he's following me omg

I swear to god don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

Since making them TOO much isn’t really a positive behavior, their reactions might be a bit more serious than you think, so I hope you don’t mind;;

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  • When you first joined RFA, he found himself constantly agree on your self-deprecating jokes
  • Even though he might find them funny occasionally, he actually felt somewhat sentimental on the inside
  • He knows he isn’t good enough and couldn’t change the fact that he’s weak
  • But well that took a dramatic turn after he saved you from the bomb threat
  • He’s supported by everyone in the RFA and realizes how he will be strong enough to protect you from any situation
  • He wouldn’t think less of himself anymore
  • So no matter if you make the jokes cheerfully or not, he would constantly remind you for what you did
  • “It is you who brought the change in me, MC. Try to value yourself more, okay?”
  • Will always hold your hand and gives you hugs to further reassure you


  • He was honestly taken aback when you made your first joke in the chatroom
  • Unlike Seven’s jokes yours were a bit more depressing than expected?
  • Even if he’s quite a bit insecure of himself, he would always try to think positively which results to his endless narcissism
  • He wouldn’t find them funny as long as they’re a form of self-deprecation
  • So when you made them out of habit while you’re together, he simply took ahold of your hand and kisses it
  • that successfully shuts you up for good tho
  • “Would you like me to show how much you’re worth to me, Princess?”
  • He said it in such an innocent way that you almost swoon
  • He would either trap you into a cuddle or…the other way around ;)
  • Makes sure you would never felt the need to belittle yourself


  • “Are these…supposed to be funny?”
  • Being the director and corporate heir to the C&R Company, he obviously thinks highly of himself
  • But never expressing in a way that annoy people
  • He actually enjoys making jokes from time to time and they’re never in this kind of form
  • Kind of confused at first but eventually gets the meaning behind them
  • In order to let you tone them down, he ordered a necklace that specifically has a pendant with your name in cursive form and gave you a bouquet with exactly 11 blue roses
  • “Blue rose’s stands for how I think you are; honest, sincere and kind. The reason why I bought 11 of them was simply because you are the only women I wanted to have a commitment with, so you shouldn’t think too low of yourself from now on.”
  • <crossline>he looks away in embarrassment while you’re touched from his heartfelt comment
  • Both of you ended up with a very sweet night, as you promised not to say them aloud from now on


  • *inserts awkward emoji here*
  • Tbh we could probably see that she isn’t really a fan of making or even listening to jokes
  • Her self-confidence level would be at average, considering how she got the chance to be Jumin’s assistant for quite a long time
  • She would be a bit upset to see these self-deprecating jokes being told around, especially if they’re from you
  • If you went too far with them, she’ll simply tell you directly about it
  • “You shouldn’t compare yourself like that. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to hold a party and I would probably never find what I actually wanted to do. It is your appearance that made RFA and I feel more alive than ever.”
  • In order to ease the atmosphere, she would have drag you into hanging out with her in different places to let you know how important she thinks you are
  • Loves wrapping her arms around your shoulder to comfort you!!


  • Ohhhhhh boi….
  • He would have put a surprised sticker in the chatroom
  • Didn’t really expect that you’re also that kind of person; he simply laughed for a bit in misery in response to your ‘jokes’
  • It haunts him on how much he agrees to all of them
  • Until all that fiasco related to Mint Eye is completely solved, which he realizes how he’s still a normal human being that needs someone by his side
  • So if he happens to hear you saying these awful jokes constantly in his apartment, he would simply tackle you out of nowhere
  • “It is you who brought Saeran and I back from the happiness we never thought we deserve to have. Can you see how much of an impact you are to us, to the RFA?”
  • Oh and you should be ready for the double amount of jokes and puns from him
  • Because he ain’t gonna accept all that negativity from you
  • Stop following me around omg I understand how beautiful I am now

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precious nervous baby~ (●´ω`●)

EXO reaction to you fangirling/fanboying over your favorite youtuber following you on tumblr.

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Xiumin: He would just sort of stare at you at first, then would smile at you jumping around, thinking you looked adorable.

You: “Omg he followed me!” *Squealing and running around the living room*

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He would be scared of how loud you screamed from the other room, and would burst into your shared bedroom.

You: “HE FOLLOWED ME SU! (Your fave tuber’s name)!! ON TUMBLR!” You yelled, shoving your phone in his face.
Him: “Jesus, (Y/N), I though you where hurt.. But congrats baby.” He’d say, kissing your forehead.

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He’d definitely be caught off guard. 

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Chanyeol: His eyes would bug out of his head when he heard you squeal, and he’d look surprised.

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He would jump at your sudden yelps next to him on the couch, then soften when he saw you smiling widely and would look over at your phone to see what was up.

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 He would glare at you because you woke him up. “Can you not (Y/N)?” He would groan.

cue Satan D.O.

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 He would look at you and then around at the people staring. You were out in public when you squealed and started to dance around, kind of embarrassing him when people started to stare.

“Y/N! People are staring.“

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Then he’d give in and start laughing.

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Lay: “What am I supposed to do?” He would ask another member who was with you two.

Sehun: He would laugh at you because you fell off your computer chair when you saw the notification.

Him: “Jesus (Y/N), be more careful,” He would say, chuckling while helping you up.

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If Lexa Got Twitter
  • Lexa (pointing at phone): Clarke, what does this mean? It says Aden just started following me, of course he follows me, I'm the commander!
  • Clarke: OMG you've got Twitter? Let me follow you so I can slide into your DM's.
  • Lexa (blushing): Slide into my WHAT? ClaRKe.
  • Clarke (rolling her eyes): It stands for direct messaging.
  • Lexa: But we're standing right in front of each other talking now, isn't that direct enough?
  • Clarke (throws phone): ByE Lexa!
  • Lexa (shouting after Clarke): Clarke wait! what's a hashtag?????
Someone's Jealous

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“As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me ,love me -” “STOP!”
My sister is a big Justin Bieber fan , ever since 2009. She loves all his songs and all his music videos, she has his face all over her room , she even got a tattoo of his face on her neck . When Purpose came out , she ran around the house singing all the songs .

Me , i am not really that big fan , i just love his songs and thats all . Of course besides he’s hot , he has some really good songs. My sister’s birthday was next week , i just couldn’t find that right gift , she has all of his albums , perfumes , books , movies and t-shirts . I just couldn’t find the right gift .

Right now i am on my bed thinking of sth to get her when my phone buzzed . It was Twitter feed . I am not really into twitter , i just made it for fun

“@justinbieber followed you ”

Wtf? Oh my god you gotta be kidding me , i opened it quickly to find that he did follow me for real , omg if sis found out… GOSH perfect present i just hope it works . Omg omg this is not going to work

To justinbieber:
Heyy,! Omg ,!! I am Y/N and i would like you to help me in doing sth .. My sister’s birthday is next week and she will be 18 and she loves you so much .. Like so much .. Um can you attend her birthday party ? Gosh that would be awesome . If you read this plz send back so i can give you details . Thnx

I can’t believe i am doing this , this is crazy !
What if he is busy ?
What if he doesn’t want to ?

From justinbieber:
I would love to ;) Meet me at my hotel and we will discuss everything ;)


Here i am in his hotel , actually shaking , i am so scared i would do sth wrong . I saw him , he was sitting down on his phone texting someone . But dammm ..! He looked so fine . That hair , these tattoos . He looked up seeing but god those beautiful brown eyes full of warmth .
“Hey ,! You must be Y/N ,!” Did he just say my name ? Why am i like this ? I am not my sis . I just like his music. “Hhey .. I am Y/N .”
“Okay so talk i am waiting ”

So i just told him the plan and that he will sing a couple songs and that we will make it on the pool . He turned out to be really excited for it and also a very nice guy . He was so sweet and brought dinner and we ate and chit-chatted a bit about his music .

After that he excused himself to go the studio and he went and i walked back home

Oh god i am so excited..


Oh god it’s the big day ,!!! But Justin hasn’t appeared yet
“He will come i know it ” my mum said to me as the party started, i was always looking back towards the entrance to see if he came or not . Good thing Y/S/N’s friends were distracting her so she wouldn’t notice if he came .
Finally he came , “I am so sorry for being late , i was stuck in traffic jam ” “No No , its okay , here you can change here , and there is the stage , and if you need anything just tell me . Okay? ” he laughed and winked at me saying “Don’t be nervous sweetie ”

I went back to the party and hugged my sis “Happy Birthday ,!!!”
“Ohhh thanks Y/N ,!! , where’s my gift ?”
“Oh yeah so.. Can you look there at the stage ”
Just then , Justin appeared and started sining a couple of songs like What do you mean , Where Are You Now , Love Yourself . They were all amazing songs and Y/S/N kept screaming so hard i bet her throat hurts .
After Justin stopped singing he held the mike and started speaking

“Hey Y/S/N you know I wouldn’t know today was your birthday but you amazing beautiful sister here told me that today was your birthday , i cam here cause i love making my fans happy and i love you too Happy Birthday ,!!”


After Y/S/N left Justin for while , ever since he came she just couldn’t stop hugging him , i went to him

“Hey Justin , i just wanted to say sth , you are truly amazing , thanks for coming here , I don’t know what to do to return the favor ”

“ haha no its okay i really loved performing here and meeting you and meeting your family and your sister i am very happy .. And i know what to do the return the favor ” he winked

“ um.. What ,?”

He came very very near and his breathe was fanning my neck and his hand was on mine

“Would you go on a date with me ?” He whispered in my ear .

“Wtf ? … I mean omg .. The Justin Bieber wants to go on a date with me ,??? Oh my godd yesssss ,,!”

Y/S/N screamed so high I didn’t even noticed she was here i was too focused on the hot guy in front of me .

“ Someone’s Jealous ”

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