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But what if someone hits on the other in the Body Swap AU? Like, when someone suddenly flirts with Riza (but Roy's inside her body!!!). How will you think Roy would react?

But imagine the fear too if someone took it too far?

Like, Roy’s the type who understands that it can be terrifying to be a woman in a situation like that if someone doesn’t get the message. He’s probably seen (and gotten himself involved in) his fair share of confrontations between the Madame’s girls and some unsavory bar patrons. Maybe he’s even made his presence known when Riza gets a whistle or lewd comment when the team is out getting drinks.

What if he’s out one night after buying groceries and hears a whistle, not realizing that it’s directed at him. Before he knows it, he’s backed into a corner and this stranger is demanding to know why he didn’t accept the compliment ‘she’ was given. He’s broken up many different encounters like it before, but he’s never been at the center of it. He knows the fear involved and has felt fear for the woman it’s directed at, but never before had he felt a fear like that; where he realizes that he’s smaller and maybe even weaker than the person that’s directly confronting him.

In this scenario I’m sure he would drop his groceries and clock the guy in the face, and then get to the nearest phone and call the authorities.

Goblin ending #3

I said in my first post that Goblin ending was a lackluster. However, the more I think about it, the more I like it. I don’t know why, but I love this ending right now.

Kim Shin wanted to die for about 900 years. However, since he met Eun-Tak and fell in love with her, he got to think that his life is not just a punishment but a reward. And finally he chose to live as an immortal goblin to meet his bride again, knowing that the endless life will be suffering.

Wang Yeo committed suicide because he thought he’d never been loved by anyone. However, as a Grim reaper, he eats, sleeps, watches TV drama, loves a woman, sheds tears, and wants to get a name and a business card. He gets to dream of life as a human being again.  

After all, the writer seems to tell us “Life is beautiful even if it is painful. Cheer up.” “Somebody loves you even though you don’t know it” through these lonely and shining goblin and grim reaper.

Anonymous prompted: Phil and the team find real May from her captivity. Philinda reunion after?

I’ve had an idea for this for a while now and you gave me the perfect excuse! Beware, this is angsty, but as promised, there’s a happy, fluffy end!

She was back for three days and he kept avoiding her. He hadn’t even really looked at her ever since he got her out of that creepy room.

And it had to stop.

Whatever his problem with her was, whatever bot-May did that was so horrible … Blaming her for that was just unfair and she had enough. How could she make things better if he didn’t even give her a chance?

No, she wouldn’t stand for that.

Which was exactly why she would now knock against his door.

She’ve been standing her for almost five minutes and that hadn’t gotten her anywhere either.

Melinda pressed her lips together and raised her hand.

If he didn’t want to be friends again, if he wanted to dissolve their partnership over something a robot had done, so be it! But he better say it to her face because then she would … she would what?

She’d be heartbroken.

But this was hurting her already. She missed him. She’d gotten used to just get crumbs of him, she’d gotten used to keeping things mostly professional, but before she had been kidnapped he had asked her to finally open that bottle of Haig and that just must’ve meant something to him too.

They couldn’t just be over.

Before she could knock, the door opened and Phil almost ran into her.

He quickly took a step back and stared at her with widened eyes. “May.”

She took a step back too and dropped her hand.

At least he didn’t call her agent May like he had done when he had recruited her.

“We need to talk,” she said.

He looked down and turned his head away. “Now is not a good time.”

God, this was awful! “What did she do?” Her voice broke. She would not cry now, she just wouldn’t! “She wasn’t me, you know? You can’t blame me for this.”

He pulled up his shoulders. “I know.”

“Then please let me fix it.”

Finally he raised his gaze to hers again. “We kissed,” he mumbled. “She kissed me and I …” I bit his lower lip and shook his head. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

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Pieces of My Broken Heart-16

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Hirshell Parker checked the address he had for (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), he frowned. It appeared to be some sort of under ground dwelling, He had to figure out a way to get (Y/N), alone to take care of business.

He got out of his rental car, making his way to the front door. Seeing a car pulling out of the garage, he saw that (Y/N) was driving the car. He grinned his job, just got easier, he flagged her down.

She rolled down her window. “It’s nice to see you Ms. (Y/L/N), I need to speak to you.”

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rape being used as a weapon of war is so heart wrenching. it was used during the partition of india, the french used it in algeria, serbians used it against bosnian women, it’s being used right now in syria and what’s so heart breaking is the fact that women choose to commit suicide because of the possibility of being raped. humanity never learns, we really have failed.

honestly the only person on the team who isnt a massive space nerd is Thor, the actual alien

#no means no

Ladynoir snow angels, adrinette christmas caroling, marichat gift exchange on her balcony, ladrien all bundled up for a stroll :) 

for @franticyogurt

so p much the backstory is adrien’s having a bad day so ladybug tries to cheer him up or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Having seen the first two episodes of The Crown I can say that this is quality period piece shit right here, and you should all watch it.


  • the King of England saying “cunt” within the first ten minutes
  • Philip telling a tribal king that he likes his hat only for Elizabeth to hiss “That’s a CROWN darling” beginning the lifelong Windsor issue of “Don’t Let Philip Talk To POC Just… Don’t”
  • King George VI being like “she is the job Philip loving her protecting her that’s the job” and Philip nodding vigorously because holy shit his father  in law is literally holding a shotgun
  • (I died)
  • Margaret being so scandalous you can’t handle it~
  • like???? lots of unexpected medical stuff???? so watch out
  • The quiet but insistent screams of American Netflix viewers going “I DON’T UNDERSTAAAAND” and “DON’T KISS HER FEET THAT’S GROSS” and “WHYYYYYYYY DO YOU HAVE THESE PEOPLE?”

My favorite headcannon is that Jack has an amazing singing voice and he doesnt even know it.

One day when they’re driving in the car, Bitty has his Sappiest Love Songs Ever playlist going, and Jack’s hitting every note in If I Ain’t Got You. By now Bitty knows Jack can sing, so he posts a video of Jack just going at it on his twitter. The offical Falcs account retweets it. Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets it. Bad Bob retweets it with a “He definitely got that one from his mother”. #WhatThePuckZimmermann is trending #1. The world absolutely loves that this big, quiet, awkward hockey bro also belts it out to sappy love songs on long drives, and Bitty is so proud they finally get to see a part of the real Jack.

  • Yandere-chan: Oka, I want to help you become happy with who you are. And I know just the training you need to do that!
  • Oka: Yan-chan... Y-you're gonna train me??
  • Yandere-chan: Pft, what? Me?
  • *door bursts open*
  • Yandere-chan: Nah, I'm gonna get Budo to do it.