he's even ginger


s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.

I was texting with Nats guy yesterday and he asked me a question about work whether or not I’m in contact with certain organizations, and my answer was “I’m not, but I’m not an accurate representation of anything. I know my boss is.” And he says “I think you’re an accurate representation of awesomeness!” Like? That was such a gratuitously nice thing of him to say, wtf.


Ramesses was to reign until he was ninety two years old. He would go down in history as a heroic warrior. But it’s less well known that sixteen years after his famous battle at Kadesh he signed a treaty with his enemies, the Hittites. It was the world’s first recorded peace treaty between superpowers and it brought great prosperity to Egypt. Ramesses’ most lasting achievement, contrary to the warlike propaganda on his temple walls, was as a bringer of peace.


TITLE: Convict
AUTHOR: fanfickittycat
GENRE: Smut, Romance-ish
FIC SUMMARY: Sort of based off of this prompt ‘Tom is a prison convict escaping from the work release program. You find him in an orange jumpsuit hiding in your barn and hot, dirty sex ensues.’
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Yikes my exams are in under a week, but thank God I wrote a one shot. I’m sorry about the terrible title but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else lol. There’s some D/S elements within the smut but nothing too hardcore. I hope you like it, it’s a little different to what I usually write, though I still didn’t edit the fic.

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If you’re an artist don’t ever become friends with me because this is what happens.
A friend of mine gifted me this masterpiece as a belated birthday present and I love it :3c

first year, yui kaoru (*≧▽≦)