he's giving us a peek at his package

Kakasaku Flash Fic: “One Fine Day”

Title: “One Fine Day”
Summary: Kakashi comes home to a box on their bed.

Lots of baby feels right now, so something short before I go back to doing my translation homework. Still no mermaids because I know I’ll need a good three hours at least to write and that’s more than I have time for atm.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s post about his newborn child and this video.

He comes home to a small box on the edge of their bed. At this point, Kakashi is used to Sakura’s habit of gift-giving, but they’re usually less tangible. A massage or coming home to his favorite dinner, to name a few examples. But never like this. Never in such formal packaging.

“…It’s not my birthday,” he comments as he picks up the silver box. It’s light, and he immediately rules out most weapons. Some exploding tags, perhaps?

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