he's got demon eyes


Fine and dandy. Let’s take a walk on the dark side then.

I came up with the little nickname for Justice League Dark: Johnny and The Spooks. Since it’s John who just knows a couple neat tricks and spells dabbling (and somehow in ‘leading’) with these magical people, elementals, ghosts, demons… you name it! Johnny and The Spooks!
Also Batman since he’s like… babysitting the disaster team.

Mostly based on the Justice League Dark Animated Movie trailer which inspired me to make kind of a 70s type horror movie poster :’)
Cant wait for this to come out!

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Alcor’s wings were not the first things Toby noticed. Oh, there had been no denying they were there, stiff and half-spread, cutting off escape and adding to the demon’s towering presence, but they had been background information at best, mere shadows that paled in importance against the burning golden eyes and bared shark’s teeth glaring down at him.

Then, in the bewildering, dreamlike weeks that followed, he got used to the eyes and teeth and the demon’s habit of hovering higher than usual when Alcor wanted to seem more intimidating than he already was, and suddenly Toby realized that those wings were fascinating. More than once Alcor would stiffen in the middle of some task and snap at Toby to “stop staring, it’s creepy as hell!” More than once Toby would avert his eyes to stare instead at his shoes – well-fitting, comfortable, and new for the first time in his living memory – mumble an apology…and within five minutes find his gaze tracking those wings yet again.

On a demon whose actions never quite matched his words, who postured and pretended and pointedly said that he was turning up the thermostat for his own comfort when he noticed Toby shivering, for instance, the wings spoke truth.

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Kasuna stomped through the lair of the gang, covered in the member’s blood, and his eyes demonic as he got closer to the leader of the gang who was face down. He turned him around and stomped on the skull, leaving nothing to chance. He suddenly heard a little scuffle in a nearby closet. He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes in curiosity and slowly opened up the closet.