he's finding peace as well


30 Days of Harry and Hermione | Movie Version
Day 09Favorite ‘Deathly Hallows I’ moment

↳ O’ Children > Dancing Scene

                 He's not as he appears to be...
★ Jun Okamoto  ★

Guitarist in the band GOTCHAROCKA (Ex: Spiv States, Phantasmagoria) He’s full of life and quite the jokester, never wanting to be too bored or serious for long since he has an abundance of energy. He enjoys meeting fans along with new people from just about anywhere. Although Jun has a loving heart, he has many internal troubles that he conceals fairly well. Through his music and work, he finds peace and harmony for his psyche and just wishes to be truly loved for his raw, pure self.

1/9 on multimuse★ Bisexual ★ General with a couple additions ★ Plots