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They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU ) 


A/N: Two words: Lip-sync battle. SLAY TOM, SLAY. I WAS WEIRDLY TURNED ON BY HIS PERFORMANCE?? LIKE. I WOULD DO HIM IN THE SUIT, AND I WOULD DO HIM IN DRAG, AND I AM CRYING. That being said, if anyone wants to fangirl with me over Tom, please hit me up. I need more friends to fangirl with!! ( I also need a date with him ASAP. ) In other news, this was very heavily influenced by that scene in Catching Fire. Matt Murdock, the dumpster ninja, will be showing up in a few more chapters, and I cannot wait. :)))

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You leave the room – and the after party – without delay. Your walk is more of a stagger as the amount of champagne you’ve consumed just minutes before becomes apparent. Too much. And yet, not nearly enough. You move as calmly as possible towards the archway leading to the hall … To escape.

Or as much of an escape as you can manage with a limitless number of guards keeping watch over your every move.

You press a hand against the wall to steady yourself. Once you find an exit to the balcony, you grasp hold of a railing and try to calm yourself. A sob rises in your throat. You clamp your lips together to force it back.

No one told you the life of a princess would be this hard.

No one told you that you would have to give up your friends.

No one told you that a crown could weigh so heavily upon your head.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” Light and good-humoured – not to mention vaguely familiar – a voice greets you from the shadows, you jarringly realise that you aren’t alone.

Normally, you would be thrilled – or shocked at the very least – to have New York’s very own Spiderman hanging from the fire escape only several feet away. It’s becoming a trend at school – all the girls are bragging about how Spiderman had saved them from robbers/harassment/bullying, and they’d proceeded to make out with Spiderman in some dark corner to ‘thank’ him.

And now he’s here. Real and alive. You could add on to the flood of wild stories, but you hardly need the added popularity. As it is, you could claim that you’d discovered Atlantis and people would believe you.

You manage a faint smile that comes across as more of a grimace on a pale and strained face that not even M.A.C and Elizabeth Arden can hide.

Willing your voice not to crack, you speak slowly, attempting to compose yourself, “Parties aren’t really my thing.”

“What is your thing, then?”

He’s talking to you like he’s known you all your life. It’s warm and familiar and comforting somehow, to be talked to like a normal human being. No, “Yes, Your Highness”, or “As you wish, My Lady”. No airs, no treading on eggshells. Just … Normal conversation. You could cry. You want to cry.

“I enjoy horseback riding and embroidery.” Your voice sounds dead, even to your ears – it sounds like something you’ve memorised from a textbook. “I volunteer at soup kitchens in my free time, and I donate generously to churches and shelters.”

“I mean the real things.” His gaze is heavy on your face, so piercing that you think he can see all the way down into your soul. “Not the princess things.”

“I like watching movies,” You say, softly, carefully, after making sure that your grandmother isn’t going to jump out of nowhere to chide you for not giving the appropriate response. “I always watched them with my best friend.” There’s a sour taste in your mouth, almost like curdled milk, when you remember that you haven’t been to Peter’s in weeks, and that you haven’t been speaking to him for about as long. Swallowing, you continue, “I like books. Reading. Listening to music. You know. Teenager stuff.”

“Teenager stuff,” He repeats. “So why are you saying that other stuff?”

You let out a half laugh that sounds more like a hysterical hiccup. “Don’t have much of a choice, do I?”

It’s what people want to hear. It’s what they expect from a princess. But your all your lies are piling up, one after another, and you’re afraid that soon they’ll collapse over you and will bury you under, and you won’t be able to climb out of the hole that you’ve dug yourself into.

“There’s always a choice.”

Not for me, you think, both angrily and wistfully. If you had any choice, you would abandon all your duties and run off to Antarctica to chill with the Penguins. You’d turn in your crown immediately. You’d become normal again. A regular girl, in a regular school, with a regular life.

You’d never thought you’d miss normalcy.

“You need a break.” Spiderman says, shaking his head in mock – or is it real? – disappointment. But then, his voice changes, takes on an edge of boyish excitement. “C’mon, let’s go!”

“Go?” You wag your head hysterically. “Oh no no no, I can’t just … Go.”

“It’s not like I’m taking you to Aspen. Just around the city.”

Spiderman’s looking at you hopefully, almost child-like in his excitement. He holds out a hand, and you stare at it, wanting to take it, but still, unable to. What’s the harm? A voice whispers. Tomorrow you’ll have to go back to your life. All the press, the attention, the loneliness …


Your cheeks warm. This is like something from a fairy tale – you the princess, and Spiderman the unconventional knight. You take his hand. It’s surprisingly warm and firm, and your own hand feels like it was made to hold his.

You try to think past these unwanted thoughts.

“Hold on tight. Okay?”

Before you can respond, you feel hands on your waist, and Spiderman’s lifting you up carefully, gently into his arms. He’s skinny, but a lot stronger than he looks. You accidentally slide back against his chest, breathing in the scent that clings to his skin – something warm, like cinnamon, vanilla, and the night air. Your heart inches its way into your throat. You’ll admit that you’re unusually nervous, but you chalk it up to being near to Spiderman. One breath is all you get the chance for though; he runs up to the edge of the roof and leaps right off it.

A loud scream escapes your lips. Your stomach plunges into a freefall, and your arms, once hanging limply at your side, now fly to wrap around Spiderman’s neck. You’re not sure if you’re strangling him with how tight you’re grabbing onto him, but right now, the only thought on your mind is holding on so that you don’t become a spot on the pavement.

You make a mental note to add ‘heights’ to the list of things you aren’t good at.

He has to shout to be heard over the cars honking, and the wind rushing by. “C’mon, open your eyes!”

“You’re crazy!” You squeak, praying that you won’t throw up all over his shiny new suit. “This was a bad idea!”

“I’m not going to drop you. You’ll be safe with me, I promise.”

It’s hard to doubt the sincerity that rings true in his voice, but still, you glare suspiciously at the direction of his voice before opening your eyes.

Your breath catches in your throat. Wow. It looks absolutely stunning. New York at night, from the sky … It looks otherworldly, surreal. To your surprise, a laugh bubbles forth from you. Your hair streams back from your face, and a smile makes its way across your face. You’ve grown used to the strange, but not all together unpleasant feeling, of being weightless and free and infinite, of flying through the air.

You could get used to this.

“I – I, uh, saw the press conference.”

It’s the wrong thing to say.

Your mood had been rapidly improving, but now, the weight of all your mistakes comes crashing back down, hard, onto your shoulders. You’ve been teetering on the edge of tears all day, and this is all it takes for you to break down completely.

You cry Peter’s name.

And then you just cry.

His name, Ned’s name, Michelle’s name, in one desperate stream of sounds that you can’t separate from one another. You want someone to make things right; you want someone to make you not feel as if you’re constantly being pulled different ways by your heart and your head. Most of all, you want someone to tell you that everything will be alright; to promise that your friends won’t be hating you with every fibre of their beings.

Shit shit shit,” Spiderman’s saying from somewhere far away, panic and fear vibrating through those three words. “I said something wrong.”

Vaguely, you’re aware that the crisp night winds have stopped rifling through your hair, aware that you’re no longer flying through the air, have the vague sensation of being set down gently onto gravel. The cold and the damp press against your legs.

“My friends hate me,” You sob, scrubbing at your streaming eyes with the back of your hand. “My crush hates me. I said some things that I didn’t mean just now.”

Through the tears that blur your vision, Spiderman freezes, goes impossibly still, like a deer caught in the headlights. “Then why did you?” He asks softly.

“Because – Because I wanted to keep them safe,” You confess. Your throat aches as a horrible black ball of fear lodges itself under the roof of your mouth. “This – The Princess job isn’t safe, there are horrible people who want me dead, and if they manage to get to my friends, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

“I get it.” Spiderman says, just as quietly, his voice suddenly sounding heavy and weary. “Believe me, I do.”

“No, you don’t!” You cry. It explodes out of you before you can stop it. You don’t know why you’re suddenly so angry, but you could shake him or cry. “You have no idea – No one does – I thought this would be fun, but it’s not! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, and I’m in over my head, and I just want my friends back, but I can’t have them, and I just … I don’t know what to do anymore.”

The tears come in a flash flood. Exhaustion and self-pity roll over you. You’re sobbing even harder now, hunched over, and trembling in pain and sorrow and grief, with barely a pause to breathe as your frame is racked with the release of so many built-up emotions.

You think Spiderman’s left, but suddenly he’s holding you, warm and reassuring and real. You find yourself with your head buried in his shoulder, sobbing. He lets you cry it out, keeping you pressed tightly to him, and he’s making little noises into your hair, sounding positively pained that you’re miserable and he can’t do anything to help.

“I’ll take you home, okay?” He asks, once you’ve stopped crying.

All you can do is nod, still keeping your face buried into his neck.

He carries you into your room, through the window. He helps you to wash your makeup off, waits as you change out of your dress, helps you into bed, smoothing the covers over your still-trembling frame. Spiderman says goodnight, but you catch his hand and hold him there. You don’t want him to go, especially not when you feel so awful.

“Stay with me,” You whisper plaintively, like a small child. “Stay. Please.”

Fingers ghost through your hair, and you think you feel the brush of lips against your forehead. You think you hear Spiderman whisper a word back, but you’re too far gone to make it out.

Is it the end of Ymir?

You know, I did a review of what meant to me the “death” of Ymir in a single page of the manga, but we will analyze this situation and see that there are many contradictions that it is almost impossible to ignore if we talk about the fate of Ymir

I know that even though it all looks like shit.

But there is even a small chance that this live Ymir by these points

The first one is my favorite

This chapter clarified many things one of them was the size of users of titan power. This size is predetermined. This means that the serum does not affect the size.

Some will ask Why do I say this?

The answer you can find in Eren he was a Titan of 4 meters in its normal form but to get the power of Attack of his father was 15 meters.

Armin his normal Titan form average 10 meters, but his colossal Tittan form measures equal to Berthold ie 60 meters

The varying size of the changing Titans is the feasible proof that the serum does not affect the size of the  Titan shifter at all.

I know that the vision of the Armin Titan is the imagination of Zeke Jaeger but the truth I do not think that changes, that is to say the rule of the Titans is absolute.

Remembering that until now they never say that the serum influences the Titans Shifter so it is very worth this point.

Although I believe that the Titan Beast could be the exception for its own power Titan that we do not know as it is but that is for another post.

But Galliard contradicts all these facts the real question is Why is your Titan so huge? Has no sense

Now let’s see the size of the Ymir Titan that is 5 meters and as we saw before it is logical that the one who devours it is also a small Titan. Because if Marley could actually increase Galliard’s size

Why did not he do it with Picke and his Titan power? Since it is very small.

Theoretically in terms of power Titan it is impossible for Galliard to have done so.

Second point (program of the warriors).

As you know the recruiting is given in 5-7 years, but they are never given the Titan power immediately they are tested for years.

It is obvious that they do not select only 7 candidates between boys and girls. First they do some tests to get discarded quickly.

Now as we saw in that little flashback of Reiner (We saw Berthold, Annie, Galliard, Marcer) exclude Pike because Reiner reminded the previous 4 chosen to see only the four new candidates.

.But this Flashback reveals me that obviously of all the children who were in the program.
They were selected as candidates to inherit the Titan powers. But to choose which candidate was going to take some power was another matter

All candidates for warriors (normal) are small are not older, to inherit the powers of the Titans.

According to the calculations Reiner obtained its power Titan, to the 11 years, Annie obtained it to the 9 years.

This can be understood that Galliard already received the power of Titan the same year as Reiner, Berthold, Annie, Marcel, but was not selected to go to the Mission in Paradise

The same mentions that he wanted to “ingest” the Titan armored but could not (which indicates that he received in the past another Titan power).

You know something curious that I could distinguish is that the warrior woman Pike is more “close” to Galliard and there is also an irony in all this, Galliard and Pike were the two normal warriors who were not sent to the children’s mission to Paradise Island obviously Are much closer.

Now knowing all this, why Galiard would be the exception to this rule and would be granted the power of Titan at such an advanced age ?.

It’s more if they had an older candidate for Ymir’s Titan power. Why was not he selected to be war chief? O Why new recruits are 12-year-olds, if they could have much larger candidates for normal warriors?

Simply loses meaning

Now the chief of the warriors is always the oldest and inherits the strongest power of Marley (apparently).

Your candidate is much older than ordinary warriors. Obviously there were many candidates for this “War Chief” position.

But the one selected to carry this power was Zeke, now the new chosen from the candidates was Colt and this was decided in 4 years.

Now let us remember the 4 chosen to inherit the powers of Titan and to be normal warriors, it is obvious that all will be new warriors but the only thing that is being decided is What power are going to take? And one of the most requested is the Armored power as seen in the past by Galliard.

The narrative is misleading at this point or rather simply do not say

Since they may notice that even though there is competition, they are all like Reiner and his friends after all will inherit the Titan powers.

With this it is shown that all normal warriors (they have 2 years left) even though they were not mentioned these facts can be deduced.

Now I ask them Does it make sense that Galliard would devour a Titan power at a late age instead of simply being selected for war chief as it is even greater than the new one selected ?.

Does it make sense that you have not chosen to inherit Titan’s powers much greater than what we have seen?

With all this analysis will realize that it is improbable and an inconsistency that Galliard had his powers at such a late age.

This is my second point for which I do not think Galliard has devoured it

My third point (Special Abilities)

As we all changeable Titans have special abilities, I will use two examples to show this point

Titan Attack

Its power is to be very offensive its power of attack far surpasses to other titans regular and even changing of its size.

This is reflected with Grisha and Kluger who despite being worn out and not having trained their Titan power (this is important at this point).

They had enough power to kill the solitudes of Marley and the other to kill Frieda that owned the parent respectively (which as we know the Progenitor does not have much physical power since it was the First King himself who owned Frieda and fought but could not do anything against Grisha).

Titan quadruped

You see the titan that has a great speed but very different from the one of Ymir (ironically before the majority thought that this changing Titan was the one that devoured to Ymir by being even smaller 4 meters exactly).

Its specially designed way to run fast, load things and serve as a small tank of meat is fascinating.
Having understood these two points, we look at the Titan de Galliard

Now let’s see the Titan of the jaw

As we saw that it has a large size is not a Titan that measures much more than 10 meters, something strange and contradictory (considering the first point where the rule of the size of the Titans is predetermined is present, but continue)

Galliard is another type of agility where he uses his great jaw and his hands to destroy everything abruptly his agility is based on big jumps a type of agility that suits his abilities, since being bigger has more resistance and can be more destructive with Everything that you want emphasizing that it has a great jaw that has no comparison with the one of Ymir.

Now compare it with the Ymir Titan

The Titan Ymir is a small 5 meter as a quick killer, since it does not use jerky attacks, like the titan of the jaw, his attacks combine with his agility complemented to perfection with his claws and teeth to kill quickly, but never to Had a high destructive level and resistance is almost nil.

In addition Galliard has that jaw that is its maximum power and its characteristic more remarkable than of any Titan, something that Ymir should have also assimilated a bigger size so that it makes sense, if we think it well his jaw of Ymir had nothing of special , The only thing he possessed were sharp teeth, but remembering that Zeke Jaeger himself possessed this and Eren’s mouth is bigger than hers.

Having seen this point is sufficient proof of the great contradiction of the argument that Galliard was devoured to Ymir in terms of Titan’s powers logic. I mean just watch

Many justify this by saying: “Galliard trained his Titan power so he got that Jaw”.

I could tell those people.

Does training make a titan changing much bigger than it is?

Did the quadruped Titan have to train to get that specially made way to load things?

Or if Ymir had eaten Reiner, would he have become small and would not assimilate the size of the Titan along with the Armudra just by not training ?.

It really does not make sense, it’s a huge contradiction and so far I do not see a real answer, it’s one thing for training to do things out of the ordinary like Annie, Reiner and Berthold.

But another is to increase size and give physical abilities completely opposite to power Titan, bone (Titan jaw obviously gives you a big jaw, which Ymir never had).

Fourth Point (The imnovador of what we knew of the memories)

What we have seen so far and for a long time almost all the fandom supposed, was that the memories only affected the bearer of the coordinate and the real blood.

But this is no longer true … something I noticed in this chapter is that in various situations it was seen as they used the word “Inherit”, when they talk about Titan power, even “devour” but when it touched the subject of Ymir in those two pages never mentioned those words, in her they only spoke of small memories.

The strangest thing is that why face Reiner on this fact right now?

Galliard had 4 or 3 years to do this supposedly and something more. Note that in those memoirs he got recently he was trying to see his brother and that is why Reiner’s images sometimes came unconsciously, which was what he resembled.

Oddly enough, she did not even vaguely mention her feelings for Historia, which was basically her second motivation, she only managed to see a small part of the memories and that they were all related in some way to Marcel.

This reminds me at the same time that Eren was chained in a special cave. Where when touching Eren came memories of Frieda to Historia and Rod Reiss. The truth I assumed that this process was because they were of the royal blood and Eren had the coordinate since we assumed that no other changer could see memories. But that is denied in this chapter.

As I remember how Christa killed Rod Reiss but by having contact with him he could see flashes of his memories.

Something that has never been mentioned is what would happen if a changing Titan touches another in the cave of memories?

Kluger said that the royal family have a connection to the 9 powers … but he also said that all the changing Titans (all 9 powers were connected) maybe Galliard got those little flashes of his memory related to Marcel in some other way And if we consider the other 3 points above is a feasible option

But something that many forget in this issue of “memory”

It is that Kluger himself had not received memories of his predecessor and was very surprised to say the last words he said to Grisha very rare.

But he told everything he knew to Grisha but this detail that he inherited the memories, he never said it like he never said that he had stolen a power of Marley because he had not.

Grisha himself in his books never wrote about Kluger’s childhood or life beyond what Kluger himself told him.

Now they do not believe it strange that just Galliard received flashes of “memories” since Reiner, Ymir, Berthold, Annie, Grisha, Kluger in the past did not receive this.

(Concluding that Inheriting the Titan powers is not a feasible proof of inheriting memories or small memories).

All these details indicate that the answer may not be simply in the coordinate, but in that cave of the memories since all the ceremonies were given there.

No one knows what happens if a changing Titan touches another changing Titan in the cave. That is why these details of the small parts of Ymir’s memories are somewhat confusing and mysterious.

Fifth Point (the narrative)

Narratively do not mention this by the way in which even his meeting of Galliard and Ymir in the cave is a strange thing unlike what we saw on other occasions

- there was no serum

- there are no guards around to keep it from going
-not even the precautionary Buccaneer so that Eren would not be converted.

Once again it was not necessary to show his death, simply having shown Galliard’s titanic form in normal mode before devouring it was sufficient, but also nothing.

Now returning to the chapter, there is a rather curious panel in which separates the two warriors and the war chief at one end, and on the other side are Marley’s instructors.

Reiner was with the boys accompanying them, have wondered where is the normal 4 warrior with 5 power?. 

He was not in the war, they did not mention it at any time. At the meeting or at the meetings of the other warriors,

It was even discovered that Marley does not know anything that Zeke Jaeger is a member of the Royal Fritz family with a simple comment.

Also the human arms are referred to the Ackerman (what completely discards that they are part of the 9 powers).

I even talked about the four Titan powers that were in Paradise

Another thing that was said was that Reiner had made a recon on Paradise Island, it would not have been better to say …. “The Fifth Warrior or call him by his name” made a recognition that would prove his existence.

But again nothing

Seeing all this Do you seriously believe that the Ymir Theme is as simple as it seems?

Sixth Point (The powers have not been merged to Exception of Eren Jaeger)

Some who realized the inconsistencies in the appearances of the Titans and even the power.

They say “Maybe I already had a power and they merged.” The truth is not so bad that argument, it would be logical to a certain extent, but the argument falls in the context of how organized Marley.

-First if they would actually grant two powers to a single warrior, obviously they would not give the normal warriors but the war chief who in this case is considered a “miracle.”

- Second Marley does not do this, since they distribute their powers in an equitable way since when merging powers are no longer separated until the day of death of the user since if it were transmitted would be 2 powers in one forever and wait for the death of your Changing is something they do not do.

-Third, the narrative itself, again this detail is not mentioned unlike the amount of information received and also loses consistency.
Zeke himself developed claws ironically after Ymir went out with them (some say they took the liquid out of his Titan). But the other obviously if they speculate that he devoured it at least should have a small physical detail of it.

On the basis of all this can be said with certainty that there was no fusion of powers


In the anime the normal form of the Titan of Ymir was modified so that it did not have sharp claws or teeth of Beast that had in its first appearance in the sleeve

But after devouring Marcel this changes completely and the real change is evident.

Your Titan stays the same size and gives you extreme agility, claws and fangs (but your jaw does not grow)

Honestly this is a change too big for it to have been made on purpose by the anime producers, that is to say this modification is not only in the anime. But in the own opening of the series.

For what purpose or with what intention was this done ?.
Since it would be irrelevant if Isayama killed Ymir so this gives a lot to think about.

After seeing these 6 logical points that are present in the manga the claim that Ymir has been devoured has too many inconsistencies and contradictions, since it violates many rules established by the manga itself regarding the powers of the titan.


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Author: Wristic

Pairing: Peter Parker X (Teleporting)Reader, Tony Stark X Pepper Potts

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: none

Adopting you after being discovered in not the best of circumstances, Tony has to struggle with the very idea of parenthood. And then also the idea that you’ve developed super powers. And then also that you have a boyfriend.

Keep reading

thatrandomgirl606  asked:

Hey, I'm still kinda new to the Masa fandom and so far I love it! I know all about the Onibi and Sister Series but do you mind maybe explaining the characters from Maha's Story? I don't really get the series and I would love to learn more about it. Thanks

*cracks knuckles*

Let me just become a Masa teacher real quick


***The following information was translated partially by me and 99% by @shishikusas

Maria Kanzaki (A.K.A. Saint Luna Maria)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman studying spirits in an enclosed island country that was blockaded.
She was the superior and conducted human experiments and homicides even on
her own parents and brothers, and was expelled for it. At the time she
obtained the forbidden books, there was a fesitval in hell. (?)

“She holds a crown prince of Ninomiya’s “Criminal Odd Entrance Lady L.”,
Ahn Jae-sul, a very serious person.
Dangerous philosophy that is “Luna’s Warrior” spread Fuwito, who is Kumaha’s
reverence, widely throughout the world for extra relief or in case of dangerous situation.“

Mentalism Maria:
"The blocked island nation (aka Japan) is proud.
The strange name is what her mother who is a
scientist took from "The Sea of the Moon, Luna Maria”.
Maria was particularly outstanding in psychological science,
but research on spirits was banned globally. However, the
island country advanced the research of the spirit mroe secretly.
Maria discovers the history of the closed island country during
her research. But taking that history is worth the death penalty,
so no one touches it. There was a thing of history in the
“Hell Foreign Road Festival” left by her deceased father, but is
officially appointed to a government official and the superior director of the spirits.“

Okay so to sum up, Maria is a scientist that studies the human spirit and does research on the Books of the Dead, which are relics of ancient Egypt. Eventually, she was confronted by Chlordane, and was persuaded to join the gang/organization/cult that she runs. The group is known as Maha, and you can see its logo on the front of her robes (it also appears on Phyrexia and Jeanne’s weapons, on Fen’s sleeve, and as tattoos on Morian and Jack). After joining, I think she eventually preaches her research in some kind of religious format, making her a nun/saint of sorts.

Seryl Claude les-Elizabeth (A.K.A. Chlordane)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman whom everyone talks about. She solves legends and breaks
seals from around the world and collects them.
She seems to be in possession of the legendary ship
"Queen Ann’s Revenge”, which has been confirmed.
She is trying to gather ancient books from all around the world.

Chlordane has the same abilities as a woman once called ‘Hill of Crosses’.
A lot of crucifixes jump out of the ground from a considerably wide area,
mainly of women, to skewer them. A former woman was able to erase one town on this Hill of Crosses.
No. O1EX (Hill of Crosses)

Chlordane is the daughter of an ancient vampire named Nina Claude les-Elizabeth, but we’ll get to her later. She was abandoned when she was very small, and eventually grew up to become the leader of Maha. Many details are unknown (what/who her father was, if she ever met her mother again, if she founded Maha or just joined it, how she began to collect the Books of the Dead, etc.), but we know that she controls a significant power source called the Hill of Crosses. I think it was destroyed eventually. 

She defeated Shogun and persuaded him to join Maha. She stole books from Maria, but eventually persuaded her to join. She found an exiled nazi named Fen and brought him to Maha’s base, and he joined. She used a Book of the Dead to revive Morian (and probably Tsukuyomi and Phyrexia) from their magical seals.

Chlordane is basically the antagonist of the series, and is obviously a huge influence on all of the characters.


Okay Rakurai does have canon information but I lost it and I’m writing this up at a very late time of night. My fact-checker fell asleep a while ago so I’m on my own here lol

Anyway! Rakurai is most likely a lesser form of demon. He’s Chlordane’s little assistant, and she used his power along with the Book of the Dead to revive Morian.

Rakurai fell in love with Chlordane, but Chlordane has feelings for Maria. This led him to become distraught, and it’s the secret behind one of the well-known lines of Chinese Dogma. 

Keep in mind that Rakurai is the Japanese word for lightning. When it says in the chorus “Lightning has fallen into darkness because you felt love”, it could also be interpreted as “Rakurai has fallen into darkness because you felt love.”


~Canon Information~

A person who is the owner of the Book of the Dead and the only one who can
perform the darkest ceremony in the world.
She understands the origin of the old Aztec temple and later tells Luna that origin.
At the Singapore base in Maha, she is called “Queen of the Netherworld.”
No.03 Echidna (left eye of the gorgon)


Echidna manages Maha’s egyptian branch, which is doubtlessly the most violent. She’s the only person in the world capable of doing that dark sacrificial ritual seen in Enkantada, and that’s because she has some kind of ancient knowledge give to her by an aztec god (I think it’s the same one that Phyrexia communes with, but I’m not 100% sure). She shared this knowledge with Maria, and that’s why Maria was able to do it later on.

So Echidna is the one that takes action when Morian shows up at her base and kills Boreru. She sacrifices a prostitute to Morian to appease him, and he accepts. And since a certain character that Echidna is based on has cannibalistic tendencies (and because of the wording in the song), I think that she and Morian both devoured the prostitute’s corpse just afterward.

Anyway, a lot of Echidna’s character takes inspiration from the character of the same name in Greek mythology. Greek!Echidna can become snakelike, which explains Echidna’s tongue. The “left eye” thing is most likely a reference to the Lunar Eye of Horus, which could be a little acknowledgement of the exchange between Masa!Echidna and Maria. @yumekoro-baku mentioned that while there are a handful of goddesses that could represent each eye, for the left eye normally Wadjet (”the green one”) was represented. Wadjet was usually seen as either a snake or a snake headed woman. This just brings back Masa!Echidna’s association with snakes, which is really cool! It would also associate her with action and wrath (which makes sense, considering how violent she is) and would make her a “protector of a ruler” (I’m guessing Boreru). It’s also worth noting that Masa!Echidna is commonly known as “Queen of the Netherworld”, and considering that she takes inspiration from a greek mythological character that kidnaps people from the underworld, that makes a lot of sense, too! It also helps out my thoery that Masa!Echidna kidnaps people and forces them to become prostitutes for Maha.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A large giant who leaves his name on a massacre in Coloumb after about 200 years being tied to Roman troubles long ago.
He was restored by Chlorden’s Book of the Dead and Rakurai’s wider technique, and became Chlorden’s man.
Lives as Luna’s escort.

Very dangerous.
Sa village was eliminated to nothing.
Was relocated to Shimpe from the Colomb root base of 200 Sa village.
Petition of Night: The sentence you request is an imperious fortune.
Mission statements of Maha were originally physically carried out, but the duality is different from Maha.

Literally all he does is ruin everything. He helped topple the Roman Empire, apparently, and then there’s all the murder and possible rape that surfaces when he goes to Echidna’s base. Morian’s a dick.

It’s my understanding that Morian, Phyrexia, and Tsukuyomi are three immortal demons that were sealed away to prevent the end of the world. Apparently, having all of them released at once would trigger the apocalypse or something similar. That just leaves me questioning Chlordane’s motives…

He’s also Maria’s bodyguard.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A girl who made a contract with the ancient god Ometeotl, and became immortal.
She was sealed eternally by the pledge of wise men when witches were special emphasized(?),
but the seal was solved by Chlordane’s ancient book and is now part of Chlordane’s group.

She is immortal and is the one person who is said to be `strongest`
even in the story of Maha. Her strength is more intense than it looks, and
you can call her an artillery fire of ancient God.
No, 02 Phyrexia [Dragon Breath]

Her description is pretty self-explanatory. Witch hunters sealed her away, but then she was unsealed by Chlordane and her Book of the Dead (just like her buddy Morian).

Masa has confirmed that she is THE strongest character in Maha’s Story. 


~Canon Information~

An invulner of invulner sealed in an old isolated island country.
Luna’s “Hell Foreign Road Festival” and Rakurai’s magic revived.
She only comes to see her eyes and she is going to destiny,
she gives death soon.
I simultaneously repel all the troubles I absorb.
No.08 Tsukuyumi [Clouded Fox]

Okay so Tsukuyomi is a crossover character! She was sealed like the other two immortals, but get this:

She was sealed in an alter by Akari Oborodzuka, the Miku from the Onibi Series. Evidently she founded the clan that Akari was part of.

Tsukuyomi has healing powers. She can absorb diseases, and so many people came to her for help that it drove her crazy. She went berserk and killed hundreds of people, which is why Akari sealed her.

She was revived by Maria, instead of Chlordane, and I think that’s how she initially (if unintentionally) caught Chlordane’s attention.


~Canon Information~

An officer who commanded an army who had detained the
ancient God with military power alone. Both vampires
had the ability to fight equally, but the military
ceased annually as the state collapsed. Most officers were
executed, but there was no name for this man on that list.
Was exiled and has now become an official of the Chinese Government.
No. 04 Fen

Chinese Dogma:
Official of the Chinese Government,
He is Decoy’s main source of funds.
Was told to hide in the Coloumb District after he returned with Chlordane and Rakurai.
A man who betrays a person without hesitation for the sake of profit.

//*DISCLAIMER* Literally 99% of the writing I do with this guy is headcanons so if you’ve been gathering information about his character from tumblr, buddy, it was most likely me and it’s most likely inaccurate. Don’t ask why I picked such a minor character as my favorite because I have literally no idea//

But seriously, look past his awkwardly-drawn face at the interesting character he is. Fen is a military commander (most likely from germany) and is therefore more involved with the war than the nazi movement. 

So efficient a commander was he that an ancient god was captured by his troops. No magic. No powerful seal. For a human in Maha’s Story, this is a pretty big deal.

When his homeland was taken out (either by a supernatural force or just the end of WWII), Fen betrayed his country and his comrades, fleeing and exiling himself to stay alive. All officers of his standing were executed, but Fen left them behind.

Now he’s in China, where the home base of Maha is located (Coloumb District), and is acting as a government official. Thus, Maha basically has the government in its pocket because of him.

I think the reason why Fen caught my attention is because he’s on a whole other level compared to the other human characters. Minagi and Nina levelled a city, Chlordane is changing the whole world, and Fen’s accomplishments are in the same league. It’s fascinating to me! okay i’ll shut up now he’s not that important

Nina Claude les-Elizabeth

~Canon Information~

“The first immortal vampire. She died suddenly 100 years ago. She is the first operator of the Hill of Crosses and more user of the prison. Once the ice prongs were shook, it brought about enough damage to make one feel like the world was ending.”

So Nina gave birth to Seryl/Chlordane in the middle of battle. As she was in labor, she was defended by Jeanne. I think she either died or was forzen somehow in her infamous battle against Minagi Yotsuba at the Hill of Crosses, but the timeline is a bit confusing. 

She abandoned Chlordane when she was only a baby. Nina left an infant to fend for herself in the middle of a war-torn, post-apocalyptic world with nothing to protect her but a magic book. Girl. Why. There had to be a baby daddy or maybe Jeanne. Don’t put your baby down and then leave while everyone is DYING


~Canon Information~

Estimated warrior 15 unfortunately (something).
An impeccable visit to Kiki.
Schooled at La Granciasau, whose ideology was unknown.
Has been a member of Maha for fifteen years.

Works under Echidna. He’s basically a medic that helps Maha operate its prostitution and probably helps Echidna with her sacrifices.


She doesn’t have any canon information, but this much we know for certain: She is a prostitute (some think she was from the start, I think Echidna forced her into it) that Echidna kidnapped and abused, then sacrificed to Morian.

Borereru Aaze

~Canon Information~

Transformed the World Confrontation Conference (something),
into a field and it is one of the bottom runners.
Lays claim to Enkantada. Farming is not a crime.
There is no prolongation, but the crowd also has more interests.
Also: Keep in mind that there was an artifact of Maha with the Enkantada.

Alright so Boreru is a very influential drug dealer in the Egyptian city that Echidna’s branch of Maha resides in, and is a very important ally of Maha (supplying them with drugs, paying to use their prostitutes, etc.) Morian kills him in Enkantada, which is what causes Echidna to sacrifice Chimera.


Literally all we know about him is that Fen is paying him to do something and that he’s seen looming creepily of Echidna and Chimera. @shishikusas thinks he might be Chlordane in disguise, which isn’t impossible. It’s worth noting that he wears an Anonymous mask, which references the movie V for Vendetta.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
users of the system say he came from a blocked island country.
In singapore, Chlordane defeated him and he joined her group.
Everybody calls him shogun, but he calls himself Miyamoto when he’s alone.

All I’m gonna say is that I think he’s the “creepy masked man” mentioned in Mentalism Maria. There’s not much to him.

Enti-Suti le Gabriel

~Canon Information~ 

“One of the eight angels and one of the few users of the thunder prison. Her wicked black thunder makes her appear like a demon, but she is indeed an angel. She clashed with Chlordane on the Stairway to heaven.”

She has her own song, Impact Death Entity, but it’s unrelated to Maha’s Story and is actually like hella innocent.


~Canon Information~

“She was a guide at the top of Pergol mountain and once brought Dante to heaven. She is famous for stopping advancement of Nina Claude les-Elizabeth’s only wartime battle. Now we have to see Vergilius to meet without anyone knowing were we are.”

What seems to be most important about Beatrice and Enti-Suti is that they are two out of eight angels. I’m guessing that these angels are the protagonists.


~Canon Information~ 

“Head of the Knights of San Marco who served the Ometeotl. To serve Nina to serve the first dragon knight Phyrexia sealed at the time of the wise men, to defend the weak Nina and child born during a battle against the stone blood of gargoyle and petrified but after a long time passed to Chlordane and is rescued.“

Minagi Yotsuba (A.K.A. The Yotsuba Clover)

~Canon Information~ 

"World’s best bounty hunter. It is said that Nina Claude les-Elizabeth had used the Hill of Crosses to erase the city from the very strength of the slaughter of gods or demons in her fight against the Clover. Her blade is called the ‘four leaf blade’.”

She fought and probably killed Nina. I don’t know much else about her, but there’s something about these profiles that kinda bothers me…

The fight between Nina and Minagi was mentioned in Fen’s bio for some reason. Why?? I mean there were two separate battles going on: Miagi vs Nina and Fen vs a diety. Are they related somehow? I don’t know why the connection was made.

However, it does say that “Both vampires had the ability to fight equally,” so I’m guessing that Minagi is a vampire, too.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
The soldier who manipulates the ancient god
protects the seal of the dead.
Turism ’s life was snared within the book
of the dead to keep him within the royal family,
but he gave a copy of the book of the dead to Chlordane,
who had a book of wisdom, and became a subordinate.

I didn’t have space on the post to include his picture, but Anubis is pretty important. Throughout the series, the dead are spoken of. A feast of the dead, dead that are filled with dreams, etc. Anubis is the one that guides the dead to the afterlife, and I think he has some kind of connection to the talk of the dead we hear so much in Maha’s Story. It isn’t confirmed, though,so I’ll talk about that in the theory section down below.


Here is the information about the story that Masa has posted to Twitter, run through the unreliable google translate:

1. [Story of Maha] A great rebellion hit in hell for a long time and the hell’s suppression became difficult God closed the door of the summit of Pergol mountain which continues to heaven. But demons and hell sinners came into a great battle to collide with the archangels to prevent them from going to heaven through the Makai and the human world in order to drop heaven and to involve the human world and the Makai world. It is the view of the world of Maha’s story.

2. 【Maha’s story 2】 After that the devil is frozen with hell with ice prison at the abnormal strength of Makai’s true ancestor. Still, the anger of Makoto is not settled, heading to Puru mountain to drop heaven, where it collides with a guiding person and reconciles at the end of the prolonged battle and the great war is over. And hundreds of years later, the human world has changed the situation. The story begins in Enkantada in the city in Egypt.

Enkantada: Morian kills Boreru. Intimidated and fearing for Maha’s safety, Echidna sacrifices Chimera to him, and successfully appeases the demon. But something in the lyrics suggests that he may have enslaved her after that.

Mentalism Maria: Maria studies the souls of humans through cruel, violent, and taboo experiments and rituals. This is supervised by a Japanese government official. Maria unseals Tsukuyomi, and both of them go with Chlordane to join Maha.

Chinese Dogma: Chlordane and Rakurai unseal Morian and inaugurate him as a member of Maha. Observing the ritual are Maha’s newest members: Maria, Phyrexia, Fen, Decoy, Anubis, and Shogun.

Ergonomic Hero: Not technically part of the series, but it is set in the same universe. 200 years after the events of Chinese Dogma, a member of Maha faces off with a government soldier.

————My Personal Theories————

1. Jack (The Ripper)

Masa has a tendency to use inspiration from real-life criminals when designing his villains. And, since I wrote my senior term theme paper over Jack the Ripper, I was able to make some connections!

Whoever committed the “Jack the Ripper” murders in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888 knew what they were doing. The murderer was able to sift through organs in search of the uterus, and obviously, this would require a great deal of medical skill and know-how. It’s also been theorized that Jack the Ripper had a strong hatred of prostitutes, given that he killed about a dozen of them.

The Jack of Maha’s Story has this medical knowledge, given his years of college study. And given that he’s seen dragging poor Chimera around, I think it’s also likely that he dislikes the prostitutes used by Maha (or perhaps women in general).

So I think it’s very possible that he was based on Jack the Ripper.

2. Fen and Anubis

I think it’s possible that the God captured by Fen was Anubis.

Without Anubis to guide the dead, spirits cannot escape to the afterlife. This could be why Maria was able to experiment on them, and why they have such a strong presence in Maha’s Story.

To me, Anubis’s information suggests that he was trapped within a Book of the Dead (possibly by Fen) and forced to become a subordinate.

3. A fourth immortal

Because of all the mythology appearing in this story, I think it’s plausible that a fourth immortal demon character might exist. That would give the immortals a “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” vibe, which would be very interesting!

Morian = War

Tsukuyomi = Plague

Phyrexia = Death or famine

There are a lot of possibilities for these three, and this is the one that I have the most fun thinking about.


Here it is! Literally everything I know about Maha’s Story! I hope this helped! ^^

Customs (Rebelcaptain, 2)

I talked with a few people and everyone agreed that I could not leave the “accidentally married” prompt alone as it was, nor did I want to. So this one is from Jyn’s perspective upon waking up and her reaction. I’m probably going to end up writing a "the night of" flashback and maybe a reaction or two from the other members of the crew, depending on how I feel. Sometimes, I just want something light and fluffy with a hint of angst and confusion. Enjoy!

The first thing Jyn notices upon waking up is something soft and warm pillowing her head. She buries her face further into it, breathing in the smell of smoke that clings to it and another smell that is incredibly familiar but she can’t name without thinking and she really doesn’t want to think right now. It lulls her back into a brief doze as she hugs whatever it is until her other senses begin to poke and prod at her mind.

Like the fact that her feet and legs are cold and the strange rough yet soft feel of sand burns her bare skin. She furrows her brow, groaning and griping that these feelings won’t let her fall back asleep, and curls in on herself in an attempt to get warm. Why is she so cold? She remembers… Well, she doesn’t really remember a lot from last night, but she remembers being very hot. This is quite unpleasant and a rude way to wake up.

Finally, when she is unable to deal with it any longer and knows it will be impossible to fall back asleep, Jyn opens her bleary eyes and lifts her head. Strands of her hair hang in her face and she can feel just how much of a mess it is, but she doesn’t care. Instead, she takes in the scene: bodies scattered everywhere on the beach, half of them snoring, empty cups and bowls lying tipped over on the ground, the burnt remains of what had been a large bonfire. She vaguely recalls the rituals they’d gone along with while negotiating with the natives of this planet and the celebratory ceremony afterwards, but nothing specific jumps out.

How much had the aliens insisted they drink after each decision? Why had she gone along with it? Only Cassian really had to drink, but as far as she knows, everyone on the team joined in so that he wouldn’t be completely obliterated. They would’ve been fine…had they not continued to drink after. That was all their fault.

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Character Analysis: Hanzo Shimada.

So, I’ve been wanting to do a post on a character for a long time and well, there are so many things I’ve noticed about Hanzo. I decided “fuck it” and here we are.
Hanzo Shimada is a bit like Marmite for a lot of the OW fandom - you either love him (guilty as charged) or hate him (I can understand, everyone has different tastes). And Hanzo Shimada isn’t a one-dimensional man, he has a lot to show, which tends to be covered up under his usual masks.
Firstly, the most well-known things; he was born and raised in Japan under a traditional Yakuza family known as the Shimada Clan in Hanamura. They were a powerful force to be reckoned with and Hanzo was the first-born, therefore the next in line. He excelled in many areas, including business, swordplay and archery and wasn’t rebellious like his younger brother, Genji. It all unfortunately went horribly wrong when Sojiro Shimada (their father who we recently found out the name of) died and the Elders pressured Hanzo to “deal” with Genji. Now, the wiki description doesn’t quite make it clear whether they expected Hanzo to dispose of Genji or whether to just punish him, but either way, the brothers fought and Genji was horribly wounded. Hanzo believed he’d killed him and ran from the clan, distraught. Now he’s a wanderer, taking assassin and mercenary work as it comes and attempting to find redemption. Recently, Genji came back to reveal he lived in the Dragons short and Hanzo changed his look in the Christmas comic.
Now, while we all know without a doubt that attempted fratricide is pretty morally awful and illegal and will land you in jail or death row (depending which country you’re in), Hanzo didn’t just do it for no reason and he isn’t without remorse about it. In fact, as someone else pointed out not too long ago, he’s one of the few people in the OW verse to really regret and grieve over his past transgressions. But what made him snap in the first place? And why do so many people believe he’ll either join OW or Talon?
And while we’ll get to the first question later (that one has been discussed in the OW fandom a fair bit), the reason I ask the last question is because there are a few things I believe we may have been missing. The first thing people seem to miss is rather surprising, considering that this is canon as of today (and most likely will be for some time to come).
The fact is, Hanzo has joined neither. In fact, he seems to be fairly resistant to the idea of joining them in general (and while the canon is not in the actual game, the voice-lines do help us judge their characters, whether Blizzard likes it or not). When Widowmaker tries to tempt him with promises of restoring him to his true seat of power, Hanzo outrightly tells her “But at what cost?”
This leads me to believe he knows what happened to Widowmaker (at least the basics), due to rumours or info leaks from Talon (if Sombra isn’t involved in cheekily leaking info from Talon, I’ll eat my hat) and DEFINITELY does not want the same fate. However, from what I can gather, Talon (for the moment) seem to be offering him the chance to come willingly. But he has refused, so if he is interesting enough to them, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to take him by force, as they did Widow. And this leads to my next point that we’ve missed. Why would Hanzo not jump at the chance to take back power, especially as he seems conflicted over the Shimada Clan and his once-empire still?
Because it means he loses control.
For Hanzo, his whole life has been about being under someone else’s control. From the MOMENT he was born, he was groomed and conditioned to do everything the Elders told him to for the good of the Clan. He was raised to believe that doing immoral things (like probably weapon-smuggling etc) was beneficial to the Clan as a whole and taught to be accepting of power and monetary gain. While he wasn’t conditioned the way Widowmaker was, Hanzo was still very much psychologically manipulated. Genji seemed to get away with more under Sojiro because he was the second-born and one Sojiro most likely could afford to spoil a little - I believe Sojiro was fairly tied as well, as respecting your elders has a stronger influence in Japan. Of course, Sojiro most likely spoiled Genji too much, but Genji was able to remain more outside the Elders’ influence in the process. Hanzo, on the other hand, had no chance of escape. Did he probably feel stifled and smothered? Did he most likely fear the Elders as well as respect them? Did he feel the pressure every second of the day?
I believe so, yes. And as the Clan were apparently traditional, honour and holding yourself up were most likely very strongly taught. Hanzo had no room to let himself rest - he needed to uphold honour. There is a really good post on Tumblr that describes more of this cultural attitude in Japan (I wish I could remember who made it but it is a fairly popular post in the Hanzo tag at least).
And I think when Genji defied and refused to listen to Hanzo’s pleas…it was the rod that broke the camel’s back, as they say. Of course, Hanzo was in the wrong. But the Shimada were an abusive family, despite Sojiro possibly trying to shelter them both from that. And abuse from your own family is pretty terrible. It’s a least a reason to understand Hanzo’s actions, not agree with them.
This all means that Hanzo fleeing the Clan took an act of great desperation, mental breaking and, dare I say it, courage. To run from people emotionally and mentally abusing and conditioning you is terrifying for anyone and Hanzo was still fairly young - in his late twenties at least.
And while Overwatch definitely does not have the same rep as Talon, Hanzo would still feel used and exposed, possibly under someone else’s control as a weapon. He can’t and won’t go through that again - I genuinely believe he has a phobia against that. Or at least deep-rooted trauma from his time in the Clan and Genji’s “death”.
So he doesn’t. He doesn’t join either.
And I believe Genji knows this, to an extent. In the Dragons short, while he does hint that Hanzo should choose the side Genji works for, he doesn’t pressure Hanzo. He doesn’t even stay to convince him. He just quietly and almost longingly tells him he has faith in him, then leaves him to think it over. He’s giving Hanzo the freedom to CHOOSE. He’s telling him “You are free, Hanzo, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do”. Which is why it sort of confuses me when I see multiple fics where Genji outrightly CHASES Hanzo into OW when he’s never done anything of the sort in canon, nor do I think he would want to. His time with Zenyatta has most likely taught him empathy with what Hanzo went through and he cares enough for his brother that he doesn’t want to put him through any more of it. Will Hanzo seek to join his brother in OW one day? Perhaps.
But it will be his own choice, and HIS ALONE. That may even be something he can be proud of (I hope it is ;_;).
Hanzo is also traumatised enough that he can’t hold a sword anymore after Genji’s “death”, so it also confuses me when I see fics where GENJI is the one to give him a sword and be all “Hey let’s spar bro, nothing will go wrong, lol”, but I see the appeal in writing that scenario. It’s more likely Hanzo either gets over that hurdle through careful therapy and training, or in a desperate self-defence scenario where his bow is broken and a sword is all he has available, but I think the first is more realistic.
Hanzo is also stand-offish, defensive and possibly shy around social interaction, being quieter and less outgoing than Genji, but he has moments of humour and even loudness (there is one line where he literally shouts “I GREET YOU” and if that’s not a sign of flailing and a “shit what do I say to break the ice” scenario, I don’t know what is). Grumpy too, but I don’t think his grumpiness defines him. I think he’s the type to slowly warm up to someone the longer he knows them and he’d be a quiet, but highly loyal friend if you ever gained his trust (that would be a rarity, sadly and with good reason). I also think he sees Omnics as beneath him, but fairly neutral otherwise (an anti-Omnic feeling most likely bred within the Clan and not the same as Zarya or Torbjörn’s outright hatred and distrust) but that has been tempered a little by his wanderings. Numbani makes him uncomfortable, but not just because of Omnics relations there, but because of the warm, caring atmosphere. It’s not something he’s used to.
He’s also very intelligent and would absolutely be fluent in English and several other languages. He MIGHT not know every English saying or slang, but nobody knows every word in every language anyway, so that’s a moot point.
And with the obvious signs of trauma, depression and self-loathing to wrap it all up, I think I’ve said enough about Hanzo Shimada. I like to think and hope that the Christmas comic shows a small step in his healing, but…Blizzard is ultimately in control of his fate, whether we all like it or not. XD
I hope this was okay - just some musings I had regarding Hanzo. Any thoughts or disagreements, I’m happy to discuss! Sorry for any possible offence as well. I’ll happily add anything I might have missed.

A few thoughts on the promo and the line that has apparently made a lot of people upset.

I think people are freaking out because they think the implication behind what Daisy said is that it’s only Jemma who made him kind. But I didn’t take it that way at all really. For Daisy, she’s only seen Fitz and Jemma together. And when they weren’t, Fitz fell into some really dark places. Daisy is Fitzsimmons shipper #1 (sorry guys but it’s super true) and so of course now that she sees this Fitz being an apparent asshole with no Framework Jemma in sight, she’s going to be like “Of course he’s not at his best because you’re gone”.

To me, this doesn’t mean that Jemma is the only reason he’s kind, I just think that Daisy understands that a Fitz without his Jemma is going to be miserable. Also, I don’t think Fitz’s regret has anything to do with Jemma directly. I’m of the mind that they have never met in the framework, personally. 

Way back in Seeds we were introduced to one of the most blatant Fitz foils in AOS: Donnie. Donnie was very close to what Fitz could have turned into if several things were different. The most obvious, and the one Seeds pushes as an episode, is the idea that meeting Jemma allowed Fitz to come out of his shell and work with some towards the betterment of society. This stands in direct opposition to Donnie’s friend who pushed him to create things for money. 

But, there’s another part of the episode that also stands out. “When Shield told my dad I was gifted, he said ‘At what?’” - Donnie

The most stand out thing about this promo was that it didn’t really provide a direct “yes” nod in terms of what regret AIDA fixed for Fitz. With the others, the quotes from past episodes directly lined up with the footage from the flashforwards. Not with Fitz. 

I’m still firmly in the boat that the regret they fixed for Fitz is something to do with this father. Whether this comes in the form of making his father be not an abusive asshole or if they make Radcliffe a more permeate stand-in of some kind, I truly believe that this is the regret that was fixed. 

We all know how backstory in this show works, they don’t bring things up unless something relevant is happening with it later. We spent four years begging for something Fitzsimmons related and we’ve only gotten scraps. So, why then, spend a whole episode on this plotline if it’s not relevant? Why bring up over and over again how much Fitz’s Mum means to him, how much she helped him when he was little and alone, how much she tired to shield him from his father, if not to make it clear that his Mum has a lot to do with his kindness now. His mother showed him how to be kind even in the most horrible of circumstances, she tired to allow him an outlet for his intelligence to the best of her abilities even if she didn’t fully understand what her son was talking about, and she showed him what loving unconditionally looks like.

For me, I think that there’s a lot of factors that lead to Fitz acting this way. Those factors for me include: The distance or even removal of his actual mother, his father/Radcliffe’s influence, yes the loss of having Jemma around 
(though I think this is more a case of he feels like something is missing than she made him a good person), and finally, as a result of all this, the loss of any barriers to his success. 

Humans grow as people because of the challenges we face. Fitz faced a lot of them to get where he is now. These challenges didn’t just involve Jemma in fact a lot of them probably happened way before he met her, when he was a child trying to deal with his father, his intelligence that alienated him from everyone, and trying to prove his worth to the world. 

But the point is, in this world, I’d imagine that AIDA has removed as much of those as possible. She’s let his get to this point with minimal challenge, and removed one of Fitz’s biggest role models in his mum, and that will completely change a person. 

So, to sum things up, I think it’s once again a case of “we got one line of spoiler stuff and we’re all jumping to conclusions without the full range of information”. I don’t think the implication behind Daisy’s quote was that Jemma is the only thing to make Fitz kind, I just think she understands that Fitz is always better with Jemma so of course this framework version of himself is not the best Fitz can be. 

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 37

Geez, I had so much fun with this one~ haha. I’m so glad it’s finally Thursday again. I hope you’ll like it, people! Enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: After your very unfortunate run-in with Min Jae, you hoped that things would calm down and that the uneasy feeling within you was just your own ridiculous panaroia playing tricks on you.

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My second fic, yay! Always welcoming constructive criticism. Also, I do NOT give anyone permission to use this! This is a creation from my brain, to be used by me only. You may reblog, leave notes/likes, and tag others, but please do not steal. (I hate I had to add that, but with people always stealing others fics recently I felt it necessary.)

Wanna give a huge thanks to @sammiielli for giving this a read, and hopefully I improved on what we talked about. I didn’t want to bother you and ask you to read it over again.

Nothing like you thought

Pete Dunne/ unnamed OC. Regal also plays a huge role in this.

Warnings include: Cursing, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks, and semi smut. I think that’s it.

Tagging- @wildandfreepinkv0dka @i-am-devoted-trash

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Mutual...Respect (The Flash, Leonard Snart x Reader)

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: For once, I don’t think there are any warnings. If there are, please let me know and I’ll add them!

A/N: Fulfilling a request sent in by anon! This is my very first time writing for Leonard Snart, so please bear with me on this! Since I haven’t watched Legends yet, this is set in Season 2, before the timeline was reset. Probably not too relevant to the plot but just so there’s not any confusion.

Originally posted by hopelessidiotsinlove

Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

“So…let me get this straight,” Cisco said, giving you a slightly confused look, “you like Captain Cold, who threatened me to spill Barry’s identity, who kidnapped Caitlin, who literally froze you to the ground, and who has a really hot sister that actually likes me and -,”

“This is not about Lisa, Cisco.”

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Happy Birthday Dean 

It was the tapping on his bedroom window that woke Dean. Normally he wasn’t a light sleeper, once he was asleep it took Sam pouring water on him to get him to wake. The tapping, however, managed to wake him. With a groan, Dean rolled over a checked the time. 5:56am. What the hell? He thought as he looked over to the window and saw yet another small stone hit the window. 

Hastily, Dean got up out of his warm bed and padded across his room towards the window. Looking down he bit back a smirk when he saw who was stood down on his lawn. With care, he opened his bedroom window.

“Really? Throwing rocks at my window? That’s cheesy Cas.” He called down to his best friend. “What are you doing here? It’s the ass crack of dawn.” He said to the sweater and scarf-clad figure of Castiel Novak. His best friend of fourteen years. 

“You have such a way with words Dean.” Cas called back with a shake of his head. “Hurry up and get down here, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“For little ol’ me? What’s the occasion Cas?” Dean asked as if he didn’t already know. It wasn’t every day that he turned eighteen. 

“Well, eighteen years ago today God decided the world hadn’t suffered enough so he gave you. Plagues and floods have nothing on your terrible taste in music and cheesy feet.” Cas said. Dean flipped him but still grinned. 

“I love it when you talk dirty to me Cas.”

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Leonard Snart x Reader

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1800

Note: This was a request I fulfilled a couple of weeks ago for a group blog I’m with, @fanfiction-writers and I thought I’d share it with all of you (also to make sure I get something else posted and so you Snart lovers can get a fix)! Now, this was my first time ever writing for Leonard but I’ve started watching Legends so y’all will definitely see more of him (and the rest of the team) in the future! Also, go check out the group blog! We are always looking for new requests and we write for a HUGE variety of fandoms. There are tons of amazing writers in the group and all of you should definitely check ‘em out!

Originally posted by hopelessidiotsinlove

Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

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Introduction Post: Yuzuru Hanyu

I am a bit confused as to why I was asked to do this since I thought there are quite a lot of posts out there already, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So sit down, grab a blanket, and have some popcorn; this is going to be long.

‘Cause we’ll be talking about this nerd:

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The Wall: Explained for Normal People


The Wall is a rock opera by the British psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, released on November 30, 1979. It was written and composed primarily by Roger Waters. It was conceived after an incident during Floyd’s In the Flesh tour, where Waters became so angry at a rabid fan that he spat in his face. In the hotel room later that night, the weight of his actions crushed him and he started looking back on his life for the roots of this behavior, eventually drafting a story about a fictionalized version of himself being screwed up by a bad childhood and isolating himself from society. This grew into a double album, receiving positive reviews at time of release and gaining an even better reputation as time went on. It contains three of Floyd’s most famous songs (“Another Brick in the Wall Part 2,” “Comfortably Numb,” and “Run Like Hell”) and is their best-selling album behind Dark Side of the Moon. It was adapted by Alan Parker into the cult classic film Pink Floyd - The Wall.

The story of The Wall can be confusing and inaccessible to people who aren’t used to albums as a format of storytelling, and even then there’s a lot to dig into. This is a guide to help people who aren’t freaks like me understand and enjoy this album. It contains subjective interpretations, but is by no means an exhaustive analysis, just a plain language summary. Enjoy.

Elevator Pitch

There’s a guy named Pink. His childhood is crap. He gets married and becomes a rock star. Neither of these things go well. The terribleness of his life crashes in on him, so he uses those events (the bricks) to build a metaphorical wall around himself. It turns out complete social and psychological isolation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He turns to drugs. He gets so high before a concert that he becomes a fascist dictator. After a political rampage, he realizes that it’s not his upbringings fault he’s such a terrible person, it’s his. He puts himself on trial, and concludes that his only suitable punishment is to tear down the wall. Then this happens all over again. Forever. OR DOES IT?!?

Song By Song Breakdown

This is covering the album. The movie is a whole different beast with additional symbolism I don’t have the time or brain power to get into. Even the album is a lot more complex than this, but hopefully this will give you a head start on figuring it out.

In the Flesh?

A revisionist flash forward, if that makes any sense. Pink, as a fascist dictator, bellows at his audience. In this case, the audience is not only his loyal supporters but the listener of the album. He invites you to “the show,” a tour of his life. He doesn’t just tell you, he DROPS it on you.

And yes, that WAS a faint voice at the very start saying “…we came in?” The album ends on the same faint voice saying “Isn’t this where…” Bookending is very common in Floyd’s 70s catalogue, and The Wall’s hidden message of “Isn’t this where…we came in?”, besides making an endless loop of the album feasible, is also what splits pessimistic and optimistic interpretations of this album.

None of that matters right now. Basically, welcome to the show.

The Thin Ice

Pink is born in 1943. An extremely helpful narrator (possibly himself, speaking in hindsight) tells him that he shouldn’t expect much out of the ice of life, just a lot of cracks.

Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1

Pink’s father is killed in World War 2. To cope, Pink puts up a mental defense mechanism: distance and apathy. This initial pain provides the first bricks for his mental wall, a wall that will gather more and more bricks from the pains of life, causing Pink to retreat deeper and deeper into himself.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Pink elaborates on his unpleasant childhood by turning from one government institution (the army) to another (school). His teachers were psychologically abusive, putting down and humiliating their students whenever they were given the opportunity. As some measure of compensation, they got smacked around by their wives a lot. More than anything, they suppressed individualism, forcing their students to conform into…

Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2

…uniform, faceless bricks. The “wall” this time is twofold: the wall of society, which tries to squish Pink into a meaningless statistic like his dead father, and Pink’s personal wall, which this process has provided bricks for. If he can’t trust society, who can he trust?

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title: a hump in the night (2/?)

progress: wip series

pairing: 2jae (jaebum/youngjae)

rating: E (you’re all terrible influences i used to be pure)

word count: 4469

summary: youngjae is avoiding jaebum, jaebum is frustrated in more ways than one, and the members are fed up with both of them. (fluffy smut NOW WITH PLOT)


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When You’re Gone

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: Kidnapping mention

Summary: When you are visiting your family, some jerk decides to tell George you were kidnapped and he believes it.

It had been a long time since he had seen you.

The war was dragging on and on, and he was only able to come home to you every few months.

Falling in love had been the easy part. He had always been the romantic type. You couldn’t count the number of times he had surprised you with flowers, which he had picked himself, or a picnic in the park under the stars.

He would do anything for you.

It had been four months since you had seen him last. This post was the longest yet and you were lonely.

The days were long and the nights even longer, the empty space where he should be weighed heavy on your heart.

The last letter he sent was vague on if he would be returning anytime soon. He had many words about a particular General who had completely ruined a battle in Monmouth.

He had no words of home or his return and his frustration was evident in the words. He had half-heartedly thrown words of love in at the very end and it was signed with just his last name, not the usual “Yours Truly, George” that graced the parchment.

You were lost at what to do. Being in this empty home had been getting to you these last few weeks and you really needed to be with family, even if it was only for a short time.

You missed George more than words could ever try to explain and the his place in your heart was vacant. Not only because he was not with you, but because you never knew if he was safe. Was he eating? Sleeping? You knew how he got when it became overwhelming. The man was stubborn and he will do anything to help others, even if that meant putting off his own well-being.

As you sat at the table reading his letter over again, the tears fell relentlessly.

You wish he wasn’t the General. Although you knew very well they all needed him, you selfishly needed him too.

You crumple the letter and throw it to the corner of his study. You always felt so close to him in here. His handwriting was everywhere and the desk was in the same disarray as it was when he left months ago.
You decide it is time to go. You needed to be with people who understood your longing and who could make the hole seem smaller while you awaited his return.

You decide not to pack anything, your parent’s home still stocked with clothes from when you visited the times before, and the only piece you really needed to bring from home was the present George had given to you after a few months of courting.

It was a necklace, but it was unlike anything you had ever seen. That was because he had made it himself.

You still remember how much he blushed and kept saying it looked stupid and ugly, he had even tried to take it back after showing it to you. You had only laughed and kissed his lips. It was beautiful.

Sure it was kind of short and the chain had an uneven texture, but he had made it himself, and whenever you wore it or mentioned it the smile he beamed in return was enough to make it your favorite piece of jewelry.

Now as you pull it out you are flooded with more emotion. Anger creeps up and bubbles. Before you can understand what is happening you throw the necklace at the wall.

You regret it immediately and check to see if it has broken from the impact and are relieved when it is still in one piece.

You leave it there nonetheless, your heart beating furiously as you open the door and head toward your parents’ home at the opposite end of the city.


George was utterly exhausted.

The days were beginning to blur together and he was ready to be home.

He had been awake for too long and it was clear it was getting to him. He had completely lost it with Alexander earlier in the day, snapping at him to go home to his wife, who had just happened to be pregnant. He couldn’t wait to hear from him when he arrived home only to learn he had known for the last month.

He sighed as he stared at the tent wall.

He wanted to be home. Y/N was home.

He had been so caught up in the happenings of the last battle that he hadn’t been thinking straight when he wrote his last letter. He couldn’t stop the messenger in time and now he was staring at a blank piece of parchment trying to come up with some form of apology.

He just wanted to be with Y/N and make it up to her in person.

Another hour of staring and he was interrupted.
Apparently Charles Lee was stirring up some commotion outside the camp.

When George arrived Lee was being held by two calvary men.

“I told them I just wanted to speak to you!” He struggles against their hold.

“Calm down Mr. Lee, what is it you needed to speak to me about?” George ushered the soldiers to release him.

“It’s about Y/N.” George’s attention was now fully on him.

“What about her?”

“She has been taken.”  he replies in a flat tone.

George can only hear his heartbeat. It had increased to an unhealthy pace and he cannot breathe.

“Who!?” Lee is taken aback at the sudden raise in his voice and does;t answer.

George advances and grabs the man’s shoulders.

“Who took her!?”

“Th-the B-british?” He sputters out.

George misses the phrase being formed as a question and runs towards the horses.

His men try to stop him and Lafayette has even tried to get him to dismount the horse.

“She is my love. I am going to get her.”

“I understand, sir. But this is not the best way. We can send some men to investigate and…” The General cuts him off.

“No, I am going to get my love, no one else.” He rides off without another word.

When he finally arrives at home a day later, it is empty.

His heart stops when he finds his latest letter crumpled in a corner and in their bedroom the necklace he made for her was carelessly thrown near the legs of the dresser.

He hurries back downstairs to search for anything else that may help him. Everything seemed to have been recently used and even a pot in the kitchen was left unwashed. She had just been here.

He takes a moment to to grasp the wall and let out a long sob. She had been taken.

Who would take her? The British didn’t know his home address. No one did, only Alexander. But he wouldn’t have had anything to do with this, he knew this for a fact. Alexander held him in the highest regard as he did in return to the expressive right hand man.

He was going out of his mind.

The last thing he had said to her was how upset he was. He was sure he didn’t even say “I love you” in the letter at all.

If he had been taken because he was a general he would get her back and quit. Country be damned.

He prayed she was alright. Whoever had her better be treating her fine because when he finds her, if she has been harmed in anyway, the kidnapper would be begging for death.

He runs back out of the home and to the horse. He wonders if he should tell her parents. They had a right know just as much as he did. They loved her endlessly too.

He decided to ride for their home.


It had been two days since you had been home and even though it was a relief to be around family, you missed all the George influences that you had around every corner.

You were sitting in the living room and there is a frantic knock at the door. You went to stand but see your mother has gone to answer it herself, so you snuggle back into your book reading position.

The door opens and you can hear someone huffing, out of breath and slightly yelling. Whoever it was was wildly out of sorts. Your mother’s reply is quick and reassuring.

Then the door is closed and footsteps are nearing.

When you glance up from your book, George is in front of you.

He dissolved look almost make you laugh. He has lost his General hat, his coat is frayed and caked with dirt, and his face is a mess of tears and snot.

You give him a confused look.

“George? George! Are you alright?” You jump up and drop the book losing your place and the blanket falls off of you.

He smiles through the tears and sniffs loudly before coming to right next to you and grabbing the back of your head into a hard, desperate hug.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing here?” He doesn’t speak, only continues to hold you. New tears hit your shoulder.

“I thought you were gone.” He mumbles into your hair.

“Gone? I left the house only a few days ago.” He laughs and moves to take your face in his hands.

He strokes your cheek with his thumb.

“Someone told me you had been kidnapped. When I arrived home it seemed as if it were true. You were not there and your necklace was on the ground and I- I didn’t know what to do.”

He chokes on his words and you grab his hand from your face.

“You thought I had been taken so you completely abandoned the war and came to find me?” He nods and you can’t help but kiss him multiple times.

“You are sure you are ok? Why are you here at your parents’ home?” He was suddenly concerned yet again.

“I just needed to be around some other people. I wasn’t thinking when I left, I was upset. I’m sorry about the necklace.”

He just shakes his head.

“No I’m sorry the last letter was..less than perfect. I’m just so glad you are alright.”

He takes a seat on the couch with you before explaining more about the situation.

He fumes when he mentions Charles Lee, the man that had caused the frustration in the previous battle, was the one who had told him you had been taken.

George goes into a long rant of how he was going to talk to Lee privately about lying to a man about his wife but before he can get completely heated you steal his lips mid-sentence.

“I’m so glad I get to see you.” You say after pulling away.

He smiles and grabs your hand in his.

“I’ll stay for a few more days. Lee can wait.”

You chuckle and bring him in for a longer kiss.

After all, you would take every moment you had him because you never knew when it could be the last.


(A/N: We are SO sorry it has been quiet on here. I am still not well and we are both full time college students which takes up a lot of time. Thank you to everyone following us! We love you!)

This is my first one shot so please go easy on me

Dean x Reader
Title: Magic Mark, magic touch.

You had been awake all night researching the latest hunt that the Winchester Brothers were on. The bunker was dark and, as long as the boys were there with you, warm. Sam would usually stay up with you because he usually stayed up all night doing the research anyway. Dean on the other hand stayed up all night due to different things. Cas would call, or Dean wanted to stay up watching Game Of Thrones. Where ever he was in the bunker, you could find him by either his voice, his music, or his laugh. But he hasn’t been that way in a while.
Dean seemed upset about something and wanted to turn in early that night. It wasn’t like Dean to go to bed at 8:00 PM and you knew that, even though you’ve only been staying with the brothers for a month. Something just wasn’t right.
“Hey Sam, I’ll be right back.” You were looking towards the hallway as you said this, in a daze, thinking about Dean.
“Yeah sure.” Sam yawned and got up to make some coffee.
“Good idea” you said to yourself as you were walking down the hallway.
You were getting tired too.

Dean likes to be left alone when he gets in these moods. He doesn’t like to talk about his feelings much unless he’s pissed off or really happy about something.
You had been noticing how quiet he’s been lately. He mostly keeps to himself nowadays and he doesn’t say much to anyone except Sam. Dean doesn’t even look at you sometimes. He acts like you’re not there. You asked him if he had been upset with you and he says he’s not, but that doesn’t make you feel any better.
You were still in your Dean daze when you knocked on his door and asked to come inside. He said he wanted to be left alone, but you didn’t listen.
If it’s one thing you’ve learned from the Winchesters, it’s how to unlock any door in the world that doesn’t require a human sacrifice and two pigs possessed by Satan to get inside. Even that is self explanatory. You moved the device around inside the doorknob, but Dean beat you to the door. “This isn’t what it looks like” You wiggled the device around the inside of the doorknob until it released and gave you back the tool. Dean stood with his hand open. “Give it to me.”
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” You looked him straight in the eyes as you said this. You weren’t scared of him because you knew he’d never hurt you.
Dean held his gaze and smirked at you, then took the device out of your hand. You tried to get it back by pulling his arm towards you and pulling the object from his now clammy hand, but it didn’t work.
He took it into his room and locked the door. This hurt you for some reason. You felt embarrassed because you were letting such a small argument get to you. Before you started crying, you went to meet Sam.
When you got back to the library, Sam was on the phone with Cas. This was unusual because Cas only really ever talked to Dean over the phone.
You knew you shouldn’t do it but you did it anyway. You listened to every word Sam was telling Cas.
“He’s getting worse, Cas. He won’t even talk to (your name) anymore.” Sam sounded desperate and scared.
Cas took a long pause and then began to speak on the other line. You couldn’t hear what he was saying, but you knew that Dean was in trouble.
Once Sam had hung up the phone you walked back into the library.
Sam had his face In his palms and an untouched cup of coffee beside his right arm.
“You okay, Sam?”
He jumped out of his chair, almost knocking his coffee off the table. “Yeah I’m fine. How long have you been in here?”
“Long enough to hear you say that ‘Dean’s getting worse.’ What are you talking about?” You were scared, you had to admit. Sam never said Dean’s name over the phone but you had seen dramatic changes in Dean, although you thought that you were the only one that noticed them. You hoped and prayed they weren’t talking about Dean, but they were.
“Listen, (your name) there’s something I’ve got to tell you.
You felt like you were going to throw up. “What is it?”
Sam did too. “Dean, he’s, sick. He’s-”
“Under the influence of the Mark of Cain. He isn’t in control of his impulses and urges to kill and slaughter.” Cas interrupted Sam mid sentence.
Sam gave Cas a look that only could mean one thing: Go fuck your self.
“The Mark of what?” You looked at both of them. “So you’re telling me that Dean has this magic mark that turns him into a killer? I haven’t seen a scratch on him.” You didn’t believe it. Any of it. There’s no way in hell that Dean was a killer of anything besides monsters and demons.
“Magic is linked to it. It’s dark magic though. Nothing like I’ve ever seen.” Sam took a sip of his newly touched coffee.
“Dean made us swear that we wouldn’t breathe a word of this to you. Plus he keeps the mark hidden when he’s around you.” Sam sighed, like he had just disobeyed an order.
“Where is the mark? His leg or arm or something?”
“It’s on his arm (your name), but don’t look for it when he’s around you. He’ll know we told you.” Cas looked at you.
“How do we get rid of this ‘mark’ that’s making Dean a killer?.” You were out of your chair now, looking though the library to see if you could find anything on the mark when a distant “I’ve already checked this whole place.” From Sam stopped you. You want back to where you were sitting, looking at Cas and Sam carefully. You knew that Dean was very protective over you and it didn’t surprise you when they told you that he doesn’t want you to know. But that doesn’t change the fact that Dean’s not okay. This isn’t a small scratch, it’s a mark that turns him into a killer apparently and he didn’t tell you?
“But (your name) that’s why Dean has been acting so odd lately, we’re just finding a way to fix him.” Sam looked at you and gave you the best reassuring smile that he could muster up.
“Thanks Sam but I want to help.” You still didn’t believe that Dean was a killer but if there was anything wrong with him, you were determined to find out what, and how to solve it.
“(Your name) this isn’t an easy hunt. This isn’t vampire hunting in the woods or demon hunting okay this is worse. This mark is old, the magic attached to it is old, and Dean isn’t safe to be around and I sure as hell don’t want you to get hurt.
You couldn’t take it, all of it. You went back to Dean’s door and banged as hard as you could on it.
Dean jumped to his feet and opened the door. "What the hell?” He looked at you sternly.
You just looked at him. You’re pissed off that he kept this from you, but you’re more scared to see the results of this “Mark of Cain”.
“How the fuck could you keep something like this from me?”
“Something like what?” Dean knew the moment you starting hitting the door that Sam and Cas had told you about the Mark.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Dean” you were steaming with rage and uncertainty.
“(Your name), how could I have told you, huh? 'Oh I’m a killer!’ Yeah that would have went well!”
“And you think it’s going well right now?”
Sam and Cas were at Deans door, giving you the death stare.
“What?” You looked at both of them.
“Walk away.” Dean said to someone in particular but none of you knew because he was looking at his feet. Then he looked at you. “You’re probably scared so just walk away.” Dean’s voice broke. He was hurt that you knew, but you were hurt even worse that he thought you’d walk away from him.
“I refuse.” You looked at him.
“(Your name)” Dean looked at you then to the ground. “It’ll be better for you if you do.”
“You’re what’s better for me.” You took his face in your hands and you kissed him as gently as possible. He pulled you closer to him and then you both collapsed onto the bed. You were inside his arms. You could feel his heartbeat. You knew that since he is human, there is hope. Be he’s not just any human, he’s your Dean.
“I believe in you, Dean Winchester.”

Sam and Cas went back to the library to do research.
“She has such a calming effect on him.” Cas said once he was alone with Sam.
“Yeah, she does. It’s good for him. She’s good for him.” Sam smiled a bit and went back to his research on the mark.
Cas went back to Dean’s room to watch over you. He wanted to make sure that you were safe. When Cas opened the door he found you two asleep on Dean’s bed.
Once Cas knew that you were okay, he went downstairs to be with Sam.
“We don’t know how to get rid of this Mark, but we know how to keep him happy.”
Sam and Cas exchanged reasserting stares.

The next morning, Dean got up early to make breakfast for everyone. Eggs, bacon, the whole nine yards.
You woke up to the smell of it.
“Get up, baby!” Dean kissed you on the cheek. “Today’s our day off.”
“Dean what are you talking about? We never get a day off.” Sam laughed.
“Well, today we do.” Dean looked at Sam then to you.
When Sam left the room, Dean kissed you and said: “Thank You for all you did last night.” He was blushing slightly.
“All I did was state the truth.” You smiled up at him.
Dean smiled at you, giving you that sweet, warm smile that you loved more than anything that has ever been created.
“Come on, breakfast is ready.” He was just about to leave when you pulled him on top of you.
This gesture wasn’t at all sexual. He understood that once you wrapped your arms around him and smiled I to his chest.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He flipped you two so you were on top of him.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened period.” You smiled and kissed him. “I love you.”
Dean looked into your eyes.
“I adore you, (your name).”

Writing Prompt #15: Concussion?

Requested by this Anon 15. “If we die, I’m going to kill you.” (Morgan x Reader). 1226 words… I apparently have no self-control. I hope you like it, anon! :)

Damn, momma,’ Derek smiled appreciatively in the middle of the restaurant as his eyes roamed your very tight dress. You gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek and sat down in front of him.

He –or rather, Penelope– had booked a table at the back of the place, far enough from the other patrons to have some privacy but not far enough to feel isolated. It was a perfect table for a date… correction: a fake date, but one nonetheless. Your team was chasing an UnSub that targeted interracial couples, specifically black guys who dated white girls. Since JJ was on maternity leave taking care of little Michael, that only left you as the only other white female in the team –Hotch of course refused to send Penelope out… it was actually a pretty risky scenario.

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That's just the way things are (ficmas: day 2)

Summary: Phil is fed up with being an omega.

Word count: 743

(Disclaimer: I’m sure Phil’s mum is actually really nice. This is an AU)

“Mum, I’ve already told you, I’m perfectly fine with Dan. I don’t need an alpha”

“You make it sound like Dan is your alpha”

“Oh shut up, you know that’s bullshit”

“Phillip Lester! Watch your language. See this is exactly my point, you need an alpha to teach you how to speak properly”

Phil just scoffs. It was annoying how traditional his mother was. She believed that her son wasn’t complete until he had a big strong alpha to look after him. He was completely fine by himself thankyou very much.

His mother had originally called to discuss plans for christmas lunch (as Phil and Dan had both wanted to spend their christmas together so their families had to change a few plans), however they’d somehow moved onto the topic of Phil’s non-existent love life. This seemed to be an occurring thing with phone calls with his mother.

“I don’t want someone controlling my life, mum. It’s not fair” Phil whined back to his mother. He was actually getting quite upset now.

“Phil, you’re an omega, love, it’s how things work” his mother replied in a flat tone. She was a beta and had always been harsh.

Phil slumped his shoulders. Of course he already knew what he had been told, but it just hurt a little each time he was reminded. He decided to end the phone call as they’d been talking for a while now, they weren’t getting anywhere with making plans anyway. He managed to choke out “I’ve got to go, I’ll speak to you soon” before hanging up.

He made sure to place his phone on the bedside table, before he accidentally threw it at the wall and would regret it. He then lay down with his face squashed into his pillow.

Not a minute later Dan was in his doorway, looking at the man in front of him who was silently crying into his pillow. He had sensed Phil’s sadness. It was something that extremely close alpha and omegas could do. Essentially their emotions worked together. Neither could be happy without the other.

The alpha was overwhelmed with an urge to make his best friend feel better. He tiptoed onto the room as if to not startle Phil. Which completely backfired as when he tried to soothe Phil by stroking his arm, Phil jumped making a miniscule squeaking sound and looked up quickly.

Phil’s face immediately softened when he saw Dan. Dan slowly sat down next to him and opened up his arms. However, Phil rejected the cuddle. He was feeling annoyed with his helplessness enough. He didn’t need an alpha to hug him and make him feel any smaller. Stupid omega emotions. Stupid omega tears.

After a while Dan put his arms down, defeated. He settled with placing his hand on Phil’s shoulder with his thumb moving in circles. Phil moved towards the touch, which frustrated him even more.

“Was your mum being an idiot again?” Dan asked which prompted a small laugh out of Phil.

“You could say that” Phil answered, smiling up at Dan. “I mean, she shouted at me for swearing again”

Dan snorted and brought his arm around Phil’s shoulders. “I think I’m a bad influence on you, swearing in front of your mother. Gosh Phil” he said sarcastically.

They both laughed knowing that Dan certainly didn’t care about phil swearing, or anything he did for that matter, providing that he wouldn’t get hurt. Where Phil’s mother was the epitome of tradition, Dan was the complete opposite.

“You know, if you did want to cuddle, I’d think that it was just two guys havin’ a hug. None of that alpha protective stuff” Dan mentioned to Phil.

“Oh shut up, I know that you can’t help it” Phil retorted back. “But okay then”.

Phil cuddled up to Dan’s chest. Their bodies fit perfectly against each other, it is how alpha and omegas are made. And as much as Phil hates that. He can’t deny that he is comfortable.

After a while Phil speaks “wait, Dan why are you only in your boxer shorts?”

“I was getting changed into my pajamas when I sensed that you were sad”

“And you couldn’t have waited until you were changed to see me?” Phil asks.

“No. You were sad” Dan answered as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Oh, okay then” Phil says and then rests his head back in the crevice of Dan’s neck.


A/N: apparently I can’t write omegaverse without there being a little angst. Sorry that this wasn’t Christmasy, but I do have Christmas themed fics for the rest of ficmas, including a phanfic tomorrow that I think a few people will be happy about!

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