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(THBW Bonus) Inuyasha’s kindness

Sadly, I couldn’t find anywhere to squeeze this conversation into The Half-Breed’s Wife. :/ But even though this conversation didn’t make it into the story I still consider it canon. It would have probably happened sometime after Inuyasha showed Kagome the sunset from his tree. ~Enjoy!


“You know you’ve been suspiciously nice to me since that fiasco with the snake. Did you hit your head in that fight or something?” Kagome teased her flustered companion, leaning against his side.

“I must have to try and be nice after you saved my life,” he grumbled.

“Well you know, without you there that snake would have eaten me in a heartbeat,” Kagome reminded him. “You saved me too, and you got really hurt doing it. I’m the one who should be more grateful.”

“You’re not showing it,” he said with a snort raising an eyebrow at her.

“Well, I already owe you so much for saving me from those bandits and taking me in when I had nowhere else to go. I told you then that I would repay you.” She looked up at him seriously.  "I WANT to repay you. I don’t know what I can do for you, but you know that all you have to do is ask.“

Inuyasha looked down where she held his arm. His golden eyes seemed to glow back at her as if holding in a fire, but his expression was quietly thoughtful.

The words ‘I want you to be mine.’ clawed their way to his throat and stayed there like a bitter tasting medicine, incapable of being swallowed back down. But he refused to let them out. Even with as kind and accepting as Kagome was that was too much.

After a few seconds of keeping her transfixed, He seemed to realize himself and snapped out of it turning away with a snort.

"You do plenty for me,” he told her shortly. “If I can think of something bigger than a patched up shirt I’ll tell you. Till then, don’t worry about it.”

“You’re sure?” she asked with a look of worry. “There’s nothing I can do for you?”

“Are you happy right now?” he asked in return.

She looked a little surprised by the turn in conversation but nodded. “I’m very happy.”

“Then, for now, that’s all I need.”

“…You’re a very kind person Inuyasha,” she told him with a soft smile.

He said nothing to that. But he had a feeling that if he had dared to ask for what he really DID want she wouldn’t have thought he was kind at all.

USUK XMAS Card Event(13/25): Xmas Gift (Neighbor Next Door Extra)

With each day that Christmas got closer Arthur fretted over what to get his mate. It just had to be special and absolutely perfect. The Alpha had been so good to him and Arthur wanted to do something to show his appreciation by getting him something he would adore. He was sure the Alpha would be getting him something nice and Arthur wanted to match it. He browsed online and he even asked his co-workers for advice. Francis as always was completely useless waggling his eyebrows and suggesting Arthur wrap himself up in a red bow and nothing else for his Alpha. Arthur had smacked him for that one. No, the omega knew the perfect gift was out there, he just had to find it.

It’s how Arthur found himself scouring the mall while his mate was working. It was a Saturday, but the Alpha could be ridiculous about his schedule in any case it worked out today for Arthur in the end. He perused store after store. Once sale associates got a whiff of his scent and the prominent bite mark on his neck they swarmed him like bees around sweet honey.

“All business Alphas are using it, your mate will adore this briefcase.” Arthur eyed the fine black leather placed in front of him with a critical eye. It really wasn’t a romantic gift in any sense. He shook his head. He left the store once again his frustration turning into sadness. When he looked up again he found himself staring at an Omega lingerie store and quickly scuttled past it lest his desperation cause him embarrassment. In his haste he found himself in front of an A/o store. The ad at the front of the store proclaimed the perfect gift for Alpha and Omegas. Arthur decided to give it a go and entered. He was a little shy about shopping in an A/o store he usually ordered online only, but since becoming Alfred’s mate he had started to feel more confident about his omega status. He checked the aisles finding himself in the Alpha section. Masculine wear was abound and Arthur loved the look of everything. Alfred obviously shopped here as he wore many similar items. He soon found himself at a display case. Inside were various watches and specialty items. Arthur eyed the ring on his finger, given to him shortly after their mating and an idea struck him.

Arthur left the store with a little bag and a bright blush, but he was sure he had secured the perfect gift for Alfred.  

I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! ^-^  Here some Grelliam, where William tries to not be socially awkward xD

Undertaker’s telling a joke, but I can’t really translate it into english, it’s a wordplay… >_> 

And I noticed how everyone’s dressed nice and fancy and Grell is just sitting there in his normal clothes…damnit, I should have given him a lovely dress or something… :c I noticed too late…but hey, he has awesome socks…probably because his feet always hurt like hell because of this heels >_> …honestly Grell, how can you walk in these things?!


“Here…I-uh…got you a little…something…”

Grell looked up when he heard a familiar sounding voice next to him. He raised one of his eyebrows in confusion though, as he looked into William’s eyes, who was sitting next to him on the leather couch all of a sudden. The black haired man even seemed to smile a little bit. 

“It-…It’s nothing special…but…well…I thought…”, he continued to talk and adjusted his glasses with his hand awkwardly. 

Grell was surprised. He actually hadn’t expected William to actually…get something for him. The redhead was a bit confused.  

“Wha-…oh…?”, the redhead couldn’t do anything though. At the very moment Will practically thrusted the gift into Grell’s hand. Not as rude as it may sound though. Gently. 

“…Thank you…”, Grell started to smile, looking at the gift. It was neatly wrapped up in fancy, red wrapping paper with a lovely ribbon on top, also red. He started to wonder, what might be inside that box.

Grell then looked up again and smiled at Will, suddenly noticing something. He was wearing something different than usual. And he noticed another thing… 

“Will…you…are even wearing my bowtie? …The one I got for you last year?”, Grell started grinning, “How very sweet of you, darling…~”

“…Merry Christmas, Grell”.

Loss | Isaac Lahey Imagine

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Request by @obrien-enthusiast : could you do #9 with isaac please?? thank you so much:) x

#9: 'What if I lose you?’

Isaac and you have been dating for three months now. When he got the bite, he got this cocky attitude that you hated, but when he finally chose Scott’s side, you started to see the real Isaac. A nice and sweet guy that has been through a lot in his life. You started talking and hanging out alone, and both of you started feeling something. You remember perfectly your first kiss. You were in your house watching a movie and he started approaching you until it was obvious. You looked at him, your eyebrows frowning when he suddenly cupped your cheeks and kissed you. After that you had some official dates until he asked you to be his girlfriend. You obviously accepted. Isaac was the best boyfriend ever, he was sweet, caring, all the things you expect. You were really happy with him.
Lydia was missing but Stiles was finally back. The nogitsune had been ruining your lives and when you finally thought everything was fine again, he got Lydia and disappeared. With Meredith’s help, you finally found the place where Lydia was. Everyone was getting ready, so you decided to ask Allison for a weapon  or something, even if you were human, you needed to help in some way. Lydia was one of your best friends. “Sure… You could grab my… Okay, that’s not a good idea… Or you could…” Allison mumbled looking around the room. Isaac suddenly came in and he smiled at you. “We’re ready, Allison. We should go now” he told her. You frowned, he was totally ignoring you. Allison simply nodded, she was still thinking about my weapon. She was really worried about Lydia, so the more help she could get, the better. “What are you doing?” he asked her confused. She looked at him with a worried face. “I’m thinking what weapon should Y/N use” she said. He started to shake his head like crazy. “No way. You are not coming, Y/N” he told you. “Of course I’m coming, you idiot. Lydia is one of my best friends, I can’t just wait here” you explained, grabbing the gun closest to you. “You can and you’ll do it” he demanded, grabbing the gun from your hands and placing it back in the table. “Isaac, I’m coming. With or without your permission. You are not my mom” you answered a little bit angry. You liked when he was worried about you, but he needed to understand your decision. “No, Y/N, I’m not your mom. But I’m your freaking boyfriend. And I care about you. A lot” he said. Allison was still mumbling things, trying to decide. When she saw the scene, she decided to go, leaving us alone arguing. “I care about you, too! I know you are a werewolf, okay? But you are not immortal. None of us are. I have to do this, Isaac. We’re talking about Lydia. Even Stiles is coming, and he basically can’t walk by himself. I don’t want to be a coward. I need to do something” He looked at you, his eyes full of pain. Scott suddenly walked in. “Hey guys, we have… Wow, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were…” he said when he saw our faces. “I’m sorry for interrupting, but we have to go” he told us. You looked at each other. “Please, stay” Isaac pleaded you. You shook your head, guiltiness filling you up. “Right now” Scott added. You nodded at him and started leaving the room when Isaac whispered. “What if I lose you?” You turned, and saw him crying. You ran and cupped his cheeks. And you kissed him, with all the love and passion you could. He intertwined his fingers with your hair. You needed to stand in your tiptoes so you could get to his lips. And you loved that. Both of you did. After what it seemed like hours, you finally stopped. You smiled and pulled away some of his tears. “You won’t. I promise”

I've tweaked it

I have just visited a friend. When I came home my parents and my boyfriend sat on the sofa. A strange moment.

Me: …hi? Did I miss something?
Mum: No, everything is alright, sweetie.
Dad: We have only interrogated your boyfriend.
Me: You… what?

I looked at my boyfriend. He looked a little lost, but smiled.

Me: Gosh… Mum, Dad, please. Leave my man alone.
R: Haha don’t worry. Your parents are very nice.
Me: Come on. Let’s go upstairs.

R got up and my Dad raised his eyebrows.

Dad: Leave the door open.
Me: Dad! I’m old enough.
Dad: And I am still your Dad.
R: And I am her Daddy.
Dad: …

20 minutes later. R and me were relaxing on my bed. We have not done anything. At least not much. I lay on him and we talked. Nothing bad. Suddenly someone opened the door. Without knocking!

Mum: Do you want to eat something?
Me: Can’t you knock?! I want privacy! What if we really fuck?!
R: Darling…
Me: No! She has to accept it! And at some point she will be a grandmother! And she is going to be a grandmother when I want it!

Mum and R were looking at me. I was so angry and after I ended my speech I grabbed his crotch. He gasped and widened, just like my mother, his eyes.

Me: That’s my boyfriend and my cock. I have sex as often, as long and as hard as I want. Now get the fuck out!
Mum: Okay, okay… Keep calm!

After she left I let go his crotch. He looked a little bit pained.

R: You’ve tweaked it.
Me: Oh my god, I’m sorry… I was so angry.
R: I know… And that’s so hot.

Imagine coming back from the grocery store without a pie...

‘Where’s the pie?’ Dean turned to look at you.

'Well, I thought we could try something different,’ you replied as you turned away to sort through the rest of the grocery bags. 'Seeing as you got hurt saving me, I thought I should do something nice for you. Y'know, to say thank you and make us even.’

'I’m not sure I like where this is going y/n. Pie was something nice for me’

'Ok.’ You span around to face him, 'But consider this. I make you a pie!’

'You make me a pie?’ He raised an eyebrow, 'You? Y/n, you burn grilled cheese!’

'I know, I know but I really want to do this and I found a recipe and everything and I’ll try really, really hard…’

Dean rolled his eyes.

'Fine! But if it goes wrong, you go straight back out to buy some real freaking pie.’

'Deal!’ You beamed as you turned back to start sorting the ingredients. Time to show him what you were made of!