he's going to be forever like this......... awkward!


God I’ve spent enough time on this now. Painting is one of those things where I never feel like I actually finish it… like you could go on forever refining things and adding details. Anyway, this is like semi visually metaphorical and semi literal.

So I’ve kind of talked about this before with this one but I really like the idea that Mob grows into being a leader, not intentionally and not without a great deal of awkwardness, but because he does the right thing for the right reasons regardless of what everyone else is doing. So quite by accident, much in the same way he accidentally became a shadow leader, he finds himself becoming a central figure in keeping the order, a balance point for all the people that try to do wrong. And I love the idea of the other three, all of which are much more naturally inclined to be leaders, deferring to Mob and happily being a part of his inner circle (even Ritsu, he’s smiling on the the inside). Though Mob insists there isn’t an inner circle because there isn’t… whatever this is.

Ahhhhh, i would love to talk more about them like this, but I won’t do it in this post.

I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 4 of Yuri on Ice…(aka the episode where finally, FINALLY, Victuuri became my OTP forever and ever)

Yeah, like I was ever going to NOT include this scene. At this point, I was starting to not really care if it was all just queerbaiting in the end because these moments were just too crazy sexy HOT. 

I just love how awkward and funny and again, crazy sexy HOT this is.

Their reactions never fail to make me laugh. Especially the old man. Why is he praying to them? Wait, now that I really think about, I guess he was right. Hell yeah, old man, you go and worship the sexiness of Victuuri!  

Loved the whole rejection sequence but this was especially sad cute.

You know, I initially misinterpreted this scene as Kubo-sensei’s way of letting us know nothing will become of this ship, that all that came before was indeed just fruitless fanservice, especially with the way that Yuuri so vehemently rejected the notion of Victor being his lover. HOWEVER, after going with them on their journey to the end and then coming back to revisit this scene with new eyes, I realized I had completely misunderstood Yuuri’s reaction the first time I watched it. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t WANT or DESIRE Victor that way, but more that he didn’t even DARE to imagine Victor in that manner because he was still trying to see Victor as something less than an idol, a god. But this moment was in a way the turning point for that, and I love this scene so much now as a result of it. 

And this is the moment I decided, I don’t even give two Fucks if all this is just queerbaiting: I love these two completely. Victuuri became my OTP right then and there. There is just something so sweet and endearing and REAL about Yuuri’s gesture. I just fell in love. Looking back now and in consideration of the beach scene above, I think this is also the moment Victor finally became all too human to Yuuri. The rift between the mere human and the god was sealed. 

I just love this moment. I’m not even sure why. 

I fell in love with the Yuri on Ice piece the first time I heard it. I am not even kidding when I say I feel like crying each time I listen to his theme because it is just so beautiful. In addition, every time I rewatch these sequence of scenes that the theme is playing over, which intercuts between the two Yuris practicing their programs while also exposing the worries and doubts that haunt them as athletes, my heart just clenches up with heavy emotion. It just slays me.

Beautiful ballerina Yurio slays me too. 

This moment broke my heart a little. 

Note: Strangely enough, after this episode, I actually took a break from watching YOI because I remembered thinking something along the lines of: “ok, I love them now. Thoroughly love them to bits and pieces. So in order to prepare myself from being heartbreakingly disappointed because I am 100% SURE Victuuri would never be canon, I’ll just wait until the show ends, find out just HOW big of a disappointment I am going to have to deal with–by, I don’t know, reading spoilers of the ending, I guess–and THEN I’ll come back and continue where I left off.” Look I’m not saying any of this makes any sense or SHOULD make any sense, but that’s the insanity I was functioning under.   So yeah, I stopped watching for like two weeks, and then when the day of episode 7 rolled around, I woke up that morning and decided on a whim to look up the YOI tag on Tumblr, and I think the first three posts I saw were just the words “VICTUURI IS CANON”, in large, bold print, and that was all it took. I realized it was time to catch the freak up. Thank God, I only saw the text and not the actual screenshot of what happened so I was able to enjoy everything with relatively unspoiled eyes. So basically, episodes 5 - 7, I actually watched them for the first time in one sitting. But to give them the proper respect that they deserve and for the sake of this trip down memory lane, I will still give them each their own week for the next 3 weeks. 

Bughead-Bizarre Love Triangle

Mature. Riverdale. Betty/Jughead

Plot: When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.

Please Note: In this story, Jughead and Betty are involved in a sexual, romantic relationship. If you don’t like that idea, this is not the fic for you.

The first three chapters have been posted!


Jughead thought that living at Archie’s house was really weird. He had spent a lot of time there, over the years, but there was something strikingly different about living there. Lots of questions, about what he wanted, where he was going, what he was doing. The first few days were awkward; sleeping on Archie’s floor was a little too much togetherness for his liking. So after a private conversation with Fred, Jughead moved into Mary’s old office.

Archie’s mom was not a topic of conversation in this house. Jughead couldn’t remember Archie even saying her name since she left for Chicago. Which was hard; Mary had been one of Jughead’s favorite people. Mary, a professional writer by trade, had been the first adult to see potential in him. She was the one who had convinced him that he could be a writer, too.


so I had a really good date the other night

I’m going to call him the Advertiser, since he works in advertising 😂 Anyways, we went to this really nice place and I had a bomb ass lobster. I haven’t had lobster in forever, I was literally like salivating at the mouth when the waiter dropped it off, LOL. Dinner was awesome, he gave me $100 and a 24k gold dipped rose. I thought it was cute

Conversation went really well, it wasn’t awkward at all. He was attractive too! He asked me what I expected as far as allowance goes and I told him. We settled on a $3,500 allowance, paid out in two increments. I was hoping to get $4k, but I’m not complaining. I’m glad I make decent money at my vanilla job, I don’t like the feeling of relying on people. Especially because men seem to always let you down.

He gave me a hug goodbye, payed for me to get my car out of valet and I left! He texted me right after and told me how impressed with me he was 😊 I’m meeting him tomorrow for lunch, and getting the first half of my allowance. Fingers crossed on this one!

YouTube Preference #9 Cuddling

Dan Howell:

Dan always wants you close and every time you lay in bed together he has at least one arm around you.

Phil Lester:

Phil and you always seem to fall asleep in the most awkward positions.

Jack Harries:

Jack feels like he can protect you all the time and truth is you feel like he can. He loves to be entangled in your body while you both sleep.

Finn Harries:

Finn loves it when you fall asleep like this, he feels so close to you and never wants to let you go.

Joe Sugg:

Joe and you are forever falling asleep watching Netflix together.

Head Over Heels

Simon X Reader
Summary(Requested): Simon admires Y/N while she walks, talks, and shops.

Simon had always said he was awkward around girls. It wasn’t necessarily that he was that awkward, but he had a tendency to stare. You’d begun to notice it when he asked you out, but it wasn’t that bad then. Now, it was constant. He watched everything you did carefully, like you’d disappear and he’d only have the memories.
Today you and Simon were out with Josh and Freya shopping. Which actually meant you and Freya were shopping and they were carrying your bags. You’d convinced them to actually go into Lush with you because the two of you always took forever.
You and Freya were giggling about something when you noticed Simon staring again. There was a little smile on his face as he watched you and listened to Josh. You nudged Freya lightly and nodded towards them. She knew exactly what you meant and quickly pulled you across the shop, checking behind her to see if he was still watching.
“That boy is utterly and madly in love with you,” she sighed, remembering the times when you’d told her the same thing about Josh. You blushed and told her to stop spouting nonsense. She turned you back around to look at the boys and Simon was just stood their in complete aw. There wasn’t anything special about the way you looked today, so you were a bit confused.
“Completely head over heels for you. There’s no denying it.” You blushed and looked down before the two of you rejoined the boys. You wand Simon walked several steps behind Josh and Freya as you walked towards your next destination.
“She’s right.”
“I am head over heels in love with you, that’s why I stare, because I’m never going to be used to having you around and calling you mine.” Your smile spread across your face as you squeezed his hand a little tighter. No doubt you were his, and would be for a long time.

mooncactus  asked:

welcome to rock bottom, the land of low standards. (the only tidbit he's revealed that excitements is that things are 'tense' between Valkyrie and skulduggery since she's come back. maybe they'll TALK LIKE ADULTS THEN!!!)

Moonie you bring me the world of God from Twitter and I forever thank you.

I’m wicked fucking suspicious if things are tense between them. I’m worried that he’s going to make the moments OOC because there has never been an awkward moment between them ; Valkyrie usually takes a few days for herself, thinking things over. If she’s keeping a stiff upper lip and putting up with their unresolved issues… why the hell did she come back ? Like Derek come on.

Honestly, it would be awesome if she became freelance by herself and Skulduggery hangs around her and bugs her while she’s trying to work. THAT I could see causing tensions, and would show character growth and allow for more investigations and [ gasp ] MAYBE WORLD BUILDING ?

Then I could see Omen coming in, having a third perspective with these two weirdos who bicker. Not to mention it would be delicious to hear them argue and glean things from their arguments about their feelings.

But that’s not gonna happen, and I’m doubtful it will cause any real tension. [ shrugs ]

“All the seats have been filled. And now the last vessel shall bear my heart like the rest!


What if…Soranort was a thing? And then imagine him running into Vanitas …lol awkward…

I don’t know if I was imagining this happening instead of the whole Terranort thing or actually after it. But the whole thing of Sora being an intended Vessel of Xehanort just made me want to draw this… It was fun…Also, I have a thing about good guys going bad…what can I say? Hey, if he were to then split into a heartless and a nobody, would his nobody still look like roxas but with white hair and yellow eyes? These are questions I must ask myself…

Illustrated Bachelorette Recap: these are all of my boyfriends

I don’t know what happened, but I blinked and suddenly we are left with only six guys trying to be JoJo’s forever love (kind of like a forever home for puppies)! Their tanned faces are slowly becoming more and more distinguishable to me, like one of those misshapen Cheetos that happens to look like Jesus, if you squint hard enough.

To kick things off, Wells gets his first one-on-one date card, and he reveals to the guys that he still hasn’t kissed JoJo. This is interpreted by the squad as weakness. Everyone knows that on The Bachelorette, weakness is grounds for relentless bullying.

Wells and JoJo go on an awkward date through Buenos Aires, and he’s sweating through his shirt trying to find the perfect moment to lay a juicy one on his would-be forever love. The pressure is on! If this kiss isn’t perfect (“What if you kiss her and there’s no sparks?” Alex says helpfully), Wells is definitely outta there. Finally they kiss while sexily slip-sliding around in some kind of surf pool, but JoJo’s like, “Nah, I’m not feeling this”, and sends Wells home. I’m going to miss Wells, because he was cute as heck and seemed least likely to make JoJo’s life a living hell after this show ends.

I’m glad that JoJo made sure to kiss every single one of the guys before making an informed decision. This is how all important decisions should be made. We should smooch every presidential candidate because that’s just good democracy. America, please take cues from JoJo and weigh all of your options carefully this election season.

The group date is — surprise — another sports date! The gang organically stumbles onto a street soccer game, and naturally, a friendly game of “make the goal and kiss the girl” springs up, and it’s all very natural. The BFG-like singer-songwriter James T. keeps complaining about how he’s not as athletic and perfect as the other guys, but he’s got a lot of heart! His underdog rant goes on for just a little longer than way too long.

Having to compete against bros like Jordan finally gets to James, and he cracks. He tattles on him to JoJo, who is now essentially a babysitter to six man-babies. Jordan’s big crime against James? Apparently they were playing poker, and James and Jordan had a difference in opinion about the rules. Now that we know James is a sore loser, I’d hate to play something even more complicated with him, like Settlers of Catan.

JoJo picks Chase and Derek for the two-on-one date, which is a smart strategy considering the two dudes are essentially the same and, like a CEO after a difficult merger, JoJo must cut the redundancies. We quickly learn the whole reason why we’re in Argentina, which is to set-up a three-way tango date. I can imagine The Bacheloretteproducers talking to the poor travel coordinator who had to make international booking plans for nine people plus production crew:

Chase has proven that facial expression-wise, he doesn’t have the range. If he were an emoticon, he would definitely be (-_-). Despite all this, JoJo pulls a fast one on us, the unsuspecting viewer, and chooses Chase anyway. Derek is upset enough to refer to himself in third person (“I’m Derek. And Derek is imperfect.”). The montage that follows — Derek crying in the cab while JoJo and Chase dance to a live rendition of “Don’t cry for me Argentina” sung by an Argentine folk singer — should be nominated for an Emmy, nay, an Oscar in the “Best Foreign Film” category.

Then JoJo pulls a rare second fast one (rings the fast one alarm) and tells Chris Harrison that she can’t give the last rose away. We assume this mean our wise Bachelorette knows it’s slim pickin’s between underdog James T. and human turtleneck Alex and that she wants to send them both home, but no! She gives them both roses, which means there’s plenty of time for numbing card-game drama to arise in the next week. Nobody tell James about Uno (Get it? Because they’re in Argentina? Lo siento).

- By Dami Lee for The Verge

i was only falling in love ;

Jason didn’t expect to see Kyle in his doorway, but then again, he hadn’t expected to see Kyle anywhere after their disastrous phone call. He had half-expected Kyle to jet off to OA, to leave and go back into space again like he did the last time they had fought like that, but no. He was here on earth and he was standing in Jason’s doorway, and Jason wasn’t sure how he felt about any of it. 

He hadn’t wanted to see Kyle just because he wanted to avoid the terrible awkwardness that would come with it, the intense arguing that he was sure would follow, but then again, he knew that he couldn’t avoid Kyle forever. Now wasn’t the opportune time simply because Jason’s patience was wearing thin with the pain and the lack of painkillers in his system to give him any sort of relief, but when was the opportune time, anyway?

Pausing for a moment, looking at Kyle, he stepped aside to let Kyle in. “Roy’s not home,” he said, tilting his head. “Roy’s at work.” Meaning they could talk, they could really talk if that was what they needed. He figured that was Kyle’s plan, coming over here, but Jason wasn’t too interested in rehashing painful memories. He pushed the door shut before leaning against it, careful not to put pressure on his injured shoulder, that arm in a sling, tucking it tight against his body.

A breath escaped his chest as he leaned heavily against the door, blinking to clear the fog that the pain had cast over his mind, pressing his lips tightly together. He regarded Kyle for a long moment, his hand sliding into his pocket, that thumb hooking into his belt loop. “What’s up?”


Jason had to wing it. He had no idea what kind of places Hollie liked to hang out at, let alone around New Orleans. He could still hardly get around mid-city where he was settled down for the time being, and when he asked a few of the neighbors, they all gave him different responses. He knew one thing, though – it had to be a chill location otherwise they would not be able to have a conversation at all. He contemplated taking her bowling but that wasn’t what she agreed upon, so he dropped that idea. He opted for the Bayou Beer Garden as it seemed like a nice little place. Jason didn’t waste any time getting Hollie’s number and so when he texted her later that evening after they bumped into each other, he realized that he was somewhat nervous for the first time in forever. They avoided the awkwardness of him having to ask if he was going to pick her up and when because she beat him to the punch and offered to meet him there instead – a much better idea, he had to admit. He was now eating peanuts from a little bowl in front of him and casually chatting with the bartender, having decided to wait for her before they would order anything. @hollie-stanford

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Fanfiction WIP: "Iwaizumi" LOL GIMME LIKE HALF OF YOUR NEXT CYGNUS CHAPTER ... jk, I'm going with "awkward" and "crush", and I'm going to be so fucking mad if those are in the same sentence.

I’ll have you know that I haven’t started chapter 4 of Cygnus yet so you’re gonna get sentences from my other wip LOL

“It baffles me as well. But Iwaizumi is strong. He will not let this keep him down.”

I…don’t have one of these? Maybe when I actually write the next chapter of Cygnus lmao

Holy nuggets I don’t have this one either.

I’m so sorry I’m missing so many things, you can ask me again D:

Why bother? (Part Three)

Originally posted by actualmonkeys

Part One Part Two Part Four

I instantly pulled away, my eyes wide as golf balls. “W-what are you doing,” I pushed him away from me. Whatever was going on in his mind, I didn’t understand because what the fuck was he thinking. I know that Ive loved him since forever and this is what I’ve wanted all my life but…certainly not like this. 

“I-I don’t know..I just-” he sighed, scratching the back of his neck. He kept stuttering on his words, trying to figure out what to say. But really, this was so awkward, even I didn’t know what to say. 

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Exo Reaction to Their Crush Awkwardly Confessing to Them


She blushed as she twiddled her thumbs. She didn’t make a move to say anything and she had asked him to meet her out in the park. This was slowly getting kind of awkward. 

“B-Baekhyun,” she stammered as she handed him an envelope to him. “I like you.” 

He burst out into laughter suddenly, seeing the image of a girl in middle school standing before him instead of an adult like she was. No one had tried to seriously give him a confession letter in forever. Her face fell and he realised that he had hurt her feelings when she dropped her eyes to the ground. 

“No,” he said as he reached forwards and grabbed for her wrist. “Don’t go.” 


She was a nervous mess. She honestly could have looked like she had woken up and hour before, but it was a cute kind of mess. She looked a little overwhelmed and she clutched her hands tightly. 

Chanyeol know what was happening here. He could tell but he light blush on her cheeks and the way she looked up at him through her lashes. He smirked at he looked down at her. 

“Just say it.” 


She stumbled in front of him and he had to bolt from his spot to step her from falling. She looked up at him and sucked in a breath, staring into his eyes as he held onto both of her arms. He was so closer to her that it could be considered awkward, but she didn’t mind. 

She bit her lip and averted her eyes, speaking in a tone just barely above of a whisper. “I like you, Jongdae.” 

“I know.” 


She showed up to where she asked to meet him five minutes early because she didn’t want to appear tardy. She saw him sitting on a bench by the swings and smiled as she approached him. They had been friends for a little while, but confessing she wanted to be more was terrifying. Kai was on a whole other level and she was just ordinary. 

“I wanted to tell you something,” she said to him as she stood in front of him. She nervously kicked the sand under her shoes and before she knew it tears were welling in her eyes; it had not occurred to her that a rejection might strain their relationship. 

“Don’t cry,” he told her in a concerned voice as he motioned for her to wipe her tears away. “Tell me what’s up.” 


“I like you a lot, Yifan,” she said quietly as she put her hands behind her back. 

She worried because he did and said nothing. He left her standing there in a complete awkward silence for the better part of the longest ten seconds of her life. She bit her lip, realising that he was going to reject her, but when she looked up he kissed her nose instead. 



She swallowed hard as she rubbed her hands together, trying to fight off the cold. He stood in front of her, looking as patient as ever. She could hardly get her voice to leave her lips, she was so nervous. She just ended up there making weird sounds as she tried to figure out something. 

After a few moments she covered her face as she went bright red. She squeaked out her confession, turning her back to him after and then crouching on the ground as she held her knees to her chest. She heard a cheer come from him and then looked over her shoulder to see him smiling like an idiot and waving his hands everywhere. 


She managed to get to where she was standing in front of him outside his hotel room. She had asked him just to spare a moment of his time for her and to her surprise he had kindly agreed. He had even seemed excited about meeting up.

Now that she was in front of him, staring at him so casually dressed as his eyes drove holes into her, her confidence wavered. Her toes started to go numb and she wasn’t sure she could feel her hands anymore despite knowing they were shaking. He watched her with a smile on his lips, waiting for her. 

“Yixing…I…” she trailed off and then held her stomach. 

He began to laugh at her suddenly. Her stomach dropped as she watched him and she could see he felt a little guilty. For once, it was like he knew what she was thinking. Her face fell as she felt completely dejected. 

“No, Baobei,” he said as he stepped towards her and hugged her gently. “You’re just so shy. It’s adorable.” 


He met her outside, just like she had asked and then took a walk with her. He had made it seem like a pain in the ass, but in reality Luhan woudln’t pass up spending time with her. There was something different though, she wasn’t her normal self. She was…nervous. 

He watched her from his peripheral vision, the way she held herself and played with the rings on her fingers. She turned to him suddenly, looking up into his eyes and she smirked, recognising the situation. She was totally going to confess to him. 

“Lu…” she mumbled. “You’re going to tease me endlessly for this. Why am I even bothering?” 

“Okay,” he said with a shrug as he acted like he was going to walk away. She grabbed onto his arm, darting in front of him and saw that stupid smirk on his lips again. He knew what he was doing to her; he knew that he was making her nerves bounce around in her stomach uncomfortable, but she was in too deep to just not tell him now. 

Her words came out like they were a bullet leaving a gun’s barrel; forceful, loud, and rapid. He bit his lip as he looked her up and down. “So how long have you been in love with me, exactly?” 


She had been acting strange around him lately. Every word was stuttered, everything he said was laugh worthy and she had been becoming flustered when he did the same old things he’d always done. If he touched her hair, her face turned bright red. If he flicked her forehead, she didn’t try to hit him like she used to, she just shied away. 

“She likes you,” Xiumin said with a roll of his eyes. 

Did she? They had been friends for so long and she had always supported him, but now she was different. She acted like she had around that boy in highschool. 

And that’s when he saw the truth of it. She had never stopped gushing about that boy. He smiled as he turned away from Xiumin, looking a little too proud of himself. 


She had somehow managed to fall right onto her face just as she got the words out of her mouth. She remembered trying to take a step forwards, practically screaming her confession, and then landing on her face. She was so embarrassed. 

He leaned down and helped her up to her feet, but she tried to hide her face in her hands. He smiled as he leaned forwards and kissed her cheek. She looked at him with wide eyes and he gave her the biggest smile she had ever seen.. 

“I like you too.” 


She stood in front of Tao, holding her hands together with her fingers knotted together. She shook lightly and he watched her with a little bit of a grin. He had a feeling, but he didn’t want to say anything in case he was wrong. 

“Zitao,” she whispered as she looked up into his eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but then suddenly her words were in Chinese anymore. They were in spat in Japanese, her first tongue.  

“What?” he asked her as he tilted her head. 

She opened her mouth and suddenly she couldn’t remember any Chinese. How did that happen to someone? How did they just forget years of being bilingual?  She searched around them desperately for something to help but then just looked at him apologetically as she made a feeble heart sign with her hands. 

“Watashi wa anata ga suki desu…” 


She just spit it at him. Her whole body was shaking and she could have been in tears if she had been any more embarrassed. She had gone into the whole situation so calm and prepared and had ended up practically screaming at him. He smiled nonetheless and just looked at her with eyes that told her he was very amused. 

After a second he suddenly became very flirty and grinned at her. “I like you too.” 

Monsta X- When You Have A Large Dog

Request: How would Monsta x react to you having a large dog like a Pit Bull Terrier or Great Dane. Thank you so much

thanks for requesting!~ Admin Ha Jae


“Hey buddy… uh… you’re very big.”

I think he won’t have a problem with your dog. He might be awkward at first when he meets your dog but he grows to love him as much as you do

Originally posted by monxbebe


He might be scared anything that is bigger than him, especially if it’s important to you. Once your dog warms up to Wonho, he’ll give in and love her, too.

Originally posted by 1jeunghan


“JAGI I’M STEALING YOUR DOG! HE’S MINE FOREVER!” He would instantly get attached to your dog and vice versa.

Originally posted by maleidolnet


He can go either way. Kihyun could love your dog like Minhyuk or just be completely scared of her. It’ll take some time for them to get used to each other. *low key would sing to your dog at night before bed*

Originally posted by kihyonie


Just like Wonho, he would be scared at first, but once he sees how charming and fluffy your little girl is he would be cuddly with her.

Originally posted by minyeossi


“Is he gonna eat me?”

Joo likes dogs… if they’re small. So when you said you had a dog, he wasn’t expecting a dog that’s a little over your height. He would be cautious whenever your dog is near even though you’ve told him many times that he’s just a baby that wants to be cuddled.

Originally posted by jooheonl


He wouldn’t mind. As long as your dog makes you happy and they both get along and make you happy, then he’s happy.

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Oh man. You know what the danger of the walk away is? Like, Percy has no idea how Vex actually reacted. I’d be dying if I were him. Like, I’d totally walk away, but then I’d just keep walking forever and never ever go anywhere near where I thought she might be ever again because oh-my-god-she-was-probably-horrified-and-what-was-he-thinking-and-now-things-are-going-to-be-perpetually-awkward-so-it’s-just-better-to-never-see-her-again-ever.

Or pretend it never happened. Like, to the point where she literally starts to wonder if she just had a weird dream where Percy kissed her and didn’t realize it was a dream, and now doesn’t know how to confirm one way or the other without embarrassing herself. 

That’s the danger of the walk away man.