he's gonna look so good in plaid

Daddy, I

summary/prompt: can i request a prompt for omegaverse where Niall actually really hates Harry but he’s in heat and he’s the only alpha around. And Harry is loving every second because he’s always liked Niall but Niall never gave him the time of day. And because Harry is a sadistic bastard he makes Niall beg for it until he’s crying.

word count: 4,285

NARRY SMUT, omegaverse, daddy kink, a bit of underage, dirty talk, crying, and a bunch of other yummy narry goodness. enjoy!



All the students jump from their seats and eagerly file out of the classrooms. Niall packs up his school supplies in his backpack, throwing it over his shoulder and patiently waiting for everyone to flood out of the busy hallway.

“Hey, Niall!” A voice sounds from behind him. He turns to see Harry, a boy two years above him, squeezing through the crowd and making his way into a clear spot beside him. “Hey,” he repeats with a warm smile.

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Songbird - A Daddy!Dean series Part 1

Paring: Daddy!Dean x Reader, child of the reader 

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,470

A/N: This is my first ever dabble into the world of Daddy!Dean, so feedback is highly appreciated! This was beta’d by my lovely friend @workingonmynightmoves - thanks, Ashlyn! And a special shoutout to @torn-and-frayed for dragging me into this hell of Daddy!Dean feels! 

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Darkness surrounded you, the cold wind made you shiver underneath your coat. The heavy, harsh rain was hitting your face and soaking your clothes, as you pressed the weeping bundle closer to your chest. The next town was only two miles away and you didn’t have a choice but to walk on further, despite the violent storm. Your muscles ached, every single fibre of your being screamed for you to stop walking. The inner battle you thought was the last thing you needed right now. If you made the two miles, you’d be safe. She’d be safe. That was all that mattered for now.

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Surely Heaven Waits For You

(on AO3)

Dean opens his eyes to a brightness. It surrounds him all encompassing, glowing and he squints, shielding his eyes; trying to see where he is. He can’t see anything at all, just bright, white light. He feels like he’s looking into the sun or an angel’s lost grace. There’s an odd sort of calmness that hovers around him when the light brushes against his skin and he feels peaceful.

Dean wonders if he’s dreaming, he must be.

He closes his eyes, squeezing them shut as tightly as possible. He waits for a few seconds, willing himself to wake up. Dean reopens his eyes and nope, still too bright. Maybe he’s not dreaming?

“Sammy? Cas?” Dean yells, panic starting to flood his body. If he’s… wherever the fuck he is, where’s Sam and Cas?

“Hello?!” Dean yells again, straining his ears to listen for any sort of response.


Dean hastily stands to his feet, eyes raking over the incandescent white ground. He can see a little better now, his eyes having adjusted to the light. The ground beneath him is tiled and he reaches down, brushing his fingers across it. Stone, maybe some sort of marble. Huh, fancy. He takes a look at his feet and finds he doesn’t have any shoes on, that’s odd. He glances around and it’s nothing but the shining brightness, he can’t even tell if he’s in a room or even if he’s on earth. He wracks his mind, trying to remember what happened before he woke up here.

The last thing he remembers is going to bed the night before. His arthritis had been acting up all day and even walking with his cane hurt his joints. He’d decided to go to bed early and hope that the pain would lessen by the time he awoke the next morning.

Dean glances down at one of his hands, there’s no wrinkles. There definitely should be wrinkles, he’s seventy-eight years old. Turning his hand over, he brushes his fingers over his palm and the top of his hand, smooth, no age lines. What the fuck? He rolls up the sleeves of his shirt grabbing at his healthy, smooth, freckled skin in awe. Dean awkwardly lunges forward two steps. His bones don’t hurt, nothing hurts, and he feels like he’s thirty-five again.

He’s young again.

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Garth and Dean Parallels in 9x12

Okay, so I was excited to see Garth again. You know it in your heart, you were too. Because who can hate this adorkable puppy of a goodhearted man?

This episode was a bit sad because we learned what happened to Garth. Bitten. It sucks because Garth was essentially one of the best hunters, if not the best, on the show. He was the most stable and was healthiest when it came to mental health and secureness with who he was. And with just one hunt, all that confidence he had as a hunter–Out the window. He was embarrassed, unable to show his face to the hunter community. And he was going to kill himself. He was at his lowest point in his life, and then…someone came to save him. Smelled him out and fell deeply in love with him, as he did her.

Sound a bit familiar? A man screws up, becomes so ridden with self hatred that he’s fine with just dying if it’s for a good cause, then someone comes and makes him think, yeah, maybe there is something that’s worth while about himself, even with all the crap he’s done?

And would you look at Garth? He’s wearing things similar to Dean’s attire.



At least we know Garth’s gonna be safe, what with him wearing plaid at the end. Always good to know that Garthy won’t freaking die a second later.

It’s also interesting that Garth reacted to Kevin’s death the same way Dean reacted: He blamed himself and then said he wanted to hunt. But Dean wouldn’t let him. The intriguing thing is Garth is someone who, in so many ways, is truly similar to Dean. Like Michael was, in someways, the worst possible way Dean could have turned out, Garth, in someways, is the best. I wonder if Dean sees that?

"Win a date with (Y/N)"- Niall (Requested)

I’m sorry if this is bad, I literally stayed up all night re-typing whole story it’s 5.18 am now and I’m really sorry if it’s not the best one I’m really tired.
Hope you like it :) xxxx

Yet another interview for our new album. It was actually fun, I don’t know but the others, but I really like it. We’re were  doing our interview with Ryan Seacrest.

“So here we have Noah, Liam, Mason, Jacob and lovely (Y/N) here. Average everyonee!” we all cheered as Ryan introduced us.

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Jonnor//Shopping...No Not For Flannel, Connor...

Anonymous: Can you do a fic where Jude takes Connor shopping to get clothes other than flannels?

Thanks for the request!


Jude insisted he and Connor take a trip to the mall. As much as Jude loved Connor’s plaid flannels that he wore…every day…he needed a few other options. 

“Why’d you wanna go shopping so bad?” Connor asked amused.

Jude averted his eyes. “Uh, no reason!”

Connor didn’t really believe him but he just shrugged it off. They headed to the Men’s Department of a store. When they entered, Connor immediately veered over to the rack of plaid buttons ups. 

“Uh, let’s look at these!” Jude chimed, pulling Connor by the hand over far away from the rack.

They walked over to the rack Jude pulled Connor to and looked through the nice shirts. 

Connor looked at the price tag of one and his eyes widened. “Yeah, there’s no way I can afford this!”

“It can’t be that bad,” Jude reassured. He looked at the price tag and now his eyes were wide as well. “Oh…well never mind then!”

Connor put the shirt back on the rack. “I think I’m gonna head back over to the flannels,” he said casually. “It said they were on sale so…”

“Wait-” Jude blurted, taking a step in front of Connor’s path.

Connor chuckled. “What’s your deal? You’ve been weird all day!”

Jude let out a sigh, looking up into his eyes. “Look…I know you love your plaid, so much it’s like an obsession,” Jude mumbled the last part, “But Con…you need more variety.”

Connor laughed, “What is this, an intervention?”

Jude laughed too. “All I’m saying is I would like to see my boyfriend in other things! Not that you aren’t you know…good looking wearing flannel,” Jude blushed. 

Connor smiled and leaned in to peck Jude on the cheek. “Alright. If it means that much to you, I promise I’ll try to branch out into other patterns,” Connor snickered. 

“That’s all I ask,” Jude sassed back.

They wandered through the store and found a few things for Connor to try on, mainly picked out by Jude. Connor carried his pile of clothes into the dressing room while Jude waited outside.

Jude was playing bejeweled on his phone when he heard Connor’s voice ask, “So, what do you think?”

Jude looked up from his game and his jaw dropped, letting out an uncontrollable squeak. Connor was wearing a pair of dark, nice fitting jeans along with a black opened buttoned up with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. Underneath his button up was a plain white v neck t-shirt that fell just above his belt.

“Oh my god,” was all Jude could utter, feeling his brain go numb. 

Connor chuckled, looking down at his feet shyly. “That’s all you have to say?” 

Jude finally snapped out of his gaze and stood up. “No! Uh no,” he stuttered. He took Connor’s hands, making Connor’s eyes meet his. “You look great!”

Connor smiled. “Really?”

Jude’s eyes almost popped out. “Uh, YEAH! Did you look at yourself in the mirror?!” he exclaimed, turning Connor around to the mirror behind them. 

Connor’s eyes widened surprised. “Wow,” he simply said. “I look…good.”

Jude beamed at Connor’s growing confidence, giving him a surprise kiss. They broke apart smiling.

Yeah, you’re getting that,” Jude chuckled, sitting back down to his chair. 

Connor smirked, “Oh! And I’m getting this too!” He ran back into his dressing room.

“What?” Jude called, confused.

Connor came back out wearing a flannel jacket with a big goofy grin on his face, both of his arms dramatically out to either side to display it.

Jude laughed throwing his head back. “Connor! I thought you promised!”

Connor shrugged, still grinning. “Eh, you can’t break my obsession that easily, Jude!”


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