he's face at the end tho


Do you remember the last thing I said to you?

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

although now that Fishy has brought it up, that’s an interesting idea: Old Ben gets cut down, wakes up on Tatooine. The closest town is Mos Espa and he’s short his supplies. Once inside, he finds a very familiar young face on the street…

ok but 

body language here

look at her face tho while she is telling Chat Noir he needs to go because they must keep their identities as a secret.

she doesnt want to 

she knows, as a responsibility and for protection, that they shouldnt know.

but she really doesnt want to.

Kemik is a more Mashima-ish style

In my recent post of my redraw I mentioned that I stopped trying to imitate Fairy Tail’s style but then I thought “Hey what if I tried it again, just to see if I can pull it off better this time?”

And so an attempt was made

“Teach Me” (Jimin x Reader)

“hello! how are you? i love your blog. can i have a jimin imagine where you catch him practicing and you want him to teach you how to dance? thank you!”

Name: “Teach Me”

Character: Park Jimin (BTS)

Genre: Fluff gets a bit heated at the end tho ngl

Word Count: 1,211

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

(excuse me park jimin that was UNCAlled for. gif credit to the original owner but also tyvm for the gif)

The way he moves is nothing short of astounding. The flex of his muscles as he twists and turns occupied your sight. His dark eyes were focussed, but you could see the twinkle of delight hidden behind them. This was he loved to do; his dream was being realised in front of him as each day passes. Beads of sweat formed. Each to their own trickled down his face. His golden skin shone from dancing so hard, his hair matted against his forehead. The mop of dirty blonde hair was untidy on his head, but he looked absolutely divine. You had an internal debate on whether to go in. All the while, you peaked through the slit in the door. The whole room pulsated with music, sending shivers through the walls and underneath your skin. The music came to a steady end. He had finished with a slide on the floor, his torso facing the ceiling. His abs rippled through the white vest, which had clung onto him from sweat. He panted furiously; the rise and fall of his chest was frequent in an attempt to keep up with him. That’s when you slowly creaked the door further ajar. As soon as one footstep hit the practice room floor, his eyes flicked towards yours.

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S3E13 Reaction

Bloody joker card, love it, much clevers.
Look at Bruce in the big boy chair uwu
I never found Lee so interesting as a character until she got pissed.
I like this Jerome cult grunt.
Babs omg shut up Ozzie is looking for his Ed
Why we calling Ed the snake look at this deadly Babs viper
Disco vampire hair lmfao
Guys you should probs listen to Selina okay?
Also her makeup is still fantastic so
Definitely listen to her.
Nah not the face man
His beautiful face D:
Lee you’re examining a corpse shouldn’t you be wearing like, a hair net or something
Your hair is so pretty tho don’t change anything.
Its okay if you end up corrupting evidence girl, your hair still look fly
Omg yes my faceless child rise rise riiiiiise
BABS OMG STOP 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
He loves Ed so much I’m crying
But that cane knife is legit tho
LMFAO I love Lucius so much
I love all these crazy laughs yesssss
Lee is being so boss lately
Omg girl yes TELL HIM.
Where’s my face end me 😂😂😂
This fake Jerome is so annoying can he just not exist anymore kthnxbai
Omg Selina poor baby
Man I had a feeling about that momma.
Also where’s Butch
And where’s Ed
I miss them.
Tabitha looks so happy when she murders.
Why can’t Selina ever be happy
Why can’t anyone ever be happy on Gotham lmao
But ugh finally a power balance between Bruce and Selina! Used to always be Selina being better at everything, so happy with this development.
Don’t fight tho babies, plz just love each other uwu
Jerome killing it
Omg ewww staple face
Oh Oswald poor baby
I mean you deserve it but poor baby
Ed when Oz gets to you next episode you better be making up with Oz or else 😬💪✊
Yesss Dwight is done good riddance
Damn Jerome works fast

BONUS: omg next episode looks sooooo good.


I hate how they split it up, they never did that. Those jerkfaces. lol.


-Leo and April moment, adorbs!

-MY DUDES, MY BROS, MY TURTS ~best thing ever! Can I have that as like a song or something?~


-Leo concerned with his father, and having a worried feeling, my poor baby :(

-My question is, Did Splinter knew?

-The fight scene. Poor Karai, Shredder really is an ass for bringing her mother into this shit. Id be pissed too.


-Everyone gets out safe. And Leo does CPR on Karai. Hey he hasnt got a kiss but he surely touched boobies. Okay sorry xD

-They went back to where they first encountered Shredder. Surprisingly that seemed fitting.

-These fight scenes hurt like a bitch. Holy chaloopa man.

-Bebop mentioning throw back thursday. Pff. These two are my favorite villians xD

-Aprils phone call to Donnie. </3 he sounded so worried! Props to Rob!

-When April screams Splinter, god I adore Mae! Shes amazing.

-And just when they thought everything was fine….nooooope.

-Reference to the movie where Casey kills Shredder. AND HOLY SHIT THE FACE HE MAKES. Jesus.

-Strangely, I loved how Splinters death played out. DONT GET ME WRONG. Im heartbroken over the loss of him and the poor kids are now ORPHANS. But just it really showed a lot of emotion. For a kids show, I didnt really have that when I grew up, Im glad kids shows are improving more and more. Kids deserve some reality of life. If that makes sense. But this scene is what I look forward too, because you see four teenage boys, who had their whole life spent with this man who took them in. And now, he’s gone. I dont know how to really explain it. But I really loved the actors during this scene.


Honestly I cant talk enough about this scene. It was so perfectly well put together, beautifully done. The VAs did an amazing job! escpecially Seth and Greg. Seth mainly though. I never knew Seth could just throw his voice that way, the only experience I had with the guy was Family guy…and well…that show….well its not that emotional. He killed it with the “Father” sayings, and the screaming of “No.” Beautiful! and Greg, our sweet Greg, all he really had to do was, say one word. One single word that will break hearts…. “Papa.”
That one word just says everything. EVERYTHING!
Sorry Korea, but NO language vers could ever compare with the english. These actors….are just to good.
Let me just add that I loved how in the emotional moment, Casey was on the sidelines, and you didnt see his face. I dont know why but that drew my attention.

If you want to discuss! fangirl! cry! or ask a lot of questions dont hesitate to come into my inbox!


a ball hitting Andrew on the face and Neil just...

ok we’ve seen a lot of “Neil gets hit in a game and Andrew goes all the way from the goal to check on his dumbass of a boyfriend” posts

but what about a game where the foxes are wnning becaue Andrew hasn’t let a single ball through the goal and a striker aiming the ball directly at Andrew’s shoulder and andrew ended up deflecting the ball only for it to hit him in the face because Andrew is stll distracted/worrying over Neils earlier hit
then he goes down

lbr tho Neils first instinct would be to check on Andrew but the striker was so much closer so he threw his racquet at him and then pounced on him

  • half of the team sees him and starts panicking 
  • Wymack yelling at everyone on the court to stop Neil
  • the doors open and Renee and Abby goes straight to andrew but knew better than to touch him 
  • Dan, Matt and Kevin had to work together to pry neil off from a now bloodied striker
  • Allison, Renee, Aaron and Nicky are now standing by a half conscious Andrew as Abby does her thing
  • I dont think you’re boyfriend is satisfied with the damage on him just yet
  • not now Allison
  • Wymack was now talking wth the referees and officials and the other coach
  • the game ends in the foxes favor
  • the Freshmen are now sitting quietly on the bench as half the team drags Neil inside the locker room 
  • the team follows and aaron and Nicky are supporting andrew as they walk
  • as they got inside Neil checked on Andrew and andrew just shut up, i already got hit in the head for fucks sake
  • aaron and Neil share a look that can be translated to aaron saying i would’ve done the same
  • kevin scolded both of them for being careless but only shut up when he realized that neither of the two were actually lstening
  • wymack then orders them to hit the showers and get out of my face before my head explodes
  • as they all showered and changed the boy’s locker room was quiet and the freshmen all share silent glances at Neils direction
  • the freshmen girls asks the seniors about Neil
  • “ i didnt know he had that in him”
  • “I thought andrew was the dangerous one”
  • allison laughs
  • Dan and Renee smiles and lets Allison do the talking
  • “Renee here could take the whole team if we gang up on her, you know. matt could punch the life out of anyone who crosses him and anyone he cares about. Aaron already killed a man. Nicky could be annoying and smiley all the time but there’s nothing that could keep him from doing what he needs to to save his family. and i could very much do what Neil just did but the difference between Neil and I, disregarding our own messed up family background, is that i dont owe Andrew my life”
  • the freshmen then dressed silently after they showered
  • but before they got out Dan added
  • “and Andrew isnt the dangerous one here. we all are. he’s just the only one who doesn’t care enough, or maybe cares too much, to disregard any consequence”
  • the girls then share this with the other freshmen
  • lets just say that the freshmen are now more scared of andrew’s lot knowing that Neil’s a part of it

PlayStation Heroes

anonymous asked:

Noctis is it true that the lady smeared cake frosting on your face on your wedding day? Because that's the rumor going around! Lady Lunafreya smearing cake icing on her new husband's face! I mean you got her back if she did tho, right? Lawl

“Ha! Ah, man. Word really travels fast, huh? *he chuckles* She did, but it wasn’t anything terrible. Just as we cut the cake and were about to take up our pieces and feed them to each other, she gets this glint in her eye, and the next thing I know is she’s smearing cake icing on my cheek. *he laughs* I remember we both ended up with frosting all over our fingers. Don’t worry, though. I played it smooth. I fed her that small bite of cake, but as soon as she took the bite, I smeared frosting on her nose. We both got a pretty good laugh about it. That is one fond memory of our wedding day. Luna can be a bit mischievous at times. She proved that the day we got married. *he laughs again* It’s okay, though. I forgive her. I have my own arsenal of tricks to get her back. It’s all in good fun.”

Special dream - Luke Skywalker

Anonymous asked:”Luke imagine where Luke has a wet dream about the reader on a mission and can’t face her. (even though he’s naturally shy around her) The reader doesn’t know why Luke is ignoring her and only sees Han teasing Luke whenever she’s around? bonus points for the reader defending Luke after she realizes what’s going on and tells Han to leave him alone!!! :-)”

A/N: There you go, i’m sorry about the end tho, I didn’t know how to end this one in a good way

Luke’s head was falling back to the pillow while a deep sigh left his lips. You were straddling him while you kissed his neck. You began to move your hips in a slow motion against his lower part, which caused both of your breaths to hitch. You began to move your lips from his neck up to his jaw before you kissed him on his lips. A low moan escapes from your lips. Luke’s hands travel down to your moving hips. “It’s my turn to make you feel so good tonight” you whispered against his lips while your hands moved down to his shirt. Slowly you’re unbuttoning the buttons, one by one. You slowly move your lips down to his collarbone once his tanned chest is visible. Luke sighs while he runs his hand through your hair. You put on some pressure on his lower part with your hips, which causes a deep moan escape from Luke. You smirk against his chest as you do it again, you can feel his bulge which causes you to smirk again. “What’s that big boy? You excited?” Luke brings down your face to his and he kisses you hard. “You drive me crazy, do you know that?” he murmurs against your lips. He then flips you around which cause you to chuckle. “Woah Jedi boy, no patience huh?” He attacks your neck with kisses, leaving a hickey just above your collarbone. You suck in a breath when you feel that he does the same on the other side of your neck. You slide off his shirt before throwing it away somewhere. He lets his hands glide down to the end of your shirt before he takes it off. His lips attacks yours and you moan into the kiss. You lets your hands wander down to his pants, you unbuttoning them before you let your hand slide into them. You grab his member which causes him to moan into your mouth. “Babe” he whispers against you lips. “So good” You bite his lips gently before you slowly move your hand up and down. “Oh yeah? It will get better” you whisper.

Luke opens his eyes before he sits up straight. He breaths heavily and he can feel how his heart is beating fast. He runs one of his hands through his hair before he sighs and puts his head in his hands. “This is so wrong” he mumbles to himself. He feels disgusting all of a sudden. He knew that he had a crush on you but this dream about you and him felt so wrong. How am I supposed to look at her now? He thinks.

You are standing at the big landing platform. Ship after ship is landing and now you can see Luke’s ship. You have missed your friend and you can’t wait to see him again. He climbs out of his ship and he almost freezes when he sees you. He quickly walks the other way and you can’t help but feel confused. Was he ignoring you?

“I don’t know what to do Leia, Luke has been ignoring me ever since he came home from his mission” Leia looks up at you from her datapad. “He has always been shy around you” you sigh before you stand up from the chair you were sitting on.  “But he ignores me, he doesn’t want to look at me, I mean he’s my best friend” Leia can now see your sad face, she walks up to you and places a hand on your shoulder. “Don’t worry, if I know my brother right then he’ll talk to you again” You force a smile at her before you look out to the side. You can see Han and Luke talking to each other. All of a sudden you see Luke crossing his arms and he gives Han a look which looks like…embarrassment? You can now see Han laughing and you can see how he places a hand on his own knee while wiping his eye.  You decide to go out to them. You can see Han poking Luke’s arm when he sees you coming closer. Luke looks up at Han before he looks at you, you can almost see how he freezes again. Han tries to hide a laugh but fails. “Luke, is there something you’d like to tell?” “No” Luke responds quickly and looks away. “Oh yes I think you have” You roll your eyes before you walk away again.

You have noticed that Han starts to tease Luke everytime you are around them. Han is a typical guy who uses to tease Luke but now it’s on a whole new level. So one day when Han starts to tease Luke, you’ve decided that it’s enough, even though you’re mad at Luke for ignoring you. “Han-“ You begin but gets cut off by him. “Someone had a very special dream about a certain someone” He says loudly so Luke can hear him before he pats your shoulder and winks at you, he then disappears somewhere. You can see how Luke’s face turns red and if looks could kill, Han would be dead right there and then. “Han what the hell is that supposed to mean? Leave him alone and stop teasing your best friend you son of a-“ Then something clicks inside your head and you can feel how your cheeks starts to burn “Oh..”. You turn around to look at Luke and he quickly looks away. You walk up to him before you cross your arms. “Luke?” Luke keeps his eyes on the floor. “Luke, look at me!” Slowly, very slowly, he looks up at you. You give him a smile. “Good, now tell me-“ “I’m sorry okay, I-I…, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose that, and-“ he gets cut off by you kissing his cheek. He looks at you with wide eyes and his cheeks gets red. “A dream won’t change anything, it’s only human to have…special dreams… and if Han keeps teasing you about that, then I’ll tell Leia about the dreams he have had about her” Luke gives you a small smile before you wrap your arms around him in a friendly hug.

The endless Mikayuu moments in Episode 6

It must have been about Yuu



That realization face when she knew that Mika is Yuu’s boyfriend dou



Forever thinking only about Yuu

Loves only Yuu


Yuu sensing Mika’s coming for him.


Me by the end of the show:

Astro Reaction to You Dancing

Myungjun (MJ): He would be surprised at first because this was his first time seeing you dancing but as soon as he processed it he would run and join you. He’d probably try to teach you some of their choreos, always acting extra cute when you get a move right.

Jinwoo (Jinjin): As soon as this fluffball saw you he had a smile on his face but he would make sure to take it off his face to start teasing you about you “don’t moving the leg the way it’s supposed to”. You’d end up in some kind of weird dance argument, who knows with him tho.

Dongmin (Eunwoo): He’d be shocked since you always refused to dance whenever the boys asked you to. He’d stay by the door, not wanting you to notice and probably recording you with a cheesy smile on his face and once you finish he’d clap like one of those proud soccer moms.

Moonbin: There’s two sides on this boy. Either he runs to you and joins your dancing after hugging you because he’s proud of you taking interest in dancing or he summons his To Be Continued character and starts pointing out the flaws in your moves, but he’d end up hugging you either way. 

Minhyuk (Rocky): Like Moonbin, he could have two reactions. Start giggling like a school girl and drown on proudness or try to teach you how to properly do some moves, but always with a sweet smile planted on his face. What have I just done to myself

Sanha: He’d get flustered and he would probably start giggling for at least a solid 10 minutes. Being the hyper beagle he is, he’d rush to you and start dancing along. Would probably start a dance battle with you if he feels like your dancing is better than his.

I’m so hyped for their comeback omg I can’t wait, the teasers are looking really great so far.

- Admin Tam