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Shots-fucking-Fired, amirite?

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Sorry for not posting guys. My bedroom flooded yesterday. So I had to move a lot of stuff around. And I had to sleep in my living room. My anxiety has been so bad. I had two panic attacks today and I’m not feeling too good. So I’m in the er to get some help. I do have new pics to post. I’ll get to them later. Hope you’re all doing well. Peace and love ❤️

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                “ ——— SO YOU … SPECIALIZE in guns .. weaponry, all of that? … Really?”
     Color him IMPRESSED! Not because of the fact that she’s a woman but mostly because he’s never met anyone who was so ADVANCED with weaponry. Excluding Undyne since she’s only experienced with body building & spears. – Big woop. “How long have you been, uh … ?”


It’s too late James. Far too late.

James isn’t playing to win this game. He’s playing for AFP again. He wants to swish between the groups, stay low, and come away with a real showmance. Honestly, this is a dating show for him (not quite as bad as Nicole though). He’s been conflicted about being one of the boys (when he feels left out of that) and being in a serious showmance with Natalie. By floating between them, he was neither, and just not good TV. He went all in last season, and hasn’t even come close this season.

James has known from the third week that Paulie/Corey were shitty people. He’s been there for the comments and conversations. He’s stayed silent as Natalie was made fun of and called FT’s. Even now, he still tries to remain mostly quiet though the big confrontations. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the Paulie/Corey level, but he really needs to grow a backbone and speak up. Defend what you believe in.

I want James out after Paulie/Corey so Natalie can truly control her own game.

Scenarios: He has a good shot of making it to the end, but an equal shot at getting cut. He’s most likely going to be Corey/Paulie and Nicole’s main target next week. They seem to feel emotionally betrayed by him on a different level (even though they deserved it), so I see him taking the fall if he goes up, because Paul/Vic would vote him out over Natalie/Mich if he’s on the block with them, probably over Nicole as well. He has another week if he wins HOH or Corey/Paulie stays on the block.

Best Case: I think he has the jury vote if he goes to F2 with anyone. He just has to get there. He’s a huge target though, so the only person I think might genuinely want him with them at F2 is Natalie, and I hope she’s smart enough to realize if Nicole or Michelle are options she should take them instead, because she can beat them easy.

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I so can imagine alfie having his own regular tv program one day. Maybe a kids tv show :') or idkk i think if he trained he can be a good tv presenter or motivational speaker.

He can so be a motivational speaker, I can definitely see him doing that in the future!