he's funnyyy


Feldy: “From what I remember there were like, 3 massive security guards, they push me out of the way and they’re like “ANDY BIERSACK IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN THE STAIRS!”, and I’m like, “now, who the fuck is Andy Biersack a) and b) like dude, stop eating so much, like really, and yeah, that was my first experience meeting you (Andy), my friend. It wasn’t even a ‘meet’.”

Andy: “[laughing] but whats funny about the story is, I didn’t have any security guards, so maybe those guys were just…really passioned large fans […] I apologize for this many many times, can you forgive me now?”

Feldy: “No, I cannot.” (x) 

William Beckett Meet & Greet
  • William Beckett: Hi how are you?
  • Me: I'm good, how are you?
  • William Beckett: I'm good, how are you?
  • Me: I - um good?
  • William Beckett: Now ask me again.
  • Me: ..... what?
  • William Beckett: Ask me how are you again.
  • Me: Um you must be tired....
  • William Beckett: No seriously ask me again.
  • Me: How are you?
  • William Beckett: I'm good, how are you?
  • Me:
  • William Beckett:
  • Me:
  • William Beckett:
  • Me: ..... I'm actually pretty tired
  • William Beckett: Yeah me too.