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If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.

The Mistake (Bonus #6) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One Where Stiles Uses Some Spanish He Learned From Derek”

Author’s Note: Just more sex. I am, ahem, a bad person? They left Vegas after this Bonus Part. This was the end of Part 6.5. This idea really cracked me up though. Also, I had to protect Parrish. #ParrishDeservesTheBest

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Y/n gripped onto the side of the bed, pulling more of the blankets off and letting them fall onto Stiles’ legs. She threw her head back and moaned as she felt his hands move up her torso to grab at her breasts. “Oh my god.” She groaned as he pinched at her nipples with force. 

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                              favorite character + hogwarts houses  →  stiles stilinski


“From the inside he could see it all.. But could do nothing against the evil which controlled his body. There were just tears and mute screams against nothing than darkness and the noise of endless buzzing in his ears.” 

“… It started with a whisper in the dark, in his dreams while he slept, as the fireflies came and with them… his death.”

Page one is finished.

WIPs of this works and all pages

Maybe werewolf eyes are extra sensitive to light. Maybe that’s why no one in the show remembers how to flip on a freaking light switch.

Flirt - Theo Raeken

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warnings: swearing, mentions of sexual activities, lotso alcohol so underaged drinking, very belated request
requested by anon! again sorry the request took me forever to get to ya, but i didn’t forget! although I did change some things around… hope you still like it tho

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?”

 You turned from where you stood on the steps of the school, and rose an eyebrow at Theo Raeken.  He winked, bounding up the stairs towards you.  “And how are you this mornings, darling flower?” You rolled your eyes, but let him walk next to you anyways.

 “I am absolutely wonderful now that I have Mr Raeken escorting me into the building.  And you?”

 “Well I do find myself fancying walking with you, flower” He replied.  You laughed to yourself as you headed into the school.

 “Nice chatting as always Raeken.  See you later”

 “Adios Chica”

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A concept

The very last episode of teen wolf is Isaac back from Paris. He and Scott reunited and visiting Allisons grave (as like an anniversary of her death)stiles and Lydia show up with Derek as well. they all part ways except Scott and stiles. Stiles says “hey Scott, I heard there was a dead body in the woods, a body cut in half wanna go check it out” they jump in the Jeep and as they’re passing the school all you see is coach running out, tears of joy everywhere………. Greenberg finally graduated

I’m just saying…… Doug Eiffel probably pulled a lot of Stupid Shit as a teenager (and likely into college too) 

He was one of those kids that was always playing slaps or knuckles while sitting in the back of the school bus. He sprayed his friend Karen’s hairspray into the palm of his hand and set it on fire, to the delight of his crowd of slacker friends. He may or may not have a permanent scar from the time he burned himself with ice and salt (not exactly as a self-harm thing, mind you, but more as a challenge and to, once again, impress the rest of his idiotic friends). And y’know, speaking of his friends, they once duct-taped him to the side of a vacant building and, because he was scrawny and it was pretty legit tape, he stayed there for about 45 minutes before falling off with a tremendous lack of grace.  

And I mean, to be frank, his drinking and smoking probaaaabbbly started during his teenage years as well. His group of friends undoubtedly got into whatever they could find and made poor decisions, like going into into the in the woods at night to get drunk or wandering around town from park to park or, even more stupidly, operating things like 4-wheelers while intoxicated. 

All I’m saying is, he likely wasn’t the smartest kid, or at the very least he probably made a lot of unwise decisions. At least in my interpretation of what he might have been like very pre-canon


Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Sexual content.
Word count: 440

Tags: @17jenny, @lildoog-ish, @peacefullyandtatted01, @greek-geek481

“WOW!” you exclaimed, earning a surprised look from Scott as he was handling a deep and still open wound that was still in the healing process.

You stood in the doorway, watching Scott in awe as you eyed his body up and down, eyes lingering a bit longer on his naked torso.

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Gimme mermaid Stiles who is half octopus instead of fish. He’s tricky and disappears just when you think you’ve spotted him.

Peter the treasure hunter who is always in search of the next big find. He’s been doing this for years, and he’s seen some amazing and terrifying things. But when he’s diving among a sunken Spanish ship in the cold Atlantic ocean, and he sees long, dark red, almost black tentacles rolling in the corner of the captain’s quarters, he stills. A ghostly pale face of a young man appears in the murky water. Peter briefly wonders if specters are real, until he’s rushed by this half man, half octopus with sharp teeth and flashing eyes.

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Okay, girl *cracks knuckles* Talk to me about Theo. What? Why? How? What's going on with the boy? I love Cody Christian and I was fascinated with Theo in the previous seasons. Do gush, please!

(I already typed an entire essay on this and then I accidentally clicked the back button!! TT______________________TT *bawling forever*)

“Do gush, please!” – Girl you just know the right words to say to me. Also, by gush you mean go completely crazy though, right? Cause I did 😁

A little background though; I stopped watching the show during season 4, and I only just started because it’s ending and just for old times sake. I know roughly about what happened with Theo in season 5, Cody is pretty and I could understand his inclusion into Jeff Davis’s infamous harem of pretty boys, but that’s about it.

The thing about me is that I’m a sucker for villain redemption arcs, it’s like the blood that courses through my veins, and not many villain redemption arcs has been as amazing or well done as Theo’s, and that’s a credit to Cody’s acting; he does things with his eyes in scenes and words are just not needed. I only give Jeff maybe 40 percent of the credit because he does this thing where he writes these amazing scenes and teases these amazing story lines that never end up going anywhere. But it’s a credit to Cody that he’s managed to convey so much of Theo’s recently recovered humanity with what little scenes he’s had.

Which brings me to what I’ve realized with Theo through this season, I don’t know if it’s in the previous season as well, but obviously was Theo truly wants is to be part of a pack. He wants that camaraderie and to feel like he belongs and to have people there who wants him there and who will have his back. Liam wanted Theo’s help when he released him from the hole and what Theo needed was Liam’s friendship. And in their own very violent ways, I think they both got maybe more than they bargained for.

As I’ve mentioned earlier; Jeff Davis isn’t a terrible writer, Jeff tries to do too much with the little time he has and everything just ends up crashing and burning. But when we look closely at the small bits of writing where he’s good, he’s actually really good, and the characters he creates are fun and interesting – too bad he ends up not taking advantage of that like 90 percent of the time. It’s very apparent with Theo’s arc as well. He teased these little bits of information and completely forgets about it in the next scene, or its not brought up again, one such thing is what exactly happened to Theo when he was in that hole (hell?).

They kind of hint at what happened to him, but it’s up to us to make our own judgement; ultimately it’s implied that he spent however long he did down in that hole being tormented by the ghost of his dead sister and living through the agony and fear of her ripping his heart out of his chest over and over again for eternity. The scene itself is played on repeat for nearly 5 minutes and it ends with Theo saying, “It’s okay…you don’t have to stop.” Which is a heart wrenching line of itself, but with Cody’s delivery; the way his voice kind of breaks and the tears in his eyes and the genuine sadness and resignation on his face – that just fucking killed me and my soul was officially sold to Theo and Cody.

It then it immediately cuts the scene which was the ending scene of the last episode, in which Malia and Scott return to face the newly freed Theo for the first time, and the scene that immediately follows Theo’s hallucination, as he comes back to himself, is Malia beating the crap out of him. He doesn’t seem to really realize where he was in that scene and he actually says the words, “It’s okay…you don’t have to stop,” to Malia. *screeching squeal that is hear from across the oceans*.

But in true Jeff Davis style, that bit is never addressed and that scene is never mentioned again. It’s shaded in the hospital scene with Liam but nothing really comes of it. Which just breaks my little Theo-loving writers heart.

To quote the person who posted this gifset: ‘He loses his heart. And finds it at the same time.’ *cue a thousand fangirl screams sounding in the background*

This is from episode 18 (cause Cody and Theo didn’t appear in episode 19 which is the biggest travesty of all) and I think it shows just how far he’s really come. We’ve seen his character development when with Liam, mainly because Liam is the person who released him and the first person to show him genuine friendship. He doesn’t owe Mason anything but he saved him more than once in that scene and then actually tries to take away his pain when he didn’t have to. No one would have known and no one would have expected it. That comment Mason made though leads me to believe that this will be brought up in the finale again where he’ll show people *coughLiamcough* that he does care and bringing his development and redemption full circle from being someone who caused pain, to someone willing to take it away from others. Excuse me while I weep for a bit.

Here are more example of how far Theo has come as a character and in his friendship with Liam: when he stopped Liam from killing an asshole in a way that’s 100 percent Theo.

Also, in episode 12 we learn that Theo is homeless and living in his truck (his parents are never mentioned again, though I assume they’ve amscrayed the fuck out of Beacon Hills) and in that scene, another 5 minute scene of Cody Christian with almost zero dialogue in which everything is conveyed through his body language and his eyes alone. What I saw in that scene was someone who was just lonely but also still proud, not wanting to go asking Scott for help even when something suspicious happened. Also as this post made into a short drabble, another heart wrenching Theo scene giving me all the fucking feels.

And just… this, girl.


I should stop now probably. In conclusion, stalk this person’s tumblr girl, you will not regret it. I discovered it like 2 hours ago and I have done nothing of use irl since.

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