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Eldritch!Mark, after constantly struggling to help keep Jack under control whenever he goes Anti, is finding himself to be…not okay. Snapping, vicious mood swings, a need to incite fear and chaos into those unlucky enough to be around him. Even to Jack. He can feel himself regressing into a more sinister creature, something he hasnt seen since before he met Jack. Someone he had hoped hed never become again.

In a twisted turn of events, its not Jack who is influenced by Marks inherently demonic nature like it had been when they first met each other. Its Mark who is influenced by Jack and the parasitic spirit that enables him. And the more unstable Jack becomes, the harder it is for Mark to keep himself together.


Fine and dandy. Let’s take a walk on the dark side then.

I came up with the little nickname for Justice League Dark: Johnny and The Spooks. Since it’s John who just knows a couple neat tricks and spells dabbling (and somehow in ‘leading’) with these magical people, elementals, ghosts, demons… you name it! Johnny and The Spooks!
Also Batman since he’s like… babysitting the disaster team.

Mostly based on the Justice League Dark Animated Movie trailer which inspired me to make kind of a 70s type horror movie poster :’)
Cant wait for this to come out!

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Alright, I was not prepared for the chapter three trailer to happen, and now I need to draw those cartoon hermanos doing cartoon things.
Ah, me and my friend are mean to Boris, and joke that he would yell “BABA YAGA,” whenever he gets spooked, and latch himself to the ceiling, like a cat.

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What if toms introducing Marco to his dad and he's really nice but he looks like some kind of Eldritch abomination and tom has to calm him down

Yeah of course! I hope you like it! This was fun and really different than what I normally write! A nice change of pace from my normal abused Tom headcanon. I hope you like it! BTW I imagine Tom’s dad as the beast from over the garden wall lol. Sorry if this isn’t totally what you wanted, was he trying to calm Marco down? I’m sorry I’m a horrible reader and sometimes things blur together when reading and I don’t understand. Enjoy!

Tom opened the large stone door to the big ominously dark room. Marco followed him, a bit nervous. Tom looked around. “Dad? Are you in here?” He called. He stepped closer in. Marco kept thinking he saw something out of the corner of his eyes, but when he looked it seemed like something was darting away in the darkness. “Sorry for the light, my mom was the fire deity, my dad is the deity of darkness. He lives like this. He’ll die in sunlight.” Tom explained. Marco nodded and took the demon’s hand, trying to be scared.

They came to the end of the room, at this point it was pitch black. Marco gulped and Tom’s eyes glowed, allowing him to see in the total darkness. He reached out and turned on a very soft red light. Marco gulped when he saw a large shadowy figure rising above him. It was like a cloak of darkness with glowing eyes and big twisted horns. Nothing about him was a color but black, except his eyes, which lit up gold, red, and blue.

“Hey dad.” Tom waved. Marco had a face of pure horror as the glowing orbs in Tpm’s father’s eyes landed on Marco.

“Oh, hello there. You must be Marco Diaz. My son has spoken of you… he has spoken of you much.” Tom’s dad spoke. Marco gulped and extended a shaky hand.

“H-h-hello s-sir.” Marco choked out. The eyes looked at Marco’s hand for a long time. They then looked up to examine Tom, who was smiling fondly at Marco.

“How curious. I’m surprised that a human being is capable of earning my son’s affection. Let alone his trust.” The man continued. He then got his eyes very close to Marco, stared for a second, and then examined Tom. “Yes… curious indeed.” He continued. Tom blushed and rolled his eyes, looking a little annoyed.

“Dad, you’re doing it again.” He mumbled. Tom’s father fell back a little. Marco then heard a horrible light sound, like the screeches of the damned echoing up from hell. It was the man’s laugh. “So Marco is super into karate!” Tom told his father. “He really likes combat, he’s good at it too!” Tom added.

“I can see the boy must excel in… human combat…” His father spoke. “But has he seen what you are capable of?” He asked his son. Tom blushed and Marco looked at his curiously.

“Tom? What does he mean?” Marco asked.

“I um… I try not to talk about that around people, dad.” Tom admitted.

“Well if he cannot handle you at your worst he does not deserve you at your best.” His father said. “All demons are gifted warriors and we posses instincts to tell us such. So much so that demons of Tom’s nature cannot control it at times.” He continued. Marco smiled big.

“You mean how he goes feral! I love that it’s adorable!” Marco gushed. The room was quiet.

“What?” Tom asked.

“What?” His father asked.

“Oh yeah! Tom has his feral side! It’s the cutest thing ever, He thinks he;s scary and dangerous but all he does is play with string. It precious.” Marco explained. “I have a million videos on my phone.” He added. Tom blushed deeply and tried to say something, but he was so flustered all he could do was make little noises as fire swirled around his feet.

“Tom, extinguish that flame or leave the room. You know how I am with light.” His father said in an exasperated tone. Tom nodded and took a few deep breaths, slowly putting his fire out. Tom cleared his throat and shuffled a bit. His father narrowed his eyes. “Tom, please excuse us.” He requested. Tom looked up.

“But dad I-”

“Tom, do as I say please.” He repeated. Tom sighed and gave Marco a fast kiss on the head.

“He’s all talk.” Tom whispered. “Don’t let him scare you.” Tom assured. But Marco was already petrified, watching the demon with wide eyes. They heard the door close and Marco stood there alone with the demon father.

“Tom is quite a… person.” The demon said, for lack of better words. Marco gulped and nodded.

“He-he’s an amazing person.” Marco sputtered out.

“I’m not going to talk down my son, I love him, but I also know he can be a bit much for a human to handle. As are all demons.” He continued. The eyes then got closer to Marco and the human gulped. “Tom is much more fragile than he may seem. My son has been through much, and I don’t much care for a human coming into his life, earning his affection, and then throwing it back at his as if it were worthless.” He seethed.

“No! No I would never!” Marco cried. “I-I love Tom! I would never ever hurt him!” Marco promised. The glowing eyes narrowed at him and got closer.

“You have my son’s trust, and if you do anything to betray that trust, know that I will make you regret it.” He hissed. Marco was shaking and he nodded urgently, trying to mutter something else out, the room was so cold and he felt like the demon was somehow choking him without really touching him.

“Dad, you promised you wouldn’t scare him.” Tom said, he had reentered the room.

“I told you to leave us.” Tom’s father reminded. Tom crossed his arms.

“Yeah but then I remembered what you always do, so I came back in.” Tom huffed. “Dad you promised me you wouldn’t try to scare him!” He reminded. His father backed away and looked back at Marco, who was petrified. Tom walked up to him and took Marco’s hand, giving him a kiss on the head. “Mar-Mar, it’s okay, my dad was just trying to scare you.” Tom assured. Marco coughed and backed away with shaky legs.

“He did great…” Marco forced a smile. Tom grumbled and shot a look at his father.

“Let’s go.” Tom smiled and Marco nodded. As soon as the two were about to walk away Tom looked at his dad. “I like him… he’s nice, he won’t hurt me I promise.” Tom whispered very quietly. His father nodded and Tom led Marco out of the room. “Marco… I’m so sorry about that, he’s really intense.” Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“I-it’s okay.” Marco assured. He still seemed very shaken up. “He’s a… threatening guy huh?” Marco asked, forcing a laugh. “I don’t um… did he really think I was going to hurt you like that?” Marco asked. Tom smiled and gave Marco a kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do.” He assured. “I trust you, more than anything I trust and love you.” Tom swore. Marco giggled a bit, calming down.

“I think that’s what he’s worried about.” Marco pointed out. Tom giggled.

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So I'm guessing you really like Sebastian ?


Look at the sharpness of his jawline, just look how elegant he is

His fucking little smirk and everything ugh fuck me up sabby 

Even when he is “dead” he looks fucking gorgeous D: this scene teased me to much 😩😩😩 

He got them demon eyes that just kills me

Sebastian Michealis is literally my biggest anime crush that it hurts my soul. He is one of my inspirations for smut. He is up there with Jumin Han and Saeran Choi. I don’t care he took the form of Ceils father, Vincent, but god damn Sebastion is a fucking god demon. 

Moral of this story, Sebastian Michealis is fucking bae. 

Katsuro’s quirk - crème de la crème of what could possibly come of his parents quirks combined. However, the true extent of his abilities is anything but clear to the public eye as he prefers to keep most of it under the wraps. Sports festival? Far too noisy and pretentious; nah. Training? Practical shit? Just as little much as he needs to do in order to pass.

But.. how comes he’s so tired most of the time..??
Eh. Who cares.
Meanwhile - let’s see what this bitch is all about, huh?


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When Caden was turned he was left alone in the demon world. Until a large saber tooth tiger found him and decided to keep him for herself. He thought he was going to be dinner but no she just kept an eye on the purple demon until he got used to his new life. Now she is a familiar to him and still treats Caden like he’s a tiger cub - she’ll defend him if anyone tries to harm Caden.

Imagine John Falling In Love with You...

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At the age of seven you were seated in your father’s car, driving around after one of his “business trips”, your father sat in the driver seat, one hand on the wheel, the other fidgeting with the radio as he tried to find the classics. The car was traveling at about 70 as the open road provided you with endless destinations, all you had to do was pick one. 

 "Daddy, where did you get that black eye?“ Your little voice asked as you pointed towards the puffy black and blue area that was your father’s eye.

"Well baby, while Daddy was at the bar with his coworker, and one of the boys got in a fight after trying to pick up one of girls, so Daddy got punched trying to save his ass.” He smiled at you before turning his view back to the road, “Don’t worry though your Daddy is a fighter." 

"I never worry about you Daddy!” You smiled at him before looking back out the window. 

 It was true, you never did worry about him, even after he told you what the real meaning of the business trips were, and that he got that black eye from fighting a pretty angry demon that got one good punch in before his ass was ganked. You had even offered to help him on cases and trained but you were his little princess and there was no way he would ever let you in the field. Instead he invited a young mister Robert Singer, who was the same Robert Singer who informed you that the job finally killed your daddy and that he was looking for a partner to work some cases with, which was fine with you. That was until a ghost broke your arm by flinging you into a glass cabinet and then throwing a brick on your shooting arm. You now were confined to a cast, and Bobby was still fighting things. 

 "Bobby! You have to let me go!“ You shouted as you followed him from the front porch to the den. 

 "For the last time, I need a living partner, not a dead one." 

"Im not stupid enough to get myself ganked you ass." 

 "Yea well I am going on hunts with Rufus till that arm heals, and just to make sure you stay here, John and the boys are coming over." 

"Oh so now I need a sitter! Shouldn’t someone be watching his boys while he goes and helps you?" 

"Well he wanted to take some time off and spend it with the boys, he said he would be happy to come here for a bit and help you with research and house chores. Besides Dean will love the junk cars." 

"I fucking hate research,How can I do research and occupy a two year old with this stupid thing?” you raised your new cast slightly and instantly regretted it, as a sharp pain shot through your entire arm.

“You don’t have to occupy Sam, you are in charge of research and chores, and John is in charge of you, and those boys.” 

“I don’t need someone to be in charge of me! I am fucking 28 years old!”

“And someone who will follow me into the heart of danger with a broken arm if I don’t have someone here to watch ya. So you will suck it up buttercup and DEAL WITH IT!” He slammed the book onto the table as you turned on your heels and stormed to your room, where you locked yourself in. For the rest of the night you ignored the occasional knocks on the door from Bobby, you ignored the sound of the tray being placed on the floor outside your room, you feel asleep listening to Bobby talk to John on the phone, the last words you heard were, “She is going to be a handful probably.”

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The next morning you awoke to the sound of an impala pulling in, even to you the sound was familiar. For John would stop every once and a while to either have you or Bobby watch the kids, or to have a beer while the children slept in your bed. You weren’t angry because of the kids, you loved watching Sam and Dean and having the experience of being like a mom, even if it was only for a few hours. You were never one who pictured yourself settling down and having a family, but Sam and Dean made it so you could experience what you could never have. You heard the door open and close and then the footsteps running up the stairs moments afterward.

“Come on Sammy!” You heard Dean whine from outside your door, no doubt leaving the smallest Winchester at the bottom of the stairs. You loved the boys, you really did, but you didn’t want them to see you hurt. You waited a few minutes, not wanting to leave the warmth of your quilt.

“[Y/N]!” You heard Dean cry through the door as he knocked rapidly, you could hear a fainter knock every so often, which you assumed was Sam, and then you heard a broken version of your name, which was defiantly Sam.

“It’s unlocked!” you shouted through the door as you heard the knob start to wiggle, and finally the door squeak open. you heard their feet paddle across the floor towards your bed, you shut your eyes as though you were sleeping even though seconds before you had told them the door was unlocked.

“Up you go Sammy.” Dean said as he helped Sam onto your bed, you smiled as you felt the bed dip under the small amount of weight, and then heard the sound of Dean joining the party, you also felt him lift the quilt slightly, making sure that your casted arm wasn’t the arm he was about to lay on. Once he confirmed that your arm was on the bed, stretched out, you felt him flop onto you, “Wake up [Y/N]!”

“But I’m tired.” You whined as you felt Sam crawl over your legs, and towards your face.

“But Daddy said we had to help you get better.” 

“Dean I promise I am…. FUCK!” You screamed as Sam accidentally hit your arm, causing a sharp pain to shot through your body, and Dean and Sam to jump back a bit as you clung your arm to you, tears starting to form in your eyes as you heard Dean hiss at his brother, “Sammy.”

“Sorry.” You heard Sam’s little voice, and him placing his head on your side, in a form of a hug. 

“It’s ok.” You hissed between tears as Sam lifted his head.

“Boo- Boo [Broken version of your name]?” He pointed towards your arm, wonder in his eyes as he admires the [Y/F/C] cast.

“Yea Sammy but don’t worry, I’ll get better.” You smiled at Sam as you hear a hand hit the wall.

“We heard you scream… We thought the boys….” John was out of breath, as you looked at him you heard the sound of a truck leaving, meaning Bobby was gone. 

“Sammy accidentally hit her arm daddy, I made him say sorry.” Dean said, causing John to turn his attention to his sons, “Dean maybe you and your brother should leave [Y/N] be, I’ll go make you boys breakfast. How does…”

“PANNYCAKES!” Sam yelled as he lifted his little hands and yelled excitedly.

“Ok, maybe uncle Bobby has some mix some…” John started

“I know where it is, I can go get it.” You said sitting up and grabbing little Sam with your good arm, his arms clinging around your neck as he tried not to hit your arm.

“I can get it, you just….”

“John Winchester, I am not helpless, just not able to hunt.” You snapped as Dean followed you to the kitchen.

“This is going to be a long week.” John whispered under his breathe as you walked down the stairs.

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It was nearing the end of the week, and John sat in the kitchen watching you read to Sammy on the couch of the den, big smiles plastered on his face as you showed him the illustrations. Research scattered the table, none of it touched though since you started to read, and even before that he could barely could barely pay attention to the notes seeing how he was more focused on you and the boys playing army men. 

“Daddy?” Dean asked as he climbed up on the chair, blocking his view of you.

“Yea Buddy?” He whispered, snapping back to reality.

“Do you like [y/N]?” 

“Yea, she is a good kid, she is a great hunter to…”

“Do you like her like you did Mommy?” Dean asked as John looked at his hands, was he really finding himself falling for you like he did Mary?

“Dean, why don’t you go ask [Y/N] what she wants for dinner?” Dean’s attention phased from the topic he asked about to his favorite topic… food.

He raced off and into the room, however John couldn’t hear anything, his focus was on your face, and how when you talked to the boys it softened, you looked so young and happy, your eyes gleamed with joy. When you talked to him you looked so serious, you revealed how the job had affected you, however when he got you to smile he found himself captivated. Your face was truly beautiful, and you were so good with the kids.

And then it hit him… he did like you like Mary.

“DADDY!” Dean shouted, John looked to see six eyes on him, “Can we have burgers for dinner.”

“Ummm yea. [Y/N] you wanna help?” 

“Sure.” you smiled as you got up and placed the book on the couch. When you walked in John was greeted by the smell of your perfume and he knew…. he was screwed.

Part Two is Finally here 

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Vergil quietly stood on a rooftop as he felt his scouting demons returning, informing him that they had found a nest of uncontrolled demons nearby. Vergil was still getting used to this odd new world, having emerged here by chance after Yamato opened a gateway here. But given the presence of demons here, Vergil saw a chance to expand his influence and thus, he moved towards the demons. As he got closer, he narrowed his eyes as he saw people still in the area, including a pretty blonde girl.

Lucy had been hoping that, after Tartarus, she’d never have to see, or fight, another demon. Of course, she just couldn’t be that lucky. No, another group of demons, though these far less organized and intelligent than Mard and his merry band of followers had been, just had to show up to wreak havoc in some small town.

When she arrived, the blonde was understandably fuming at the concept of more demons. Taking a page from Natsu’s book, she summoned Loke and Virgo, activated her whip, and the three of them waded in, not wasting any time.

Finally Found Pt. 5

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Dean x Reader | Sam x Reader

A/N: Sorry this part kind sucks. I caught a cold Thursday night and there’s some kind of storm watch or something and my power went out and blah blah blah more excuses lol. Should I do a part 6?

Warning: Angst, Smut (mostly just teasing, kind of Dom!Dean)

Summary: You confide in Sam. You talk to the demon. Dean teases you and teaches you a lesson about control.

The vision you had last night keeps playing over and over again in your head. What does it mean? You thought to yourself “am I psychic now or what?” You ask yourself aloud, not even bothering to see if anyone is listening in.

“What makes you think you’re psychic Y/N?” Sam’s voice scares you back into reality.

“Don’t freak out or anything but I think I might have had a vision” you scratch your head and bit your bottom lip into your mouth, something you often do when you’re nerves.

Sam looks confused and decides that it might be best if you both sit down to talk about this so he motions towards the large wooden table in the library, taking the seat across from yours. You can hear every creak and little noise the bunker made as Sam studies your face.

“What makes you think it was a vision? Could it have been just a dream?” Sam asked the same questions you’ve been asking yourself since last night. You spend the whole night wondering if you were just over whelmed with what happened with Dean and this thought just popped in your head or if it was truly a vision of what’s to come. But the feeling you had in the pit of your stomach told you everything you need to know. It was a warning.

“Unless I’m making it a habit to have day dreams, piercing headaches and blackouts all at the same time, then no I don’t think it was just some dream.” You sarcastically answer Sam hoping to lighten the mood a bite before you explain to him what you saw.

“These large clusters of black smoke were breaking from the earth and were” you paused, trying to come up with the words to explain what you were seeing “They seemed like they were joining together” you link your fingers together “and then this giant black cloud just whips out everything in its path” you pause again, not sure if you should tell him the rest but coming to a quick conclusion that it’s probably best if he knows and so you continue “including you and Dean.”

Sam whips his hand down his face and over his mouth, in shock at what you just told him. He’s had visions of his own before so he knows the likelihood of it coming true. But what’s confusing him the most is why you’re having these visions in the first place. He got them because of “Yellow Eyes” but they dealt with that demon years ago, so what’s going on now.

“Was there anything in this vision that might tell us when or where this happened?” Sam pleaded.

“I’m sorry Sammy I didn’t see anything” you’re heart felt like it was in your stomach. The thought of not having Dean and Sam made your world feel like it was crashing.  You wanted nothing more than to help them but you didn’t know what to do.

You went to speak but Dean runs into the room “Y/N the demon wants to see you” he gives Sam a hard look and grits his teeth “he wants to make sure you’re still alive”

“Why would he care if Y/N is alive?” Sam ask, which you’re thankful for because you want to ask but your mouth seems to be unnatural dry and you can’t seem to remember how to speak. You’re so confused.

“He said they need her alive” Dean answers and turns to you “Honestly Y/N I don’t know what’s going on but he won’t talk until he sees your still alive”

“I can’t” you start playing with a thick strand of your hair and stand up “that man took me for over a year, he tortured me, starved me and locked me up” tears came to your eyes as the memories of what he did to you flood your thoughts “why would I give him the satisfaction of seeing me again?”

“Because without him we have nothing and we need him to find the mastermind behind this whole thing and to learn what it is that’s so important about you.” Dean says as Sam walks behind you and puts his hands on your shoulder giving you a reassuring squeeze.

You agree and make your way to the file room where they were keeping the demon.


He looks so small, the demon, all locked up and under Dean’s control. With Dean by your side you weren’t as scared as you thought you’d be. When you got within eyesight of the demon a wicked grin grew on his face and his eyes narrowed.

“Looks like you had a rough night last night” the demon spoke as he examined buries left by Dean’s fingers on your hips, his words, his voice, it was like acid in your ears and you just wanted it to stop.

“Shut up!” Dean shouted as he splashed holy water onto the demon’s face, steam evaporating off his skin like hot water thrown onto cold stones.

Once the steam like fog settled the demon let out a demonic laugh “you’re banging a Winchester” he shook his head “the boss is going to love this.”

“Who’s your-“ Dean started but you stopped him, placing your hand over his chest “Wait Dean, I need to know” you turned your attention to the demon, handcuffed to the metal chair with head hung low and blood dripping out his mouth “What’s so special about me?” you asked.

The demon let out another dark laugh before spit the blood that pooled in his mouth toward you face “Eat me bitch” he taunted.

“I said” you grabbed the holy water from Dean’s hand and threw it onto the demon’s lap and watched as he screamed and hissed “What the hell makes me so god damn special?!” you demanded “What does your boss want with me?!”

Dean sees you’re getting frustrated and starts to pull you back “Get off of me!” you yell at Dean as you push back on his hold and walk up to the demon, hunching over so that you’re not face to face with him “You’re going to be begging me to stop when I’m done with you” you whisper to him making sure you looked him dead in the eyes.

“Okay” Dean grabs your arm and pulls you up “that’s enough Y/N I think you need to go calm down” he suggest.

You yank your arm from Dean’s grip and start walking out the room.


“Y/N!” Dean busted in your room “What the fuck was that?”

Anger was clearly written all over your face and there was no point in trying to hide it but you kept your face buried in the book you had pulled out and been pretending to read for the past 20 minutes “What was what?” you asked not even aware that Dean was now right next to you bed where you’re sitting.

“You need to learn to control yourself” Dean grabs your book and slams it on the small table next to your bed “those dick bags get off on that kind of shit.”

“Well those “dick bags” are going to have to deal with me” you straighten yourself up and try to pump out your chest.

“Yeah okay tiger, don’t be going all hulk on me” Dean joked.

“I’m not kidding Dean. I want him to pay for what he did to me” you whined and dropped your head, the realization of how crazy you were during your outburst setting in and embarrassment now replaced anger “I’m tired of being the victim” you explain.

“Well than let’s play a game” A smirk slowly grew on Dean’s lips “But there’s rules” he added.

“Like sexy rules?” you asked, all feeling of anger and embarrassment now gone and replaced with excitement and lust.

“Yeah sure, sexy rules” he chuckled.

“Safe word is” Dean paused trying to think of a good safe word. He snaps his fingers “Safe word is demon” he smiled and continues “the point of the game is to stay in control of your body and your reactions”

Dean left your room for a moment to go retrieve his duffle bag, the one full of all the stuff he uses when he’s on a hunt. He starts combing through it looking for something and when he finds it his eyes light up.

“Okay I’m going to tie you to this chair” your panties were soaked with just the thought of being tied to a chair, at Dean’s mercy “And then we’re going to have some fun.”

You stand up and walk to the wooden chair across the room. As you sit down your heart starts racing and your body becomes hot. The realization that you’re letting Dean tie you up sudden hits you and your nerves seem to be running wild, your thoughts racing with images of what Dean might do to you.

“Relax, remember the safe word?” Dean ask and you nod answering “Yes, demon” you smile up at him as he finishes up the last 2 knots.

You were not tie completely to the chair. Your legs tied to each leg of the chair, Dean made sure they were wide open for him. And you hand tied behind you back and the rope attached to the chair to make sure you can’t move them.

“Okay you ready?” Dean asked.

“Yeah but if this is supposed to be a sexy game why are my clothes still on?” you questioned.

“Sweetheart, you’re wearing cotton short shorts and a tank top. You act like I can’t just rip those off you.” Dean’s voice was low, more like a growl and he ran his tongue along his bottom lip and then sat on the bed, scratching his scruff, thinking about what to do with you.

After making you wait 5 minutes he stood up and made his way toward you figuring a little dirty talk is a great way to learn to control your reactions.

“I’m going to say some things to you and I want you to control yourself. Don’t let me see how it affects you. Try not to respond.” Dean says.

“Okay but how is this going to teach-“ Dean cuts you off “Trust me. The things I’m going to say. I’ll be surprised if you don’t cum from that alone.” He praises himself and returns his attention to you.

He walks behind you where you can no longer see him and leans down into your ear and whispers “I’ve always imagined you all tied up” he switches to the other ear and puts his hands on the back of the chair “me fucking you” he smiles against your skin “you begging to touch me” Dean runs his fingertips lightly down your back and back up to your neck.

You’re trying your hardest not to show the affect Dean is having on you right now but your breathing is more of a panting, like you can’t seem to catch your breath and the goosebumps all down your body are clearly visible. Dean’s voice alone is enough to make you orgasm and you’re sure you’ve soaked through your shorts by now.

Dean’s was still standing behind you, his hand reached over you and down your stomach “Don’t tense up” he slid his hand further down and over your clothed center “Relax” he whispers in your ear.

Dean quickly pulls away and you whine at the loose of contact. He walks in front of you smiling, leaning over into your ear. His stubble scratched your cheek as his lips brushed your earlobe “That’s it for now” he starts untying you from the chair.

When all the ropes were loose and you were finally free you just sat there. You thought this might be another test but Dean just started walking back toward your bed.

As you stood up Dean turned toward you “Go to my room” he points at the door “Wait for me there,” his grin was wide and wicked “you need to learn to control yourself.”


Kasuna stomped through the lair of the gang, covered in the member’s blood, and his eyes demonic as he got closer to the leader of the gang who was face down. He turned him around and stomped on the skull, leaving nothing to chance. He suddenly heard a little scuffle in a nearby closet. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes in curiosity and slowly opened up the closet.