he's finding peace as well

this is the face of a man who knows in his heart that not even god could forgive his many terrible crimes; he will find no peace in this life, and only an eternity of well-deserved torment in the next. And he knows only death will stop him from striking again and spilling the blood of innocents

All of us are sometimes happy

Sing to me like you’re trouble
And bring to me the science of golden lambs.
Tears of magic will be soon out of order
Mermaid tongues will no longer tickle
Our ears with serenades
And goosebumps on and off and on and off.
All the somber shadows are
Plotting strategical schemes
In the bewitched meadow that’s also
Not groomed and out of order.
The puppet master pushed
By mistake the poisoned button
And now we’re vampires upgraded
Dressed with ceremonial pride
Like chipped matryoshka dolls.
Yesterday we were full monty
Simple brainstorming robots.
God told us that tomorrow
We will have an underground party
And we will gobble the blood
in one sip of all human souls.
And also be prepared planet Sirius.
We hope only it’s not a bitter comet.
Expect discrepancies among ghosts and pirates
And Cherubim and Seraphim.
Lucifer just watches and waits
All the monkey business to finish
So he can stumble in eternal slumber
and find his well deserved peace for the Christ sake.
All of us are happy and our brains are full with spiritual cramps.

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#2 for the soulmate au's with Shouto? If it's possible/interests you, would you mind writing from his perspective? If not, I'm very sorry to trouble you. I think your blog is great and I love to read your work :) Congrats on your followers and here's to many more! I hope you have a good week.

I’ll attempt to write it from his POV! :)

Soulmate AU Prompt # 2 - AU where you only see shades of black and white until you meet your soulmate

Todoroki Shouto:

  • He never really grew up having colors told or described to him, since his parents were not soulmates.
  • Instead he was told growing up that the soulmate system was ridiculous and a waste of time by his father
  • After what happened to his mother, Shouto began to become more interested in the soulmate system
    • After all if finding your soul mate can give him colored vision, then maybe it can help me find inner peace as well
  • He begins to look into and understand how it happens by asking soulmates who have met
    • Apparently it’s just a sudden burst of color when you make eye contact with your soulmate for the first time.
  • As time goes on an he enters UA, that’s when he meets his soulmate for the first time.
  • He’s walking out of school during the day one day when he accidentally bumps into someone who’s walking by him.
    • He accidentally ends up knocking down their books 
  • He kneels down and starts helping them collect their fallen textbooks and  when they both stand up their eyes meet
    • Suddenly the world explodes into colors. He can see the green on his uniform and the blue of the sky. The redness on his S/O cheeks reminds him that his S/O is experiencing this as well
  • He awkwardly introduces himself and asks them out for coffee to talk
    • He read this is the best way to get to know someone
  • He and his soulmate sit down for coffee and get to know each other. They describe the colors on his face and he blushes at how interested in him they are
    • They constantly compliment how unique and beautiful the different colors of his hair and eyes were.
  • He’s nervous and a bit overwhelmed by how bright his world is now, but nonetheless he’s grateful to have finally met his soulmate and finally found the person who will love him for him.
Taming Her

Totally rabid warrior reader who can’t even speak because she’s been alone in the woods for so long, encounters negan after trying to stab him. She a total savage who can do matrix shit 👌 and negan is just like ❤😚❤ I love your blog! Keep it up 😊❤

I’m so sorry for the long wait! But hopefully it was worth the wait! <3

Negan didn’t go on runs alone very often. He didn’t necessarily need a group of people surrounding him like bodyguards. He had his trusty baseball bat named Lucille with barbed wire wrapped around it. One hit to the head and whatever enemy tried to take him down would regret it. He was confident in that. All else fails, he has his beautiful Lucille.

Today was just one of those days though. Negan just needed some time to himself really. If he found something he could bring back to The Sanctuary, then of course he would. But in all actuality, he wasn’t on a mission to find anything. Well, except for peace and quiet. Sometimes it was chaotic at The Sanctuary and he needed time away to forget his responsibilities. Even he needed time to relax. He just didn’t like to admit it to anyone. Any sign of weakness could ruin him.

It was a calm afternoon. Not many roamers were hanging around the woods today. Negan had only killed maybe three or four during his travels. But it could all change once night came. It usually did.

As Negan turned a corner, he was greeted with a kick to the face. He fell back into the crunchy, dead leaves. The leaves were flying all around him, slightly disorienting him as the owner of the foot the kicked him in the face. It was a young woman, covered in dirt, which made her large, murderous eyes pop even more. Her hair was stringy and dirty, her clothes grimy with dried blood caked all over. He wanted to be furious about this complete stranger kicking him down and trying to kill him but he was simply too impressed. Not many people could sneak up on him like that. She was nothing like anyone else he’d ever met before.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Negan finally said. The girl responded by pulling a knife from its holster and lunging for Negan, her knife raised and ready to stab him. It was already stained with the blood of many others she’d taken out before him and it had never been cleaned, “Hey!”

The girl snarled, almost like an animal as Negan grabbed her wrists, focusing on keeping the blade away from his body. The girl was freakishly strong but it didn’t stop him from pressing his boot into her gut and kicking her off of him. As he got back up, the girl jumped back onto her feet with ease, kicking Negan’s bat away before he could get to it.

The girl was more flexible than Negan would’ve expected. The way she twisted her body just to get Lucille away from Negan was insane and it shocked him long enough to allow the girl to get a few more punches in before he finally snapped out of it and fought back.

Negan kicked the girl to the ground, pouncing on top of her and pinning her arms down. She groaned and writhed underneath him, her face burning red with fury. Negan chuckled at her struggle and shook his head at her, “You need to relax darlin’. I’m not the asshole here ya know. Who kicked who in the face? I should be crushing your skull with Lucille right now but I’m not gonna.”

The girl continued to thrash around like she hadn’t heard a single word he said. He frowned and continued, “Are you listening to me, little lady? Can you even understand me?”

The girl nodded but still said nothing. He sighed, shaking his head, “Now listen, girl. I wish I could trust you and let you go. But you’re gonna have to come back with me.”

That just made the girl thrash around even more but Negan still lifted her onto her feet effortlessly, pinning her arms behind her back. With his free hand, he picked Lucille up off the ground and waved it around in the girl’s face. He hated to threaten her since he had a feeling underneath this animalistic behavior and killer instinct, she was probably a decent person. But she was unstable and needed to be calmed down.

“Try anything, and this is what you’re gonna get,” Negan said. The girl still breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling quickly as she stared at him, wanting so badly to break free and completely destroy him but she had no choice but to agree and start walking.

Negan took the girl with him on the long walk back to The Sanctuary. Every now and then she made a small attempt to wiggle from Negan’s grip but he wasn’t about to let his guard down around this girl.

When Negan arrived with the girl, they both got strange, confused looks from everyone working the gates. The stares coming from all of the saviors made the girl visibly uncomfortable and she tensed up in Negan’s grip. One of Negan’s men, Dwight met up with him and frowned at the girl, scrunching up his nose like she was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

“Who’d you find?” Dwight inquired. He looked up at Negan’s bruised, bloody nose and the black eye forming under his right eye, “Did she do that to your face?”

“She did,” Negan said, “She’s a feisty one. I need you guys to take her to get cleaned up and get her some new clothes to change into.”

Dwight looked at the girl up and down and she growled again. Her reaction to him made him step back and laugh, “What is she, a dog? Why’s she growling at me?”

“I have no idea,” Negan replied. One of his men handed him a rope, which he used to tightly bound the girl’s wrists behind her back. She grunted as the rope scratched her skin which was just making her angrier. One more thing could set her off and Negan was almost tempted to do it just to watch her move again. But he wouldn’t provoke her. She wasn’t always like this. Something had to have happened to her to make her this way. Whatever the reason may be, he’d rather help her than hurt her, “Just don’t piss her off, Dwight. Alright?”

Dwight nodded but grabbed the girl roughly anyway. Negan would’ve stopped him but after just warning him to not make her angry, he felt Dwight deserved anything the girl would do at this point.

“You don’t fuck with me, you got it?” Dwight said. The girl was silent as usual, abruptly throwing her head back and slamming it against Dwight’s head. He groaned as she kicked him, knocking him down and he slid across the floor, hitting the wall hard. He groaned, rubbing the back of his head. With her hands tied behind her back, the girl took on five different guys and was holding her own. When one man finally got his hands on her, she actually bit down on his arm. Even though her bite was painful, he wouldn’t let go until she actually broke the skin and blood was running down his arm. After that, no one else would approach her.

“Dwight, what the fuck did I tell you?” Negan snapped. The girl didn’t have the same rage in her eyes that Negan had become so impressed with. She was fighting and keeping it together but now she just looked terrified being surrounded by these strange men. Negan handed his bat off to someone else and slowly approached the girl. She turned to him, ready to attack him even though she was visibly shaking, blood drying on her chin. Negan held up his hands, gesturing for his men to move away from the girl, “Listen, it’s okay, alright? No one here is gonna hurt you.”

The girl glanced at Negan’s bat in someone else’s hand. It did make sense that she didn’t trust him. He did say he could’ve crushed her skull but he didn’t want to do that now. This girl was worse than anyone he’d ever seen. He wasn’t one for mercy but she broke his heart.

“Forget what I said,” Negan said, “I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanna help you, okay? I’ll untie you if you just calm down, okay? I won’t let anyone here hurt you. We’ll clean you up, get you clean clothes and a warm bed, a hot meal. That sound okay?”

The girl was hesitant, grunting a little under her breath. Finally, she relaxed and nodded, turning around so Negan could untie her. She appreciated his gentle touch and kept close to him.

“Are you gonna tell me your name?” Negan inquired. The girl was silent but he didn’t know why he expected anything different. Although, this time it looked like she actually wanted to say something. But it seemed like something was stopping her. Negan sighed and placed his hand on her shoulder, “Alright, we’ll get to that later. Let’s just get you cleaned up. Without beating everyone up if you don’t mind.”

The girl scoffed but nodded. Negan brought her into his bedroom and sat her down on the sofa, “I’m gonna get a bath ready for you. Will you still be here when I come back?”

She nodded and Negan smiled, “Good. I’m trusting you, girl. Don’t fail me now.”

Negan expected the girl to be watching the door, as if waiting for him to disappear so she could sneak away but he was surprised to see that she was watching him leave like she didn’t want him to go. Was he the first person to take care of this girl? Was he the first person to help her? Was that why she was suddenly attaching herself to him? It didn’t matter Negan realized. It had been a long time since someone genuinely liked him and wasn’t just scared of him. The girl didn’t seem to be frightened of him at all.

As Negan was getting the girl’s bath ready, he heard the sofa creak from the next room and then footsteps coming towards him. If the girl was coming to try and kill him again, what would he use to defend himself? Someone else had Lucille. The girl had distracted him and he didn’t get his bat back.

But when Negan turned around, he saw that the girl was just standing in the doorway watching him. He raised his eyebrow as he pulled his hand from the warm water, “I thought I told you to stay there.”

The girl shrugged. Negan sighed, hanging his head as he stood up, “I hope you use your words soon, girl. I still don’t know your name. Do you even remember your name?”

The girl nodded.

“How long have you been out there in those woods?”

The girl shrugged.

“Well, the bath is ready for you,” Negan said, “Here’s a robe for you until we can find some clothes for you to wear. Think you’ll ever speak to me?”

He earned another shrug but he didn’t mind. The girl trusted him enough not to attack him again. Instead, she grabbed a rag, dipped it in the water and grabbed him by the shoulder to pull him towards her. She wiped the blood off his face, being gentle around his sore nose. Her finger grazed the black eye forming underneath his eye as if to say she was sorry.

“It’s fine,” Negan said, “My nose isn’t broken so I can get over it.”

Negan took the rag from the girl’s hands and started wiping the dirt off her face. He didn’t expect the face underneath all that grime to be so beautiful. She touched her now clean face and smiled, her cheeks turning red.

“Yeah, might need to get you a new rag after this,” Negan chuckled, showing her the filthy rag. The first friendly sounds that came from her mouth were giggles as she pushed the rag away from her. Negan laughed with her and started for the door, “There’s more rags in that cabinet there. Help yourself.”

As Negan shut the door, he felt a tap on the shoulder. He could never get over how quick she was on her feet. Negan turned, “You’re fast. You know that? What is it?”

“T-T-T…” she stuttered, pressing her hand against her chest.

“Stop,” Negan said, placing his hand on her shoulder, “I don’t know why you can’t but I do know that it isn’t something you should force.”

The girl shook her head and continued with her struggle, “T-T-Th-tha…thank y-y-you.”

Negan smiled, rubbing the girl’s arm, “You’re welcome. Now hurry up and bathe. You’re disgusting.”

The girl playfully punched him on the arm and shut the door. Negan shook his head in disbelief. This girl already had him wrapped around her finger and she hadn’t said more than two words to him. This girl was more than just an expert fighter. She really did have a heart of gold underneath that animalistic exterior.

Early Mornings

This is for my home girl Valyn. Happy Birthday sweet pea.

The bed was soft, the sheets were silky, and his body radiated warmth. Cool air floated in through the open bay windows, shifting the white chiffon curtains ever so slightly. Early morning light pooled on the cherry stained wood floors. The birds sang soft melodic songs, accented by the soft rustle of leaves.

Your sleepy eyes trailed down to his sleepy yet angelic form. His right arm rested behind his head, while the other supported your own. You couldn’t help but stare at him. At how the sunlight seemed to almost accentuate his well built arms, while also bringing out the amber undertones in his hair. At how his eyelashes rested on his cheeks. At how his lips in a soft pout, puffing out air every now and again. He looked so peaceful. He looked well rested.

Your hand finds its way to his hair, pushing back a few stray strands off of his forehead.

“What are you looking at.”
His voice was deep and raspy, laced with sleep.

“Good morning.”
You shifted with the intention to start the day. He on the other hand had other ideas. His strong arms pulled you back into the cozy bed. Cocooning you in his arms and silky sheets.

“Stay for a little while longer.”
He turned pulling you into his chest. Taking in a deep breath while a soft sleepy smile formed on his face.

“Jackson, I have to start the day”
His grip on you tightened as his smile fell to a pout.

“It’s my day off, let’s stay here.”
You stared up at his soft features. He seemed so peaceful in his sleep it almost made you forget about how adamant he was in his waking hours.
Lost in thought, you failed to notice his eyes studying your face as well. Taking in your deeper skin tone, your bright eyes, everything that made him fall in love with you.
“You’re so beautiful”

You’re snapped out of thought, forcing your eyes to connect with his. His remark was flirty, as usual, but the frequency never lessened its effect on you. Your nose crinkles as you tried to hide your smile.

“Your breath stinks.”

He pulls you closer, peppering your face with kisses, earning a few squeals from you. His laugh rings out, mixing in perfectly with the soft melodies of the early morning world outside. You both sat there–wrapped up in each other–laughing, talking, speculating about what the future may hold. You both settle down, gazing into each other’s eyes, soaking in the other’s presence.

“I love you”

He presses his lips softly against your forehead,

“I love you too”


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word count: 970 


character(s): kim jongdae, kim minseok (briefly mentioned) 

as the sun shines through the window and hits your face, someone is brushing your hair back. you peek through half-open eyes to see that jongdae, your husband, is smiling down at you. you smile and stretch out, groaning in the process.

“good morning wifey” he said as you lightly hummed

“good morning ugly” you said as he pouted

“and i thought we were going to get along today” he smirked, the light patter of footsteps interrupting your banter

“mommy! daddy!” your little girl exclaimed, clutching her favorite elephant stuffed animal that minseok brought for her

“good morning princess” you said as she climbed up and sat in between you two

“c-can we have chocolate pancakes?” she asked, the brightest smile on her face just melting both of your hearts

“yes we can honey, wanna help daddy make them while mommy gets ready?” jongdae asked as she nodded and started tugging his hands

“alright i’ll take care of this little bug. i love you” he said, pecking you and letting you go and do your morning routine

after you showered, washed your face, and got dressed you went outside and saw your little family sitting at the dining table. you hid behind the wall and pulled out your phone and took pictures of them.

“noo daddy stop” she squealed as jongdae chuckled and spread more chocolate sauce on her face

“fine” she pouted, dipping her tiny finger into her chocolate sauce and rubbing it all over his face

“what are my little troublemakers doing?” you said crossing your arms as they froze

“nothing, mommy” she said, a mischievous smile on her face that matched her father’s

“mmhm.. well breakfast looks delicious. let’s get you cleaned up” you said jongdae kissed her cheek and went to get ready for work

“uncle minseok is my favorite” your daughter yelled as you placed a hand over your mouth to stop from laughing

“say it again baby” you whispered as she squished your cheeks together

“uncle minseok is my favorite. i love him” she giggled, her eyes lit brightly as the water shut off

“excuse me” a voice said as jongdae came out in just a towel

“who taught you that?” he asked as she looked at you

“mommy” she said excitedly as you giggled

“well if either of you ever say that again, you’ll get a visit from the tickle monster” he said before tickling your daughter as she giggled

jongdae strode back to the room as you wiped your daughters face. you were both making faces at each other while jongdae took pictures. he looked at you two with awe, he never imagined to find such peace and happiness in his life.

“well i have a packed day today, i won’t see you at work. have fun at school baby” he said kissing her cheeks and rushing out the door

“alright let’s get you dressed and ready for school” you said as she pouted but walked to her room with you behind her

after getting dressed and dropping her off that the daycare/school you drove to your job as a choreographer for sm. you checked your texts and saw nct 127 written in your schedule. you’ve met the rookie group on a few occasions and they seemed like amazing people.

“hi! i’m y/n. i’ll be choreographer for your new comeback. i’m sorry if i forget names, but hopefully we can work well together” you said cheerfully as they bowed to greet you

after an arduous dance practice you said your goodbyes and drove to get your daughter from daycare. you had quick small talk with the other parents before leaving to take her home. you made a light dinner for you both and helped her bathe.

“mommy, when is daddy coming back home?” she asked as you looked at your phone

“i’m not sure sweetie, i’m sure it’ll be soon. do you wanna watch some tv after i shower?” you asked as she nodded excitedly

“ok i’ll wait on the couch for you” she said, throwing on her pajamas and running to the couch

you chuckled and went to your own bathroom to shower and put on a face mask. after that you joined your daughter on the couch and sat her on your lap. you both watched the cartoon until you she fell asleep. so you carried her into her room and placing her on her bed and tucking her in. 

“goodnight baby” you said, kissing her forehead and walking to your room. you looked at the time and sighed

“i’m home” a loud voice said as your daughter instantly woke up

“daddy” she exclaimed, running out to the living room, enveloping her dad in a hug, you stood by the wall watching him with a cocked eyebrow and a half annoyed expression

“honey go back to bed, daddy will come in later” he said upon seeing your expression as she pouted but obeyed his command

“baby…” he said as you rolled your eyes and walked past him, gesturing to the food you left on the table and went to your room

after he ate he silently crept into the dark room. he changed into sweatpants and a shirt.

“babe? i’m sorry, i know i should’ve texted you. i got caught up with the guys” he sighed, pulling you into him

“bro she was just about to fall asleep. go tuck your daughter in” you said, a light smile on your face

“yes ma’am” he said dashing out of the room as you got comfortable

five minutes later he came back in the room, watching your chest rise up and down with every breath. he finally got into bed and wrapped his arm around you, falling asleep more peacefully than ever before.

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Make a valkyon character analize

Glad to see I’ve got a fan.

To be honest, I already had an analysis lined up (it just needed some extra polish). No Eldaryan set is ever complete without Valkyon in the picture.

But since you’ve kindly asked, I’ll dedicate this one to you, Anon. Hope you like it.


  • Valkyon has spent most of his life in the field of war (voluntarily, and perhaps otherwise). As a result, he’s woefully behind on interacting with others as a regular person. His understanding of others’ emotional processing is quite limited, let alone how to react to them ‘properly’. He has a literal, unemotional mindset; a necessity in a career where sentimentality and empathy can be inconvenient distractions (i.e. you get yourself killed).

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Greeting and salutations once again friend tis I the frenchiest fry and I was wondering how the rest of the allies would react to a s/o who was emotionally damaged and didn't think they could be loved? Maybe the axis too if that's not too much to ask? You did a great job, I enjoyed it. With that I bid you farewell.

Thank you, anon! I’m glad you liked it^^

Russia: He actually understands their mindset better than any other nation and he could give them the feeling of being understood, and him being strong, he can give them the feeling of security and trustworthiness

China: With his life experience, he can really offer them a wise approach to their fears and help them find inner peace. He believes that’s needed for them to love.

Germany: Well, to love is something he has to learn, too. It would be a slow, coherent process of them growing together and trusting one another enough to start to love.

Italy: Enough affection and patience to offer them a base to build their trust and love, and he is persistent. Like, he will make them feel like he’d take a bullet for them.

Japan: He’d build a strong relationship with them, more like a friendship that’s based on trust and shared interests. In his eyes, love can only be built on a friendship, especially if they are hesitant to love.

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I know that most people liked that talk between Red and Liz in the car - I liked a few aspects of it too - but I just hate that Liz is using Agnes to negotiate with him. Conditioning his visit like that... I understand that maybe this is her only resource (and she's not obligated to let Red see Agnes) but I still hate it. Sometimes I think I should call myself a lizzington fan no more because it seems like everything Liz does annoys me to no end... 😞

I hated that car scene from start to finish. I’m done being happy Red and Liz are breathing the same air. Sorry but I just can’t anymore. Does this mean I’m no longer a Lizzington shipper? No but it definitely means I’m shipping the AU version at this point. This is not the Liz I once liked and cared about. This narcissistic uncaring version is a stranger. She’s definitely under no obligation to let Red see Agnes. Fine. He was also under no obligation to go on the run with her, get her out of jail, secure her pardon, save her and her baby’s life by having the mobile unit on standby or rescuing her and Agnes after the kidnapping. The truth is I hate k2 because it pairs Liz with her abuser and I will always say she deserves better than that. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ship Red with a woman that treats him with such contempt. He’s not perfect but he does not deserve this. There must be a bit of peace somewhere out there and I honestly hope he finds it.


[Requested By This-Wreckage]

Trustshipping Chronicles
Part One

“You’re lucky I didn’t take your laptop away.”

It was meant as a threat, but Kaiba didn’t particularly see it as one. As far as he was concerned, he’d followed Mokuba’s instructions enough so that he didn’t need to be tortured any further. He didn’t want to be on some little island resort in the middle of nowhere. He certainly didn’t want to be wearing those awkward shorts he’d been stuck with, or the short sleeved shirt with the deep v cut he’d found in his suit case (black, though it was). He didn’t want to be out in the sun.

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Reinhardt, Soldier76, the Shimada bros and Mercy react to an s/o who's been brainwashed by Talon? I'm super in love with your blog!

Wow I think this is my first angst ask, thank you anon! You want the sads don’t cha. I’m going to imagine something like Widowmaker has happened again, if that’s alright! (So a complete personality change, loss of memories, maybe not temperature but everything else y'know) (Thank you for the compliment! <3)


-Stares at you in horror on the battle field, not understanding how your here before you start attacking him and everything clicks

-Hes lost so, so many people in his life and losing you makes everything so much worse and gray again

-Tries to constantly keep his shield up to ward you off, talking all through it and yelling out fragments of his favorite memories with you, desperately hoping something ignites something inside you and you remember

-When his shield breaks down he doesn’t go anywhere near attempting to fight you, backing up and stopping your hits, holding you back

-He has to grip you stronger than he has ever wanted to hold you and make you stop, and hates himself for having to use his strength on you of all people to subdue you

-n e v e r  forgives Talon, Overwatch took you back with them in the hopes of some kind of healing, but seeing you everyday unable to remember him or the others and lashing out anytime someone gets close to you hurts him

-Still visits you when your contained, gently trying to bring back your memories as you stare coldly back at him

Soldier 76

-Talon tries to use you to kill him, so you return to the Overwatch base quietly and back into Soldiers room

-He wakes up with your knife about to plunge into his neck, and he instinctively flips you off and pins you down, knife clattering from your hand and in that moment he wishes that your attempt was successful

-He tries to talk to you, seeing if anything remained of you left but you remain unresponsive. Just staring at him silently with blank eyes

-He knows that you couldn’t have just escaped Talon, and seeing what they made of you tears him apart

-He couldn’t get to you and rescue you before all this happened, so he constantly blames himself

-Gruffly explains to the team what happened in as little words as possible as you struggle against him

-Refuses to go in your old room, the memories and previous little reminders of you too much for him


-They manage to plan a rescue and finally locate where Talon was holding you but it was too late

-Genji sneaks into a room, constantly looking for you and suddenly you’ve appeared and are trying to shoot him and you look fine except your eyes are cold and hard and devoid of the warmth and adoration he loved

-He deflects any shot your taking and just avoids all your attacks, not going after you or attacking you back. Still in shock of the change of events and that they were too late

-Your attacks start to slow down as you realize that it’s not working, so you attempt for physical combat only for Genji to quickly hold onto you and stopping your movements

-He desperately brings you to Mercy, hoping that if she could fix him from nothing then she could bring you back

-Always near you, as much as you make harsh and cruel remarks and remember nothing, he is always there watching you during attempts at therapy and getting you back

-Meditating is difficult for him now, thoughts of you confined and away from the others for all their and your own safety plagues his mind. He can’t find his peace


-He’s dealt with loss before, not very well, and dealing with another one-especially you- after he thought things were going better and everything would really be okay this time shatters him

-Sees flickers of you on the battle field, seemingly to look for someone. He’s initially elated because your back except it registers that you shouldn’t be because Talon got you and they couldn’t track them down

-He loses sight of you for a little while and he keeps trying to scan the area for you before he hears a flicker of movement behind him and he swings around, using his bow to deflect your knife

-He whispers out your name before you attempt to attack again and he rolls out of the way, quickly sweeping your feet out from under you. He rips the knife away from you and desperately calling out your name and asking what happened to you

-Has to switch to holding your wrists when you try to choke him

-Afraid of even going to see you, because what you are now is not you and it pains him so much that he couldn’t prevent it and doesn’t know how to fix or help you

-Colder to everyone after the incident, clipped words and mumbles. Stays in his room more often


-She’s unfortunately away from the team, Talon’s attacks doing a good job of separating all of them. But she still has her weapon and shes able to call for the others and give her location so she’s okay until she sees you charging at her

-You, the person who was always so worried about her well being in battle and off it, are trying to kill her

-She reacts well and jumps away from your attack, frantically switching to talking on the communication line of whats happening and where she is as well as trying to talk to you and reminding you of all the little facts she loves about you like what your favorite color is or how sweet you are and what you did for your anniversary

-She wants to break down and cry as you continue your calculated attacks but she can’t because as much as she wants to do that that would mean you would hurt her and she knows that if you somehow did recover you would absolutely never forgive yourself for that

-Once they get you back to base she throws herself into her work. Forgoing her basic needs in order to find some way to bring you back because no one can stand to see your warmth and loving self converted to such a hateful and harsh personality

-Furiously and frustratingly rips up any papers that get marred by her tears

-Sometimes goes into your room, seeing the little trinkets you loved and the things she gave you. Strokes her fingertips across the walls and items before she feels the tears building and has to force herself to leave