he's gonna beat you silly and enjoy every minute of it


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh and @golddaggers

Pairing: Dylan O’brien x Reader

Words: 1829

A/N: So, I wrote this a week ago and I absolutely hated it. I was about to delete it, honestly .. But my lovely Piggie @golddaggers saved my ass and turned shit into gold. THANK YOU (also for always keeping me company while I’m working the night shift) ! I love you so much 🐷💖🇩🇪🇧🇷 

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This weeks entry into the prompt game at @tonystarkstoga. It’s early and a bit of a rushed job because I’m multitasking but I hope you enjoy another Tony & his kidnappers drabble!

“Fuck this, he’s right.”

Tony preens. He’s always right–well, mostly–but it’s always nice to have other people acknowledge it.

“Just kill him and be done with it,” the masked guy orders after another moment of silent contemplation.

Tony blinks. Tilts his head. Goes over the words again.

“Yeah,” he drawls, even as he not-nervously side-eyes the henchman who’s already reaching for his gun. “That’s almost the exact opposite of what I was going for.”

Masked guy and all of his minions–too bad they aren’t yellow and cute, Tony would have appreciated the sight a lot more–all turn to stare at him. He can’t make out their expressions but he’s pretty sure they’re gaping.

“You’ve spent the last hour going on and on about every mistake we’ve made in kidnapping you, every trace we’ve left behind, every possible outcome this will have,” Masked guy states, crosses his arms in front of his chest.

Which is a fair point. And yes, in retrospect, possibly not the smartest thing Tony could’ve done. But it’s just nagging at him, all the silly rookie mistakes these guys have made, it’s so pathetic. He can’t help but want to make this little game of hide and seek between these guys and the Avengers a little more interesting.

(Let’s not delve into how they managed to capture him in the first place, because that was just low.)

“True,” Tony admits. “But you’re forgetting that I’ve been very helpful too. I think you owe it to me not to kill me until my slightly-less-efficient-than-anticipated rescue team shows up.”

Masked guy snorts unattractively. “Go ahead, shoot him. And then lets get out of here.

Too bad. Well, it was worth a try.

Also where the heck is his team? They’re usually a lot faster than this.

“You know how I told you kidnapping was a bad idea because my overprotective killer-boyfriend was going to rip you into tiny pieces and feed to your friend over there with a smile?” he asks, strains against his bindings. The rope refuses to give though. “Just imagine what he’s gonna do when he finds out you’re pointing a gun at me.”

“Or don’t,” a thankfully familiar voice calls from above, right as the first screams sound. “I’ve heard the reality is always better.”

There’s the gentle “srrrr” of an arrow and then Clint’s standing in front of Tony, smirking down at him. “Threatening them with your boyfriend? Really, Stark?” he raises an eyebrow.

“Yes, well, if you would’ve been on time for once in your life I could’ve spared all of us the embarrassment,” Tony scowls right back. “Where are the others?”

“Beats me.” Clint shrugs, kicks a twitching henchman hard. “Let’s just follow the blood bath and wails for mercy.”

Twenty minutes later, Tony surveys the carnage with a resigned sigh.

“They never learn, do they?”

“They will,” his lover gently squeezes his shoulder. “We’ll teach them until they remember it.”

Mountain Strong - A Sasil Fic

A/N: I’m so disappointed that this awesome show that brought us this amazing couple has been canceled. Kyle and Christina were absolutely amazing and I’ll miss watching them act together dearly. I look forward to following both of their careers and I wish them the best. I started writing this fic after the finale while we were all sharing the petition and crossing our fingers that the show would get picked up by another network or streaming service, unfortunately I had to finish it a bit brokenhearted. Still, #ShayMustStay … only it’ll have to live on in fanfics, fanart, fanvids etc. Here’s my contribution to keeping the mountain magic alive… and especially Hasil and Sally Ann. I’ve loved chatting with you all about these two! 🖤

Summary: It’s been seventeen years since Hasil was almost killed in a shoot-out with the coal company security team. Sally Ann shares the story with her curious teenager.

Mountain Strong

“Y'all c'mon! Dinner’s ready!” I shouted to my family, not exactly sure where any of them were. Amos came runnin’ in from the back porch, wood shavings stuck in his sweater and hair. “Hey baby, slow your roll… and go wash those hands.”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Where’s your fa?” I called after him, but there was no need. Two strong arms snaked their way around my waist.

“I’m right here, Darlin’.” Hasil gave my earlobe a nibble and my butt a pat. “How was your day? Smells good in here!” He walked over to the stove and peeked inside of the various pots and pans while Amos scrambled back into the kitchen like a little tornado, ready to show off his latest carving.

“Look daddy.” He passed the wooden figure off to Hasil. “I did the wings better this time. Look.”

Hasil sat in a chair and grinned at me before takin’ the carving from his boy. He inspected it closely. “Mighty fine. You done a real nice job, but did you mind your mother and wash those hands?”

Amos wiped his wet, but still clearly dirty, hands across his pants. “Yes sir.”

“That so? It don’t look like it.” He gave a nod toward the bathroom. “Go try again, with soap this time. And where’s your sister?”

Amos gave an evil little grin. “Cryin’ in her room.”

Hasil looked to me, confused, but all I did was return his expression. “Well what’s wrong with her?” he asked.

“She got d-u-m-p dumped!” He shrugged and ran off.

Hasil looked at me again, but this time I avoided his eyes. He stood up. “Sally Ann.”

I busied myself over the food, even though it was all done and ready to be served. “Hmm?”

“I got an inklin’, but maybe you could clarify for me what exactly he means by ‘she got dumped.’”

I laughed to try to ease his worries. “It’s nothin’ babe. There’s this guy… you remember Justin?”

He put his hand on his hip and stared at me. “No. No I don’t remember no Justin.”

“Hasil you met ‘im like three different times.”

He raised his eyebrows, at a loss.

I sighed. “Well they had a lil crush, you know?”

Hasil held up his hand and nodded. “Yeah. Yeah I got it. So what’s Amos mean she got dumped?”

I looked at him out the corner of my eye. “Hasil babe, you know what it means.”

“Nah, I must not cuz if she got dumped, that means she had herself a boyfriend and that ain’t quite the same as a lil crush—”

“Hasil she’s sixteen years old, c'mon now. We’ve talked about this.”

He ignored me and continued. “Also, what kind of foolish idiot does this Jared kid gotta be to dump my baby girl?”

I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips. “It’s Justin babe, and he’s obviously the extra foolish kind.”

“I’m serious.”

“I know you are.”

“I’m gonna go talk to her,” he said.

“No, let me. Teenage girls don’t wanna talk to their fa’s about boys. Wrangle Amos and y'all go ahead and eat. I’ll take some up for Starla.”

I knocked on the door to my daughter’s room before peekin’ my head inside. “Starla baby you okay?” I asked the lump in the middle of her mattress.

I only received sniffles in response, so I opened the door wider and held her plate of food out in front of me. It only took a few seconds for the scent of my roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans to reach her nose. Her pretty lil head popped out from beneath the blankets like a turtle from its shell. “I thought that might do the trick.” I put her plate down on her desk and watched as she rolled from her bed and sat in her chair, takin’ her whole comforter with her as she did.

“Thanks, Mama.”

I smiled at my girl. Treasurin’ the way she still called me Mama. The way it took me back to when she was just a lil girl playin’ dress up in her daddy’s kilt. She started in on her dinner while I sat on her bed and thumbed through one of the many ancient magazines she loved to collect.

“Take the quiz in there,” she said.

“Which one?”

“'Does he really love you?’ Page sixteen.”

I turned to the page. “Sweetheart I don’t think a flow chart that starts with the question 'How fast does he text you back?’ is gonna give the fairest picture of me and your fa’s relationship.” She didn’t say anything back, so I humored her and took the quiz. I sighed when I finished a few minutes later.

She wiped her mouth on a paper towel and crawled in bed next to me. “What it’d say?” she asked, snugglin’ up.

“Well. It says 'This guy hates your guts. Run away. Now. As fast as you can. Save yourself the embarrassment.’” I looked down to find a smilin’ face staring up at me behind a tangled mass of curls. “You look pleased. Am I missin’ somethin’?”

“You and daddy always beat the odds. Even on stupid quizzes.”

I gave her a squeeze and kissed the top of her head. “Do you wanna talk about what happened with Justin?”

She shook her head. “No. He’s stupid. I shoulda known better when daddy couldn’t ever remember his name.”

“Careful with that. There’s a good chance your daddy won’t remember the name of any boy you bring around.”

She laughed into the blankets. “He will Mama. There’ll be one, one day, and then I’ll know.”

“Know what?”

“That he’s a good one.”

Starla was cuddled up with me, but there was no denyin’ that she was a daddy’s girl through and through. I wouldn’t’ve wanted it any other way. I was thankful every day that my babies got to have a mom and dad, somethin’ neither Hasil nor I ever got to experience.

Starla adjusted herself on the bed, getting comfortable. “Will you tell me a story?”

“Sure baby. What do you wanna hear?”

“Tell me about the time daddy almost died.”

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11 AM

Bucky x OC 

Notes: fluffy, silly, sweet, some swearing, mentions of anxiety. 

A/N: this was somehow inspired by the song Bright Eyes by Simon and Garfunkel. Dunno how. AND! First OC! Felt the need to switch it up a bit. Enjoy! 

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His heart skips a beat, then another, as it always does when he sees her. It’s not a coincidence, not at all. He makes sure he’s there every Saturday, 11 AM, at the same spot at the same park. It’s easy enough, he just took it up in his routine to run around the park about twenty times, leaving his apartment around 10, walk across town -all of town- and get up a good sweat. She seems as meticulous about her routine as he is; she always jogs right past him at 11 AM on the dot, rain or shine. At that time Bucky’s always at one of the park benches, pretending to take a break to stretch. But the moment she passes him by, he waits a few more seconds and takes off again, following her path. He’s done this for about three weeks now, ever since he decided he wanted some different scenery from the route he used to run. The first time he saw her he felt like his heart was going to give out, his lungs didn’t seem to have the capacity to hold oxygen for him. He followed her without really noticing, and before he knew it she’d stopped and made ready to leave. He had just enough of his resolve left to not follow her straight home and snapped out of it at the entrance of the park.

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jungkook smut in highschool hes your senior & is in ur classes bc he failed them & he always jokes around about getting u to date him but u both know hes kidding but one day ur wearing a tight dress and hes so turned on and wont stop dirty talking


can I request a jungkook thigh riding smut … I swear those thighs will kill me one day

I’m combining these two request so i hope you enjoy!! and thank you for requesting!


Xx Smut xX

~~ Admin Abbie

Ride me Baby

You walked into your classroom and sat down your books at your desk and then grabbed the homework from the front of the room. This was just like every other normal day at school. 

You would come in, grab the homework, sit down and start looking over it while you waited for the one and only Jeon Jungkook to come and start up so crazy conversation like always.

He was actually supposed to graduate last year but he failed horribly in math so he had to stay back a grade. Although that’s a bad thing you were actually quite happy he was in your class now.

You had always admired him from afar before because he is literally beautiful and handsome and just perfect in every way. All the girls loved him and he knew it because he always showed off when he got the chance.

“Hey look! its my future girlfriend!”

Speak of the devil…

“Morning Jungkook”


Jungkook came in and sat his stuff down just like you did and also grabbed the homework. His desk was right next to yours so you and him had gotten decently close this past year. 

He always makes jokes about you dating him and how you should be together and you both laugh it off because you BOTH know its not gonna happen..Even if you wanted it to.

You had to admit you had developed a crush on this absolutely crazy fetus and it drove you crazy. Every day your feelings grew and you knew eventually you weren’t going to be able to hide it..and that thought terrified you because you knew that would be the end of yours and his relationship and that is the last thing you wanted.

“How was you morning Y/N?”

“Fine, although i woke up a little late so i didn’t get any breakfast so im starving”

“Thats not good! I cant have my future girlfriend starving on me!!!”

“Oh jeez Jungkook stop with the silly jokes already haha”

You both laughed and continued talking about random things until the teacher came in. Today was a half day of school because we had our homecoming dance tonight.

*To anyone who doesn’t know what that is, It is a high school dance that happens at the beginning of the year to welcome everyone back to the new year*

Everyone always got so pumped and excited for homecoming, Girls would spend tons of money on their hair and makeup and especially their dress. You on the other hand didn’t try very hard.

I mean sure it was really fun but it would be more fun if you had a date or friends to go with. To say simply you weren't the most social person you tend to keep to yourself.

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The local ice cream shack opened the first week of Spring and the boys were ecstatic. It was a well-known fact that Sprinkles Ice Cream Shack had the best ice cream in Indiana, not that boys would actually know considering they rarely left the little town. Regardless, when Dustin, Mike, and Lucas biked over to The Byers’ that Saturday morning, they realized they had arrived an hour early. Sprinkles didn’t open until 11 and it was 9:45.

So they sat in the Byers’ living room watching cartoons and recounting the more exciting ice cream trips of the past. Such as the year Barb learned she was more lactose intolerant than she initially thought or the day the ice cream machine was down so instead they feasted on coney dogs and snow cones.

The most impressive story, however, was the time Will actually beat Dustin in the end of the year ice cream eating contest. Dustin was still bitter about his loss claiming his brain freeze for the better of him. Turns out Will has a sweet tooth that could rival El’s.

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You, Me, and The Moon

Tyler’s soft fingertips brushed against Josh’s bare face. They were bowing down to a crowd when Tyler decided to deliberately make Joshua flustered in front of hundreds of fans.

The room roared, Josh couldn’t keep a straight face when his eyes shot over to his friend who was smirking and continued rubbing his cheek.

“Kiss!” A girl in the front screamed at the top of her lungs. Dun faked a laugh and swatted at the air in dismissal.
Josh sat down on his bunk in the bus, he could hear fans chatter outside, they were all waiting to meet the two boys. But, the pink haired drummer was a complete wreck. Night after night, he would have small anxiety attacks because Tyler would do something cute to him. Some nights it would just be Tyler touching his thigh when the lights got real dark, and other nights it would be Tyler smacking his ass in front of the crowds.

Sighing heavily, Josh checked his Twitter to see people tag him in videos of Tyler caressing Josh’s cheek gently. Almost all of the retweets were “OTP” or “JOSHLER IS REAL”. A slight smile cracked through his stressed face, everyone else wanted what he wanted too.

“Hey man,” Tyler’s soft voice broke through the background noise of clique waiting outside of the bus. Josh locked his phone quickly as his neck snapped up, meeting Tyler’s friendly gaze.

“Yo,” Dun mumbled and nervously played with the bottom of his shirt. “Are we going to go out there and say hi,” he asked, unsure if he was acting strange in front of his friend. Would Tyler ever notice?

“Not today.”

“Oh my god, Joseph. That was terrible.” Josh laughed and shook his head.

“Oh come on man, you laughed!” The tan boy sat down next to Josh and gently rested his hand on top of the drummers. “Jishwa.” His eyes fluttered up to meet his gaze as he cooed.

“Yeah?” Their voices started getting lower, this was terrible for Josh. He couldn’t think straight when things would get so serious like this. Everything was rushing through his head. What was Tyler going to say? What is he going to do?

“I miss your beard.” He admitted with a cocky smile. That was definitely something Josh was a sucker for, Tyler’s smile. He would often find himself lost, stumbling over words during interviews when he would catch himself staring at Tyler’s smile. Or he would sometimes miss a beat during a show when Tyler would go up to Josh’s little drumming set up and start dancing with the worlds biggest smile plastered onto his face, stretching his cheeks to incredible lengths.

“It’s only been a day and you already miss it that much? You didn’t even give my beard any love when I had it.” He huffed. It was true in a sense, but how was Tyler supposed to give a beard love? If Tyler gave Josh anymore attention than he did already, it would be a dead giveaway that he was completely head over heels for a silly little drummer that often dressed up as an alien.

“The beard looked cute on you. I mea-” Before Tyler could finish his sentence, Mark interrupted the two.

“Are we meeting them or no?” He was holding a can of redbull in his hand as he looked at the two sitting awfully close to one another. “This was a pretty big venue, at least a hundred kids are out there. Maybe we should just stay in.” And with that Mark turned around, answering his own question without having to hear it from the two musicians.

Josh shifted uncomfortably in his bunk, he wasn’t sure what he could possibly say or do to make things a little less awkward for the two. “Uhm…” He nervously cleared his throat and looked up at the taller man that was still sitting closely next to him. His eyes practically fucked Tyler as he scanned every inch of his body slowly. It wasn’t intended to be that he was checking him out, but Tyler took it that way.

“I uhm…” Tyler quickly got up to his feet and looked up at the ceiling. “I’m gonna go to bed.” He stammered, cheeks pink from when he saw Josh looking at him that way. For some reason, Tyler always got extremely shy when he would catch his best friend looking him up and down. It made him feel like he needed to make a move. It made him stress over the endless scenarios that would play in his head. Without any hesitation, he quickly walked off towards his bunk, no words left behind him.

It was 3:38 in the morning and Josh stared at his phone blankly. So many people wanted him. So many people acted like he was a God and yet the pink haired drummer felt empty. He had what almost everyone wanted, but he was struggling. Josh wanted his best friend. Not in the sex way either. He just wanted to be held in Tyler’s scrawny arms at night. He wanted to openly express his emotions towards his friend. He wanted Tyler.

Eyes struggling to stay open, he slowly started to drift off. Right as he started to doze, he jerked up to his notification alert going off. Messages: TYLER JOSEPH💀: hey man. if youre still awake can we talk? SWIPE TO REPLY
His heart skipped a beat as he unlocked his phone and quickly replied, “almost fell asleep. should we go outside so we don’t wake anyone?”. Hesitantly, he pressed the send button. Anticipation nearly killed him as he watched the three little dots at the bottom of their messages.
But soon after Tyler replied, “ya”. That was it. Something terrible must have been going on. Josh couldn’t think of anything else, why would he text him so late at night asking to talk?

Slipping out of the bunk, Josh tiptoed out of the bus. He wasn’t exactly sure why he was tiptoeing out of the bus like a child would when they didn’t want to wake up their parents, but it just felt natural. Poking his head out of the bus, he could see his friend standing on the other side. He looked distressed as he looked off at the night sky.

“Hey man,” Josh whispered harshly, stepping out of the bus that they often called home and onto the rough gravel. Regretting not putting on shoes beforehand, he winced as he slowly made his way over to his bandmate. “Is everything alright?” Josh’s voice gradually got louder as he got closer to Tyler. The faint light from the bus illuminated Joseph’s soft face. His lashes seemed longer in the lighting, and his eyes looked almost sunken in, as if he was stressing over something all night. Gently, the drummer put his hand on top of the tanned boy’s shoulder.

“Y-Yeah.” Tyler stuttered. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to do. His plan was to make a move, like his gut had been saying for the past two years. But, things had quickly fallen apart when Josh stepped out of the tour bus. “I’m just stressed.” He shrugged slightly, avoiding any eye contact with his friend. Tyler was terrified that if he made a move, his friendship would fall apart. The band would cease to be, and he would lose himself along the way.

“You’re stressed out.” Josh nudged Tyler’s side playfully. Before noticing that he had terrible timing for terrible puns, Tyler pulled Josh into a bone crushing hug. Although their height difference was only by a few inches, Tyler managed to rest his chin on top of Josh’s head. His soft hands pressed the drummer’s head onto his neck. Butterflies filled up Josh’s stomach and Tyler’s heart raced a hundred miles a minute. Outside it was dead silent. Not a single sound could be heard. But in the heads of the two boys, they could hardly understand their screaming thoughts.

The tour bus’s sensor light turned off, it was just the two in the dark, still clutching onto each other. No words had been exchanged, both just wanted to enjoy the moment that they were given while it lasted. Josh tilted his head up slowly, making sure he wouldn’t hurt Tyler’s chin that was nestled on top of his curly pink hair. “Tyler,” he stuttered.

Looking down at the slightly shorter boy, he could hardly make out his facial expressions. “Josh,” Tyler whispered back, his hands slowly moved down to the small of his friend’s back. His gentle fingertips slowly traced circles as he nervously fought a battle in his head.

“Do it,” Josh whispered. He slowly got up on his tiptoes, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly. If they hadn’t been so infatuated with themselves, they would have noticed that both of them were shivering terribly. Puffs of their breath floated up and above their heads and into the atmosphere. His hands quickly rested on Tyler’s shoulders as he waited for the male to kiss him.

No words were spoken after that. Tyler moved his head down, their lips collided, molded together. Hands moved, both were resting on one another’s cheeks. Josh’s lips were soft against Tyler’s tongue. Moments passed as their teeth clattered and tongues danced together. The longer they kissed, the more intense it was getting. Their puffs of breath quickly steamed up the window they stood next to. Tyler wanted to open his eyes. He wanted to open his eyes and see Josh’s soft face when he was kissing him, but he couldn’t. His eyes had grown so heavy. He had grown so tired from the show. His hands moved down from his pink haired friend’s cheeks to his hips. His slender fingers gripped onto the sides of Josh as his feet slowly stumbled, managing to push him against the side of the bus carefully. Causing the lights to turn back on, lighting up their faces softly.

Josh pulled away from the kiss when his back hit the bus. His eyes flickered open, looking up at his friend who’s cheeks were on fire. “We should go to sleep.” He stammered quietly. He didn’t want to go to sleep. He wanted to be entangled with Tyler all night. He wanted to taste his friend again. He loved how he tasted like Coke and sour gummy worms. He loved how he kept his fingers on his hips securely, even after their kiss was broken. He loved how fluffy his hair looked all the time.

“M-maybe one last kiss?” Tyler asked impatiently kissing Josh, he couldn’t wait for an answer. Their hands slowly explored each other as their mouths told stories of sin and lust and love. This time Tyler pulled away from the kiss, his grip on Josh’s hips slowly loosened and he took a small step back. “Joshua,” he whispered, his eyes pierced into the drummer’s soft brown irises.

“Tyler,” his voice was shaky and unsure. He had never felt so alive before and he was so terrified that this was the end of it all. “Please,” he hummed under his breath.

“I love you,” Tyler admitted, grabbing Josh’s right hand quickly. “Please, don’t let this be-”

“A one time thing,” Josh finished his sentence, his eyes were as wide as the moon that lit up their faces faintly and as bright as the motion sensor light. His serious face quickly cracked by a wide smile. Tyler couldn’t get enough of his smile. Especially when he would smile so wide his eyes would squint and little creases would stretch out from the ends of his eyes. Pecking his nose, Tyler nodded and pulled Joshua with him back into the bus and into his bunk. “Your bunk??” Dun asked, sounding unsure. He didn’t want to think about what Mark would think if he found them sleeping together, legs tangled, chest pressed against back, innocently cuddling.

“Dude. I’m pretty sure the guys wouldn’t think much of it, especially since we do everything together.” Tyler reassured Josh as he sat down on his bunk. His hand tugged down on his friend’s arm eagerly. “I promise you this, you will be comfortable in my arms.” Reluctantly, Josh got into Tyler’s bunk and under the covers to warm up.

As Tyler slinked his arms around Josh, he quietly hummed Lovely and kissed behind his ears softly. “Goodnight Jishwa,” He whispered softly, inhaling the sweet scent of his best friend.

“Goodnight TyJo,” Joshua replied sleepily. “I love you,” The two dozed off, cuddling innocently.

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Hi~~ may I request a Mark of NCT scenario where you two were bored and just play guitar and jamming together? ^^

Ahh another scenario with my baby Mark. That boy so cute!! Thank you for requesting it means a lot to me. I know I’m saying that to everyone but it’s true. It makes me happy to see so many people requesting scenarios. I hope you enjoy this and if not I can try to rewrite it. - Maya
Pairing: Mark x (female) reader
Genre: fluff

“Jagiyaaa! Y/N! Pay attention to meee!” A voice whined next to you.

Your boyfriend Mark of seven months finally had the week off from practice. It felt like years when you two were only apart for a month. After spending three days together doing all kinds of activities, you both ran out of ideas. You sat on the couch with Mark’s head on your lap. He poked your face trying to get your attention. You knew he wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted.

“Mark, I’m this close to kicking you out.”

“Y/N I’m bored.” He whined looking up at you with those adorable brown eyes of his. You were screwed. He could make you do anything with those eyes.

“That’s my problem how?”

“Y/N,” He whined drawing out the last syllable of your name, “You’re my girlfriend, you’re supposed to do all kinds of fun things with me.

Your eyes glued to the t.v. as you changed channels trying to find something that’s some what interesting to watch. “Oh. Oops.”

He stood up blocking your view of the t.v. You raised your eyebrows at him, silently asking what the hell his problem was. You were going to say something when the remote was ripped out of your hands and you were suddenly being thrown over his shoulder.

“Mark Lee put me down now!” You demanded punching his shoulder. The punches only made him laugh as he carried you to the back and into your room.

“I have an idea!” He stated setting you down gently on the bed. He went inside your closet obviously searching for something. After two minutes you thought he got lost in Narnia.


Not a second later he emerged with two acoustic guitars, one in each hand. One was given to you when you were nine years old by your parents. The other was actually Mark’s. How it ended up in your closet, you had no idea, but were you gonna give it back, no.

“We are going to jam out together.” He said tuning the strings of his guitar. He looked so focused it was cute. Compelling really, you couldn’t take your eyes away. How his eyes study every string. How his eyebrows furrow a bit when the tone sounds too flat or sharp. The way his fingers pluck the strings so carefully. You smiled at the sight of him. This was something you got to have all to yourself. You didn’t have to share this with the whole world, and as selfish as it sounds, you were thankful that this was just for your eyes only. You grabbed your phone and took a picture of him. A picture that felt so raw and personal to you. Mark looked up giving you this wide smile before moving back to the guitar strings.

“What exactly are we going to be jamming to?”

“Anything.” Marked smiled at you as he played a familiar melody. It sounded like Love Me Right by EXO. You tried to mimic what he was doing, but you messed up and plucked the wrong string. You huffed in frustration and decided to try a whole new song. You started playing Every Night by Exid and hummed along with the melody.

“You’re not flashy, but you softly glow. Like the moon in the night sky. Like the flowers in the field. You seem plain, but you’re special. Like a gem that can be seen to people who know.” Mark serenaded you. He sung you a part of your favorite GOT7 song and you were mesmerized by his voice. You loved to hear him sing just as much as you loved to hear him rap. It was a weakness he knew you had.

“Sing to me again.”

You could listen to his voice all day and that’s what you did. He sung to you and you listened closely to the meaning. You laughed when he came up with silly lyrics on his own to entertain you more. Soon you two were belting out the lyrics to your favorite songs with the faint sound of your guitars in the background.

“And that’s a long ass ride! Mindlessly going around until I close my eyes!”

You smiled widely at Mark, you were glad you got to do these kind of things with him. It meant a lot more to you than he thought it did. You placed your guitar against the wall and laid down on the bed next to Mark who was sitting in your desk chair. You stared at him in adoration. This beautiful boy was actually here and he was all yours. His eyes met yours and it felt like the best thing ever. He reached for your hand and covered it with his. You stayed like that for awhile. You just playing with his fingers while his eyes took in every part of you.

“Will you sing me to sleep, Mark? I just want to hear your voice. Nothing else, but you.”

“Of course Y/N.” He said putting the guitar down and sliding in the bed next to you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer so your head was on his chest. Your left hand still in his.

“Like a child who has grown up. Like a tree that is left alone. Look at someone’s world, that is exhausted with loneliness.” He sung softly. You listened to his soft voice along with the beat of his heart. Both luring you to sleep. Your eyes started to feel droopy and a silent yawn escaped from your lips. He continued to sing to you while playing with your hair. Your eyes finally closed after getting too heavy to keep open. Mark kissed your head and put a blanket over you.

“Sleep tight, jagiya.”

Sticky Sticky Sweet

Summary: You and Dean set up shop in a motel parking lot on a hot summer’s day, enjoying your first day off in months. Dean ends up getting excited by more than just the sizzling sun.
Pairing: Dean/Reader
Word Count: 3K of pure debauchery 
Warnings: Smutty smuttiness, blowjob, food play, temperature play, hair pulling, rough sex, unsafe sex (don’t be silly, wrap those willies), tons of strong language bc of who I am as a person, dirty talk, cunnilingus from behind, ass eating, vaginal fingering, some spanking, basically PWP with a huge emphasis on the P O R N (tbh this turned out soooo much filthier than I had originally planned…) NSFW aesthetic below the cut as well!
A/N: Shame. So much shame.
Side Note: Please, ladies, do not—I repeat: do not—put sweet, sticky, sugary anything near or in your woman business. This is purely fiction and yeast infections do not exist in this universe, but they very much do exist in ours. So please, mix food with sex responsibly and at your own discretion. I am in no way responsible if you chose to reenact this with a partner and end up getting a YI and a big yellow pill for said affliction lmao js 

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Roses and Daisies

Requested by keya168 : Can I get one where the reader is the best dancer at Joker’s club and he spends the entire time watching her instead of paying attention to a business partner, and has to kill the partner for disrespecting the reader. And can I get a jealous Harley??

Warnings: Swearing… Violence, Death, Sexually Suggestive Content.


You sighed softly as you pulled up to the large empty parking lot that sat across the street of your job,  it was dark out but early, nearly 9:30, but considering you worked at one of Mistah J’s best clubs, the party didn’t really start until 12 or 1.

You placed your old car into park, stretching as you sighed at the sound of the motor revving, working extra hard to keep up it’s performance. “buddy you know I love you… but man I need a new ride..” you mumbled to yourself. 

Mistah J paid well, it was definitely enough to keep you in your decent apartment, clothed and fed. However, cars were not in the payroll, not the nice ones you liked at least, and buying another used shit box just seemed like a waste of money, so for now you did as best you could with what you had.

As you pulled down the sun visor to check yourself in the mirror you ran your fingers through your hair, tapping the circles under your eyes in a desperate attempt to look like you haven’t lost weeks of sleep lately.  

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Imagine Slash Coming Home to You

Hi everyone! I hope everyone enjoys this and that it turned out okay. Feel free to send me any more ideas for imagines. Let me know what y’all think! If y’all want more detailed sex let me know, I didn’t go to in detail or crazy with this one.

Smut warning!

The butterfly’s in my stomach just wouldn’t go away. I’d been so excited yesterday for Slash to be home and now, just minutes from seeing him, I feel so nervous I thought I’d be sick. I’d debated about going to the lingerie store, but decided against it. Instead I pulled out one of Slashes torn up shirts, a garter belt, and black thigh highs. Sitting on the couch waiting for him felt silly but I wanted to see him as soon as the door opened.

I get up and head to the kitchen grabbing a beer, “That’s a real nice view.” I jump, the voice startling me. 

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If At First You Don't Succeed

Fic Request: 

  • write a fic (night and morning after) of that gif set about Stiles losing his virginity to Lydia 3 times
  • stiles and lydia have sex for the first time and it was awkward so they both lie in bed to afraid to talk to one another for a few minutes

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut, Romance

Author: @bellohmyblake

Based on this gif set [x]

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Time to dance.

A/N: hello! new one shot! this one has no smut. Just pure fluff and cuteness. It’s a rainy day and this idea came to my mind. :) hope you guys like it! xx


You sat down on the sofa with a huff, propping up your legs on the coffee table. The rain hit the closed window harder, indicating it was far from over. You and Harry had decided to take the day off from work to clean the house, wash the windows and mow the lawn. Unfortunately, none of you watched the weather news. It hasn’t stopped raining for hours. Clearly washing the windows was out of the list. But you cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor while your boyfriend did the laundry. Now you took a quick break, enjoying the sound of the rain drops.

A giant body plopped down beside you, head resting in your lap. Harry sighed.
“Are we done yet?”

“Not even close.” you ran your fingers through his messy hair. It was in a low bun, almost falling off. You loosened the hair tie and gathered all his hair in your hands, attempting to do a bun while he laid down. It didn’t end up looking as good as the way he does it. You pouted.

“I will never understand how you can perfect a hair bun better than girls. When will you give us a tutorial?”

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OK so @whitechoko asked about my reasons to ship Haruka/Rin

This turned into a really long post, because when I start to talk about these two losers, it always turns into an essay.I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY. THEY’RE SO SPECIAL TO ME. I’M SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO THEM. THEY’RE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE.

This ship is the otp of all otps I’ve ever otp’d. First time in my whole shipping life my otp fits in EVERY trope I adore. They’re just perfect like that. I don’t ship these two only because of ~rival x rival, sexy glaring, sexual tension, they look hawt together~ reasons. Those things are spicing up things and that’s awesome, but this ship is more than that, at least to me. This ship has EVERYTHING. I can go from “ Aww they’re so cute.” to “ Oh my god help them, they’re idiots.”, from “ Wow what is this shojo?” to “Holy hell that’s hot.” They can make me laugh and cry, give me so many different emotions.

I officially got into this ship from the “Romantic, right?” moment. I thought “Why that cheerful kid from the whole group chose the grumpy kid and teasingly smiling to him said those lines? And why the grumpy kid got embarrassed and blushed? Hey, there is something special going on here and I’m so into that.” And so it began and here I am. I got it bad when I rewatched the series and reread the novels last year. I paid attention to every single detail and symbolism and really fell in love with this wonderful and inspiring relationship even more. Now let’s get to the real point of this post. Why do I love them? What do they have that made me love them so much? I tried to keep this as short as possible (originally this was 7k+ of word vomit). Ok so, things I love about this ship.

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Tone Geoff: The AU where the only thing Geoff loves more than bare-knuckles brawling and Elvis impersonating is Michael. (part two • part three)

“This is our last song everybody,” Geoff says grandly, pacing around the tiny stage with the fierce energy of a rock star in an arena of fans rather than an oldies cover band frontman in a small bar. The bar crowd, a good 40 people tonight, claps and hollers.

Everyone in the venue turned away from the bar for the last song, and Michael, behind the bar, has nothing to do for a moment. He’s happy to join them, peering towards the stage. Friday nights are Michael’s favorite and the cover band never fails to bring some much-needed entertainment.

“In case you missed it, you’ve been listening to Tone Geoff,” the frontman says, launching into an exaggerated announcer voice. The band behind him takes the cue and starts playing the beat to their last song. The four men are all smiles and manic energy, dressed in clothes that make them look like extras from the set of “Grease.”

“While you’re still here, give it up for Ray to my left on bass,” he says, gesturing with the mic. The younger man smiles wide, squeezing his eyes shut behind thick glasses and improvising a few lines adeptly.

“Don’t forget Ryan, in the back,” Geoff continues. The sandy-haired man thuds through a short solo on the drums before starting a dramatic drum roll.

“And last but not least–the ladies love him and so do the lads–the British invasion sensation situation–Gavin Free on guitar, ladies and gentlemen!”

The young man rips through a solo that’s completely inappropriate for the song playing behind him, sliding dramatically on his knees towards the front of the small stage and shredding a solo that sounds better suited for a hair metal band. Still, the crowd whoops for him.

After a moment, Gavin finishes up and the band goes back to its soft beat.

“And me?” the frontman says, stretching out the moment dramatically. He finds the beat with his hip, hitching it in time with Ryan’s drumming. Michael rolls his eyes–the moment is almost unbearably silly. Geoff continues keeping time with his hip, reaching to his back pocket and retrieving a comb. He runs it in an exaggerated movement through his hair, girls in the front of the crowd screaming. He straightens his mustache and winks at them before pushing the comb back into his pocket.

“I’m Geoff,” he says finally, dropping his voice and striking a pose. The crowd gives a little cheer, and Geoff continues his closing speech.

“Remember, if you enjoyed this little sock hop, you can catch us every Friday night here at the Night Library, Central Florida’s premiere study and adult beverage venue,” Geoff says as the music behind him picks up.

Michael starts to line up glasses. With the intro coming to an end, he knows there will be a rush for drinks once the set is wrapped up.

“And hey,” Geoff says. Michael looks up–this piece of the speech is new. “Don’t forget to tip your lovely bartender,” the man on stage says, before an exaggerated wink and tongue click into the mic. Michael’s eyes grow wide and he watches Geoff laugh off mic, staring directly at him, before spinning to face the band with his usual on-stage bravado.

“Hit it!” Gavin crows–and the band is animated once again, playing a jaunty riff. Michael recognizes the song immediately even though it’s new to the cover band’s repertoire. It’s an old Buddy Holly tune, a song he remembers listening to in the car with his mom on some oldies station.

“All of my love, all of my kissin’, you don’t know what you’ve been-a missin, oh boy!” Geoff croons. Gavin and Ray chime in with falsetto voices, echoing the line of “oh boy!”

The crowd eats it up–songs with background vocals are always the most popular, Michael has noticed. Clad in a ridiculous leather jacket with his hair slicked back, the frontman is definitely channeling Elvis tonight, his tattooed knuckles wrapped around the mic stand as he belts out the Buddy Holly tune. There’s a lump in Michael’s throat. What the fuck was this all about?

“When you’re with me, oh boy, the world will see that you were meant for me,” Geoff sings, hitching his voice like Elvis and pivoting his hips. And he’s still goddamn staring at Michael. The bartender can feel his cheeks flush now and he finds himself polishing a glass nervously.

“All of my life, I’ve been a-waitin’, tonight there’ll be no hestitatin’–oh boy,” he sings, and he’s smiling so hard that Michael can hear the smile in his voice.

Suddenly there’s an elbow in his ribs.

“Told you,” Jack says.

“Told me what–you didn’t tell me shit,” Michael says, snapping at his boss.

“Just watch,” Jack continues, grinning and watching Geoff juttering around on stage. “He’s gonna make a beeline for you the minute the show’s done.”

“And Gavin’s gonna make a beeline for you,” Michael says.

“Gavin just wants free drinks,” Jack says.

“And you think Geoff doesn’t?”

They reach the bridge and Geoff lets loose a yowl, Ray and Gavin falling into their background lyrics. And as with most of their songs, by the second verse Geoff is really taking some liberties, hiccuping around the lyrics, letting his voice go raw for emphasis.

The short song crashes to a close, and the audience whistles and yells.

“Thank you,” Geoff says, a crooked grin across his face. “Thank you very much.”

Jack brings the house music back up and sure enough, Geoff is already off stage and fighting through the crowd towards the bar.

“Hey darlin’,” Geoff says, pushing his way between two people at the bar and winking at Michael.

“Don’t you fuckin’ hey darlin’ me,” Michael says, knowing that he’s blushing hard anyway. “Buddy fuckin’ Holly right here thinks he can skip the line.”

“Christ, I thought learning a new song for my favorite bartender might earn me faster service,” Geoff says over the bar noise, rolling his eyes.

They both hear it at the same time: some guy just a few feet from Geoff in a polo shirt talking too loud to his buddies.

“The fuck kind of college bar has some bullshit oldies cover band?”

A white smile flashes across Geoff’s face and Michael frowns at him.

“Geoff, don’t–”

But Geoff is already pushing his way towards the guy, his eyes dancing.

“‘Scuse me sweetheart,” he says to Michael, “I heard someone ask for a lesson in rock and roll.”

And before Michael can do a thing about it, Geoff is at the man’s side, laying an arm across his back and walking him towards the door.


Marco Polo

AN: I got the inspiration to write this when I remembered that scene in Whip It. You know which one. Guys, I could use some prompts for this handsome devil. If you have some, my ask is open for JOSH only.

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Originally posted by bulletforthefew

 You were walking downtown, just minding your own business when a car screeched to a halt beside you. You frowned for a split second, something about the faded red paint seeming familiar to you. Bending, you peeked at the driver before you let out a huge gasp.

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