he's even ginger


I went to war once. Or was meant to. Long time back.
On the eve of battle I looked into the fire and I saw my death, sure as Sunday.
I saw. I knew I would die that day if I stayed.
Put on my boots, and dropped my sword, and I flew. I owe a battle.
You’re following Wednesday so that you can fight in his war and die, and for that, you run his errands? 

I done worse than that.

:: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney ::


s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.



i knew i shouldnt have played this game at 4 am while hella sleep deprived

i hate myself so much right now

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Hello! I really like your headcanons so far so I wanted to request one! How would the RFA react to an MC who doesn't sleep well? They toss and turn, hog blankets then throws them off, sleeps on opposite ends of the bed sometimes, etc.? Thank you and have a good day!


Upon noticing your weird sleeping positions and being up and down. After discussing the matter with you he would ask Assistant Kang to quietly do research. He has terrible sleeping problems as well and he doesn’t want you to be in the same cycles he is. Upon finding things that work he would order a new goose down comforter for the bed that had weights to give you more security. He would offer to read to you every night, any book you like. He would buy you the stat of the art white noise machine with sounds of your choice. He would strongly suggest interacting with Elizabeth the 3rd before bed.  As well as giving you tea and melatonin supplements before bed. Mrs. Jumin Han deserves the best, including the best sleep!


Jaehee would be a bit concerned at your sleeping habits. She would talk with you about it and see if there was anything she could do. She would try all her home remedies, including a glass of wine before bed, drinking chamomile tea, restricting your amount of caffeine two hours before bed time and setting up a winding down schedule to help your body rest better.


Yoosung would be angry at first. You are always taking the blankets. Getting up and waking him up. Even kicking him or accidentally punching him on the rare occasion. But after talking with you about it he would grow worried. He would be wondering what it could be that’s keeping his precious MC from getting the sleep she deserves? He would ask his guild members what they do when they cant sleep or feeling restless. So he starts buying you lots of tea and promoting that you take a warm bath before bed. Hopefully the tips he received would help!


After realizing that you’ve been having a problem staying asleep would be distressed, you don’t need beauty sleep because you are already so perfect. Sleep is still important to let your body rest! So he would help you start up a bedtime routine to help yourself sleep better. Drinking tea, melatonin tablets, working out with him to tire yourself out, a warm shower, some homemade soup with ginger. He even promises to sing you a lullaby till you fall asleep. Zen would do anything to help his princess sleep, for he is your knight in shining armor.


Would become distressed at your well being for sleep. He too has sleeping issues and doesn’t want you to suffer. He gets his mothers recipe for warm honey tea with ginseng that always seems to put him to sleep. He would talk to you softly until you fell asleep.


Luciel was often up late working himself to exhaustion. After noticing you being up during odd hours and upside down on the couch he decided he had to take this into his own hands. He would help you lay down, and with a crooked grin mention you know a few “ Life Hacks”  he would massage your shoulders and  your back. He would set your room temperature to 65 degrees because according to the internet videos it makes you sleep faster! He would get you some nice smelling candles to put in your room to help you calm your nerves and sleep easier. He suggest petting a cat. Petting cats calms stress too! He just wants the best for you. His precious partner in crime 606!

* MORGENSTERN.     psa that sebastian can be the cutest dork of all time like if you agree and i might write u a starter !


Ramesses was to reign until he was ninety two years old. He would go down in history as a heroic warrior. But it’s less well known that sixteen years after his famous battle at Kadesh he signed a treaty with his enemies, the Hittites. It was the world’s first recorded peace treaty between superpowers and it brought great prosperity to Egypt. Ramesses’ most lasting achievement, contrary to the warlike propaganda on his temple walls, was as a bringer of peace.

Demon Hunter* Chapter 3

18+ Plz read the tags. Fem!Reader

Chapter Summary: There’s not too much to summarize about this chapter. It’s still a direct continuation of the last one. The next chapter will be a little further into their “relationship”. 

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10702710/chapters/25099647

The water that surrounds your body is laced with fine oils. It smells of delicate florals and a hint of basil. Whether it’s the bath, the oils, or the demon’s constant influence, you are actually relaxed. So much so sleep that threatens to take hold.

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On Borrowed Time - Chapter 5

Summary: Betty took a gap year for relaxation. What she didn’t expect it to include, was a road trip around the country with her best friend in tow.The fact that he was on the waiting list for a heart transplant and that she’s in love with him may have factored into her decision making. Just a little bit.

Find it here on AO3/ Tumblr: C1, C2 , C3 & C4

It’s November when Jughead is discharged. On the condition that he reduce the amount of physical activity he does. Betty knows, he’s more than ready to leave after spending a week in hospital. Having already expressed repeatedly how sick he is of being poked and prodded, within an inch of his life. But she couldn’t help voicing her concerns that carrying on with the trip would only make him worse. He had ultimately quashed her woes. As he always does. Making the point that whatever was going to happen, would happen either way with or without the road trip. He’d hugged her closer to him on the small hospital bed, stroking her hair away from her face, telling her he just wants to spend as much time with her as possible. After that she couldn’t really deny him.

“So can you promise me the next time I see you, won’t be in a hospital?” Archie asks, loading the last of Jughead’s possessions into the boot of Betty’s car.

“I’ll try my best.” Jughead replies, leaning heavily on the cane they’d provided him with at the hospital. They’d also suggested that he have an oxygen tank full time. Naturally he’d adamantly refused. Which led to a heated conversation with Archie and Betty, after which he’d agreed to using the cane, only when he really needed it.

Archie nods, curtly. Swiftly closing the boot. “You better.” He makes his way around the side of the small car, to engulf Jughead in a short but bruising hug.

Jughead scratches the back of his neck, exhaling heavily after nearly having the life squeezed out of him by Archie. “Will you tell Veronica, sorry again. About…the eyebrow thing.”

Archie shakes his head. “Don’t worry about it, mate.” Looking over to Betty who’s watching from the driver’s side of the car. “She said either of you can text or call her anytime.”

Betty smiles, noticing the way Jughead’s eyes move towards her instinctively following Archie’s eye line. “Tell her thanks, from both of us.”

Archie makes his way around the car to embrace Betty, Jughead disappearing into the passanger seat of the car. He’d made clear he was capable of driving, but Betty really was having none of it.

“You’re good for each other. I was about ready to push your heads together, if it didn’t happen soon.” Archie replies, loud enough to be heard by Jughead. Causing a loud snort to come from inside the car. When they told Archie they were together, it wasn’t nearly as awkward as Betty had anticipated. She didn’t think it’d be awkward because Archie held any kind of candle for her, that had never been the case. More awkward because she had never had a boyfriend. He’d just looked at her with a knowing grin, as if to say I knew this would happen eventually. It had just been her and Jughead dancing around each other for the better part of ten years. The only kiss she’d ever had was from Jughead, a few months after they met.

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Okay so you're the guy I go to for good ol fashioned DC trivia and I was curious if the Justice League members know the question's actual identity. Because from what I've seen he's p dang secretive and untrusting of everyone else so it seems like that's not something he'd do. But I might be wrong but I don't know nearly enough about this beautiful man.


it’s never really explored which is a FUCKING SHAME

for the most part in helltown batman knows and that’s about it and it’s suggested to be similar in jlu BUT vic knows who batman is so it’s kinda a stalemate and never goes anywhere

i mean helena didnt even know he was ginger until after the 2nd date at least so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ vic why are you like this jk it’s the Trauma

if anyone wanted to….. explore this….. in fic……. i would love them forever.