he's gonna be sherlock's best man

Lucky you, I’m drunk watching TSoT again, cuz i went thru the.list and realized hey what other episodes matter, right? Here we go: The game is, drink whenever you wanna forget s4 and that Mary was never given the chance to be a true villain and mastermind of the Moriarty network thus invalidating her relationship with John and solidifying Sherlock and John’s true love:

- There’s gotta be a faster way to steal gold.

- All Sherlock texted was “Help,” and Greg brought friggen helicoptors. He’s worse than John.

- Aaaaahhhh…I almost forgot what good cinematography looks like.

- Why does Mrs. H say “you always live alone”? Goddamn EMP, get your filthy paws off my favorite episode.

- Oh sure, one of the main characters got married in this episode, but we’re not gonna show tge ceremony at all, and his first word spoken will be “Sherlock.”

- I hate Mary but she’s so pretty and I love her dress

- David looks like he knows he’s gonna be a Surprise Parent in 9,783 fics.

- When will we see Harry. When will we see John’s bedroom. When will we see the truth. Why is my tequila pink.

- Goddamn every time Sherlock and Mary interact it’s so purposefully easy. They work. They’re like siblings. She’s so smart. TST would have never happened. Goddammit.

- Whenever I’m about to do something uncomfortably sociable I imagine Mycroft saying “Minnngling…?”

- Okay, I get the Greg and Molly thing. He stands so close…

- It bothers me that the Best Man Proposal is the only scene we see the kitchen from that angle. Seems like a different flat.

- God fuckin damn I love the editing of this whole fucking episode. I need a sandwich.

- John flirtily saying “Nnnyess?” while Sherlock is freaking out about the best man thing is downright indecent.

- John trying not to cry during the speech is cruel. Let the man feel.

- Their entire friendship is contained in John saying “wait til I sit down.” And the fact that John reacts to everything in this speech a millisecond before Sherlock says it. Cuz he knows what he’s gonna say. Cuz they’re meant for each other. I hate this episode.

- There is a man bleeding out, Sherlock, control your libido.

- He said, abOut the stag night: “There’s hoyrs if material here, but I’ve cut it down to the really good bits.” I SEE YOU, MOFTISS. WITH THE EDITING PUN. GIVE US THE GAY BAR SCENE.

- I need 12 minutes of the theme i dubstep, please.

- Sherlock gets so much campier when he’s drinking. AND SO DOES JOHN.

- The most interesring thing about the knee grab “I don’t mind,” line is that it was clearly ADDED IN POST. They organized time to sit Martin Freeman behind a microphone to more clearly Insert. That. Line. Whyyyyyy. Releaseee meeeeeee.

- Sherlock drunkenly realizing his hand was behind John’s back is EVERYTBING.

- “WITH A GHOST MR. HOLMES.” Okay so let’s not acknowledhe thT this while thing mirrors TAB or whatever. So mucb fake death in tbis show. I wish s4 was fake, cuz that was a death if ive ever seen one

- Okay, tbis is definitely a two sandwich problem


- I like how Sherlock basically says “no more murder and mystery” and then in ten seconds it turns into a murder mystery. SUCK IT, MARY.

- BBC Sherlock shows John Hamish Watson coming up the stairs with groceries more times than it shows him embracing his actual wife. HMMMMMM.

- “We would never do that to John Watson,” with his deduction face on. They.are both in love with john, and he just confirmed it.

- “Oh wbat a niiiiight.” I hate this episode.

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Hello! I love your work and I was wondering if I can request a Sherlock X Reader with the prompt 64 and 68? 💝 thank you so much!! ❤️

No, thank YOU- for liking what I do!

This btw is the playlist I almost always listen to while writing, it’s unbelievably relaxing and very poetic.

Prompts here X

You angrily sipped your prosecco and looked around the room.

Everyone seemed to be so happy around each other, celebrating the wedding of one of your cousins.

The only one not really able to enjoy this event seemed to be you.

You’d left London after having a fight with your kind-of boyfriend Sherlock, who had rejected to come to Italy with you for this wedding.

So you were just sitting there, internally complaining about how bad the prosecco and how damn uncomfortable your dress was.

You had bought it thinking of Sherlock, and thinking of how for once, you wanted him to see or say that you’re beautiful.

For the first time in ages you actually did feel beautiful, in a long, blue satin dress that perfectly hugged your curves and matched your eyes.

At least you had stolen Sherlock’s credit card to buy it, well deservedly.

Some time later you were still sitting at your table, the only difference being that now, you had some of the wedding cake and some good whiskey.

You were just watching the newly wed couple dancing as someone sat down next to you.

It was the groom’s best man, you’d already seen him a few times before this wedding.

He looked good in his tux, the bow tie matching the flower decorations.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

You turned your head to smile at him.

“Hi. Shouldn’t you be dancing with my cousin’s maid of honour?”

He chuckled and looked at Paola, your cousin’s best friend.

“I think I’d really like to dance with her, but-”

He grinned.

“I don’t speak a single word of Italian.”

You snorted out a laugh.

“Your best friend lives in Italy, has just married a half Italian woman, and you still don’t speak the language?”

The both of you laughed.

“Let me get the same desperate-wedding-emotions menu as you, I’ll be back in a minute.”

You watched him standing up and walking over to the bar to get some whiskey and additionally, a huge piece of cake.

“Why didn’t you just ask for the whole cake?”

You smirked at him before he could even sit down again.

Arthur faked a very startled expression.

“I could never do that!”

He gingerly placed his glass of whiskey and his cake on the table and took his seat next to you yet again.

You clicked glasses with each other and both took a big gulp of whiskey.

“So… this question probably is very inappropriate, regarding your mood, but… didn’t you have a boyfriend? That detective guy?”

You lifted an eyebrow and took another sip of whiskey.


You let the ‘p’ plop from your lips.

“The very nuclear bomb of boyfriends. He refused to come here with me, please don’t ask me why. I’m better off without a cocky man child insulting relatives here anyway.”

Arthur softly nudged your shoulder.

“Sorry to hear that.”

You shrugged it off, trying to hide the impact Sherlock’s actions had actually made on you.

“Ah, never mind. I’m already used to him behaving like that. It’s just how he is. But deep down he’s a good guy, putting up with his bullshit is worth it most of the time. Once he’s let down his guards… god, he’s wonderful.”

After realising what you’d just said, you put your head in your hands and groaned in annoyance.

“I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to hear that. You should be dancing with the maid of honour and hooking up with her right now, just how the tradition is.”

He closed his eyes and laughed quietly.

“You surely are, something, (Y/N).”

You almost frowned.

This just had sounded nothing like the usually so sassy and flirty Arthur.

Still, you managed a light smile.

“Thanks. I guess.”

“No problem. You just look like you could use some compliments right now and making them isn’t really hard to be honest. This dress suits you amazing.”

Now, you had to actually laugh, playfully punching his upper arm.

“Careful, you’re gonna make me blush.”

“Which, of course, would be a catastrophe. Wanna dance?”

The first song you danced to had been Come on Eyleen, after which you were completely out of breath. 

How convenient that the DJ chose to play a slow song now.

Can’t help falling in love with you.

Already the first notes made you feel all sappy, your anger over Sherlock seemed to have been replaced by sheer sadness.

You didn’t want this to be the end.

Arthur already wanted to place a hand on your waist as a very familiar voice behind you made shivers run down your spine.

“This is my favourite human. Don’t touch.”

You widened your eyes and turned around.

There he was, your idiotic, oblivious boyfriend, looking way too beautiful in the tux you’d bought for him.

The groom’s best man whispered a quick ‘good luck’ in your ear and discretely disappeared in the crowd of dancing people.

You wanted to scream at him, throw the words at his head, make him regret his words, but for some reason you couldn’t open your mouth.

So you were just standing there kind of awkwardly, giving the detective your best I’m-gonna-kill-you-gaze.

“Would you do me the honour of dancing with me, (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

You almost choked on your own saliva.


Sherlock frowned.

“You. Me. Dance. That’t what people normally do on weddings, right?”

You closed your eyes and shook your head.

“You’re impossible, Sherlock.”

He smiled softly and actually looked kind of regretful.

“I know. I should’ve come with you from the start. Because without you, I’m a mess. Every time I’m not close to you I just feel so lost, and it took me a while to realise that this feeling wasn’t going to fade. If lying to myself any longer equals losing you, I don’t want to do it. So what do you think- you and I against the rest of the world once more?”

You blinked the tears away and lifted your head a bit.

“I think it’s time you start calling me babe.”


You bit you lower lip and snaked your arms around the detective’s neck.

“Just kidding. That was my way of saying yes.”

He chuckled and looked at you in awe for a moment before connecting his lips to yours.

“You look very beautiful, by the way.”, Sherlock whispered after breaking away.

You literally felt your eyes lighting up.

You looked up to him and smirked happily.

“I know.” 

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My best friend is odd but very smart. I didn't know what to do w/ my life before he saved me. It was always the two of us, but then he betrayed me by leaving for 2 years. I was so alone until I met someone & I felt okay again. I wanted to propose, but suddenly, he showed up, acting like it was all a joke! I forgave him and got married, with him as my best man; but for some reason, he left early. Now, I'm having dreams about the guy and my new wife is shady af! Any advice? (Btw, I'm not gay lol)

I read it the first time and didn’t fucking get it lmao I was gonna reply that no you are not gay but you are definitely bi man but then I read again and fml xD

John. Get your fucking shit together man and marry that bloke we are really tired of waiting.


A/N: I’ve survived day two in Milan 😅 beautiful city! Got tonnes of amazing pics and found a bookshop that I want to be buried under it was so amazing! 😁 Anywhoooooo here’s chapter two! And thank you all so much to everyone who’s liking the story so far, I literally wrote it in about five-ish days 😳 so I was expecting it to be rubbish! But thank you all 😘

Chapter 2

You returned to Sherlock and John and requested that they came to your house later with their party of fellow travellers. It was clear to you almost instantly that the two men were inexperienced and had ever been on this sort of trip before, you knew you’d have your hands full.

You were in your living room that was filled with papers, books and artefacts from your travels when the doorbell rang. You rushed down the hall almost tripping over a pile of papers on ancient Chinese relics.

You opened the door with a small smile seeing the two gentlemen from earlier and two other people behind them, only one you recognised “Greg!” You sent the professor a surprised smile before realising the four of them were all still on your doorstep and you moved aside “Oh come in! Mind…uh…everything” you lightly laughed as the four moved in from the street and into your house.

You lead them through to the living room and the sat down on the couch whist you stood up “So,” you began “Care to introduce me?” You asked John and Sherlock, indicating to the petite brown haired woman on your couch.

“Oh I’m Molly Hooper, I’m a medical doctor” she stuck out her hand and you shook it with a smile.

“Y/N Y/L/N, it’s nice to meet you and Greg! I was pleasantly surprised to see you standing by my door” you smirked.

The professor cleared his throat “Uh, yeah well I’ve known these gents for a while and when I heard they were going to South America I asked if I could tag along to study their laws and regulations. I was thinking of taking a class when we get back to do with laws around the world.”

You raised an impressed brow and lightly nodded. That wasn’t the only reason Greg was going, he wanted to go to spend more time with you and attempt to impress you.

“Sounds amazing!” you told him with a shy smile before turning around and grabbing a map “So I’ve begun planning some sort of route to the jungle, we’ll be in the heart of the Amazon rainforest now before I continue have any of you been to a rainforest before?” You asked and received blank looks from the party “I’ll take that as a no…” You muttered out.

“Okay a few words of warning, firstly, get a tetanus vaccination. Secondly, the rainforest is a dangerous place…There will be things that want to hurt you,
there will be things that want to kill you, and there will be things that want to eat you”. You noticed John jotting down some notes while you were talking.

“And what animals may they be?” He asked, tearing his gaze from his notebook.

You let out a snort of laughter and folded your arms across your chest “That’s just the people!”

You noticed the four faces on front of you go white as a sheet as the blood drained from their faces and you tried to conceal your smirk. “Can-Cannibals?” Molly nervously stuttered out.

“Yes Miss Hooper,” you looked at her “Cannibals. Cannibalism isn’t an uncommon thing in those parts, especially with the indigenous tribes but you must be wary, some tribes like to keep to themselves and will attempt to kill you if you enter their territory”.

“Why?” Greg asked and you turned your head slightly to look at him.

Letting out a sigh you explained, “Well these people have never been in a world outside of their own so will always be cautious. I mean, most of these people won’t know there is a world outside their own community, they probably don’t even know there’s a world war happening”.

The four lightly nodded “Do you have any more questions?”

After a few more answers of answering questions and trying to calm the groups nerves you all agreed to leave in a week. That would give everyone enough time to organise themselves and give you enough time to arrange flights to South America.

The next day you were preoccupied at the university with more paperwork but you felt a presence by your door and looked over. “What do you want?” You muttered out and placed down your pen.

“So you’re going then?” Indy asked stepping into your class.

You nodded with a small smile “Yup, in a week”.

Indy nodded and walked closer to you with his hands behind his back. You stood up and smoothed out he fine lines on your skirt “Yanno I might just come and visit you” Indy winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Please don’t, trouble always follows you” He raised a brow at your comment before nodding once in agreement. He kept walking towards you, getting a little too close for comfort.

“I’ll miss you…” Indy hummed and you mentally cursed yourself for looking up into his eyes as he towered over you.

“I’m sure Marion will keep you amused” you smirked and Indy rolled his eyes.

“Oh please, she can’t kick my ass like you can” he winked “She can’t kiss like you either…” He attempted to kiss you but you pressed your fingertips to his lips, stopping him in his tracks. “You always were stubborn” Indy narrowed his eyes.

“And you always were a bastard,” you moved away from him and he let out a laugh.

“Here, got you a little going away present” Indy brought his hands forward and revealed the thing he was holding in his hand.

“Oh dear lord,” you chucked and brought your hands to your mouth “My very own bullwhip? Thank you” you took it from him and posed “Now all I need is a hat like yours”.

“Don’t push it” the corner of Indy’s mouth tugged upwards “Can I get a thank you and a goodbye kiss? We might never see each other again…” Indy rushed forward and grabbed you by the waist, spinning you around.

You let out a laugh “You don’t give up do you? And I think us never seeing each other again would be the best thing to happen to humanity” you teased and pressed a kiss to his cheek “There you go Doctor Jones, a thank you and goodbye kiss.”

Indy let out a groan “Oh come on! You’ve kissed me once before! One more time won’t hurt…” He leaned forward and you swerved him with a giggle.

“Yeah that’s only because I thought I was a dead woman and wanted to know what it was like to kiss the worlds most cockiest man!”

“What was it like?” He asked curiously.

“I might as well have been dead,” you smirked and turned to face him “Aren’t you supposed to be catching a flight?” Indy checked his watch and let out a disappointed sigh.

“I guess I’ll see you again kid,” Indy sent you a thin lipped smile “Take care out there alright?”

“I will,” you reassured and pressed your fingertips to your lips before pressing them against Indy’s lips “You take care too, Henry.”

He rolled his eyes when you called him by his name “Is that the best kiss I’m gonna get?” He asked and you nodded “Why?”

Your gaze fell to the floor then back to Indy’s eyes, telling him with a serious tone “Because I could never love a man like you.”

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@holdharmonysacred: His final ascension art is a reference to Granada Holmes too (https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/6qhqcj/sherlock_holmes_the_rose/) so like….

Oh nice!!! Fuck yes, Granada Holmes is best Holmes.

Wait– what’s that photograph in the bottom left… could it be Irene Adler??

No, hang on, that’s definitely a man. It’s gotta be Watson, right?? He has a photo of Watson in his final ascension art… I’m gonna cry

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Can I get 47 and 25 for Sherlock please?

This was so much fun to write omg but I think I got carried away a bit so if it’s a bit confusing… sorry xD xxx
Prompts here x
Warnings: Protective John, Drunk Reader, Mentions of Sex

“Why does it look so fluffyyy? I wanna touch it, John let me touch iiiitt!”
Your best friend John Watson snaked his around your waist, partly to stabilise you, partly to be able to drag you out of this chaotic club.
It had been a friend’s birthday party and well, you and your other good friend vodka had gotten a bit too close on that evening.
Since your flatmate and kind of boyfriend Sherlock was in New York at the moment, where he helped his brother Mycroft with some case, you had called John to drive you home.
“(Y/N), leave this man’s beard alone and come with me. You’re dead ass drunk and definitely going to do something stupid if you don’t go home now.”
You smiled stupidly and nodded.
“Yeeesss. Do you think we still can go shopping? I want marshmallows.”
John rolled his eyes and manoeuvred you out of the bar.
He asked with a lifted eyebrow while hailing a cab.
“Yes.”, you nodded proudly.
“I want to use them as pillows. So I’ll never have to get up again when I’m hungry. And they’re soft and squishyyyy!”
At this point the former soldier looked like he was ready to murder you.
Without saying anything he opened the cab’s door.
“Just… just get in.”
“It stinks.”
Watson pouted, took a deep breath and shoved you into the taxi.
“Your friend seems to be a little bit out of control.”
The cabbie laughed once the two of you had finally sat down in the backseat.
“You should see her boyfriend. He’s always like that.”
“Heyy”, you widened your eyes and looked at John.
“That’s not a nice thing to say!”
Through the car mirror, the taxi driver and John exchanged amused looks.
“My condolences, mate.”

“Are you feeling a bit less hurricane-ish now?”
Rubbing your eyes you nodded and took another sip of water.
Everything still seemed to be spinning, and for some reason you couldn’t feel your lips anymore?
“Was there any reason for you getting so drunk tonight?”
You giggled.
“Everything alright with you and Sherlock?”
“Yeeees. Did you know he’s fantaaaastic in bed? I”, you pointed at yourself with your index finger, “had an asthma attack. That fantastic.”
John choked on his own saliva.
“You two had sex?”
Still a bit (really) uncoordinated you crossed your arms and shrugged.
“He lost his virginity, I lost my bra. Seems like a fair trade off to me.”
John looked like he would fall off his chair any moment.
You didn’t even realise how flabbergasted he was, you just continued talking.
“But seriously, I never saw that bra again. And it was soooo pretty! Red lace. John, do you know how expansive lace bras are? And Sherlock let it disappear!”
You suddenly widened eyes and mouth.
“He took it with him! To New York! He took my bra John!”
You jumped up, almost fell to the floor and started walking towards the door on wobbly feet.
“(Y/N), what the bloody hell are you doing now?”
“I’m going to New York.”, you stated in your best American accent.
“I want my bra back.”
“Okay, that’s enough.”
John stood up and threw you over his shoulders.
“I’m bringing you to bed, you little idiot.”
“But I’m gonna miss my plane!”
“You’re gonna miss me for a whole while when you don’t go to sleep.”
He packed you up into your blanket and took your phone away from you.
Just to be sure.
Ten minutes later you were snoring like an old man.
With a little smile on his face, John took a photo of you.
Sherlock was so going to know about this.

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That one line...

Since @the-7-percent-solution has already brought our eyes onto the title of the final problem (Read this first!), I decided to read some parts of it again and managed to make some conclusions.

I know a lot of you didnt like Mary’s voiceover at the end and maybe this will make it a bit better:
In the original Story, when Watson thinks Holmes is dead, he describes him as “the best and wisest man I have ever known.”
Thats where they took this line from.

At that point I noticed something else.
In TeH (3x01), John thinks they are gonna die and therefore confesses that Sherlock was, yes thats right, “the best and the wisest man I have ever known.“ 
This is, obviously, connected to the Reichenbach Fall, but I guess they put it in the following episode for dramatic reasons or whatsoever.

Now, this leads me to the possibility that Moffat and Gatiss would have liked to choose the Reichenbach Fall as “their” Final Problem, just like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did.
However, they already played that card (twice actually) so they needed to come up with something else to, not kill off Sherlock Holmes, but to kill off their show.

However, they kept that one line, because it made clear it was (one) of their kinds of the Reichenbach Fall.

One last point I got for you is that, just like the original story included Holmes and Dr. Moriarty falling down the waterfall, every episode that I connected with each other in this post, includes falling in some way.

Obviously, the Reichenbach Fall itself (2x03) 

Then of course, the Abdominale Bride (3x04).

And, after all, the plane constantly falling in The Final Problem (4x03).

This gives me hope, guys! If this was their personal Reichenbach, and they intend to do it like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this could prove they will return!

You’re An Idiot.

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requested by: anon

Trigger Warnings: none but there are spoils if you haven’t finished the series.

I’d like to request a fic where Sherlock and the reader uhm…y'know do the do
before Sherlock’s fall from the hospital, and when he comes back a few years later to his flat, she’s still living there but with a kid and he gets really upset
cause he think’s she’s moved on too but the child is actually his!!!!

a/n: i always feel these are necessary but they’re not. Also yes, i did jump right into this. not gonna lie it was really hard to write this.

      “Mommy, look!” Your two year old daughter yelled the best way she could. Sighing, you stopped cooking the dinner and walked out of the kitchen of 221b to your daughter, who pointed at the door. You looked up to see the man you’ve never expected to see ever again, and John. 

     Sherlock stared at the little being that called you ‘mommy’ in confusion, a hurt look barely visible on his face. You too, were frozen in place; two years, you thought he was dead. But here he stood, home once again. Your daughter went to hide behind your leg, snapping you out of your daze. 

     “Sherlock? You’re alive. What… How? We watched you die…” You spat, not meaning to sound rude, but he did leave you for two years. Two years you thought him dead, and now he showed up unannounced. He decided to jump off the hospital building while you and John stood by watching. It broke your heart, considering you both had finally confessed your feelings a day before, which led to, well, it led to your daughter. You picked up your child, holding her tightly. Sherlock’s eyes trailed from the little girl to you and the confusion and hurt that your eyes held were evident. 

    Sherlock told you everything, not wanting to waste anymore time hurting you. He told you about he faked his death. Where he was for the last two years, doing what; he told you everything. By that time, tears had filled your eyes, and were noticed by both Sherlock and your daughter, she hugged your neck, cooing, “Don’t cry Mommy.”

     John came and took her from you, telling her that her mother needed to talk alone with the man. He took her out for ice cream, telling you he would be back in fifteen minutes. You gave him a thankful look, which he returned with a sympathetic smile. You looked over at Sherlock, and all the hope for forgiveness that laid behind his eyes. After a moment of silence, you ran to him, wrapping your arms around him. Tears were pouring out both of your eyes now.The consulting detective was glad you forgave him, but he remembered the little girl. He had thought you moved on in the two years, he thought he didn’t have you anymore.

     He pulled away, walking towards his chair. Composing himself the best he could, he asked, “Where’s your…Where is he?” 

     You looked at him confused, having no idea what he was talking about. He tried again, “Where’s her father?”

      You realised he was talking about your kid, making you burst out in giggles. Sometimes you swear the genius was an idiot. How hard was it to figure out, really, when she looked exactly like him. Sherlock was now the confused one, he didn’t think his question was funny. In fact, it kind of hurt that you were laughing at it. You saw his face, and stopped laughing.

    You walked over, and sat down his lap, making him stiffen. His hands avoiding any contact with you. Grabbing his face, you looked him straight in the eye, “You’re an idiot.”

    He frowned, making you sigh, but you continued, “You’re her father, Sherlock.”

     “What? How?” He didn’t look upset, he was happy there wasn’t anyone else. However, he was extremely confused, not remembering what could possibly lead to a child.

     “You know, the night before you jumped. We did the… um… We did the do…” you coughed, pink lightly dusting your cheeks. You managed to spark the memory in his brain though. He smiled at you, reaching up to lay his hand on yours. You placed your lips on his for a kiss, which he gladly returned. It had been too damn long since you’ve both felt this feeling and boy, were you happy it was back.

     John came back a little later with the little girl in his arms, her eyes fluttering open and close. He saw you and Sherlock cuddling on the couch, smiling at the sight. He was relieved that you were finally truly happy again. You went to grab your daughter from John, bringing her back to couch, sitting next to Sherlock.

    “Baby, this is your daddy. He’s home now.” You told her gently, pointing to him. She looked at him, seemingly examining him, before she did something that surprised you. She climbed over you, setting herself in Sherlock’s lap, and hugging him tightly. He hugged her back, rubbing gentle circles on her back. She slowly fell asleep in her father’s arms for the first time. She could help the tears that fell from your eyes at the sight of them

Dear Sherlock Fans!
  • I know there’re so many different opinions on the new season of Sherlock but read this, please.
    Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have became our friends, it’s been 6-7 beautiful years of our friendship so far.
    And when I say friendship I mean it.
    If you’re a true fan of Sherlock, if you have been there from the very beginning, when Benedict used to look like teenager and Greg said the amazing historical line - Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in the pilot, if you’ve watched very carefully every episode not to just relax while watching tv, but because these people are your family and you care about them, then you should know that this series is about friendship.
    Yes, it is also about cases, deduction, charismatic enemies, but first of all, it’s a show about friendship.
    The very first episode sets this tone when John knowing Sherlock for a few days, after hearing terrible things about him, saves his life by killing a man, the taxi driver. Remember? He didn’t hear anything from their dialogue, he didn’t know what was going on but he knew something was gonna go wrong. And he shot the man. He saved Sherlock. For the first time.
    And so it began. The story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. And Molly Hooper, and Mycroft Holmes. And Greg Lestrade. And Mrs. Hudson.
    You can see how John is just a roommate for Sherlock in season one. How he became a friend in season two. Best friend in season three. Family in the forth season.
    John’s role was always to teach Sherlock how to be human. And human he became.
  • This is really important, this is why later on Sherlock doesn’t kill Eurus, doesn’t give up on her. He forgives her. And more than just that, he shows Mycroft and everybody else the way to forgive Eurus. Because he knows what it feels like to feel lonely. Because if it wasn’t for John, for Mycroft, for Molly, Greg and Mr.Hudson he could’ve end up commiting murders just like Moriarty or Eurus. But he was lucky enough to have these people around him. Eurus wasn’t. We all did weird and bad things when we were kids. Eurus wasn’t like everybody else, she was different. And Sherlock knows what it’s like to be different.
    She did something really bad and was exiled for this. Because she was lonely. She doesn’t feel pain so how would she know it’s bad to hurt people?
    That’s one thing I wanted to talk about because people seem to not get the whole situation with forgiveness.
    The friendship between Sherlock and John also reaches a new level with each season. Seeing what he did to John destroyed Sherlock inside. The final scene with both of them beaten down in so many ways yet still having each other and supporting each other was so painful and so joyful to watch.
    I don’t think I can say anything that would describe my feelings about this scene. I’m speechless.
    But you can notice that they taught each other well, Sherlock became the most human being, he opened his heart. He was ready to sacrifice himself to save two people he loves the most. He forgave Eurus because he became stronger.
    John became smarter, Sherlock taught him well. He noticed something even Mycroft didn’t notice.
    And the series is just about those little details we always miss. Sometimes they tell us more than the actual lines or the plot twists.
    Sure, there are some plot holes in this season, and it’s fine. We can and should forgive the creators those little things because they are nothing in comparison with what we’ve been through this season. Our hearts melt down, our tears streaming and dropping onto the floor, this season was an incredible gift to all the fans. This is why we love this show, there’re so many adaptations of Sherlock, but we all love this one. Not because of all the cases, deduction, cool murders or anything else. But because of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Because Mycroft was ready to sacrifice himself knowing how much John means to his little brother. Because Mary knows her boys so well, she was able to save both of them even being gone for a long time. Because Sherlock knows his brother so well he was able to see through all the shit he’s said and recognize the nobleness of his brother. Because Sherlock remembered Greg’s name and finally thanked him. Because Greg always believed Sherlock is gonna become a good man one day and was always on his side no matter what. Because Molly Hooper helped Sherlock when everyone was convinced he’s a psychopath and a murderer. Because after all these years Molly still loves Sherlock with all of her heart.
    Because Mrs. Hudson knows both Sherlock and John so well, she knew how to help John save Sherlock.
    The list goes on, friends.
    Let’s take a moment and appreciate the work the creators, the cast and crew have done for us. I don’t think Steven, Mark or anybody else is going to see this but let’s show them we love and support all of them. No matter what your fans will always be there for you. I see the incredible work the creators have done, I see that Mark and Steven, and all the actors, everyone who’s worked on the show have put their souls and so much effort into this particular season.
    We all appreciate it. We love your show. We are Sherlocked.
    P.S. Greetings from Russia!
    We’re terribly sorry for what happened a few days ago, trust me. We feel really ashamed and we were really sad when it happened.
    Good luck to everyone who’s worked on Sherlock! Doesn’t matter if there’s gonna be a new season or not, we’re grateful for what we already have, for this amazing journey.
    The game is never over.
The One With Molly's 'Secret Boyfriend'
  • *Bart's cafeteria*
  • John: *smiling* So, Sherlock, have you heard about Molly's new secret boyfriend?
  • Sherlock: *looking around*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Uhh, yes. She uh, she might have mentioned him, yes.
  • Mary: *nudges Molly* Come on, Molls, when are we gonna meet this new secret brain man?
  • Molly: *blushes* Oh, he's quite shy. I-I don’t think he's up to meeting everyone yet.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Mhmm, I don't think he's up to meeting everyone yet.
  • Mary: *scoffs* I don’t care! I want to meet this man who's the best sex she ever had!
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *leans forward, grinning* Really?! That's what you heard? (to Molly) You said that? Those words exactly?
  • Molly: *narrows her eyes* Maybe.
  • Sherlock: *laughing hysterically*
  • Molly: *slaps his arm* Why is that funny?
  • Sherlock: *smug* Oh, because I'm overjoyed for him! And you, you lucky lucky thing! *winks*
  • John & Mary: *exchange glances; shrug simultaneously*
  • *LATER*
  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *entering* Ah, Molly. Can I ask you a pathology related question?
  • Molly: *smiles* Sure.
  • Sherlock: If you're dissecting a body using the scalpel, does that mean that your new secret boyfriend is better in bed than Tom?
  • Mary: *gasps* Sherlock! *pauses* Is he?
  • Molly: *avoiding looking at them* Well, you know, um, I think I'm gonna respect the privacy of my new secret boyfriend.
  • Sherlock: *scoffs* Well, don't do that. It's good to share.
  • Mary: *nods vigorously* Yeah. A performance evaluation, if you will. I mean, is he satisfying you?
  • Sherlock: *holding his breath*
  • Molly: *sighs* You two need a hobby.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *quietly* But yes. I'm very happy.
  • Sherlock: *smug*
  • Molly: *flashes Mary a smile* Well, let's just say he's the living proof that size isn't all that important.
  • Mary: *laughs*
  • Sherlock: *smile falls*

sassyhellen-deactivated20140705  asked:

Two things I noticed and felt odd or amused by them: one is that at John's wedding he makes all this kind of deductions he didn't expect at all - and among them, the HUGE one (that's why Mycroft, when talking on the phone said "Enjoy not getting involved" because he knew he'd care about John's wedding and I thought, well, maybe it's just me, but that his brotherly senses told him - he's gonna find out by himself oh my oh my what a time). Second thing:

isn’t it quite odd and funny at the same time that John takes a lot of time to say “you” when he asks Sherlock to be his best man? Like, I know some people would say I’m reading too far, but let’s think a little. when you want to surprise someone by asking this thing, you wouldn’t make those expressions right? like, the twitching mouth, the open one but without saying anything, those long pauses he makes.

1. Mycroft absolutely knew what Sherlock was going through at the wedding. Since the beginning, Mycroft has subtly (eh…and sometimes not-so-subtly) shipped John and Sherlock. Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week? He could be the making of my brother…or make him worse than ever. Mycroft saw John’s insta-loyalty and – being both a badass at reading people’s emotions, and at manipulation – encouraged that loyalty. (I mean, the guy IS the British government. Does he really need John to spy on Sherlock? No. He asked only to increase John’s already-established protectiveness of Sherlock.)

After his phone call with Sherlock during the wedding, Mycroft looks pensive. That’s because he knows about Mary’s past. (Again, him being the British government and having worked with the CIA, combined with the fact that he is suspiciously mute about Mary throughout season three, point to this conclusion.) He knows John is marrying an assassin with a secret that’s going to come out eventually, and he knows it’s going to blow up, and he can’t do a thing to stop it. Why? That’s going to be part of my Clusterfuck of Psycho series, but I also refer you to loudest-subtext’s brilliant M-theory, because she covers it in some serious depth. But Mycroft is showing concern here because he knows John’s marriage might destroy Sherlock, which definitely falls into the make him worse than ever category. And he’s right – look where Sherlock is at the start of HLV. On hard drugs, being an asshole to everyone, clearly miserable. Worse than ever.

2. The first time I watched that scene, with John asking Sherlock to be his best man, I was too distracted by the hilarity/adorableness to understand why something about it felt off to me. For awhile, I thought it was just my own surprise that Sherlock truly hadn’t realized John considered him his best friend. But that does make sense – despite his arrogance at times, Sherlock is quite insecure. Starting back in ASiP, he clearly states he’s come to expect people telling him to piss off when he’s just being himself. And in his best man speech, he flat-out says he’s an asshole, redeemed only by John’s friendship. 

So the stuff you pointed out – the long pause before “you,” John’s expression, the twitching mouth – combined with John being in a seated position and Sherlock standing, as well as Sherlock’s comical, extended shocked reaction upon hearing the question – can all be explained: this is our missing “proposal” scene. We never saw John propose to Mary. Instead, we got this. John on bended knee sitting, choosing his words carefully, Sherlock stunned into silence and being “very close to moved” (aka, hella-moved). It’s yet another Sherlock-is-the-bride parallel, up there with his doing the napkins, the seating arrangements, throwing his boutonnière like a bouquet, the photographer asking for “just the bride and groom” and Sherlock not stepping away until John reminds him. 

Applause (Sherlock Version)
Anderson, Lestrade, Watson, Holmes
Applause (Sherlock Version)

Ew another parody and this time it’s a Sherlock parody…to celebrate season three finally. This is just plain idiotic I’m so sorry. Again. WARNING FOR S3 SPOILERS!



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i find it hilarious that mike stamford didn’t attend john’s wedding though like they were good mates john went out to pubs with him (or at least he wrote so on his blog) and then mike just didn’t come? like i don’t know things but i think it may, just may have something to do with the fact that he knew sherlock was a perfect match for john and then john just went and married someone else and mike was like “fuck it all my cupid work for nothing”

No, but seriously, after Sherlock finds out he is John’s Best Friend (capitals intentional), he continuously refers to himself as such, like he has just been knighted by the gods themselves. Like, I bet you that during all the interviews before John’s wedding, he was all like “I’m John’s Best Friend, Sherlock. Don’t fuck up this wedding, because I’m John’s Best Friend.” And at crime scenes he’s like, “This is Dr. Watson, and I’m his Best Friend, Sherlock Holmes”. Like, introducing John first is the most important thing ever (at least until he graduates to “my John”.)

And then, like, there were so many “Best Friends” written in Sherlock’s Best Man speech that Greg had to whittle it down to what’s left. Though Greg never saw the final draft, which is why he seems a little surprised at how much Sherlock reveals at the wedding

At least that’s what I like to think. Because a part of me thinks he takes great pride in saying, “Your Best Friend is sociopath who solves crimes as an alternative to getting high. That’s me, by the way, hello” in HLV.

But then I got thinking that he says that line to remind himself that he’s only ever gonna be John’s Best Friend, and to convince John to stay with Mary, because he’s a sociopath, who John chose to be his Best Friend, how foolish.

Wow, I turned this post depressing rather quickly. Sorry =p It really hurts how much Sherlock pines for John in S3. I love pining Sherlock. SLOW BURN…… BURRRRRRRRRN.

anonymous asked:

Your blog is my favorite, the best metas came from you. Thank you for this work. I wonder about how is gonna be the dynamic between Jim and Sherlock next series and I'd really like to know your opinion on this. I don't think Sherlock is that man that enjoy the game and admire a good opponent anymore. Seems that now he really gonna hate Jim and that truly breaks my heart.

Thank you so much! And a truly frightening number of my waking hours are devoted to this very question.

You’re right – season 4 Sherlock will be a different man. He’s grown up, he’s made real sacrifices, he’s in love and he knows it. I do still think he’ll enjoy the game – he always will – but John’s safety (and the safety of his child, if there really is one) will be paramount, even more so than in the past.

So yeah, if Jim just came at him – by which I mean, came at John and/or baby – Sherlock would hate him.

But Jim’s a crafty bitch. And his goal isn’t to get Sherlock to hate him. It’s to get him to realize they were made for each other. You’re me. Without me, you’re nothing.

It’s not like Jim spent the last three years sipping Bloody Marys at some villain resort in Cancun. He’s been watching, observing, planning. (He’s also been more involved in everything that’s happened since Sherlock returned than Sherlock is aware.) He not only knows about Sherlock’s feelings for John, he knows Sherlock is now aware of those feelings.

It’s perfect. Getting Sherlock to be aware of his own heart brings Jim another step closer to burning it out.

So what’s next? Well, it’s not going to be strapping John Watson up in Semtex and threatening to blow him up. Jim’s already done that. Boring. And threatening John and/or the baby will just fuel Sherlock’s passion to defend them, fuel his selfless love. Dull.

And don’t forget, Sherlock’s a murderer now. He shot an unarmed (awful, disgusting, but unarmed) man in the head. And his punishment, exile, isn’t necessarily negated, but only postponed in light of Jim’s return.

In other words, Jim has complete control of Sherlock’s life right now. Jim in London means Sherlock in London. Jim vanishes? It’s not like the government’s going to let Sherlock just go unpunished. Exile’s back on, complete with six month death sentence. It all depends on Jim.

Without me, you’re nothing. Jim’s words really mean something now. 

So what’s the situation as far as Jim sees it?

1. He controls whether or not Sherlock gets to stay in London a free man, and more importantly, Sherlock knows it too. That’ll affect how Sherlock plays the game.

2. He knows Sherlock is completely heartbroken. How ordinary. Time to do something about that, right? Time to become more than a man.

Unfortunately, I’m not a criminal mastermind, so I have no idea what exactly Jim will do with this situation. But it won’t be about getting Sherlock to destroy himself, ala Reichenbach. It’ll be about getting Sherlock to rebuild himself into someone a whole lot more like Jim.

A pretty terrifying thought. Can’t wait to see how Sherlock handles it.

  • SPN: Man, it's weird not having Sherlock in the waiting room. Christ, what's it been? Two years?
  • Doctor Who: Yes. The poor thing. He waited two years for three episodes within a span of twelve days.
  • SPN: Damn. We're gonna have our work cut out for us when he gets back, aren't we, Doc?
  • Doctor Who: Absolutely. We should prepare. Don't have much time left before it's over.
  • SPN: Why, when's the finale?
  • Doctor Who: The twelfth of January. We'll need to get some shock blankets and what not. And you have to be on your best behaviour! No bragging about your new episode on Tuesday!
  • SPN: *mock gasps* I would never! Hey, wait, did you say January twelfth?
  • Doctor Who: Yes.
  • SPN: Doc, that's today.
  • Doctor Who: What? No it's not! Look, the TARDIS calendar clearly says -
  • Doctor Who: ...
  • Doctor Who: Ah.
  • *distant rumbling*
  • SPN: What the hell, Doc!? Sherlock's always been there for us! How could you not know the finale was today!?
  • Doctor Who: I never get dates right, you know that!
  • *rumbling intensifies*
  • SPN: What are we going to do!? We -
  • *door flies open and Sherlock comes running in*
  • SPN: What do we do!?
  • Doctor Who: I don't know! We're out of shock blankets! I only have fish fingers and custard! We - wait, do you hear that?
  • SPN: Hear what? Should I get salt?
  • Doctor Who: No, it sounds familiar. I think...could it be...?
  • *door flies off shackles; a familiar challenger approaches*
  • Merlin: Couldn't let you have all the glory, could I?