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Prompt:  I’d love to see you do sickfic between Alphys, Papyrus, and Undyne (combination of shipping and platonic). It doesn’t matter who gets sick!

Thank you for the prompt, undertailsoulsex!  I actually kept going a bit past this point and was starting to write about Papyrus going home and starting to get sick, too, but then I realized I was plotting out like an 8-9k fic, whoops.  x.x

Rating: G

Summary: It’s dangerous when Undyne sneezes.

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Blown Away

Requested by Anonymous: Would you be able to do a Daryl x reader where it’s the Alexandria ‘welcome’ party and the reader is anxious about going but she decides to go and she looks AMAZING and the whole family compliments her but she leaves early and bumps into Daryl and he is blown away (but they aren’t together).

Blown Away

“C’mon, Y/N.” Maggie said, holding up a nice looking blouse and a hairbrush. “It’ll be fun.”

“Do I have to go, Mags?” You whine a little. Attending a party was the last thing you wanted to do that night; a bunch of people in a small space and the noise and the fact that lots of strangers were going to be asking you lots of random questions made your social anxiety level go through the roof. “Daryl isn’t going.” You point out.

“Daryl’s a party-pooper.” Maggie smirked. “It’s a good thing he’s not going.”

“That’s rude.” You say with a giggle. “I’m a party-pooper, too. So maybe I should just stay here.”

“No, you’re fun when you want to be.” Maggie started running the brush through your hair and you relent. There’s no arguing with her when she’s made up her mind. “And if I thought I could make Daryl do anything, I’d make him go, too.”

You huff and settle back against the chair while Maggie ran the brush through your tangled hair, smoothing it out and revealing soft, light brown locks that you thought you’d never see again.


You arrived at the party a little later than everyone else. You’d spent the last twenty minutes talking down your anxiety and trying to work up the nerve to walk down the street to your doom. Well, maybe the party wasn’t ‘doom’, but it was at least ‘potential disaster’. And even the potential of a social disaster on your end was enough to make you worry. Everything that could go wrong played scenes in your head one-by-one, each scenario ending with you getting kicked out of the community.

Finally, you steeled yourself in the mirror, whispered, “woman up, Y/N” and stomped determinedly over to the party. You knocked softly on the door, hoping that no one would hear it and you could just go home, but much to your dismay, Deanna opened it.

“C’mon in!” She smiled, ushering you inside where the rest of your family was making small talk with members of the community. “Let me get you something to drink.” She disappeared for a moment and returned with a healthy-sized glass of red wine. Perfect. Just what you needed.

“Wow, Y/N.” Michonne said. “You look amazing.”

You look down at your outfit; members of the community had loaned your group nice clothes for the evening, and you were wearing a black skirt that swished at your knees every time you moved and a light pink V-neck blouse that brought out the little bit of lipstick that Maggie had scrounged up for you. Your hair was braided down your back and your bangs fell softly against your forehead. You felt uncomfortable in the outfit, but at least the black ballet flats were comfortable. “Thank you.” You say quietly, trying to deflect the attention off of you by taking a large drink of your wine.

“So pretty.” Tara and Rosita purred, petting your hair and shoulders. Both were already a little drunk.

“You do look very nice.” Rick said, tipping his glass to you in a ‘cheers’ motion. “You clean up well.”

“You do, too.” You smile. “I miss the beard, though.”

“I don’t.” Rick started to laugh.

You spent the rest of the evening lurking against a wall and hoping no one would talk to you. A few women in the community did ask you about yourself, but your answers were short and they eventually left you alone. Another woman asked for your favorite meal; she was going to cook for each of the new members, which you thought was really kind of her. Your favorite meal was steak and garlic mashed red potatoes, but you didn’t want to burden her, so you said it was cheese pizza and she left you alone again.

After about an hour of blending into the wallpaper and drinking three glasses of red wine, you decided to take your leave. That was enough socializing for one evening. You said your goodbyes to your family and to Deanna and her husband before slipping out the front door.

The night air felt delicious in your lungs. It had been kind of hot and stuffy in the house, so stepping out into the cool Virginian evening instantly improved your mood. You walked cheerfully down the front steps and began making your way home in the dark. You were only halfway there, though, when you saw Daryl standing in the doorway to an open and brightly lit garage, his back to you and staring at something in front of him. You decide to join him, and walk slowly and quietly up the driveway. You were a little tipsy and the incline was harder than normal.

“Hey, double D.” You said, standing next to him in the entryway. You weren’t sure why you called him that; you’d never called him that before, but it felt right at the time, so you just shrug.

“Why–” He began to ask, but stopped when he turned and saw you. “Whoa.” He muttered.

“What?” You frantically look down to follow his line of sight, expecting to find a huge spider or something on your chest, but you looked normal. “Do I have something on me?” You ask, spinning and trying to see what he saw.

“No, no, you’re fine.” He says and you stop spinning.

“Then why’d you say ‘whoa’?” You ask, reaching out and grabbing his arm to steady yourself. Now you were really dizzy.

“Nuthin.” Daryl went over to the bike he was tinkering with. “Forget it.”

You shrug and follow him over to the bike. You hop up onto the seat and cross your legs, looking down to where he was crouched and playing with something mechanical near your feet. “The party wasn’t fun.” You smooth out your skirt. “You’re lucky you got to skip.” Daryl just grunted and moved your leg out of the way of whatever he was trying to fix. “You’re quiet.” You say. “Well, more quiet than normal.” Daryl didn’t say anything. “Why are you being weird?”

“You’re really pretty.” He mumbled, then stood and moved to crouch on the other side of the bike to try to casually hide behind your back.

You wouldn’t let him get away, though. You swung your legs over the back of the bike and faced him again. “What was that, Dixon?” You tease, digging the toe of your shoe into his shoulder.

“I said you look really pretty tonight.” He says, still not looking at you. “I’m a little blown away.”

You start to laugh, then hop down from your perch. “Thank you. That was very sweet of you.” You lean down and kiss him on the cheek before you start to walk out of the garage. “I’ll leave you to your work. Wouldn’t want to blow your mind too much and make you mess up.” Daryl snorts a laugh and you start to giggle before saying, “Goodnight,” and heading in the direction of home.


I finished the things I’d promised myself I’d finish before I write this, plus some extra stuff. Hurray for productivity! I need to work on a project this afternoon, but if I get a good chunk of that done, I’ll write and upload “A Piece of Me, Pt. 2″ tonight.

Happy finals, lovelies!

[Part Two]