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N'Doul with s/o in general. kinkshame away

Good yes,,, /Cracks knuckles/ ,, I love me some blind men,

~ He touches his s/o’s face a lot. Not just because he is blind- he got a pretty good image the first time, but he loves their face. He wants to memorise every one of their features.

~ While on the topic of touching his s/o, it isn’t limited to their face. He pretty much has their body memorised at this point to, but that doesn’t stop him from running his hands anywhere he can get them.

~ Naturally, with all of that, his arms are around his s/o a lot. So are his lips,, lots of kissing,, So expect a lot of hugging that’s not really hugging, but it kind of is.


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah


Kuroshitsuji Pokémon AU ft. Rich boy Ciel Phantomhive

I simplified and tweaked Alpha Bill’s design to look more like the show’s style~

I really love drawing him in this style- Especially the one with him shrieking at something~

Moved the scarf to the back of his outfit, felt like it was covering too much in the front- And removed some of the jewelry.~


you can leave your hat antlers on // a lock yourself out christmas drabble

Knock knock knock.


Knock knock knock.


Knock knock knock.

Paulie groaned into her pillow and rolled onto her back, a lot sleepy and a little grumpy.


Knock knock knock.

Slowly, she came to her senses and it registered with her who the person on the other side of the door was. There was only one person who called her baby and while it usually made her heart flutter and her knees weak, now it made her blood boil. She had wanted to sleep the day away and now that plan was out the window.

Okay, she was definitely more than a little grumpy.

Reluctantly, she disentangled herself from the sheets that had been wrapped around her body like a cocoon and stumbled towards her door. She opened it in one swift motion and glared at Harry who was stood there with antlers on his head and a bright smile on his face.

He had got to be kidding.

“Good morning, sunshine!” he greeted.

“I hate you.”

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anything funny/ slightly embarrassing that happened to the main 3 and their s/o?

Viktor once tried making s/o homemade chocolates for Valentines day, only to forget about them and have a melted mess in his car, since he left it running (hence having it warm enough for them to melt). He also fell on his face during practice, right in front of s/o, who was, at that time, still his crush.

Yuuri actually called himself a ‘sexy katsudon’ in front of s/o when he was explaining his idea behind the Eros choreography, only to realise an hour later what he said. On another occasion, he knocked s/o over while teaching them how to skate.

Yuri accidentally told s/o to ‘piss off’ when they called him to wish him luck in the upcoming competition (they weren’t able to attend), because he was convinced it was someone else, calling to nag him. He also got scratched across his face right after bragging about how good he is with cats.

Voyager Moments

There was a sudden loud hammering at the door.  It didn’t sound like knocking, but as though someone really were using a metal-headed hammer to demand admittance.  I got to my feet to answer the summons, but without further warning, the door burst open, and a slender imperious figure strode into the room, speaking French in an accent so pronounced and an attitude so furious that I could not follow it all.

“Are you looking for Madame Jeanne?”  I managed to put in, seizing a small pause when he stopped to draw breath for more invective.  The visitor was a young man of about thirty, slightly built and strikingly handsome, with thick black hair and brows.  He glared at me under these, and as he got a good look at me, an extraordinary change went across his face.  The brows rose, his black eyes grew huge, and his face went white.

“Milady!” he exclaimed, and flung himself on his knees, embracing me about the thighs as he pressed his face into the cotton shift at crotch level.

“Let go!” I exclaimed, shoving at his shoulders to detach him.  “I don’t work here.  Let go, I say!”

“Milady!” he was repeating in tones of rapture.  “Milady!  You have come back!  A miracle!  God has restored you!”

He looked up at me, smiling as tears streamed down his face.  He had large white perfect teeth.  Suddenly memory stirred and shifted, showing me the outlines of an urchin’s face beneath the man’s bold visage.

“Fergus!” I said.  “Fergus, is that really you?  Get up, for God’s sake - let me see you!”

He rose to his feet, but didn’t pause to let me inspect him.  He gathered me into a rib-cracking hug, and I clutched him in return, pounding his back in the excitement of seeing him again.  He had been ten or so when I last saw him, just before Culloden.  Now he was a man, and the stubble of his beard rasped against my cheek.

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What's happening? Did dylann face you today? How was his closing statement?

Dylann faced the jury during his closing statement, however when he walked back we got a good look at his face, but he never looked up at us. 

His closing statement was very intense to listen to, he kept taking extremely long pauses and scratching at his wrist, you can definitely tell he was nervous up there, at one point we thought he was crying because his face was red and he was taking to long to say what he had too, and when he finished he looked over at Gergel like asking for approval and said “uhhhh thats it” then looked back at the jury and said “thank you” then turned around and walked back to his seat. 

Finland: As soon as he realised what was happening, he’d smile softly and wrap his arms around them. He’d try not to move too much or make a lot of noise so he wouldn’t disturb them. Would probably end up dozing off lightly due to the peace.

Norway: Initially, he would probably let out a small huff since he was now “trapped”. Nevertheless, once he got a good look at his s/o’s face, his slight irritation would melt away and he would allow them to continue snoozing. He’d end up gently playing with their hair until they either woke up or he fell back asleep.

Iceland: He would immediately blush, stiffen and not move a muscle for a good minute or so. Once he’d calmed down a bit, he would shift ever so slightly into a more comfy position and allow his s/o to continue cuddling him. If he was still sleepy, he’d allow himself to fall back asleep with a small smile on his face.

America: This dork would be grinning and gushing at how adorable he thought his s/o was being. So much so that if his phone was on hand, he’s snap a couple of sneaky photos of their sleeping form. Then he’d get comfy and snuggle up to them. There’s sure to be some teasing when his s/o wakes up.

Russia: Since such a situation wouldn’t be something he’s used to, Russia would most likely freeze up in surprise. Once he had calmed down, he would probably stay still and allow them to sleep soundly. His s/o’s serene face would cause him to smile softly and slowly wrap his arms around them in a safe hold.


Hogwarts AU update!

Poor Hinata feels so bad about where he got sorted, and who can blame him? Being a muggleborn and knowing nothing about Hogwarts, the first thing he hears about Slytherin is that it’s bad. Good thing Suga Mama is there to set things straight x3

Out of His Element


Happy belated birthday, Bex aka @coranmas!!  I hope you like it <3

It’s Lance and Keith ice skating ~

“I bet I could do a jump.”

“I bet you’ll land on your ass.”

“I will not.” Keith gives him a look. “I mean, I might not. I could try.”

“And make me the winner of the game? Who am I to stop you then? Go on.” Keith jabs, knowing full well that that had gotten to him. Lance is silent, so Keith turns to look at him.

There’s confidence written all over his face, his jaw is set and he’s got his game-face on.

This isn’t going to be good.

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I honestly never knew how attracted to foreheads and eyebrows I was until I got into kpop

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Omg can you do taehyung Healer/Medic AU, 'Your mind is as clear as mud' PLEASE ASDJDHDKHL YOUR WRITING IS SO GOOD

  • hexplosives!taehyung. spinoff of the fires within.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine, I swear to god,” Taehyung reassures you, (making an attempt at what seems to be) grappling at your arms and fisting your uniform with sweaty, shaky fingers. It honestly just feels like he’s feebly trying to slap your back, but after years upon years of experience in the medical ward, you’ve become particularly good at analyzing other’s actions. “I swear.”

You ignore your particularly clingy boyfriend because not only is he actually slurring his words into an almost unintelligible mess, he’s also got half his face (and a good deal of his body) covered in bandages, and–is he…drooling? You reach back and grab a napkin, quickly wiping away the dribble of saliva that was running down his chin. You wrinkle your nose and toss it at the trash can. Paralytics can do that to you. 

“From the way you’re talking and acting right now, I’d bet that your mind’s as clear as mud.” You gently push him onto the bed and he falls back without protest–once again, probably because his limbs are still mostly frozen and he can’t do much.

“Okay, my body may not be as fine and all, but trust me, my mind is fine! It’s clear and I can think completely–yeah!”

You roll your eyes. The medics may have given him the antidote and necessary check-ups, but it looks like the sleeping pill hasn’t quite kicked in yet. But it’s definitely about to, with the way his eyes are getting glassier and glassier by the second, glazing over with drowsiness.

“Then you shouldn’t have any problems with my check up.” You raise a brow at him as you clean your hands and rub a wet towel over his head. “It’s not like you’re going to remember it, anyway, and it’s just a brief check up. Nothing in-depth.”

He makes a whining noise and you guess that despite his best efforts to convince you otherwise, he really isn’t fine. Must’ve seen something particularly traumatic, or something bad happened. Maybe he lost part of his memory? Or there was something he learned about the enemy he isn’t quite comfortable with you knowing? Whatever the reason, you’ll figure it out once you get inside his mind.

“But you don’t need to–”

“Taehyung. Close your eyes.” He does so immediately, obediently, upon hearing your “no-nonsense” voice. You grin as his eyes flutter closed and, soon enough, he’s drifted off.

Carefully, you place a firm palm on his head and channel your conscience to his, linking minds through the physical contact. Slowly, his mind comes in sight. You navigate the busied, clearly jostled area with ease and grace, pushing aside old memories and looking for the most recent ones.

It’s quiet and dark, with an occasional flutter of the brain waves as his mind churns out dreams and visions in his sleep.

The memories come into view. You inspect the images and doors carefully, making sure to choose the beginning and not get lost in the midst. Then, you enter.


For all the fuss that Taehyung put up, the mission actually turns out to be relatively normal. Excluding the whole getting poisoned and rendered paralyzed part, of course. But it’s pretty normal, mental-health wise; you detect no mental scars in his mind nor broken pieces of broken memories (while there are a few false memories scattered about, you percieve nothing particularly vicious about them and leave them be).

He was (emphasis on was), however, harboring a secret. 

Of course, you naturally feigned ignorance after the procedure, not bothering to wake him up and letting him rest in the clinic. But, it seemed Taehyung on the other hand, came rushing to your office as soon as he woke up.

“Y-You saw it didn’t you?”

You look up from the heaps of paper on your desk, currently filling out a few reports of the mental health conditions of some of the patients.

“Saw what?” You give him a blank look, hoping it’ll convince him. It, inevitably, fails.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know!” He points a finger at you accusingly.

You sigh. “Look, Tae, you know I didn’t actually mean to see that. I was only doing my job, and my job was to inspect your mental health after the paralysis incident, because recent studies on that particular poison has been linked to deteriorating mental–”

“So you did see it!” He purses his lips together and frowns, but almost in a comical manner.

“I’m sorry,” you say. “If it makes you happier, I’ll pretend to act surprised when–”

Suddenly, without warning, a tinkling hextech box is hurled at your face. You catch it instinctively, feeling the sharp metal edges poke at your palms.

Taehyung cackles. “I still got you to look surprised without you needing to act it out!”

You roll your eyes and smile. “Nice.” And it was a nice indeed; you really weren’t expecting him to come and throw it at you. Hell, you didn’t even know he had it on him. You’d thought the box was in his bag, or something.

“Open it,” he prods, excited. You both already know what’s in it, but you decide to humor him anyways.

You release the seal on the box and it slides open smoothly, though not without a satisfying metallic sound. There’s a glimmer of light and–yup.

A giant, fluffy, alpaca plush.

When you’d ventured into his memories, you’d seen him poking the glass at a store front with a contemplative look on his face.

“What’ya lookin’ at?” his teammate asks.

Taehyung shrugs. “Alpaca plush. Should I get it for her? It’s so cute.”

“Oh, is that for your girlfriend?” Another teammate is talking, now. Taehyung nods. “It’s cute. If you think she’ll like it, get it. It’ll make an adorable surprise gift.”

“I-I was hoping to surprise you!” He sounds whiny and throws his arms over you. Into the crook of your neck, he mutters something about stupid poison and dumb medical procedures.

“Tae, it’s fine. I love it,” you say, smiling down at him. “Thank you.”

He hugs you, now. Tightly.

drabble game: closed + finished

Makorra briefings

@makorrayear asks a great question: what made you start shipping makorra?

Gather ‘round kids. Get comfy, bring popcorn. It’s story time.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I entered the fandom a few years late. I actually didn’t know the show existed/that it was a continuation of atla until I saw the commercial for the b1 finale (while watching a tmnt DVD with my bro on Nick) and later stumbled upon it on amazon prime, a little over a year and a half ago (whoa, that feels like a lifetime!!). Then I thought, hmm… Why not? I was really unsure of the whole thing originally. What could possibly amount to atla? How could the fictional universe that blessed my childhood possibly get any better? But I pressed play anyway.

That’s when this naive, headstrong, adorable little waterbender entered my life. I was skeptical. She kept making pretty impulsive decisions, but I have her a chance bc I knew her development would be pretty great.

So I go along, completely thrilled to see some of the original gaang and where they ended up. And then… Mako appears. I knew from the little footage I’d seen that he was the trademark handsome brooding boy, so I was like “ah yes. The cliché love interest emerges.” I know I had no idea what I was in for but You have to bear with me–I didn’t have the best attitude towards the show, like I said earlier. (A mistake that made me the wiser person I am today lol)

But they had so much chemistry? From the very beginning I feel like they were perfect. Plus, my favorite trope is the haters/antagonizers to lovers. And I still had atla in my head, so they were basically zutara that did shippy-things. And… Mako was so hot??? That scene in the Revelation where he’s at the factory and takes off his face mask and wipes sweat off his forehead, gazing broodily into the distance???? Holy cheese and crackers, that was it, I was hooked, swooning, dead. No wonder Korra fell for him so quickly. She didn’t have a chance. (Frankly, he didn’t have a chance either, she looks like a goddess)

Ahem, anyway. The Revelation was when my shipper heart took over. They were the power couple that was actually canon (*eye twitches*) and they were so realistic to me. Yes, they had issues, but literally every couple does, and they worked out those problems.

I remember watching the entire b2 in one night… And they broke up… And I was devastated… But I was sure they were going to get back together because you can’t just toss all that development out the window, you know? That’s when I joined tumblr, and started getting involved in the fandom. And then b3 was added to Amazon, and I was like “ok yay otp gets back together!” Boy, I was naive. Then… I saw posts about the b4 finale and it looked like they were at a wedding, and I was like “Oh!! They get married! Yay!… They get married, right?” I’d never been more wrong.

So, I finally watched b4 kinda recently, but of course I already knew what happened basically. The rest is history.

Sorry I rambled wayyyy too much and strayed from the original question! in summary, I had a feeling they were supposed to be together from the beginning, but I didn’t start REALLY shipping makorra until The Revelation.

random caryl headcanons because reasons

Once Daryl’s confident enough in their relationship that he feels comfortable voicing out loud the compliments that have always swirled through his brain the second she walks into a room, he literally can’t shut the hell up. “Mmm, your hair smells so good” when he’s got his face pressed against her, bargaining for five more minutes in bed. “That color looks great on you” when she walks out of the bathroom in the morning, blinking awake while she runs a brush through her hair. “This pie’s even better than the last one” when she had to scramble to find a weird combo of allspice and nutmeg. “I told you you’re her favorite babysitter,” when he tries to take Judith out of Carol’s arms and she starts crying. “Nice ass,” mumbled under his breath while he stretches out on the bed and watches her wiggle out of her jeans at the end of a long day. But no matter how many times he compliments her, she smiles (or turns pink, or both) at single every one.

At least a few times a week, Daryl wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Maybe a nightmare, maybe a coyote howling beyond the walls, maybe just stress-induced insomnia. At first he tries to deal with it alone, quietly pushing away the covers and tiptoeing toward the door. But Carol’s way too light a sleeper for that. “Going somewhere?” she’ll say, a touch of laughter behind the concern in her voice. She never fails to wake up seconds after he does on the rough nights – it’s kind of uncanny. It takes a little time, but after a few episodes he learns to accept that she’s just there, small soft hands smoothing over his shoulder, warm quiet voice soothing in the sleepy darkness. Sometimes he talks to her, tries to make words out of the mess he’s feeling. Other times he just smiles and smushes his face into her neck, plays with the ends of her hair, and relaxes to the feel of her breathing in and out, wrapped tight in his arms.

He loves being a guinea pig when she’s trying out new stuff in the kitchen. Available ingredients are always a constraint on what she can manage to create, but he’s forever in awe of her creativity. Most of the time, her bizarre substitutions work, and the look of appreciation on his face when she slides the spoon into his mouth is 100% genuine. But every now and then, there’s just no way to pretend the beet juice bread or sweet potato/cabbage soup isn’t a train wreck. When the inevitable happens, he fights his hardest to school his face at least into neutrality, but she’s way too smart for him. “That bad, hm?” she’ll laugh, licking some from the spoon she just took out of his mouth. Then, “Oh shit, that’s awful.” He shrugs. Kisses her. (The soup tastes four hundred percent better on her tongue). Eats it anyway.

The first time Daryl mentions Glenn in her presence, her heart cracks wide open. He’s showing her how to make sure the car’s safely up on the jack before she starts changing the tire. Reaching into the toolbox, he mutters without thinking, “Shit, I should clean these wrenches. Glenn would kick-” He stops; the hand that’s twisting the bolt is shaking. She reaches out, puts her own hand over his. “Glenn would what?” she whispers. Daryl’s quiet for a long beat, his eyes staring down at the damp dirt. He scrubs the back of his hand across his eyes and says, voice rough and gravelly around the words, “He’d kick my ass for not taking care of his tools. Was always in Aaron’s garage with some fuckin’ cloth, polishing the damn things. Think he wanted to keep ‘em like Dale did.” She swallows past her own tears and gives his hand a final squeeze, cherishing the fact that he spoke the words at all. She knows that tonight, she’ll finish drying the dishes alone, even though he almost always helps her. She’ll grab a jacket and step into the late fall bite of the evening air. And she’ll walk toward the light in Aaron and Eric’s garage, where she’ll find Daryl on a bench with the entire contents of the toolbox spread before him on a towel, polishing them one by one with the ragged, stained cloth clutched in his hands.

It turns out that he’s actually amazing at massages. She got a tiny taste on top of the bus at the prison, but that’s nothing in comparison to what he has to offer once he finally gets comfortable with touching her skin for more than three seconds at a time. When she steps out of the bathroom after a tiring shift on watch followed by a steaming shower, he’ll give her towel-clad body a lingering look before he says, “Want me to rub your back for a minute?” At first she thinks it’s an excuse to get her naked (as if he needs one), but when she stretches out on the sheets, he carefully refrains from touching anything except her back and shoulders. (Eventually, with her express encouragement and when they’re both in the right mood, he winds up massaging other places as well, until she’s flushed and breathless, whispering that she wants more.)

One of Carol’s favorite weekly rituals is taking the kids so Rick and Michonne can have a ‘date night.’ Carl grumbled a little at first, but now he’s on such a mission to beat Carol at Scrabble that he looks forward to it as much as she does. Her favorite part of the evening is always Judith’s bedtime. For whatever reason, Daryl is Judy’s favorite reading buddy – the child bounces and claps her hands when he heads toward her special corner of the bookshelf, asking which one she wants to read. Once she’s had her bath and is all cuddled up in fresh pajamas with her favorite stuffed animal (a tattered penguin Michonne named Harold as a joke, but the damn name stuck) and her pacifier, she climbs right into Daryl’s lap and snuggles into the crook of his arm, pudgy fingers patting the pages of her chosen book. Carol’s always watching from the table where she and Carl continue their Scrabble war (Carl’s still pissed she actually played “quixotic” in their last game, straight through a triple word with the x on a triple letter), and there are few things she loves more than hearing Daryl say, “Asskicker, I swear if you make me read this goddamn book again-” followed three seconds later by, “Little Nutbrown Hare, who was going to bed, held on tight to Big Nutbrown Hare’s very long ears…”