he's going to kill everyone


Mark spitting fire 🔥🔥 surprising all the judges


those fluttering eyelashes are killing me… and that tiny smile at the end…


6x16|| The five times Harvey Specter tries to move Heaven & Earth for Mike Ross and the one time he does.


make way for the raven king 

in celebration for the release of the 4th book!! #savethegangsey

So I have this little headcanon of Felassan’s spirit, like, “haunting” Solas whenever he’s in the Fade:

recapping his days, things he said to Lavellan and then Fel’s Deadpan-Snark Commentary on every little thing. 

But, at the same time, Felassan’s also hardcore like–
“…Seems like this little thing with this Dalish babe is going pretty well, hmm?”
“–She seems super good for you, buddy!”
“So!! Lavellan seems like a p. good reason to forego the whole world-annihilation plan, yeah?”
“A ‘Rare and Marvelous Spirit’, huh? Dayumm!!….
Wait, you didn’t actually say
those words, right? …Like, TO her?”

And is slowly like building Solas up to the whole Tell Her You’re THE Dread Wolf thing, building up Solas’s confidence and INSISTING that Lavellan will handle it super well, and they plan the whole Trip to Crestwood….

And then Solas comes back after The Scene—just, Blank-Faced, looking exactly like a man who’s just seen his whole world evaporate, and Felassan is just like

And then pretty much every night since, cause Fel is True Homie

(idk, sorry. I never sleep or talk to real people, so I got lazy on grammar.)



Jaebum; the victim of seduction

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You have this obsession with your boyfriend.

He would always perked his tongue in between his beautiful pink lips. His lips weren’t plump or he actually had rather small lips— nothing when compared to Jung Kiseok but he loves to stick his tongue out. You hated it when he sticks his tongue out, it reminded you of PJ and Oscar but every time it stuck out in between the gap of his lips.

You just flutter.

It was a bad idea to ever work with him, especially when you’re their official photographer; to say you were bias was an understatement.

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“And Everyone You Love.”

Requested: No! Just haven’t written in awhile and really wanted to start with something new!

Warnings: Minor Angst, Fluff, Blood. 

Word Count: 1k 

Masterlist Request 

The only thing Peter could hear was the sound of ringing in his ears. He was swinging his way to your apartment after a risky fight with Vulture, he called it Peter’s ‘warning’ and my god did it scare him.

The fight didn’t scare him, and the fact that he got dangerously beat–didn’t either. It was what he said after Peter was bruised and beaten in the sand.

Don’t mess with me because I will kill you, and everyone you love.

Peter didn’t care that he was in danger, it was everyone he loved that would now be in danger if he tried to stop him–including you.

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Imagine being a salvatore and Kol, Enzo, Kai and Klaus all competing for you.

“I think weve all made it obvious were smitten with you love but these havent got the memo that you prefer me so please tell them” enzo asked.

“You!” Kol laughed “Whats even special about you? There are thousands of vampires literally just like him but few like me darling”.

“Like us you mean” klaus snapped “y/n why have Kol when you can have the true original?” Klaus asked spreading his arms “im an upgrade from my little brother.

“God the english accent is killing me, come on y/n everyone knows youd prefer an american sweetheart, pick me and show them” kai smiled sweetly “you wont regret it”.

(Stefan and damon watching from far away)

“Well enzo has my vote" Damon piped up. “No way!” Stefan yelled “enzos a creep! If you had to pick one go for kai just not klaus, hes killed everyone”. “Not kai hes a serial killer! Not to mention hes so messed up” Damon said shaking his head. “And what kol isnt! Stefan laughed “kols killed thousands and turned hundreds!”. “Hence she should pick enzo”. “Maybe we should just make them all fight” stefan laughed “whoever kills the other 3 would be good enough for me”. “Kill 3 birds with one stone” damon grinned. “Guys not making it any easier! I can hear you!” You yelled making them both jump. “Sorry take your time” damon called back “im still team enzo”.

“Fun facts about Mass Effect” is going to be the title of my autobiography.

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Jamilton the Hunger Games!

- Alex is from District 12 and volunteers. He doesn’t do it for anyone else. He just wants to be a victor.

- Thomas is a career from District 1. He didn’t want to be chosen but his parents pressured him into volunteering.

-   Alex’s weapon of choice is a machete. He goes straight for it in the cornucopia. Thomas’s weapon of choice is to be protected by his career friends.

- Thomas hates this. The bio-environment of their game is a forest. Thomas is used to AC and while he was trained for this he never thought he’d actually go.

-  Alex is scrappy and probably gets most kills out of everyone in the games.

- Thomas gets split from his group and gets stabbed in the leg. Meanwhile Alex has pissed off all the careers and knows he can’t take all of them at once. So when he stumbles across a bleeding Thomas, he strikes a deal. He’ll fix and protect Thomas while he’s healing if Thomas can keep his fucking ‘friends’ away from him.

- People across the districts quickly get invested in their bickering relationship. Every time Alex tells Thomas to get his own damn medicine they both gain another sponsor.

- Thomas got attached to Alex so when his leg no longer hurts, he doesn’t mention it. Alex pretends not to notice.

-It comes down to Thomas and Alex in the end. All the others kill each other off while they mainly hid out in some caves. The Capital let them be because the viewers ate up their interactions.

- The entire population is on edge as Alex and Thomas stood face to face and realized that one of them had to die. Thomas offered to kill himself off and Alex told him that that wasn’t going to happen. Thomas couldn’t believe Alex was being so naïve. There wasn’t a chance both of them survived. Alex couldn’t accept a reality in which Thomas dies.

- Then Alex pulls that double suicide stunt and the Capital lets them both survive.

- Once they leave they are forced to doing the tours together even though they’re from different districts.

- They’re in love but both dumb. Thomas acknowledges he is in love with Alex but thinks Alex is only faking being in love with Thomas for the Capital. Alex believes the same vice versa.

dragonlover123a  asked:

Yandere!Reaper and 76's (separate) s/o gets kidnapped! What do they do, and what are their reactions when s/o shyly admits that they feel the safest they've ever felt when around them?

Here ya go! Hope you like it >_


· First off, he wouldn’t act like he’s dying on the inside. He would play it off as their S/O let themselves be kidnapped and now he has to go get them.

· Everyone just rolls their eyes because they know how worried he is about you.

· He is going on a rampage; he will kill everyone in his path to get you back.

· When he finds you he won’t admit it that he is so relieved to see that you’re safe, only hold you tightly to him and just as quickly, let you go and tell you to hurry up.

· When you tell him, very shyly too, that they feel the safest when they are with you Reaper just stands still for a moment, shocked.

· He’s so glad that he has his mask on so you can’t see his face redden.

· He quickly moves his mask (not completely) and sweeps you to him and kisses you passionately.

· Quickly stops, puts his mask on, and tells you to move your ass outta there.


· He is furious and worried when he finds out when you are kidnapped.

· He gets all his good hunting weapons, he’s cleaning house tonight.

· He leaves nothing alive in the complex; everyone that was involved is dead.

· When he finds you he is so happy, he tells you how happy he is to see that you’re safe.

· He carries you outside, he won’t admit it but he wants to feel your warmth and weight because he missed you so much.

· When you whisper to him that you feel the safest around him, he doesn’t stop moving, he doesn’t look at you, his face reddens, and all he does is hold you tighter and say that he loves you.

4 | No Escape

Genre: Apocolypse AU / Fluff / Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1,863

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory, mentions of rape

“What are you going to do? Shoot me with that gun? Little man, If you would look around, I think I out numbered you by maybe fifteen people.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

A/n: Sorry this part is so short, its sort of just a fill in chapter

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Team Aqua is exceedingly amazing/absurd because

• The Admin Matt straight up says he loves his bro Archie and since the player is super strong he also loves you
• Archie doesn’t give 2 shits about losing because he’s too busy keeping an eye on all the grunts and making sure they get enough shut eye and this is a fact because-
• Grunts get to take breaks and time off virtually whenever
• The Admin Shelly seems to be pretty uncertain about what her boss is doing
• Archie doesn’t seem to fully understand that while he has good intentions he’s literally going to kill everyone if his plan works
• I’ve yet to encounter a time where Team Aqua members speak poorly about the strength of their own pokemon
• Honestly I was more concerned about team Galactic and team Plasma than I am with these guys they’re just pirates. Ill informed pirates
• Archie’s defeat animation after a battle is essentially “well this kid beat my ass lol good job champ I’m impressed”
• Since it’s unlikely that a major manufacturer of vending machines would supply custom paint jobs to a criminal gang then that means someone (my money is on Matt) went around and painted the team logo on every machine

In conclusion Team Aqua is ridiculous and I’m having a hard time seeing them as threatening

🖤Drug Lord E [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Y/N has been trapped by the Dolan gang for a little bit now and she tries to escape, but she gets caught and now she has to face the wrath of the head of the gang, Ethan.

Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan

Part 1 

Ethan’s POV

I opened the bedroom door and I see her back was towards me. She had no interest in getting to know me or even talking to me. She didn’t even turn around to look at me when I walked into the room. “Are you planning on ever talking to me or just giving me the silent treatment forever?” I chuckled, but I got no response from her. I noticed she had a few ear piercing and a bar through her ear. She slightly cocked head and gave me a sideways glance, before turning back looking at her lap. She doesn’t say anything to me still. I pull out a cigarette and light it which catches her attention.

“Oh my God.” She groans which a smile appears on my lips. “That’s disgusting.” I imagine that her face is twisted into a repulsive look. I started to laugh which causes her to turn around and finally look at me. “You think this is funny? You’re honestly holding a girl captive  and you’re laughing about it? What the hell is wrong with you?” She asks with furrowed eyebrows and narrow eyes. I just smiled to myself.

“Well it got you to talk to me.” I remarked as I cocked a crooked smile. She rolled her eyes and let out a huff. She turns her face forwards and continues the silent treatment. “It’s not my fault your boyfriend lost my shit. You’re here because of him. Remember that.” I snapped back sternly.

“And I’m still here because of you.” She snaps back before she turns around and goes back to turning around.

“Do you have your phone?” I asked with a huff. She huffed with an eyeroll.

“No. Your dirty blond boy who wrestled me in here took my phone, car keys, wallet, pepper spray and a pack of gum.” She snaps at me which makes me sigh in annoyance.

“Well get comfortable here. You’re going to be here for a while.” Before I walk out of the room I stop in my tracks. “Stand up.” I ordered. She looked at me with confusion in her eyes. “Stand up. Now.” I demanded more sternly, but she still didn’t listen. I grabbed her by her arm and I yanked her off of the bed.

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“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I pinned her against neck against the wall.

“Hey!” She screamed before I slammed her up against the wall. I noticed she had a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on her arm. I chuckled to myself before I made a pinned her against the wall.

“When I fucking tell you to do something you listen. Do I make myself clear?” I asked 

with my jaw clench. I could feel her trembling in my arms. I slammed her up against the door where she lets out a small yelp. My hands immediately grip her small waist and I give them a good squeeze. I then turn her around and slam her body with her face towards the door annoyed. My hands roam over her body. My fingertips graze in between her thighs as I make my way up the rest of her body. I attempt to feel for an suspicious bumps on her. My hands reach her chest area and I press my body against hers and I smile into her neck. I decided to take advantage of the situation and I squeezed her boobs hard making her gasp.

“Hey!” He pushed me back and slapped me in the face hard. “I don’t have anything! My boyfriend, my phone, my keys, everything your stupid friends have! Get the fuck off me and leave me alone!” She shouts and shoves me back hard. I clutch my fist tight and clench my jaw. 

“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” I hissed as I gripped her jaw in my grasp. I shoved her back against the wall as I search through the nightstand for anything that she may have brought with her. 

“What will you do when they come looking for me? You know Justin knows where I am. He knew I was coming over here.” She says as a small smirk appears on her face. I slammed my right arm up against the wall right next to her head as now a small smirk appeared on my face.

“Justin may be stupid, but he’s not stupid enough to come for you. He’s more worried to protect his own ass to even worry about yours. He knows what we can do and he won’t risk it. Trust me, you’re going to want to get comfortable here sweetheart.” I sneered at her. I leaned back and I stormed out of the room after not finding anything but a lighter and some condoms in the drawers. I peeked into the room one last time. “Oh don’t worry about your clothes. Angie will probably be coming over so she can bring you some clothes.” I smiled and gave a taunting wave, before I locked the door behind me as I stomped to my room in need of another cigarette.


“Yeah you’re not leaving anytime soon so you’d better start warming up to me sweetheart.” He snaps at me as he shoved me back against the wall. He stomps out of the room and I hear his footsteps disappear down the hall. I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. I stumbled to the futon and flopped down. I reached under one of the two pillows and I grabbed a picture of Justin and I. 

We were lying on the cold grass of the late October grass. Fall was just settling in and I had my photographer friend, Maya, take a picture of Justin and I while I held a cigarette in his mouth. This was taken just a few months before we moved in together. A few months before he told me about the gang. A few months before he told me the truth about anything. I knew Justin did drugs, but a gang? I had no idea he was with a gang of the sort. Especially one ran by such a rude guy. I needed to get out of here. I knew Justin would miss me and so would my family and friends.

What did he mean when he said ‘my friend will take care of the rest so you don’t have to worry.’ Was he going to kill everyone I loved so he could keep me here as a sex slave of his? I didn’t want to wait around and find out. I shoved the picture back under my pillows as I scrambled off the bed and I looked around the room. I first tried the bedroom door and I jiggled the handle which not to my surprise, the door was locked. The leader guy had locked me in here. I look around the room and I see an air vent and I see that there is a window above where the dresser is. I decide to go try the window, because I knew nothing about air vents and I was not about to wiggle my way through dust and dead bugs just yet. I climb on top of the red lounge chair which was next to the dresser. I grab the corners opposite of me and I hoist myself on top of the wooden dresser. I look at the window which is super glued shut. I mentally kicked myself annoyed that I was in this situation. I was also becoming more and more frustrated. I knew I shouldn’t be freaking out since I knew Justin would be coming for me, but what if he was right? I mean Justin isn’t the most selfish guy, but he does look out from himself. But he told me not to come here, because he knew it would be bad news. I just needed to get out at this point.

I looked around the room thinking of any other ideas. I saw that there was a hammer in the corner of the dusty old room. I quietly jumped off the dresser and to my surprise, I landed on my feet. I scurried over and quickly snatched the hammer, only for the handle to slip and fall on the floor creating a loud thud. I knew they would come in here and see what was going on. I grabbed the hammer as quick as I could and I hopped into the bed sliding the tool under my pillows. I heard footsteps outside of the door as they shuffled back and forth. Soon they disappeared and I was back on my mission. I grabbed the photo and I shoved it back in my pocket. I climbed back on top of the wooden dresser. I looked around the window and I saw that only the bottom was glued down. I peeled what I could off, but then I just went for it. I smacked the hammer a couple times against the window and I even started to kick at the window. After a few attempts the glass cracks. I heard the glass cracking and on my last kick, my leg busted through the glass as I fell forward outside falling about 15 feet to the ground. Thankfully I fell on a soft long grass area. I stood to my feet before I looked around the area. I was in the backyard and I was surrounded by a six foot white fence. I knew what I had to do. I darted towards the fence for a running start. Just as I was about to jump, a voice boomed which caught me off guard and scared me.

“What do you think you’re doing Y/N?” He asked coldly.

Part 3

TF2 Sniper/Spy  Headcanon

Based on a random convo where we were talking about how Spy/Sniper tends to either have
a) woofbified Sniper or Spy, b) creepy stalker Spy or c) feral bushman Sniper that has to be civilised by Spy. 

Primary concept: Why give us 10K of creepy ass spysniper when you could have the pair happily together, and they tell the team by announcing Scout now has two dads over dinner bc they went to Las Vegas over the weekend.

@camiluna27 said that Sniper could help Spy learn to be a dad to Scout, and well, I had an alternate idea, so… this happened:


Sniper has no experience.

If anything, Engie might be the closest the team has to a father figure. And Spy would prefer death over admitting it to the Texan…

Sniper, on the other hand, is just oddly casual with everyone even those he’s going to kill. He can get serious, but mostly, it’s chill… everyone can relate to him, in their own way. He listens, offers advice, and has your back on the field.

Spy, in contrast, has been made paranoid by the world in which he lives. Lies, deceptions, masks, targets, always the threat of death haunting every move… if your smile is even an ounce deceptive, you die. He has learned to be what people need to see, to adapt to a challenge.

Who he is, as a person, is a little difficult for him to gauge. The closest he came to being… him, a person, was when he spent time with Scout’s mother, who challenged his normal statements, behaviours, seductions as utterly false. An act. And he suddenly realised she was right.

Now he was on a base, and he did not need to BE anyone. That is, after battle was over… he was just… Spy. And who was that?

He went for haughty, kept them at bay. The man he was, was dead, if you thought about it. Buried under a thousand faces and facades, all in the name of espionage.

Scout… was an unpleasant surprise. He’d thought, based on what correspondence he’d received in the last year from Her… that the boy was going to college for an art degree, and yet… here he was smashing in heads amongst hardened mercenaries?

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Kin Fighting Kin

Paring: Bucky x sister!Reader

Characters: Avengers

TW: fighting, blood mention, death, angst 

a/n: I don’t speak Russian and i’m sorry if i get things wrong. 

As Bucky clung to the train all he could think of was you and Steve. He couldn’t leave his family behind but he felt the railing start to detach. A pang of regret and longing surrounded him as he fell.

He jolted awake on the table. A metal caught his attention and soon he was engaged in battle, he felt odd and inhuman with the arm. He could focus on you and only you. 

It would become his saving grace for the decades of torture ahead of him.  

Little did he know that 5 days after his ‘death’ you were taken by the same organization, HYDRA. You were kept hidden from him but your screams filled the same hallways as his, but only when he was asleep dreaming of you living a perfect life. 

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Issues- Part Six


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count- 2,529

Previous parts- HERE


Part six

“What are you doing here?” I asked sitting up, pulling the sheet up to my armpits. Aware I was in a white t-shirt with no bra underneath. Not like he can see through in the darkness. Loser.

I could just make out his face as the moonlight shone through the window.

“I fucking missed you” He meant it. It wasn’t like when he’d said it jokingly when I’d met him the first time, about missing Rick. There was no sarcasm.

Had he been coming in here every night? The dreams I’d had of him touching me. Had that been real?

Almost asking him I stopped myself. Maybe it was best to keep that a secret. That I knew. No one could take it away from me then.

He looked tired. I’d never seen him looked this this, drained. Wherever he’d been, whatever he’d been doing he was shattered.

I wanted to ask him.

Find out but something stopped me.

“Are you ok?” He asked removing his leather jacket and throwing it in the direction of the arm chairs. Missing as the thud of it hitting the floor told us. Huffing he mumbled a ‘fuck it’

Nodding my head “Yeah” I mumbled “Whats wrong?” I could feel worry coming off of him.

‘“Just dealing with shit” he sighed. Frustration clear in his voice. “Nothing un-fucking-usual these days”

“Okay?” I twirled a piece of loose thread on the sheet between two fingers “Have you been avoiding me?”

“Fuck no” he rubbed the back of his neck with one hand “I’ve just been busy” he was frustrated “I fucking wanted to but it was always so damn late” So you snuck in and spied on me when I was sleeping anyway? My heart felt full with that information.

I scooted over and patted the bed for him to sit next to me.

“Talk to me about it” smiling I added “I was once told by this tyrant that I was quiet, and you know quiet people make great listeners”

“Tyrant?” He laughed looking at me for a moment, deciding on if he was going talk to me I guess. 

After a few he finally sat down, with his back flat against the headboard, bringing both of his legs onto the bed in front of him. I wanted to tell him to get his dirty boots off my bed but held my tongue. It was his bed after all I guess. He owned everything.

“Is that what you think of me?” He sounded uneasy “Of me as a mother -fucking tyrant?”

“Aren’t you? I mean you have to be, if you weren’t people wouldn’t respect you” He was silent so I added “Every community needs a leader wether its someone like you or a politican or something”

“Comparring me to a politician? I don’t know if I should be offended by that”

“Calm down, Its not like I was saying you were Donald Trump or Whats her name Clinton or something”

“I’ve been called worse” Well no shit Sherlock.

“I bet” I confirmed, I don’t think anything anyone called him would surprise me  “but you get what I mean right?” A grunt was the only response I got “I won’t lie to you Negan. The killing people I don’t like and the owning people and all of that but I get it too, you have to protect this place and if it wasn’t you it would be someone else. You have to do what you have to do”

Again he stayed silent and I wasn’t sure if I had said the wrong thing or if he had just fallen asleep on me.

“You’re not what I thought you know” he finally spoke, clicking his tongue. What did he mean by that? I looked over in the dim light of the room and watched as he closed his eyes, dropping his head backwards.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t fucking know y/n” he laughed.

“Come on”

“When I first saw you I thought you were hot and you looked so fucking flustered, I like that, making girls, women flustered” He thought I was hot? “And you…. You just kind of blew my mother-fucking mind” His laugh was dark “I mean here you are sitting having a damn conversation with me. Arse extrodinar”

I wanted to say he wasn’t but that would of been a lie.

“I never imagined, in my wildest fucking you’d actually say you wanted to come here, with me you know” I swallowed, staying silent.

 “When I left, the day I made the offer I told myself that you’d never want to. I mean fucking hell doll you’re Ricks daughter, and he fucking hates me with a passion”

“I get it though I killed his people. But you, there is just something about you that calls to me sweetheart. The sadness you had I could feel it pouring out of you as you stood there in that house. It made me so fucking angry thinking of you being unhappy. Someone like you should have everything you want, be happy as fuck”


 “God If I’d of witnessed anyone there being the tiniest bit less than nice to you I don’t think I would of been able to stop myself y/n” He meant killing didn’t he? He would of killed someone… for me?

I was blown away. 

His words…. They just meant so much more than anything. To me.

Negan” breathed slowly.

“You’re just different I didn’t think people like you existed anymore… you remind me so much of… someone I used to know”

“I’ll take that as a compliment” I chuckled.

“Fuck yeah”

“What happened? Today” I said trying to change the subject. The air felt heavy from his confession. My heart felt it.

“Oh y/n that Father of yours is making more trouble than you could imagine” I felt the breath catch in my throat. 

He’d been to Alexandria? 

Who had died? 

“He doesn’t like following any damn else rules. Does he?”

“What..” The words died in my mouth. Oh god what had he done now?

“He made some friends with these filthy garbage people” he said after a moment of silence “Made a deal with them” oh god “The idiot actually thinks he can create an army and take us out”

“He’s a fool” He is going to get himself and everyone killed.

“You’re are not wrong doll” Thats what worried me.

“What did you do?”

“I made a better deal, they’re on our side now” So did that mean he hasn’t been to Alexandria?

“And if they offer a even better deal?”

“They won’t” he sounded confident “Did Dwight give you a tour today?” He asked as my eyelids began to feel heavy. Not now. I needed to stay awake.

“Yeah” I nodded my head ”I’d like to wonder around on my own though”

He stayed silent

“I don’t know”

“I get bored sitting in here all day”

Maybe, let me think about it” Well it wasn’t a no. That was something.

“The people don’t like me”

“No one could not like you y/n”

“Thats not true, I’m pretty sure I’m enemy number one back at Alexandria”

“Wouldn’t you say that was me?”

“Okay number two then”

He laughed “I might make the one time acceptation and have it a joint position”

“Deal” I laughed lowering myself so my head was back on the pillow.

“Why do I have unlimited points?”

“Dwighty boy told you that did he?” I stayed silent waiting for him to speak “I promised you could have anything you want, I keep my promises. As long as you don’t break rules than you’ll never have to worry about needing anything here”

Would that apply if I asked him to let Daryl go? I doubt it.

“He thinks you’re doing it to make me one of the wives, like you’re trying to bribe me”

“Well I did offer and it was you who said no if I remember correctly, more than once”

“I know”

“Having doubts?” He joked. He knew I wasn’t going to be one. At least I hope he did.

“No I just want to make it clear…..”

“Message received loud and fucking clear y/n”  he breathed loudly out of his nose “No promises I won’t stop asking though”

“I don’t trust him”




“I just get a bad feeling around him, I don’t like him”

“I know what you mean but I thought it was just because of Sherry


“Yeah” he didn’t have to speak. I knew. She was one of the wives. And what Dwight was jealous? He fancied her?

“I’d like to do something here” I said changing the subject, I didn’t want to know about them.

“What do you mean?”

Work, do something to feel useful”

“I’ll think about it”


“Y/n I said fucking I’d think about it, ok?

“Ok” I mumbled disappointed.

“They all judge me”


“The people, today they all looked at me in this way.. like they”

“They won’t do that again” he started to get angry.

“I just want to prove I’m useful”

You being here proves that”

What did that mean?

My head felt heavier. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep them open much longer. 


“Yes doll?”

“If I asked you for something would you do it?”

“You can’t save anyone else from Alexandria y/n, that was a huge thing”

“I know but Daryl…”

“You want me to let him go?”


“Absolutely not”

Please, I owe hi..”

“No”  he cut me off before I could explain if it wasn’t for Daryl I wouldn’t be sat here now. I wouldn’t be here with him. “that is the final answer. DO NOT bring it up again y/n” Fuck I had gone and made him angry. 


We stayed silent for a long time. More than twenty minutes easily.



“Thank you”

“What for?”


“Anytime” I heard him say as I drifted off. 

For the first time in a long time I fell asleep with a smile on my face “Don’t……. leave”


Waking up the next morning I became aware I wasn’t alone.

The memories of the night before came flooding back and I instantly opened my eyes to come face to face with Negans chest. I had slept on his chest all night? 

Well not all night cause it must of been gone 1am when he came into my room but still.

I could feel the weight of his arm draped over me. Could I please wake up like this every morning?

The morning sun was shinning brightly outside. What time is it?

Negan was softly snoring facing me. His face the most relaxed I had ever seen it. 

This was the first time I was able to unashamedly stare at the man without him knowing. His salt and pepper stubbled made me smile. 

The first time I had seen him he had been clean shaven and I had to admit the stubble was so much better. I wanted to touch it but didn’t want to wake him.

He really was a beautiful man.

“Are you just going to stare?”

Hi voice made me let out a small scream.


“No just me, Negan” he chuckled stretching his hands over his head. Instantly I missed his arm being over me.

“I should go”

“Don’t” I put my hand on his chest. I didn’t want him to go.

Lazily he turned to me and smiled.

“What are you thinking y/n?”

About how much I want to kiss you. 

Never let you leave my bed. What like some kind of sex slave? He didn’t need you for that. He had the five wives don’t forget.

“Hey hey” he grabbed my hand on his chest “Whatever you’re thinking stop I can see what you’re doing. You have to stop doubting yourself”

How did he know? This man seemed to know me better than I knew myself.

Without allowing myself to doubt it I lurched forward and kissed him.

It took him a moment to catch up but when he did he hands grabbed at my skin. No doubt leaving marks but I didn’t care. I moved so I was straddling him, a leg on either side.

God he tasted just like he smelt. Tobacco and mint.

He groaned as our tongues danced together.

I needed more.

Separating the two of us gasped for air. Foreheads leaning against each other.

“Jesus y/n” he breathed with a small laugh “you’re going to be the death of me baby girl”

“Shut up” I told him before kissing him again.

His lips felt smooth and I couldn’t help but bite his bottom one. Letting out another growel he surprised me and flipped us over so he was above me, pressing me into the mattress.

“I thought you didn’t want to be a wife?” He asked before kissing his way down my jaw.

“I don’t” I breathed. Did he only have sex with them?

“Good” what? “You’re better than them” again, what? “More important

“Negan” he stopped what he was going and looked at me. It almost looked like he was frightened I was going to tell him to stop “Just shut up and kiss me”

No other words were spoken before his lips were once again caressing mine. God he tasted so good.

My hands found their way under his shirt, felling his toned muscles and the sprinkling of body hair on his chest.

His hands were pulling and pressing at my own shirt.

“God I want you” he moaned.

“You already have me” I admitted. It was true this man owned me and not in the way he owned everything else.

“I want to make you cum



Negan” I moaned. 

His body felt so right pressed against mine.

His kisses became frantic. Like he couldn’t kiss me hard enough. Like he was frightened if he didn’t I’d disappear.

Suddenly someone was banging on the door.

“Go away!” Negan shouted, barley stopping his kisses.

“Theres a problem boss”

“Fuck off!” He leant his forehead against mine, breathing hard “I really don’t want to do this baby but I gotta go”

“Okay” I couldn’t hide my disappointment.

“Hey, hey” he lifted my chin “I’ll see you later on”


“On my life”

He quickly stood, leaving me on the bed that once looked small now felt like seven queen beds pushed together without him in it. He straightened himself up, picking up his leather jacket that had missed the chair last night and checking his hair in the small circular mirror that hung by the door. It was not in his usual style. He flung the jacket over his shoulder

“Jesus” he looked at me after he brushed his hair back as best he could. He took one last look at me before opening the door and leaving.

“Fat Joey take y/n around today she wants to explore our fabulous home” I couldn’t help but smile. 

He listened. 

As soon as the door clicked shut I fell backward and let out a silent scream. I felt like a bloody teenager.





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just little liverpool fc things
  • every match captain jordan henderson will walk out with a look on his face like hes going to war
  • and hes ready to kill everyone and their father 
  • plus hendo will most likely fight with the ref at least once
  • there will be a time where james milner crosses the ball into the box and inevitability end up on his face
  • and he will stay down for at least 2 minutes like his life is over with his face buried in the grass
  • our front 3 could possibly murder u with the way they score goals
  • or they fall asleep and do nothing, theres no in between
  • emre will most likely fight- with anyone
  • at least one goal will be conceded per game, it has to or the game didnt happen
  • and that goal will most likely be conceded from a corner
  • one of our centrebacks will make atleast one mistake
  • but our fullbacks are angels who never do anything wrong and never get the praise they deserve (hint;clyney mils and trent)
  • whenever the babies get a chance we all die alittle, cus they are so committed and talented
  • we also get cute as fuck training pics that look like giant love fests
  • kloppo is v likely to scream in someones face or run along the sidelines like a madman when something good happens
  • cuddles are bound to happen, no matter what
  • team celebrations consists of the biggest group hug and lots of screams and kisses and even more hugs
  • and if ur bobby firmino then the shirt is coming off equaling another pointless yellow card
  • phil will only score a world-y, cus normal goals are too mainstream for him
  • klopp will always blame himself for a loss and be v v sassy in press conference
  • someone is v likely to grow an awful manbun  👀 or go blonde 
  • adam lallana is v likely to jump on ur back to celebrate a goal cus hes a tiny koala, #koala adz
  • also adz is kloppo’s fave son
  • whenever we win we are most likely gonna scream WE’RE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE, just cus, we have too ok
  • it dont even matter if we’re 20th, lfc fans will always scream we’re gonna win the league, i guess we just love winning :DDD
  • and when we lose, we act like the world is endin and life is over and we’re never gon play football again

feel free to add more