he's glowing look at him :)

do you think micolash thought he was from a different world. or like a great one reborn. i think so.


bambam when it was still 2014? 

we were all like ‘aww an adorable lil cupcake’

'what a squishy marshmallow’

but now, oh god, oh god no one was safe.

this is why i have trust issues

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I was thinking of returning, but are you sure you can hansol all of this?;) - Hansolo anon (tbh this will probably be the last time I drop by your inbox tho because lol I have no more punny pick up lines TT TT)

NOOOO. Don’t stop dropping by just because you don’t have anymore puns, Hansolo anon….

what about our love ? i told you you were my crush <3

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graphic battle vs. oshsoo | round 6: favorite hairstyle of your bias