he's gonna hate me for the 2nd picture

Hi taylorswift! (Warning: this is basically typical high school drama). So my friends and I made this video after I asked my best guy friend to Formal and he said yes. But after I posted the picture of my asking on instagram, this senior girl who I was friends with and is crazy and obsessed with my best friend texted me for 3 hours begging me and bullying me into unasking him so she could go with him. He doesn’t share the same feelings at all and didn’t want to go with her especially bc we had the most fun time we’ve ever had at a dance last year when we went together! I can’t deal with drama and meanness because I automatically resort to being 100% nice so I let her have what she wanted and said she could be with him for the dance cause I didn’t know what else to do!!!

Anyways, it doesn’t matter a whole lot to me I’m just frustrated that some girls can become so irrational in the name of love! So my friends and I have spontaneously reenacted the whole situation during a study break with bad blood which IS LITERALLY EXACTLY WHAT I FEEL AND EVERYTHING SAID IN THE SONG HAPPENED TO ME IN REAL LIFE. I’m the one in the daisy dress, the girl in the grey sweater is “my best guy friend”, and the girl with glasses is the “crazy love blinded senior”. Thanks for writing the perfect girl drama song.