he's got detailing on the back of his vest but that's still being worked on

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what do you think the gangs status is? money wise as well as future jobs?

I am like 99.99% sure @kingofthewilderwest already did an amazing post about it, i don’t know where, but i have a gut feeling i’m definitely just repeating everything he already posted about

without being told exactly what they do/what theyre parents do (if theyre even alive, just give me a short introducing the families dreamworks) i’ll have to base it off clothing


Hiccup is obviously has the funds. not only is he the chiefs son/future chief, it’s pretty obvious he’s got money by his clothing. the dude has the money to literally make an outfit just for flying, while the other teens opt for flying in what seems to be their everyday clothes. hiccup definitely wouldn’t go around in his flight suite everyday (maybe he does, idk) but i’d think stoick would try to give him “fashion” advice. “dress like a chief instead of wearing skin tight leather” is exactly what a father wants to say to his son haha. he probably has a wardrobe.

but even looking at the first movie, you can tell he’s good. compared to the other teens, hiccups clothes show considerably less wear and tear (this could be from him being sheltered) but he does work in the forge. gobber, who is covered in soot with his clothes ripping doesn’t compare to hiccups very clean furs and shirt. they wash their clothes, but you can’t wash everything out, also their washing would be in no way compared to ours, so he most likely has multiples or he has the money to replace torn/worn clothing


astrid’s outfit is really going on. that’s such a vibrant color and the amount of fur and details, she’s definitely got some money. now, compared to the first movie, her clothes look cleaner, brighter, so dating the chief’s son could have its perks. but then again, astrids outfit in the first movie seems to be a rattier version of this. its dirtier (she’s also dirtier) but that’s a lot from training, which isn’t something that hiccup does until the movie. it still sets her aside from the other members of the gang. i would say her family is a high ranking, family of warriors, i’m not exactly sure what their trade would be, but i’m sure they play an important role in society. astrid’s future “job” is going to be chieftain with hiccup. obvi hiccup is the originally “titled one” but you can’t leave astrid out, because she is usually his rock in all of the tough situations he’s in. she will be working with him, not for him. ya! relationship goals


Snotlout httyd2 outfit is probably my favorite. Snotlout is known to be from a high ranking family, Spitelout is stoicks second hand man (many third, he’s prob behind gobber in some ways) but snotlouts outfit not only shows off his bawdy nature, but he’s definitely gotta have money for that extravagant outfit. he literally has a bear on him. idk if he bought it, or if he hunted it himself, but he’s got it going on

compared to the first movie, snotlouts outfit takes one of the biggest leaps out of the whole gang. in the first movie, he’s got the torn, dirty, brawling outfit that seems to be the norm with the boys (with the exception of fishlegs) i think one of the changes is he grew up. as someone who has a younger brother, boys don’t give a crap if theyre muddy or torn up, or poured ketchup down their front. but once they get older, god forbid you touch their sneakers. lmao they also start dressing better to try and impress girls (a comment from a guy friend) which seems right up snotlouts alley. it also seems he might be trying to use the “peacock method” of dating, aka you wear something ridiculous in hopes of someone to talk to you about it. but honestly i think it’s just pure snotlout essence coming out of him. as for future role, i feel he will take on his fathers job and the dynamic of stoick and spitelout will be replicated with their sons, and gobber will probably tear up a little bit, because it’s just like his old friends are back together again.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut

the twins outfits change almost the least? with the exception of some addons? this could be said about fishlegs as well. from their clothing, torn, tattered, it seems they are on the lower side of status. even as they aged, it seems they still have torn up clothes. but they are the twins, they could be much worse off, and i have a feeling some of the clothing they have may not have come to them through honest means. rummaging through old clothes from other families, taking what they can and repurposing it. i can definitely see tuff and ruff are the ones that made the most out of their outfits aside from hiccup who personally created his flight suite. you can see the stiches on tuffs pants, the torn up pieces of clothe, the splotchy ness of the clothing, perhaps they dyed their clothing?

i headcanon the twins parents as travelers/merchants, and thats part of the reason why they behave the way they do cause their parents aren’t around to be like “ya you shouldnt set meade hall on fire” obvious there’s stoick, but he’s got his own little mischevious son to deal with. as for tuff and ruff, i could see them branching out and sorta being jacks of all trades/no one really knows where their money comes from. but i can see tuff (based off rtte, which i don’t really see as canon) becoming a chicken keeper. he’d be one of the vendors at the market place (if berk has one) and yelling at people cause “YOU CAN’T JUST PICK ANY OLD EGG, THEY SPEAK TO YOU” and ruff i can totally going under gothi’s wing? make her own mark, also she’s good at healing tuff cause gods know what that boy gets himself into


i also really like fishlegs’s outfit. fishlegs has a very different outfit from the rest of the boys. the others have the tunic, belt, vest thing going on in the first movie. i’m not exactly sure the reasoning of the muumuu other than it is a fashion statement. but compared to the solid one he has in the first movie, his second one is stitched together. i can definitely see fishlegs’s clothes being homemade, given his outfit. mrs. ingerman stitching together more fur because “why do boys grow so tall?! ugh” and he helps out and starts putting together his own outfit by himself aka the bright orange, jagged stitches you can see on his muumuu (is it a muumuu? or is it a shirt? he has a really long torso so it could just be a shirt??) the way his arm things (idk what theyre called) seemed to literally be lashed to his arms, and his furs seem to be dirty and patchy, it seems he is also on the lower side of the status, it’s possible he made his entire outfit, whether he bought the furs or caught the furs.

i can see fishlegs’s family being relatively propserous but something happens after the second movie, and suddenly they have to be more frugal. personal headcanon is they’re “builders”. he loves ships, also a name like “fishlegs” promotes a very ocean vibe haha. i can see him coming from a family of ship builders possibly, very organized, very logical, their profession takes skill. but also home builders! homes on berk also look like viking long ships. where they would face hardship, is literally the dragons becoming “good”. suddenly houses don’t need to be rebuilt every raid, suddenly the need for boats drops incredibly because now dragons! which are faster, and prob less expensive other than feeding, but it seems the dragons can do that all on their own. the ingermans are very happy but frugal with their spending. i can see fishlegs going into the trade, he’s got the strength to do the job of building, and the will/smarts to maybe improve housing on berk. he’d part time as one of hiccup’s right hand man and as the local historian.