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Two for the Show...

Finally wrote up how my Cathar cutie Nya and @shimmer-like-agirl‘s sassy smuggler Shawnni met and became friends. Takes place before the girls and their fellas cemented their romances, and based on the ‘Fall of the Locust’ heroic on Taris where the girls really did meet and team up for the first time. Settle in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride >~,^<

Nya knew Jorgan wasn’t happy - that was par for the course - but he was going to start driving her crazy if he didn’t stop tapping impatiently on his rifle. “They’re helping us whether you like it or not Jorgan,” she informed him.

“Civilians. We’re being assisted by civilians.”

He acted like Nya had told him to go lick a bantha’s behind, the way he spat out the word, and she was tempted to if he didn’t lose the attitude. “From what the captain tells me they’re used to this kinda thing. In fact Devane said the last job she had…”

“Job?” Disgust was replaced by shock, “Don’t tell me you hired mercs.”

“They’re mercs, but I didn’t hire them.” Didn’t need to, Nya thought, Governor Saresh had already taken care of that.

Turns out the local Governor was so desperate to retrieve her missing security agent that she’d asked for assistance from anybody; now the standard extraction mission was open to any laser-brain with a blaster. So when Nya was in the cantina and overheard the smuggler mention ‘the Locust’, her instincts insisted she suggest teaming up. The sooner they got the agent out of there, the less civilians would be tempted to jump in half-cocked.

“This one might be a challenge, even for us. And better to have freelancers,” she assured him. “The less officers involved, the less chance of people finding out what happened with Tavus.”

“Still don’t like it Blaze.”

“Not asking you to like it Jorgan,” she grumbled. “Just follow orders.”

“But asking civilians for help? Either they’re going to get shot or get us shot.”

Nya puffed an exasperated breath upwards, raking her claws through her auburn mane. “You know, Dorne would probably be just fine with this. I can comm her to help. Meanwhile Spitfire’s latrine could always use a good scrubbing.”

“Dorne?” He looked appalled, but she had a feeling it had more to do with the threat of latrine duty than the suggestion that she pull their new squad-mate for this task.

“Sure. I don’t think she’d argue with me this much.”

He folded his arms and sighed. “In that case I’d better accompany you for this mission. I’m more familiar with your… tactics.”

“Ya know, the way you two bicker you sound like some ol’ married couple.”

The playful words had the quarreling Cathar whipping around and Nya’s rebuttal died on her lips when she saw a raven-haired woman closely followed by a taller man with tied-back dreadlocks. She could feel disapproval radiating from Aric, with a flowing red trench-coat and superior expression the smuggler looked the very embodiment of devil-may-care.

“Glad to see you could join the party Devane,” she said as she walked forward to shake the woman’s hand.

“Glad to be invited,” the woman replied, “And didn’t I tell ya to call me Shawnni?”

“Didn’t I say be here twenty minutes ago?” Nya teased and both ladies laughed.

“Well I would’ve if Corso could'a picked a blaster sooner. Think he settled on Sgt. Boom-Boom.”

“Sgt. Boom-Boom? Seriously?” Nya clasped one hand over her mouth to muffle her laughter, while Shawnni’s companion gave her an irritated look.

“Yup, he’s got the all the muscle we need.” He patted the hefty looking blaster proudly, “Now this here is R-406 Heavy Sonic Disrupter. All original 'cept for a couple'a my own modifications.”

Nya caught Shawnni rolling her eyes and wondered how many times the captain had heard all about Sgt. Boom-Boom. Then the man looked down at the cannon in Nya’s arms and whistled appreciatively. “Say now, she’s a beaut. That one of the GT series?”

“You know your gear,” she replied, impressed that he recognized it. “GT-27, with a custom crystal.”

“Don’t that affect the suspension field?”

“Had it reinforced, alusteel instead of trimantium.” She grinned as she stroked the cannon’s stock. “I call her Big Mama.”

He let out another whistle and returned her grin. “Damn Captain, think I’m gonna like this one.” Thrusting out his hand he took hers and shook vigorously, “Sorry 'bout my lack of manners Ma'am, we ain’t been properly introduced. Corso Riggs, pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise Riggs. First-Lieutenant Lanz,” She nodded at the reluctant Cathar behind her, “Speaking of manners, come meet our new partners Jorgan.”

“Temporary partners,” he muttered then stepped forward. “Sergeant Jorgan, Havoc Squad.” He gave Shawnni and Riggs a level look as he stood beside Nya. “Just so you know, I don’t approve of civilians on missions like these. In my experience they tend to be more underfoot than useful.”

Corso bristled at the blunt words, but Shawnni just raised an eyebrow at the broad-shouldered Cathar. “Appreciate your candor Sergeant, but sounds like Red here is callin’ the shots.” A slow smirk curved her full mouth, “'Course, there’s always latrine duty if you don’t wanna come.”

Nya heard Aric growl quietly and glided between him and the smuggler. “Save it people. There’s better targets than each other, right?” She laid a warning hand on Aric’s chestplate, “Right, Jorgan?”

He let out a small huff and nodded. Meanwhile it didn’t escape Nya that Corso had stepped close to Shawnni.

“You know Captain, you don’t need to go pickin’ fights with the angriest lookin’ thing you see.”

“Aww, no worries Farmboy. I got a feeling Red keeps him in line.” The brunette gave him a sultry smile, “'Sides, I betcha you could take him.”

To Nya’s surprise Corso ducked his head and his cheeks flushed. “'Preciate the vote of confidence, but I’d rather not have to.”

“Fair enough,” she said lightly, then straightened her coat. “Well, that agent ain’t gonna rescue herself. Whatcha say we get a move on?”

“I have a bad feeling about this,” grumbled Aric as they headed to the speeders and Nya patted his arm.

“Don’t worry Jorgan. We’ve got this.”


Getting to the compound wasn’t too rough, Shawnni had enlisted some sort of stealth generator to skulk past the Locust’s camp with Corso while Nya and Aric relied on their more mundane trooper training. Turned out the real fight was in the compound. The twisting tunnels were crawling with scavengers, and the Locust had prepared his men with turret blasters and a small brigade’s worth of arms. Nya was thankful again that she’d enlisted the extra help as they powered through, and reminded herself that she’d owed Aric a big, fat 'I told you so’.

“On your right Devane,” Nya hollered as another scavenger rushed the smuggler.

The woman lashed out a blaster, firing in rapid succession, but the cutthroat’s armor deflected the shots. She held her ground as he hurtled towards her and Nya was tempted to shoot the attacker. Suddenly Shawnni’s boot flew forward, catching the scavenger square in the groin.

A groan from Aric vibrated Nya’s earpiece as the assailant keeled over and Shawnni popped two quick shots into his skull. “And I thought your tactics were unconventional,” he muttered and Nya chuckled.

“See, I’m not that bad to deal with after all.” Ducking beneath the rounds, she dove behind the small energy shield Shawnni had created while Aric stayed back, protected by a stack of crates. “Alright, buddy moving. Cover me Jorgan.”

“Dammit Blaze there has to be a dozen of them.”

“So kill 'em for me Jorgan,” Nya chuckled again. “What are you good for?”

She heard another low grumble, but one, two, then three scavengers fell, picked off by Aric’s rifle. The diversion allowed Nya to pull free a cryo grenade and lob it at the remaining cutthroats. It sent a spray of supercooled chemicals over the scavengers, freezing them in place, and she looked at Shawnni who gave her a quick grin.

“Gotcha one better,” she said, then tossed a grenade of her own. It detonated almost as soon as it touched ground, sending out a concussive wave that shattered the iced scavengers.

“Nice touch,” said Nya. “Any chance I can get a few of those?”

“We’ll negotiate a trade when we wrap this up,” replied Shawnni, then she looked around. “Now where the blazes is…?”

A rowdy whoop filled the air and Nya raised her head in time to see Corso barreling up to one of the turrets. “Your man’s gonna get himself killed,” she chuckled and Shawnni shook her head.

“Not if I can help it.”

The smuggler sprang up, unloading her blasters on the same turret, but the shielding seemed too resilient. Nya swung Big Mama free, shouting “Duck!”.

As soon as Shawnni yanked Corso to the ground Nya unleashed several plasma rounds into the turret. The base exploded in a hail of shrapnel as it collapsed on itself, the scavenger manning it hanging limp in his seat. With the sounds of battle silenced she turned around to check if there were any more scavengers. It seemed like they’d cleared the way, for now.

“You two okay?” she asked, slinging Big Mama back over her shoulder as the couple stood and brushed the dirt from their clothes.

“Now why’d ya have to go and do that?” Shawnni pouted at the Cathar, “Me and Farmboy had it.”

“It almost had you,” Nya gave her a toothy grin. “But next time I’ll let you prove me wrong.”

“Good,” said Shawnni, then she pointed behind Nya. “Look out!”

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  • you: Beauty and the Beast is about Stockholm Syndrome.
  • me, an intellectual: While it's understandable where this idea comes from, it's ultimately inaccurate. Stockholm Syndrome is when a captive feels positive emotions for their captor because they mistake a lack of abusive behavior for kindness, however while Belle agrees to stay with the Beast (a choice that was made by herself in the first place, not by her father or the Beast), she constantly stands up to the Beast and defies his threats and punishments when he treats her badly, therefore not allowing him any power over her beyond being able to keep her in the same general location. She doesn't show him any affection until he finally stops acting like a jerk (he doesn't display any abusive behavior after she saves his life) and starts consistently treating her with respect. And it is only after the Beast frees Belle, making them complete equals with no power imbalance at all in their relationship that she's able to finally fall in love with him. It's also clear that while the Beast had an outside motivation to make Belle like him and to change his behavior, the changes in his character are genuine as seen in his act of mercy in sparing Gaston's life in the climax of the film. If anything, the story is about Lima Syndrome, in which a captor feels affection for their captive. Additionally, the idea that the story is about Stockholm Syndrome ignores the fact that the original fairy tale it was based off of was meant to be an allegory for arranged marriages and for the apprehension and fear a young bride would feel about starting a new life with a strange man she might not like at first.

Inuyasha left his fire-rat robe with Kagome for a day so she could clean it from a particularity nasty demon blood stain, and he comes home and finds her wearing it but the normal way (not the kagome way) and she’s rolled up the fabric in the pant legs and the arms for it to fit her without her falling over as she stomps around him. 

He’s struck with how adorable she looks but then he notices she’s scowling. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything. I hate everything.”


And Kagome grunts with her arms dramatically dug into the sleeves, “Why are humans so weak? Grumble grumble grumble.”

Then he gets that "-_-” cause he finally gets it lol. 

“They are weak.”

“Kehhhhh.” She sits on her haunches behind him with her knuckles in front of her, but he’s starting to get a little annoyed and she’s having trouble holding in her snicker.

“I don’t sit like that.”

“I don’t sit like that.”

“I don’t…Kagome.”

“I don’t…Kagomeeee.”



“Give me that robe.”

“Give me that rob-HEY!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Home // Yoongi

Drabble game request: “Do you want to talk about it?” + Yoongi + from Undo series (read the original story here) | for anon

Word count: 1,465 words

Character: Yoongi x reader

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Originally posted by thecwspn

“Did you see the way she asked if you wanted anything? Y/N has the hots for you little brother.” Dean remarked as he playfully elbowed Sam in the side. 

“Dean. She asked both of us if we wanted another beer, not just me.” He nudged Dean back, harder this time, to physically punctuate his point. 

Dean started laughing, his lips twisted into a mischievous grin. “She may have asked us both, but your the one she kept drooling over. Her eyes trained on only you. The little blush and curtsy thing she did when you told her you didn’t want anything before scooting off.” 

“That didn’t mean anything Dean. Let it go. We are all here to have a little fun.”

“I bet Y/N would love to have a little fun with you anytime and you wouldn’t object if she did finally make a move on you.” 

Sam felt his face starting to turn red. He had been falling for you for weeks, but never thought to act on it. But if Dean was right, you were feeling the tension too. He started reevaluating his thoughts and got lost in them. He didn’t notice you had returned until you had to cross over his lap to get to return to your seat. Sam tried hard not to take in your figure as you slid across. 

“Sorry Sam.” You said, finally making your way across him and into your seat. 

“Uh..it’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” 

Sam quickly looked away and saw Dean’s shoulders rolling with laughter. 

“What is so funny?” 

“You two are as red as these guys’ boxing gloves.” 

What are these feelings? pt 1

So, this was a request and I decided to do two or thee parts for it so here’s part 1

Request: Can you do joker x reader imagine where reader is just an ordinary girl, being kidnapped by the joker. He first tortured her first but then started to fall in love with her and she started to felt the same. And the feelings both of them have are getting harder and harder to hind?


“Ahh finally,” I stretch out as I stand up. Spring semester is out and I couldn’t be happier. I gather my things and start to walk home; it’s so nice out today.

I see a road block up ahead and tilt my head curiously. Probably a robbery, that’s the only reason I hate walking home, I live in the middle of downtown Gotham. Tires screech from behind me, I spin around to see what’s going on, someone grabs me and covers my mouth as they drag me into a black van.

They release me and one of them points a gun at my head.

“Make a sound and I will kill you.” one says. My eyes widen when I see who is in the passenger seat. Holy fuck.. The Joker.. well I guess that explains the road block.

I hug myself to prevent from freaking out. ‘This can’t be happening..’ I think to myself.

The drive is long and terrifying; we’re brought to a luxurious building and go into the underground parking lot. Joker gets out first and walks towards a door which I am assuming is the entrance, one of the men in the back grabs my arm roughly and yanks me out of the car.

I am taken to the penthouse suit and thrown into a dark room. I hear laughing coming from another room. Jackass. What the hell does he want from me? The lights are turned on and I am mortified. The room is painted purple with “HAHA” painted in green everywhere. There’s chains attached to the walls and various torture instruments on a table.

I scream as one of Jokers men drags me kicking and screaming to the wall with the chains. He puts a chain collar around my neck and wrists then leaves. I struggle against my bindings but to no avail. I’m so screwed.

Joker walks in and looks at me like a wolf looks at its prey.

“What do you want from me you psychotic clown!?” I scream at him.

He laughs and walks to me, grabbing my jaw to force me to look at him. “Oh you’re feisty, we’re gonna have so much fun together,” he growls.

I shake my head free from his grip and bite his tattooed hand. “Don’t touch me!” I snap. He grabs me by my hair and pulls my head back. I let out a short grunt from the pain.

“That wasn’t very nice doll. Daddy’s gonna have to punish you,” he grins.

“Daddy kink? Um, no.” I roll my eyes at him.

“Haha, you’ll call me daddy, trust me doll,” he laughs.

“I’m not your doll.” I snap.

His smile fades from his face and my body starts to tremble under his terrifying gaze. I watch him as he goes over to his little table of torture instruments. He picks up a purple knife with a green blade and comes back to me. I gasp as he flicks the switchblade open in front of me.

I inhale sharply as he slides the blade under the bottom of my shirt. I strain against the chains, trying to pull free, however all I accomplish is bruising my wrists.

“Don’t move doll, you don’t want Daddy to accidentally cut that pretty, pretty skin do ya?” he laughs and pulls up, the blade slicing through my favorite black shirt, he cuts at the sleeves, lightly nicking my arm, and grins as my shirt falls down to the ground in a heap of scraps.

I wince as a drop of blood runs down my arm. “Oops,” he chuckles. He slides the knife under the front of my bra and jerks his wrist, the knife slicing through the lace material; he then does the same to the straps on my shoulders. My bra falls to the floor and I look away as he stares at my exposed chest. He purrs softly and runs his icy fingers over my naked breasts. I whimper softly and look up at him with pleading eyes.

“Please.. Please stop.” I beg, tears forming in my eyes. A smile spreads across his face and he wraps his fingers around my throat, his thumbs under my chin pushing up.

“God, you’re so.. Good!” he grins. He laughs and kneels down. He cuffs my ankles to the wall then moves up to my torso, he reaches behind me and pulls out another chain, wrapping it around my waist and latching it in the back. He looks up at me and smiles, “Don’t move.” He purrs.

He softly runs the blade up my thigh to my hip. He grabs the waistband of my jeans and tugs them down slightly. He then places a soft kiss on my hip bone before he pushes on my stomach, I gasp softly as my back hits the cold wall. He smirks and digs the knife into the soft flesh of my hip. I bite my lip to prevent screaming; Joker looks up at me unamused and presses the knife deeper, this time I actually scream. He smiles and continues to cut into my skin, the pain is agonizing and I try not to move in fear of what he’ll do if I squirm.

My screams and his laughs fill the room, he finally finishes his masterpiece and my legs feel like jelly, I can feel blood trickling out of my wound and seeping into my jeans. My knees give out and I’m hanging by my restrained wrists, it hurts but not as bad as the pain he just caused me.

“Oh baby, we’re not done yet.” He pulls my hair, forcing me to look at him, he has a devious grin crossing his face. He lets go and my head drops back down, I don’t have any energy to fight. I hear him walk back to the table, small sounds of metal clinking against the table as he picks up objects and sets them back down. He comes back and stands in front of my limp body hanging by the chains. I feel a sharp prick in my left arm and my heart starts pounding in my chest.

“Adrenaline. Daddy wants his doll to enjoy herself. It’d be terrible manners to fall asleep during playtime.” He chuckles softly. My eyes widen when I notice what he is holding. It looks like a fucking cattle prod!

“Now, I’m going to ask you a few things and if I like your answer I won’t hurt you, if I don’t like your answer or if I just get bored,” he presses a button and a loud crackle resonates through the room from the electrocuting torture device he’s holding. “First, who am I?” he asks.

“Joker.” I say flatly. He growls and pushes the button again and presses the metal against my side. Electricity surges through my body and I clench my teeth.

“Who am I?” he asks again.

I breathe hard and shake my head, “A psychotic, demented, narcissistic clown.” I snap. This time he presses the rod under my left breast; I let out a small scream and pull against the chains.

“One more time.” He snarls.

I lift my head and look him in the windows of his soul, and I said, “Bitch.”

He obviously doesn’t like that answer, he grabs my hair and pulls my head back. I feel the metal press against the side of my neck and fear washes over me. “Care to say that again? I couldn’t hear ya,” he whispers.

“D-Daddy.. please, don’t..” I concede. He lets go of my hair and moves the rod away from my neck.

“Good girl.” He grins. “Eh what the hell.” He presses it to my neck and hits the button, I scream through clenched teeth as my muscles spasm. He takes it away and drops it to the floor, he’s breathing heavily and looking at me like a wolf that’s about to devour its dinner.

“Bastard.” I whisper under my breath. He growls and grabs my face.

“Watch it,” he snaps and releases my face. He leaves the room and one of his men returns; they unchain me and drag my body to a large wire cage with a pillow and a small blanket inside.

He puts me in and locks the cage with a rather large padlock. I feel exhaustion wash over me and I fall asleep.

Headcanons after Lily finally starts dating James

- she comes to watch his Quidditch practices sometimes, distracting him, which often results in him being hit by a bludger or falling off of his broom (”Are you alright?!”)

- she helps him with homework, and he always ends up staring at her and knocking the ink over or dropping his papers in a disarray

- he starts taking notes in classes, and he always walks with her after they get out and reads them aloud

- they both sneak down to the kitchens at night, and no one ships them more than the house elves

- more often, however, one of them will make an after hour trip to the kitchens and bring back loads of snacks for the two of them to share by the common room fire

- he falls asleep on the common room couches, and she draws on his face all the time, waking him up, but he pretends to still be asleep, because he loves hearing her quiet little giggles

- she forces him to take her the Madam Puddifoot’s one weekend, pretending that she really wants to go, before ditching him while he’s in the bathroom (she then treats him to butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, promising they’ll never go there again)

- after each Quidditch match, she low-key fusses over the scrapes he got, all the while listening to his over exaggerated stories (”That bludger was inches away!” “Did you see their Seeker’s face?”)

- one Hogsmeade weekend, he asks Madame Rosmerta if he can try making a butterbeer, and he gives it to Lily. It’s terrible (”No, I just don’t want to drink it all at once, James. I’m savoring it!”)

- she always tucks her quill behind her ear, leaving ink smudges on her cheeks, but he never says anything; it’s far too cute (”James! Why didn’t you tell me?! The school governors are visiting this week!”)

- some nights they spend hours in the common room, talking, until it’s morning. They watch the sunrise together, and that’s when he’s surest; he wants to spend every morning of the rest of his life with her


Prompt: Rick Grimes Smut.

Pairing: Rick x Reader

Warning: Smut, shower sex, curse words.

Word Count: 770

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Queens Replacement

Request: Harley has run off with Ivy leaving Joker in a pit of loneliness until he decides to get to know one of his clubs dancers (the reader)

Just a reminder that all of you can send in requests at any time, I write for several different fandoms.

part 2

It had been 3 weeks since Harley had begun staying with her current girlfriend Poison Ivy leaving Joker to handle his madness alone. His penthouse was destroyed; any object that reminded him of her was either smashed or burned, the walls were covered in spray paint like when he lost her the first time. He had avoided any meetings or even going outside. News had spread around that there was no longer a Queen of Gotham and that the King was soon to fall. Frost feared that if Joker didn’t go out and started attending business meetings soon the other rouges would try to take over his empire.  He finally convinced Joker to leave his home so that he is not taken down, while a few henchmen were forced to clean up the mayhem left.

The night was as normal as a night at Jokers club could ever be loud music and drunken idiots grinded on each other. You had worked at the Smile and Grin for about 2 months now, 4 days a week you danced for the entertainment of Gotham’s night scene. What you made in tips plus wage was more than enough to keep you living comfortably not far from the GCPD in your own one bedroom apartment. In the time that you had worked there the only time Joker had even acknowledged your existence was when Harley had danced on you your 5th day that sweet moment was short-lived as she had run over to him leaving you alone once again. A tense feeling fell over the crowd, alerting all the workers that the boss had finally arrived, sure enough in walked J green hair bright as ever. He seemed to be oblivious to the eyes that followed him. You knew that Harley had done a number on the mad man’s heart, the loneliness was clear in the way he held himself.  

He sat facing the crowd not really paying attention to anyone or anything in particular as the man he was in a meeting with droned on about profits and plans. Joker looked over at the spot Harley would usually dance, a small part of him hoped he would see her there, but instead he saw you. He noticed how you moved liked you had other places to be about anyone watching. Every now and then looking at the men that throwing singles at you as if they bored you, and you were doing them a favor by being there. Your eyes rolled as you swung around, the more you ignored the men the more they tossed your way, this made J smile, the way you had found a way to take advantage of the men’s need to feel wanted. With the meeting long forgotten the clown prince motioned for his henchmen to take away the business man.

He called over Frost, “Who’s the girl in green with the bored expression?”

“That’s Y/N L/N; she goes by Neo, moved here from central city 2 months ago started working her a couple of days later. Lives alone, no pets, single. No criminal record but her father as a long list of burglary, and her Mother was imprisoned for murder when Y/N was 12.”

“So she’s more or less a good girl…” J growled, “Easily manipulated.”

“Sir please she’s one of our best dancers”

Joker held up his hand to silence him. He looked from you to Frost and nodded toward seat next to himself, meaning that Frost was to bring you to him without another word.

Just as a man slid a 20 into the top of your dress you looked up and saw Frost headed straight toward you. Without a word you glided off the stage, Frost took your hand and guided you out of the crowd toward the VIP lounge area. Behind you where the sounds of ‘awe’s’ and ‘come on bring her back’.

“Keep the nonchalant look up it pleases the boss alright” Frost said eyes forward, jaw clenched as if he knew there was no way for the night to end well.
Frost left you standing in front of Joker you felt like a kid in the principal’s office, everything bad or at least what wouldn’t please the boss went through your mind. You make a clicking noise and looked around. “Sooo Mr. Boss man sir what can I help ya with, a dance, palm reading, or maybe directions to the nearest church”, Joker only growled in response, “ funny though if anyone liked a joke it would be you… if I’m being fired just say it J-man”

Joker patted his lap without a word his face still emotionless as when you had walked in. You slowly walked over to him but he had different ideas, roughly he grabbed you by your hips making you straddle him causing you to fall forward ever so slightly. Your hands landed on either side of his head as you looked down into his blue eyes.

“I want to hear a little story about a girl who comes to Gotham and becomes a stripper for the most the most feared man in town and don’t leave out any details about living with a robber and a murder.” Joker ran his fingers through you hair.  

The Choice

TITLE: The Choice

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of 2


Imagine your family disapproving of your relationship with Loki and demanding you choose between them and him, and you instantly choose Loki.


Imagine you proposing to Loki, instead of the other way around.


I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a really long time, finally found the inspiration to sit down and write it thanks to these two prompts. Got a bit (okay, a lot) longer than I expected, so I split it into two chapters. Hope you like! And if you don’t… oh, well. I guess I’ll go cry in a corner or something, I dunno.


    Evelyn knew from the start that being with one known as a God of Mischief wouldn’t make her life any easier, but one can’t really choose whom they fall for. And while Loki could be a handful; he was always good to her. They had their ups and downs like any other couple, but overall their relationship was a very good one. There was only one thing that they couldn’t get past: Evelyn’s reluctance to introduce Loki to her parents. She always came up with some excuse not to and it was beginning to really bother him, especially since he had actually taken the time to introduce her to what passed for his these days, even if it had been a two-minute meeting and they’d never gone back afterwards.

    They stood in their bedroom facing each other, Loki’s arms were crossed over his chest and he wore a deceptively angry expression, though Evelyn could see the hurt behind it after he’d voiced the accusation that had taken root in his mind. Evelyn’s own expression filled with guilt that she’d let it get that far and she ran her tan hands through her copper hair with a sigh.

    “Loki; I’m not ashamed of you. How could you even think that? I love you!” Evelyn said earnestly.

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The ballerina in The Overture is a representation of Ryan. For some reason everyone in the town has to leave. Brendon collects everybody and then makes his final stop at a house where he finds a girl tied up. This could be a representation of Ryan having issues with his alcoholic and abusive dad. Brendon must find the key to unlock the girl although he struggles at first to find the right one. (Brendon becoming closer to Ryan and finally getting him to open up and becoming very very close to Ryan.) Once Brendon unlocks her, she falls into his arms and they dance. The dance is magical at first but then it starts getting hectic and the girl tries to trap Brendon and keep him from leaving. (A representation of the band years maybe?) That’s when Spencer comes to the window to try to help Brendon. The girl is tied up again and Spencer begs Brendon to leave but Brendon refuses and says he has to help her. (Brendon not wanting to let Ryan go and Ryan falling back on his problems once he leaves the band and Brendon?) Spencer is the one who “pulls Brendon from the situation” and makes sure he’s okay. He tells Bren that she (the ballerina/Ryan) couldn’t be saved. I feel this whole scene was a representation of Ryan leaving the band. It took such a big toll on Brendon to leave Ryan behind but he had to and I feel like this is what was expressed in this scene. Also the scene where he’s in the bar and there are two shadows…Ryan and Jon, perhaps?


BONUS: Mika did not sleep at all:

Art trade with the amazing @naaibi!! (Just in time for Christmas– Happy Holidays, everyone!!)

It started out as a simple idea to draw Mika and Yuu in modern clothes, but we elaborately expanded it into an AU where Mika and Yuu accidentally fall asleep on the bus on the way home (after such a wonderful day hanging out), and ultimately get super lost……..

Agonizing quotes from The Queen of Attolia that I always forget about

“’… why didn’t I fall? It is the curse of thieves and their right to fall to their deaths. Not– not–’ he folded his arms across his chest, tucking the crippled one under it, unable to go on.”

“Give him back to me,” she said, “and I will build your altar at the highest point of the city’s acropolis…”

“What a fool to fall in love with someone after she’d cut his hand off.”

“When Eddis prodded him, his first fumbling thought was that his entire body ached and he must be in the king’s prison in Sounis. …. Eugenides finally opened his eyes… and started to lift his right arm, then froze when the hook bumped his leg.”

“How cruel of the gods, she thought, to send her a boy she would love without realizing it.”

“A fool… A fool and a dead one. She ached with emptiness.”

“… the Thief was quietly being strangled in the chains of the prisoner just behind him.”

“”Sir,” whispered the man beside him, “at the next cliff, we will jump with you.”“

My God, he thought, I am so frightened. O my God, if you will not save me, make me less afraid.”

“Dead is dead, he had told himself over and over. Dead is dead. But worse than dying was knowing that she would be the one to take those things from him. Because she hated him.”

Not a quote, but the scene where Attolia watches the Eddisians fight in the dark and looks for Eugenides the whole time.

“Her bones ached. Eugenides, she was sure, was too young to have bones that ached. … She wonder[ed] when she had sunk so low that she had begun torturing boys.”

“The greatest change in him was not his height, nor the length of his hair, but the expression on his face.”

“”I do want this.” He looked up at her. “She may be a fiend from hell to make me feel this way, but even if I have to hate myself for the rest of my life, this is what I want. … I dream about her at night.” “We have heard you screaming.””

“It’s worse than despair I am hiding.” “Is there something worse?” “Oh, yes.”

“She found that she missed his grin. He still smiled from time to time, his smiles sweeter for their infrequency, but he no longer grinned.”

“Do you think that if people are crippled in this life, they are crippled in the afterlife as well?”

“She dismissed thoughts of the Thief lying on the floor of his cell, but found herself thinking instead of her favorite amphora, broken, and the oil spilled.”

“Eugenides, what can you steal with only one hand?” “Nothing.”

989. Before starting school Arthur Weasley was sure he would fall in love with a Muggleborn student. He hated that his family was members of the Sacred Twenty Eight and the rest of his family wasn't too thrilled either. When he first met Molly Prewett they became fast friends, she too hated that her family was part of the Sacred Twenty Eight. In his fourth year he finally asked her out, realizing he never wanted to be with anyone else and she readily accepted.

It’s really annoying that people start to tag their Pro-Lunyx posts as “Noctuna”. The reason why Lunyx didn’t happen is because she WASN’T in love with Nyx and no, it was NOT more realistic than Noctluna. If Noctluna is shallow and unrealistic, then so is Lunyx because it totally doesn’t make sense that she would fall for a stranger just because they had a firework scene together and he saved her. Just because you save a woman’s life, doesn’t mean she will end up falling for you. Her heart doesn’t belong to anyone and you can’t earn her love like as if it’s an object. Please stop with this nonsense. Luna loves Noctis and she stayed true to her feelings until the very end. If you don’t like Noctluna and prefer Lunyx, then please be polite enough to not crosstag. I like Lunyx too, but it’s really annoying when I see people spamming the Noctuna tag with Lunyx and claiming it was more “realistic”. Don’t ruin Lunyx for me please.

I want Lydia to call for Stiles and finally find this feeling of hope again. I want her to finally breathe again she remembered Stiles. She remembered everything about him. She knows what he looks like, what he smells like. She knows that he is her home. She finally remembered every detail of their life together. She’s ready to fall back into his arms. She sees a shadow her hopes are high but alas it’s not Stiles who walks out of the rift it’s someone else. Lydia falls to the ground and onto her knees. Tears start to stream down her face. She was so sure this time. She was so sure they found him. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder and it’s one familiar feeling she looks up but the image is a blur from all the tears filled in her eyes. The familiar touch moves to her cheek to wipe a tear, he calls out to her. Lydia. Without thinking She jumps into his arms and whispers in his ear you came back.

The doppleganger angst AU:

I had some thoughts regarding a “what if Adrien was so desperate to find his lady, he meets a girl who fits all the criteria, but its not Mari? What if he beĺieves this other girl is Ladybug?”

And what if Mari finds out he is Chat, and finally starts to relax around him- he is her goofy partner after all- and witnesses him fall for this other girl, all the while too scared and trapped in self doubt to tell him he is mistaken?

This other girl (lets call her Maria) is new to the school. She is confident and flirty, and is all the things Marinette wishes she could be (and is, but doesnt realize). Marinette envies her and admires her. All the class loves her and even Chloe doesnt mess with her after Maria tears her apart on her first day.

She is from a fashion family, but wants to be a baker. She is essentially an anti-Marinette. Similar, but opposite.

Because Marinette knows Adrien is Chat, he has someone to confide in about it all, and he tells her how much he loves ladybug. But as he begins to believe that Maria is ladybug, Marinette and him start to fight about it, and she has no excuse to be as angry as she is, and Adrien accuses her of being jealous, and acting like Chloe.

Ladybug wants to tell Adrien, to drop hints, anything. But she cant bring herself to do it, because while she wants him to know, she is too scared to tell him. After all, she feels that she cant measure up to the wonderful, graceful Maria.

It isnt until a crisis occurs (her first akuma attack, perhaps?) that everyone sees Maria break. She freaks out, is scared shitless, and reacts in a way that puts her and others in further danger. Thats when Adrien starts to clue in that its not Ladybug, Ladybug would never be so scared during an Akuma attack, she handles them on the regular.

Heartbreak, angst, and opportunities for all angles of the love-square. My sadistic AU.


Seth Rollins x reader

Drunk Seth goes to (y/n)’s house and confesses he is in love with her and falls asleep in the couch. Next day he remembers everything. {the final is in your hands}

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