he's got more swag than you

When you tell Yoongi you miss him

To those especially me who miss Yoongi a lot~ I bet this would be how he would react if you were to say that you miss him xD

*you pace around the room hoping Yoongi will pick up your video call*

Y/N: Sigh, he must be busy resting or he got immersed in his work agai-

*at that moment he picked up*


YG: Hey


YG: Did you ?


YG: Hmm? How much?


YG: How much is a lot?


YG: hmmm but I have a lot of swag though


YG: *chuckles* that’s ma baby girl

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Thoughts/feelings/questions about Flash season 3 finale:

Why Savitar got more swag than regular BA?

Why Savitar got better style than BA?

Why Savitar got me feeling bad for his Ass?

Why couldn’t Barry run H.R to the hospital in the 10 minutes he lay there telling the woman he only knew for 3 days he loves her?

Why didn’t anyone else volunteer as tribute to go into the speed force aside from Barry? I’m looking at you Jay. I mean I love you but you lived your life.

Why Caitlin always shooting down Julian when he wants her at her worse? That’s love.

If she aint Killer Frost or Caitlin than What’s her new name?

What was Savitars plan for Jessie ??

What was the wedding date they decided on??? Is Iris gonna have to call all them guests herself to Cancel?

Did Barry record a studio version of RHTY in preparation for the wedding?

I would be down for a Savitar, Barry, Iris love triangle.
Savyy was straight up bitter.
He could’ve DJ'ed he wedding btw.

Are we finally getting a new and improved star labs?? Please.


BTS Reaction to their crush speaking many languages

Requested! bts reacting to their crush (who is also an idol and their friend) knowing how to speak lots of languages!!!! pls!! ahh ty if u do it !!

I actually loved this because I’m fluent in 3 languages and many people are surprised when they find out ^^ I hope you enjoy :D

Jin (Seokjin): *shocked when he hears you switch between languages like it’s nothing* Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you could speak so many languages?? You could’ve translated so many recipes for me!

Suga (Yoongi): *astounded but also very impressed* wow you got more swag than me

J-Hope (Hoseok): *totally confused* Y/N? What on earth are you saying? I didn’t know you could speak so many languages!! Can you teach me?

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *surprised at first but then he realizes that you two can talk english in front of the others without them understanding too much* Y/N THIS IS AMAZING! Now we can finally talk in private *loving it*

Jimin: *finds it super sexy when you speak in a different language* Y/N you are so hot when you switch between languages *proud of you for being multilingual*

V (Taehyung): *hears you speak a different language* *starts talking gibberish to you* wait Y/N that was an actual language you were speaking?? I thought you were just making up words!

Jungkook: *surprised* WHAT? YOU SPEAK MORE LANGUAGES THAN ME? THE GOLDEN MAKNAE? *studies hard to surpass you in the amount of languages you speak* NO ONE IS BETTER THAN JUNGKOOK *smug*

Credit to the gif owners~

[Yoongi Scenario]~ First Love

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“I’m so glad I am able to meet you in person finally,” you say over the phone as you began walking out of your hotel.

“Me too… I’ve been waiting so long to see you,” even over the phone you could tell that Yoongi was smiling as he spoke.

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Taehyung and Not Chill


“Taehyung teasing you under the blankets during a movie night with the boys.”

edited by the lovely @teal-n-turquoise, thank you!

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Your name: submit What is this?

Normally, your ‘Netflix and Chill’ nights were pretty chill, with no innuendo involved, because when your boyfriend lives with six other guys, there wasn’t much time for innuendos and “chill”. Your Netflix and Chill nights generally consisted of sitting on one of the sofas with the maknae line, cuddled under a mountain of blankets, with Taehyung’s arm wrapped around you.

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EXO Reaction to their girl loving Yeol’s puppy eyes and being unable to say no to him

His puppy eyes are everything tho, I cri. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*You wonder if he is enjoying it* “I got the eyes jagi… you know you can’t resist them” *Always using them against you*


*Puppy eyes doesn’t work for him, more like swag eyes* “Will you baobei? I’m sure this is better than those puppy whines. This is our style”


*Offended* “You say yes to him but not to me? Me? Your boyfriend? Oh Sehun? You can’y say no to this god! You mortal!”


*Angry* “Chan this chan that… and Tao what? Grrrr panda needs love”


“Fine! I got my own puppy!” *More adorable than chanyeol definitely*


*Is kind of affected too* “Oh yes I’m yours! Don’t tell her I said that Baekhyun.. I was just… don’t”


“You want me to be a puppy too? Fine.. but gods bite, let me bite you now, you smell nice”


*Tries to ignore it* “There he goes again… I’m manly.. I thought she liked that…” *Sulks* 


*Perfect imitation of Yeol’s eyes* “Jagi please? Let’s kiss… yes?  Hmm hmm” *Even wiggles his imaginary tail*


*Sex eyes* “I can do puppy eyes too babe..” *Yes.. close enough. Yup*


“I don’t do puppy eyes… but I do unicorn eyes. What do you say baobei? Yes?”


“I’m a neko… this is what you like right? No? You meow don’t like meow? But Chanyeol… ugh that dog I hate dogs”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Bts as your family

Mother Jin :
he will make sure you eat each and every bit of that soup or else he’ll use that kitchen knife hidden somewhere to threaten you, since HE CARES about your well being so much.He nags you 24h/7 with no rest and only tone it down when you seem to have brought back a boyfriend from school.

Father Namjoon:
He will give you the best advice you can ask for, when you like a boy or when you need help with school. Even though he broke your phone for the third time by accident, he is a very caring dad. Well you could say that if a guy broke your heart, he wouldn’t hesitate to break his face.

Twin brother Taehyung :
He’s your partner in crime with whom you always prank people. He think bunnies live on the moon and you might have had believed him at some point.You guys had your own language as kids, but you grew out of it , while he didnt. You used to play hide and seek and were obsessed with making forts when you were young .

Baby brother Jungkook :

He’s the kid that stands out from the rest and is always praised . You feel somewhat very proud of him, but he has this tendency to rebel and put the blame on you when does something bad. You always end up scolded instead of him, since mom and dad love this kid way too much to think he’s the reincarnation of Satan .

Pervy uncle Jimin :
You know that one uncle who’s always drunk and sputter non sense at family gatherings?That one uncle that you find annoying, but can’t say anything about it ?Yes that’s jimin. Jimin is the Pervy uncle who seems to care more about the love life of his nieces and nephews than his wife and three kids. Please uncle jimin just leave them alone.

Cousin Jhope :
Jhope is the crazy cousin who’s been around the world three to four times. HIS LIFE IS EXCITING AND YOURS SUCKS. His mom and dad put extra effort into him, since he’s in some upgraded dance academy. He is always in a good mood and has that “ You can trust Oppa , I’ll make it come true” kind of vibe .

Grandfather Suga :

The pops is done with yall. He just wants to sleep and live as a rock, yet yall making it extra hard for him. He likes quiet areas where you can sleep for more than 12 hours, and he despise socialisation! So don’t get close to him unless you got the necessary swag !

Welcome to the BTS fandom

Hi hi^^ welcome to the fandom!! Let me introduce you to the derpiest band ever…

First up is the leader, Rap Monster! AKA the God of Destruction! His specialty is breaking things…exhibit a

Our leader has mad rapping skillzzz! So sexy *^* Seriously, he lives up to his name! Check out his mixtape, you won’t regret it!!  

Rap Mon taught himself English, and created the phrase “You got no jams" 

Not to mention his dancing is on point!! Rap Monster? More like Dance Monster! 

Next up is our princess, and the oldest member, Jin! Jin is visual of BTS, I mean just look at him… gahd plz helppp!! [He is prettier than me! T-T] 

Jin is the chef of the group, and loves food! [How can someone look that cute while eating?!?!]

Besides having incredibly good genes, Jin also has a lovely singing voice! …and an obsession with Nintendo.

Next is Swag. 

Haha just kidding! It’s the swag master, Suga!!

Suga is an amazing rapper, and full of swag. He writes a lot of Bangtan’s music along with Rap Mon. But his favorite thing to do is sleep and be lazy! [I feel ya Yoongi] 

Even though he is a powerful rapper, Suga is adorable and has a smile as sweet as sugar! So cute ^-^

Next is Bangtan’s little ball of sunshine, J-Hope! Hobi always brightens up the mood, and makes everyone laugh!

J-Hope is in charge of dancing and rapping. His dancing is super impressive!! Dang this boy can move! 

The members make fun of him for looking like a horse… but he is the cutest horse i’ve ever seen!! 

Prepare your ovaries. 

Next we have the abs of BTS, jamless Jimin! Like. Daymn boy. Can you not?? #stopjimin2k15 

From outstanding dancing to a wonderful falsetto, Jimin is hella talented!! And he kinda wants to be Taeyang…

Everyone thinks Jimin is in love with Jungkook… but then again.. who doesn’t want kookie?!

Next is our 4d alien, V! Yup…he is definitely one of a kind.

Apart from his Joker impression, V is a vocalist. He has a unique and deep voice!! 

… I don’t know… Bangtan doesn’t even know… V lives in his own world.  

Finally, we have the precious 'golden maknae’ Jungkook! Jungkookie is a singer, rapper, and dancer… what can he not do tho?

This maknae melts the hearts of all the noonas with his beautiful voice! [*cough* Savannah *cough*]

I think Jungkook sees dead people… or he’s just.. I don’t know…  why does he always make this face?? 

And there you have it!! Bangtan in a nutshell!! I hope these weird, beautiful, and talented derps ruin your life too!! Welcome to the ARMY!! <3

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Letting out an exasperated sigh Fushimi keeps your arm in a firm yet gentle grip not wanting to injure you further. “You and I both know that if these scratches do get infected then you will be in more pain than a simple sting from disinfectant”.

Fushimi continued to tend to the scratches until all of them were covered with some bandages then he released your arm. “There I’m done now. Try not to further injure yourself… Meaning have some self control and not fight for awhile”.

Fushimi looks you over for any other serious scratches or injuries and sighs. “When you move, tell me if anything hurts okay”.


“Hmph! How ‘bout you mind your own business?” Misaki snapped, turning her back towards the taller male. 

Avoid fights? – No, that’s just impossible. If somebody pisses her off, she will let them know. What a boring life those must lead who never get into a bit of a brawl. 

“This wasn’t even that hard of a fight. The opponent was lucky he got a few hits in, that’s all. I was the one who came out victorious though, quite obviously~ Those lil’ punks just can’t match my strength.” she boasted, the tip of her baseball bat hitting the ground with a soft ‘clang’. Now if only she hadn’t run into that stupid monkey…Having him see her like this was more embarrassing than anything. The female could almost predict his thoughts. He probably considers her weak, getting injured like that. 

Nash Imagine for hannahz3

You rang the doorbell of your boyfriend’s house, waiting for him to answer. Usually you’d just walk in, but the last time you did that, Hayes walked by you in just his boxers and had a fit because he didn’t know you were supposed to be over. So you decided to play it safe this time.
Nash answered, smiling at you and showing off his dimples that you loved so much.
“Come on in, bae. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve missed ya.” He said, kissing your cheek and ushering you inside.
“I’ve missed you more. Hayes is clothed this time, right?” You asked, turning to look at Nash. He laughed and nodded, remembering how Hayes screeched and dove behind the couch last time.
“Yeah, he’s clothed. I’ve actually got to get a shower, do you mind sitting with Skylynn for a little bit? I’ll be done in fifteen minutes, tops.”
“How the hell do you get done in fifteen minutes? It takes me a half hour at the least!” You asked, jealous of how little guys had to do to get ready.
“Beauty takes longer than swag.” Nash said cheesily, walking up the stairs and towards Skylynn’s room. It had white walls adorned with pink trim, and pink curtains as well. Princess castles and horses were everywhere, in all different shades of pink.
And in the middle of the room, on the off white carpet was Skylynn, wearing a princess hat and playing with her horses. She looked up at you both with a big grin, and neighed. She NEIGHED. It was so cute.
“Hey, Skylynn! Do you mind if (Y/N) sits with you for a little while? Just until I come back?” He asked her sweetly, and she pulled a face.
“Does she like horses?” She asked, and Nash looked over at you.
“Yes, I do. In fact, I used to ride them when I was little.” You said, remembering all the blue ribbons hanging on the corkboard in your room.
“Can you play horses?”
She looked from you to Nash, and then sighed.
“I guess she can stay.” Skylynn said, making Nash laugh.
“Alright, I’ll be done soon. Have fun, babe.” Nash said, kissing your cheek. From the ground, Skylynn pouted.
“I want a kiss too.” She said, and Nash rolled his eyes sassily and kissed the top of her head.
“Can I go get a shower now?” He asked her, and she sniffed him.
“Fine.” Skylynn said, and broke into a fit of laughter. He sighed and looked down at her suspiciously.
“What?” He asked her from the doorway, and she giggled.
“You smell like a horse!” She added, then started laughing again. Nash shook his head, smiling, and left.
There was a beat of silence as you and Skylynn looked at each other. Then you sat down on the floor across from her and picked up a horse.
“That’s Buttercup. She’s the Princess Horse.” Skylynn said seriously, and picked up a dark gray horse. “This is Prince Dolphin. He’s married to Buttercup.”
You smiled. “Is he? Who’s the Queen?” You asked, interested. Skylynn named all her horses for you except Polka Dot and Cocoa, who were lost at the moment somewhere under Skylynn’s bed.
“They’re on a long vacation and won’t be back until I clean my room.” She explained.
“So they’ll never be coming back?” You asked, and Skylynn nodded, then shrugged.
You both played horses for a few minutes until Skylynn set her horse down.
“You’re really nice, but I don’t like you.” She said outright, and you knitted your eyebrows together.
“Why don’t you like me, Sky?”
“You’re gonna take Nash away forever. He was my brother first, you can’t have him.” She said, crossing her little arms.
“I’m not gonna take him away from you. He’ll always be your big brother, don’t worry.” You offered, and she looked at you.
“Are you sure? He’s always saying he’s gonna run away with you to Calnifonia and get married.”
You giggled. “You mean California?”
“Yeah! He talks about how he loves you a whole lot, and when people love each other a whole lot, they go away and get married.”
“Sometimes they do, and sometimes they stay right here and get married. But we won’t be getting married soon, Sky. We’re just kids, like you.”
“But what if you do go away?” She asked, and you thought for a minute.
“Well, can’t we come back and visit you?”
“Every day?”
“Maybe not every day, but a lot. We’ll visit all the time, don’t worry.”
Skylynn thought this over. “Okay..” she said, then picked her horse back up. You two kept playing for a little while longer, and the next time you looked up, Nash was standing in the doorway, smiling fondly at both of you.
“Nash!!” Skylynn jumped up and ran to him, hanging on tight to his leg.
“Long time no see, Sky.”
“Nash! I like (Y/N), I like her! She’s not gonna take you away from me she’s gonna visit all the time!”
Nash looked from Skylynn to you, confused.
“Did I miss something?” He mouthed to you, and you shook your head, laughing.
“Wanna go and watch a movie, (Y/N)?” Nash asked you, trying to detach Skylynn from his leg.
“Sure, sounds good.” You said, standing up and placing Princess Buttercup on her throne.
“What movie are we watching?!” Skylynn asked excitedly, climbing up Nash’s leg.
“Hope you don’t mind her joining us.” Nash said to you, and you shook your head.
“I don’t mind at all! It’ll be fun.”
“Yay! Let’s watch Elsa and Anna!” Skylynn yelled, squirming up into Nash’s arms. He rolled his eyes but didn’t tell her no.
“Frozen it is!” You said, running downstairs as fast as you could.
“Might as well become a babysitter.” Nash said jokingly as you ran, with Skylynn fast on your heels.

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Like and reblog if you like it! Really didn’t have any idea what this was gonna be like but I’m hoping it turned out okay and that you guys will like it!

but we all lowkey know that justin is gonna be a great ass father like he would be that type of dad that would always be there for his kids and he would go to all the baseball games and ballet recitals and even those stupid parents night that no parents go to but he would be there and he would take time off of work just to go to things like that because nothing is more important to him than family and if you two had a little boy he would teach him how to dress and how to talk and say all the dumb words that he says like “swag” and “deez nuts… ha got emmmmm” you would tell him to stop teaching your son such useless things and he would argue and be like “it’s important babe he needs to know” and if you two had a little girl he would know how to braid her hair and play dolls with her and we all know she would be daddy’s little princess and even if she got a papercut justin would have a heart attack and start overreacting and you would roll your eyes at him at how dramatic he was being and when she gets her first crush justin would get all overprotective and ask her a bunch of questions and she would end up running away from him because he loves his princess too much and doesn’t want her to grow up so quickly but they would always have their little bond like justin would sing her to sleep and she would be lying on his chest and they would look like cutest things in the world and wow im done

My LT Experience 1/07/2014 - "Pop My Trunk"

Alright guys, it was bridick (new word I learned from Sica) yesterday, but someway somehow, I still made it to the workshop. Myself, my BFF and my other homegirl beared the icy winds to go see them. SMH. By the time I made it in the building, I couldn’t feel my toes. It took about 10 minutes for my toes to come back to life and I was worried I had lost them. Thank God I wasn’t dancing. Anyway, fast forward to when we made it upstairs. (BTW, they almost tried to play me and say they couldn’t find my name on the list, I was ready to flip a table, thank God they finally found it though.)

So we get inside and the room was arranged a little differently than it was the last time I was here. My friends and I rushed to the front to get good seats; we bypassed Les Twins and everything just so we could get the good seats. At this point, people are just lounging around settling in etc. The twins are moving around talking to a few people, and then Larry passes right by me and I call his name. He goes,

“You call me like you know me”

I say, “Yeah I do, it’s me with the ear rings”

“Oh girl that’s you? How you doing?” he daps me up

Then he tells me he lost the ear rings on stage. So I throw a little pity fit. And he’s all apologizing saying it was a mistake, and he said he wish I had like 5 more to give him. I told him I’ll see if I can find it again and give it to him the next time I see him. Then I said, “I have another gift for you.” But he was already holding a small gift bag from someone else. He says,

“I got candy already, is better than what you have”

I go, “Just look at it, read the card, and don’t judge me”

He takes the bag and before he opens it I lean in a little closer and say, “It’s so you can brush your teeth with swag”

He looked like he didn’t get it, but he realized what I was talking about when he pulled out the toothbrush and toothpaste I got him. LTLADIES!!! He started cracking up, dying laughing, shaking his head in disbelief. He came in and gave me the tightest biggest bestest hug ever, eyes closed and swinging side to side hug. I didn’t wanna let go. And then he explained to everyone looking that I gave him this not because he has bad teeth or anything (he gave the Larry smile to show off his pearly whites saying “im good”) but because of the IG vid he posted a couple days ago.

Now let’s backtrack a little. I wasn’t even gonna get them gifts this time. I really had no time to get anything and I was like, how can I top the ear rings? But then, like, the day before the workshop I was like, let me get Larry a gag gift about his freestyle. I didn’t even wanna give it to him. I was worried that he might not like it, or that he wouldn’t get it, or that he would be offended. But he took it all in stride and he got the joke and gave me the best hug I ever wanted.

Woo! Well, I could stop right here, but I’ll keep going. I’m sure you guys already seen the videos, but I was under the impression that they were gonna do Yonce choreo again. But I hear Larry talking about some song that he loves but it’s not popular and its by Wino…..I almost went mad. I was like, I know he’s not gonna do Pop My Trunk. And he does!!! He did a little freestyle to it and it was beautiful. My fav video of him is when he dances to this song in Vlado, so I was hyped. I was actually just showing my other friend that video while we were out in the lobby.

Anyway, moving on, they start the warm up, and interestingly enough it’s to Panic At The Disco’s song I Write Sins Not Tragedies. At one point Larry has them do a balancing thing on their foot while he went around pushing people. A little later, they gave little speeches, and Lau was talking about Larry’s dance style and you could tell that he holds his brother in high regard. But he proceeded to tell the dancers that they have to be better than Larry. As for him, he said that if he finds somebody better than him, he gonna kill him, we all laughed. They continue the choreography and Larry keeps saying “is easy is easy, is like mathematics”, with the strongest accent that had me dying. I loved it though.  

Ok, last thing before the end. Larry gives no effs, whatsoever. He was like, I’m looking for a “Jackie Chan.” And he goes and finds an Asian boy talking about “if he can do it, anybody can.” He asked the guy where he was from and he’s like,

“I’m from The Bronx”

“Yeah, but your family from China right?”

“No, Korea”

I tell you, Larry don’t give a nothing. SMH!! And a little later on, Lau was speaking to the class and he asked everyone not to record anything because he was talking about Beyonce. He starts explaining that they choreographed Flawless so that everyone could do it, they couldn’t make it hard. But then that’s when they catch an Asian guy still filming. And Lau is like, no, please stop. Now Larry’s wild ass starts speaking fake Chinese. Shaking my friggin head at this boy’s ridiculousness. Lau gave him a huge slap on his back to shut him up. If anything, that night, I saw a whole nother side of Larry, he’s really a mess.

After that they start the cypher and everyone forms a circle. There were some people there that did their thing, but there was this one girl that absolutely killed it, she was small and petite but she was breaking, flipping, shaking, the whole nine. She did that and the twins looked impressed with her. This time around I was in the front so I could see everything. But my BFF pulled me out and she was like, there’s a line forming to take pictures. So I got on the line and I was closer to the front, but I missed the twins dancing in the cypher L. Anyway, it comes time to take my picture and I sit between them and hook my arms around their arms and we take the pics. I asked Larry for a kiss and he tells me, “oh the line is long.” I gave him the ‘don’t make me punch you’ eyes and then he gave me my kiss. Yeah, he better had not played himself, lol. I got up to leave and I saw that Lau kinda looked like I swerved him and I felt bad so I went right back and said “oh sorry, you too” and I bent down to kiss him. His lips were this close to mine yall, lol. It looks like they would much rather give kisses than receive them. Their faces are all scrunched up when the girls give them kisses and they look uncomfortable.

I wanted to stay and watch for the rest of the night, but the security was kicking everyone out. But I have to say that this time around, the people at Alvin Ailey were much more lenient about taking pictures and videos. I had my big old Ipad out for all to see, lol.

Oh, one more thing. Lau was wearing shorts and ladies, yes he’s still ashy. I might just get him lotion the next time I see him. But anyway, I noticed a vein running down his calf….and I must say it looked so good. My BFF really held me down, and no I’m not just saying that because she’s gonna be reading this, I mean it. My experience is always magnified when I’m with her. She even asked Larry to follow me on IG since I gave him the gift, he said “never,” lol, clown! I found myself to be a little less jittery this time around. I was much more calm than I was last time, and more comfortable with them too. Still excited, but much less star struck. I think I’m getting the hang of this guys. My BFF would probably beg to differ though, lol.

Anyway, that’s that for that! I had a blast and I will be uploading some pics soon. I have some vids too, but I just need to figure out a way to upload those too (I wish I was more tech savvy). As soon as I do, I will. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Bisous my loves.



I’ve finally calmed down enough about the Royal Rumble so I can talk about what was the best part of the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns. WWE’s Khal Drogo and Thor. The One Hoss To Rule Them All, Who Binds Us Into Darkness And Uncomfortable Feelings In Our Nether Regions. The Only Man In The World Who Could Impregnate Other Dudes And Those Dudes Would Be Grateful.

So yeah. Let’s talk about Roman Reigns.

I mean, it doesn’t need to be said that Roman Reigns is a bona fide stud. 

External image

I mean, really, look at this motherfucker. Where do I start? The hair?

That is some Herbal Essence shit right there.

Or maybe how he has some of the prettiest eyes, well, ever?

External image

Ambrose and Rollins aren’t even in this picture and they still got the vapors.

I mean, I don’t really have to tell you that he’s built like a brick shit house, do I?

External image

Well guess what, I just told you he’s built like a brick shit house.

He’s dapper as fuck in a suit.

Mmmm yeah.

And apparently he likes puppies, too?

External image

RIP my ovaries 1983-2014

But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Anyone with eyeballs (pulse optional) knows that Roman Reigns is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. What has REALLY caused my Roman Reigns situation is that he has steadily become one of the BEST FUCKING CHARACTERS WWE HAS.

I mean, when the Shield debuted, I knew Roman was gonna be the hoss, but I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR HOW MUCH OF A HOSS HE WOULD BECOME. For fuck’s sake, he has been killing it lately.  

What do I mean? First of all, DAT SPEAR.

External image


No, seriously, the spear is one of the most overdone wrestling moves ever. There’s only a few people who can believably pull off the spear for me; Big Show, cause he’s four hundred fucking pounds if he spears your ass you’re going down and Goldberg cause yeah, he played football, where spearing is kinda your job. I add Reigns to this list because JUST LOOK AGAIN.

Admittedly, it helps having Ziggler take the spear. Before I die, I need to see Ziggler take an F5. He will end up on the roof of the arena and it will be glorious.

External image

Never 4get the night when Punk ate it.

External image

Me too, Roman. Me too.



External image




External image

Only Reigns shall be worthy to wield Mjolnir.

External image

Actually, he’s Ultraman. If Ultraman was painfully, painfully hot.


External image


External image

My God, this is next level Dolph Ziggler right here.

Let’s be real, these three moves are more than enough to make Roman Reigns a star. But lately he’s been adopting mannerisms to go with his insane arsenal. I am a fucking sucker for little character moments, guys. This is why Daniel Bryan is my favorite human being to ever exist. Little character moments take a good wrestler to great. It gives them personality, a little flair that makes it easy for us to identify who this guy is, what drives him, what he wants and how he’s going to take it. And Roman has been slaying in this department.

External image

The moment when my intense love affair with Roman Reigns started. Anyone who mocks old geezers who should stay out of the ring basically wants me to have their babies. Anyone who mocks the precious Attitude Era could sacrifice said babies and I would hand them over to them. Roman, I will bear all of your Superman babies, even if carrying those Superman babies to term would destroy my mere mortal body.

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Reigns as a character gives no fucks if you’re a legend. You touch that beautiful fucking face, he’s gonna fuck you up. But seriously, this was a great moment for him, a very subtle way to show that his confidence is building and he refuses to be aww-shucks like a noob.

This…this was it. This was the moment when I truly, truly became lost in the Roman Reigns situation. Ignoring the fact that his hair is fucking gorgeous and I could only pray to have that much volume in my own hair, this was by far the best moment of the Rumble. Period. End of story. No other moment may pass go or collect $200 dollars. This is a man who knows who he is, what he can do, and knows he’s got this in the fucking bag. This is a man who is sick of these old fucks coming and trying to take what’s his. This is a man who is going to punch this old man out, and going to enjoy every fucking second of it. It’s cocky, but not arrogant, and that’s such a fine line to straddle. He’s confident in himself, but he’s not wrong because he is better than fucking Batista, and he does deserve this more than Batista. It’s not arrogance if it’s the truth.

And that love just tripled last night during Raw’s main event.

Boom Thunder Dropkick! BUT THEN IT GOT BETTER.


Also I don’t know what’s happening here, but I found it while looking for gifs and felt like it should be here.

WWE may be fucking up left and right, but one thing they’re NOT fucking up is Roman Reigns. They’re letting him do his thing and he is slaying it. And that, to me, is what makes him six billion times hotter than he naturally is. His character development has been so phenomenal, I want to Quad-City-DJ this motherfucker and ride him like a choo-choo train.

Which is saying a lot, because hot damn.