he's gonna kill me for this!


“I’m James. I’m 17. And I’m pretty sure I’m a sociopath. I was eight when I realized I didn’t have a sense of humor. I’d always wanted to punch my dad in the face. When I was nine, he bought a deep-fat fryer. He saw it on an American shopping channel. One day, I put my hand in it. I want to make myself feel something. When I was 15, I put my neighbor’s cat in a box and took it into the woods. It probably had a name. After that I kill more animals. And I remember every single one. School was beneath me, but it was a good place for observation and selection because I had a plan. I was gonna kill something bigger, much bigger.”

-The End of the F***ing World, (2017) dir. Jonathan Entwistle

The Gorillaz reacting to The Walking Dead midseason finale (warning there are spoilers)
  • The band was watching the midnight season finale of Walking Dead, they all sat there silence and tensely as Negan began to talking.
  • 2D: Daryl you bloody idiot.
  • Murdoc: Fucking hate him and Tara.
  • Noodle: They had one job, and that was too do nothing.
  • Russell: And those dumbasses. fuck that up.
  • They kept on watching when Carl said: 'Kill me!'
  • Murdoc: No, Carl, no!
  • Noodle: Holy crap, do not do that!
  • Russell: No, no, no no. Carl it ain't worth it!
  • 2D: Don't be a hero, Carl!
  • As the kept on Watch as the part where Jerry gets hit by the car.
  • 2D: Jerry hit by the car! He got hit by the fucking car. Oh no he's gonna die. (Put his hands over his head)
  • Murdoc: T-This is not happening, pray that the dark lord under, this can't be happening.
  • Noodle: OH,MYGOD, please please please please please. Don't kill him, Siri is too precious for this world!
  • The been kept watch as they did Maggie shot the Guy who called her cupcake.
  • Noodle: That's what you get for calling Maggie cupcake, bitch.
  • 2D: ... I donno weather to be scared of her or proud of her.
  • Russell: She's not taken anyone shit.
  • Murdoc: Bloody brilliant, Maggie. Fucking well done, love. So proud of her.
  • They continue to work as Rick and Negan for each other as Rick takes Lucille from Negan.
  • Russell: Kill him, Rick!
  • 2D: Finish him off
  • Noodle: Bash his head in, Rick!
  • Murdoc: (sitting on the edge of his seat)
  • Negan kicks Rick making him dropped Lucille.
  • Noodle: Motherfuck!
  • Murdoc: W-WHAT!?
  • 2D: AAAHH!
  • Russell: SHIT, SHIT!
  • As they kept on Watching wondering where Carl was as see Rick looking for Carl.
  • Noodle: W-Where is he?!
  • Carl: (I brought them here)
  • 2D: Oh, bugger. He's alive...
  • At the bouquet Murdoc noticed that Carl look pale.
  • Murdoc: Some... Somethings not right with him...
  • Carl slowly revealed the Walker bite.
  • Russell: ... ... No... no way... (eyes tearing up)
  • 2D: H-He... Was bit the whole time!?
  • Noodle: T-The actual fuck?
  • Murdoc: ... ... ... (gets up and walks out of the room) Fuck. This. Fuck this. I hate everything!
  • After the show ended The band sat there taking in what just happened.
  • Noodle: ... ... (start crying) They killed Rick's son... His only child.
  • 2D: That's it. I'm done watching the Walking Dead. (start snuffling)
  • Russell: (hands him and Noodle each a tissue) Oh... My god... My heart is Breaking...
  • Murdoc: (walks back into the living room) Carl! Out of all the people, they had to kill Rick's son. Why couldn't of been Gregory?! That fucker is a pathetic waste of space!
  • After that the band started rewatching the first season of the Walking Dead.

The Good Doctor

Okay so I’m not sure how I feel about this episode. It fucked with my emotions so much and I started pulling my hair again which is not a good thing.

Also I don’t know how I feel about Jared getting his job back because, yes I wanted him to get his job back but could he have gone about it a better way?

And the twins. Oh. My. God. Don’t get me started. No do actually. My mom and I spent the whole episode guessing how their storyline would play out. First we figured Katie would die and Jenny would get her heart. Then we decided they were both gonna die. Then neither. Then my mom thought their mom was gonna kill herself so Jenny could have her heart. (Anybody reminded of that show Heartbeat that was on NBC?) Then they were both gonna die.

And Shaun moving then not moving. I’m glad he’s not moving. I still don’t know if I like Lea. I am rooting for Shaun to be happy but can’t he be happy with Claire or Melendez? Why Lea?

Glassman is up to something. Don’t know what but he is.

I kind of think at this point, when frank is getting ready to go after Billy, is ready to die, he’s done, he’s gonna kill billy or he’s gonna die trying, and it breaks my heart.

“this is your death” “it’s who i am”

“you’re human, you’re gonna die” “sounds good to me”

having to save sarah and the kids is the only thing that pulls him back from the precipice

mark: i’m gonna kill wilford and dark. 100% serious yep



“Bular whisper on me as naught/dirty his word Dx”


Finally I’m return to draw my next artwork up……So I was finish that and I knew He always talk about death and eat people talk/his own word but Not on me….Ugh I can’t tell you guys…If I tell them and what’s he up with me? He gonna kill me(Na he won’t and he still wanted me all times) or kidnap me again for his own private anyplace he want go to…
xD xD xD
Bular from Trollhunters
Nancy belongs to my cartoonsona TH Character

Artist by Nancy R.B.
Used by Medibang Paint
Created Guillermo Del Toro