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Jon Snow, probably the most noble and level headed character on this show, almost killed Littlefinger in blind rage with his bare hands because he told him he was in love with Sansa.

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bts reacts - You having SEVERE Depression

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He would most likely feel the need to be by your side 24/7. Making sure you ate properly, making sure you did not neglect yourself or do self-harm to yourself. On The day when you felt the need to cry, he would be by your side, quietly holding you as you cry into his chest. He would make you your favorite dish, and even go as far as to do act our your favorite scenes in K-dramas with you. You felt the happiest when at night as he holds you, and rocks you to slumber. 

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He would notice right away because he too has depression and knows all too well how a person is supposed to act when depressed, like distancing themselves from the world. You would stop texting, calling or even visiting him at their apartment/Big hit building. He took initiation by visiting you with a gift, (Insert Favorite Thing). He would sit down with you, ask if you wanted to talk to him about whatever is bothering you; he would stay over and, note he hates to cuddle but knowing that you were in a bad predicament at the moment, he would lay like a statue all night just to make you happy. He loves leaving a trail of kisses on your forehead as you slept peacefully. 

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He would notice the way you always said “I’m sorry.” a lot for the weirdest of thing. 

“Damn it, I broke my glasses again.”

“I”m sorry.” 


He found it quite cute at first, but now it seemed concerning. He asked if you were okay because you said sorry a lot. You of course replied.

“Oh…I don’t mean too, sorry…I mean-” He would chuckle, but pull you in for a hug. 

“Talk to me. Why are you so sorry all the time? is it a nervous thing?” You hid your face into his chest while speaking but he pulls you back and said to please repeat that.

“I”m Afraid of rejection, it makes me sad when people reject me. I’ve been stressing and- I’m just really really sad. I hate talking about my feelings Nam Joon, I’m sorry I sound like a crying brat.” Your voice trembles as hot tears well up. “I’m a nuisance.”  Then he would get it immediately, he would pull you into a hug and embrace you tightly.

“Have you ever thought about talking to a therapist, to let out your feelings. Maybe even me? I’m here baby, I’m for you. So never be afraid”

He would talk with you and leave kisses all over your face. 

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He would be able to notice this a lot slower than the last two since he is always so happy. He himself suffers depression but masks it with a smile most of the time, which would relieve you sometimes; until you remember he is hiding his pain which only intensifies your sadness. He would notice one day come home to you crying in the corner of the living room. He would rush over to you as ask what’s wrong while holding you close. 

“I hate myself, I’m so ugly that people ignore me! I never have friends because I’m just a failure at life.” He would be full of shock and his heart drops immediately once he hears you crying louder. 

He pulls you in tighter while trying his best to not cry as well but all fails when she says, “How can you love someone like me?” His tears would spill over, which causes you to look up in shock as a sob escapes his mouth. “H-Hoseok?” 

“Don’t say this Y/N, I love you way to much. I can’t take hearing you put yourseld down when your such a beautiful person INSIDE and OUT.” He shouted the last part while stuffing his face into the crook of your neck as he mumbles muffled why your neck. “I love you with all of my heart, please don’t break when I’m here for you. Don’t do this alone Y/N…Don’t…” He sobs.

“I’m sorry hoseok!” You clung to him as you both sobbed, until you both fell asleep. His back against the wall, and you in between his legs while you laid your head on his chest. 

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He would try to make you smile as much as he can. Seeing you walk around their apartment with a frown was a downer for him, knowing he could not help you smile as much as you wanted to smile.

“I wanna smile again-”

He one day got so desperate that he hurt himself, which caused you to break out in tears. He would panic as he stood up limping towards you. You held him close while apologizing, he would cling onto you while whispering not to cry.

“It’s okay baby, I’m fine; I only slipped-” He chuckled to mask his shaky voice, he held his tears back. “Look, I’m still mochi!” He grabbed both of your hands placing them on his cheeks as he puffs them out making a kissy face. You smiled softly before you pecked his lips. He would give you the best eye smile he could, but by him knowing that you were so depressed to hurt him so much.

“I’ll protect you, Y/N. So don’t cry no more. Please?” 

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He tried it all.

Cudling you, Kissing you, singing to you, playing with you. Then went to the extremes of seeking medical help by going to the doctor so you can seek a therapist, you ended up on pills you don’t even take regularly. You only hid in your room, which slowly became a pig stye, which he hated so much.

He would come over with the spare key you gave him to find the home a mess, you were just giving up like this and it angered him. Instead of being angry, he has been writing sweet letters to you, since you only stayed in your room until a certain time at night, never showing yourself in the daytime.

He stood infront of your door, slipping an envelope, underneath the door. He knocks twice before standing there for a few minutes. He hoped you would some day open the door, so he could hold you once more and tell you to stop hiding from him. He loved you so much, he missed you so much; you needed him badly and you kept hiding away.

He looks down at his feet as a tear slips down his eye, he spoke softly.

“Y/N…I will stay here…until you open this door.” He looks up at the closed door, his lips pressed into a thin line. He walks backward and slides down the wall so that he was facing your doorway. 

“…..” Silence.

six hours later, you had opened the door, thinking he had left like always; he didn’t really mean he would stay for you; he would leave you like everyone else did. You gasped shocked seeing him, sleeping against the wall, you covered your mouth.

He jolted awake because of your sharp gasp, and he stood up not moving much towards you; he wanted to give you space.

“Hi..” He says nervously, your lips trembled before you ran to him; shocking him. 

“Taehyung!” You embraced the hell out of him, he lays his head into your fluffy hair while humming. “I love you…f-forgive me..”

“No Reason to be sorry- Just let me help you. Stop hiding from me…let me help you.” You looked up at him, in time for him to place a soft kiss on your lips.

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This boy here knew nothing about depression on a personal level, but he knew what the symtoms were. He’s been around yoongi, and saw how he sulked a lot. So to see you showing different signs of symptons through him off. 

You would sulk, but also hide away; you would pull away from his embraces, and say you were bothering him when you were not. You weren’t as confident as when you had met him before, how you would always laugh at him when he would loose a game and mock him.

How you took his words to heart, some words he never mean to hurt you with like

“Wow, your such a cry baby!”  or “Look at my chubby, baby~” he would coo lovingly, only to have you snap at him, and then right back apologize; then hide away in your room. 

You wore hoodies a lot, beanies, or hats. He does too, but you only did it because you were not keeping your hygine up which made him made knowing you were going down like this.

“Y/n! come here…let’s at least shower together, no not in that way- I will clean your back for you.”

You stopped eating all together, which caused you to collapse one day, that was the final straw before he too snapped. You cried and cried, he apologized and apologized. You both decided therapy would help, but did not. So he would take it into his own hands by helping you get better himself. 

He would make sure you take your depression pills, help you clean up, go to the gym with him instead of hide in your room. He would cuddle you day and night, sleeping or just chilling out on a warm spring day. He would be careful of his words around you, and try to kiss your wounds away as much as he could.

“I love you, Y/N.”


Jesus I did not expect the last two and Namjoons to turn into a fanfiction.

I have depression, and no one to do these things with me. So I kind of poured my pain into this one.


Your Eyes (Prinxiety)

Title: Your Eyes

Pairing: Roman x Virgil

A/N: This is pre-accepting anxiety

Warnings: this has to do with death so if you have something to do with that click here to check the actual warnings


Roman sat in his room with a guitar, strumming it lightly as he tried to write a song. The words used to just come to him and the melody used to come right along with it, but now, it seemed impossible to even think of one line or basic melody. He knew exactly why.

Anxiety was on his mind, consuming his every thought. Roman had fallen hard for him. No one knew but he and Patton. The only reason he told Patton is because Patton had seen the signs and pretty much figured it out on his own. Roman just confirmed it.

And when the fanciful trait was at a loss on how to tell Anxiety, Patton suggested writing a song. And that’s what Roman had been trying to do for the past month.

Roman had stopped mindlessly strumming and was about to start again when Logan burst through his door.

“Roman!” the logical trait practically shouted. Roman looked up at him in confusion and worry. “It’s Anxiety… He–” Roman didn’t let him finish before he was running out the door. But he skidded to a stop, realizing he didn’t know where Anxiety was. Logan seemed to understand without him having to ask. “In the kitchen.”

Roman’s hands flew up to his mouth in shock when he entered the kitchen. Anxiety was lying on the floor, a pillow under his head, Patton kneeling next to him. Roman fell to his knees next to Anxiety. He looked around for some sort of explanation. That’s when an open bottle of anxiety pills caught his eyes.

“No,” Roman breathed. He looked down at Anxiety, tears filling up his eyes. Patton stood up and walked over to Logan, trying to figure out what to do.

“Anxiety,” Roman whispered. “Anxiety, why? Why would you do this?”

“For you,” Anxiety said, his voice soft and raspy. “So you can follow your dreams.” Roman’s heart shattered at those words. If only Anxiety knew that he would give up any of his dreams right now to save him. If only he knew how in love Roman was with him.

And then the words came.

“Your eyes as we said our goodbyes. Can’t get them out of my mind and I find I can’t hide,” Roman began softly. He could see the confused expression on Anxiety’s face but just kept singing. “From your eyes. The ones that took me by surprise the night you came into my life where there’s moonlight I see your eyes.”

“How’d I let you slip away when I’m longing so to hold you. Now I’d die for one more day ‘cause there’s something I should have told you. Yes, there’s something I should have told you,” Roman sang, staring into Anxiety’s deep brown eyes. “When I looked into your eyes. Why does distance make us wise? You were the song all along and before this song dies.”

Roman could see that Anxiety was struggling to stay awake. He knew it was now or never.

“I should tell you, I should tell you I have always loved you. You can see it in my eyes,” Roman sang, tears streaming down his face. Anxiety’s eyes closed and his breathing slowed. Roman wrapped his arms around him and pulled him up. “Anxiety!”

He gently laid him back down, sobbing over his lifeless body. He stared at his face, hoping that by some miracle, his eyes would flutter open. But they didn’t. His eyes stayed closed forever.


Well, that’s that fic! That song was from RENT by the way.

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Malec's children aka the fandom.

Acting like your parents just got divorce, now you’re picking sides.

They had an argument…a disagreement. It over something very serious. Literally, it’s a fine line between life or death, not because someone forgot to buy the milk. So, the angry, the disappointment, the heartbreak, and the fear…is justified.

Please, the dads need some time alone right now. A few moments apart to think and breathe. Alec has to make hard choices and Alec can and is allow to make mistakes. He’s learning. The show has some “goals” for him this season. And how I see it, every situations created so far (even though little annoying) is made to challenge Alec. Especially his fate in the clave and the shadowhunters.

AND MAGNUS CAN BE ANGRY. He’s allow to be mad. And when you’re mad, you don’t think clearly and your emotions is your master. We are no stranger to that. How many time have you call someone…a bitch, a SOB, an ass, or diss someone’s pet hamster. It’s happens. It’s suck, wrong, but it’s very human. When you’re hurt. You hurt back. It’s a heat of the moment reaction. Nobody here…are saints.

And BOTH OF THEM HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS. Alec has a family and SO DOES MAGNUS. So please don’t, compare who’s family is more important.

Nobody is in the wrong here. They have their reasons. And to be honest they’re both fools. And we all know…love makes you a fool.

Their stupid and in love.

I am team Malec. There’s no Magnus vs Alec here. Pinning them against each other is sacrilegious. They just need space and when their head is clear and more rational…then they can have their heart to heart. This fight, as much as it broke my heart was a necessary. It needed to be out there, secrets is never good…and like Matt and Harry said it’s a road that has to be taken…and it can only makes them stronger as an individual and as a couple.

So why fight? Diss Magnus to support Alec? Belittle Alec to justify Magnus? Really? (Edited: however, I am not against open minded constructive criticism. We need to see both side).

I don’t know how it’s going to plan out. But in the previews. Alec still says I love you, Alec is at Magnus’ doors, AND it’s Magnus who’s right there holding and protecting Alec. So, relax, count to 10, and try to stay positive. As best as you can.

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For the T'Challa HC contest: despite having a large bed, T'Challa always ends up on your side, hugging you. He doesnt even realise he did it until he wakes up and you're right in front of him. So mornings always result in lots of kisses and T'Challa whispering about how beautiful his Queen is - especially when your hair is a mess.


“I didn’t know yellow was Felicity’s favorite color.” John said with a slow smile as he looked around.

It wasn’t. Felicity didn’t have a favorite color, exactly. It varied with her mood, with what she wanted her mood to be, even. She thought looking happy could help you be happy, so she picked her happy shoes and started her day from there. Sometimes, she was even right.

She had guessed Oliver’s favorite color at first try though, as they sped down the highway, hills on one side and the gleaming ocean on the other.

But Oliver didn’t know how to explain any of that to John. How to tell him that in truth, Oliver hadn’t even had a favorite color, until she’d yelled out ‘yellow!’ and laughed, hair hair curling right around her head because of the salted water she’d spent the better part of the day swimming in. She’d been so excited, smiling so wide. John too knew that smile, the one that showed her dimples and scrunched her nose and her eyes, how it made her look as if she was smiling with her whole face.

So Oliver had told her she was right. And he had never seen yellow the same since, it’s in everything. He could probably live in it now.

No, the yellow was for him.

‘de profundis’ excerpt :
a solitude (ten thousand phantoms deep

Okay so, progress report on the kitten situation for today.

I ended up catching the smallest of the two. He crawled right into my lap after I sat there calling to them for 30 minutes. He has a sore on his chest that looks pretty good all things considered, is dry with not much puss. He’s a little on the skinny side, but his eyes and nose are clear.

I did see his sister and mom but mom is much too scared to come to me and sister is very jumpy, I couldn’t get her to trust me enough to even touch her. I went out and bought a humane trap and put some milk and food in it to entice them. I really hope I get the kitten at the very least.

… Hope I don’t catch an opossum or raccoon, which is also very likely. :I

Little boy is very, very affectionate and is staying in a large cage with water, food, and a litterbox either until I manage to catch his mom and sister or until it looks like they might have moved on and I’ve lost my chance.

Either way I think he’ll find a really great home once I get him to the shelter. Will keep you all posted. :)

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Predator Ivar always bothers me, but not in the way people keep thinking. It's a struggle.

Well I can only guess what you’re implying, but I would say personally, I think he’s supposed to bother you. The fascination of this character is that he is truly terrible, amoral and sadistic and creepy and you’re not sure if he knows right from wrong; but then he also emotes so much vulnerability and pain out of his beautiful face that you’re… drawn to him even though he scares the shit out of you.

To me, that’s Ivar in a nutshell. Then in fandom, each of us chooses to highlight the aspects of the character we find most interesting. So predator!Ivar tags usually mean that scary intensity that’s promising bodily harm that we somehow think we’ll weirdly enjoy is what the blogger is into. And I can respect if you aren’t. Other posts explore his sweeter sides or his glory-hungry sides… you get the idea.

If you’re reacting to my newest Ride the Storm chapter specifically, I can tell you YES he is supposed to bother you. I think in a long story things have to get really bad before they can get really good again, and I’m pushing that further than i have before. One of the themes of that story has always been “it might not be so great to have Ivar Lothbrok in love with you…” and predator!Ivar feels are part of that.

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I'm exo-l since their debut. And i see kyungsoo as my baby you know? I watched him grow up from a boy who stuttering when introduce exo song to a rising actor who give a speech for his achievement. And even now he is more mature and buff, i always see him as is my cute little baby.

dont make me cry bish. i wasnt with him since debut but i still got to see that growth in him and he seems so much more confident and is such a MAN if you know what i mean. hes so classy and sure of himself. but you right sometimes hes still a baby and i love that side of him

* a fateful encounter. (pt3)

The seamless blur of nothing rushes past him, with no light jumping out at him, no beacon yet that he can see. For something horridly light in the overbearing dark, something that stands out and does not blend into the gloom - that is what he seeks.

Someone very important had gone missing. There was uproar, utter chaos. Like the stars had been snuffed out from the sky. Like the moon had been stolen.

His days of late had been filled with these hopeless searches, and yet, and yet he cannot stop. He must do this one thing right; he must do something. He could not just sit idly by, not this time. He was not sure entirely what moved him to act now of all times, but it was a momentum like the tides themselves that carried him from his place by his companion’s side, to wade through the swaths of emptiness in search for a lost child.

Even if he did not succeed–

         –at least he will have tried. For once, he will have tried.

Hey y'all. Idk if you remember how I was dogsitting this sweet old boy earlier this month, but we got a call a bit ago that he was rushed to the emergency vet clinic. Just got the call from the fiancé’s parents that they’re going to have to put him down.

We’re on our way to say our goodbyes and guys…I’m just an emotional wreck right now because it wasnt even that long ago that I woke up to this dog with his snoring face snuggled up to my side.

Oh, Pascal. My favorite bubbers and sweet baby. I’m going to miss you so much.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

so i was rewatching s 1 ep 5 (lol) idk if this has ever been brought up but i noticed when after the team defeats sendak pidge helps shiro and keith helps lance. (seen in the picture below)

 now, yeah thats a given but i started thinking about it more and this scene is just so out of wack that it honestly just adds another point for klance. now youre probably thinking “well i mean thats just a given and of course it adds points for klance.” but hear me out 

as a given, we know that keith and shiro have a very strong relationship and keith is really attached to shiro. keith always has shiros back and is his right hand man. so in a situation like this it should be a given that keith would be at shiros side in a heartbeat. but…. that isnt the case here which doesnt make one ounce of sense. yeah, even though pidge was at shiros side and wanted to help her fellow paladin, pidge knows how much shiro means to keith, so wouldnt she give them space and help her garrison bud instead? but she doesnt for some odd reason. 

though, the most oddest part of this whole scene though is how keith reacts. he doesnt seem to worry about shiro too much, which isnt a bad or good thing, its just weird that keith wouldnt even go to shiros side or at least check on him. keith couldve easily said to pidge “ill check on shiro, you make sure lance is okay.” but he didnt. he was totally fine going to lance even though he always seems irritated with lance. 

then this happens:

keith literally starts holding his hand. now look at these pictures of shiro and pidge and keith and lance from the same screencap:

with shiro and pidge it seems like a normal teammate helping out another one, but keith and lance on the other side…. its a little different. i know it shouldnt be a big deal but honestly its the little things that make a big difference. especially knowing that keith and lance always bicker with each other.

i think the importance of this scene is the turning point of keith and lances relationship. in the very beginning of vld, their relationship was a more shaky, but after this scene, this moment, everything changed. keith started getting jealous over lance, their weird flirting thing that they have really took off, we got to see them work more with each other, and actually being a really good team with a strong bond.

in conclusion: this scene is really goddamn gay (well it is but) this scene is so damn important and is what started everything. 


Mark Pellegrino is currently on his side account telling people why it’s a GOOD thing for millions to lose health coverage under an Obamacare repeal. Mark believes the government shouldn’t tax others to pay for things like welfare, medicaid, and environmental reform. Mark believes that clinging to every penny he’s earned is a more important right than a government/society taking care of those who cannot care for themselves.

The above was his response to someone sending him Misha’s impassioned plea to save Medicaid, a program which saved Misha as a child.

And yes, it’s really Mark’s side account:

Just think long and hard about who you’re giving your money to, even if they claim to care about helping people with mental illness:

For more utter bullshit, all you have to do is look at his replies: 


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It is true that Captain Kidd has a small detail on his right thigh that is basically (or at least what looks like) a bandage:

Here is a bit of a simple trivia/analysis about this though:

In the game it is confirmed that Ryuji’s leg was broken (not just a minor injury) he literally broke his femur, which is the strongest bone of the human body. It is hard as hell to break, but it is not impossible.

Besides, if Kamoshida broke it he wouldn’t have just kicked it with force or else he would be the one to get a broken foot instead (you see that a lot in boxing fights). If he broke it it is more likely that he would’ve had to brutally throw Ryuji on the ground instead or used his knees/foot carefully as a “hammer” (having a strong build would help to do that too) and even that would be difficult to cause this injury.

But this helps a lot to give us more insight on Ryuji’s character since injuries like that are more likely to affect not only on his sports career but on his whole health. A thigh injury is the most painful and difficult bone fracture to recover from and can affect nerves and blood vessels.

It may take even half a year to recover, but some people (like Ryuji) may never increase their flexibility or bear weight even with rehab.

You can see when they are running to get out of Kamoshida’s palace that Ryuji looks at his right side with pain:

He puts his hand over his right leg slightly to control the pain:

But then he falls when he puts his weight on his right side again (if you see the scene again you can clearly see that he is on his right foot when he loses balance):

And falls holding the same exactly place that Captain Kidd has covered in a bandage (the position is not the best, but you can see that his left leg is actually under his right one and he is holding his right thigh, close to his knee):

Ryuji also walks and runs slightly with a limp (his right leg doesn’t move as smoothly) and even his habit of putting his right leg over his left one can also be an indication of his injury. 

He may also have a scar or a deformity on the leg (something like a bone “tenting” the skin slightly) since femur fractures are mostly likely to cause it, but we can’t see that in the game.

It is a mark of his character and it is actually really nice to see the effort to make small details like that in game and how much Ryuji still thinks that this is just part of who he is and embodies this side of him in his own persona. It’s like he is saying “this is me now and I’ll deal with it”.

Now let us have happy Ryuji being cute after all this angst thing with my boy:


the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him 

Why Midoriya Izuku is the Best Shounen Main Character

Alright so I’m pretty guilty right now. I have a lot of things to sort out and I still unanswered asks and oh boy do I got a lot of fanfic writing to do before summer ends and I’m opening requests soon but JESUS Y’ALL. Im a huge fan of this series and I’ll be damned if I miss writing something for this boy’s birthday. I already missed writing my Inko appreciation on her birthday but I won’t let her down!


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Woah, broad statement to say huh? Well, my friends, I’ve read a lot of manga, particularly shounens since that’s my more favorite genre, and I have to say that Midoriya Izuku has been the best main character I’ve ever read and I only hope he continues to grow into his beautiful character.

I mean even from the beginning of the manga, the way he was written was so completely relatable and realistic. In the very beginning of the manga, he was written to be this lonely boy who suffered through bullying and suicide comments and continuously kept going because of his obsession with heroes. From the very beginning, Horikoshi gave us this character that wasn’t perfect (rather was filled with psychological issues) and really at the bottom of the totem pole. I know a lot of people have compared Izuku with Naruto but at least Naruto was born with an incredibly gifted ability from the start. Izuku was literally born with nothing. In a society where there are heroes running rampant and where Izuku dreams about being a hero, he was literally born with all odds against him in that regard. Yet, through all the loneliness, through all the bullying, Izuku still stayed strong through all of that and continued to dream on his goal, only truly wavering once when All Might told him he should find a new dream (and even then, he still got himself almost killed but I’ll get to that in a bit).

And to add on to his realistic demeanor, I know a lot of people call Izuku a cry baby and make fun of his constant amount of crying but honestly? Imagine this: you were born a black sheep in society, everyone looks down on you, you dream of being something great but you weren’t born with the skills for it, someone you consider to be a friend looks down on you and literally tells you to go jump off a building and destroys a piece of you that you hold memorable, then you almost get killed but someone saves you, then you finally get to meet your idol, the person keeping you alive essentially and they tell you straight up that you should give up on your dream, then you’re devastated but you see that friend in a life threatening position so you literally sacrifice yourself to go save them even though you can’t do anything, and then instead of praise, you get all the blame and beaten down again while your friend gets all the praise, but then you end that EMOTIONAL DAY (keep in mind it happened within a DAY) with your idol telling you that you can be that person and he will help you achieve your dream. I won’t even go onto the other times he’s cried but honestly? I know if I was in his position, I wouldn’t have even stomached half of what happened and I’m sure most of you reading this wouldn’t be able to have a DAY like that without crying. I’m sure with 99% of you, at least once tears will shed. Izuku during his time has been through emotionally exhausting feats and I think it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE that Horikoshi gives us this raw character with RAW emotions. Through Izuku being this emotional, not only does it help us relate to him much more but it helps shows that, hey you can still be strong AND be emotional too. Emotions doesn’t equal weakness and Horikoshi really shows that tremendously, especially when the audience are a group of young ones-adults that are taught daily showing emotions is weak and you have to be strong and not show weakness because apparently crying shows weakness. With Izuku, all of that is stomped on the ground and it’s truly inspiring.

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And oh boy, my favorite part of Izuku! So most shounen protagonists I have seen and come across are usually born or given this great ability suddenly and yes, while they have to train, they normally get the hang of it pretty quickly and are pretty op with it (I’m looking at you Natsu). Most of the time nakama power is enough to win the battle even though the power difference is crazy different. Yet with Izuku, it’s not like that at all. We are 145 chapters in and Izuku can only still use a small portion of One for All still and he’s gotten to the point where, because of his continuous idiotic use of One for All, he has the major consequence that if he uses it too much at 100%, he could lose FUNCTION IN HIS ARMS. OH YEA, PRETTY BIG DEAL AND CONSEQUENCE FOR THAT.

From what I just wrote, this was my favorite thing that was said:

Yes, folks, he not only says that once, not twice, but multiple times throughout the series. I think the most recent time he said it was during Episode 27 when he was climbing the walls, though I’m sure he’s said it in the future arcs and I forgot about it. Due to this new given status he was given, Izuku acknowledges that he is completely far behind from everyone else, he understands that he is at the bottom of the totem pole and that he has to work 10x harder than everyone else since he lost about 10-11 years to get used to his quirk. And throughout the series, Horikoshi doesn’t pull back on that, in fact he really drives it in that, while Izuku does become the greatest hero of all time, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of time, training and consequences to get to that point. Even from the beginning, we were given a small glimpse of his incredible training regime and that alone just shows how much effort he has to put in and even that wasn’t enough. I won’t lie, it feels so refreshing that the Main Character isn’t some overpowered person who always gets away with his ridiculous moves, rather it’s nice that he does have consequences and that he see him actually develop into that role while he is being surrounded by others who could take that title from him.

Also, not only is he an intelligent and incredibly hard worker like holy hell, but can we talk about his personality as well? See, here is another perk about Izuku, we weren’t given some either suave person or an annoying character that makes you want to rip out your hair because they’re either too happy or too sad or too emo cringey mess. Rather, Horikoshi gave him a realist personality who thinks through, is incredibly modest and respectful, and holy fuck the most selfless character in the entire show.

I mean, we already know his intelligence and craftiness as he analyzes heroes and their moves as seen through the constant muttering he does as he watches them and his writings in his notebook

 Which might I add right now that I’m really happy Horikoshi gave him this type of analytic behavior as it makes his earlier actions have a bit more sense involved in them, like due to his constant observation he was able to use moves in combat that at least got him by in the beginning

 To also tie in with that, can I say that it is so refreshing to have a main character be a complete DORK about girls and such like that?? Like for someone who was lonely and only had much of the internet to interact with, it makes complete sense that in the beginning he’s really nervous around females or even touching them or talking to them.

Like look at how he talks to Ochako

 Or even how he reacted when Tsuyu said to put her down

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 Or even how he reacted towards Mei when she had her chest all up in his grill.

 Not only does having this personality trait make him a total dork and cutie but it really shows that we won’t see anything super perverted on Deku’s side. Like if he’s too nervous to talk or even touch a girl in a different manner, than it really shows how respectful he is and how modest he is and how we won’t see any pervy side of Deku anytime soon, which is refreshing for an MC to be that way since most MCs have to either touch or acknowledge their love interest’s chest before they can be established as a good character.

 Though, I will say that even though those are amazing points of our birthday boy, the one personality trait of his that truly makes him a much more fitting hero than Bakugou or even Todoroki or even my baby Ochako is how incredibly SELFLESS he is. Ok ok I know that’s a common personality trait but Izuku really takes it to the max throughout the manga.

 Like when right after he was told to jump by Bakugou, his initial thoughts were based on Kacchan not wanting to get severely punished by the law

Or when he risks his life to save Bakugou from the sludge monster even though he has no quirk

Or when he risks his life once again to save Ochako even though he can’t control his quirk

 Or when he risks his life AGAIN to save All Might 

 Or when he attempts to help Ochako before her fight with Bakugou

 Or when he puts his spot in the tournament on the line to help Todoroki reconcile his fire side

 Or when he helps Iida with the Stain fight and notifies the entire class to come and help

Or when he even goes well over his power limit to save Kota and show him that heroes are good people that can hold on their own

 Or when, even though he could lose function in his GOD DAMN ARMS, he still helps the others get Bakugou back from the villains

And note guys, I didn’t even list everything. I just listed the things I could remember but there is so much more that I could have listed as well. And legit, the things I mentioned, there was no benefit in him doing that, like during the time he did them, all there were were cons for him, there was nothing positive in any of those situations for him. And yet? He still did it. He still put himself and his wishes behind to help those around him and make sure they were successful or safe, even if it meant his own life on the line. I’ve never seen other shounen protagonists push themselves this much in only 145 chapters and I think that’s absolutely incredible.

 Alright so this post is reaching to be about 2k and while I can say more about this wonderful boy, I also want to make sure that I not only post this on time but that I don’t find myself repeating the same thing over and over again. While Izuku is not my favorite character of all time, I am so happy and blessed that he is the main character of this amazing manga series. He’s grown so much since the first chapter and Horikoshi is only setting up the series more to have him grow much more and I’m excited to see how much more he grows as the series progresses. He is such a good character that is well balanced and realistic and such and I know for myself personally that I really relate to him in a lot of ways. Truth be told, it makes me actually really incredibly sad when people dismiss his reasoning for being a hero or when people just write him off as a cry baby because there’s so much more to him than just that. His reasoning to be a hero is realistic and deep enough, his emotions are realistic, his psychological issues that he faced with in the beginning shows his strength tremendously.

 Izuku is one of the best main characters and I’m so happy all of us were blessed with him on this wonderful day! Yay!!! Happy Birthday Deku!!!

 Tldr; Izuku’s face appears when you look up the definition of what a friend and a hero is.

Confession - Peter Parker

request -  hey! I love your blog and the writing’s are great and super fluffy and so cute AHHH. Could you please write a fic in which peter and the reader have been friends for a long time and when they finally go to Liz;s party peter confesses his feelings for the reader and could you make it super fluffy? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUNNING THIS BLOG!

a/n - i’m so sorry if this fic seems rushed i went back and forth so many times with different ideas and hopefully it turned out okay :) thank you so much for all the love, don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like!

The bass of the speakers boomed around the house as I poured some soda for Michelle and I. The continuous chatter of teenagers was the only sound I could hear from the music, almost running around the kitchen to collect snacks. I gathered a plate and was ready to share with Michelle, but she seemed to have a piece of toast in her hand, spreading butter on it.

“Where’d you find that?” I asked, eating a pretzel.

“Second cabinet from the left.” She answered, turning to me. “Want a bite?”

“No thanks.” I took a step back, chuckling. She shrugged and continued to eat the bread, taking a sip of her soda. We both continued to talk with one another until we heard Flash’s voice echo off the walls.

“When I say Penis, you say Parker!” He yelled into the microphone, attempting to start the mediocre chant that got really old after five minutes. But, in an unfortunate way, it let me know that Peter arrived. I headed to the door to look for him, catching him in a heartbeat.

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  • the different reactions after defeating Zarkon and after all of the fights that they didn’t have to fight just to keep the universe safe
    • pidge and matt turning to each other with tears in their eyes before they throw their arms around each other and just holding on for hours 
    • lance bouncing on his toes, his fists punching the air, with an unbreakable grin stretched across his face because he gets to go home
    • hunk having to sit down and take a breather because he feels light-headed to the point where he thinks he’s going to faint…and maybe vomit
    • keith gazing down at his sword, thinking about his parents and the family he lost, and then breaking down into silent tears after he realizes that the people around him have become the family he always wanted
    • and then shiro, ripping off his prosthetic arm as hard and fast as he can; throwing it across the room and watching it bounce off a wall and hit the ground, its wires and lights flickering and sputtering until it finally dies; his chest heaving as he tries to calm the sudden rush of visions and thoughts in his head; staring with wide, teary eyes at the rest of his team as they wonder what’s going on with their captain; his knees buckling and his limbs giving out; collapsing to the ground and just s o b b i n g, not even bothering to keep it down
  • the slow realization that shiro isn’t mad or angry or upset; he’s ecstatic 
  • allura and coran being the first to sit down next to him and wrap their arms around his shoulders 
  • keith pulling his head out of his hands to look up, and then immediately running towards shiro and falling right in front of him to press his forehead against shiro’s 
  • pidge and lance following after them, both attempting to hug him from either side 
  • hunk allowing everyone to go before him just so he can hug shiro from behind, gently slipping his arms past everybody else’s, nodding at the other paladins if they came too close to the stub where his arm once was
  • the long, silent walks down the hallways of the castle
    • staring at the healing pods and remembering all those times they thought one of the other paladins was dead, and then remembering the first time they met Allura and Coran
    • laughing at the remaining food goo that hadn’t been cleaned up after the little “incident” (Crystal Venom, I think) 
    • running their hands up and down their beds, knowing they won’t have to sleep there anymore
  • the hope that there’s another monster out there so that they don’t have to go home 
  • the flight back to Earth, passing through endless wormholes and past planets celebrating the Galra defeat 
    • everyone, including lance, asking if allura could slow the ship down so they stay together longer 
  • the panic and then endless excitement from the people down on Earth when Allura first speaks to them and explains what the paladins have done to protect them
  • the swim to shore after they decide to land in the ocean 
    • because of gravity differences and after however many months/years in space, most of them have forgotten how to swim in Earthen waters, but they eventually remember, and then fall over instantly once they reach land
    • lance accepting his fall and kissing the ground beneath him 
    • pidge and matt running their hands through the dirt and sands of the beach realizing that they forgot how soft it is
    • hunk and keith holding onto each other and laughing as they brush sand from each other’s faces so it doesn’t get in their eyes
    • shiro still crying; thankfully calmed down, and now being supported by coran and allura as he’s swarmed with paramedics and reporters
  • the interviews in the hospital 
  • the insane amount of excited kids running in to ask their favorite paladins questions about space and about all of their adventures
    • the paladins deciding that they talk together, and then moving their congregation of fans into the lobby so all of them can be together again and add onto their stories
  • t h e  r e u n i o n  w i t h  t h e  m c c l a i n  f a m i l y 
  • the sudden rain that starts pouring down once they leave the hospital
  • the international, breaking news reports with headlines such as “heroes return from intergalactic space mission: real or fake?” “ALIENS HAVE TOUCHED DOWN ON EARTH” “president awards paladins medal of honor” “world holiday decided today for Voltron heroes” 
  • the laughter as they read conspiracy theories together 
  • the celebration at the Garrison and the immediate ceremony in shiro’s honor
  • the excitement lance feels when someone tells him they’re planning on building a statue for each of the paladins

anonymous asked:

Maybe Dark!Annabeth fighting a child of the big three and she knows that defeating them with physical, raw power isn't possible, so she attacks mentally. She defeats them with words, something Annabeth constantly does throughout the books to her enemies. Making them so angry, distracted, and/or sad that they lose focus and she easily takes the victory.

Annabeth feels him coming before she sees him.

There’s a charge in the air. A gathering static that threatens to strike with every movement she makes, but never quite gets the guts to do so.

That’s Jason Grace for you. Son of Jupiter, chosen of Juno, and just a touch too soft to do what needs to be done. Oh sure, he’ll kill monsters if he needs to, but when the monsters are gods, his solution is to become a priest.

It’s about finding a compromise, he’d said. And making sure that we’re heard.

Annabeth’s finding there are better ways of making noise.

“You got here faster than I expected,” she remarks as he touches down in front of her. She’s perched on the crumbling remnants of a wall that’s thousands of years old. Some small, distant part of her regrets what is about to happen here, but not enough to change course.

“Your pattern’s getting old,” he says. His gladius is out and he holds it warily between them. Annabeth keeps her drakonbone sword at her side. “The others can hold Percy off long enough for me to stop what you’re doing.”

She raises her eyebrows. “You’re the only one coming?”

He tries to hide his grimace, but that’s the danger with fighting your friends. They can read you too well, and a smile curls over Annabeth’s mouth at the confirmation. She hops off the wall, landing lightly on the dirt.

“What made you think I’d be at Pompeii?”

Lightning crackles in the sky overhead, raising the small hairs at the back of her neck. He nods at the scaffolding in the distance, empty of workers this early in the morning. It’s a grim dawn, about to get darker.

“No tourists today. You might’ve turned against the gods, Annabeth, but you’re not a murderer.”

Isn’t she? Annabeth has lost count of the number of monsters she’s put in the ground (under the ground). How many demigods died in the war with Kronos? They bleed red the same as mortals, and her hands are as stained as anyone’s.

So are Jason’s, and irritation pricks at her face. She smooths it away with a cool smile, carefully tracking him as he starts to circle her. She has a certain amount of faith in Jason’s willingness to ‘save’ his friends, but she’s not an idiot.

“So I should start picking locations with people if I don’t want you to interfere, is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s obviously not what I’m saying.” His gaze flickers over the ruins stretching behind her. “So this is all rigged to blow, huh?”

“Leo does good work.”

He winces. He can play on whatever friendship the two of them might have had all he likes, but that betrayal is the real knife in the guts and they both know it. Annabeth coerces her expression into concern, the cogs of her brain turning the right muscles to give it the realism it needs. She takes a half step forward, and Jason doesn’t step away.

“He misses you, you know.” Her voice is a soft thing. Caring. “Misses both of you.”

“If he misses us so bad, he should come and see us.”

“You really think we’re going to be welcome at Camp after all this?

“You haven’t killed anyone.”

The yet sits between us, and it doesn’t matter anyway. The gods would be more likely to forgive her if she had killed someone. They could have murdered thousands of mortals and not been struck down, if they’d just done it far away from the last vestiges of godly power in this world.

Gaea had plotted to bring down Mt Olympus, and that’s definitely on Annabeth’s list. But she’s always been a methodical sort of girl, and divine power runs deep. Best to stamp out all traces of it, one relic at a time.

She sighs. “We don’t plan to. You know that.”

“You’re trying to kill the gods!” Lightning cracks again, closer now. It takes more strength than Annabeth wants to admit to to avoid reaching for her weapon.

“And how many times have they tried to kill us? At best they don’t give a shit, Jason, you know that.”

But he’s shaking his head. They’ve had this fight before, all of them, enough times that she could probably just record it for him to save energy. He’s long since stopped listening to sense, and she doesn’t bother with more than a cursory attempt to convince him.

“You’re too late for this one,” she says. “I’m proud of you for getting here before it blows, but you were right. It’s ready to go.”

His grip shifts on his sword. And - there’s something in his expression that prompts her to brace for an attack, because it’s not defeat. This time, she thinks. This time might be the one where I push too far.

It’s sad, sort of, but relief swamps that soon enough. It’s not that she wants to fight old friends, but it would make everything a lot simpler. To just be able to fight, without caring what happens to them anymore. To draw battlelines instead of blurring them

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he growls. “But even if the rest of your team is ready to destroy this place, they’ll stop once you’re a hostage.”

Annabeth laughs. It’s a miscalculation, but she can’t help herself. “The others might. But hell itself couldn’t keep Percy Jackson from me, Jason, and you’re no Tartarus.”

“I can deal with Percy.”

He can’t. She wonders idly if he knows that. Everyone’s aware of Percy’s power these days, but that’s what he’s like with her at his side. Jason, she suspects, still has a little too much optimism left about what Percy’s self control would be like without her. What it would be like if he even thought she was in danger.

“Right, well, that’ll be your mistake to live with.” She squints up at the sky, trying to judge her next play. Being a hostage would accelerate certain things that she’s not ready to set into motion just yet. Most of all, she doesn’t think that Percy is quite as ready to fight the others as she is.

Not yet.

“You made a miscalculation,” she said finally. “You always want to go for the biggest player, Jason. It’s one of your biggest weaknesses.”

“You can’t talk your way out of this, Annabeth.” His body moves, and she can almost trace the lines in the air, the familiar forms he’s about to slide into. “You’re coming back to Camp wth me.”

He lifts his blade, wreathed in lightning. She smells ozone on the air, the threat of violence wafting in behind it. She clasps her hands behind her back, and lays down her hand.

“Where’s Piper, Jason?”

Everything stops. Nature itself holds its breath as those too-blue eyes widen in sheer panic, before narrowing at her.

“Piper’s your friend. You wouldn’t hurt her.”

Annabeth waits. She doesn’t need to say anything. The silence between them does it for her. The even sound of her breathing. The shroud of absolute confidence holding her shoulders straight.

You are not going to take me, her body says, like it’s all a foregone conclusion.

“She can handle herself,” he tries again, and there’s the edge of desperation that she’s been waiting for. Enough to cloud his thinking. He might not think she’s a murderer, but there are other atrocities. Things she hasn’t held back from in the opening numbers of this new war.

“Against Percy?”

That’s a risk. Because they both know that Percy isn’t steady, isn’t stable, that his relationship with Piper had been tenuous at best and that without Annabeth there, his temper might just get away with him. Piper has her Charmspeak, but there are ways around everything if you have enough power.

It’s a risk, because Jason’s anger could always outweigh his fear. He could always take it out on her rather than fly off for Piper. Annabeth is confident in her ability to take him with a sword, but Jason comes with all those bonus add-ons that children of Athena just aren’t privy to.

So she gives him one last push. Just to make sure.

“Tartarus has so many doors,” she says softly. That same quiet concern from before, turned deadly now. “You know we found all of them, right Jason?”

He spits a curse, something in Latin about the gods and what he hopes they’ll do to her. She watches him leap into the sky, shading her eyes against the rising sun until he’s no more than a dot in the distance.

“You say that like they haven’t already done their worst,” she murmurs, before turning back to the ruins.

There’s work to be done.