he's even wearing the tomato ring

The Librarian

I requested fluff prompts to combat the winter finale angst and a Nonnie sent this. 

“It’s my turn to open up the cafe today and you were sleeping under one of the tables when i came in and i don’t know what to say so i’m just sweeping awkwardly around you AU CS.” 

I changed the cafe to a library and used this as a chance to play with the idea of a Cursed!Killian in S1. Sadly it’s not terribly fluffy or Christmas-y but there is a big possibility this might become part of a larger fic at some point so I hope you enjoy!
1.2k | Rated T 

First thing in the morning the library felt almost like a shrine; quiet, somber, and full of mystery. The sun pouring through the high windows onto the meticulously organized shelves and the books just waiting to share the infinite knowledge and worlds between their covers. Each morning James would descend from his apartment over the library into the peacefulness, run his hands over their spines and breathe in the smell of the paper and glue. Sometimes he would pick one at random and take it with him to read over breakfast at Granny’s.

This morning the shrine is desecrated. The quiet pierced by a soft snore that sounds almost like a sigh. The organization of the town history section demolished with it’s entire contents scattered upon a table. He pauses and stares at the scene with a soft smile. Emma Swan’s face is curtained by her golden hair and planted in a large brown ledger–the town charter if he had to guess. He can’t see her face but last night dark circles ringed her green eyes and her mouth had been in a permanent frown. He had offered to help her search but she had waved him off. 

“Thanks but it’s official police business.” She had stuck her hands on her hips shifting so her badge was visible. James had thought that over the past months he and Emma had grown closer, maybe even become friends but everything about her stance and face had screamed that she wanted to be left alone. So he had pushed up his glasses and nodded. 

“Right. Of course. I’ll just be at the desk if you need anything." 

She hadn’t needed anything or at least she hadn’t asked for anything and he had left her alone until he was about to close. The mess of books on the table had made him wince; it would take hours to re-shelve everything. When clearing his throat failed to get her attention he had touched her shoulder and she had jumped a mile. 

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