breath he takes, comforting. 

He pulls you closer, seemingly effortlessly — which isn’t that much of a surprise considering his every day consists of working out — and nuzzles your hair. When he speaks, his voice is so soft that it’s hardly audible. “Lemme cuddle you.” 

Goosebumps erupt on every inch of your skin and you smile, curling your fingers around his wrists and letting your thumb trail the veins on the back of his hand.

“I love you,” Antoine mumbles, voice muffled by an imminent yawn. You giggle.

“I love you, too,” you whisper before you turn your head to look at him. Or try to, at least, because unfortunately it’s physically impossible to turn your head enough to really see him. “Now go to sleep. It’s late.” 

Quietly, he chuckles. “Oh, am I keeping you up again?” 

“Yes. Now, pssh. Sleep.” 

“Hmm. Just a moment.” He presses a kiss to your shoulder, once, twice, while he rubs his thumb against the skin of your hip in soothing circles. “You’re my favorite person.” 

“Oh, god. You’re so cheesy.” You can’t help but laugh, but still you feel your cheeks heat up, warmth crawling its way through your body. You’ve never been a really romantic person, so you’ve never been into exchanging sweet nothings, but Antoine is French. It’s a stereotype, and he fulfills it completely. Somehow, you don’t mind. 

… Cuddling Hookie. He’s snoring softly, lying on top of you as you’re watching some reality TV show which you only understand half of since you’re still learning Spanish. Antoine is sitting on the other couch, trying on different pairs of football boots which have been sent to him by sponsors. It’s kind of funny to you how footballers, who earn so much money already, get their boots for free.

You shake your head as you run your fingertips through Hookie’s soft fur. He lets out a deep, appreciative breath. It makes you smile.

“Why are you always cuddling Hookie?” he asks all of a sudden. “I’m your boyfriend.” 

“Oh, really? Wow, I thought Hookie was.” 

“Haha,” Antoine deadpans. 

“I mean, you’re not much bigger than him anyway.” 

At that, Antoine looks over at you, fake hurt glistening in his blue eyes. “Ouch. But like I always say, size doesn’t matter. Technique does. And we all know I have great technique.” 

You laugh. “And they say Ronaldo’s arrogant.” 

Antoine shrugs. “I never said he was. Hey, do you want to go for a run?” 

With a raise of your eyebrows, you nod slowly. “Yeah, right.”

… “Give me a kiss first.” This is the sentence you hear coming out of Antoine’s mouth the most. You know that he does this to annoy you but to be honest, it’s not nearly bugging you as much as he thinks it does. 

“I only asked you to pass me my bowl of cereal,” you retort with a roll of your eyes. 

Antoine grins. “And I only asked you to kiss me first. That so bad?”

“Kissing you? Hell, yes. It’s awful.”

“Why are you always so mean?” he fake-pouts as he leans over to place your breakfast in front of you. He does, however, pucker his lips for you to kiss him. When you don’t make any move to do so, he opens one of his eyes, shooting you a disapproving look. Chuckling, you lean close to press a quick kiss to his lips. 

“There we go,” Antoine says, smirking. 

“When will you leave for training?” 

“What? Trying to get rid of me already?” he laughs. 

You shake your head. “Never.” 

“In twenty minutes.” 

“Okay. Can you stop at the grocery store on your way back? 

Slowly, Antoine’s lips stretch into a mischievous smile. “Sure. But give me a kiss first.” 

… Taking care of Antoine when he’s drunk. It’s four in the morning when you’re leaving the club. There are hardly any cars driving along the streets of Madrid, letting you know once again that yes, really, it’s time to go to sleep.

“You are sooo beautiful,” Antoine slurs next to you, his arm slung around your shoulders lazily and tripping up on his own feet every now and then. Taking care of a drunk Antoine is a back-breaking job — literally, since his arm around you grows heavier with every step he takes. Or stumbles.

“And you’re sooo wasted,” you give back, mocking him. Antoine either doesn’t seem to realize or he just doesn’t care, because he’s chuckling quietly, pulling your body closer into his. He doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol — isn’t even allowed to, being a pro footballer who has to stay in shape, live healthy, et cetera — so when he does, it usually doesn’t end well. He has fun while he’s drunk but once his body has dissipated the alcohol and the hangover kicks in full force … well, it’s less fun then.

“So?” he says, kissing your cheek twice and leaning his forehead against the side of your head. “You’re still beautiful.”

You laugh. “Okay, babe. Thank you.”

“I’m happy I’ve got you.” Antoine’s other hand snakes around your body, too, pulling you into a hug. “Do you— um.” He sighs, then tightens his embrace a little more. “Marry me?”

“Of course.” You smile as you run your fingers through his hair. “Yeah. Someday.“

“Ah, I never thought I’d miss my bed so much but it feels so good to be back in my own bed again.” Jace said with delight as he sat down then sprawled himself all over the neatly made bed. His body instantly relaxed under the firm mattress and a long sigh escaped his mouth. “After this craziness, I think I might become a hermit for a while. Or a monk. In the same night, I got my heartbroken and my privacy violated. That’s a new record for me. Anyway, how are you holding up? The police didn’t find anything on you, did they?”


Okay so I thought for once I might have a normal play through in Skyrim but no, Kameo is just problematic. So it starts with Kameo killing Arnbjorn (she was extremely pissed he cut Cicero) then she dumps the body in the lake right…(lol nope!) but I thought she got away with it because in the last save I played her in, it didn’t happen, So I got to Cicero and Remained Silent because by Sithis him saying I get it. BUT THEN HE’S LIKE NAUGHTY NAUGHTY LISTENER. So I go back to the Sanctuary and Astrid starts nagging about the rules. BUT AS I’M WALKING IN THE MAIN ROOM FUCKING ARNBJORN’S BODY IS RIGHT THERE AND LUCIEN IS GOING ON ABOUT PURIFICATION (which was what I was doing. Thanks Oblivion Lucy). So finally I pay the fine and talk to Astrid. “ARNBJORN IS SAFE”. ASTRID HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE FUCKING MAIN ROOM YET BECAUSE I HAVE SOMETHING SHOCKING TO TELL YOU. Click the pictures for Kameo’s (inner) and outer dialogue.

well it’s the bitch’s birthday in Nash now so I guess I got some things to say

Can you believe he’s 26 today?  I mean he has flourished in the past two years since X. He won a Grammy for crying out loud! ((lol except it was for Thinking Out Loud)) I just want to say, I’m so incredibly proud of him and all he’s accomplished. From what we’ve heard of Divide, I can tell that there are so many more amazing things to come. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for always being there in the back of my mind with lyrics about loving your body when I’m restricting or binging//purging. Thanks for songs I can turn on when panic attacks set in to help calm me down. Thanks for the song “Don’t” because it’s a jam and a big fuck u that I sometimes just need to hear. Oh and thanks for my tattoo inspo. Love u bitch. Happy bday. Get crunk. 


AI Sanji AU where he’s still a sassy little shit. Also imagine Sanji installing himself into a sexy robot body…. Yes. Nice.

Prompt thanks to the amazing Unda and her overflowing brain! This is probably different from what was imagined… haha…


Julie Holden

“Misha is sneaky sneaky. Walked up behind the horde of fans on set. All I had was huge lens”

Sarah Diamond

“Photo of Misha Collins thank you for the nice surprise #SPNFamily”


“Selfie with Misha during filming today downtown. Love him! He remembered me. He also stuck his tongue out at my little crew and waved at us before he left <3“

Riley Madison

“Misha Collins came around the corner & surprised all the fans. Talked for a minute.”


“Supernatural shooting a scene right now with Misha Collins and a body on the ground”

Lindsay Mclean

“Such a gorgeous picture of you Misha Collins lol <3″


“Today was the best day every I got to meet misha collins from supernatural”


“Supernatural star Misha Collins meeting fans on a break and telling us restaurant horror stories”

Riley Madison

“Apparently.. Misha Collins!!”

Giving Exo(4) a BJ

Giving exo BJ. *blushes* or just (Kai,kyungsoo,lay,sehun) *nose bleeds* 감사합니다

I’m only going to do those 4 because i have so many other requests to go through! I hope you like this though and 당신은 환영합니다!


Kai: He is going to fuck your mouth lol. He is going to hold your head and pull your hair. he is going to very vocal about it as well probably talking dirty to you. It’s gonna be fast as well.

Kyungsoo: You’ve got control for now. If you get on you knees he is going to love it so much more. Just so he knows he is still in charge. Run your hands along his body and hold onto him. He likes it really wet and slowwww.

Lay: He would love it slow and sensual. He would never want to ask for it so he would be so grateful you offered aha. Add as much touching and licking as you can.

Sehun: make it really sloppy and wet with this kid. he loves the look of you between his legs on your knees. He will tug your hair and push you head into him.

“Love yourself”

Request from anon: Joey how are you doing ? I really liked the imagine you wrote : is there something on my face. And I’d really like to know if it’s possible for you to continue it. I feel could really find myself in that girl and your writing is amazing. That would make my day ! Love you 😘 and thank u already if you keep writing that short story ♥️ Joey? LOL I kind of got this idea from MMFD 

Part 1


“You’re lying.” Tez voice hushed. “You’ve been dating for a year now and she’s still scared to show you her body? That’s ridiculous.” He says. “What’s the matter? She’s scared you’re going to judge her and break up with her if you don’t like what you see?” J asks. “Now that I think about it,” G says, “I rarely see you touching her sometimes. How often do you touch her body?” He points out. I just overhear Sam sighing. “I touch her body, just in private. Before she used to be scared.. She has lighten up a little but, I don’t know.” “So what, are you losing feeling over this?” Nate asks and I feel my heart beating faster, scared to hear his response. “NO! No! Of course not!” I started breathing again. “I don’t have a problem with it. I just feel like, she’s holding back on something. Something she’s not telling me.” “Maybe she’s just uncomfortable with her body Sam.” I heard Taylor’s voice. 

“Taylor!” He says loudly. “Has Y/N ever told you something and told you not to tell me? A secret about her past or something? I don’t know…” “No. Even if she did, I wouldn’t tell you. Because that’s none of my business to tell you. It’s hers. Look, why don’t you just ask her? You guys have been dating for a year now, i’m sure she would tell you if you just ask her.” “Have you noticed she’s been ashamed of her body?” Sam asks her and she sighs, “Yeah. I’ve noticed. I’ve been trying to give her confidence but, things just keep making her shell up more.” “Please, Taylor,” I hear Sam’s voice state in a worried tone, “Please help her be more confident about herself. Help her to love herself. Y/N is a beautiful human being, inside and out. And I’m afraid if she shells in too much, she’ll break, and then she’ll leave me.” “I’ll try.” I hear them get up and hug. 

My body that was leaned up against the wall, started sliding down, as I was in front of the house of Hayes and Nate’s. I was supposed to bring them food. And once I arrived, the door was open, but not the screen door. I overheard everything they said. I overheard what Sam is thinking, worrying, scared about. It’s been a little over a year since the coffee shop. We’ve gotten to know each other, a lot. But, I’m still scared about talking to him about certain things, especially about what I love, or feel comfortable in my own skin. I looked through the screen door and saw no one in the living room anymore. I slowly opened the screen door, tip toed in, put the food on the table, and left, going home. Once I got home, I stood in front of the mirror, looking at myself, my body. 

I inhaled deeply, started taking one piece of clothing off, little by little. Each item taken off, I would stare at myself for a minute, before continuing. My scarf, my jacket, my hoodie, my tee shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror, counting breaths. I took off my jeans, leaving my in my bra and tank top and underwear and spandex. I looked at every single inch of my body. “Love yourself.” I kept whispering to myself, to help convince me to keep going. As soon as I tried to take off my tank top, I looked in the mirror and saw the word, “UGLY” written on it. I blinked a couple times and it disappeared. When I looked up at it again, it said “FAT” I tried shaking it off. “UNWANTED” I started breathing heavy. “STRETCH MARKS” I started backing away from the mirror till I reached the wall in the back, sliding down, tearing running down my face. “I just don’t get it..” 

“Y/N?” I heard a voice and knock creak through the door. I just lied still on the bed, as the person walks in, sitting on the bed next to me. “Y/N, it’s Taylor. How are you feeling?” I just mumbled. She starts rubbing my back. “Sam told me you had a freak out last time. Are you okay? You know you can tell me anything, right?” I lied there, scared to talk to her about it because she was one of the most confident person I know. And I absolutely adore her for that. For the past year, she’s been trying to teach me how to be confident, how to love yourself, how to feel comfortable in your own skin. But no matter what, I still can’t. I sat up from the bed, wiping my tears. “Awww, come here baby girl.” She says, throwing her arms around my neck, pulling my into a hug, as I broke down in tears again. “What’s the mater? Tell me what’s wrong, please…” Her voice saddened. 

“Taylor, I just don’t get it…” “Get what babe?” She pulls away from me, looking in my eyes. “I don’t get it…” I cried out. “Sam should be dating girls like you, or Stass, or Kylie, or Kendell, or Jordyn or Madison. Someone who’s comfortable in their own freaking skin. Someone who loves the way they look. Who’s confident. Someone who doesn’t hate themselves. Someone who has a better body than I do..” I tried controlling my breathing and the tears from falling. “He doesn’t deserve someone like me..” I cried under my breath. “Hey, look at me.” She grabs my face, and lifts it up to look at her. “But he does deserve someone like you! You are his dream girl. Y/N, listen to me, you are one of the most smartest, funniest, kindest, soft hearted soul I have ever known. Not only that, you are so beautiful. And I hate it when you don’t give yourself enough credit. Do you know how happy you make him? How much the gang loves you?” She wipes my tears away,

“How fucking beautiful you are? I know these past few months I’ve been pushing you to feel comfortable in your skin, to be confident, to love yourself. And I’m sorry for pushing you. Loving yourself takes time. And I should’ve given you time. I should’ve known better than to push someone. So let’s rewind and start over, yeah?” I nod at her. “Let’s start off with something I forgot to do in the beginning because I was too busy wanting to rush it… How did you get this way? And still like this..” She asks, and I started fidgeting. “I promise I won’t tell Sam.” She grabs my hand and squeezes it. I inhaled deeply. “I was always like this. No one taught me to love myself. No one told me I was beautiful. I was always on my own in this world. Against my family, friends, classmates.” I counted my breaths. 

“In high school, people stared at me because I didn’t look like the girls in my school.” “What do you mean? You are the perfect size.” “I’m a size 8. Girls at my school were a size 0-2. Boys would always make fun of me. Girls would criticize me in the bathroom. And that was adding after being known as the quiet girl. I was never brave. I couldn’t enjoy what I looked like, when my entire life, I was made fun of what I looked like. Every corner in my life, I was criticized. You guys are the first people who never judged me on my looks. Sam is the first guy to ever give me the time of day like that.” I continued playing with my fingers. 

“Fuck. Them.” Taylor says. “Fuck every single person in your life who has ever put you down because you didn’t look a certain fucking way. You are drop dead gorgeous. No one in this world is perfect. Truth be told. Alright?” She tries to lighten up the atmosphere. “You keep comparing yourself to other girls. You keep trying to be like someone you’re not. Stop putting on a mask and this armor and start being yourself. If you’re hurt, show that you’re hurt. Don’t smile and hope it will go away. Don’t let pain take over your life.” “Pain is all I know.. Pain is all I feel..” I said, sniffling. “Let that pain go. Stop that burden from controlling your life.” She moves my hair from covering my face and behind my ear. “You are so beautiful. Whether you believe it or not. We believe it. Every single one of us. And until that day comes where you learn to love yourself, take your time to feel comfortable in your own skin.” “C-can I practice on you…?” I whispered. She nods as I get up from the bed, taking in 3 deep breaths. 

I slowly start taking off my clothes. Leaving me in what I left off yesterday. I started hesitating to take off my tank top to just be in my bra, shaking. “Let me help.” A voice right behind me says, having the courage to do what I can’t do. As the tank top came off, my eyes were closed, scared to see their reactions, breaths shaky. I open my eyes, Taylor gone but someone’s hands on my sides, and lips kissing my shoulder. “You are so beautiful.” I heard Sam’s voice whisper. He wraps one arm around my torso, and one arm over my shoulder down my chest, pulling me against his body, as i cried in his arms. “I’m sorry…” I cried out. “No no no no no..” He kisses my head, rocking me side to side, “Don’t be sorry. I’m not mad. Okay? I just want you to feel better about yourself. I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. Please don’t beat yourself up for this, please baby. I love you no matter what. You are so beautiful inside and out, never forget that.” As he kept saying reassuring words to me, I started to relax. 

He sat me down on the bed, and squatted in front of me. He grabs my hand in his, looking up at me, “Remember to always love yourself, and to always be yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable, especially when we have a pool day or go to the beach, let. Me. Know. If you are still struggling about feeling comfortable in your own skin, tell. Me. I want to be there for you. Okay? No matter what you’re insecure or scared about. I’m there for you. Okay?” “Okay.” I smile, a couple tears running down my face. “This is a huge step right now. Just being in your bra like this. How do you feel?” I started laughing at myself, wiping the tears, “F-free. Haha.” “Good, that’s good. You don’t have to do this all at once, okay? Taking the rest off. Do it, when you’re ready to show me.” He gets up, hugging me. “It feels nice just being in my bra and spandex.” I told him as he sits next to me. “Good. You look good too.” He winks, making me blush. Taylor comes in through the door, “And when the time comes, in the future, I want to put you on my blog and instagram called the naked diaries. To show the world you’re perfect and beautiful, but human too.” She sits on the other side of me, and hugs me. I feeling of relief went through my body. Because the first step into loving yourself, is to feel loved, just a little bit. 

Everything I said in this is so true for those of you who are going through insecurities about their bodies and what they look like. I know it is a tough time. Whether you believe it or not, I believe you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. For more information on Taylor Giavasis’ body acceptance and naked diaries, check out her instagram and how it inspires people to be comfortable in their own skin. 

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i luv giegue/giygas tbh…. i love giegue and have considered that to a kintype but i havent even played mother 1 so i cant like. say for sure. -maxie

me too tbh?? hes like my fav & i love him. and i dont know if thats weird or bad since im ness and was Destined to Defeat Him and all??? hmmmn. like im watching vinny vinesauce play the last parts of eb live and invaded onett? bad vibes man. robot body transfers? bad vibes, man. giygas? i wanna hug that….

also ive never played much of mother 1 (i got like 2 melodies) but its pretty bland gameplay-wise & not like mothers 2 or 3 lol. but maybe you could read the story on a wiki or find a playthrough to watch? :0

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ikr his body language is amazing! he would be an amazing dance tbh ..

I think you are definitely on to something, love! Let’s take a closer look, okay..? 

So, first off he’s got the:
“I know this is ridiculous but I know I look hella cute”- moves

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Everything about the bedroom/bathroom scene was perfect.
•we got Aaron in the bath…IN THE BATH!!!
•we got to see Robert all cosy and sleeping again with his bed hair, he’s just so soft and welcoming…lol
•the way Robert was staring at Aaron back when he sat down…😍Robert loves Aaron’s body
•Robert grabbing Aaron trying to get him back into bed was SO CUTE AND CUTE AND CUTE
•Roberts soft voice..(the one Aaron loves)
•the smiles 😬
•Robert watching Aaron leave like his life depended on it….he can’t help but watch him leave
•Robert being so happy looking at the ring thinking about his future with his soulmate

+ I loved the bedding, I loved how the room was decorated. It was so THEM….a mix of Robert and Aaron together.

✋🏻 acomaf spoilers ahead

I need someone to smack me


He’s not a good guy, especially to Feyre. He has abused her and disregarded her emotions and needs, listened to Ianthe instead of Feyre. Wouldn’t let her leave? T R A P P E d her in the manor and would have left her for days till he got back ..

He betrays his people and agrees to work with the enemy to get Feyre back and for Hybern to break the bond between her and Rhysand. He’s a monster, he’s lost a possession and wants it back. He feels like he has a claim to Feyre’s heart and body.

The reader knows this but Tamlin doesn’t. He thinks he loves Feyre and he risks EVERYTHING to get her back and he’s so happy seeing her back in the Spring Court and Feyre is thinking of blinding him lol I just really feel sorry for him

Plus his family they were shit and killed Rhysand’s mother and sister and so in retaliation Rhys and his father kill Tamlin’s entire family but him …

Tamlin’s a train wreck. Every horrible decision he makes has an even greater consequence and he doesn’t see it nor accept it. It’s a never ending cycle. It’s sad!

I need someone to talk some sense into me


Prompt-basically the joker is confused about his feelings towards you and you help him.
The joker (Jared Leto)
Lol man I didn’t read this over and it’s kinda all over the place and I’m sorry andbksjsbs I still hope you like it

His shaky hands and hot breath covered every inch of your body. He was so skilled but at the same time he had no clue what he was doing. You came into his world without a warning and fucking wrecked it. You were wild and carefree but what got him the most, is that you loved him.

You handled him with care. With everything bad he did, you still loved him and made sure he was somewhat okay. You had him wrapped around your finger and he was totally okay with it in fact, he loved it.

This wasn’t the was The Joker was supposed to act. He was supposed to be ruthless, crazy, unable to feel emotions but when you came around everything changed. He handled you with care, he started to take care of himself and he started to love you back. He was confused, he didn’t know what he was feeling but, you made all the confusion easier.

Your cold finger danced across his back as he littered your throat with kisses and small hickeys. His movements were natural but delayed, he was scared. You knew what you felt, you loved the crazy man for everything he stood for. He didn’t know what he felt, he liked you and everything about you but, all these emotions scared him.

“What’s wrong?” You asked the man with a soft voice.

“I don’t know, it just feels weird.” He wouldn’t look at you.

“What feels weird?”


You took him in your arms and held him, you knew this would be difficult, you knew this would be hard. You knew what you wanted and felt but he did not and that freaked both of you out. You worked your hardest to help him with his feeling but it was hard for him to open up and accept your offerings.

“I’ll help you.” Your voice was soft and sincere.

“Thank you.”

You both held each other and talked a little but. About what he was feeling and how you could help him. He needed you to help him understand his feelings and you would do anything to make this man happy.