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“Though I have served the royal family for some time, I have no single master. I’ve always been troubled by this fact, but perhaps Lady Mikoto arranged it so that someday, when the time was right, I would serve you, Lady Corrin. If you will have me, then I will pledge myself to you.”

since my green-haired ninja-loving ass had already impulsively married my avatar with kaze, I just now found out what would happen if u didn’t reach A-Support Rank with him before ch. 15 and I had to doodle this perfect couple while crying

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11. Visiting a bakery together. 😊

okay this is short fyi :)): 

Harry craned his neck, peering ahead to get a glimpse of the baked goods that were still available in the display case.  It was the middle of the lunch rush, and the press of the crowd obscured his view.  

“Probably just gonna get a croissant,” he said, biting his lip and bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Hmm?” Louis blinked at Harry, brow furrowed like he hadn’t quite heard him.  Which made sense.  Harry had been mumbling.  He was nervous, and he had been mumbling.

“I’m — “ Harry started, shifting to the side a little to let other customers exit the store.  “I’m going to get a croissant, I think.”

“Oh,” Louis whispered, his head bobbing in understanding.  

“Yeah,” Harry sighed, cringing internally and staring forward at the specials board.  He didn’t know how he’d managed to end up going for a bite to eat with beautiful Louis from American Lit, but he knew for sure he was fucking it up.  All of his personality seemed to have evaporated, and it felt like he wasn’t even standing normally, his limbs suddenly unwieldy and unfamiliar.  

“So —“

“I used to be a baker!” Harry blurted, interrupting Louis and going crimson in the process.        

Louis let out a pleased huff of a laugh, though, his eyes sparkling.  He leaned in closer, smiling up at Harry.  “Okay,” he said, “tell me about that.”

about jackson:

he’s going into his racing career with a silver spark plug in his mouth. he’s got a big sponsor with big equipment, scientists, simulators, wind tunnels, computers, he’s got everything he needs to make him the fastest thing on wheels. He’s passing other cars, who have been racing for years, without effort. He’s turning it into a race for second.

about Lightning:

this crash is a lot worse than we first thought. he doesn’t just flip once or twice, his spoiler doesn’t just fall off. he flips AT LEAST 15 times. A crash like this is what puts racers out of commission- permanently. 
The billboard he sees. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s gone back to that old dirt oval where Doc used to race back in the fifties. What that means: this is Lightning going on a spiritual journey to get back in the game. 

about me:

im screaming

Soft Hair

Summary: You rarely keep your hair down or natural, so when Steve sees it he falls in love with how soft it looks 

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: This is very fluffy 

Word Count: 507

A/N: Requested by @maggiegreene123 #1 with Steve Rogers. Here you go sweetheart, hope you like it! 💕

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The first time you caught Steve staring at your hair was when you decided to leave it natural and down; which you rarely did. If you ever left your hair natural it would be tied up, because if you ever left it down, it would somehow transform into a lion’s mane. But, that day it felt like your hair was going to cooperate with you; for once. You went downstairs, hearing Steve sing while he was cooking breakfast. As you entered the kitchen and greeted Steve; his attention was immediately drawn to your hair as it flowed every time with your movements. He couldn’t stop himself from staring at it; as if he never seen hair before. You felt Steve’s eyes on you and it made you squirm; not knowing if he liked your hair. Even during breakfast, when you tried asking him for his opinion on something and he responded with an uninterested ‘yea’.

The second time that you noticed Steve staring at your hair was after you showered and decided to let it air dry. He was talking until he lost track of his thoughts, as his attention was drawn to your hair. Confused to why he stopped you asked,

“Steve, is everything okay?”

“Hmm? Yea, sorry got distracted,” Steve said with a soft chuckle and went back to his conversation. You knew something was wrong but you just let it go, not wanting to put Steve in an uncomfortable position.

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there is no good twin and there is no bad twin stan and ford are brothers and best friends why is it wrong to acknowledge that one of them literally went to prison and part of his character is that he’s just constantly breaking the law that doesnt mean i dont love him god

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Pairing: klance AU: Lance is a professional figure skater and Keith is an infatuated fan. Lance sees him at a meet and greet and falls in love with Keith.

“Hey,” Lance glides over to the side of the rink. He smirks at the boy standing there, nervously wringing his hands.
“I’m Lance. If you came to see Allura…”
“Oh no! Uh…” Violet eyes flit sideways. A blush rises on the strange boys cheeks.
“I uh… I’m actually YOUR fan… So…” He bites his lip.
Lance feels like the wind has been knocked out of him. His ankles shake, and his knees buckle. He falls to the ice with an embarrassing yelp.

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record store clerk vernon (headcannon) please? (also i was so shocked to learn he loves david bowie, i guess this is what inspired this ask lol)

(a/n) actually i think vernon has a really eclectic music taste! he likes a lil bit of everything, and i bet he gets a lot of music inspo from his parents!

record store!Vernon

  • wow record store vernon is AESTHETIC
  • when he’s working night shifts he probably studies at the bench, and when it gets really late he falls asleep at the counter or against the wooden shelves as he’s alphabatizing used records 
  • some days he’ll play some david bowie over the speakers, beetles on lazy days, others drake or tupac and if he’s feeling it he’ll play some broadway because c’mon RENT is a masterpiece
  • probably wears ripped jeans at the knees, flannels, beanies in every color of the rainbow and tims
  • like imagine him thumbing through old CDs with a peaceful look on his face with a red flannel tied around his waist, blue jeans with milky thighs ripped leaving much to the imagination, a worn white v-neck and a navy beanie over his head, letting his floppy wavy bangs free
  • *exhales* are we good here? ok ok
  • so you walk in on a lazy monday bc y’know you’re bored and have no class 
  • and you walk in his store and you get the most equally gorgeous and amusing sight to wake u up
  • *plays George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”*
  • so here we have hansol vernon chwe in his natural habitat: careless whisper playing in the background while vernon is sweeping up the desks, shaking his lil booty and singing impressively on-key
  • you try really hard to contain your giggles because w o w he’s adorable 
  • but the wind slams SLAMS the door shut and he squeaks like a mouse and he quite literally jumps off and he drops his duster and he presses himself against the desk as he looks up at you all flustered
  • his eyes are so wide and whoa they’re big and beautiful and reflect against the sunlight perfectly they’re like warm copper tea
  • “wowhelloplease tellme u did not just seemedoingthatHOW can i help you” it all tumbles out of his lips and even cuter sheesh how even can a person be so endearing 
  • and you just raise a brow at him and say “i need help finding the mics” but your lil smirk says it all
  • “right… mics” he tries not to look too concerned at wow the way he’s teasing him is kinda sexy? kinda cute? and she doesn’t look totally mortified that he was dancing like an idiot five secs ago? “if you’ll follow me in the back you can try some out” 
  • it takes half a minute to realize you’re not moving and that he said to follow him in the back room… with him… alone… “it’s just A STUDIOBTW nothing weird i promise sometimes i take naps there or record raps when the music classes don’t need the equip” 
  • you perk up “you rap?” and not only is he cute he’s talented too??
  • and his smile literally lights up the whole shop and omg u think you’ve just unleashed something far greater than you’ll ever know
  • “yeah!! yeah i do a lil c’mon you can listen to some… y’know… if you wanna test the mic capabilities what better way??”
  • and you agree and yes the end this got really long but ain’t it cute

Send me Seventeen Headcanons?

John throws his arms up in exasperation. “Oh my GOD. You don’t know how.” He feels his hands falling on his own cheeks; fingers grinding his temples. “I should have realized that sooner or later this was going to happen… you get it wrong as often as you get it right…”

S holds up a hand. “I never said I was a hero.” He scowls at John. “In fact, I believe I said the exact opposite, did I not?!”

The crowd’s chatter rises, nervously.

John feels his lip curling into a snarl. “Forgive my gullibility. I forget that it really is a trick… you have no idea how to fly…”

“Just what do you expect me to do?!”

“WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO!!!” As he turns to the crowd, he feels S grab his sleeve, but John wrenches his arm away angrily to raise his hands to the audience. “Everyone, it is imperative that you stay calm and listen. We need help.”

“Not like this,” S hisses.



mads mikkelsen himself is a mary sue. everyone he meets falls inexplicably in love with him, he has a seemingly infinite well of random useful talents that come from nowhere, the world revolves around him wherever he goes, etc etc. we are all side characters in mads’s story.

Seventeen When You Fall Asleep On Them

Request from: @taehyungie-lovee 


Genre: fluff!

650 Words


(pt.2 to the BTS reaction!! But with 17′s Vocal Unit ^^ The setup is pretty self explanatory, so I’ll just get right into the reactions ;DD)


Jeonghan: This angel would show irritation to you suddenly trying to distract him from watching his soap operas, but once he notices you falling asleep, he’d immediately turn into a puddle of goo. Jeonghan was quickly fetch you some blankets and wrap it around the both of you, where he’d end up dozihng off, too. Since this pretty boy loves to sleep and never gives up a chance to take a nap, he would result in sleeping longer than you had, giving you an extremely rough time trying to wake him up.

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Joshua: Jisoo would have been cuddled up with you from the beginning, the two of you watching a chick flick and talking about your days as you would add side remarks about the show you’d been seeing. The two of you would make fun of the characters and Jisoo would immediately click his tongue in disappointment each time one of them cursed. But once he saw you closing your eyes, about to fall asleep, he’d quickly turn off the television and watch you resting, him propped up on his elbow and smiling faintly down at you. He would occasionally tuck loose strands of hair behind your ear and pull up a blanket for the both of you.

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Woozi: You’d find Jihoon resting on the bed, his guitar supported on his unfolded legs as he strummed the notes to a nonexistent song. Out of pure boredom, you decided to jump on the bed and lay your head on the side of his lap, but you wouldn’t have if you remembered Jihoon takes his practicing seriously. And that he had his enormous guitar. He threatened (jokingly) to whack you with his guitar like he did to all the other members if you’d continued to bother him, but that didn’t stop you from fulfilling your boredom and desperate need to cuddle with your boyfriend. You simply sprawled yourself out on the bed and didn’t notice you fell asleep until you woke up to the light snores of Jihoon as he had his arm wrapped around your torso, sleeping deeply beside you.

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DK: Seokmin would be watching a Korean drama, and you’d just decided to join him by resting on his arms. He would be so thrilled that you wanted to watch it with him, that he’d end up talking to you more than actually seeing the drama. He would go on about his day, about the other members and how he had another “English battle” with Seungkwan (and ofc how he wON), how much he missed you, and even more. You only smiled, although you really wanted to see the show that was on, but couldn’t because of this adorable chatterbox. Seokmin would end up talking so much that he’d tire you out and see you suddenly close your eyes and fall off into a deep trance. Sure, he’d be pretty disappointed that you couldn’t talk about your day, but he would immediately grab blankets and wrap it around the two of you, falling asleep as well.

Originally posted by ldks

Seungkwan: This cutie would make you so excited to finally get to rest with him in peace, and you’d be so hyped up to hear him crack another of his many jokes. He’d amaze you when telling his stories and jokes since he wouldn’t ever hurt anyone’s feelings out of them, nor were they boring and uninteresting. So basically, the two of you had gotten back from an exhausting day at work and you’d decided to just simply lay down together, enjoying one another’s company. You’d fall asleep slowly and Seungkwan would take notice quickly, causing him to hurriedly retrieve his largest, warmest blanket and tuck you gently in it before lying down beside you. He’d smile at the sight of you breathing through your mouth and the faint noise of you snoring, making sure to tease you about it when you woke up.

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seeuchan72  asked:

After reading that adorable drabble I have one question. Does the plant in Phil's hair grow into a flower when he is in love/around someone he cares a lot about? Like is the flower's growth gradual and as the relationship developes the bigger the flower becomes? That would be so cute & wholesome! QwQ ♡♡

Yup! It blooms into a sunflower gradually as he falls in love with Dan :) It doesn’t grow without limit though - it would eventually reach a finite size and stay that way.