he's gonna kill me isn't he


“You’re inviting me in just like that?” Reborn resists the urge to blanch, out of fear for his own reputation. Then he remembers that Tsunayoshi is probably blind. “What are you, a lemming?”

“Only if you’re actually planning to kill me.” Tsunayoshi looks up at him, and for a moment, Reborn wishes he wasn’t blind. “You’re not, right?”

Because Reborn doesn’t know how to put into words just how much he would never think about killing Tsunayoshi. Not now. Not ever. Not unless there was no other choice, no other way, nothing else they could do. Not unless there was no other way to save him.

(But, Reborn is quite selfish and arrogant in that sense. He thinks he is the way to save him. That this is the way to salvation. This path. This choice.)

“No,” he says, and hopes his voice doesn’t sound as choked as it feels. “I’m not.”

- nip thy affections (in the bloome); ch2

that one au where reborn is groundhogging his way through multiple lives/cycles and suddenly there is a 30yo gardener tsuna inviting him in bc apparently the other arcobaleno won’t stop talking about reborn

the hand rake has probably been a murder weapon at some point.

(Happy ObiMaul headcanon for @yaoikuza-probably won’t be the last thing i tag you in) 

AU where Maul doesn’t die; Obi-Wan never intended to kill him just temporarily knock him out so he could have some time to think. Through that act of mercy, not only does Maul heal but he and Obi-Wan become friends and see they have a lot in common. Most importantly, they share a love for reading. Obi-Wan has collected tons of books over time, and has multiple copies of some of the same volumes. So he gives Maul a lot of his volumes, and of course Maul reads them quickly despite their length. After a while, the two will just sit there, discussing the books, and the characters, themes, etc…etc..

And though Obi-Wan has read these books repeatedly and knows them like the back of his hand, having conversations with Maul intrigues him. There are themes Obi-Wan has never thought of, or certain things in the books that he’s missed that Maul notices, and it just sets up a lovely discussion.

And with Maul, talking about any book is always more exciting since Obi-Wan has been alone and he too enjoys delving deeper into the pages with another mind to discuss with. And through reading, discussing (the present, and their pasts) and just spending time together, they grow close. They already have so many similarities so it isn’t hard for a bond, especially when they no longer have anything to lose.

Obi-Wan has found a friend and companion in the least way he thought possible and the same goes for Maul. It’s safe to say the both are happy.  

This of course goes on for a few more months until Maul is healed, and announces that he’s going to leave. Obi-Wan knew his time was coming, but he is saddened by it. Yet, he doesn’t try to stop Maul, because he knows there’s still a lot Maul needs do for himself. He’s healed but not completely. Though he no longer hates Obi-Wan there is still a lot of pain and hatred that only a self journey will fix. So Obi-Wan lets him go, he encourages him too.

And before Maul leaves, Obi-Wan gives him every single one of the books they’ve read and discussed together. It’s a rather bitter sweet departure, because something in Obi-Wan’s gesture tells Maul that he will may never see him again. But they hope for the best for each other and both depart on good terms.

Dark Fate Yuma Dark 08 Translation

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-Scene: Outside An Abandoned Building-

Yuma: ――But, don’t you think that’s weird?

Yui: Huh… …?

Yuma: That Sakamaki Neet and how he came to that abandoned joint. Don’t you find that weird?

Yui: Yeah… …

(It’s close to the castle, but I do find it a bit weird that he was there… …)

Yuma: Well, I can care less what he does!

Anyway, don’t start straying away or nothing, alright? You’re spacing out there a bit.

Yui: O-Okay… …

-Scene Change: Forest-

Yui: (I wonder if it’s okay for us to be walking around aimlessly like this… …)

… …Hm? Hey, Yuma-kun. What’s that?

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First Gif: Lucas and I chatting. He was seriously an absolute sweetheart, he was very talkative and was patient with me when I got starstruck and just very, very sweet. 

Second Gif: Hannah (@jjongshine) getting her jersey signed by Sergio! He was also an absolute doll, a little too lenient with the winks tho (he’s gonna kill someone, honestly. watch out). 

Third Gif: Nikki (@jeonnguks), Jenny (@akashiseijuro4), and I (in order) at the signing table. No idea where Hannah went lol!

I’m just still in shock that we met them AND are on Real Madrid’s youtube channel? Just wow! I seriously sobbed when I saw this video on their channel and saw all of us in it. It made the experience just THAT much more memorable because we’ll be able to experience it over and over again through this. I think seeing it from a different POV finally made it hit me, I actually met Real Madrid. I’m still shaking. I don’t think anything will ever be able to top this. I’ll remember this forever.