he's generally very nice but that was so

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Boyfriend seungkwan


  • A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that generally, seungkwan is a very kindhearted person
  • He isn’t always “sassy” alright
  • He’s so considerate of others and just soso kind
  • Imagine how he’d be with his significant other
  • Have you seen him with his mom???
  • He’d be the sweetest lil thing & doing the absolute most to ensure that you’re happy with him and that you’re always smiling and just!!!!! He’s great ok
  • Chronic gift-giver
  • It’s almost like every time he goes out he’s on the hunt for something nice to bring back to you because he really really likes spoiling you!!!
  • Sometimes it can be burdensome like,, boo seungkwan why are you spending all this on me please relax
  • But just accept it ok he’s not gonna stop….he wants to treat you and boy does he treat you GOOD
  • You saw him get Victoria’s Secret for his sister while he was in NYC
  • I think seungkwan’s the type to be pretty shy in the beginning of a relationship
  • You two could be the best of friends for the longest time before getting together
  • but the fact that he’s in a REAL ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU NOW makes him very nervous
  • He worries about whether or not he can make you happy and be a good boyfriend like it’s really something that weighs on his mind a lot, especially if he’s inexperienced when he starts dating you
  • And it’s like ???? you’re literally the best seungkwan wtf are you talking about???
  • ALWAYS express your gratitude and appreciation for the things he does for you
  • He kinds needs that reassurance to make sure he’s being an Ace™ partner
  • And he’ll ALWAYS tell you how wonderful and loved you make him feel in return for the things you do for him
  • That is if you’re really taking good care of him
  • Listen he may take care of you better than anyone else walking this planet but in the end he wants to be taken care of too…he’s still a lil baby at heart you know
  • So it’s important that you make sure you can be someone he can go to and talk to about anything
  • He’s a sensitive and emotional boy
  • Sometimes he needs someone to vent to and reassure him that everything’s fine and that he’s good enough etc.
  • Be that person…that’s super important
  • Sarcastic flirting, lighthearted arguments over dumb things, playful (yet intense) wrestling matches
  • He’s all about that stuff for sure
  • Also….hand-holding
  • Oh boy
  • Seungkwan is pretty fidgety with his hands, so he really likes to play with your fingers absentmindedly while talking with you and stuff
  • And literally all the time
  • Ahhh I can see him as the type to have deep convos late into the night
  • You’re both lying in bed in the dark and facing each other as you talk about your troubles/your future/your ambitions, literally whatever you guys have on your minds that you wanna talk about…even if it’s a new meme you found
  • He could talk to you for hours i’m having heart palpitations
  • As a boyfriend, Seungkwan’s the type to give and give and give and really give it his all in a relationship. Never take his kindness for granted! Take good care of him like he takes care of you! There’s no way your relationship could be anything but fantastic if you do so. There’s both a playful and serious side to your relationship, so even though Seungkwan can be all jokes at times, he really needs someone he can talk to seriously and help guide him through tough times, if need be. Accept him as he is with open arms and of course he’ll do the same for you~

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apparently hunk likely dealt with like, a starvation situation or something growing up, he's conflict adverse, very fixated on food, and also fat (weight gain often happens after or even during a period of food insecurity because the body starts stockpiling).

Noooo no no no noooooooo D:

I mean yeah, that all makes horrifying sense when you lay it out like that. Ugh, why must the sweet ones suffer?

I mean, I personally headcanon that Hunk had a really nice childhood with a loving family and everything, I really do think his home life was basically pretty good because he seems so happy and generally okay during the show. 

But this could lead to an absolutely wonderfully angst-ridden what if >:D

Like, picture an AU where Hunk’s home life isn’t quite as great as he has claimed. No one actually hurts him, but he doesn’t quite get enough to eat. Maybe because there actually isn’t enough to eat, maybe it’s all a lie, whatever. Doesn’t matter. Things just aren’t as spectacular as he’s led everyone to believe.

Fast forward to the paladins coming back to earth after defeating Zarkon. They’ve all bonded so much, they’re basically a family now. So, naturally, they want to meet each others’ families on Earth. Hunk doesn’t remember what his home life was like - he’d been away for so long between the Garrison and SPACE that he’d actually begun believing the lies he’s been telling everyone - until it’s too late, and they’re all walking up the front pathway. He immediately tries to convince everyone to leave, to turn around, to just go, but it’s too late. They’ve seen everything.

Imagine how freaking upset everyone would be! Imagine how quick they’d just scoop Hunk up and carry him off, like, nope nope nope you deserve better than this you are ours now you never have to go back to that again nope. Lance and Pidge actually start arguing about which of their families will adopt Hunk (Pidge argues that Lance’s family already adopted Keith, so it’s their turn). Allura and Coran are ready to just kidnap Hunk and take him back to the Castle of Lions where their food stores aren’t necessarily human, but at least they never run out.

Just, the whole team coming together to protect Hunk and make sure he’s never stuck in a bad situation like that ever again because they’re a family and that’s what families do

(And if the bad situation is that there’s like no food and Hunk’s family is starving too, then clearly they will also be whisked away to happier times. Because the family of my family is my family, right?)

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Some headcanons for Genji, Soldier 76, and Lucio when their s/o is being sweet and cute towards them. Giving some gifts to the boys too! Thank you~

((So I’ve been working on a Overwatch OC and I was wondering if any would be interested if I posted it))

Genji Shimada - He would chuckle at their cute antics and literally feel so lucky to have something so adorable. He would cuddle you a lot, and be very thankful for the presents. Generally he would be a nice dork

Solider 76 - He would seem cool about it in the outside but in his head he would be like ‘awwww’ appreciates the gifts but will ask why your giving them to me. He would be a happy.

Lucio - He would feed off that cuteness and be just as cute with you. He would treasure every present like is Christmas. Is just as much as a dork as you are

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What's it like sleeping with Tiger-Claw?

“He is very warm and soft to be next too which is nice since I cannot generate my own heat per say. As for his habits, I do hear him purr every now and then, but it is nothing frequent. It’s actually very adorable to see him sleep so peacefully, but also alert.”


Opening 3DS commissions!

My goal is to save up enough to get my bf a 2DS and eventually Pokemon Sun. It would mean a lot to me to be able to get him something nice since he does so much for me. So please, if you like my art and would like to help me out, I would very much appreciate it.

Pick from one of 3 styles:

1. Full body, flatter colors, cute, human or non-human, 1-2 characters. ($5)

2. Full body, non-human only, cute, lineless, generally 1 character but can add 2 depending on what it is. ($7)

3. Full body only if sitting/crouching or torso up/bust, cleaner lines, more detail, human or non-human, 1 character only, (I’m limited with drawing space). ($7 for half $10 for full)

Other info:
USD PayPal only. No NSFW, sorry. If you’re interested message me through ask or messenger. If you want your OC drawn, please be very descriptive or have references. My submit box is open. Once we settle on what I’m drawing for you, I will provide my PayPal email.

I look forward to drawing for you and greatly appreciate your help :) All I ask is patience. At times I can finish the same day issued and sometimes it may take a few days. It all depends on what’s going on in my life but I assure you that you will not have to wait too long.

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"Good luck! You'll do fine!" If the professor puts his hand in his labcoat pocket, he'll find a little plushie Eevee in there - just small enough to fit in one hand for a nice subtle thing to hold to relieve stress.

He’d reached into his pocket for his keys so he could lock up his home on the way out, but the first thing his hand felt was something very soft, fluffy, and generally rather un-key-like. He froze for a moment, his immediate thought being that some kind of small baby pokemon had decided to take a nap in his pockets again, but on further inspection it was just a small plush eevee toy.

“Hm? How strange, how did this get in there?” 

He was no stranger to gifts, but usually they would be left at the front desk for him, and not randomly show up on his person. Maybe someone had lost this?

He shook his head- He would just have to figure out this particular mystery later, there were more pressing matters to deal with. The official who had arrived to evaluate them the past few times before was a rather intimidating woman, who most certainly did not like to be kept waiting! 

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so. *tents fingers* what's up with you and fella, eh?

WE’RE VERY GOOD FRIENDS!!!!!!!! I LIKE  HIM A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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😊 👍 😉 💯 🍬 🏩 👮 💑 💋 😳 👿 💘

💯 What is my muse’s ideal date?

Hank’s generally very easy to please - the actual location or activity doesn’t matter so much so long as the other person makes an effort to be close, share things with him, and genuinely want to spend time with him. If pressed, his most ideal date ever would be near Christmas time, going ice-skating or Christmas shopping, stopping off for pizza in a nice warm restaurant, then wrapping up warm at home with a Christmas movie - Die Hard or Muppet Christmas Carol being the favorites.

🍬 Is my muse a sub, dom, or switch?

99% sub, but he’s capable of being a switch if his partner really wants him to rise to the occasion. It’s not that he can’t or doesn’t like it, he just prefers being a sub.

👿 Would my muse ever blackmail someone into sex?

Literally never. It would be against every moral in Hank’s arsenal and would make him feel personally ashamed and disgusted with himself. If he ever got that sexually deprived, he would just go see a sex worker.

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22 for all three of the clone bebs! :o

OMG THANK you Bubble!! <3

22: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?
Okay. So all three really only show affection towards each other. They are basically inseparable. But they definitely show it differently.

Mischief - is just legit the most protective. When around others and in private. Standing very close to both of them, is just a constant really. He will also do the hand on the lower back. DEFINITELY the hand on the back of the neck (but gently) THUMB MOVEMENT IS SO IMPORTANT because it is such a small thing and not nessicarily noticeable? but a hand on the back of the neck with a thumb sweeping back and forth is just. so nice? (Rabble will melt into the touch tbh) In private he is generally bracketed in with Rabble and Ruckus on each side. He lays on his back and has one arm around each of them. 

Ruckus -  has no trouble showing affection. Is actually kind of a flirt? Like. not really meaning to? only ever means it with Mischief and Rabble. LOVES INNUENDO. (honestly would probably love Archer’s “Phrasing?”) but will put an arm around Rabble no problem. Pull him close give him a kiss on the top of his head. He doesn’t show it in public as much with Mischief because he knows Mischief doesn’t show it as well, but definitely hands on shoulders. Forehead touches. Definitely loves to be curled up against Mischief’s side at night. 

Rabble - omg sweet beb. He loves to show his affection for his brothers. Maybe it was something about being so much smaller than everyone else. Making sure everyone knew who he was with at all times. Most of the time it is initiating touch, but he loves to be the one being touched?? like sneaking in under Ruck’s arm so Ruck would pull him close, lean up against Mischief’s side so he would wrap his arm around him. Half the time would end up on top of Mischief, again, being smaller than basically everyone else has its advantages. Including a large Mischief-sized bed. XD

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As a German, I now have an excuse to root for Portugal. Would have been a bit weird for me to root for them if the finale had been Portugal vs. Germany. My mom hates Ronaldo. She doesn't understand why I like him but I've been following him since he was 17 and still played in Portugal and I've always been rooting for Portugal because of that. They're like my second favorite team. Anyway, I'd like to see what he might do with Ricky in case of a win. LOL.

It would have been a bit awkward, uh? :D So thank you for leaving me to deal with that, haha!

It’s so nice you’ve been a fan for SO long, wow! It’s true that you generally love him or hate him; there’s no middle ground with him, your mum is no uncommon case. I’ve always liked and side-rooted for Portugal myself, I remember a very young CR7 in 2006! But I haven’t turned into a proper admirer up to a couple of years ago. What did it for me was finding out he had sent a lot of money to rebuild schools and shelters for palestinian children who had just lost everything in the latest bombing. Then I started discovering his human side and learnt to see through what the media made of him. And I had to reconsider most of the players I used to worship and grow fond of this man :)