he's getting a more evil vibe guys

Not to be weird but

I kinda want Lotor to have a thing for Pidge for nothing more than the past repeating itself.

I want him to be stopped dead in his tracks when he sees her.

I want him to get all stupid and flustered and gape like an idiot like his father did when he met Honerva for the first time.

I want his generals and the Paladins to be shocked at his sudden change in behavior, he’s known for being the level headed, analytical, two steps ahead of anybody at any given moment kind of guy so to see him just awkwardly scoot out of the room, for his parting words from their battle to be “I have to go now” is wierd to say the least.

I want Lotor to be frustrated with himself because what the quiznak was that? Sure he’s flirted with tons of people for fun or to his own advantage (usually both) but he’s never actually had a crush on somebody. This is uncharted territory!

I want the Paladins to assume it was Allura or even Lance he was struck by and make all kinds of diabolical plans to use their wiles to distract him and then be sadly disappointed when none of them work

I want the generals to explain to Lotor that “no, humans don’t have any kind of strange defense mechanism to disorient their enemies, we’ve triple checked” and strong arm Lotor into admit he has feelings and have none of them are jealous becuase they’re such good friends.

I want Lotor and Zarkon’s first bonding moments to be awkward father-son advice about girls, something Zarkon never thought he’d have to do, and Zarkon consoling him for having feelings for her, a sworn enemy, because the men in their family seem to have “a type” and it’s not his fault

I want Keith, self proclaimed most oblivious Paladin, to have recognized it was Pidge he was making eyes at from the very beginning but not saying anything becuase he assumed the others knew more than he did about this kind of stuff

I want the Paladins be confused as to why he kidnapped Pidge of all Paladins and conclude it’s becuase she has the most expierence with the lions mechanics and he wants to handicap the team the swine!

I want Keith to suggest that maybe it’s becuase Lotor actually likes her and then being denied becuase “that’s ridiculous” but then they secretly worry ‘what if that was the reason’ and being relieved that Lotor just goes along with their previous assumptions

I want Lotor to have kidnapped her in the spur of the moment to confess his feeling but thinking better if it as to not be rejected by her and poorly disguise it as the Paladins initial assumptions that it was his master plan all along to cripple the team and his own generals being like “sure it was buddy” and the Paladins being like “holy shit Keith was right for once”

I want Pidge to get strange vibes from Lotor that he likes her but brushes it off becuase she feels she’s either reading into it too much or just straight up “nah” and giving him way more credit than he deserves by thinking it was a very desisive and calculated strike against the team rather than boy who’s bad at expressing his feelings

I want Allura and Lance being jealous that he’s not interested in either of them and then Hunk reminding them “why would you even care? Are you forgetting this dude is straight up evil?! Guys!”

I want Shiro to be furious that he dare have feelings for Pidge, a mere child, and then finding out he’s much younger than he looks and is just tall for his age and is like “oh. But I still disapprove!”

I want Pidge to not pick up that he’s interested in her until like five minutes after she’s been rescued from his clutches and is like “wait what?”

I want Coran to tell the Paladins that it’s actually the male of the Galra species that are known for being overly emotional and then Lotor confirming it by cursing this bullshit Galra biology as he’s vulnerable and his generals talking him through it.

I want all subsequent fights between the Paladins and Lotor to be highly aware of the tension between them and over correcting by making sure neither Pidge nor Lotor are anywhere near close to fighting one another which in turn makes it even more awkward

I want Haggar to wap Lotor over the head at least once for being so quiznaking obvious about it and Lotor just not making a fuss like he would if it were anyone else

I want Haggar to encourage his infatuation to both distract him from his own nefarious goals for the empire and to in a small part concede to Zarkon’s plans of taking back the Lions convincing him that having the two fall in love would ensure the green lion even though she knows it’s bullshit; it’s just a way to get Zarkon off her back about it “it’s a master plan Zarkon, playing the long game, trust me on this”

Anyway I just think this is a good crack ship

anonymous asked:

I am getting more "Let's Kill Peter again for the Sheer Hell of it" vibe and I do not like it. Seriously at this point I would not be surprised if they found a way to kill every remaining member of the Hale pack (Doing Cora and Isaac off screen) just so that Scott can truly inherit Beacon Hills as his territory. (Con't)

Though now I kind of want a story like that. With a Bad Guy Scott who knows he can’t actually take out the entire remainder of the Hale pack in challenges so instead decides to do it through magic and Evil Argents or whatever manages to lure back Jackson, Peter and Derek to Beacon Hills and attempts to take out Cora and Issac from afar but of course he doesn’t count on Stiles also getting involved/being put in danger because he’s tech Hale pack because all the Hales view him as such (con’t)

(Part 3) And of course when Stiles figures it out he’s Not Pleased and during the final fight the Hale Alphaship that’s been lingering dormant in the earth/territory whatever it’s been doing since Derek gave it up realizes there’s a Hale worthy of it again and settles on one of them (Derek makes most sense but I would def accept/love Peter as well) and they reclaim their territory and none of the Hale pack die and all is as it should be in the world. Stiles becomes an Agent and an Emmisary

I think in some respects it would make sense for Peter to die - he was their first villain and it would bring it full circle. On the other hand though, nothing in this damn show makes sense and if they kill Peter I will be forever salty. Forever saltier? 

And I don’t think your story even needs Scott to be a bad guy – just to be the the same incompetent alpha he is now, and with Stiles to realise that Peter, for all his faults, is the sort of strong alpha BH needs. So he aligns himself with the Hales. BH has always been Hale territory, and it always should be!