he's genuinely happy


and everytime he smiles, the whole room turned to see what shone 💗✨

the birthday surprise episode more like i’m going to cry for 20 minutes because everyone appreciated a box full of nothing a whole lot more than robbie’s homemade cookies with a side of his pure and wholsome happiness and love

But seriously ...

so many things make so much more sense - or seem so very different in the new light that they are shed in, now that we know about Yuuri’s little …. cough cough … last year after-gp-final’s gala.

Like … Viktor at the airport …

“A commemorative photo? Sure.”

After this …

… he probably expected a different reaction entirely.

God, Yuuri! You probably ripped the man’s heart out by just turning around and leaving. Look how genuinely happy he is to see you. This isn’t his fake for-the-media-smile. He wants this photo as much for himself as he wants it for you. Probably to hang it on the wall in his appartment (or on his bedside table haha). I bet he would’ve asked for Yuuri’s mobile phone number next lol.

He must’ve been crushed because … why is Yuuri suddenly acting so cold towards him? Why? Has he done something wrong? 

Edit: Damn! I’m sorry, I got it all wrong. This wasn’t the airport - they were still at the venue. Thanks to @a3107 and nonnie to point this out to me lol

And he kinda looks at Yuuri expectantly. Like he’s asking: “Are you happy now? That’s what you wanted, right?” 

Well, yeah, that’d what I think now, haha. Before, he might’ve looked just a teensy-weensy bit arrogant? 

But, unfortunately, Yuuri doesn’t remember. Or fortunately lol. Otherwise he’d probably have died from embarrassment …

“Can you show me what it is soon? Your true eros?”

He’s seen a glimpse of it already. He wants more!!!

Ahh, this annoyed me to no end - and im still not a big Chris-fan and probably will never be – BUT(T) … he probably thought Yuuri and he were on a level of acquaintance that allowed such a … um … specific way of approaching him. And i have to say I understand him a little better now lol

“and i would like to become good friends with that person” 

honestly i died a little here. this boy almost never thinks of himself. 

he is angry and agonized about soo won on her behalf. 

when she was chased from her home and wondered “where could i go now?” he threw his whole future without a moment of hesitation by answering we will go anywhere, as long as it means you’ll live.”

he was ready to become a fugitive and leave the wind tribe, his homeland, the only place safe for him now that the whole country has turned on him, for her to live safely in it. when she demanded they leave together he again devoted himself and what he has ahead of his life to her. he didn’t ask for anything in return not in the past not now and never he will. 

and in this you find that he wished for friends who will understand her, not him. he wished for friends who will cherish her more than they do him. by god, boy, just how much do you love her? 

But can we talk about Yuri in this episode? He’s so happy about his grandpa making those special treats for him, he fricking nailed his performance and CHEERED FOR YUURI!!! AND THEN HE GAVE HIM SOME OF HIS GRANDPAS PIROZHKI!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT ALRIGHT I AM LIVING FOR YUURI & YURI FRIENDSHIP

Dating Kim Yugyeom Would Include...

Mark Tuan | Im Jaebum | Jackson Wang | Park Jinyoung

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  • You two never catching a break because “OH MY GOD OUR BABY MAKNAE IS IN LOOOOOOOOOOOVE~”
  • It would usually be Jackson or Bam Bam who start it but Jaebum and Mark get in on it too.
  • “At least I have a girlfriend.” Because Gyeomie is savage as fuck.
  • They’d stop after that. For a little while at least. (Bam’s probably crying in his room).
  • Back hugs for days. He’s just so tall and he likes resting his head on top of yours and squeezing you so hard that hoLY SHIT YOU CAN’T BREATHE. YUGYEOM PLEASE.
  • But he also likes you just lazily walk up behind you and hold you loosely, hands on your hips. He’d do this subconsciously every time he saw you, just casually talking to Jinyoung who’s on the other side of the room and you’re just standing there kind of confused because when did your boyfriend get there?
  • You don’t even know because you’re so used to it that you don’t even notice half the time.
  • Lots of shy and embarrassed giggles when you give him compliments.
  • Also giggles when you kiss him.
  • More giggles whenever you do something cute.
  • Just a lot of cute giggles, okay?
  • He’d like having you sit on his lap often. Like every movie night you’re on his lap and he’s holding you tightly and only half paying attention to the film because he’s much more interested in your face because you’re just getting so into it and it’s adorable.
  • But he’d always end up forcing you off after like an hour because “his legs are falling asleep” but he’s blushing violently as he says it and always “gets cold” and needs a blanket so you can easily put 2 and 2 together and figure out the real reason he pushed you away.
  • He’d say a bunch of cheesy pickup lines or love confessions or whatever and he’d cringe every damn time but it would never stop him from doing it.
  • Yugyeom getting slightly annoyed when you steal his sweaters.
  • “You have like a hundred identical black sweaters, calm the fuck down.”
  • “Oh. Right. You look cute babe!”
  • You wouldn’t really have fights. Instead it’s just passive aggressive silent treatments and snapping at each other whenever you have to speak.
  • The thing is, it can last for a really long time. You’re both stubborn as hell and don’t want to cave in and be the first to apologise, even though you both just want it to be over.
  • It starts affecting his practicing because he’s more annoyed with himself than with you and eventually the rest of the members step  in and lock y’all in a closet or something and don’t let you out until you both apologise.
  • Lots of cuddles that night because you missed each other.
  • Dates with this muffin would be so cute holy shit. Okay so he’d mostly take you on simple dates that end up being some of the most fun ever. Like he’ll take you to the mall or the park or the zoo and it seems normal and kinda cliche but he makes it so adorable.
  • Like you’ll go to a mall and pick out terrible outfits for each other to try on and just laugh your asses off because you’re wearing a flannel shirt and bumblebee pants and he’s dressed like a homeless ahjussi. Or you’ll go the park but forgo picnics in favor of playgrounds, chasing each other and him pushing you REALLY high on the swingset. Or you’ll go the zoo and you’ll buy animal hats and just run around being dorks and feeding each other cotton candy.
  • They’d be pretty frequent too. He’d like taking you places, so he’d invite you out on dates whenever he had the opportunity. He just thinks they’re so much fun and he likes showing off how adorable your relationship is.
  • But PDA is still kind of a no for him because even if you’re together for years he’s still gonna blush when you two kiss. The only thing he’ll really do is hand holding, but he won’t let go of your hand like ever because you are the love of his goddamn life.
  • Sex with Yugyeom would generally be really shy and vanilla for the most part. Like he’d just be such an awkward kid about it, always worrying and asking questions. He wants to make sure you like what he’s doing, and if you say no he’s sure to NEVER do that thing again.
  • But after a few years together he becomes a lot more confident and he knows absolutely everything about your body and just how you like it.
  • By this point there’s also a lot of butt grabbing and eyebrow wiggles and smirking during your day to day life and it just makes you smile because he’s simultaneously cute and sexy and it’s not fair tbh.
  • Sassing each other so much that people sometimes wonder if you’re actually a couple.
  • “What’s with all the pelvic thrusts? Do you think you’re sexy or something?”
  • “At least I got something to flaunt.”
  • Lots of talking about the future together. Not just the future of your relationship, but the rest of your lives, and sometimes even just the future of society. Like from how many kids you both want to what jobs you’ll have in ten years to when flying cars are gonna be a fucking thing already.
  • You wouldn’t have tickle fights rather tickle wars that end up with the both of you being extremely out of breath and in legitimate pain from all the laughter and there’s probably a broken picture frame or two because it was pure chaos.
  • He’d be terrible at cooking but he’d always offer to wash up.
  • Giving him a back hug while he does this which makes him drop the plates.
  • Buying new plates together. Probably something cute and couple-y because he’d honestly have a secret love of couple items.
  • Matching outfits, rings, phone cases, your phone backgrounds, hats, the list goes on and on.
  • Singing together and making up your own goofy choreographies and having so much fun until 2Jae walk in on you and you’re both just like O.O and it’s super awkward and embarrassing but you resume as soon as they leave because fuck it you were enjoying yourselves.
  • Making out and having Markson walk in and once again you’re both O.O because why is this always happening goddammit?
  • “So this is what our maknae gets up to.”
  • “I didn’t know he was such a pervert.”
  • Raising a dog together. Jackson would probably trick the dog into thinking it’s name is ‘Jackson’ and you’re both facepalming because now your dog is named Jackson and the real Wang is being smug about it.
  • This would just be such a playful and silly relationship. Like it’s be awkward in a cute way and you’d both get embarrassed a lot, but you’d be so happy and drunk in love with each other. He’d make you genuinely happy because you lit up his entire world.

I wish 2017 will bring Louis happiness and better fans. He deserves so much more than…. this. 

She knew the real him, the one no one else knew, no one else saw and no one else understood. She knew all his secrets, all his regrets, all his dreams and all his flaws. She knew what he liked for breakfast and the way he liked his coffee. She knew when he was upset, when he was mad, when he was genuinely happy without him saying a word.
—  t.i // She knew him inside out and now she is forever haunted with the memories of him.
He’s not even talking to me. He’s talking to his friends and he’s laughing his ass off. He’s genuinely happy, he’s so happy. He can’t stop laughing, he can barely speak he’s laughing so hard.
He’s not even talking to me but I can’t stop smiling. Seeing him, hearing his laugh, it makes me so happy. Just his presence makes me happy.
He’s not even talking to me, but I’m falling for him more and more with every single second. Every time he laughs I fall a little harder and my heart beats a little faster.
He’s not even talking to me but, man, I am so happy .
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #14 // Marlana Ann (( @ayeitsmar ))