he's gonna be on dr who

ok but lets be real here…who fucking sat down…and said, “I’m going to take these well-respected authors that have made impact on history as we know it. And I’m going to make it a manga where they have super powers. One of them is going to be a detective which makes sense since he wrote detective novels. A few others are going to be detectives too. And then there’s going to be a mafia. Other well-respected authors are going to be in this mafia. And we’re gonna throw in some American authors, too, who will come flying in on a mechanical whale. And then there’s gonna be a war. Oh yeah and they’re all going to be hot and gay.”

tl dr; who looks at a bunch of deceased authors and draws “mafia”, “detectives” and “super powers” from them

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!! Today is Yamada’s birthday!

I know a lot more people will probably be celebrating Hinata’s birthday, but this guy deserves some love and I’m gonna give it to him.

Yamada is a super great character! I see a lot of my old self in him- the clingy, anime-obsessed nerd who’s desperate to get some friends.

His only claim to fame is his doujins, which don’t really get him friends, but rather just fans, that he can’t really interact with.

His social skills are downright horrible, but how can you not love the guy?

He gets a bad rap because of his appearance, but I really love him to pieces. Happy birthday, big guy! Keep chasing after your dreams :,)

Who to Fight: Wooden Overcoats Edition

Rudyard: you’d probably win but please don’t. He’ll fight you without hesitation, but he’s a weak noodle and you’ll probably make him cry. Leave him alone he has enough problems. Plus Georgie and Antigone will  beat you up if you do.

Antigone: I mean, you can try but you’re not gonna win. She definitely knows how to kick ass if push comes to shove. Maybe just don’t?

Georgie: DO NOT. You will NOT win. She’d probably put you in the hospital and poor Dr. Edgewater has enough to do already. Just do not fight Georgie Crusoe

Chapman: Two (2) things: 1) you will not win. 2) what did Eric Chapman ever do you to you? He’s literally the nicest person? Why would you want to fight him?

Madeleine: why are you trying to fight a mouse

Okay... gonna get this out of my system now

Wally is a KID. He’s probably over 18, but he is a KID. He is still GROWING UP. He doesn’t have to be mature about everything, and even if he did, his anger at Barry and Joe is justifiable. 

Barry was WRONG. He knows that more than anything Wally wants speed. The kid walked in front of a fucking car for God’s sake. Even if they said they didn’t want to know what happened in Flashpoint, the minute they figured out that Dr. Alchemy was finding people who had powers in Flashpoint and giving them powers, and somewhat torturing those people until they take those powers back, Barry should have told Wally, if no one else, what went down in Flashpoint. He was leaving Wally vulnerable by not telling him about his powers. That line about “you said you didn’t want to know about your other life” is bullshit. He’s clearly telling Wally about his life in FP NOW, there is no reason he couldn’t have told him before when I’m sure he was smart enough to realize the danger. 

And now, after watching Wally desperately want powers for months, and without telling him WHY it’s such a bad idea, they are all denying him. 

There’s also the fact that Joe never seems to take Wally’s side on matters if it’s Wally vs Barry. Like ever. That doesn’t mean that Joe doesn’t love him, or support him in his general life endeavors, he just doesn’t seem to support him if it’s going against what Barry wants/thinks. At least I’m pretty sure that is where Wally is coming from. Joe is out there every day supporting Barry being The Flash even though Barry is in constant danger and forever getting his ass kicked by someone, but Wally wants to do it and Joe isn’t supportive at all. What if Wally doesn’t have a choice? What if he gets his speed anyway? He has no reason to believe that Joe will support him. 

Wally is a character who is allowed to be ANGRY. He is allowed to FEEL things. He’s allowed to be angry at Joe and Barry. He is not being a whiny brat for expressing those feelings. If anything we should be glad that he feels comfortable enough TO express that anger where before he would just disappear. 

Do NOT come at me after this ep trash talking Wally for being a KID who badly wants something and has it within reach but NO ONE is supporting him on it. Even if it’s for his own *protection* there are other ways to protect him. He’s in danger every day even without his speed, and he has the fucking Flash on Speedial, probably.

Joe is not infallible. 

Barry is not perfect. 

And hell, if Wally has some anger towards Iris if she, too, doesn’t show him support (which she kinda didn’t in that clip) then his anger at her will be justifiable as well. 

Lunar Chronicles Shipweeks: Library

Featuring Kaider

-Cinder hates the palace library

-She prefers the hanger where she can work on mechanic projects

-Her current works are the rampion as usual, and fixing the elevator

-She also is working on the hardware for a secret comm implant for Kai and the other rampion crew members

-Cress is doing the programming and dr nandez is doing the neuro-science

-Kai likes the library

-it was is refuge when he was young and broke a vase

-later it was where he hid when his parents died

-and he is determined to get cinder to like it too

-so when cinder needs to get a book he mets her in the library

-he does that dumb “guess who?” thing

-she just sighs, turns around, and kisses him

-and kisses him and kisses him and kisses him

-cinder decides she likes the library

-kai found out he was gonna be a dad in the library

-Peony took her first steps in the library

-they have a secret compartment in the back with pillows and blankets for reading and occasionally making out 

-the library becomes their good luck charm/room

Also: some theories

1: Jack doesn’t know what the Daughters look like without masks, some sort of infiltration shenanigans will happen

2: Dr. Antlers (aka scary horse rider) destroyed the Guardian’s portal - which was PROBABLY Jack’s last chance home

3: Jack lost his sword in that fight too, which just made things worse

4: The current person we are following is not Samurai Jack, but someone who was Metal Gear: Phantom Pain’d into thinking he’s Jack

5: Aku has no idea that there is a scary cult of women worshiping him. Just no clue. They are gonna show up to his house one day and he’s not gonna know how to react. 

Probably sound like a madman, but hear me out

Each character’s song represents them, through and through. (I’m just doing the 6 from the GPF because know most about them (except maybe Otabek but like … we don’t know much about him #littlescreentime)


This got hella long.  TL;DR: the YOI creators knew where they were going with their characterizations and managed to convey this through each of the program’s music

Details under the cut.

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Happy Birthday, grizzly09kilo!

March 25 - “Is that a mirror in your pocket?” Luis/Darcy for @grizzly09kilo

“… and Ernesto, he was telling me about this really amazing live band that he saw playing at the this club in Harlem, but when I was gonna go he told me that the club had some troubles with some superhero types, so I asked around but it wasn’t any of your people… whoa.”

Scott blinked. In all the time he’d known Luis, he’d never heard Luis stop of his own accord in the middle of one of his stories. His friend was gaping across the room.

“What is it, Luis?”

“Who is she?” Luis breathed.

Puzzled, Scott turned to look across the room. Luis had met everyone in it before… except… oh, that was Dr Foster’s assistant. “Darcy?” he said. “The girl with the glasses?”

“The dark-haired goddess,” Luis said reverently. “I’ve got to meet her…” and he was off, barreling his way across the room, moving Sam aside with a shove that had the Falcon turning to look after him with raised brows.

Scott was tempted to cover his eyes to avoid seeing the disaster that was surely about to happen. Luis was quite clearly not thinking with the head atop his shoulders in that moment, and if he got epically shot down in front of a room full of superheroes, he’d probably never recover from the humiliation… actually that was probably Scott just projecting, Luis would probably bounce back nicely. It was way too late to stop him now, anyway. He was a man on a mission. Scott folded his arms and settled back to enjoy the show.

Darcy blinked as a medium-height, round-faced, broadly smiling man hurried up and came to a stop in front of her, gazing at her with something she might almost describe as reverence on his face.

“Hi?” she said a little uncertainly when he didn’t speak.

“Is there a mirror in your pants? Because I look great in them.” Luis frowned, inwardly cursing his normally facile tongue which had just totally tripped over the words. “Wait. I said that wrong. Damn, you’re too beautiful, you make my brain go wrong.”

Darcy had to giggle at his earnest look of despair. “Well, that’s very sweet of you to say. And I’m sure you would look great in my pants, actually. Uh. That’s not quite what I meant to say, either…”

“I’ll let you wear the pants,” Luis said hastily, not wanting her to feel embarrassed. They stared at each other for a moment, and then laughter got the best of both of them.

“Zat went a lot better than I thought,” Kurt remarked behind Scott, who turned to grin at his friend.

“Who knows, buddy… there’s gotta be someone out there for everyone. Good luck to Luis, if he manages to find someone who can put up with him talking her ear off. Better yet, if she can get him to get to the point on occasion!”

anonymous asked:

Can I get a raise of hands who you'd plot with Bucky? I've been looking for the right kind of RP to bring him into, and he's my favorite angsty emo child from the marvel verse so I'm gonna be a little over excited to play him. Lol.

All of our members are exceptionally welcoming! There’s always someone who’s willing (and happy) to plot with each person that joins. Speaking purely for myself, of course, I’d love to plot with a Bucky on all of my characters, too!

TL;DR: Members, please like this if you’d like to plot with a Bucky Barnes!

Remember the episode where Reid had to stay behind with Garcia and they were talking about how Hotch never blinks? Reid stated that was ‘classic alpha male behavior,’ but also went on to say that he was a blinker. Do not tell me that I’m the only one who realized that Reid had just admitted to being a bottom.


Yeah folks, this is happening.

I’m imagine that in the game, when is the hour of killing someone, Monokuma start a numer in the tv for the audience for vote who they think who’s gonna be the next victim and then just put some commercials. And when the hour past he announce the death and show it to the audience.

Also, Togami is really impolite spitting the tea when you are drinking it.

And… a little extra for my headcanon history of the captives that maybe one day I made?:

Em… who’s gonna tell him?

Am I the only one who thinks Komaeda is going to wake up from his comatose?

He’s my favorite character, so I hope so. But the moment they (Naegi and friends from the future foundation) said that the chance is very small that the “deceased” ones would wake up from the comatose, the first thought I got was: “Komaeda’s gonna wake up, isn’t he?” You know, since he’s the ultimate luck and all.

Other non-spoilery early ME:A impressions now that my trial’s run out:

I’m like, 98% certain that Dr. Harry Carlyle is the same guy who voiced Primarch Victus and I missed every single thing he said trying to pinpoint where I recognized that voice from.

So far it looks like I’m gonna have to eat my words about Cora and I have never been happier to be wrong, I actually really like her so far. Way more complex and with a greater depth of character and emotion than I thought they’d give to her. Liam is still pretty much what I’d expected, he’s really sweet and endearing if a little trigger happy, I have a feeling I’m gonna like him a lot more once I see him interacting with more of the crew since “The Power of Friendship” seems to be his shtick.

The actual crew of the Tempest is pretty “meh” so far, honestly. I have a feeling I’m gonna like Gil the best just because he has the strongest personality, he seems like he’ll be fun to talk to. Suvi seems nice but her VA is… not… that good. And Kallo seems like a sweetie, very friendly, but for some reason the pilot is the only character I’m hung up on not-replacing so I can’t get past that mental block of “he’s no Jeff Moreau ://” which I admit is really unfair to Kallo but this is about MY impressions and that’s my impression.

Just met Vetra and Peebee but so far I really like Vetra, I can’t really go into why without spoiling anything but she’s like turian Lando Calrisian. And yes, Lando, not Han, because she actually does what she says she can and is responsible for people other than herself. I love Han but he is a fuckup. Lando is a much more flattering comparison for smooth talkin space smugglers. 

ALSO, mild teeny tiny spoiler but she’s friends with Kesh and that is how I know we’re going to be friends because I literally burst into tears with how much I immediately loved Kesh so I imagine Vetra will appreciate that i like her friends.

 I’m still a little wary over Peebee just because so much of her character reads like a manic pixie dreamgirl who’s quirky to appeal to men who like that type of character and not just restless and full of wanderlust and thrillseeking as her own personal character traits/flaws. I want to like her but I am Concerned. But like, I’d literally JUST met her when my time ran out so I really hope I turn out to be wrong.

All in all I’m enjoying it so far tho, and I’m sitting here waiting desperately for it to be time to play the actual game already because I know I was like, at most thirty minutes away from meeting Drack and I’M READY TO MEET ALL MY SPACE FRIENDS.

“Hey Solaire! The quarter ended and Spring Break has begun! Do you have a funny video like you usually do to start it?”

No. Not this time.

I have a story…

So you all may have head that I had to work with a guy who was INCREDIBLY rude and overall unpleasant to work with. The guy who insisted we do art and visuals first when we didn’t want to.

Update on that situation: a TL;DR: He couldn’t handle being in our group because “muh mental state”, which is actually because he hates someone in our group because that someone is trans. He even called him by a fake birthname just to get across the whole “I hate this person and will disrespect them because they’re different” schpeel.

He left our group for another after the professor and I both told him he’s not gonna survive in this industry if he continues.

He then dropped the class very soon after. He takes only 2 classes instead of the usual 3 because he has the money to take it as slow as he wants. Now he takes one.  He also lied to the other group about what happened just to make us seem like shitstains.

But that’s not the worst…

Holy FUCK I wish that was the worst

Scenario: A 5 man group has become a 4 man group. Luckily, that 5th man was holding us back so now we can get through swimmingly. We start getting things done. It’s a good time!

But then a core mechanic spawns a debate.

Group member 4 is adamant this game mechanic that people outside of the group have stated is a shit idea. I won’t go into detail, but basically he wanted to lower the RNG by adding more RNG to the game. Now, I’m calm about this. I’m saying “hey, there are plus sides to both ideas, but I think this one idea would work better”. The group agrees except for him.

But he insists we use his idea. The one we have stated is not fun, the one we TESTED and didn’t enjoy, the one OTHER PEOPLE tested and didn’t enjoy. Core mechanics should be solid at that point. So this goes on for FOUR DAYS. It gets super heated because he refuses to let us continue. Now, it’s fair to think “hey, why didn’t you just let him test it?” 
We didn’t have the time. We needed to get shit done. We were behind as it was. 

So the weekend before the project is due, the very beginning of finals week, he’s missing in action. Why? I’m assuming it’s because it’s finals week so it’s alright.
It’s around 3am on the Tuesday the presentation is due. I get a message from him saying he forgot. I’m upset, but it happens. It SHOULDN’T, especially something so important, but whatever. We bullshit a presentation because we didn’t have a really neat one prepared. He said he would do it. There’s where I should have said “okay, this is where the professor should get involved”. 

But I didn’t.

So we present and the professor came to us to let us know we have A LOT to work on in such little time. I tell him I’m confident and we all get our game plan. We were all pumped.

So then it becomes the night before the board game is due. And what does that one guy do?


So this 5 man group that became a 4 man group is now a temporary 3 man group. The three of us are printing and cutting the various pieces to our game. They’re not the best, but “for a 3 man group, we did our fucking best”, to quote one of the members. I then go downtown at 7am Thursday morning to help print and cut more things, missing a class I really enjoy, to pick up the slack of this clown. We email the professor saying “yeah, we’re sorry this is super late, but we had hoped. This guy has contributed nothing to our group and has been MIA for the past few weeks”

The professor talked to us privately and we told him how we feel. It was a nice chat, that professor is awesome! Really nice and understanding guy who plays the neutral party very well.

We then talk as a group and the clown says that drama occurred and that deterred him a bit. This is where I should have noticed a red flag.

But I didn’t.

Class starts, we have borderline nothing ready. Aside from the cards, nothing was ready. It was a mess. But the professor decided to give us until Tuesday (today) to finish this. That was the one option I said to myself was not going to happen.

So the weekend passes, I did as much as I could while also working on other classwork. I needed to focus on one thing for today, so I handed them all what I had and then focused entirely on that one thing. Mind you, I’m apologizing every chance I get because I’m feeling like I accidentally made this 5 man group that became a 4 man group that was a temporary 3 man group suddenly become a 2 man group. They’re fine with it. I was told by them to get some sleep because I’ve gotten very little sleep in the past few weeks. Seriously, the two who were actually contributing to this group were 10/10. I’m so happy to have worked with them.

So I check the group chat we have from time to time. Guess who says nothing?

Same clown.

Guess who contributed nothing to this game, even being absent for half of the class and, in turn, not seeing the game his group worked their asses off for be played?

Same clown

But get this: It gets worse

The class ends, it goes okay. For a 3 man group, the game was solid, in my opinion. Flawed, but damn good for such a small team with other work to do at the same time. So the 4 of us get together and sortof reflect. But then the clown says something that made me almost immediately see red:

I will type this verbatim of what he said:

“Hey guys, I’m sorry for trying to fuck you guys over. There was just a lot going on and when the whole drama thing happened, I just felt that would make me feel better.”

So this 5 man group that became a 4 man group was actually a 3 man group because the 4th member didn’t get his way.

Reminder: This is a college level course. I’m pretty sure he’s a junior.

This man went out of his way to not only fuck me over, but fuck over a group’s final because WE FUCKING DISAGREED WITH HIM

And the worst part? We can’t just go to the professor and say “hey, this guy said that he tried to sabotage our group” because of the Burden of Proof. He told us this in person. It was the perfect crime.
I told myself that if I didn’t die last Thursday, I’d be immortal. I could take on anything because god damn there was a lot going on.

But here I am, the Tuesday after, feeling not like I have reached the sweet release known as Spring Break, but instead I feel physically ill and like I failed the group members, some genuinely good people with passion in their work, who cared and wanted to make something fun. All because one asshole thought he could get away with this. And get this: he did.
So if you ask me “Solaire, where’s the Spring Break funny?”, I’m going to have to say that there is no funny. Not today.

my mom had to watch some injections videos to help me with my T shot last night/morning and when i woke up she was excitedly trying to show me this video of “this really cute, like the cutest trans guy who did an injection video” with the biggest grin on her face and shes like “this is what ur gonna look like, look how cute he is, isnt he the cutest? this is after like a year.”

so tl;dr update: my mom is still the sweetest and im dying

Dear Kanye West

I felt I need to write this

Kanye West is my hero
I know everyone thinks he’s an asshole
But I don’t see it that way
He’s confident
Maybe he’s too confident
But what i see is someone who’s never gonna let anyone tell him he can’t
His music has given me the little confidence I have
Without this confidence I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I have done
Nothing spectacular but things I wouldn’t have done without him
I met people who mean a lot to me because of this confidence
Kanye taught me that throughout life people will tell you to be a leader not a follower until that means you start leading
Kanye has taught me that people will tell you your good if you aren’t, so they don’t hurt your feelings
And tell you that your bad if you you’re good, because they’re jealous
Kanye taught me that they’ll tell you to have confidence in yourself, but when you get that confidence they’ll tell you you’re “conceited”
Kanye once said “if you’re a fan of Kanye West, you’re not a fan of me. you’re a fan of yourself”
And this is true
Kanye has helped me in more ways than anyone can imagine
The emotional connection to “Devil In A New Dress” that I have is otherworldly
So Dear Kanye West,
Thank You and I Love You