he's filming her


David Tennant telling everyone at the TV Choice Awards where his wife was.


only dogs can hear the level at which i’m screaming

In which somehow they got their hands on a functioning old world TV and vhs or dvds and Furiosa is totally not buying this horror movie at all, NOPE she’s just being considerate to Max who clearly is the distressed one. Max is not going to argue.

Number 12 for Prompts.

hello friends kevin day is a member of aa and is successfully kicking his alcoholism in the ass. he has a wonderful sponsor who doesn’t give a fuck about exy and helps kevin learn to put himself first so he can heal. kevin is doing great and stays sober with renee at parties. he helps her film the dumb shit the foxes do. he is a recovering alcoholic with rainbow toe socks and a giant family of foxes that love him


when your assistant is annoying af but it’s not even her fault and you care sm for her no matter how many times she messes up