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get to know me meme:  favourite male characters [3/5] Handsome Jack
- “This one guy in New Haven, right? City’s burning. People are dying left and right, yada yada yada. This jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A freaking SPOON! And I’m dying laughing, right? So I scoop out his stupid little eyeballs with it, and his kids are all ‘WAAAAA’ and he can’t see where he’s going, he’s bumping into stuff and I - anyway, I don’t know, maybe you had to be there. The moral is: you’re a total bitch.”

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hi! i just wanted to say i freaking love your stuff on this blog and your nfsw blog! you are so talented and i hope you continue to do what makes you happy. your mafia au literally gave me life, i love it way too much haha! i love love love your oc! he's so handsome and cute, im happy for him that he got married to such a good guy :p anyways, keep up the great work! <3

Hey hey! :D
It’s incredible to hear that you like my stuff so much!!!
Both regular and NSFW X3
I shall def continue to draw and keep creating wonderful things that I hope all of you will enjoy <3
All the love I am getting for my and Sheil’s OCs is KINDA overwhelming almost
And yeah, he married a GREAT guy <3


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  • the first meeting with him would probably also include jimin bc as we know he’s shy af
  • + it would be over facetime bc he doesn’t have the balls to meet you face-to-face
  • he would’ve heard all about you from jimin bc you two knew each other already
  • like can you imagine the cute bare-faced jungkook trying to say something to you over ft???
  • good that jimin is there too bc otherwise it would be just you two awkwardly staring at each other
  • i can see this super goofy moment where jimin is blabbering but jungkook is only staring at you

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TOP 5 Hot List - Haikyuu!!

1) Hajime Iwaizumi - I love him!!! I infact love him so much i might need an exorcism. He is perfect in every kind of way.

2) Daichi Sawamura - I mean just look at him. He is such a handsome hunk! + he is caring, loyal, reliable… And thights, look at his tights…

3) Kuroo Tetsurō - With his bedhair he looks like he doesn’t puts any effort in his look - but that is exactly what makes him so freaking sexy. He is funny and a bit mysterious. He is tall and his almost awkward long limbs and long fingers are sexy as hell

4)Tobio Kageyama -

Tobio is somewhat mysterious but in a shy and introverted kind of way. He has beautiful blue eyes and is hella hot when he concentrates while playing

5) Keiji Akaashi - Maybe the prettiest of the bunch. You don’t now exactly what he thinks. He is sarcastic and mysterious. You keep thinking if you only crack the hard shell, there is a very sweet and caring center.

Dating Rap Monster(Namjoon) Would be like

I AM READY AND WILLING TO B R E AK ADMIN TRICY WITH THIS NAMJOON IS HER ULT BIAS AND I AM SO PREPARED TO DESTROY HER WITH THIS AHAHAHAH also i’m kinda sad bc this is the END OF THE BOYFRIEND BTS SERIES AHH i feel kinda empty inside but dont worry i have plenty of ideas to fill me up again muahaha! keep an eye out for some GOT7 stuff and possibly another bts series out soon~ Please please pl e a s e send me ideas or prompts for reactions and also long series like this!!!!

  • oh my god this man 
  • Tricey loves him and so do i
  • he’s such a low key meme like he’s not on the level of Tae and Hobi and of cOURSE THE MASTER HIMSELF JEON JUNGKOOK BUT STILL
  • he’s a Shy Meme
  • and i know it sounds weird like the words Namjoon and Shy do not go together v well bUT IN ACTUALITY HES A SMOL TOL
  • he has the capability to be v v sweet and loving but sometimes he just ends up 
  • daddy??
  • like not even trying like he’s ACTIVELY trying to make ur date night nice and romantic but lmao he spills red wine on ur outfit and he almost cries so he takes u home and then helps u get out of ur stained clothes ;D
  • on the topic of disaster 
  • you keep extras of almost everything at your house
  • or at the very least, you have a large stock of glue and duct tape 
  • lots of band aids 
  • like literally bubble wrap everything important to you bc if not it will get broken in .2 seconds when he comes over
  • being very tempted to bubble wrap him when he goes anywhere
  • he is to blame whenever anything around your house breaks
  • do u remember when people would go “thanks obama” when things went wrong? 
  • its kinda like that like ugh ur tv isn’t working ur remote is broken ur microwave is on the fritz and he doesn’t even have to be in the same country hell he could be on the moon but ur like…..naMJO O OOONNNNN
  • you are constantly getting calls from Jin telling you that Namjoon did __ to himself and they’re currently getting it checked out
  • the first few times you freaked out but then after like the 3 time in a 2 week span you got used to it like ugh again?? i’ll be there in a lil bit
  • Kim Daily 
  • you being the one to take those Kim Daily pictures
  • sometimes ur like??Namjoon WHAT are you wearing? (flashbacks to him in the Baepsae dance practice lol)
  • yeah okay whatever makes u happy babe
  • you then start planning his outfits for him most of the time
  • takes tho u sands of selfies w u
  • gets ‘mad’ if u ruin the selfie by making a dumb face 
  • he gets v v flustered if you kiss his cheek when taking a selfie its very cute please do this OFTEN
  • he tries to do ageyo to get on your good side when he breaks something v valuable to u or if he forgets an important date but ur like…please stop okay oka ok alright ur forgive just please…stop
  • he would try s o hard to be normal the first few times u went out but then u make a bad joke and suddenly the gloves are off and you now have Dorky Namjoon on ur hands 100% of the time
  • he can get v v serious at really random times
  • like you’re getting ice cream together and laughing at something the maknae line did that day and suddenly he’s not laughing and he’s looking you dead in the eyes its kinda terrifying 
  • and he’s like “for what purpose were we put on this earth why are we here what is the meaning of our existence”
  • and ur like??? okay?
  • “well currently our purpose is to get ice cream so like, i’m not gonna defy destiny lol”
  • he loves any answer you give him like he knows he can give really weird questions often but you tae him seriously even if your answers are goofy
  • he’s bad at expressing his thoughts in a coherent manner 
  • he loves having u on his lap like wh o a 
  • he’ll try to be cute and pull you on his lap when ur having a movie night but he ends up spilling ur drink lol
  • u sit on his lap after u clean it up bc it makes him s o happy
  • he loves to just lay in bed and watch you sleep especially when he can’t sleep for some reason or another it sounds creepy i know but
  • he just loves u so much and you’re his biggest source of inspiration to him 
  • so sometimes you’ll wake up at 3 am bc he was missing from ur bed and you walk into the kitchen and find him sitting at the table in his sleeping pants and a small snack next to him
  • he moved out there bc he didn’t want to disturb ur sleep but you have a hard time sleeping without him bc he’s v v warm and comfy to lay on
  • (even if he snores like a freaking pug)
  • he turned the lamp on so that he could write properly and he looks so handsome with the light hitting his face just right and the look of concentration he has, and he’s humming ever so slightly and his beautiful skin is glowing, highlighting his bare chest and reflecting off of the little highlights in his messy hair and its such a beautiful moment you feel blessed to witness and you walk up behind him and slide your arms around his neck in a loose hug
  • and he’s a little startled bc he thought you were asleep and he was in his own lil world
  • so he scoots his chair out a lil and you plop urself into his lap and he holds your waist, gently rubbing the bare skin under your sleep shirt (that happens to be one of his shirts) and his forehead is resting on the junction between your neck and your shoulder, his warm breath fanning the skin there and giving you goosebumps 
  • and you’re running your hands through his fluffy hair and you scratch his scalp with your fingernails and he gives this deep m o a n and suddenly his lips are gently working on your neck and he looks up at you with this sleepy/aroused look in his eyes and he slides his hands up your ribs and you are g o n e
  • we all know he has that weird converse fetish going on 
  • you wear his “ideal type” shirt, short shorts( bc namjoon is a bOOTY MAN AND I WILL SAY THAT UNTIL MY DEATH) and red converse 
  • and you make the mistake of wearing that to visit the boys at practice and he drags u out into a closet and u have to wear his hoodie back to the room bc ur neck is destroyed 
  • obvs the boys make fun of u but namjoon shuts that shit down bc at least he’s actually getting some lmao
  • please call him daddy at least once 
  • he loves it
  • you wear the converse in bed for his birthday and you legit couldn’t walk for the next 2 days lol
  • he loves light BDSM like blindfolds handcuffs ropes toys spanking oh holy shIT HE LOVES IT
  • dirty talk man. lots of it. 
  • you call him daddy when u want something from him and immediately he will get it for u no matter what
  • he’s someone who needs u to help take care of his morning problem almost every morning
  • not quite as adventurous as Hobi in the, sex everywhere thing, just bc he loves to hear your voice when you have sex okay he wants u to be vocal af 
  • loves to see you in lingerie of any kind. can be lace, velvet, silk, anything. He especially loves it if you wear white, since its such an innocent and pure color, it really gets him off to see you enjoying such dirty things while looking like an angel.
  • he’s not super DUPER vocal, except for praising you and dirty talk, especially if you’re going down on him, you better expect a LOT of talking from his end
  • however, he is a deep moaner/ groaning and grunter. I mean, that deep silky voice of his is  just a telltale for the kinds of moans he has.
  • he likes to whisper dirty things in your ear when you’re in public and you have to resist the urge to punch him in the dick bc not now namjoon you caNNOT AFFORD TO BE SHOOK IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT
  • help me I’m such a sinner
  • sometimes he gets into this weird headspace like yoongi does, maybe its an artist thing but 
  • he sort of closes himself off a little bit when he’s stressed and maybe confused about his feelings for you bc its nice to date someone and like them but its v different when you’re dating someone and you LOVE them yknow?
  • and you would get a little worried but you figured his silence was bc of an upcoming comeback or he was having trouble with a song, and it wasn’t unusual that as the leader of BTS sometimes he had to put them before you, and you understood that, but after the 3rd week of not hearing anything from him, and him ghosting your texts and calls, you text Jin
  • who says that Namjoon is sorting through some things and it’s better if you come over and ask him about it in person
  • and Namjoon doesn’t really realize that he’s avoiding you or hurting you like to him it’s perfectly natural to close yourself off from others so that you’re not distracted or effected by their presence when you make a serious decision
  • but when you confront him with tears in your eyes, wondering if this silence is his way of cutting himself off from you in order to make it easier to break up with you, he realizes that that’s not a healthy way to think things through
  • and the very last thing he wanted to do was to see you here in front of him with your eyes watering and your hands are full of crushed glass that is your heart, and as always he’s responsible for breaking and ruining everything 
  • and he panics and tells you that no he never wants to break up with you because he loves you and he just wasn’t sure how to handle it bc he’s never had a serious love like this before and it honestly scared him how much he had fallen for you and how he needed you like air but he didn’t realize that you needed him just as much as he needed you and that you were suffocating without him
  • and he’s rambling so you cut him off with a salty kiss and he didn’t realize he was crying too until you’re holding his face in your hands wiping them away and as his eyes become less clouded by tears he sees you with tear tracks stained onto your face and you look tired and broken down but there’s such a love in your eyes 
  • and to him it just clicks that even tho he’s treated you so terribly you still love him bc forgiveness should be that easy, and you SHOULD be mad at him but you love him and you’re such a better person then he is for forgiving him so easily
  • and you just tell him he’s an idiot and that he better treat you extra nice for making you worry about him like that 
  • and he gives a watery laugh and tells you that if you’d just marry him already then you’d never have to worry about him again
  • and you tell him that would never happen, he hurts himself too much for you not to worry, but you say yes, and namjoon knows that you’ll always be together to glue glass hearts together again forever.

fuck my asshole RIP IN PEACE @ MYSELF AND ALSO TRICEY i feel like this one is so long?? send help i am crying

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I just downloaded tinder and wanted to get your thought on something. Me and this guy hit it off he asked for my number and he even added me on snap ( so he isn't catfishing). We talked through text for while. I sent him good morning snap(he said he loves getting them) and he usually responds with one but opened it. Then I sent him a message like few hours saying how is work going and no replays. I remember seeing your rule of three messages. We vibed, and he so handsome. Any advice?

Might be late on this, but really just don’t freak out. People have busy days. If he doesn’t respond after a week or so (and 3 ish messages spread out over the week), you probably gotta let him go

Not Alone

Side Note

I want to say a big thank you to @millie-ionaire05 for writing my summary for me. I truly appreciate the feedback you give me on my writing. Also, thanks for helping me edit my work. I 💚 you, cuhh! Check out her work when you have a chance ;)

I have to admit, when I first got into BTS, Yoongi was not one I gravitated to very much. From the videos I saw, the comments fans made, even the comments he made about himself, he was portrayed as lazy, rude, stand-off-ish and that’s also how I saw him. But he is my cousin’s bias, so I knew there had to be more to him.

When he dropped his mixtape, I was shocked, not by the music or his style. I already knew he would slay. I was shocked by the lyrics. I totally didn’t expect that. My eyes opened and I thought back to those videos I had seen before and I was like, Damn, this kid has been going through what he was going through, but he was still busting his butt working on this plus his BTS work. How could I have ever thought he was lazy? I have such a huge huge respect for him now.

I’m so glad I wrote this fanfic because it helped me see him differently. I would listen to videos of him talking, just to get a feel for his voice (the way he talks, his mannerisms) to help with my writing. Finding pictures/gifs of him also showed me just how freaking handsome he really is! I tell you, those of you who have him as your bias are so lucky!! I have to remind my partner in crime @millie-ionaire05, to please keep her boy in his lane because he is trying so so hard to wreck my bias list!

Thank you for all the love you all showed me. That means so much to me. The feedback will also help with any future work I do. Until next time….

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Side Note | Epilogue

One of the first things I wanted to post was my love for all the artists out there and the fans on tumblr giving Shura from fire emblem so much love on here. He has like no merch and it crushes my little fangirl heart I wanted to get a keychain of him to put on my backpack for classes. There’s like nothing anywhere else I look online giving him love except here. But seeing all the art and fanfiction, it makes me such a freaking fangirl.

But seriously, to everyone who has done fanart of him. You’re all such talented artists and I love your work and you all deserve so much love <3 THANK YOU for brightening my days with such beautiful stuff of our handsome hobo!
(Also all the thrist for him on tumblr is amazing and I am so sad there’s not a lot of smut written for him and maybe I need to change that)

Jongin (Kai) Birthday Special

reasons to love this freaking awesome boy <3

1. his face is so handsome~

2. HIS BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. because he is a fucking dancing machine who can dance really really really well ….

4. he also can dance super cute…

5. ohhh and there is his “walk”

7. his cute wink <3

8. Jongin has the habit of sticking out his toungue …o.o thats hot

9. His sexy smirk………………..*dead*

10. His smile is so pure, lovely and handsome…. Jongin-ah never loose the ability to smile, okey? ~

11. HE IS SO FUCKING SEXY!!!!!!!!!!! …

12 His sexy blonde hair

13.His buing buing

14. This boy is so cute!!!

15. his adorable full lips

16. his sexy bronze skin

17. he looks so cute while he almost slipped on the stage

18. The thing that he easy get scared

18 from cute to sexy in 3…2…1

19 He loves animals (especialy dogs)

20. the way he forms a heart with his hands

21 his body wave

22. he is cool!!

23. yeah………………… O.O

——–> (¬‿¬)


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He's perfect, way too handsome for this world. He appreciates his friends and that is just something that makes him even more precious. He knows he's perfect and that makes me so freaking happy!!! I wish I could tell him just how much I love him - the love confession ask thingy

That’s just so beautiful aww <3 I hope you can tell him someday <3 <3 <3


1) He was nice and sweet like I had imagined. (I walked up really fast and gently put my arm around him bc I didn’t know how hurt he was and said “I hope you get better soon.” And he said “Thank you,” and then we had to do the re-do, and then that was it. My hubby was totally a secret service-man in both poses idk why. Also, my hubby thought Misha wasn’t really interacting with him but I told him that he probably felt less scared around women and he didn’t mean anything by it, and he felt less bad about it.)

2) My hubby totally looks like he could have been Misha’s bodyguard. He was in the Army, too, so that helps. (Also, he didn’t want me to post the pic of him without his glasses but I think he looks handsome.)

3) Misha used a Castiel bobble-head to cover up his lip so we would have a nice picture…well, 2 since Michael forgot to take off his hat and glasses in the first one so we got a re-do. I wasn’t complaining.

4) Misha is hella thin…like what even.

5) Misha is handsome af.

6) I didn’t even freak out. I was just too pissed off at whoever hurt our boy.

7) Feel free to crop or edit if you’d like, just credit me. :)

#getwellsoonmisha #weloveyoumisha