he's going to take on the world

hey remember when tony was held at gunpoint while zip-tied to a bed and he still worried about the plastic watch that belonged to “his (nine-year-old) friend’s sister”

remember when he made peter parker a spider-themed nightlight to go with his webshooter just because

remember when he was triggered by wanda but looking after clint was his primary concern during the trip back home from that mission. then remember how when other team members went through the same thing, his priority was taking them to a safehouse where they could recover

remember when in the middle of a world crisis, tony had no problem helping a pregnant laura barton with home chores like log chopping and fixing the family tractor

remember how much it mattered to him that pepper would enjoy her christmas gift

remember how he keeps fanmail from kids lying around the house

remember how he doesn’t just thoughtlessly sign kids’ drawings, he leaves little speech bubbles on the characters drawn, customized with the kid’s name

remember how he found time to buy harley a lot of candy

remember how he’s had the same slow bots since his MIT days, and has apparently never had the heart to upgrade them or rid them of their imperfections

remember how he had a model airplane collection and WII in his workshop. remember how he keeps the vintage car his father used to tinker with, according to the picture he also keeps in the shop? remember how that car is his screen saver. remember how his main systems keyboard is made out of a symbolic language he compiled and shares with JARVIS alone

remember how tony named JARVIS after his childhood butler, and created a whole other AI who reminded him of pepper? remember how he coded peter an AI that was invested in the kid’s emotional well being

remember how tony arrived from captivity and the first thing he did was get an american cheese burger? remember how he sat down beneath the podium during a press conference and turned to obadiah stane and told him that it was good to see him

remember that fundamental naïveté underlying everything he’s always done, from “tony stark wants to save the world” to “these are my guns, how did they get my guns?” and “they told me ‘here’s the line, we don’t cross it, and this is how we do business’”

remember how tony thinks that being a superhero would be “outlandish and… fantastic” but he doesn’t think he’s the type and all the way to homecoming he’s looking at a younger hero and vocally wishing he’d be better than him

remember how he’s been trying to use his own struggle with grief and trauma to find solutions that should benefit others as well. remember how he’s explicitly trying to break the cycle of abuse his father started

this post doesn’t have a point or a pattern and it most certainly doesn’t have a satisfactory ending bc it could literally just keep going forever, i just wanted to remind us all of what a Great Dude the fave is

Silent Ghost

                “Control yourself!” George ordered firmly, shaking Fred’s shoulders harshly. “This isn’t the end of the world. We can make a comeback.”

                “No, we can’t!” Fred yelled, gesturing all around him, as if the room was suddenly about to combust. “This is war, Georgie! War!”

                George rolled his eyes as he fought the urge to throttle his brother.

                “Our entire reputation is ruined.” Fred continued, becoming hysterical the longer he panicked. “Have we been so caught up with our plans for the business that we allowed someone else to take our title away from us?”

                “What title?” George was worried that Fred was going to go into shock and he debated about stunning him to stop this rant.

                Fred let out an outraged noise and threw off George’s hands. “The title of Master Prankster. We took over the title from the Callum sisters three weeks into our first year. Not to mention held our ground when Flint thought he could challenge us during our second year.”

                By the increase in volume, George knew that his brother was just getting started. Honestly, Fred was the more dramatic of the two of them and it was best to let his brother continue talking. Merlin knows what would happen if any of it became suppressed. That was an explosion he didn’t want to patent.

                “It was a cute attempt, but the moron has no skill for tactical advantages.” Fred rushed through, emphasizing his point with a dramatic slap to his palm. “We went unchallenged for two more years until Davies thought that his mother’s knowledge of foreign tactics would help him uproot us.” A noise of disbelief escaped his mouth. “As if we would have fallen for that!”

                “Fred.” George began softly, holding his hands up placatingly, hoping not to anger his brother. “I know all of this. What is your point?”

                Fred clenched his fists angrily. “My point is that we have always been one step ahead of everyone and yet, here we are. We are losing a prank war!” His tone suggested that this was an utter travesty.

                “We don’t even know who is behind them.” George pointed out, which was apparently the wrong thing to say.

                “Which makes it worse!” Bellowed Fred, unclenching his fists, just to re-clench them harder. “It’s our last year at Hogwarts and we are stuck as a second-rate loser. How are we supposed to advertise for the shop if we can’t even successfully call ourselves the Master Pranksters?”

                George bit his lip, feeling a flash of worry in his gut. “We don’t know that they are coming for our title.”

                “George.” It was said softly and defeated, which was worse than the anger. “We end up being the target of the pranks eight out of ten times. It’s obviously personal and we are losing.”

                “We have never lost like this before.” George whispered, feeling just as defeated. “We have to figure out who is behind it. Once that is out of the way, it should be easy firing back.”

                Fred nodded his head firmly, choosing to use this as a motivating factor. “Right, who would want to prank us? You think it’s for revenge?”

                That had George throwing himself on his bed and covering his eyes. “Fred, if this is about revenge then our list is the entire school.”

                “Don’t forget the teachers.” Fred whispered helpfully.

                “Stop helping.” George croaked out miserably. “This is going to take a lot of work. How do we narrow down the list?”

                Fred tilted his head to the side, lost in thought. “We might not be able to, but I know someone that might.”

                George lifted his head up in hope before he ran out of the room, following his brother quickly.


             Harry was pretending to do his potions essay as he nodded along to Hermione’s lecture on the proper way of holding the knife for cutting up ingredients. This was definitely the conversation he was going to replay in his mind the next time he was having a hard time sleeping.

                The sound of thundering feet had Harry, Ron and Hermione looking towards the stairs and arching their brows at the sight of Fred and George panting harshly.

                “Hermione!” Fred called out, dragging George with him. “You are the cleverest witch of our time.”

                “What do you want?” Hermione asked with narrowed eyes and suspicion palpable in her tone.

                The twins shared a loaded look before George cleared his throat. “We have a proposition for you.”

                His statement did nothing to help ease her suspicion. If anything, Harry thought she looked even more wary.

                “You have said repeatedly that you would appreciate if we stopped hiring testers for our projects.” Fred took over, grinning at the way Hermione leaned forward in interest.

                “I’m listening.” She gestured with one hand for them to continue.

                “We are willing to stop this completely.” George winced at that. “That means not even behind your back and we will stop taking first years into the forbidden forest too.”

                Hermione held up a hand. “You two are taking first years into the forbidden forest?” The last bit was screeched out and had them taking a minuscule step back.

                “Yes.” They answered in unison. “It’s not like you would look for us there.” When her eyes narrowed, Fred cleared his throat. “We had to test the products somewhere and you were making this difficult.”

                George nodded quickly. “Which really means you are to blame.”

                Harry coughed into his hand to hide the snort that he released, he glanced towards Ron and noticed that his friend was struggling to contain his own laughter. He didn’t dare look towards Hermione.

                “I don’t believe you!” Hermione threw her hands up in the air. “Do you know how dangerous it is to—”

                “Yes.” Fred interrupted, ignoring her glare. “It was terribly horrible of us and we are just awful. Can we skip the lecture and get back to the issue at hand?”

                The growl Hermione released had Harry scooting his chair over, not wanting to be anywhere near that.

                “What is it you want in return for you two to be decent human beings?”

                Fred and George took a deep breath in unison and it had Harry wondering if they were alright.

                “We need you to help us narrow down the possibilities of who could be the Silent Ghost.”

                Harry snapped his eyes towards Hermione desperately.

                Hermione leaned back in her chair and hummed in thought. “Well, I am honestly surprised.” She admitted with arched brows. “The Silent Ghost is just as bad as you two. Constantly throwing the school into chaos with pranks that just aren’t funny. Umbridge has already made three Educational Decrees regarding them.”

                “While you only have one.” Ron piped up with a small smirk towards his brothers.

                George smacked the back of Ron’s head, ignoring Hermione’s reprimand. “Which is why once we figure out who it is, we can take back over the school.”

                This had Hermione biting her lip in indecision. “You two are the lesser evil.”

                “I don’t know if that is a good thing.” Fred whispered to his brother. “I kind of want to be the most evil.”

                “Alright.” Hermione clapped her hands together. “I’ll help you figure out who is the Silent Ghost.” She waited until they shared massive grins before continuing. “But you will sign a magical contract stating that you will cease all testing of your products on minors.”

                Fred narrowed his eyes before looking to his brother. “What do you think?”

                “I think that we have no choice.” George whispered low enough that no one heard him.

                They turned to Hermione with solemn faces. “Deal.”


              Draco was making his way towards the dungeons, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. One couldn’t be too careful these days. He was about to turn a corner when a warm hand clutched his arm and shoved him into an empty classroom.

                Before he could utter a curse at his attacker, he noticed a familiar sight of messy black hair. “Potter, you better have a damn good explanation for this.”

                Harry locked the door and placed several silencing charms around the room. “We have a problem.”

                “If it’s the state of your hair, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are years late on the revelation that you need a makeover.” Draco smirked openly at the resigned sigh the Gryffindor released.

                “I’ll have you know that I can pull off this disaster, thank you very much.”

                Draco reluctantly had to agree but there wasn’t a chance in hell he would be admitting that.

                “But that isn’t what I came to tell you.” Harry urged, starting to pace back and forth. “Fred and George have recruited Hermione.”

                That had Draco coming to a standstill. “Granger is joining their pranks?”

                “Merlin, no.” Harry shook his head rapidly. “She’s going to help narrow down the list to figuring out who is the Silent Ghost.”

                Draco smirked widely, eyes gleaming in delight. Which Harry firmly told himself was not attractive. Nope. Not even a little bit.

               “They are becoming desperate.”

                “Yes.” Harry agreed with his own smirk forming. “They are.” He sighed heavily, head falling for a moment. “Hermione is going to be an issue though.”

                Draco took a step forward until he could peer into Potter’s face. “Potter, we have bested the Weasel twins for six months at their own game.” He waited until a small smile tugged at Potter’s lips before he continued. “Even Granger won’t put a hindrance into our plans.”

                Harry allowed Malfoy’s self-confidence to fill him and he nodded his head firmly. “Right. We got this.”

                “Damn right we do.” Draco agreed, giving Potter a rare smile. “The Weasley twins will regret the day that they pranked us one too many times.”

                “You can almost taste the revenge in the air.” Harry teased before grinning at the disgruntled look the blonde gave him.

                “Revenge is what I do best.” Draco promised before he sat down on the nearest table and began discussing their next plan of attack.

                One thing was for sure, by the end of the year, no one would remember who the Weasley twins were. They were going to out prank the masters.


Another instance of not sure if anyone wants more but I will be doing it anyways! Harry and Draco teaming up to take on the Weasley twins? Hell yeah.


About playing in the World Championships 

It seems like you just spent your entire summer together, you go to weddings, you’re playing in hockey games, do you ever feel like, I just need to get away from these guys?

Nah not really, I like hanging out with these guys so, can’t really get enough of these guys.

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Top moments wherein some hockey player trolled the NHL?

I don’t think this can really be constituted as trolling, but Sidney Crosby’s fuck you to the league when everyone was busy writing his hockey obituary was amazing.

(How is it possible that the best player in the world keeps being strangely underrated??)

Fave actual trolling moment: Alex Ovechkin taking advantage of all the alcohol and getting drunk during the 2015 NHL All Star draft (he was trying to get selected last because he really wanted the Honda the last player selected would get - so he could give it to charity. He ended up not going last, but then Honda got curious about why he wanted the car so bad, and when they found out they gave one to him anyway, which Ovi donated to a special needs youth hockey program. What I’m saying here is that Ovi is awesome.)

To find Jamie’s mindset at any given time, Heughan takes advantage of his access to the only other person in the world who knows the character better—Gabaldon, the author who created him. “We have the same sense of who Jamie is, in terms of his essential character,” Gabaldon tells me over email. “When Sam’s prepping for a new season, he’ll ask me ‘Where is he?’ I’ll then do a brain-dump for him—just write down everything I happen to know about Jamie’s state of mind and how he feels about what’s been happening and what’s going to happen.” Heughan says looking at Jamie’s experiences collectively help him find the character, but after four years in the role, he’s almost like a muscle. “I had to go do ADR the other day, and just being back in Scotland, I noticed my accent got stronger. I feel like I can sort of turn him on and turn him off now.” - Sam Heughan for Harper’s Bazaar


A/N: I’ve used Xavier Serrano as the faceclaim for Jason here.

‘Again,’ barked Jason, ducking aside from your latest punch. He got under your guard, landed a jab at your ribs, and then jumped back.

You let out a hiss of pain, doubled over and clutched at your side. Parts of you were screaming out in pain, dulled only slightly by the fact that you had insisted upon wearing body guards. Your breathing was ragged; it felt as though you were never going to get enough oxygen into your lungs to keep this up.

‘Five – minutes –’ you started, but you cut yourself off with a squeak, taking a step backwards. You unbalanced yourself, stumbled slightly, felt the world crashing closer to you.

Jason, however, caught your wrist. His other hand snaked around your back so that the sudden force of stopping didn’t injure you further. A small smirk curled his lips. ‘You know, the rest of Gotham isn’t skimping out on their training, right?’ He gently eased you up.

‘Yeah, but the rest of Gotham probably doesn’t have you training them, Todd,’ you countered, untangling yourself from him. ‘You know, there’s a sandwich upstairs with my name on it, right?’

He chuckled, shaking his head as he slowly began to undo his boxing gloves. ‘We’ll resume after lunch,’ he assured you.

You groaned, but grinned at him nonetheless. ‘Can’t wait,’ you said, voice dripping with sarcasm. But you couldn’t deny that you were relieved for the moment of respite.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

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Ixyai: w..well what I was going to ask, -blushes abit over it as he gently takes Percy's hand getting down on one knee- you are my world Percy, there is no one else I'd rather spend eternity with. You are my sun rise every morning I awake, the rainbow that adds color to my day ...-he chuckles and smiles- I'm rambling...I'm sorry love dove...but my question is -blushes more- will you marry me?


Drew: Do you think that he will be ok? I mean that was a lot for him to take in right then.

Huntly: Aww, are you worried about him?

Drew: No! Not at all, but I mean you know-

Huntly: Look at you showing some feelings today. Are you going to be ok? That’s the question.

Drew: Huntly stop it!

Huntly: He will be fine, and he won’t intervene.

Drew: How do you know?

Huntly: He is one of the most powerful demons, you know being half-fay and demon he has a shit ton of power in him. He could’ve brought her back from the human world when she left. He could’ve done so many things to keep the two of them together. He didn’t though, cause he knows that there is no changing the future. 

Drew: I-I guess.

Huntly: Now come on! Let’s cuddle!

Drew: Ugh! Huntly, get off!

Title: Together, Til The End Of The Line

Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: Keith/Shiro
Rating: Teen & Up Audiences
Words: 2436
Chapters: 1/1
Additional Tags:  Self-Sacrifice, Established Relationship, Not S4 Compliant, No bad ending, Alternate Reality, reality rift, Angst with a Happy Ending, Suicidal Thoughts, only a very brief mention 

Fic Summary: Keith hadn’t expected Shiro to dive in after him. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. He was supposed to do this alone. He should have known better when Takashi Shirogane was involved.

My gift for @arfaise  for the @vldexchange​ Sheith Birthday Exchange! It turned out a bit more heartwrenching than I expected but I hope you like it!

When the readings started to go wrong, Keith knew he was in trouble. It didn’t take someone with Pidge or Hunk’s calculation abilities to figure out what was going to happen. The rift between the worlds was going to collapse far more violently than they’d predicted. And if someone didn’t stay until the end… Until it closed… They wouldn’t be able to guarantee it wouldn’t drag the surrounding galaxy in with it.

Someone had to stay and hold the beam, to keep containing the rift from right inside its edge, to keep pumping altered quintessence at the edge of the rift, destabilizing and collapsing it. He only hoped his efforts would be enough. Black’s beam attempting the same thing from the outside of the rift had stopped being effective some time ago. That was when the readings had gone wrong.

Keith hadn’t expected Shiro to dive in after him. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. What— what was he doing!?

“Shiro— Shiro, what are you doing!?” Keith tried to not let the panic seep into his voice, watching the monitors, watching the output of the readings. “You’re supposed to stay up there and use the—”

“Keith, I know you saw it,” Shiro cut him off, tone serious. He navigated Black to the side of Keith’s ship, turning on the beam mounted to her back. “You and I both saw it, you know what’s going to happen. We both knew it the second the readings started deviating from the simulation predictions.”

Keith gritted his teeth, hands clenching on the controls. “…I know. That’s why you should be up there. Not down here. You need to be up there, where you’ll be safe.”

“It’s why I have to be down here, Keith,” Shiro answered softly. “Your ship’s beam isn’t big enough to hold this alone. You can’t do this alone.”

Keith hesitated before letting out a soft sigh, about to respond when Shiro added, “—But Black can.”

“Wh— what?” Keith’s head snapped up, staring at the screen. “What are you talking about, Shiro?”

“You should get out of here. …While you still can. Black can— I can hold this by myself. You don’t need to be here. You can get out,” Shiro urged, voice taking on a more desperate tone even as the Lion rumbled with the effort of staying in one place against the fierce and constantly-shifting gravity.

Keith frowned, glaring down Shiro’s face on his monitor. “I’m not leaving here without you, Shiro.”

“Keith, that’s an order. You need t—”

Mark me down as insubordinate, then!” Keith snapped before sighing. “It doesn’t exactly matter now, does it? I’m not leaving you alone. Not here. Not now. Not ever again. We’re in this together, Shiro.”

“Keith…” Keith could hear Shiro’s voice crack, desperate as he watched the hole get smaller, the quintessence beams collapsing the rift in on itself. “Please… Get out… Have a good life…

“I’ve had a good life, Shiro,” Keith was thankful his voice didn’t shake as much as his hands were. “It just… it hasn’t been a long one. But… I’ve had you. And that makes it good enough for me.”

“Keith…” Shiro was crying now. Keith could hear it in his voice even without looking at the screen.

“You know I never… I never thought I’d find anybody… Dad never stopped talking about how Mom just… left. And I think… it kinda popped the whole fairytale disney true love bubble for me pretty early on…” Keith laughed, the sound dry and slightly bitter on his tongue.

Keith hesitated and from the silence he could tell he had Shiro’s attention, that Shiro was giving him the floor to say what he needs to. Keith pressed onward, “But then… but then you happened. You with your big dreams and your high expectations of me and your contagious fucking smile. …And you saw me. Out of everyone at the Garrison, you looked at me and… and you saw me. And you made me believe in— in myself. I didn’t even know that was possible.”

The tears on Keith’s face didn’t stop, but neither did the words on his lips. “I was in love with you before I even realized it. I didn’t know you could fall that hard, that fast. It was… It was Disney. It was… real.”

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Steven Universe Season 1 Sentence Starters

{Requested by @blog-of-kiseki (Steven Universe was requested in general, but I couldn’t limit myself to a few, so have Season 1)}

  • “This thing is going to help me save the world!”
  • “I want you to stay and help, but you’ve really got to take this seriously.”
  • “I just want everyone to know my plan would’ve also worked.”
  • “You can’t outrun me. We both have short legs!”
  • “It did try to kill us.”
  • “I’m paid in the smiles across the town’s faces.”
  • “Should I get out of here? Is there going to be an explosion?”
  • “Alright listen, it’ll be over sooner if you just give him what he wants.”
  • “She’s just a girl I know. Except she doesn’t know me.”
  • “You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”
  • “He’s awful because he hurt me specifically.”
  • “You have to ruin this for me, too?”
  • “I swallowed a rock.”
  • “Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”
  • “Ahh, it feels good to lose.”
  • “Wait, these are extremely important questions.”
  • “So you want to try that again? With less hitting me in the face this time?”
  • “I do like pie.”
  • “I thought violence would be the answer.”
  • “You have to feel like yourself: sweet, and considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious.”
  • “The plan is to keep cool and let them come to me.”
  • “I have no idea where any of my clothes come from.”
  • “The lack of daddy kisses in my life made me who I am.”
  • “You look sad and wet. What happened to your life, little guy?”
  • “Now we have new memories. Horrible, horrible memories.”
  • “I don’t need sleep to look pretty.”
  • “What’s the point of saving people if they’re just going to ban you from their pizza shops?”
  • “Your advice is making less sense than usual.”
  • “I hate it when you’re right; you get this look on your face–yeah, that’s the one.”
  • “It started out as just a summer job, but that was two summers ago.”
  • “He let me be his player two, and we spent the whole night together.”
  • “You were absolutely no help whatsoever.”
  • “I learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die.”
  • “Go get run over somewhere else.”
  • “I just want to go home.”
  • “I’m sorry you hurt your leg and your van got all smashed up because of me.”
  • “There’s never any shame in bailing.”
  • “____, are you in a gang?”
  • “So you two can’t get along unless you think I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are?”
  • “You can’t always trust facts and books!”

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Hello. Thank you for answering my question on my confusion of sinbad. Yes I always believed that while he does care he also had his purposes as well. But the fact that he always thought that way since a teenager makes me think his POV changed drastically when sindria got destroyed. Ohh I thought he did not want aladdin to go to magnoshotatt was cause he was worried of missing his chance to ask him to be his Magi lol

Hi! You are welcome! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

I think the Sindria catastrophe made his resolution to do whatever it takes much stronger, but i believe he adopted this way of thinking even before that, for example, when he bought the Island where the first Sindria is located. While he’s clearly disgusted with it, he’s still doing it for the sake of his dream of a better world.

Hahaha xD i think that in part, he didn’t want to let him go because he had yet to convince him to be his Magi, but i also think he was worried about his safety too, due to Al thamen former ties with the country. Or at least that’s how it looks like to me ^^

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Okay but... can you imagine how sick Peter would be if he ate a bunch of left over Halloween candy thinking it'd be fine in the morning cause of his metabolism but then Tony called and he had to swing around the city for a while? He'd probably manage to keep it down until he got to the tower and then he'd dizzily stumble towards the bathroom but end up loosing it in the hallway on Tony's shoes since Tony was concerned about him and grabbed Peter's shoulder to spin him around or something...

Thank you so much for this!  It’s possibly the most excellent prompt ever!  And you @wiseinnerwhispers, you make the world go ‘round with all the support and love you give.  

So here you go.  I think I messed up the details a little bit, and I don’t even want to talk about the timeline.  But this does take place right after my last Spiderman fic, No sympathy.


Peter wakes and immediately looks at the clock.  It’s 6:59. His alarm will be blaring in a minute. He blearily reaches out to turn of the device before it can start beeping at him.  May’s given him permission to miss school if he still feels as sick as he did yesterday, but as Peter lifts his head, there’s no echoing throb. It’s a relief.

He slides out of bed and heads to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, stepping a little harder than he normally would just to test his luck.  The resultant vibrations die out around his shins and leave his head alone, and the taste of toothpaste doesn’t turn his stomach, so Peter decides he’s ok.  

He kicks it into high gear and goes back to his bedroom to dress and pack up his backpack.  Peter grabs his suit from the back of his desk chair where he’d thrown it last night, shakes it, and gives it an experimental sniff. It’s a little sweaty, but the god-awful scent of homeless man’s pot smoke has dissipated.  He wads up the spandex fabric and tucks it into the bottom of his backpack.  

Peter barrels through the kitchen, almost knocking Aunt May’s orange juice to the floor as he throws pop tarts into the toaster and looks for something to toss in his bag for lunch.

“Feeling better this morning?” May asks, looking up from the newspaper.  

“Oh, yeah,” Peter says, still scanning the pantry.  “I don’t know what hit me, but I’m fine now.”  He spies a half-finished bag of candy corn and a handful of fun-size Milky Ways, and Peter sweeps them into his backpack.

“Maybe just had to clear your system,” May suggests.  Then, “Are you taking all my candy?”

“Um.”  Peter hastens to put a few of the chocolates back.

“No, go ahead,” May says, smiling to show she was joking the first time.  “You didn’t really get to celebrate last night.”

“But, I mean, I could leave some.”

“Take it.  Or I will eat it all, and I can’t afford new jeans,” May jokes.  “I’d give a lot to have that teenaged boy metabolism.”

“Hm,” Peter muses, feeling a little guilty that his growing hunger lately has forced an increase in the grocery budget.  He forgoes dropping cheese crackers into his backpack as well.

The toaster spits out the pop tarts, and Peter takes one in each hand, clamped between his thumbs and index fingers so the steaming pastries won’t burn him.  “See ya, May,” Peter calls, transferring one pop tart to his mouth as he lets himself out the front door.

“See ya,” May echoes.

Peter wolfs down his breakfast as he dashes to school.  He hadn’t realized the hunger gnawing at the corners of his stomach, but now that he thinks about it, he didn’t have much of a dinner last night, and most of it ended up splatted on a street corner and in the toilet.  It makes the pop tarts taste extra good, like the food of the gods. Which, who knows? Maybe they are.

His morning classes pass quickly, and Peter does his best to focus on algebra and chemistry and history even though his mind is on other things.  He didn’t do that great of a job of patrolling the neighborhood last night, and he forgot to call Mr. Stark and leave a message.  A mission report.  If Mr. Stark asks about it, he’ll just tell the truth and say he was sick, which is perfectly valid reason for an excused absence.  But it still doesn’t seem like a great track record for a superhero.

During lunch, Peter hides out in the band room with Ned to work on the Lego death- star-in-progress. Ned has a treasure trove of Halloween booty to share, somehow including the diamonds of watermelon sour patch kids and multiple full-size chocolate bars.  Peter adds his candy corn and milky ways to the pile and chows down, ruefully wishing he’d made buttered toast for breakfast.  Or at least something a little less sugary.  It only takes a few pieces of candy to sear his tongue with sweetness and make his teeth feel grimy.  But Peter’s hungry, and with his current rate of calorie burn, it’ll only take a few rounds of the block in his Spiderman suit to burn it all off.

The bell is ringing to signal the end of the lunch period, and Peter’s phone is vibrating up a storm in his pocket.  Pretending he’s on his way to class, he ducks into the bathroom to check the messages.

Mr. Stark: There’s a thing.  Can you assist?


Mr. Stark:  Oh, you’re at school.  Nevermind.


Mr. Stark:  But really, can you assist?


Mr. Stark:  Happy’s on a Starbucks run.  Please provide own transportation.

Peter hastens to compose a reply.


Peter: Yeah! Of course!  I don’t have any tests today.

He considers deleting the exclamation points.  Decides against it.  Oh well.

Peter: To the tower, right?  What do you need help with?


Mr. Stark: Yes. Excuse the boxes.  We’re packing for the move.


Mr. Stark:  How’s your knowledge of local gang hangouts?


Peter: Not fantastic?


Mr. Stark:  Hm. Ok.  Scans are showing up weird weapons tech.  Figured if it’s HYDRA, I’ll handle it.  But if it’s just bullies, you can give it a try first.  I also need you to model.


Peter:  Always happy to slam some bullies.  Model what?


Mr. Stark:  Your suit. Duh.  I’m working on a new micro armor layer, and I need you to put it on and tell me if it hurts when I hit you.


Peter:  Ok…


Mr. Stark:  Don’t just stand there like a dumb kid on your phone.  Get your ass down here.


Mr. Stark: I’m not swearing at you.


Peter wonders if he’s supposed to reply, but he just throws his phone into his backpack and exits the bathroom.  He glances up and down the hall a few times to make sure there aren’t any teachers watching, then he dashes for the door.  

Peter dumps his backpack in the alley and quickly pulls on his Spiderman suit.  Since he doesn’t have any cash for a cab and his metro card’s down to a few cents, webbing himself across the city seems like the best option.  He supposes he could park somewhere and wait for Happy to finish up whatever he’s doing, but what fun is that?  Peter usually gets a kick out of swinging around.  Plus, he doesn’t get the impression Happy likes him that much.

Once he’s situated, Peter scales the brick wall and sprints across the building’s flat roof.  He shoots a web onto the corner of the building diagonally across the street and jumps, letting his feet skim the roofs of a few taxis on his way over the intersection.  

With this quick method of transport, it’ll still take Peter a good ten or fifteen minutes to get to the tower.  He’s less than halfway through the journey when his stomach starts sloshing. Honestly, it’s not that unexpected what with all the junk he just ate and fact that he was sick yesterday.  But it’s annoying as anything.

Eight blocks from the tower, Peter’s head starts is aching.  Not in the nice, polite, excuse-me-I-think-I’m-starting-to-get-a-headache way, but more in the please-stop-I’m-hella-dizzy way.  The way that demands a change in activity or dire consequences.  

Peter jumps onto a rooftop and sidesteps a skylight, doubling over with his hands on his knees so he can catch his breath.  He’s fine. He tells himself he is five or six times and swallows a sweet, chocolaty burp, then leaps back into free fall before he can second guess himself.  Once he shoots a web and starts to swing, though, the disgusting flip of his stomach starts up again in the worst combination of overindulgence and motion sickness ever.  Peter’s fucked and he knows it.  He imagines he feels worse than Steve Rogers did in that infamous story of Cap and the cotton candy and the Cyclone on Coney Island.

He’s swallowing hard against rising gunk in his throat when he swings onto the block dominated by the Avengers Tower and, as it has been for the past few weeks, about a thousand U-Haul trucks.  Peter doesn’t want to let his feet hit the ground for fear that his body will take it as a cue to turn itself inside out, so he webs himself to the balcony on the 21st floor, the one where he knows Tony’s lab is located.  The sliding glass door is open slightly, and Peter shoves through it.  He pulls his mask up over his nose and mouth, intent only on getting to the bathroom before the inevitable happens.

“Hey, where are you going?”

For once in his life, Peter ignores Mr. Stark’s question and keeps hustling, though his pace is slowing significantly as the motion sends his stomach into frantic convulsions. He’s sweating all over.  He can’t feel his face.  He can’t feel his feet.

“Yo, kid.”  A hand comes down on his shoulder and forcibly spins him around.  “I’m talking to you, you know?”

“Ohshit—” Peter manages to choke out before everything’s coming up, running through the fingers of the gloved hand he’s pressed to his mouth a moment too late. He can’t suppress the next spastic retch, and a heavy splash of minimally digested candy and pop tarts hits the floor, soiling his red boots and Mr. Stark’s black Converse.

“What the fuck?”  Tony leaps backward, then seems to think better of his actions and comes up behind Peter to place a tentative hand on his shoulder and keep him from collapsing on his shaky knees as his stomach continues to evacuate.

“Oh, god, I’m so sorry, Mr. Stark,” Peter chokes out as soon as he can take a breath.  “I didn’t mean—”  He cuts off with another gag.  “Sorry.”

“Um.  It’s ok,” Tony says, sounding like he’s out of his depth, fishing for the right words.  “I’ll…call May to pick you up?”

“No, I…I can’t,” Peter breathes, scraping mucous and melted chocolate off his tongue with his teeth. It seems rude to spit onto the floor, but there aren’t a lot of better options.  

“Yeah, right, you’re supposed to be at school…” Tony reminds himself.  “Well, I have 23 guest rooms in this place, so I guess it won’t be any trouble if you want to lie down for a minute.”  

Peter tries to say thank you, but the words turn into a wet burp he struggles to keep from turning into a heave.  “OhmygodI’msorry,” he exhales.

“You’re…gross,” Tony says. “But, come on.”  He uses the hand on Peter’s shoulder to steer him down the hall. “Good thing I haven’t packed the puke-cleaning robots yet.”


This one’s a bit late, but I didn’t forget about this project! So it’s time to finish up the Go! Go! Hypergrind project with the Rock n’ Roll Wolf, Decker!

After Go! Go! Hypergrind, Decker basically disappeared from public eyes, nowhere to be seen nor heard from for years. He returned back to public attention after he stepped up to challenge the one and only most challenging skate course ever devised: Hype World. Not only did he challenge Hype World, he conquered the Hype World, and has now become Hype World’s champion. This feat is something that has been considered unreachable, especially by someone Decker’s age. Now that he’s seen as the top skater in the world it will be impossible for anybody to try and dethrone the ultimate champion of skateboarding…

… or is it?

As always, I save the best for last, and for the last of the veterans, I saved the mascot of the previous game as the last character to be unlocked. Naturally, he is also the toughest veteran in the game, and his challenges are not to be taken lightly as they require complete mastering of all of your skateboarding techniques if you want to beat his final challenge as well as surviving Hype World itself. As for his outfit, Decker gained this snazzy Hype World jacket to show off his title, and he now has the attitude to reflect that. But it seems very unlike his usual personality now is it? Well…

To Be Continued…

Decker, Go! Go! Hypergrind © Atlus
Art by @blumoontoons

Peter is the kind of dad that’s super excited to show his kids the whole world and he greets other people by holding up his child like “look at this thing I helped make it is the best thing” and then wanders around pointing out this and that and making all these grand plans while Josephine is off to the side beaming because she absolutely adores her family but she’s also sweating a little because “Peter the baby is three months old you absolutely can’t take her on a Red Jenny mission yet she has limited motor skills and still struggles with object permanence she’s not even going to remember this mission let alone the that point of it was  to show her the courtyard of Antiva’s royal palace let’s just go show her the beach”

Consider what God may be trying to teach you...
  • When you feel isolated and lonely, consider that God may be trying to teach you that we can trust He will never truly leave us alone.
    • “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)
  • When you feel heartbroken, consider that God may be trying to teach you what it means to fully rely on His strength and perfect will.
    • “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)
  • When you feel like your future is going nowhere, consider that God may be growing you for the next season of your life in which you would never experience without the growth process first.
    • “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” (John 15:2)
  • When you feel hopeless, consider that God may be trying to show you He gives us eternal hope, which outweighs the temporary hope this world offers us.
    • “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

The point is, God can teach us in every situation of our lives… we need only to be open to learning what that is.

Consider what He may be trying to teach you now!


If we believe there’s even a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty. - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
The world needs Superman. - Justice League (2017)

Tough Love

No one knew Eddie Kaspbrak better than himself. Even his closest friends didn’t know who he really was, who he wanted to be, who he wished he could be. But then Richie Tozier came along, with his wild hair, passion for film making, and annoying talent of making Eddie’s heart beat faster than normal, and he finally found someone who knew him better than he knew himself. And that scared the shit out of him.

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