he's gonna be there!


Yuzuru Hanyu: Road to Helsinki 2017

Throwback to his 5 appearances to date at the World Championships:

  • Nice 2012: Bronze Medal (SP 7th, FS 2nd)
  • London 2013: 4th Place (SP 9th, FS 3rd)
  • Saitama 2014: Gold Medal (SP 3rd, FS 1st)
  • Shanghai 2015: Silver Medal (SP 1st, FS 3rd)
  • Boston 2016: Silver Medal (SP 1st, FS 2nd)

(Everyone is talking about extending a night in New York because GDYB have “something else to do”. Seungri and Top was convinced and Daesung was the only one who was hesitant.)

GD: Hyung, will you stay?

Top: I’ll follow my dongsaengs. *looks at Daesung*


Guys….cling to hope with me and just imagine Bellamy not constantly thinking about O and everyone else. Imagine him thinking about the time he has left and how he wants to spend it. Imagine him thinking about what would make him happy and going for it because he’s finally learned that it’s okay to do things for yourself. 

today in my cooking class one of my group members was so blunt and rude to me??? like we were kind of dividing up tasks amongst the 4 of us and there was 3 recipes we had to do. and as we were doing that he’s like. well celine’s kinda…. bad in the kitchen…. 

and when i said i preferred to work with someone on one of the recipes he was like yeah i’d feel better if you did that

and im like hahahaha thanks!!! :) srry im so inexperienced!!!!