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“(Man) We’ve been acquainted for ten years and going out for three years. Just like a moment ago, she ties my shoes and takes care of me otherwise. She says that I’m so well-educated, but…”
“(Woman) He’s slow-witted, and that’s why he arouses motherly affection in me. I have to choose and buy a new outfit for him when the seasons change, because he’d ignore it and put on clothes that are bursting at the seams.”
“(Man) My girlfriend isn’t good at directions. So I find the way for her, and I go with her…Now, we complement each other, but we fought a lot at first. I thought I had shared my emotions frequently, but my girlfriend would ask why I wouldn’t express my feelings or why I wouldn’t get in touch with her more often.”
“(Woman) When I told him that he doesn’t keep in touch with me enough, he said that love is like the ‘Spirit Bomb’ to him. Like the *Spirit Bomb, he wants to build up love in him and hurl it at me all, he said.”

*From Japanese manga and anime Dragon Ball. It is also called Genki Dama. It is considered to be the strongest way to attack enemies. In order to use the Spirit Bomb, one must painstakingly gather huge amounts of energy from the surroundings.

“(남자) 저희는 알고지낸지는 10년, 연애 한지는 3년 정도예요. 아까처럼 이 친구가 신발 끈도 묶어주고, 저를 챙겨줘요. 저더러 가방끈은 긴데…”
“(여자) 모자라요. 그래서 오빠가 모성애를 자극하는 편이에요. 계절마다 옷가게 가서 옷도 골라 입혀야해요. 솔기가 터진걸 신경도 안쓰고 뜯어진 옷을 그냥 입고 다니거든요.”
“(남자) 여자친구는 길을 잘 못 찾아요. 그러면 제가 찾아주고, 같이 가주고…지금은 서로 다른 부분을 채워주지만, 처음엔 서로 달라서 많이 싸웠어요. 저는 표현을 많이 한다고 했는데 여자친구는 왜 표현을 안해주느냐, 연락이 적느냐 하기도 하고요.”
“(여자) 제가 연락이 적다고 하니까 자기한테는 사랑이 ‘원기옥’같은 거래요. 원기옥처럼 사랑을 자기 안에서 모아서 한 번에 팍 쏘고 싶다나요?”

Is Yuri Plisetsky a Recreation of Gilbert Cocteau?

Yuri Plisetsky is a 15-year-old Russian ice skater from the new loved anime series “Yuri!!! On Ice.” In the anime, this young man has already become a very famous skater internationally and has won the Junior Division of the Grand Prix Final. Throughout the show, he strives to be the best.

Yurio, a nickname he receives in episode 2, isn’t afraid to go out of his comfort zone to show that he can do anything. He proves this point by preforming Victor’s, a 6 time winner of the Grand Prix Final, “On Love: Agape,” a routine he would never pick for himself, because it doesn’t “suit him.” More so his personality.

When performing “On Love: Agape,” he looks very similar to another character from an old shoujo manga called “Kaze to Ki no Uta,” (The Poem of the Wind and Trees) by Keiko Takemiya. His name is Gilbert Cocteau.

Gilbert is also a 15 year-old boy but was born in France in the late 19th century. His backstory is very complex and heart breaking, but his movements are similar to that of Yurio’s in his performance. Also the feathers on Yurio’s costume are like the wings that Gilbert is often portrayed with in his desire to be free from his constant despair.

Because both these boys are young and have feminine like features, many people have called them beautiful, and they often catch the attention of those around them.

Though their appearance and age are the only real connection they have to each other, they both also have a gentle presence when displaying “agape.” In my own opinion, I would not be surprised if Gilbert’s character design was used to help bring forth this new young boy who once wanted to destroy is feminine appearance with his pride but now seeks to embrace it before it’s too late.


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Hey! I’ll be posting some old (somewhat recent) art right now! Just so my blog isn’t empty and i can get started ;;w;;
Heres a fun fact! My nickname came from this boy, Rihito Sajou. Hes from a lovely BL manga called doukyuusei (classmates)

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Can i ask from what are your gifs with the skull (?) guy? C: he looks amazing and fitting for your characters č:

// Oh ho ho~ You mean Daddy Elias Ainsworth?

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He’s from a manga called Mahou Tsukai no Yome or The Ancient Magus Bride :)

Due to regionalization issues, the 3-episode OVA pilot is scheduled to be released in America around September-October with the full 24-episode anime following soon after :)

My 2CT Dream

Last night, I had a dream about 2CT. It was so weird because I was Our!Ciel and then there was Real!Ciel. We were having a meeting at my house and Finny was there for some reason. And Real!Ciel was kind of threatening me, but he wasn’t an actual person, he was just the drawing of him from the manga. Then he called me my dream’s equivalent of Our!Ciel's…Astre (pronounced As-teer). Also, before he walked in, I was watching the 2014 Live Action Black Butler Movie. So I have no idea what any of this means. It’s also weird because given the situation with my twin and me, and I would be Our!Ciel since I am the younger one. What does this mean?


I’ve seen too many people thinking Jeojang was something Jihoon came up with on his own and it kinda makes me feel old… he got it from an anime/manga called Shugo Chara and just yeah okay bye